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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    I hope everyone is well this morning. I slept well and feel that the worst of the cold is behind me. Queen Elizabeth didn't go to church yesterday but she is recovering from her bad cold. Joe is feeling better too so maybe we are all on the mend. Hope so. Sir Vester was beside me on the sofa but I sneezed and it sent him flying off. The longer we are together, the more affectionate he becomes. Jeff was amazed at how much he talks. Before, when he lived in Tweety's shadow, he barely spoke a word. Now, he talks all the time and often uses long words with several syllables. Yesterday, he climbed up on the back of the sofa and grabbed a hank of my hair and tugged on it. Good grief!

    Just saw on the news that someone did some temporary alterations to the HOLLYWOOD sign and changed it to HOLLYWEED. Very clever. Doctors are starting to see an illness which causes nausea and is alleviated by taking hot showers. It's due to chronic use of weed. It's cropping up in CO. This new weed is waaaay more potent than the old stuff. I like the idea of being able to use it recreationally but, like with everything else, overindulgence has a price.

    Also saw that the northern end of CA is officially out of the drought state. The last storm I saw was centered right over LA. Hope the rest of CA gets out of the drought state too. I was thinking of Sun and Rock. I have to water our flowers as this is our dry season and it's been really dry. Hope to get out and do it without running into Barb. She arrived yesterday. Oh well, I'll run into her sooner or later. BTW, I figured out the Rose Parade is today. Doh!!! The parade from London never was broadcast yesterday as far as I can tell. Our TV guide had it on in the morning but it never came on. Today features hockey after the parade. Not into that!

    Granni, glad you enjoyed your turkey dinner. I remember in the old days, I'd wiggle the drumstick and if it came away easily, the bird was done. I left my chili on warm all night in the crock pot and it seems to be fine. It didn't cause me to stay awake from the smell all night and that's good. It did cook down some. That's OK; there's plenty. I also got those white beans and some ham on BOGO so will do a ham 'n beans crockpot dinner with that too laterr. My appetite is still a bit off from this cold. At least, I didn't lose my sense of smell or taste. I hate that. I always worry I might stink!

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I'll probably come back later in the day. Still trying to get things done in here but it's slooooow going. Hope everydobby has a good day.l

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning Mikie, that's what I call my hubby Michael, my one time tenant always got a kick out of me calling Him that. You sure were up early today. Good luck w the Barb encounter, encounter of the strange kind it may be and Yes I saw the Hollyweed sign, how did they ever get up there?

    I give the Hurricane Scrubber one thumb up and one thumb down, its more of a small tropical storm than a hurricane and like your hand scrubber, the harder to push the slower it goes. It did work well in the cracks and crevices but not so good on the tub floor and wall. I tried it on the floor and it again worked well for corners and the floor behind the toilet too. Would I buy it again.....dont think so

    Hi Granni glad the turkey turned out so good, I could go for a leftover turkey sandwich w dressing and cranberry sauce...ummm

    Thanks for reminding me I am still young, just wish I felt young. I have a friend who at our age still plays softball and travels non stop...I wish...

    Countdown til DD Arrives, 12 hours and counting. She will certainly be in thermometer shock, I reminded her to bring sneakers, she generally is in sandals and flip flops. I live in the North East where "baby its cold outside", at least today we are having a warm up, going all the way to a high of 40 which believe it or not is warm and the very reason she chose to move to FL. Todays plan is to clean her room and wash her sheets.

    I lead such an exciting life

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    Linda and Mikie: I wonder how a long handled brush would work....like a toilet bowl brush used just for the purpose? It's a problem when we have to clean baseboard, etc. and it's hard to bend over. Yesterday that GROUT really got to me, so I pulled out the steamer I have and spent a long time on my butt on the floor, doing one square at a time, steaming, then using a stiff brush for grout then wiping it clean.....eeegads.....so much dirt but it looks CLEAN! Today I need to get down again and seal the grout. I also used it in the shower which is a rough, dark tile. My cleaning lady scrubs it but OMG. OMG. All the dirt!!!! Eeeeeeech.

    Looks like I'm going to pull steamer out more than once every 6 mos. It comes with a variety of small brushes, but when I used it before I pretty much destroyed one brush. It also has some pads you can attach then wash. My cleaning lady cancelled for today, called and left a message yesterday that she's had a lot of pain since thursday, probably her BAD knees. She's almost a "little person" and her legs are terribly bowed. She saw a surgeon a few months ago, but apparently it would be a very long, out of state situation and it's impossible for her so she's having PT and was supposed to be fitted with some leg braces and just has to live with it. I feel so bad for her.

    Linda. I know how excited you are to see your DD again.

    By the way, that sign can be scrubbed, changed or whatever. A person just has to hikeup the large hill to do it. Funny....hollyweed.

    I spent the rest of the day working my way thru things to put on my etsy store. Soooo much work but it has to be done. I called my handyman this morning, hoping that he can get here sometime this week to work more on the bathroom. I've sprayed 3 times with bleach, but what a mess in there and I want it all finished and put back together.
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    Good morning, everyone! I must be in "recovery mode" from last week and this past weekend. Not that Keira is so much trouble or work, but I guess I had been on the go too much before she came...I have a hard time if I have to be gone from home more than one or two days a week...what a wimp, lol!

    So nice to see Linda posting more! I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter, and that she doesn't get too cold.

    Mikie, glad you feel you are on the road to recovery with your cold.

    Not sure if I even mentioned that the gyno's office called a few days ago, and told me the biopsy was fine. Glad to not have that worry hanging over my head.

    Granni, I think you asked about Gpa's estate? I need to check with the attorney again. The last time I called, his secretary was "no longer there"...I'm thinking she just found other employment, for some reason. But, someone else was filling in, and they were busy and couldn't talk right then. I would like to get that last little piece of 2016 taken care of...

    Sun, an alert just came up that someone else had posted...I see it is you. Wow, glad you are getting your grout clean, but sorry it is such hard work. Living in the shop, we have so much dust and grime that gets tracked in or sifts in to the living quarters. I wonder if I even know (or care) how to really keep things clean, lol!

    As it is, the part we currently live in will be a sort of "buffer" between the house and shop...connected, but with doors in-between....it's where the woodworking tools, etc. will go. Den's current shop part is a mess, and he rarely stops to clean up one area before he goes on to something else, but maybe once he actually has room to spread out, it will be better. My laundry area will be in this part (where the kitchen is now) so I will need a bit of a safe zone for the clean clothes, lol! We have so many things in boxes and totes...it will seem like Christmas to dig stuff out and hang it back on walls and set things around again. Still seems a lifetime away, but maybe only really a few months?

    I'd better get going....slept in this morning since Den still has today off. I heard him putzing in the shop but just ignored the noise, lol (has his Jeep tore down, trying to get to the heater core...not a good time of year for the heat to quit working.)

    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing fairly well...Mikie, hang in there with the Barb situation...
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    Barb spoke to me and she spoke first. I went out to water the flowers and she was sitting on the balcony on the phone. I noticed she was having a lot of trouble speaking like right after her stroke. She didn't look at me so I thought it was the same old snub. I stopped in to see Grace and, on the way back, Barb's SIL had the hood of her car up. I asked him whether he needed jumper cables or anything else. He said he didn't but thanked me graciously. I was on the stairway when Barb spoke to me. She told me she had sold her condo to her DD and DSIL. She was having difficulty speaking so I just told her that I was glad she was feeling better.

    I just came back in from sitting with her. She had come to the door and told me she wanted to get past the problems we had. She didn't apologize but that's OK. I told her I thought we had gotten past it when she spoke to me. That made her smile. Easy peasy make up. I had called Joe earlier to tell him and he came over and visited with us. This is soooooo healing for all of us. I just hope the peace treaty holds. Joe just called and he feels so much better too. He and I teased each other out on the balcony and that helped lighten the mood. Barb seems so much better just being around people who are being nice. She was even talking better when I came in.

    I was watching the Rose Parade and having lunch. The chili is better today. I'm gonna have to freeze what's left because no one else likes spicy food. There was a big band from Niceville, FL up in the Panhandle. OMG, there is the cutest float with animated mice swinging around on teacups and a teapot. I love flowers and am enjoying the parade. I hated to miss some of it but it was way more important to make peace. It's like the whole neighborhood has exhaled in relief. Bad energy hangs over places like green smog. Good energy lifts us all up. I've really needed this and I think Barb did too.

    Linda, I'm sorry the scrubber didn't work out. I had high hopes for mine too. I wonder whether they make long handles for those Mr. Clean sponges. I love those things. That's so exciting that DD will be here soon. I know just how you feel. My DGS calls me Grandma Mikie. Some neighbors call me Mike. Mom called me Mickey so some of the neighbors down near where she lived call me that. It gets confusicatin'. I've worn flip flops so long that it's hard for me too wear shoes. I'd freeze in your neck of the woods. Enjoy DD's visit.

    Sun, if they don't sell handles for those sponges, I'm gonna see whether I can rig one myself. I can't believe you were down on the floor cleaning the tile like that. My grout if discolored from chlorine from dripping water when I hung up my swim suit after rinsing it. Also, our water has all kinds of stuff in it which leaves residue on surfaces. I have to see about the grout color. They used to sell it on QVC. Our tile store might have something I can use. I had a steamer which sounds like the one you described. It won't make steam and I'm wondering whether I can use vinegar to unplug it. Sir Vester's litter box is in my shower stall so I don't have to worry about scrubbing it. I just keep the litter he drops vacuumed up. Hope you don't end up in pain from all the cleaning. My wrists, hands and fingers are just now feeling less painful and swollen from painting.

    Julie, I remember those days when we built the addition to our house. What a mess. After we worked on it, my ex and I would sit on the floor with beer and peanuts in the shell and throw the shells on the floor. The kids loved it and joined us with their sodas. That is still one of our favorite memories. I loved it when it was done but I missed not being able to be a slob. Hope you can finally get the whole business with GPA taken care of. I thought of you guys when I watched This Old House. They had new table saws. They can be set from the cell phone and even locked up through the phone. Pretty soon, we will be controlling everything through our phones. As it is, the new appliances can communicate with people via the phones. Same for security systems and light bulbs. Back when we were adding on, I had to use our old table saw, probably the most dangerous tool. Glad you got to sleep in. Hope Den can fix the Jeep's heater.

    I am exhausted. I loaded the dishwasher and it's running. I'm going to vacuum and call it a day. All this back and forth and phone calls have worn me out. I called Ilona so she knows what's going on. She and Frank will be here this weekend. I'm so glad and hope we call all get along and enjoy the time together. I was going down to take my trash and recycle stuff down and my downstairs neighbor grabbed them and took them down for me. How nice! I'm recovering from the cold but my head is still hurting today and I'm beat. I don't know how much is physical and how much is emotional. I've been sending up prayers of thanksgiving for what has happened.

    I hope everydobby else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, wish there was a "love" button, instead of just a "like" one...so glad things have improved! Me thinks a "Happy Hood" is a healthier hood...but the release of stress can sometimes be just as exhausting as the stress itself (I may or may not have found that out from experience :rolleyes:.)

    Anyway, my prayer is that this is a very healing time for everyone involved. How sweet of your neighbor to take your trash out.

    Den is napping so I am going to have a little snooze on the bed in the guest room. Hi to everyone else...I just had to reply to Mikie when I saw this great news!
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    Mikie: That's GREAT that the air is cleared in the hood! I'm sure she's realized all the wrong things she did and said and is probably sorry about it, but some people just can't say "I'm sorry". But now you all can breathe easily.

    My sciatic is SCREAMING today!!!! No wonder because at times I kinda had to crouch. Yes, use vinegar! I use distilled water per the instructions. But then this is only the second time I've used this very expensive toy! Now I'm looking around the house at other area that need cleaning but NOT on the floor just yet.

    Julie: Your new house is going to be fabulous! Since it's taken so much sweat and tears you will appreciate it so much more. Take some pics....it's hard to visualize the shop and the living area.

    I was out for a slow walk this morning, listening to a book on CD and doing a little praying. At times I feel so overwhelmed with everything. So while praying to God that he guide me and just let me know that he hears me, I asked to find a coin. I walked thru a local park and only went about 50 feet when my eyes lit on a nickel on the ground right by the path. I was surprised I could see it since I wasn't wearing my glasses. I can't tell you how special that coin is to me. It helps to know that one's prayers are being heard and answered. I've taped it to a little card I have in my kitchen that have only the first word of two favorite prayers.....to remind myself.
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    Hi Sun...I'm so sorry you are in so much pain from trying to get your grout clean. Well, when I get the house picked up enough, I'll take pics. The new house is full of woodworking tools, building supplies and scraps of lumber so it doesn't even look like a house. I should get out and "tidy" it up, but should have gotten more done before the cold weather hit...but we were busy putting out other 'fires." As hot as I usually am, I don't like to get cold, either, lol!

    How reassuring about your answered prayer while on your walk.

    Den is up so I got up and need to work on the kitchen. I am listening to my body today and not pushing at all...
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    Just popping in before I go take my shower. I popped in this a.m. or so but had no time to chat. Seems like DH is almost always home esp with the holiday and he wants something or another or wants my attention, not sure which :)!! Yes, do drop a picture on the PORCH or the shop and tell us of the changes you want to make. It sounds so interesting and hope that you will have a lovely place sooner rather than later. However, I know it must get frustrating having to wait so long sometimes in between other projects.

    SUN - So sorry you are hurting so much. You have just been working so hard and that doesn't help but I know you want everything to look nice. It seems to me that I did have s sponge something ago with a long handle that I used once in awhile for the shower especially. Not sure where I got it. It might have been ordered from one of those catalog places. I get to many catalogs.

    MIKIE - So glad things cooled off and got better for you, Barb and the peeps in your hood. Hope it continues.

    JULIE - Please try and take it easy. Nice that you took a little walk and thought things out with your CD going on. Hope it helped you. You always seems to have so much going on in your life. I am glad you had a nice time with Keira. I know sometimes you prepare so much for the event and when it occurs you are all pooed out, either physically, mentally or both.

    So nice also to see SW and dear LINDA here so much and thanks for the great pics SPRING. Hope you are feeling OK. LINDA enjoy your DD and try and stay well for your surgery.

    I had better run for now.. Now I have to also get rid of the other stuff that is Christmasy and isn't hidden upstairs yet.

    Granni :)
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    Hi friends! Getting ready to head to bed, but thought I would check in here first. Good to see you, Granni. I do hope we can get in the new house by summer...there is just so much yet to do...

    Den and I are both thinking I must have picked up a bug somewhere...I have just not felt like myself today. So tired, and not able to prioritize what needs to be done. I ran the dishwasher and washed a few things by hand, but quit when I got worn out. We had leftover pizza for supper, so no effort there.

    It will soon be 10:00 pm so I will try to get to sleep earlier tonight. Hope to see more of our MIA's tomorrow. Take care, everyone!
  11. springwater

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    It's cold just now. Even though we had a warm afternoon. Rained on New Years Day. Some might not like that. But here it is welcome. I was worrying about not having done watering half the garden, and the terrace pots and now I don't hv to.

    I'm intrigued by all the kinds of cleaners there..the Hurricane Scrubber, Mr. clean sponges, steamer. What I need right now is a Typhoon Dirt Buster. I saw a Roomba for the first time in Julies video with the dog..and would live to hv one here. I got a cleaning sponge cloth Shas wow or something from there..it was very very good. You cut out squares from a large square one.

    I nipped out for a quick shopping excursion to buy household necessities and a snack or two. Otherwise I've been housebound. Cut down a lot of overgrown shrubs because the sun was so warm compared to the cold indoors. There is so much more pruning to do but at least I got something done.

    Linda - happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your DDs visit.

    Julie - yay! Thanks for the good news. About the test result. I know it will be a load off your mind. It's a welcome piece of news for us too!

    Mikie - what a miracle. Totally unexpected. More than welcome. Barbara is being nice. That's interesting about Sir Vesters invisible friend from the other side. God bless all our four legged friends there.

    Sun - exciting about the coin. I hope things get easier. That your shoulder or back pain is healed. I admire you and Mikie and all greatly. How you manage to keep going and cleaning and looking after your plants and things inspite of the sometimes many setbacks. I wish we had a nice park to take a long walk and back. If we walk here, one runs the risk of getting asthma from all the dust and pollution. People hv become health conscious but the walkers, joggers here getup very early, five, six to avoid the traffic fumes.

    You asked if my DDs friends knew why my DD doesn't watch scary movies. I think they do but like most young ones they don't really believe in things like ghosts and astral life, Angels, lower energies. They do get scared but they are like, it's got nothing to do with them personally. It sometimes causes friction if one of the gild gets too vocal about DDs beliefs to the extent DD doesn't share her views with them now. She just practices her beliefs and keeps that part of her life separate.

    Granni - nice to see you pop in in between looking after DHs needs and house hold stuff. I know you are busy.


    I was able to find some clothes I thought I had lost. So happy about that. The dogs are barking, need to go see what the fuss is about, ta da!

    God Bless
  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I slept til 7:00 this morning. Unheard of. Of course, after 4:00 I was wakened every half hour or so by my four-legged alarm clock. He's gotten so much better about not being obnoxious about waking me. Now, it's more like a request and, when I don't get up, he goes back to sleep for a while and so do I. Thank you all so very much for your great kind good wishes about Barb. I hate to think the worst but I really don't think she's sorry or she would have apologized. I think she's had enough health scares that she realizes she isn't going to be around forever and wants to clear this up while she still can. Also, people don't come around when she's being so awful. For a long time, she tried to turn everyone against me, thinking that I'd be isolated. It turned back on her, making her the isolated one.

    This may be the last time she can come down and I think she wants neighbors to visit her. She has a hard time reading and her TV isn't connected. There isn't a lot for her to do unless the kids are around or neighbors stop by. She can get up and down the stairs but it's really difficult. So, she's basically stuck on the balcony. I'm sure she will start hanging out at the pool and that should help her too. Once she gets to the pool, she will have to stay put for hours. That isn't good for her to sit so much regardless of where she is but there isn't a lot she can do anymore. I keep this in mind and try to do what I can while I can. I just hope things continue to be civil. Her DD is still very frosty to me but is civil and that's all I want.

    I never did get the vacuum run because my whole body started to ache and my chest hurt when I took breaths. I am trying so hard not to let this go down into bronchitis or pneumonia. There is sooooo much of this crud going around. When I'm down and out, I watch TV to keep my mind off my feeling lousy. I try to pass on what I learn. Harriett's little eaglet is doing well but experts don't think the second egg will hatch since it hadn't by Sat. Another critical news item to pass along is that there is now a McDonald's at the Vatican. I guess they think golden arches go well with pearly gates. I wonder whether the Pope will drive through in his Popemobile. Does he use coupons? He's so good natured that he must order Happy Meals. Will McDonald's start putting Pope action figures in the Happy Meals? Will they serve Manna for dessert? This little news item opened up a whole bunch of questions for us with inquiring minds. I'll bet they will feature the Vatican Value Meal. Will there be a Bishop Burger? A Monsignor Menu? Fatagain (Vatican) Fries? Spiritual Shakes? Angel Apple Pie Desserts? Righteous McRibs? Oh somebody, please stop me.

    Julie, I hope you haven't picked up a bug. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about keeping the construction area cleaned up. It's a losing battle. Thanks for stopping to post about the 'miracle.' Yes, even good events can stress out the body. Research has borne this out. I hope you can rest up and come back soon. Soooo happy your biopsy report came back negative. Reason to celebrate; prayers answered. So much good news on the Porch today. I think we are all ready for some good news and prayers answered.

    Gonna post this and come back.

    Sun, I'm sorry you are so achey. I pray you feel better. Thanks for posting about your 'miracle' too. I saw some women on TV who were telling everyone to talk to their angels and ask them to help. They were saying to ask for signs. I think the feathers from my Mom were signs. I am not only compelled to look at the clock at 7:11 but also at 4:11. It took me a while to figure that one out but I believe that is the time of the morning when Mom passed away. I am compelled to look at the clock at 4:44, sometimes even when I wake up in the morning. That is the number of the angels. It only makes sense that God would send a sign that He heard your prayers when you asked. It's enough to have faith but it never hurts to get a sign. Thanks again for sharing.

    Granni, glad you could stop in. Hope you can finally get the Christmassy stuff put away. I always found it nice to start the New Year off with a clean slate. My condo still looks like a tornado hit it so that won't happen this year. When I went to take some chili to Grace's DH, Dennis, I couldn't find a container. I had to stop and clean out the corner cupboard where I store them. I found a whole bunch of Rubbermaid tops with no bottoms. Have no idea why. That cupboard requires a contortionist to get to the back of so I used my Swiffer to reach in and poke at things. I got everything out and got rid of a bunch. Feels so good but that may be why I'm in pain. Stop back when you can.

    Again, I'll be back.

    Spring, I'm so sorry your air isn't good there. Glad you got some rain. We have a few chances, around 40 percent, for a bit of rain but it didn't happen yesterday. I'll likely be hand watering til spring/summer. It's sill in the 80's here and it's humid but not as bad as in the summertime. This weekend is supposed to bring another cold front which will make it more comfortable. I could even go for some downright cold weather. I have to use my A/C all year round because I have so many allergies. The evening and morning air makes me congested and brings on sneezing and coughing. Animals are so much more sensitive to things we can't see. I'm just curious about who Sir Vester's friend might be. It's easy to tell when they get visits because they are always looking up while playing. It's like whatever they see is floating above them. Glad you found your clothes. I 'spect I'll find all kinds of things once I can get back to cleaning out closets. Good to see you here.

    I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper and then get into the shower. I would like to go to the beauty supply shop to get my razor but I don't think I'll go today. I need to set out earlier with all this Snowbird traffic. Hope y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Starlight74

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    Wow. Seems to be lots going on!
    All the cooking and baking
    And all the scrubbing and cleaning!
    Sorry to read about the aches and pains as a result of all the chores and dealing with bugs and viruses are definately no fun, esp when the pain and energy are already an issue. I can most certainly relate.

    Chinese Mil paid us a visit the day after we got back and even though I missed their visit 'cause I was in bed ,( lucky me), I got the complete run down. She was her usual lovely self, pointing all the mess out in our lounge room. ( and to think I missed out on all that!) Making a point to target Dd esp ,with this important information. I dunno if it's cultural, where she thinks it's her duty or obligation to point out our short-comings, but it's getting a little long in the tooth...

    DH says the next time she comes over and tells how superior China is, he's gonna let it rip.
    Tell her that in our country we prefer to eat beef and not rat and let her know, that we know the Real reason they're buying up on all of our powdered milk and sending it home. She tried to cover up by telling us it was due to the cows eating heavily fertilised grass, but in reality it's because they added malamine to theirs, to increase the protein readings. It even killed babies...
    DH won't even let us drink juice that's made from imported ingredients. He says if the Americans are importing it and having problems with toxins due to pesticides the Chinese use, well we're likely to be doing the same thing...
    Oh the joys of constantly reading food labels!
    But No. What's the bet that He won't say Any of that

    Our cat is nocturnal and has taken a liking to my pillow. It was cute the first few nights, but after waking up with a crook, conked neck this morning... Well, not so sure.
    All cats that we've had get this contented dribble happening while they purr. She's a deviat. She gets her little head hooked into my hand while Im asleep. I awake finding myself stroking her or to her happy slop flicking over me. Ugh. So gross! It's a good thing I'm not ocd or something, but it's a very fine line, let me tell you.
    Yes. The fact that she has three legs scores her some leeway I guess.
    DH brings the animal home, whatever it may be-and I'm the one doing all the cleaning up after it. Now who's the sucker?
    Awww, but she Is very loveable...
    Yes, I'm the sucker.

    Well, Mil (DH mum) and partner have finally left. It's always sooo hard bouncing back after her visits, as she spoils her son so...
    Need I say more?

    So 'off colour' isn't the same there as here?
    Do you remember 'the Nanny'?
    Had many Australians in shock when that first came out years ago.
    You may recall in the little jingle introducing the show, it states she was 'out on her fanny'.
    Fanny here doesn't mean derrier, let's put it that way. I'm sure Barry would know what I'm on about...

    Today I put together my eldest's first resume. In the hopes of him getting a part time job.
    Here, school holidays still go for another few weeks. It'd be sooo good if he got a job and actually learnt some customer service.
    He's a great, strong fellar who does well in the outdoors, but he needs to develop people skills. Bit scared though. A lot of losers out there who like to make first timers' lives hell. Am praying he gets the right job and good mentor.

    Thanks for the recipe Julie. I'll give it a shot when I'm more with it.

    I had to do my own research about the dif bugs people can pick up and managed to convince my dr that'd be in his best interest to read up. I gave him web addresses and told him the exact treatment that I'd require as far as eradicating gut monsters. I had to do the ringing around, but I eventually found a compounding pharmacy that makes up their own meds. It'll cost over $100 As they're not govt covered, but at least they post and I can get them...
    Just wondering about the rest of the tribe...

    New Year's Day in this town is what goes off with a bang.
    Starts out with bagpipes through town, making its way to the oval and stands. There the 'highland Fling' is officially opened.
    The girl does her little Celtic jig on the drum(good thing she's not wearing slippers) and the noise, um, music can be heard for miles.
    Throwing cabers and boulders and all sorts of Scottish type athletics feature, aswell as the traditional athletics. Apparently it's the longest competition day in all of Australia. (Read that in the paper)and it all ends with fireworks

    Best try to get some shut eye.
    Take care guys- Rock, Granni, Mikie, Julie, Elaine,Barry,Dianne,Linda,Spring, Sun and all...
    Catch yas later
    'Till next time!
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  14. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Mikie I am so happy to hear your Barb report, I hope she keeps it up,such a sad lady. Your bug is a feisty one not wanting to budge. So far so good for me, people every where are sick fingers crossed it doesnt get me

    Sun I can see why you are in so much pain, all that sitting and stopping and rubbing. I was thinking about getting a steamer for the bathroom but never followed through, thats probable a good thing or I would do like you and end up in more pain. Chills upon hearing you found that nickel.

    Julie the home project seems unending, I wish for you all the work was complete.

    Spring I try and imagine what it is like where you live, it seems so different than here, we take our electric, parks, roads and clean air for granted

    Star I got a kick out of your post, you have a fun style of writing

    Granni are you saying hubby is getting in your way? LOL Mine has been out of work for sometime now w a back injury, I love having him home ....most of the time. ;-)

    Rock you are quiet, I hope all is OK w you, if not up to posting please have Gordon pop in to let us know you are OK

    Barry thinking of you.

    DD arrived on time last night, so happy to have her home. My B-day was a quiet one but I guess that comes w aging

    Til next time....Linda
    I hope I remembered everyone
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again dear ones, I hope to get off here in a minute or two and be ready to go to work out with DH before I can run to the store and get some stuff I need for my new recipe of turkey soup. It is a new recipe and I am vascillating about putting the stuffing in it like it says.I made the wheat bread stuffing since that is supposed to be better for diabetes or prediabetics. It also says rice but we prefer noodles if I can find the right kind of noodles to put in there. We used to use the little skinny noodles but cannot always find them. Also, I would like the kind made with brown rice or something similar. I am also using the carcus but is the shorter versions. Not making the stock first the long way but will get some stock from the carcass.

    STAR - Sorry about your Chinese MIL who carries on and complains about things not done. That would really get long in the tooth as you said.. Sounds like y ou are doing all the right things that NEED to be done when you are up to it. The dirt or disarray will be there when we are dead and gone. My DH is a little bit that way but not that bad and he does help. He was the only child and grew up with a hard working mom who liked everything inits place at all times or most times. I love your nice W and P post (long) as MIKIE calls it.

    JULIE - Hope you get to feeling better. It is that time of year . Stay warm or try too and try and rest so you can get better.

    Sorry I can't stay for now and need to get dressed before DH gets home so we can work out and then I need to go to the store.

    Love to ALL my DEAR PORCHIES and MIAs !!.
    Granni :)
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  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    HI EVERYBODY ------

    To Granni, and Rock and Gordon, and Mikie
    And to Barry and Richard, and Sunflower, and Julie
    To Linda (great to see your posts), and Elaine, and others who haven't posted in a while
    To Springwater and Starlight, and others from across the miles
    To my friends from the Homebound Board
    GB, Soul, Patti and TigerLilea

    I'm thinking of y'all, and your families, in the New Year!

    This board is not just a place to post,
    As Mikie says, we're an ONLINE FAMILY.

    And I know that y'all have been an Online Family to me!!!!!!!!!

    Love you all!


    PS: If I forgot to mention anyone ....... my fault! I read through the last several volumes of the PORCH, and tried to remember all the names. :)
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Didn't have time to post this morning...was in a rush to get out the door. My chiro knows what's wrong almost without even checking...but he muscle tests to be sure. He has to "sneak" in the neck treatments because I usually tense up...so he gets me talking or laughing about something, then WHAMMO! When I fell on my hip (when Susan was here and we were loading her car) I must have done a little whiplash number on my neck, too. Anyway.....

    So good to see Diane has posted while I was gone! Happy New Year to you, Kevin and the kitties!

    Linda, glad your DD arrived safely. What a great doc you worked for...and what a neat idea to take his staff on "holiday."

    Sun, hope you are feeling some better...it will take awhile to get over all that exertion.

    Granni, the turkey soup sounds wonderful! I have the turkey carcass in the fridge...was thinking of making some sort of soup, also.

    Star....aren't MIL's wonderful sometimes????? Mine was the cause of so much stress and tension in my life, and in our marriage. I guess all we can do is learn from our experiences and try not to be the same kind, true? I would imagine you were exhausted from your trip. Granni's right....dust, clutter, etc. can wait...we need to be there for our loved ones "in the moment." And you do exactly that, dear lady.

    Mikie, glad you got to sleep in a little. Oreo always waits till I am ready to get up...very patiently. I was having the same thoughts about Barb's turn-around...just didn't want to say anything, but since you did...I will say I agree with you. Hope things stay peaceful while she is there.

    Spring, glad you got out to do some shopping. We never used to even lock our doors until Gpa died...then the fear of Den's sis coming over was enough to make us change our ways.

    Barry, Rock....hi guys! Check in when you can, but we understand. Just want you to know we're thinking of you. Same with Elaine...

    I'd better get off here and finish cleaning my kitchen. I put the pans to soak while I was gone...should be lots easier to get washed up now. Ground beef thawed out so I may just put a meatloaf, etc. in the oven for supper.

    Take care, everyone!

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    My turkey soup is simmering and soon I need to get the carcass our and see how much turkey I need to add plus take out the bones, etc. This is a very different recipe and I will tell you all about it if it comes out good. It is called Day after Thanksgiving Turkey Soup or something like that . You even add left over stuffing and peas which is different. It also includes rice but I couldn't find the right kind of noodles so I will add little shells made out of brown rice. I have to go soon and take out the carcass and skim the soup and see what else needs to be added besides perhaps more turkey and the peas.

    Went shopping this morning after DH got home. We never did go to the gym . However, we did take a walk. DH is on his new kick since his A1c went up to 6.0. That is great but I wish he would do more of it on his own without me :)!!!

    DIANE - How nice that you popped onto the PORCH. We miss you but hope all is well and you are ready for a really good year. We are still waiting, probably soon to find out what the payout was for my accident to the guy I hit and how much they paid him and hopefully we don't have to pay anything ourselves. Also, hope they don't drop me and if snot how much more are we going to pay. Worry worry !!! Good luck this year to you, Kevin and Kitties and may you all be very healthy !!

    Gotta run check on my soup/

    JULIE - Did you post a recipe recently. Someone, maybe Star mentioned it and I defiantly missed it. If you can remember, please let me know what it was. Hope the chiro helps you to feeling better.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni...I found a recipe like you mentioned...it shows noodles, but I don't see noodles in the ingredient list. But it does have rice, peas, etc. I think I will need to pick all the meat off my turkey carcass, boil it in some chicken broth/water, then strain it...afraid the little bones will excape if I just try to look it over. Then add the other stuff to it...it does sound good! I'll use brown rice instead of the white rice or noodles. I don't have any stuffing, so will have to leave that out too.

    Day-After-Thanksgiving Turkey Carcass Soup
    • Prep

      20 m
    • Cook

      1 h 25 m
    • Ready In

      1 h 45 m
    Recipe By:Beverly Burton
    "This easy and delicious turkey soup is made using leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I usually make cornbread muffins to serve with it."
    • 1 picked over turkey carcass
    • 1 1/2 cups leftover stuffing
    • 2 celery stalks, chopped
    • 2 carrots, peeled and sliced
    • 1 onion, peeled and diced
    • 2 bay leaves
    • 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning

    • 1 teaspoon ground sage
    • 2 1/2 quarts chicken broth
    • garlic salt to taste
    • ground black pepper, to taste
    • 2 cups (uncooked) regular long-grain white rice
    • 1 (16 ounce) package frozen green peas
    1. Place the turkey carcass in a large, deep pot, and add the stuffing, celery, carrots, onion, bay leaves, poultry seasoning, sage, and chicken broth. Pour in additional water if needed to cover. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat to medium, and simmer for about 1 hour, skimming off any foam. Remove the carcass and any bones. Pick any meat off and return to the pot, discarding bones and skin.
    2. Season to taste with garlic salt and pepper. Stir in the rice and return to a boil over medium-high heat. Lower heat to medium, and simmer 15 minutes. Stir in the peas, and continue to simmer until rice is tender, about 10 minutes more. Adjust seasonings to taste.

    The recipe I posted earlier was for the orange jello recipe I've made for years...my grandma and my baby brother loved it. I'll see if I can find it again and just copy and paste :)

    I just came in from bringing in firewood...that wind is really biting! Only 25 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel like 12 degrees...we are entering a cold spell, then will warm up again next week (30's and 40's.) Most of the lows this week will be in the single digits...

    Okay, I'd better get that meatloaf in the oven...might just make some cheesy scalloped potatoes to go with it. Maybe an apple crisp...I like to fill up the oven whenever I turn it on, lol!

    Take care!
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I've been sitting here pondering the leftover stuffing into the soup. It would probably break down and kinda thicken it, I would think. Let us know how it is. I've never, ever followed a recipe to the jot and tittle......I usually just toss in whatever I have around in frig or freezer that needs to be finished up. Sometimes it's fabulous and then I can't remember all I put in it. When I was much younger I used to dream about opening a little cafe....open only for lunch with a limited menu, mostly 2 kinds of soups and a few sandwiches. Then I dreamed about a bed and breakfast in the mountains, but those were only dreams of a different life. It would never have fit into plans my DH had. I did however, maintain an antique business while I was working. Actually two spaces in an antique mall, and at one time 3 of them.

    Diane: Good to see you. What's going on your life?

    Lin: What a great boss you guys had......a paid holiday seeing the sights. I once won a trip anywhere in the US so we went the furthest place possible, so it ended up Niagra Falls and then on to sights of Canada up there. Those falls are amazing to see in person and hear it! No picture of it can do justice.

    Julie: How does your chiro know what's wrong just by looking......the tilt of your head? Or shoulders? Somedays when I'm in terrible pain my neck grinds really loud so I figure something is off kilter. I do about 45 min. Of floor stretches for my back and neck every morning, sometimes even during the day, which does help. If I didn't do that religiously I would be a basket case.

    Mikie: So glad to read Sir Vester has learned the sleeping drill! OK.....I've been slowly relenting with Clair because it's cold. For the last week I've layed down a fuzzy bathrobe for her on the bed, but I've told her she's not to cross the line! So she seems to understand and stay where I put her. I'm so afraid of getting fleas on me although she hasn't been out for the last month since I gave her the last flea stuff. She has her little bed in my bedroom and mostly will stay there, except at night.

    Spring: Yes, I'm very lucky to live in open, clean spaces with the park and nice walking areas all around me. My aunt and uncle used to live in Hollywood, a block down from a very busy street. I remember going to visit when I was young and thinking I WOULDN'T want to live in such a crowded city. She came once to stay after my uncle passed away and she couldn't stand the quiet where I grew up. But she lived her entire life in that area so my mom's home was very foreign to her.

    Star: I don't think you mentioned, but how old are your two MILs? And how long has your chinese MIL been in your country? Not nice of her to complain.

    Ive been sleeping in lately.....hard for me to even function by 9:30. Scandalous! I was always an early riser. So I finally got out for a short walk by 11 a.m. There was a younger woman on the street behind me, getting some things out of her car, so I stopped to talk a little. She was visiting her adopted mother and told me how she had grown up in my little city, how she missed it. In the conversation she opened up more.....turns out she and her DH are contemplating divorce.....she was getting teary eyed. Which will be a hard thing for her, being 55 and all her kids involved with their own lives. Well, sometimes it's good to open up to others. A very nice young woman.....I hope she makes the right decisions.

    So after my walk I did a little more trimming of some bushes before the trash truck came, then I ran some errands and at one point fatigue hit big time and I had to come home so I'm heading for a nap.
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