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    Good Morning and Welcome To A New Porch,

    At this rate, we'll hit 1,000 before we know it. Gonna go check out the last of the old Porch posts and will be right back. Sometimes, when I first get here, the website is sooooo sloooow to respond. It took me two tries to close out the old Porch. Thank you to our members who flag the scammers and spammers. The last two were in French. Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu!

    Didn't sleep well. I woke about 1:00 and couldn't get back to sleep so read my new book on telomeres for a while til I got sleepy again. I'll be glad when I get to the part about how to strengthen the telomeres and stop premature aging. It'll likely be the same advice for everything else which ails us. The book has mentioned inflammation. I have Sjogren's Syndrome so I already have a high level of inflammation. When I did get up, I had a bad headache with a lot of pain in my salivary glands and my lymph nodes. With Sjogren's, it's hard to tell whether it's a flare or something else. This is the third week since the head cold struck. If these symptoms go on much longer, I'll call my doc.

    Yesterday, I finally decided to use caulk to keep the flanges on the new lights stuck to the ceiling. Contractors will do this in a pinch so I don't feel too bad about it. Obviously, it is better when things work to begin with but one has to be creative. I just hope the lights do last 45 years. I'll be long gone by then. I installed three of the lights and have two to go. I put the light up in the can with about an inch hanging out. I put the caulk around the inside edge of the flange and let it sit about 20 mins. By then, the caulk has started to set up and holds much better. I climb up and hold the fixture tight to the ceiling for a bit. So far, so good (knocking on wood).

    I ran into Barb and she was friendly. Her kids were civil. I asked her SIL if he wanted to use the ladder when I'm through with it so he can change out the battery in the smoke detector up in the top of their ceiling. He thanked me and said that's a good idea. I'm going to ask him to help me carry the ladder down and over to where it's stored. He owns a moving company and is used to carrying things. Barb says he can't find workers who actually want to work so he has been driving loads himself. This at a time when he would like to be thinking about retiring. Drivers and movers usually don't make it to retirement without back problems. Barb asked whether I am going to the annual mtg. for our condos. I told her I wanted to be there for Tracy at her mother's memorial service. Thank God Barb knows she can't go because of her limited mobility.

    Sun, I know what you mean about having to climb up to do anything up high. I'm super careful too. Glad you got so much sleep. I woke at 4:30 this morning and was ready to get up. Dr. Perlmutter is on PBS all the time. He is great! I should check out the magnesium. I'm glad it's helping you. I always loved The West Wing when it was on. I've been binge watching so many other shows that I don't have time for all of them. I'm also trying to keep up with all the new shows too. Timeless and Frequency have not been renewed. They weren't all that good but better than a lot of shows. I'm so glad you have your talent and projects to keep you keepin' on. It's all I can do to keep up with what needs doing around here that I don't do anything else but veg. Not good.

    Granni, glad it has warmed up but I don't like the wind either. Balmy breezes--yes. Irritating wind which whips up my allergies--no! Hope you can come back and visit a spell.

    Star, sooooo good to see you back on the Porch. I'm sorry for all the illness going around. I hope you can endure the fishing trip. My DGS would be in seventh heaven to be going on fishing/camping trips. Yes, some of us seldom get sick with this virus or that one but, when we do, it often continues well beyond the normal period or morphs into something awful. I just hope all these bugs we have go away and leave us alone. Take good care of yourself.

    Julie, I'm so sorry they are moving your Dad. I hope he adjusts OK. It must be hard in those places to have others pass on like that. I'm glad Clinton's heart is back to normal. Here's hoping his other problems clear up. I hope the flu doesn't claim more victims. So glad you and the girls had a good time. Was Keira surprised with her award? I know y'all love them both with or without awards but it's nice to have two little stars in the family. Take care.

    I need to figure out how I'm going to climb up on that ladder one more day and finish the light project. I have to get into the shower and do my hair. I need to go to Publix and I need to wash my car before Sat. Worst case scenario, I can ask Ilona to drive to the memorial service. In fact, that may be a good idea in any case. My car could stand to be driven but I also need to pace myself so I can get over this crud. I don't mind driving but I can't ask anyone to ride in such a filthy vehicle. Yikies!!!

    As always, I send love, gentle hugs and prayers to all our wonderful Porchies

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! Mikie, thanks for getting a new volume going. I'm glad you have figured out a way to get the lights to work...caulking will work much nicer than the duct tape I would have suggested, lol! Just kidding on that one, but there are probably people who would try that...my FIL for one, lol!

    Sounds like you've got a lot going on...I hope you can pace yourself as needed. That would be great if Ilona could drive to the memorial service...

    Our little Susan from Tennessee texted Amy about going up to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It may just be what she has to do in order to get some help with her pain...26 years old is too young to just "give up." The pain she describes, plus the "pins and needles" and "bugs crawling all over her" sound so familiar to what my mom went through.

    I think she wants to come as far as our house or Amy's, then go on from there....about a five hour drive from Amy's house on to Rochester. I don't know if any of her family or friends would go with her...I imagine she might expect me to, but I don't think I'm up to that right now. I know it's not our responsibility...but even Den commented that she is going to need someone to go with her. We do worry about her as our own daughter...probably since her own parents don't really seem to care that much.

    Anyway, I'm going to just keep working around the house and be "on call" for whenever they move my dad. Amy says it might be a good thing...give him new scenery, etc. I hope he does okay.

    Thinking of everyone...
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    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again. I can't believe how fast our volumes are going by and I missing so many of them, it seems. Yes, it surely sounds like you are keeping yourself pretty busy even though you are still not feeling that great. Glad that Barb and family acted fairly civily towards you. That is hard when you don't know when they are going to start their popping off and acting ugly towards everyone again..

    JULIE - So sorry your Dad lost his roomy and that they have to move him. I know that moving people with ALZ can sometimes be a hard change for them. Hope it isn't to bad for him. Hope your adopted daughter Susan gets the help she needs that is terrible to have to feel those kind of feelings all the time while working.

    STAR - Sorry to hear that you are still feeling badly and have to endure a camping, fishing trip. How is the weather now for you. If it is cold and damp that is not good. I know how I feel when I am out in the bad or cold damp weather. Doesn't help my pain.

    Gotta run and fix lunch. Went to Fit and Fabulous exercises today, Also have a wash going. That is about it for the day, nothing interesting or exciting. Thinking of everydobby !!! Miss you ROCK, DIANE, and others.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi Granni...good to hear from you. Yay for getting to your exercise class.

    I've just been catching up on some laundry...since I like to hang things out, I've been waiting till the weather was a little better. No precipitation today, but the weather people are undecided if we will get the freezing rain/sleet that they are expecting a little farther south. Some places just a few hours south of us are closing/canceling for tomorrow already, due to their forecast. And it is to head north, so we are just in a "wait and see" pattern right now.

    I have three loads of clothes on the line right now (Den's jeans and some new blankets I found a bargain on) and I hear the load of towels just now ready to go out. They will be frozen, but at least drier than they were and smelling wonderful. And it gives me and Oreo a chance to get out and get some exercise and fresh air :)

    I left a message with the social worker at the care center to let me know if there's anything they want me to do (and to remind them that some of the furniture in Dad's room belongs to him...so they can move it with him or I can go get it, if there's not room in the new place.) I imagine they would rather I just stay out of the way till they get things figured out.

    I've come to the realization that it is probably more emotional to me, than it will be upsetting to Dad...his current room is the last place I ever saw him and my mom together. And coming up on the five year anniversary of her passing (March 3) I am a little more sensitive to these things. So...I recognize that's what's going on and will just deal with it.

    So, I'd better get back to work. Mikie, hope you're okay on that ladder...
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    Julie: Has Susan's doctor run more thorough lab tests for her like for magnesium, vit D, etc? What was wrong with your mom? And if she goes to Mayo Clinic, will her insurance cover it? Windytalker went to Mayo years ago and she was very disappointed with everything there. I think people just automatically think Mayo can figure it out. Is there a large teaching hospital near her?

    Changes are hard.....you just have to get it into your mind that this room change for your dad won't be a big thing. I'm assuming it has a LR and a BR as opposed to a single room? Will he be put in with a roommate or be by himself.

    Mikie: I just got an email yesterday from prohealth that they are now carrying a NEW magnesium Lthreonate. I'll have to compare prices. Honestly I've been getting about 8 hrs. A night, which I find amazing since I've gone for years on sleeping time cobbled together. I hope I continue to do this.

    It's raining AGAIN......sigh. Wish we could have rain at night and sun during the day, although up in Portland where my son lives they've had over 12" snow.....and no snow plows to clean the roads so everyone is socked in. Portland just doesn't get snow!!!!!

    I've got several project started....going to make some batches of banana bread gluten free and sugar free.
    I found another frame at the thrift store just the right size for that gallery, so need to get busy and PAINT something for it.
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    Hi Sun...oh, your painting projects sound like so much fun...how nice to find a frame that is just the right size. I never thought about Portland not getting snow...goodness!

    My mom had liver cancer, but was losing blood in her stool, so could have been colon cancer or something that spread. We just had no idea...found out about three days before she died, and got her back to the care center just a few hours before she passed away (she was at a bigger hospital two hours away...they let me ride back in the ambulance with her. A friend of ours brought Den up to get my car back home.)

    Yes, the married couple's suite used to be a four bed unit, but had been remodeled...there is a front room where my parents had their small dining room table and dorm size fridge, and a recliner. Then a smaller "sitting room" just the right size for their TV and two chairs. Then another small area where they had their beds side by side. And the bathroom was right there too. All the areas were connected and open to each other....the staff just pulled curtains, if necessary for anyone's privacy.

    After Mom was gone, they just kept moving different men in with Dad (three ended up dying, and one was moved because he was too advanced with dementia)...the "front room" was the roommate's, the sitting room was still the same, and Dad had his bed where it always was (only more room since there is only one bed.) The sitting room and Dad's bed area have the windows facing the front of the building and the parking lot...the "front room" is facing the hall...just about 10 feet from the nurses' station.

    I used to cook meals and Den and I would take them in...we have one of those rolling carts, and would just wheel everything in...kind of like just going to Mom and Dad's to eat, lol! I would have Mom help me decorate...she would tell me what color of tablecloth, flowers, etc...she was much more interested in that stuff than Dad, of course.

    I guess, in a sense, it is like losing my mom all over again...but I'm okay, once I realized why I was getting upset and emotional. It just caught me off guard to walk in and "Grandpa Vic" was gone...I knew right away that they would be moving Dad. After awhile, Dad won't even remember being in the other room. He will be with another man, I'm sure...the new room will be a double...

    So...I just stopped by for a cup of coffee...better get back to work.
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    Julie, has Susan seen a neurologist to be checked for peripheral neuropathy? The pins and needles, skin feelings, etc. are what I had. I was dxd with peripheral neuropathy a number of years ago. The neurologist does special magnetic test to test your nerve fibers. Can be caused by many things -- Lyme disease, alcohol, leprosy, and many other things. They (the docs.) often don't know the reason, and so call it idiopathic PN. I have small fiber neuropathy, but mainly below the waist; feet and legs. To have FM on top of that must be horrible. Again, has Susan seen a neurologist yet. Lumbar puncture sometimes (AKA Spinal tap) shows something. Mine didn't, except I proved neg. for HHV-6. Best wishes to you and Susan.

    Star, your are hot and we are cold! Topsy turvy, eh? Do you have to go on the camping trip? Stay home with your pets and relax. Do you grow any veggies, or have a garden? I used to love to garden, but I am so drained of energy ALL the time that it's hard to do much. Much easier to tell others to do it.....:rolleyes:

    Mikie, so sorry for your pain. What a Headache! Maybe you SHOULD see your doc. Meanwhile, I am gald to hear that Barb isn't being too prickly; must be a relief to you. Glad you got your light fixtures fixed -- you are a real techno-whiz. :)

    Rock, nice to find another chocoholic. I am not alone.
    Spring, you have given me a craving for corn on the cob. As for the oregano, well we mostly use it in soups, stews, pizza toppings, Italian sauces, especially with tomatoes. By the way, WHY won't your DH eat tomatoes?

    Diane, missing you....

    Love to All, and Prayers in these dark times.

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    Hi Barry...good to see you here. As I read your post I realized I forgot to reply to Sun about Susan...so I'll just add it here :)

    Yes, Susan has seen several specialists, including a neurologist, who is supposedly only going to treat her for the nerve pain, not any of her other symptoms (says it isn't necessary as they are basically "all in her head." He had a proper medical term, but you get the idea.) But what he is giving her for pain isn't working...not sure what it is, but she has tried several...but the side effects were unbearable.

    She just saw a rheumatologist who says she needs something in particular (I don't remember what it is) but the neurologist has to be the one to prescribe it.

    She's been to the ER several times, had multiple tests run (pretty sure a spinal tap that caused other problems) but nobody in her area has helped...once they can't figure out what's wrong, they tend to dismiss her and say there must not be anything really wrong....then that gets put on her record for the next person to read (and form an opinion of her before he/she even sees her.)

    I'm not sure what she's thinking, as far as Mayo Clinic. I agree that they may not be able to help. When I first got sick, Den and I spent a week up there...I was so in hopes that someone would help. But...I just got diagnosed with CFS/ME and told to exercise...that my body was simply "out of condition." Well, we all know that song and dance, true?

    Susan may be hoping to find a new neurologist...there must not be many to pic from where whe lives. I haven't asked her any questions...will wait to see if she contacts me. I just don't think I can take the time and energy to go up with her, but she doesn't trust her parents (they are the ones who didn't believe that her uncle abused her...)

    Here is what she has been diagnosed with...probably more things, but this is what she put on facebook the other day:

    "By the way, my new rheumatologist said I have "remitting relapsing autoimmune polyneuropathy" which is the closest neurological disorder to CIDP... I just think that's interesting!"

    I'm just afraid if she doesn't get some help, she may self harm...she already has an eating disorder (or more than one) and other emotional problems from her childhood. She has already done things a couple of times that I know of, but managed to call someone who got her to the ER. With no husband, boyfriend...and not really parents who will care for her...she is kind of all alone, except for friends and coworkers. But they can only do so much...
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    image.jpg image.jpg

    Saree..image taken from internet

    Hi all

    Sorry the pic is not being posted where I want it to...

    My internet connection was out from last night. I'm having a break from working in the back garden raking leaves..it is just a neverending task, because I rake a whole area and then the wind blows more down. At least I got to burn a pile o' them...but I felt happy. Maybe it was working in the outdoors. And the sun was out. I also let the hose pipe run and water a section at the back which usually gets overlooked. So killed two chores at one time. Lol.

    Mikie - that's a lovely rustic porch..I can just imagine ensconced in one of those comfy chairs, biting into freshly roasted corn on the cob, and eating baked beans on toast and nicely done finger chips with chilli sauce, and steaming hot mug of freshly brewed tea. Reading my favourite novel. With my doggies prancing around playing with twigs and chasing leaves and generally being happy. No family members. There are times when one wants to be alone with ones own self free, to do exactly what one likes.

    You are an adventurous lady, attempting to fix light fixtures and the like. I can get up on a step ladder to dust around light fixtures but thats it. I'm scared of falling. So yet another reminder of time flying by and leaving its mark, I remember being rather nimble in my youth, loved climbing up trees and sitting perched in one.

    Barry - that was a long sounding disorder. I hope Susan will be able to get hers diagnosed properly. And treated properly. What was your treatment for it? I know there is only so much medicine can do. Like, look at our CFS and fibro for so many. They now know about it, acknowledge it but still don't hv a concrete reason or antidote for it.

    Julie - changes are always difficult to deal with. You have been such a good daughter. It is a fortunate dad who gets a caring loving child who is trying their best to always have the best for their parent. How apt is the saying 'love hurts'. I probably heard it in a film, or a book but it is so true. Love is a beautiful emotion, giving immense joy to both giver and receiver, but love hurts as much as the joy it gives.

    Granni - good to hear you went to Fit and Fabulous. I do admire how you manage a session or two of exercise into your busy day. I also love your slim and trim figure. Today my back probably got a workout, raking leaves and my arms too. But that's about it. I don't know whether climbing stairs counts as exercise. If so, that too.

    Sunflower - moist banana bread! Yum! It's snowing in Portland and no snow plows! Life always throws up surprises. Kathmandu never gets snow but it snowed once couple of years ago. DD was still in high school here A levels. They had a mock United Nations conference going on and snowflakes started coming down outside the hall, the principal, a lady overseeing the proceedings shouted " it's snowing",! And all the kids rushed out...belter smelter and started dancing around in the falling flakes. I typed helter skelter but auto correct corrected it. Go figure.

    At that time, it was so cold I was bundled up in my blankets probably asleep although it was afternoon, so missed the whole thing. It just lasted minutes I think.

    Star - so good to hear from you. Your DH is one adventurous outdoorsy type, seems like. I hope you will feel well enough to enjoy the trip. I loved your summing up of the Porch goings on.


    I managed to get a indian outfit stitched for my SILs DD in Switzerland. She saw a photo of all her girl cousins at a party here wearing a saree so she asked for one. Although it's not likely she would be wearing it anywhere. Probably preen in front of the mirror. Well, we all are sixteen once only. I had just one week to pick it out and get it stitched at a tailor using a blouse of DHs aunt as measurement. A cousin who had seen SILs young DD said we could take off one inch from the measurements on aunts blouse. The saree is a pastel yellow chiffon with little silver balls sprinkled on it and satiny yellow border. And I picked out a deeper yellow, shimmery sheer blouse material and asked them to attach little gold ball piping on the sleeve edges. I had bought a length of the piping long back intending to use it for one of my outfits. had so much fun picking out the material. Lol! SILs son and new wife took it, they were leaving one week later than SIL.

    Yesterday was Full Moon. I lit lamps for the departed (and the living) as is the custom here. If anyone feels more raw and irritable than usual you will know why. I'm one of those. The moon affects me that way. Not this time, however. Thank goodness. I think the garbage collector has come...they blow a whistle to signal their arrival...

    God bless all.

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    So excited--last evening, I felt better than I have in weeks. Don't know whether it was the full moon, which always makes me feel better, or whether I'm just starting to get over the head cold. I'm hoping this keeps up. Don't feel as bad this morning as I had every morning since I got sick. I picked up more allergy tablets yesterday at the store. They are expensive but don't cause BP to rise. It took everything I had to get my shower and go to the store so I didn't get the other two light fixtures installed. Barb was out on the balcony when I got home and she wanted me to sit with her. She was being so nice that I sat and we had a nice talk. I never trust her but will be nice as long as she is nice. This is so much better.

    I usually go watch TV in my bedroom about 7:00 at night, especially when I'm sick. I laugh because, when my lights are on in the living room later than that, Joe calls to check on me because he sees lights. Most people check on their friends if they don't see any lights on. He thinks that's so funny. I told him that, if I needed help, I'd flash out an SOS with the light. He finally got his new fridge and I'll get to see it when I take my voting materials over for him to take to the annual mtg. tomorrow. He walks every day and has gotten to know more people here than I have in 20 years.

    I decided to put the light fixtures on the back burner and go wash the Highlander today. If I have the NRG to finish the lights when I'm done--great. If not, they can wait and the car will be clean enough to take my buddies with me to the memorial service. The new lights look good and I'm happy I'm changing them out. I just hope I continue to get better. Colds can take a month to recover from. I don't want anything to keep me from the memorial service. Nothing prepares a person to lose his or her Mom. I still miss mine.

    DD in TX called and said they are going to NM to ski with four other families with kids. One of DGS's best friends is a kid who was adopted from Guatemala. He's a natural athlete and so bright that he is probably in the genius level. Poor DGS, who is no slacker athletically, can never outdo him. They have friendly competitions. DGS is soooo excited because he's been skiing all his life and skis expert slopes. He wants one sport in which he can outdo his friend. They are so funny to watch when they are competing and trash talking one another. I'm soooo glad the kids can do everything they do. They don't take it for granted and are always grateful for their blessings.

    Coming back to edit and add.


    Linda, I'm hoping your surgery went well yesterday and that you are recovering well. Keep us updated when you can.

    Julie, so many with FMS have described the pins and needles effect and the feeling of bugs crawling under the skin. I have yet to read of anyone here who was really helped at the Mayo Clinic. Our mgr.'s sister has CFIDS and was helped immensely at Mayo. They ran 'every test known to man' and she is much better. I don't know whether there were any other diagnoses in addition to CFIDS and I don't know what treatment they prescribed. Our mgr. went with her but doesn't really know that much. Still, it's good to know someone who was helped. Early abuse and trauma change the brain in very significant ways which can cause all kinds of physical illnesses. Our bodies are run by our brains. I'm hoping her docs explain this and don't tell her 'it's all in her head.' What's all in our heads is as real physically as what's in our bodies. According to the book I'm reading, abuse and stress can shorten the telomeres on our chromosomes and cause early aging and diseases. It can be helpful to hit the reset button and start stress-reducing activities, like Tai Chi, Yoga and meditating; gentle stretching exercises as tolerated; and, a diet high in natural nutrients. If done all together, it can have a dramatic effect on the mind and body. I wish her good luck.

    Granni, how wonderful that you go to Fit 'n Fabulous. Good for you! I can't wait to feel better and get back to exercising. I feel like a stuffed-up, achy lump. Yes, the Porch is going at warp speed these days. So good to see so many posting again. I did some laundry the other day and my washer was fine. It didn't empty the fabric softener once before and I was concerned that something had gone wrong. Could be the gremlins got into it. I'm sure gremlins wreak havoc on other things besides computers. The last thing I want is to have to replace the W&D.

    Sun, thanks so much for the heads up about the magnesium here at PH. I'll check it out. I need to order some supps. I can no longer take vitamin C, due to the stones. I hated to give it up because I've always felt better when I took high doses. Who knew it could lead to formation of kidney stones. Doh!!! I'm so glad the magnesium is helping you sleep. I'd love to get a really good night's sleep. Sir Vester is getting so much better about trying to wake me. When he's ready to get up now, he will come over and snuggle up next to me and purr. I love waking up to that. Yes, it would be wonderful if it rained at night and the sun came out during the day. One rainy day after another gets depressing. I got the things to make GF/sugar free goodies. Once I get some of these things done, I need to bake. Hope y'all don't float away.

    Barry, so good to see you here. From your lips to God's ear that I'm a techno whiz. Seems that everything I touch turns to crap. By the time I install the fifth fixture, I may have gotten it down pat. My ex was a perfectionist and I try to emulate him whenever I do these projects; I learned everything I know from him. At this point in my life, however, I'm willing to take short cuts or do whatever it takes to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Hence, the caulk. No one will ever know until someone, someday decides to take the fixtures out. Caulk causes less damage than glue so it wouldn't be a catastrophe in any case. I'm anxious to finish the project but not so much that I'll undo the progress in getting over this crud. My Mom had idiopathic PN. The only thing which gave her relief was to walk. She and a friend, who also had PN, walked every morning in the shallow end of the pool. That's what gave me the idea to run in the pool. Mom also sat on the edge of the bed and kicked her legs up and down before she got up. I do that when I have a bit of PN too. The older I get, the more I look and feel just like my Mom. BTW, I buy those little half cobs of corn in the freezer dept. at the store. I can eat them whenever I get a corn craving. I also throw them in my gumbo. Are you getting rain there? Hope to see you again soon on the Porch.

    Spring, the saree sounds so beautiful. Your clothes there are made with such gorgeous fabrics and in such an abundance of color. I'd look like a drab little wren next to someone wearing a saree. I like color but find myself wearing black tee shirts and white or khaki Capri pants. It's my at-home uniform. I tend to meld into the background most of the time. Sounds like you and Sun are captive to the leaves. The only trees we have here which drop leaves are the live oaks, and they mostly drop acorns, and the cypress trees which drop their needles once a year. The cypress trees out by our pond are ugly when the limbs are bare but soooo pretty when the new lighter green needles come in. Joe has two beautiful trees outside his condo which I can see when I look out at the pond. Yes, that rustic pic looks inviting and your description of sitting out there alone with the doggies romping just makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. Ralph Lauren, the fashion designer, created a whole line of things for the home a couple of years ago. They were all presented in log cabin styles rooms. The patterns were often borrowed from American Indian designs. Plaid also played a role in his designs. It brought rustic chic in the mainstream. When I was a yute, I could climb most anything like an agile monkey. Now, it takes everything I have to go up and down those ladders. Still, I can tell it's good for me as long as I'm careful and don't fall. Take care, my friend.

    Diane, we miss you here. I hope you, Kevin, Rosie, Faithy and Beety are well. Stop in when you can.

    Elaine, I hope you are doing well too. We miss you.

    I'm off to read the paper. It looks cloudy out but isn't supposed to rain. We will get into the low 80's all week. It should be a good day to wash the car. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, friends! We're all gearing up for our own ice storm over the weekend. Den isn't on call, but if it gets bad enough, he will have to go in also.

    Thinking of Linda...hope you are doing ok.

    Spring, I love to read as you describe things...such a wonderful way with words.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are getting the lighting project done...good idea to wash the car first, then see how you feel. So nice of you to drive for the others.

    I'm in a lot of pain this morning...I don't usually hurt all over like this, so thinking it could be the weather that is headed this way...or I picked up something from the nursing home or store or.....

    Anyway, I'll check back in later. Gonna just go slow today....sorting papers, etc. for taxes. Take care, everyone!
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    Hi, y'all,

    Just checking in. :)

    Nothing new around here. Although it seems the weather is wreaking havoc with my health. Couple days of below zero temps, few days of 30's F, yesterday it was in the high 60's F. Today it's 30 F. And the cycle will continue. Tomorrow freezing rain. Then later in the week, temps in the high 50's. And on it goes.

    I still have this upper respiratory "crud"; so does Kevin. Kevin's stopping at the grocery store tonight, to get what we need to make beef bone soup/stoup. We'll take out the meat and bones, add in carrots and taters, and Kevin calls it "stoup". :)

    I, like Mikie, lose my taste for food when I'm ill. I've just been eating what's in the freezer, what can be cooked quickly. Other than that, I've been sleeping, a lot.

    I've been taking my supps, including oil of oregano, etc. I haven't found a new primary care doc yet -- but I've been looking. And this is mostly a cold, so antibiotics won't work.

    I cannot remember what everyone wrote. Linda, hope your surgery went well. Mikie, you are doing a good job with handling Barb. BTW, hugs to Sir Vester from Faithy, Beety and Rosie. Rock, good to see you on the Homebound Board. Barry, I miss posting here, but just can't handle it right now, on a regular basis. Typing this short message has worn me out.

    I'll sign off for now. And say "good wishes to all." I wish I could reply more, but I'm not up to it.

    Love and hugs and prayers to y'all,

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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good to see you, Diane....haven't time to read, but see you were on here. Rushing to nursing home...moving my dad today.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to ALL Dear Porchies,

    Went to the store for a few things and then the bank with DH. Then we came home and walked a little and here I am ready to collapse. It isn't that long a walk but it is up and sown climb and I hurt be4 I start. Oh well, trying to help DH and his BS. Trying to get his A1c down a bit. Now if I can get him to take his blood once in awhile it will be a great feet :)!! It is not s much of a big deal at least to me to take it. I guess that is men for you :)!! At least many of them.

    Not much else going on today. Will try and get to Zumba Gold today at 4 pm.with DD. I am so inconsistent but between the way I feel and the time, and thinking about dinner it makes it difficult. DD's husband does a lot more cooking than my DH so she doesn't have to worry about it. Crock pot meals are good for that and when I go to my small group practice too which starts at 3:00. However I have to start it early and know what I am cooking. Some of the recipes call for browning the meat first in the skillet which almost defeats the purpose and more pots. However, I need to get some more recipes for DH as well as myself.

    DIANE - How nice to see you but sorry you are still not feeling well. Yes, I am sure the weather is making you feel worse too. Your weather almost sounds like ours except you have more cold. Lately it has been like a bouncing ball, below freezing for a few days at least and then into the 70's. You don't know how to dress. However, it seems like I almost always carry a sweater or light jacket with me, for heavy a/c or dampness outside if not real cold. Hugz to you and those kitties too. Get rid of that crud if you can. I know you have little say in the situation. Just continue to do what you have been doing. Hope Kevin feels better soon too. That stoup sounds delicious. Did you say potatoes too? I know Kevin has diabetes I think you said before . My DH is borderline but his A1C has gone up a point since last time. What taters doe you use? I know also that a change is good once in awhile esp when you are feeling badly .

    JULIE - You busy bee. Sorry you are feeling like you might be coming down with something . Hope you start to feel better soon and hope your Dad's move to another room with another man will work out OK for him in the end, even though at first he may feel a bit awkward. Come back when you can. Hang in there kiddo.

    MIKIE - Glad you were feeling better. Did you get the car washed? and feel well wnough to fuss with the lights????? Hope you got at least some of it done.

    LINDA - Hope all went well with your surgery. I think it was yesterday IF I remember correctly. Come back when you can and let us know how you are doing.

    ROCK - Missing you dear friend !! Hope you will come back to visit soon. It gets quiet without you.

    BARRY - Hope you still have your power and are feeling halfway descent. So much happening to you both in to short a time.

    SPRING WATER - I too love your posts and your writing and I saw your post but not sure I read it. Everything has become so rushy these day, it seems like. Just went back and read your post and pretty pic of girl wearing a saree ( the spelling is probably incorrect.) It sounds like it might be chilly there as you mentioned you were all wrapped up in blankets:)!! Your costumes are so colorful and pretty. I had always been slender other than when I was pregnant but did have extra wt on upper thighs and butt. Always had hips but with this diet I am on I have to work at staying about 120 lbs I can lose weight fast and am taking a drink each night to try and manage my weight.. Stay well and hope you are feeling half way descent .

    Love to awl inc ELAINE, STAR, and everydobby else I might have missed,
    Granni :)
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Well, my dad is doing fine, but I've got problem. He wanted to rest after lunch so I came on to the clinic to get my new glasses lenses. Locked my keys in the van. So now waiting on Den to get off work and come unlock my door. He'll have a 30 minute drive...Can't believe I did that. And now it will be too late to take Dad to get his glasses. So...Here I sit, lol! Will check in later.

  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    So.....that last post was written on my phone as I sat in the clinic...feeling like I was going to throw up because my new lenses were so much different than the old ones (especially the right one) and my eyes were having trouble adjusting.

    My knight in shining armor got there and unlocked the van for me...I offered to take him to supper, but he said he thought he might go see his Friend, Fred.

    Sounded fine to me, so I went back to the care center to at least walk Dad up to supper (and make sure he was doing ok.) I couldn't get him awake, and neither could the aids or nurses...so they decided to get him a supper tray to eat in his room.

    I hadn't eaten since breakfast, so went ahead and left...a nurse called later to tell me the doctor had been in and was going to start treatment on Dad's cold (flu?) symptoms (coughing, fever, just regular respiratory junk).

    Anyway, it has been a long day and I am bushed...gonna relax with a glass of wine/7-Up and watch some Netflix. Take care, everyone!
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - I am here after supper for a change, plus I already took my shower. DH had his even earlier. He is always fast in and out in the evening. Glad your Dad adjusted pretty well to the move but sorry he too has the respiratory gunk and that you had left your keys in the car. Isn't that a terribly awful feeling and you feel so helpless. Luckily Den could come and let you back into the van. Hope your new glasses also get to feeling better on you soon as you get used to them. I did that years ago but now the keys are automatic and you just have to have them in your purse or pocket. I'm with you. Sometimes you just need to have a glass of wine, even if it mixed with 7 up :)!! Glad also that they are starting your dad on meds for his URI. Hope it will hep him so it doesn't get to bad. I didn't know he had had a fever too. You need to relax sweetie after your busy and stress fill day.

    Guess what, EVERYONE, I actually somehow I talked DH into taking his BS and it was pretty good I guess - 158 considering he had a little more than a glass of wine before dinner. Dinner was ground turkey with veggies and some leftover brown rice with quinoa in it. I am interested in trying to find out how his BS reacts to other things he eats at different times of the day. However, he already told me that he might do it a couple times a week. I am not fighting it as I am also hoping as he does it a little more often and it becomes easier to do and he gets more comfy with it it won't bother him so much. Would like to see how he reacts to eating breakfast and lunches too and certain foods. He also had a 1/2 sandwich for lunch with sour dough bread and wondering if any residual BS might show up on the BS for dinner. Of course he did lots of moaning and groaning about not doig it before doing so. Why are some men such babies :)!!

    I will be making brownies for a K of C function tomorrow for Sunday afternoon. It is for the older guys who don't come that often, and their wives. Now my DH is one of the older guys but he is still fairly active but not half as much so as he used to be. I am also bring corn for the lunch but that is a no brainer. Throw frozen corn in the microwave and not sure how much to bring. We'll see !!!!

    Well, I will try and get back here tomorrow probably after or before start the brownies. I am only going to make one batch so that shouldn't be too bad, just a mess in the kitchen.

    Love everydobby,
  18. rogitgarg4411

    rogitgarg4411 Member

    Good morning guys....
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Fell asleep about 7:00 last night and got up at 4:00. That's a pretty good night's sleep but waaaay too early to fall asleep and waaaaay to early to get up. Just watching This Old House and the news on TV. I won't shower or bathe until about 7:30 or 8:00 to get ready for the memorial service. I'm not dirty but don't know whether I can tame my mane without washing it. We have to leave about 9:15 to make sure we have plenty of time to get there by 10:00. One of the neighbors is really flaky and I'm worried she will make us late. If she's not ready by 9:30, I'm going to tell her we have to leave and will meet her there. I hope that doesn't happen as it will infuriate her but it's not fair to make everyone late. This is one of the neighbors who drinks and she is easy to anger. I didn't invite her to go with us but Grace told her we were going so she wanted to ride with us. I'm always happy to take people but everyone knows I don't like waiting for anyone. None of the rest of us does. We call the time we leave AIS Time--Ass In Seat. I first saw that on Everybody Loves Raymond.

    The church is just the right distance to keep my car running so I'm happy to get it out on the road. I did get it washed yesterday. It was sooo filthy that I had to use the sudsy brush to get it clean. I didn't do a bang-up job but it is clean. I'll wait until I wax it to get it really clean all over. At least, no one will get dirty just brushing up against it. That sudsy brush is really heavy and it's a lot of work to use it all over, especially with a tall vehicle. I was tired and achy when I got home so didn't work on the lights.

    I took my paperwork for the annual mtg. and election of board members over for Joe to take to the mtg. since I'll be at the memorial service. I saw his new fridge. I was surprised to see he only got the smallest fridge with the freezer on top. He lives alone and goes to the store almost daily so he doesn't have much in his fridge and doesn't need the storage. It does have an ice maker. I'm sure when he sees my new one it will look like a hulking giant in my kitchen. This one is larger than my old side-by-side fridge. Being the darker stainless color makes it look even larger. I drink a lot of water and want the dispenser in the door.

    Julie, so sorry you are hurting all over. I've had that too since fighting this crud and running up and down the ladder. I hope you aren't getting something. What a pain to lock the keys inside your car. I have AAA in case of problems but haven't had to use them for locking my keys inside. I have had to call them for a dead battery and flat tire. I know how to change a tire but am happy to just leave it to them. In a rural area, it probably wouldn't work as well if it took them forever to get there. Sounds as though Den turned the lemons into lemonade and got to see his friend in the bargain. It took me a few days to get used to my new goggles too. Everywhere I looked, it was like I was in a funhouse with distorted mirrors. Yikes! I was especially careful going up and down the stairs. I hope they can help your Dad to feel better. I hope you feel better too.

    Diane, Sir Vester sends soft kitty paw hugs and says, 'Mack' to you, Kevin, Faithy, Rosie and Beety. I hope that crud goes away. Mine just hangs on and hangs on. I'll feel better one day and awful the next. Some of the symptoms just feel different than anything I've had before. I even have pain in the tiny lymph nodes behind my ears on the sides of my head. Yes, mine is just a head cold too so I'm not calling the doc because the ABX wouldn't help. I will call if this keeps up for longer than a month. Ups and downs in barometric pressure don't help either with all the temp changes. We are in a pretty static pattern right now but it can change at any time. In CO, the wind blew mostly west to east. Down here, it changes all day long. Stay well, my friend.

    Granni, soooo nice to see you here when you can stay a while. I hope you didn't overdo it. It's so nice of you to walk with DH to try to keep his BS under control. My BS can be 140 after I eat but that's normal, according to what I read in the book. I like to use my crockpot too but, like you, I hate to have to brown meat first. I always made pot roast in my pressure cooker but I've given it away. I've also braised it in a Dutch oven. I think I need a new crockpot as this one seems to dry things out, even on 'low.' I've mostly been eating things which need no prep, like Diane. I've been eating fruit, strawberries and apples. At least, that's healthy. I need to do a green drink in the NutriBullet. Hope you recover and that both you and DH are feeling well.

    Rogit, what area of medicine are you studying as an intern? I guess interns work in all areas before selecting a specialty. Has anyone told you how much you look like Tom Cruise except with a beard? I hope you can spend more time with us here on the Porch and tell us more about yourself. We would like to get to know you.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Lots going on in the news and it's hard to keep up. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Since my DH died, I now carry a spare car key pinned inside a change purse just in case I lose my other keys. You might give this a thought. My key did cost around $35 to have a duplicate but just knowing I have it in my purse gives me comfort. I also have AAA and that's a comfort too, it's just that when I had to call them about a month ago because of a dead battery, it took them almost an hr. To respond.

    Did you get your glasses adjusted when you picked them up or just grab the new ones and leave? I had that problem once and had to go back...the glass frames had to be adjusted for over my ears then I could see properly. I HATE having to get used to new glasses. Mine are trifocals. These I've had for about 4 years and I'm hesitant to get new ones.

    Mikie: Hope it all works out for the memorial, that everyone is ready and on time.

    I went "off the wagon" last night and had stir fry rice with chinese takeout at Panda Express. I've been feeling very good, stomach wise, for about a month, but apparently gluten in the rice did me in and now I've been paying for it all night. I've done some reading on gluten intolerance and find you can even have headaches and fatigue along with joint pain.

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