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    snow-landscape-1360395.jpg Oh, to be skiing again...

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It seems so strange to type 2017. Yikes! Time flies when you're having this much fun. I'm gonna go back to the last Porch and type my responses. I type them in the box at the bottom of the thread but don't post them. I copy and paste them here. Soooo, dear ones, I'll be back and forth as I add to this post.

    It's cold here this morning--40 degrees but feels like 33. We had hours of rain yesterday and last night, the wind kicked up. It's breezy this morning. I can leave the slider open and, of course, Sir Vester has no interest in going out on the lanai. He only likes to try to make me get up and open it for him. He has taken to getting up on the back of the sofa these days. Cats are funny creatures; they will change the places where they sleep from time to time. He has a soft little kitty bed under the coffee table where he can look out the glass doors. He uses it at least once a day. He has a little catnip mousie in it. One day he got mad and picked the mousie up with his mouth and threw it out. Cracked me up. We both slept til after 5:00 this morning.

    Frank and Ilona rolled in last evening and she texted me but I said we could get together today. I was tired and in pain last evening. I'm beginning to think this crud will never leave. Grace kept texting me but I had to just quit to get some rest. She gets lonely and is so hurt at how Barb is now treating her and she wants to talk about it. We both knew this 'new Barb' was too good to last. Now that Ilona is here, Barb and her kids will likely impose on her. I try to just remain a bit removed. Barb's DD has never been friendly to me and is civil but frosty. I'm good with that but don't want to have problems with her now that she and her DH own Barb's condo. She could make trouble for us. Fortunately, they have two other homes and a business to run so that should keep them busy.

    Julie, Snow is soooo cute. She almost looks like a Jack Russell mix but, if she were, I think she would have some brown color too. Even in places where it isn't as humid as it is here, it's important to make sure water leaks are dealt with before mold can form. Unfortunately, leaks can happen inside walls and floors from leaky windows and doors and no one is aware of it. It's only later when things are torn up that it becomes apparent. By then, there can be toxic mold. Even when it's not that horribly toxic mold, as you say, some people are more vulnerable to it than others. When the mold was growing in the wall behind my shower tiles in the master bath in CO, I would wake in the night choking and coughing. When they tore the wall out, the thick black mold was solid from 2x4 to 2x4. AACCKK!!! The steering belt in the Highlander was squealing when I started the car and cranked the wheel as I backed out of my parking spot. That's the only time I heard it and the only time I usually crank the wheel that hard. I asked my mechanic to look at it but the belt wasn't loose and it wasn't worn. He checks everything when they change the oil so I usually don't worry about it. The car is 14 years old but is so low mileage. I hope it lasts for the duration. Glad y'all are getting so many things cleared out. I hope I can get back to reorganizing and ridding myself of unused things. Someone here said she was at the point where she didn't need to buy anything except maybe a good book. I can relate to that!

    Granni, another memorial service. Good for you and DH for supporting the loved ones. I know it means a lot to them. Glad the concert went well. Yes, the bad weather keeps people home. I thought that big cold front might have caused your temps to drop. We are just now getting the cold down here in my neck of the woods. I'm in my softy-wafty robe and slippers and wearing my jammies. I usually sleep in just a tee shirt and my knickers, as the Brits say. I wear boy style briefs so if I go out to get the paper, the neighbors don't see any more than they would at the pool. Most are usually asleep when I go out there. Too bad the kids didn't get to visit DSIL's parents. It really sucks when we get to where it's hard to get around. That's why I work so hard to stay mobile. It's just me and there is no one else if I can't do things. Of course, friends here would help out in a pinch but I don't want to have to depend on them long term. I just thank God for what I have each day and hope for the best. BTW, I had to laugh at myself--while I was on my high horse about hydrogenated ingredients, I absently mindedly threw some Hormel cooked cinnamon apples into my grocery cart at the store. When I got home, I looked at the label and found that, not only did it contain soy which isn't good for us, it was hydrogenated soy! Good grief! I'll eat them because the little that's in them won't clog my arteries but, if I want cooked apples, I guess I'll have to cook them myself.

    Spring, so sorry for all the political unrest. Seems to be going on all over the globe. Glad you got what sounds like such a yummy meal while you were out. I had thought we might get to the Indian restaurant for the buffet next Sat. but, if we are going to the memorial service for my neighbor's mother, we will have to wait til the next Sat. Evidently, the buffet is much larger on the weekends. The next Sat., there is a big event here where they are selling appliances and other things cheap to raise money for people who need repairs to their homes but can't afford them. Builders in our area perform those services for free for the needy who qualify. Many are older people who are trying to remain in their homes. Builders often buy in bulk for homes they build and have appliances left over. I'd like to get a dishwasher to match the new fridge but it's unlikely that they will have just the one I want. Still, it's tempting to go check it out. It's only $5 to get in and that goes for a good cause. I'm so impressed that DS gets gigs to perform. He must be very good. Take care, dear one.

    Sun, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Sorry the GF pizza dough didn't pan out. Sorry but I haven't made a pun in ages and just couldn't help myself. I see on the news that y'all are getting a lot of rain. I just hope it doesn't cause problems; I know how badly y'all need it. We were desperate for rain here and I'm so glad we got some yesterday. It isn't enough to fill up the little retention pond out back but, at least, I don't have to water the flowers. The bright orange geraniums in our flower boxes are gorgeous. The doreanthus (sp?) is thickening up after I pruned it back and is hanging over the edges of the boxes. The purple lantana in the pots is looking pretty too. Just wish the big board would settle on a new landscaper and get our mulch put in. I usually like movies with flying in them but just haven't watched Sully yet. I guess there is soooo much on right now that I haven't been on Amazon or Netflix lately. Just saw that Amazon is going to start producing TV's with the Amazon Echo and Alexa built in. Technology is moving at warp speed. Hope you get your buttons sorted out. I have the same thing with my Mom's coins. I have to catalog them but it's a big job.

    I haven't even cracked open the Sunday paper and it's 8:00 so I had better get crackin'. I hope everydobby, including our MIA's, are doing well. My New Year's wish for wealth, health and happiness for all of us still stands. I think if I put it out there in the Universe again, there is a better chance of its happening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! Mikie, thanks for starting a new porch. Skiing...oh, could I tell you stories of how Den and I almost brought the Zukspitz ski traffic to a complete halt, lol! I'm sure the more experienced skiiers got a kick (not!) out of us...

    I feel bad for Ilona...wish she could somehow avoid Barb.

    Not too much going on here again today...I got up late, but Den hadn't really had breakfast yet, so I fixed him some bacon, eggs and toast. I got a shower while he brought firewood in...he also changed the oil in the pickup then took it back out of the shop and put my car back in. Winter pretty much paralizes people, unless they happen to enjoy being cold...Den just can't handle the cold well at all any more, so doesn't spend time outside "just for fun"...

    He's got a 700 piece jigsaw puzzle spread out on the table...keeps him busy for a few minutes at a time. I'm still reading my missionary book, but see so much "undone" things, I need to get busy.

    So, I'll just say "hi" to everyone and find something to do...take care! Den and I on the Zukspitz in Germany...(just kidding, not really us, although we were there when he was in the Army, lol!)

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    Well my weather report is gorgeous weather, about 70 and blue skies. I'm taking a break from doing a little work in front around my brick path. Little weeds push up thru the cracks then grow larger. I just can't bend over for longer than a few minutes to pull them so I used the last of my white vinegar to pour over them. We're expecting rain again all this week so I hope the vinegar will do it's magic on them and kill them. I keep at least 3 gallons of the white vinegar around so need to buy more today. No poisons for me!

    I was also using a little tool to loosen up some areas of dirt around another section of bricks. I'm going to dust on the dry powder grout I have left, then I sprinkle it then it sets up. So with it being sunny all day it should work.

    Mikie: What has Barb done? Last thing you wrote was everything seemed to be OK.

    Julie: So you guys weren't skiers but decided to try it anyway? I totally understand.....been there too.

    I'm sooooo sick of being TIRED and feeling awful all the time. Over 6 weeks ago I had bought Miranda Esmond White's DVD. I've tried it a few times and found it very good to loosen up the muscles, but I get to a point about 15 min. Into it that I just have to stop. Out of breath and can't move anymore........but......I'm not giving up. But I did find it was helping me, so I need to stick with it.
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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    I can't believe I am here earlier than time to almost make dinner and get ready for bed. Gee, the PORCHES seem to be flying by so quickly lately. Went to church this morning and then came home to walk a bit in our hood. DH finally decided to try the walking for his higher than norm blood sugar which is great but many times I have to go with hi m too and I have no problem with my BS. At least there is one things in my body that does'nt seem to have a problem. Then I fixed lunch and did a little prep for dinner tonight. Now I am pooped !!! Was planning on removing the Christmas table cloth and stuff and putting the new one on and changing out some of the other Christmas things. I will leave the Pointsettas for awhile longer. They are not real :)!!

    SUN - Your weather sounds lovely. I think starting tomorrow the weather is supposed to start getting warmer - YAY :)!! I'll drink to that one :)!!! I know what you mean about being sick and tired of being sick and tired, believe me !! Does Miranda E White do aerobics on the DVD? Good for you on sticking it out. I don't know how fast she moves but usually my lungs are OK but sometimes the muscles just hurt so much. I should be better as time goes by and you work at it more, I haven;t done her video but I have done some fast Line Dancing as well as other dances that are fast. Guess my singing keeps my lungs going at least up to capacity. I agree with you that it is good for you to keep with it as much as you can and you should feel somewhat better later on after you have done them. Just take your time and do as much as you can each time and you should be able to do a little bit more each time, after awhile if you continue. Don't push yourself to much though as you don't want to make yourself feel worse.

    Thanks for the hint of white vinegar for killing weeds. I forgot that but know there was a trick using Dawn dish soap and maybe vinegar, not sure.

    MIKIE - Sorry you were feeling bad last night when Ilona came back. Hope you are feeling a little better today, I sure hole that Barb doesn't start causing problems again like she did. I just know that a friend of mine who I used to sing with before I moved her husband had a stroke. Originally he was such a sweet and very quiet almost to the point of being too quiet. After the stroke he became somewhat abusive and sometimes called her names and accused her of things. It was very hard for her while he was still alive. It is a good thing she doesn't live there year round but even a few weeks or a month can be hell to live with someone like that. Hope she stays fairly nice but as I said before she can also have a very convenient memory, if that is the way it was before. Poor Ilona getting stuck doing her bidding. If she needs help all the time her family should be there for her. If Ilona quits than she will be on her S --T list, and causing problems for her. How far away is her condo to yours and Ilona'?????.

    JULIE - I love that pic of you and Den skiiing :)!! LOL I never skied either nor has DH and if so we probably would have broken something, or worse. Never had the $ for skiing and now of course no snow around here which is just fine with me. Poor Den needs to rest when he is not outside in that cold weather. As you get older I think most often the damp and coldness gets to you more each year. Yes, Snow is a very pretty puppy and so glad she got a good home with Lindsey and the kiddos.

    ROCK - Hope you are starting to feel a bit better. Come back and post when you can. We all do miss you when you are not with us giving us words of wisdom and giving us your usual puns :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby, inc all the MIA's,

    Granni :)
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    It's a nippy morning for us here. I think Granni asked about the temps. They vary. It's 16 degrees celcius 61 Fahrenheit now at 9am but will gradually increase to about 20 degrees C round about twelve noon.

    The TV is showing Merryl Streep winning Lifetime award at Golden Globes. I first saw her in Kramer vs. Kramer. Beautiful film. BTW, where is Dustin Hoffman now?

    Ack...Merryl is making a speech which might not please the govt. I remember Richard Gere was never invited back to the Oscars after mentioning Tibet and it's occupation.

    Mikie - so good to hear of that effort to provide household appliances to those who need it. We need to know about these good acts among all the bad stuff going on in the world we call our own today. I wish I had a dishwasher. I would hv loved to have a fridge complemented the colour of our floor which is marble with different hues of pink, beige, white, black splotched together. It only looks nice if it's clean. I bought a pinky beige one the first time but after that conked out the second was white and when that gave out, the DH bought a stainless steel one. I do not like it.

    Sunflower - no, I've never seen the son perform...he refuses to even let his sis attend his gigs. It's been a few years he has been doing this. Could be my reaction when I first heard of him doing rap battles, coz I had seen those on TV, he and his sis, then kids, used to be fascinated. But the rappers used bad language and dissed each other and it horrified me.

    Then sometime in later high school, he started attending workshops he said was for poetry. I guess he thought it was a politer word for rap. Then my brother told me his DD showed him a clip in the daily newspaper quoting a rap participant who had progressed thru the rounds enroute to the finale and he said "he was a little afraid of confronting .....(sons name) otherwise he was confident of winning." Thats the first I got to know. His sister had not told us. And at a party, our kids school proprietor cum husband of the principal asked us if our son was doing rap on public stages because he saw somebody who looked like him on the local TV channel but he remembered our son as being extremely shy in school. And DH also was asked by a golfing friend whose own teenage son was rapping and told his dad about son.

    He doesn't hv time now to rap, does it occasionally when he does hv the time. And he and his group hv grown up now, they do something called rap with a conscience. No more rap battles,( I hope.)

    Granni - im glad your DH is taking walks for his raised blood sugar. I guess you are getting forced exercise having to accompany him.

    Julie - this is one person who the extreme cold in your area would paralyze. I enjoy nippy cold weather, but cannot stand freezing temps.

    I don't hv the brain capacity to do jig saw puzzles now. Probably the same reason I don't sew or knit although I would love to do those things. Whenever I see a beautiful hand knitted sweater I feel a pang that I don't know how to knit.


    Can you believe I couldnt find cooking gelatin at any store? Last time I wanted to make panacotta to take to Potluck at MILs. But not only could I not find gelatin, but when I read up for substitutes I found out it was made of animal bones. And SIL, her newDIL, one DHs coz sis are vegetarian. Lucky miss! I don't hv the substitutes either..agar agar etc.

    That person who went on shooting rampage at Fort Lauderdale was psychologically unsound and said he heard voices in his head telling him to join ISIS. It is so unfortunate the doctors he went to dismissed him. They should hv investigated....I really hope this leads to more detailed investigation of mental illness and it's causes. It is so important for people to be mentally and spiritually sound. Why the heck would voices mention ISIS especially?

    Well, off to take on my daily chores....DH bought pizza for dinner last night so not many dishes to tackle.

    God bless
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    It's a nippy morning for us here. I think Granni asked about the temps.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is well. I felt a bit better yesterday once I got going. On Sundays, I watch the news and political shows, read the newspaper and do the puzzles. It's close to 1:00 in the afternoon before I'm ready to move. I got into the shower and did my hair after giving it a trim. I'm wanting to get it about the right length before I take to the razor to trim off just a bit more. The razor cut is done dry so I'll probably do it today. I went down to see Ilona and Frank and then, over to see Grace and Dusty. Not much else going on in the hood.

    I stayed up watching the Golden Globes in the living room until 9:00. I'm never up that late so I must be feeling better. I went into the bedroom to continue watching but fell asleep right away. I didn't wake up til almost 4:30 and got up because I had to use the bathroom. That's about seven hours of sleep so I hope I'll feel better today too. I still have soooo much which needs doing around here.

    Rogitgarg, I see you just joined our website yesterday. Welcome to you; I'm glad you found us. Please, tell us a little something about yourself so we can get to know you. Here on the virtual Porch, we discuss most everything just like people getting together for coffee and friendship. This is my online family. I hope we'll see you again soon here.

    Julie, skiing is really difficult to master. I never did master it but skied most of my life and did enjoy it as an intermediate skier. I've skied the black diamond slopes but just didn't enjoy them. My favorite thing was always getting to a more gentle slope at the bottom like the one in the pic above. Just cruising through the crisp mountain air when the sun is shining refreshes the spirit. The couple in your pic are using the T-bar lift. Good grief! I had to use them when I started learning to ski. They are almost as difficult to master as skiing itself. DGS is like his parents--skiing the most difficult slopes as fast as he can go. They are all natural athletes. Even if I could still ski, it would take months for me to get into shape for it. It's one of those things I'm glad I did while I was able.

    I like jigsaw puzzles but don't have a place to leave one to work on that is comfortable for me. The chairs at my dining room table are hard wood and I can barely sit there long enough to eat. Coffee table is too low and it hurts my back to lean over it. Sitting on the floor isn't good either. Like Goldilocks, I need someplace that's juuuust right. Stay warm today.

    Sun, Barb didn't do anything to me (but there's still three weeks for her to try :(). I don't spend much time with her. She asked Grace whether she believes in hell and Grace told her what she believes. Then, the next day, in front of her DD, Barb told her she doesn't want her talking religion around her. Good grief! Barb asked her. Grace never tries to force her beliefs on anyone else. She and I have a lot of discussions about spiritual and religious topics because we are both interested in what the other thinks. Grace is a sweet person and has already done so much for Barb. Barb did call her and apologize yesterday but Grace hadn't gone up to see her again. I'm sure she would if Barb's DD asked her to.

    Now that Ilona is here, they will likely expect her to step in. Her kids have totally shirked their duty. They don't take her out much because it's so difficult for her to get around. I just hope she doesn't ask to go to our neighbor's mother's memorial service this Sat. If she asks, I'll tell her I already have four people going and, honestly, I'm afraid she will get injured getting in and out of the car. If that were to happen, she and her kids would probably try to sue me. I'm sorry you are feeling so awful. I also know how it is to suffer with so much pain and exhaustion when it seems it will never end. I'm glad the DVD is helping you. I think that if you stick with it, eventually you will be able to go longer and longer periods. For now, it must be working. She always says that even the most moderate stretching helps more than we could possible know. Feel better, my friend.

    Spring, it's nippy here this morning, only 44 degrees F. It feels much colder with the wind chill factor. It will be sunny and nice out later today. I love this kind of weather instead of the heat and humidity. It will eventually get into the very low 80's later in the week. That's OK as long as it doesn't get any warmer. Also, if we aren't going to get any rain, I don't want humidity. The fundraiser in two weeks is to raise money for all kinds of material and appliances, including air conditioners, for those in need. They are selling the appliances they have left over from their development projects to the public to help raise those funds. I got to thinking about it and realize I don't have the means to haul appliances home and, even if I did, I'd had to pay someone to install them. Then, I'd have to arrange for someone to haul off the old ones. So, I'll just continue to buy from Lowe's when they have a good sale.

    My washer had been acting up a bit but now seems to be working fine. I guess the gremlins also like to attack appliances and not just computers. I wonder who the patron saint of appliances is--perhaps St. Hotpoint, St. Amana or St. Whirlpool. Oh, I forgot about St. Bosch. I am not thrilled with the stainless on my new fridge either. It's darker, but not the dark slate color, and is supposed not to show fingerprints. Well, it does show fingerprints and they are not as easy to get off as with the lighter, shinier stainless. It's kinda industrial looking. Oh well, that's what's in style now. Too bad we can't see a video of your DS rapping. Does he ever record himself? He could post it to You Tube and we could all see it.

    Granni, maybe you could look at your walks as a chance to talk with DH and just enjoy being outside together. Do you have a nice path or somewhere scenic to walk? The White woman does gentle stretching and not aerobics. She believes that the body benefits a lot from this gentle stretching. My doc said aerobics is the best thing for blood sugar and cholesterol problems, especially high LDL and/or low HDL. My numbers improved a lot after I started running in the pool. I really need to get back to it. I also think the high intensity training is very good for these problems and takes almost no time. Barb lives next door to me and Ilona and Frank are below her downstairs. We are all very close in here but it never seems too close unless she is causing problems. Barb was never a nice person; she's always been mean. It's just that ever since her DH died, she has been in an angry rage. She's like the two year old who doesn't get her way so she's hell bent on making life miserable for everyone else. The stroke and her DH's death just made her worse.

    It's very sad for everyone, especially for her kids. I'm just surprised that her DD seems to have given up on her to the point that she's willing to leave her on her own and expect the neighbors to take over. I'm just glad Barb is only here for a month. If she continues to be civil to me, I won't mind it at all. If she isn't civil, I'll just ignore her and wait her out. Every year, we all keep thinking it will be the last time she will be able to come down here but she's on strong willed woman. What a legacy to leave behind. Hope things warm up a bit for y'all.

    Rock, we all miss you and your finely tuned wit here. I hope you are OK. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I hope everydobby has a really nice Monday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, with my DD Home I have been really busy so haven't posted, she left yesterday flying to of all places.....Ft Lauderdale airport. Her fiance flew out of there just a day before the shooting, so sad and needless.

    The wedding shower was Saturday and it turned out really nice, because she traveled via plane to get here most invitees gave gift cards so that worked out. I ordered and had her gifts mailed right to her home via Amazon.

    In between being busy w the shower and DD here, I managed to fall on a patch of ice and wacked my head really really hard, ended up in the ER, had a head CT which thank goodness was negative for any fracture or brain bleeds. I really need to stop falling, the sidewalks were dry that day but then alas, a small patch of ice did me in.

    Countdown til surgery which is Thursday, same day procedure, they rarely keep anyone overnight these days, will be interesting to see how I manage to get up the three steps into my house. Today I have to work on arrangements for a hospital bed, I am more worried about not doing any weight baring walking than I am of the pain

    Julie I showed DD the pic of Snowball and she said he looks to be a lab pit mix, she could tell by his ears and broad chest he may be part Pit and the long narrow face looks like a Lab, she has one of each..

    Granni tell hubby to enjoy the walking, I love to walk and wish I could take one, used to walk all the time and its a great way to burn calories

    Mikie you seem to be finally feeling better so happy for that, I was going to tell you if the bug is hanging on that long maybe you needed antibiotics

    Spring gelatin and animals bones...yuck

    Sun so sorry to hear you feel so yucky, you need to just take it easy and let the bathroom dirt and weeds go for now, I know easier said than done. In the fall the fallen leaves were driving me crazy so I raked then paid for it for two days w added shoulder and hip pain.

    Rock we miss you and I hope you are doing OK, thanks for stopping in a bit ago.

    Everyone enjoy the day as best you can , time to put the dogs boots on and get him going on his morning walk, DH takes Him, He is so small that w the frigid temps his feet get so cold he cant walk very far so I bought heavy baby socks and then place tape around His "ankles", works pretty well.....love The Dollar Store... :)
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    Good morning...welcome to Rogit...hope it's okay to give you a nickname already :)

    Good to see Linda, Spring, Mikie, Granni, Sun. Linda, praying for your surgery on Thursday.

    I can't stay here long...was sleeping later as it was, then Lindsey texted me to call her. Turns out she has influenza...we had been texting, but hearing her voice made me realize just how sick she was. I'm wondering if that's not what Den had...and the kids before him. Well, tis the season...

    Clinton posted a picture of a sick Keira on the couch with their dog. I imagine if she's not better by Wednesday, I will need to go stay with her while Amy and Clinton are out of town at his doctor appt.

    Better get busy...didn't get much done over the weekend...we did finish the 700 piece puzzle :p

    "Hi" to Rock, Barry, Diane, Elaine, Star...hope I'm not missing anyone. Thinking of everyone near and far...

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    Hi Rogitgarg - How nice of you to stop by. Hope you can come back soon. It doesn't have to be daily like some folks do but as often as you can. Not everyone can come daily or multiple times daily as some of us do on occasion. It depends on busy we all are and how are feeling, of course. I used to but it seems lately I have become busier instead of not so busy. If it isn't my work or appts it is DH's and his stuff and he needs help, etc etc. We are our own yard people :)!!

    I live in TX. Where do you live ??? MIKIE already mentioned that it would be nice if you could let us know a little bit about yourself. Hope you come back soon.

    Late this morning I got home from the dentist again. They x-rayed my tooth and
    gums to see how the infection was doing. It is still there but a little better. So they cleaned out the area again , applied antibiotics and I am to come back in 3 weeks after taking some more antibiotics. The doc seemed hopeful but as he said it could decide to go south at any time too. Then they have to pull the tooth.

    So I dropped off the script and went home to eat lunch. After lunch I picked up my script . Wasn't that exciting?? That was my fun day plus putting in a wash. Maybe I can get something done and get to chat more here on the PORCH tomorrow when DH has his meeting to go to. Whoops, he just told me we have leaves to rake outside. Darn it we have to many trees. Wish they would finally give up all their leaves alreadty.

    LINDA - So sorry you fell and hurt your head. Hope it didn't cause you any more problems before your surgery, the wedding and and everything you have going on. Glad also your DD didn't go to the Ft Lauderdale airport the day of the shooting. Ho scary that would have been and those people who wee shot and killed. Speaking walking, DH does enjoy it and I am trying to but there is always something else I have to do and or I feel like you know what most of the time. I am trying to get to like it just wish this pain would go away. Also walking in the cold is not my idea of fun at all. Good luck with your surgery sweetie. Will be thinking of you and praying for your recovery.

    MIKIE and SUN - Hope you are feeling a little better too. That takes away any enthusiasm for doing anything.. Believe me I know. It is hard when you have lots of chores and things that have to get done of things that you feel have to.

    SPRING WATER - Hope all is well and you are getting out some and enjoying your outings and things not to strenuous for you. Keep on hanging in there :)!!

    ROCK and DIANE - Thinking of you both.

    Well, everydobby I need to do a few more things on line before I get off. Then early dinner and choral practice starts up again. Luckily I have fabulous drivers or I wouldn't be singing.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. Boy, what a lot of thunder last night. My cat, Clair, sleeps on my bed and she flew off and hid all night. I've been sleeping pretty good lately, getting a good 7 hrs. Or more, so fell back asleep. By the way I had to attribute the good sleep to the supplement I've been taking........Magtein. This is a different type of magnesium that supposedly crosses the brain barrier. I've been plagued with terrible sleep for years. Used to take ambien but got off that.

    Julie: Sorry to hear the flu is going around your family. Hope you won't have to stay with Keira....just what you would need, bringing it home to Den.

    Lin: I also LOVE the dollar store! Seems like every couple of days I'm there. I go thru jars of their roasted peanuts. Always keep some in the car and some in my purse and of course at home. Stay well and healthy for your upcoming surgery!!!!!!!

    Mikie: If Barb lives with her DD and family it's probably less hassle for them to bring her to the condo and park her.....let others keep an eye on her rather than having to pay someone back home. Your neighbors just need to stay strong and say NO so they don't impose on them.

    Yesterday I went to visit my DD and family. I ended up proofreading my DGS report on a book they read, well he said they used the "cheating" shorter version of Flowers for Algernon. YIPES!!!!!!! My DGS struggles, so we worked for quite a while on the revisions. In the meantime my DSIL who MUST always have a power tool in his hand set to work in the kitchen off from the office. Everytime I tried to tell DGS what words to type.....that drill went off.......whining and screaming! What a racket.

    Well, we ended up with hysterial laughter for at least 10 min. My DSIL kept asking what was so funny, I said you had to be there to understand. I love being around my DGS....he's a gawky 13 year old, very lovable but already has the teenager angst with his parents. I looked up the story today, "Flowers for Algernon". Sounds terribly depressing, something I don't think I would ever read. And I understand a movie was made of it. I want to say the movie was called "Charlie". That sounds very familiar that I might have seen it in the 60s.

    I just did a search and found the movie....Charly. It was Cliff Robertson who starred in it. Mikie: I see Dick Van Patten was also in it.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good evening, everyone! Going to try getting to bed early (before 10:30) so won't be on here long. Got a few things done today...rearranged some of the furniture back to the way it was before the kids came for Christmas. I was missing some of the shelves and extra storage space. Maybe it will get me through until we get the house finished and move...this summer?

    Sun, sorry for the storm that was so upsetting to Claire. Glad you are getting better sleep...I take magnesium also, but never heard of the kind you mentioned...will have to check it out. Glad you had such a good time with your DGS.

    Granni, glad your tooth is hanging in there...hope it can heal and you don't have to get it pulled. So nice that you have friends to drive you to practices, etc...so you can still participate. I know your singing is important to you.

    Linda, I hope you aren't feeling the after effects of falling...so sorry that happened. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your DD at home. Yes, lots of people are saying Snow looks like part pit. Some say lab, others say Jack Russell Terrior. At any rate, the kids need to stay on top of her training and not let her be Alpha Dog...she gets a little rough with Liora sometimes, but Liora runs from her and gets her riled up.

    Mikie, I hope you got your hair done and it turned out how you wanted. Glad you are feeling some better. We started another puzzle this evening...I had gotten the outside frame done today, then Den took over. We have a table and booth seat in our living room...so it's a perfect height. And no cats to "rearrange" our puzzle pieces, lol!

    Spring...it's always nice to not have to cook, I think...how sweet of your hubby to bring home pizza. We had a heat wave today...was in the 30's, I think. Maybe some day you will get to see your son perform? Sounds like his reputation has preceeded him? I remember times when you have spoken about how thoughtful he is...I'm sure he is a great guy.

    I talked to Amy's friend, Jessica, this evening. Amy wants to bring her out to our house for one of her furloughs...will get to have 24 hours soon. But she needs to be somewhere that has a landline phone so her counselors can call and check on her (accountability is everything when someone is trying to get and stay "clean and sober".)

    I really hope Jessica makes it this time...she is a wonderful person and very caring mommy. She might not get her kids back, but can at least go to her mom's and see them. Addictions can be so devastating...I don't have any experience with drugs or alcohol, but even foods can be addictive...

    Well, I'm headed to bed...hope to hear from Rock, Star, Diane, Elaine, Barry...we understand, though, if it's too much to do anything but read. Thinking of you guys...

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  13. rogitgarg4411

    rogitgarg4411 Member

    Thank you, Mike. My name is Rohit Garg and I'm from Mexico city. I love to traveling, making new friends, movies, songs, soccer and much more. Basically, I'm working as an internship doctor.
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  14. rogitgarg4411

    rogitgarg4411 Member

    Thank you Lydia and it's sounds cool.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    BRRRR! It's cold this morning so I'm bundled up in my softy-wafty robe. My head is all stuffed up again. I took an allergy pill. It may be that I'm now suffering from allergies and no longer a cold. I just want to feel better. Whine, whine, whine! I'm tired of not getting anything done. Good news is that I've enjoyed TV a lot. I did nothing yesterday and didn't visit with any neighbors. Ilona was up sitting with Barb yesterday on the balcony for a while. Sometime this week, when it warms up into the low 80's, I need to take the Highlander to the car wash so I can drive my friends to the memorial service on Sat. It's been so long since it was washed that I'll have to use the sudsy brush to get the grime off of it. I wash it myself at the carwash instead of just driving it through. I use the spotless rinse so it's easy to dry off or just let it air dry. I'll wax it at some point when I feel better. I do that at least once a year to try to protect the clear coat on the paint. Once that clear coat is damaged, it peels off like a snake losing it's skin. AACCKK!

    Rogit, mucho gusto! I have tried responding to you three times and lost it three times. The computer gremlins are being very naughty this morning. It's so good to have a Porchie from Mexico. One of our Porchies is in Nepal and another is in Australia. If I may ask, do you suffer from one of our illnesses, have a loved one who does or do you plan to treat patients with our illnesses? So many docs know nothing about what ails us. Please come back soon.

    Linda, I'm so sorry you fell. I'm glad you didn't have a bad head injury and that your surgery is still on for Thurs. I'll be thinking of you and praying for success. Also glad your DD's visit went well and her shower was so nice. Gift cards are the way to go. That attack in Ft. Lauderdale was horrible; I'm glad no one from your family was there when it happened. My CO kids fly into Lauderdale when they come down. It's not as busy, nor expensive, as Miami. Yes, not being able to bear weight on that side will be the challenge. When I had my knees done, the doc encouraged me to put weight on the leg and I was relieved that I could. I hate using crutches. I need to stop at the dollar store too but I have so many other places I need to go that it's not at the top of the list. How cute that your little doggie wears his 'boots.' When I lived in CO and it was cold, the dogs would run out the back door, do their business really fast and run back in. Stay well and don't fall. Keep us updated on how you are doing.

    Granni, so glad you have others who drive to practice. You certainly don't get any time off from singing but that's probably best. I wish I had continued to sing, even around the house, because now I can barely squeak out a song or carry a tune. It's a scary thing to observe. If a burgler ever breaks in, I could start singing and scare him off. Better than a gun! I hope they can get that infection in the tooth cleared up so you can get your permanent crown. It would be a shame if they have to pull the tooth after all this. Good news is that, once the tooth is free from infection and the root canal is complete, you usually don't have problems with it. I have very old root canals/crowns and they don't bother me at all (knocking on wood). Be sure not to overdo things because having an infection in the body requires rest to get rid of it.

    Julie, I can see some Pit Bull in Snow. We have a lot of Pit Bull/Lab dogs down here. Anything small running away will trigger that aggression in Pit Bulls even when they are sweet tempered. DD's dog was a Pit/Chow. I couldn't leave her in the yard with my small dog because, when my dog wanted to play and would run, her dog would see her as prey and want to hunt her down. Pits are one of my favorite breeds, as are chows. Insurance companies often will not extend insurance coverage to anyone owning one of these breeds or partial breeds. Barb's DD has a big black chow and was planning on bringing it down to stay in Barb's condo for three days. I had to tell her that she couldn't because of our insurance. That infuriated her. Their family thinks they can do no wrong and no one can tell them what to do. That's not a good attitude in a condo community where everyone has to abide by the rules to make it work. Strange thing--Sir Vester has never shown any interest in jumping up on tables or countertops. I'm thankful for that. Yes, cats and puzzles don't mix. I hope you family gets over the flu. That's miserable. Makes my head cold look like nothing.

    Sun, I saw on the news that CA is getting heavy storms, especially in the northern part of the state. Poor Claire. I gather that she is staying on her part of the bed. Sir Vester does until he wants to get up. Then, he tries to got on my pillow and pull my hair. He's a rascal. That's interesting about the magnesium. I already get so much of it in that supplement I take but it's a different kind--magnesium citrate. It's supposed to raise citrate levels in my urine so the calcium won't form stones. It also contains potassium citrate. Those two minerals bind with calcium and are extreted. Have you tried methylcobalamin vitamin B-12? It crosses the blood/brain barrier and helps with sleep and cognition. I need to reorder some here. It's part of the methylation protocol.

    I haven't seen that movie but I've been impressed by Uncle Dickie's acting when I've seen him play more serious roles. He was cast as the clueless dad of teenagers in Eight Is Enough and had silly roles like the one he played in Spaceballs. Think I've mentioned that I saw him live on stage in Picnic and he was great. Same when he played a man who abused his wife on Love Boat. He was tremendously successful on TV but it's kinda sad that he rarely had a chance to show that he was a good actor. His son, Vinny, is married to one of the Beverly Hills housewives and I see him on that show from time to time. I never met any of the kids. I'm embarrassed that I watch that show but it's my junk-TV guilty pleasure. Everyone in the family likes Vinny's wife, Elaine. She's on The Young And The Restless. That's the show my neighbor's son won an Emmy for. I don't watch it but I think Ilona does.

    You are right; Barb is sooooo difficult that I can tell her kids have become desperate but, again, it's not the neighbors' responsibility. Her SIL has mentioned how bad it is to Ilona. Barb told one of the neighbors last year that he isn't nice to her. I just hope her visit goes well and everyone leaves on a civil note. I hope you feel better. I'm glad you got to laugh with your DGS. That always perks me up too.

    OK, Kids, this Warren Peace post has done me in. I still need to go read the newspaper. No one has said nor written anything about the eagles so I guess the second egg didn't hatch. The good news is that this eaglet will get all the attention and nutrition and should grow up to be strong and healthy if it can avoid any predators. Once the eaglets get bigger, there aren't many foes who can take them down except owls. I hope we all feel well today.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...I'm ready to go outside in shorts and tank top...it's 45 degrees!
    Should have our high of 47 by 9:00 am (less than an hour) then it will start dropping back down to the 20's by evening...nope, not springtime yet, lol! We will see some rain, so hoping it doesn't turn into freezing rain...

    Hi to Rogit...hope you stop by the porch often. Thanks for telling us what you do.

    Mikie, Den finally took an allergy pill a few days ago and it helped his symptoms a lot. He doesn't like to take them, but was feeling desparate for some relief. So far, I haven't gotten anything too bed...just the fatigue and brain fog...normal to CFS.

    Barb's kids would do well to get someone lined up at home to provide them some respite...it would seem they have plenty of money to take care of things like that. But you all already know that...just thinking "out loud." I still think they are like Den's sis and hoping things just take care of themselves...

    Today is Den's checkup with the new doc...actually, the doctor's PA. Lindsey took her kids to this lady when they lived here, and she is very nice. Den just needs someone to write a new script for his thyroid meds.

    We need some house supplies, so will go on to town after dropping off one of the vehicles at home (I'm meeting him at the doctor's office.) Maybe I can get supper out of this outing? I've been real good about being gluten free this week...but have had a few of the other things (eggs, dairy, sweets.) But my stomach doesn't feel as bad as normal...and I do think gluten is the biggest culprit.

    Just haven't worked on the eating part so much since I've been trying to focus on getting my house back together. Makes such a big difference when starting to cook a meal, etc...if the kitchen is basically clean.

    "Hi" to all our friends on here. Mikie, I think you were talking to Linda, not Elaine, true? Thinking of everyone and hope your day is "good enough."
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl !!! Maybe with DH gone part of the morning I can get on here for just a bit anyway before the start of my chores, including going outside to rake more leaves -- aaack !!!! All I have to do is try and remember what everyone has said.:)!!

    MIKIE - Glad you seem to be doing even a little bit better. It is a shame that Barb and her family seems to cause so much disruption wherever they go. Yes her attitude and there leave much to be desired . Hope time goes by quickly and that she/they don't cause to many problems for you and your hood.

    JULIE - I hope Den's appt with the new PA goes well and she can write out his scripts for him. BTW, I surely do hope you are not running outside in your tank top in shorts with your COLD weather :)!! That idea sounds horrible to me but then again you might be used to it. However, I hope you are kidding me or us about that. Some people do that around here to when it is COLD out. We just figure they must be from Michigan, Iowa or someplace like that :)!! Hope your busy day goes well.

    ROGIT - How interesting that you are a medical intern. Glad you came to visit us here on the PORCH. Yes, that was a good question but someone ,I forget who, about your interest in Pro Health and our Porch. We do welcome you and hope you do come back soon to visit us and chat. BTW, I used to be a nurse, a million years ago:)!! Didn't work to long though as I started having kids and after the 3rd one I quit. Later on I had two more :)!! Do you need any more history???? he he !! Hope you come back soon !!! Hope you don't have any of these crazy illnesses that most of us have had for years and can't get rid of. If you do, God Bless You !! I've had mine for close to 40 years and yes I am OLD - YUCK !!

    I had better run, to many things to do. This afternoon I have our small group practice but it might be short since even the leader has some sort of crud with coughing. One of the gals who picked me up last night has something else causing laryngitis. Probably to much singing on her part. She is in all my groups plus another.

    Thinking of everydobby inc SUN, LINDA, DIANE, SPRING, ROCK and our many MIA's.

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I hope Den likes the new PA......I'm understanding that she's close by? I've been going to the same clinic since I was 4 so it's very hard to change doctors and clinics after all this time. I joke when I go into the clinic that I must have one of the lowest patient chart #s and when do I get a party? So much has happened to me, operations, sickness, MRIs, etc. It's an 18 mile drive one way and if I have to go at a bad time the freeways can be awful.

    Rogit: Interesting that you come here when you're a busy intern. Where are you doing your internship, and how many more years until you start a practice. I'm also curious why you chose a fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue board. And.....how did you come to choose a pic of the actor?

    I can't stay much more.....the other handyman is coming this morning to start more demolishion on the bathroom. I told his wife I could still smell mold. I bought a pack of face masks yesterday, thinking he might not remember. The last time he was here we talked a little about health issues. He happened to tell me some symptoms he was having trouble with, I told him it sounded like lung problems like I have. Well, he did have a slew of tests (heart and lung) and yes, he's now using an inhaler cause he's got COPD too.
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni, Sun and everyone! I'm plugging away at the kitchen, and house in general. Hasn't rained so much, but the sun isn't out...sunshine does a lot of good for the soul. It has been warm enough that I let the fire go out...will clean out the ashes later and start a new fire before I leave home.

    Granni, I put a jacket over my tank top, along with stocking cap on my head and rubber boots on my feet (and wearing capris, not shorts, lol!). Just felt so nice to not have to rush around while feeding the cats, etc.

    I'm trying to imagine it being so nice to go outside and rake leaves...or do anything outside. And to have plants (other than trees) still growing outside this time of year.

    Sun, oh, I hope you can get the mold under control. Lindsey has been using the concrobium where they found a water leak and a little mold...but the concrobium has to actually come in contact with the mold to encapsulate it.

    Wow, good thing you mentioned your concerns to your handyman...and he had tests and is getting medical treatment.

    Den's new doctor/PA is in the town where he works...only 7 miles from our house....as was his other PCP. In order to see an actual endocronologist he would have to travel over two hours to Des Moines or Iowa City. Our cardiologist is in the town where my dad lives and where we do most of our shopping (30 minutes away.)

    I am going to start going back to my former PCP, also in the same area (attached to the hospital) where the cardio is...hadn't really transferred records to Den's PCP, although he was the one I was going to start seeing, and who ordered the Vitamin D test. I have been having any other test results go to my original PCP (gyno/mammo, etc.) so will just tell her I happened to be with Den at an appt. and asked about the Vitamin D...and Den's PCP agreed to have me tested.

    And hope my original PCP will follow up as it is time to repeat the vitamin d and see if it has gone up from 26...since optimal is 50-70. (Amy's was 13 and she is also on supplements, so I hope hers improves.) I've just not had any reason to go to the original PCP, but she happens to prescribe one of my bp meds, and I have to see her (or someone) before I can get them refilled. But she is the one who nags me about taking a statin...and I just don't want to start doing that until I try hard enough to take care of my choloresterol with diet, exercise, etc...

    Anyway...better get back to work. Have a couple hours before I need to get showered and ready to go meet Den at his appt.

  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends; long time no post.

    A troubling season. Power! out last week due to heavy wet snow. Snow "blobs" two inches across! Sounds of branches and trees cracking and falling. Then power out for over 30 hrs.

    Power back on. Heavy rain and winds took down power-lines -- power out for three days. Came back on late last night. Today a ferocious storm, wind and rain. Won't be suprised with another outage!:(.

    I am very scared and depressed about the election (so called). How did Hillary lose with 3 million votes more than blondy? The mind reels. I am afraid we are losing democracy.:(

    See you all later
    Love and hugs to All,
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017

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