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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'll be right back. Alrighty, then. I usually post, come back and refresh the page so y'all can see the new thread. There were only two posts since I was last here so hope I can remember what was written.

    Julie, I'm so sorry that you are in the doldrums too. If you look at all you have been through, including trying to build your new home, it isn't any wonder that it has caught up with you emotionally. We can soldier on when we need to but, later down the road, the stress can get us down. Kinda like PTSD. I know my poor health lately can't compare to what you've gone through, but the stress and anxiety has caught up with me. I feel as though I don't want to do anything with a sense of impending doom in my mind. I think this is both physical and emotional. I'm really run down. If I can get to feeling better, perhaps the emotional stuff will take care of itself. Is there any way you and Den can just stop and do something for the two of you? You've done so much for your family but it isn't selfish to take care of yourselves too. I also believe some of my stress is related to what has gone on in our country--so divided and soooo much anger. I'll do what I can and turn the rest over to God. It may have to get worse before it gets better. This country has been through a lot in my lifetime and we manage to get through it. Keep the faith, Sweetie.

    Granni, if I were to take a pic of the before and after of that little cabinet, you'd likely not see much difference. It's a stained oak. It's just that my ex decided to try different levels of stain on the drawers. Also, I don't like the finish on the top. It's dull and ugly and really needs a light sanding and restaining. He did a lovely job of replacing the decal on the front which states that it is an 'Ambergs Patent Letter File Cabinet.' I'll check the web to see whether there is some info on them. When it's done, I want to clean up the brass fittings on the drawer fronts. They are part of the spring inside each drawer which would hold the letters. The sides of the drawers drop down so that the whole drawer could be removed, set on a desk, and one could write on whatever was in the drawer. The original paper list of contents is still inside each drawer but there are no entries on them. I won't touch those. My ex would not have replaced the original decal except that it was destroyed. Probably reduced the value but we only loved it for what it is. I hope you can get a new iPad or get this one repaired. If it's still working at all, chances are some techie could restore it to working well. Good luck.


    My cabinet is similar but only has 12 drawers, six on each side. It is less than half as tall as this one. My brass fittings are more ornate. I'll take a pic if I ever get it refinished with all the brass polished and installed. Evidently, these types of files were common in the late 1800's in law offices.

    Sir Vester was up early and drove me nuts. I think lack of sleep is part of why I don't feel well. I love him but am not sure I wouldn't give him away to someone else who could love him too. Even if I could afford to replace my carpeting, he would claw it up; he's still doing that by the sliders. He continues to claw the loveseat. I've given up on that. When I fail to get up, he goes out to the living room to claw it loudly. It's already ruined so I just don't respond.

    I touched up the paint in here yesterday and hauled the ladder back outside. I hate the way those lights look but, unless one is looking for the problems, it's not that obvious. I'm hoping Barb's DSIL will use the ladder to replace the battery in the smoke alarm at the top of the ceiling. Mine is hard wired. I got two new battery-operated ones but put one on top of the armoire on the wall outside my bedroom. The other is on the ceiling in the entry just by the kitchen. If the old one and the new one in the entry failed to go off, the one by the bedroom would. I have levels of alarms so am not too concerned. There is only one door in here to the outside so, if that exit were blocked, I'd have to bail out the second-story window after tossing Sir Vester out before me. Yikes!

    Joe called me last evening and said he should have brought the pizza he had picked up over here to share it with me. I'm glad he didn't because this place is a dump right now. Still, it was very sweet of him. I had coffee with Ilona and Frank yesterday morning. Then, I stopped by Grace's to visit for a minute. Lilliann downstairs called to see whether we are still on for Sat. lunch at the Indian café. Then, she said her DH will be going with us but insisted that they pay for their own lunch. I had wanted to take her in thanks for taking me and picking me up from the airport and visiting Sir Vester while I was away. It was very nice of her to do that. Only problem with doing anything with her is that she takes over command of everything and decides just when, where and who. Grace had had lunch with her and she marched in a half hour early and insisted they go right then. She is rude, according to Grace, if the food isn't to her liking. I hope that, since the lunch will be a buffet, that she will have nothing to complain about. I will have Joe or Nancy drive me next time I go to the airport. Good grief. What should have been a nice lunch is now just something I want to get over with. Her DH isn't someone I care to spend time with.

    OK, enough whining. I'm off to read the actual paper. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Gang.
    Mikie,I've just read the paper (Guardian and BBC News) on line and I'll take up whining from where you left off. Very depressing, the news, eh? I don't watch it on tv, just PBS newshour, and I often turn that off...

    Ocular migraines are a cause for concern. I had several, losing sight in one eye for a few minutes. Very scary! Thank the Dogs that I saw a competent eye-doc, who took photos of my eyes, and saw a piece of flotsam in one. Insisted I have a carotid ultrasound; my MD concurred, and found I had severe carotid arterial obstruction. 100% and 60%. Not good, but no action at this time; maybe this year. I was put on b.p. meds and statins. Especially don't like the bp med== amlodopine.

    Hey Star! I love your posts and quirky sense of humour. My mind is buzzing all over today. When I was camping in B.C. I found it a lot less rugged than where I live now. The only place I have ever seen bears in the wild is in my own backyard, getting the apples in the trees -- two cubs and a momma bear. Night-time.

    The weather here in NW Calif. seems to have settled down for now. The other day it hailed until the ground was white. It melted in a few hours. I think much of the rain we were to have went south into SoCal. I heard about the floods there. Here, we have washed-out roads, and a bit of flooding in the Eel River delta. Farmers had to evacuate their dairy herds onto higher ground. Our drought is over. I hope,

    Mikie, how nice Barb called you about the osprey, and that you saw it. It shows she thinks of you as a friend, not a fiend. We have ospreys here, and bald eagles too. Some eagles have already hatched. On my afternoon walks, (well actually evening this time of year, almost) I have been startled the last couple of weeks by a huge flock of band-tailed pigeons that have decided to roost along our driveway -- which is tree-covered. I walk by, they fly, big circles in the sky; white feathers float down.

    Judy, HELLO! So glad to meet you. My brain is "on pause" too. Didn't you say you live near Placerville? I'm in Humboldt Co., 60 miles south of Eureka. Best wishes for you DD.

    Julie, I hope you and Den get the calm and rest you deserve soon. The thought of the amount of duress you have been under overwhelms me. Best wishes.

    Gotta leave now,
    Too tired,
    Love to All in these days of uncertainty and bitterness....
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I managed to get a little bit of cleaning done yesterday. Barb's SIL came by and put the 8' ladder over by the pool house for me. I asked him to help but he did it all by himself. Evidently, Barb has a 6' ladder under her bed and that will suffice when he changes the battery in the smoke detector. I sat out a bit with Barb and Grace. It was soooo pleasant out with comfortable temps and balmy breezes. This is the weather we love down here. I got more sleep last night with Sir Vester sleeping in a bit longer. He's out on a chair on the lanai just enjoying the pre-dawn temps.

    So sad to hear of the passing of Mary Tyler Moore. I loved the Dick Van Dyke Show when it was on but it loses something when I watch it now. Times change and the humor no longer seems so cutting edge to me. I think The Mary Tyler Moore Show is still funny. Hard to realize that women's issues from the 70's are still with us today. MTM had a lot of tragedy in her life.

    Barry, sooooo good to see your post. You always have a lot of interesting things to tell us about. You certainly have your own nature preserve where you live. The little retention pond in back draws a lot of the birds we see. Also the otters. There are some fish just the right size for them. Yes, it touched me that Barb took the time to call me about the osprey. She still has difficulty with her speech from the stroke and it is most difficult when she is on the phone. We all wonder how long this will last because she's been nice before and, all of a sudden, she flies into a rage and stops speaking to someone. She's always been like this but it's worse since the stroke. Still, it makes us happy to see her enjoying life and our little group of neighbors/friends. I haven't been to the eagle cam to see the new eaglet here. Only one of Harriett's eggs hatched this year. BTW, even where there are birds, I think feathers floating down are heaven sent. Feathers have had spiritual connotations through different cultures.

    My eye doc told me that the ocular migraines are not harmful, in my case, if they don't last too long. The clonazepam has always gotten rid of them pretty fast. I have such a good eye doc. He's been taking pics of my eyes, including the optic nerve and blood supply to it, for years. He can compare them year to year. I'm glad they found your blockage. I don't think enough docs check for that routinely. I asked the young intern, who did my last physical, to do it. He said they almost never check routinely but said it's a good idea and he would from then on. Eye docs can see whether there is plaque in the blood supply to the optic nerve and that is often indicative of plaque in the blood supply to the heart and brain.

    I also like the PBS News Hour. Network news is just one short sound bite after another. No insight, little background and they often just go for what will attract more viewers for ratings. During times of great change, it helps me to be informed. There is soooo much going on and much of it is behind the scenes. The average Joe doesn't have the time to be well informed. I have news on hours a day and it's difficult for me to stay current. I took it seriously when they told us in school that it's a citizen's duty to be informed. As I've mentioned here, this is history in the making. If it's better for you not to watch, that is what you should do. Whatever helps you. I just hope it isn't too depressing for you. I opened the newspaper and there was a pic of a woman on the ground, wounded from artillery in a war zone. It broke my heart and I couldn't look at it. All I could do is pray for peace. I hope you feel better. I'm glad you aren't getting flooding. I like hail but not what it does to cars.

    Granni, you mentioned buying a Himalayan salt lamp. The ones at Wal*Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond are only about $20, less if you use a coupon at BB&B. People who charge more at natural food outlets claim theirs are better but I've checked it out and they are exactly the same. Of course, you can buy all kinds of special lamps and they do cost more.

    Where are our Porchies? I miss y'all when you aren't here on the Porch with me. I hope everydobby is having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning dear PORCHIES !! Hope more can pop in late. I know how it is about so much to do or not being able to get on the computer. My I pad is giving up the ghost I fear so I can hardly even play my games on it. This one may be about 10 years or more old. I was DH's and he bought in when he had computer problems. Now he can do almost everything he needs to on the phone but he does prefer the computer.

    MIKIE - Thanks for posting the pic of that chest yesterday. They are nice chests. I know yours was or is smaller but they are nice if like you say, are not all different shades of one together. Sometimes a mixture is good, like in flooring. However, I would have to see it to tell you if it looked nice. I guess you DH was trying to figure out which looked best.

    You are right about Mary Tyler Moore. That was such a simple or much simplar time for us and TV shows. They may seem corney now but still cute and I hardly watch much TV now. These so called reality shows stink in my opinion. DH watches a lot of news and business channels. I get enough mostly on the computer and some at night with the news.

    Glad you are having some better weather and you slept well last night, even Sir Vester :)!! Also thanks for the info on the Himalayan lamps. I figured you could get them cheaper than a health food store. They are always high in almost everything unless they are having a BIG sale. The one I go to is so convenient almost next door and across the highway as they say. Our hwy is right outside of our subdivision. I get most of the stuff I get on line. However, some things like goats milk yogurt all the time there since it has to be refrigerated and costs a fortune on line too and you have to buy in bulk I think. Not much refrigeration space for that. I am also hesitating as I know DH will just say, what, more clutter:)??!! Hope BARB's attitude continues and she doesn't fly into a rage all of a sudden. It is very sad but glad she is doing OK now with you all.

    Hope everydobby is doing well and those not posting are just busy and not feeling to badly.

    Nothing to much going on here lately really. The weather is crazy as usual warm one day and cold the next :)!! I have been , very piecemeal as mom would say, going through drawers and stuff , trying to make some order and trying to decide what to give away that still has some life in it. The closet will really be hard. I have so many things with different sizes stuffed in there. I don't have that much money like some people living here who can just run out and buy new clothes whenever they want.. So I really have to be careful what I throw out. I just ow put a bunch of T shirts that I haven't worn in awhile or are stretched out for me or to big or small, usually stretched out for me. I have always been smaller up top than the bottom even though I have lost some wt on my bottom part of the body :)!!

    BARRY - I too enjoy your posts. The area in which you live sounds so lovely and full of all kinds of birds and wild life. Glad the flooding didn't hurt your area much but sorry for those who had to move their livestock to save them. Hope you are feeling OK even though I know your NRG level stinks like mine and I have to push to do a lot of what I do like lots of there. If DH wasn't around I would probably do less , that is esp around the house and certainly less cooking :)!

    JULIE - Hope you are doing well and just plain busy but that is nothing new for you, Glad you will get to visit the kiddos in Tn in a few months. I know you are looking forwards to it.

    STAR - Hope you and everyone is doing OK in your family. Keep on writing to let us know the latest :)!! We all LOVE hearing from you and about your family.

    JUDY - Welcome again and I hope your DD is doing better. Keep us unformed.
    Drop in when you can.

    ROCK - Hope you are feeling not to badly today. Post a little when you can.

    SPRING WATER - Come and visit when you can. Even if I don't answer I usually get a chance to read your and other posts, if I am not extremely busy. Hope your NRG is holding up. You have done so well considering all of your country's problems in the fairly recent past like those awful earthquakes.

    Thinking of everydobby :)!! Gotta run and do something else today. Did a towel wash and should throw in another regular one.. Tonight we are going to a birthday celebration at the club for a friend. It should be fun with a new WOK , Stir fry night.

    Granni :)
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    Hi guys...thanks for your kind words and concern. I will get back to normal as soon as I can. Getting ready to bury myself in paperwork for the taxes for both Gpa's estate and our personal taxes. I received a letter yesterday saying that the attorney wants to meet with me, so I made an appt. for Monday.

    Apparently some things, that I thought his office had taken care of, haven't been done yet....complicates things since his secretary (my main contact there) is no longer with him. No explanation...she just wasn't there one time when I called. So, he sent a list of things he wants to go over...some of which I hadn't given any thought to for several weeks...Oh well. I can do this...it is just very stressful for me...

    I am thinking of you all and hope things are as good as can be.

  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Getting nothing done except for paying some bills. AACCKK!!! I'm watching an old B&W movie I recorded. I watched a good one the other day. It was Our Vines Have Tender Grapes. It was really good. It starred Agnes Moorhead, Edward G. Robinson and Margaret O'Brien. I'd like to take a nap but can't seem to get to sleep. Maybe if I read a bit, I'll doze off. A couple of my pals and I usually go to the art festival the first weekend in Feb. It's held downtown and is sooooo crowded with lots of walking. I'm thinking I won't go this year. I'm just not up to it. I need to call my friends to tell them.

    Granni, the only reality shows I watch are Survivor and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have never missed a season of Survivor and only missed a couple of the episodes. I like the physical and psychological aspects of the competition. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is really something I'm not proud of. It's the adult version of the Kardashians. There are, expensive homes, clothes and cars and they travel all over when they aren't partying. I guess there might be some who would envy them but I see their lives as very shallow and without much meaning. Perhaps it's OK for them but it doesn't appeal to me. Of course, I wouldn't mind having $$$ but I'd spend it on different things and experiences. The women argue and stab one another in the back all the time. Some probably watch to see the fighting. I don't know why I started watching it but it is escape TV for me. Since DSIL's cousin is married to one of them, we watch to keep up with him. His wife seems nicer than the others.

    I enjoy watching TV from earlier days, as you say, simpler times. Andy of Mayberry is still one of my favorites as is I Love Lucy. I can watch The Dick Van Dyke Show but it just doesn't seem like the smart comedy I remember from the past. We liked All In The Family and thought it was great. I wonder whether I'd still like it today. I just watched the season finale of Frequency. It got so much better as it went along but I read that it won't be back next season. Too bad. I hope you can get the iPad working. This old laptop was really acting up when I came here this morning. In my next life, I want to come back as a techie so I don't have to be abused by these gadgets. Hope your weather straightens out.

    Julie, just thinking about your complex taxes boggles my mind. I hope you can wade through all this and get the things straightened out at the lawyer's. This has stretched out sooooo long. It'll be nice to get it over with. Try to de-stress so all this doesn't get you down. I'll be thinking about you and hoping you can come back to stay longer.

    OK, Kids, gonna get going. I hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Granniluvsu

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    JULIE - Sorry that some of the mess with Gpa's estate haven't been looked into yet plus having to look into your taxes. I do not envy you sweetie. I hate working with numbers like that and finances. Taxes are the worst. DH ha always done it and he is trying to get me acclimated a bit with it and showing me how he does outs . I THINK he uses Quicken or one of those programs. I hope things go well for you JULIE in dealing with all of it. Also hope you are feeling a little better plus not quite so down in the dumps. I don't know how you do all that you do my dear. Try and take it easy and not get get to down with everything you have to do these days.

    Don't know if I am starting anything and DH too. So many around us including DD and her DH have been trying to get over colds, mostly congestion. My DH had been complaining about his nose for the last day or two and I may be starting too. Just sneezing a lot so far and a little drippy nose which I rarely get.

    If we both get something at the same time that is not good. I have to hear him complain that he is not well when I feel like you know what too - geez :eek::rolleyes:.

    Hope everydobby is doing as well as they can be :)!!

    Gotta run and do a few things and put on makeup for this birthday celebration we are going to tonight. At least we are not going that far.

    P.S. I see MIKIE has posted - I agree with you on the shows you like pretty much. I am editing so can't complete what I was reading......... Just wanted to let you know that I had read your post even if I can't remember it all. I need to get off and then re read everything I did read. DUH o_O TTYL !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    image.jpg Hi all

    Mikie - those are so many little drawers! It looks very antique design. i don't know how to stain wood myself.
    We used to hv one movie channel which showed old movies but it got taken out. I guess not too many were using that channel. I think I will hv to use utube if I want to see old movies, I do sporadically watch Romeo and Juliet, the 1950s one..or was it 60s, Olivia Hussey.

    Granni - I've been going thru clutter. Especially because the cupboards and drawers seem to get full up very soon. Hot and cold seasons are interesting but one needs so much space for both kinds of weather clothes. Quilts are the worst. They take up so much space. Also undergarments, warm vests and long johns. Your stir fry outing is sounding delicious.

    Julie - good luck with the taxes. I hope it's all done soon enough.

    An electrician was coming to fix some lights, so I was busy yesterday. Tidying the plants and raking leaves so the outside wouldn't look too untidy. And then coming in and reading a bit for a break made me tired. And snooze off.

    A pedlar will be coming to collect old knick knacks, pipes, clothes, books etc so I will be occupied there. I give the torn and very worn stuff to garbage collectors, and those slightly better to pedlars. It feels good to get rid of rubbish.

    Also some chores I hv been putting off, but which do need doing at some point, cleaning the garage, and some rooms we don't use often. Also found some things borrowed from others, extra quilts, pillows etc..which need to be returned. I hope.

    My friend that got diagnosed with some medical conditions like thyroid called asking if I was upto visiting, she wants to give a lunch. I wanted to say no, I don't feel too socially inclined, want to curl up and relax during chore breaks, but told her okay. But there's still time, she hasn't decided when. I hope she won't be erratic. Nothing like someone flying off the handle for no reason to trigger anxiety.

    Everytime I switch on the tv to CNN I get terribly depressed, can't switch it back off soon enough. The indian channels are not much better.

    I'm reading a book by a yoga teacher, I bought it at a read and eat bistro where I had gone with my friend once. And kept aside ever since. The pizza there was fantastic, been meaning to go and bring back their family size one for us allbut it's a little out of the way. I hv to change buses twice to get there. I managed to catch up with this friend once again, last week, I don't know if I mentioned it, and discovered some very delicious lemon tart.

    The friend also took the healing meditation courses with me and we kind of pep each other up. She doesn't adhere to purifying exercises enough and she thinks I dwell too much on the negative. She does healings if she knows it's only physical in nature and doesn't involve negative energies, entities. She has had some bad experiences with those, a patient ferociously attacked her while she was healing and couldn't remember a thing afterwards. And this patient is a sweetheart most of the time, wouldn't hurt a fly.

    I had a rambling dream this morning, I was a spirit and visited a lot of places, some very bad. When I got up, there was this feeling like a knife had been stuck in my right shoulder and a lot of creaking going on near the window. So I went to work meditating and sending white light. To add to it, I visualized taking anything attacking me and dunking it into the holy water fountain in a church and some other things. Ain't no one messing with me. Or they'll know the reason why.

    I've made myself a cuppa hot tea. I will allow myself a little surfing and then hit the chores.

    You all take care

    God Bless
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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept fairly well and took another little nap on the sofa after eating breakfast. I almost never do that. I must have needed it. I have to get into the shower so I can go out to pick up a check at the mgmt. co. and stop at the store and the bank. I don't feel too peppy but then, I never do. It's just levels of exhaustion. Whine, whine, whine!

    I watched a good show on PBS about sloths. They are sooooo cute and such interesting little critters. A woman had cared for an adopted baby sloth when its mother was killed on a roadway in Panama. She had it for two years before turning it out into the wild.

    Granni, those online DIY tax services are great. I hope you and DH aren't getting sick. What I had took forever to clear up and I'm still soooo tired from it. I hope you enjoy the birthday party.

    , I refinished my coffee table and it came out beautiful. My ex and I used to refinish antiques. Don't know why he went crazy on the file cabinet. Guess he wanted just the right shade of stain on it. I need to get back to cleaning out closets and getting rid of things. I still have paint riding around in the back of my car to take to the toxic waste facility. Perhaps I can stop there today. Sounds as though you've been busy. BTW, loooove that pic of the poor doggie contemplating his injection. Too funny!

    Guess I had better take my meds and vitamins. Those big pills I have to take for keeping stones from forming make my urine smell very odd and leave a horrible taste in my mouth. I still have some ringing in my ears and I suspect they are the cause of that too. That's better than having stones, though. Lesser of two evils.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. sunflowergirl

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    Spring: Are you trying to tell us it's time to vaccinate against the flu???? LOL. Glad to read you're working on "clean out". Things can get out of hand, I know.

    Mikie: That's a beautiful chest. I hope once you're feeling better you might decide to tackle this project your DH messed up. Not very smart of him. He could have used scrap wood to do his testing you're you're supposed to.

    Julie: I'm assuming you do your own taxes? If so, just this once you might consider hiring an accountant to do everything for you since you have all the extra stuff from the estate. We've always had an accountant do ours, although my DH was capable, just didn't want the bother. So I still take everything to him. I hope you manage to gather everything up for the attorney without too much hassle.

    Yesterday I went to my DGD school, 3rd grade celebrates grandparents day, so met her other grandparents who were saving a seat for me. The kids all filed in and circled all the 100 plus grandparents, carrying lunch containers. They sang 4 songs, (one song in particular brought tears to a lot of us) each time moving a little further around so every grandparent could get a look at their singing grandchild. Very clever since of course everyone wants to take pics. Or videos. Then we ate lunch with our special grandchild. My DD had packed chicken salad sandwiches, just a container of it for me since I'm gluten free, and a gluten free brownie for me and regulars ones for my friends. A very special time for all of us. Then we went to her classroom so she could show off her desk and her work.

    My handyman is here this morning again, working on the wall, mudding it today. When he's finished with the wall, probably next week, then I need to apply the texture I used for it before. I need to rummage in the garage for the old container, hopefully still OK otherwise will have to buy more.

    And hoping to get to my friday art group in the afternoon. My art groups are my only break from routine.

    Granni: I see you posted while I was here. Trying to post in spurts as my internet keeps dropping.

    I think the rule is 3 years but you can make it for whenever. Speaking of things coming back into style, I went shopping after the grandparents day, in that area. Basically looking for a slim pair of pants that are very popular. AND......what a surprise to find flared jeans again, like what we wore 15 years ago. They look different as this time it looks like all the hem was removed then cut off. Don't think I'm going to buying that!!!

    I discovered that there had been WIND during the night. I was out this morning with two jackets on, 40 degrees, trying to clean off the pool of a ton of leaves with the net.
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    Good morning to everyone,

    DH is still carrying on with his cold or whatever and he ended up not going to the Stir Fry dinner b day dinner last dinner. Another couple did';t come either as she was trying to get over her foot surgery . She had just gone to toe doc and somehow it felt worse after she went there for the visit.. She thought that they replaced the bandages to tight this time and it was really bothering her. We did have a nice time thought and the food was good but turns out that they had had that Stir Fry special on for a few months but somehow it wasn't catching on so last night was the last night, unless they decide to try it again another time.. We were disappointed as we all liked it. Oh well. He is about the same today and I guess I am too. We will see towards evening. It seems to come in waves of sneezing and having to blow ones nose. I M BETTER SO FAR TODAY, WE WILL SEE :)!!

    MIKIE - I am sure that your friends will be disappointed if you don't go to that festival coming up but you know what is best for yourself and if you think you will enjoy it or not considering how you have been feeling. When is the festival. ?? MAYBE you will feel better after awhile as the time gets closer :)!! However, it is foolish to go if you are not feeling great and have little stamina. Do they have places to stop along the way with all the walking to sit or have a snack, etc.???? Yes, I know we have these questions about taking such big pills and esp ones that are more smelly too, to take or not. However, you need to try and keep those stones from forming if possible.

    SPRING WATER - So nice to hear from you. Sounds like you keep up on things as far as those evil demons and such, so they don't cause troubles for you. I think I need to do more praying myself. Yes, you have to go through the drawer and cupboards little by little and yes they also do sees to get filled up soon again :)!! I have been trying to get some things together to put in the box in one closets that we will give away as donations. My big dilemma is the clothes closet. Hate to give away something I might be needing, even if it is one of those days. I know that it is the same things that I tend to wear all the time. I know that there is a supposed RULE that one is supposed to go by , like if you haven't worn it in 5 years or something like that, toss it. Of course, if you keep everything long enough it comes back in style, if it fits you :)!!

    SUN - I see that you just popped in and we were posting at about the same time. Glad that you got to go to Grandparents Day. I went to a couple years ago when our were much younger and closer. Unfortunately it was not that close for us.

    JULIE - Yes, SUN's idea of having an acct do the taxes this year with Gpa's passing might be a very good one for you and save you lots of headaches. I know it costs more $ but sometimes is very worth it. Hope you are feleing OK and are feeling more lie your fairly perky self. Keep on HANGING IN THERE KIDDO.

    That is one funny pic of that doggie contemplating having to have his shots. Too very funny !!

    Everyone have a great day, as good as possible. Thinking of everyone.

    I need to go and fix lunch.

    Granni :)
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...getting ready to head to town to see my dad and get groceries. Amy will be here this weekend...bringing Keira to her dad tonight, then staying in this area to see a couple of friends.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are getting more rest. And that Barb is being decent right now. Hope your luncheon turns out to be a fun time.

    Sun, how special for Grandparents' Day...and so thoughtful of your DD to fix just what you need.

    Granni, I hope you and your DH don't end up getting sick...not fun any time of year.

    Hi to everyone else...sorry to be in a rush.

    Oh, about the taxes. We have had the same accoutant do ours for years...I just am not very organized and have to hunt and find things each year to send to him. And I have boxes of papers from a long time ago that I declared I would go through this year...and dispose of the things we no longer need. So, just extra work due to my own procrastination, lol!

    He sends a "worksheet packet" for us to fill out...so it's not that hard...but if I would just "file" things a little better during the year it would be much easier when tax time comes around...not like it doesn't happen once a year, lol!

    When sis moved up here, she took over Gpa's tax prep...said she knew all about it and he didn't need to keep having his person do them. We tried to tell him it wasn't a good idea, but he felt too pressured (as with so many other things she made him do or not do.)

    Anyway, for 2014 taxes, she made an $1800.00 mistake and Gpa had to send in an check for that amount. When he moved in with us in May 2015, we begged him to let our accountant do his taxes. He agreed, but it took awhile to get his previous records from his house. But....he not only got a nice refund back, the accountant found that sis hadn't been filing state taxes (she said it wasn't necessary.) Well, it wasn't necessary to the extent that Gpa didn't owe anything, but he would have gotten a refund if he had filed.

    So, our accountant went back as far as he was allowed, to file the state taxes...Gpa received over $1000 (just from the state) each year. But just lost whatever it would have been from years that were too far back. Sis had been doing them since 2010, so he lost quite a bit of money due to her mistakes.

    And who knows how much more she cost him with mistakes that we don't even know about...the farming, depreciation of equipment, etc., etc. But, all in the past now, so we just go forward...

    I'd better get going. Dad is in his new room since Monday, so I'm anxious to see how he's getting along.
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  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. A short post before I crash for the afternoon. I have too much to say, but not all right now.o_O....

    Spring, the doggie picture made me laugh! :p:p. I have given so many injections to dogs before. They usually take it with aplomb. I have given myself so many injections of B12-cyanocobalathat I came quite used to it myself. No injections now -- methylcobalamin B12 sublingual is what my neurologist rxd for me.

    Spring, sorry you don't get any classic movie channels. We watched The Secret Garden last night. Old but good (1949). The change in it from black and white to colour is stunning. A really good film. I agree with you about the news. I can't watch it, just read a few bits in the online papers, horrible.

    I understand that a 20% tariff is to be charged on Mexican imports. UP goes the price of produce! So MUCH of it comes from Mexico. Guess we'll all be growing our own veggies now and going to farmer's markets. Which I guess is a good thing.

    Sun, that pool of yours sure sounds like a pain in the backside. If you don't use it, could you cover it with shade cloth or whatever to keep the debris out? If I had it I would probably turn it into a koi pond with waterlilies. ;)

    Missing so many porchies -- Rock, Diane, Star, and, and,,,,,

    Gotta go,
    Love to All,
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    image.jpg Hiya all!

    My goodness! The weather yesterday was stinky! All of a sudden, that too. Haven't watched the news or I might read some cold wave from east or something moved in but the temps plummeted, it rained all day. I hadnt prepared our heaters kerosene one we hv, because it's been a warm winter and the one a /c we hv is in our bedroom.

    The kitchen was freezing and I was contemplating just making a very basic stew and then staying in the bedroom when I got a call from our handyman who lives 45 mins drive away who said in a bright and chirpy voice, now was the time to clean out our drains from the roof!! Aargh! I had to haul my sorry behind out of bed and shuffle down to unlock the gate, sweep up a bit, turn on all the switches for the pumps, and generally tidy up because he said he would also look at the inverters, fill them up, and check the panels up on the roof. Ive never felt more unwelcome of someone who is supposed to fix stuff. Grrrrr. I could hardly see the guy, he was dressed like a spaceman, in sweater jackets, cap, goggles, ballooning plastic pants, I don't know how he moved.

    Barry - the produce at our farmers markets are so expensive. They're organised by mostly organic farmers, yuppies, and participated in by mostly foreigners. The secret garden is a favourite book of mine. I bought my own copy as soon as I could. Always got it from the library before that. I reread it from time to time. I really hope it's on the Internet. That old version movie.

    Sun - hahahaha. I haven't had the flu for ages. No one in the family has. It's one of those strange things, the CFS has kept away a lot of things from me. Colds, migraine. And now, the gastric troubles and more than ordinary fatigue has been dwindling. What a blessing. Depression has vanished. Probably the biggest blessing.( I've noticed it's not difficult to start feeling low once you've had a long bout of it. Nipping it in the bud is all important. ) I wouldn't be cocky enough to let down my guard. I'm trying to be careful about eating, and not letting stress build up. Grannis exercises inspire me, as does Mikies dogged determination to keep doing little things around the house and outside inspite of bad days, and your involvement in things which feed the soul, not to forget Julies never say die attitude.

    I loved your DGKs school performance, it was a sensitive, empathetic teacher who thought to rotate the kids positions so every grandparent could hv a clear snap!

    Mikie - I hope you will soon feel peppier. That long stone saga really stealing energy. Physically, emotionally. (And that of course, opening doors for all kinds of bugs to come in. Immune system getting weakened. ) As a long period of severe stress is bound to do. How about doing some stress relieving exercises or meditations every night? And then five mins of refueling?

    Granni - good you caught that last night of stir fry. And good you liked it. Hope your DHs cold is better soon.

    Julie - it's a wonder you are able to wade thru tax papers, who knows dating back to when, inspite of having to run the house as well as in the midst of building a new house!! If you postponed it, I'm sure it was because there were other more pressing things. And getting time with kids and grandkids. They're growing so the time is precious.

    Well, time to heave ho and face the day, which has put on brighter garments today. It's still wet outside but the sky is mostly clear, and you know there's a sun somewhere behind the wispy cloud that is still hanging. I won't hv to water our gardens for a few days.

    A shout out to Rock, Diane, Judy, Star , Linda and others who haven't posted, but are porch family

    Have a good day.

    God bless
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's cold here. Good thing I have the room heater on. According to the weather
    news the temp last night was 41 degrees F, but our outside thermometer said it was
    39. That's 7 degrees above freezing! Yikes!

    We had a utility drama here yesterday. We have an old Gaffers and Sattler
    kitchen stove. Don't know if they make 'em anymore or not. The local Yellow
    Pages lists a site where you can buy parts and get service.

    Anyhoo Gordon cleaned the stove and then called the gas company for advice on
    replacing or repairing some part. The gal who showed up told him the stove was
    fine except he needed to replace two parts. Ironically these were the only new parts.
    Had been replaced 4-5 years ago.

    She then demanded to inspect the furnace, turned it off because there was no
    flu to carry carbon monoxide gas to the outside, and ordered us to install one
    immediately. Gordon pointed out the furnace has been running just fine the way
    it is since it was installed 20 years or so ago. Hadn't killed anybody yet.
    She, however, was adamant. Drunk with her bureaucratic power, I guess.

    So he had a furnace man come and for several hundred dollars a flu will be
    installed and we will be warm again. Actually we don't run it too much
    anyway. I spend a lot of my time in bed reading or sitting at the computer
    near the electric room heater. Two ways to stay warm sans furnace. Uff-da!

    Hi Spring, always good to hear from you. I saw an item in the international
    news. It said some sort of plane had crashed in the Himalayas. Locals are
    reporting seeing beings in strange costumes: sweater, cap, goggles, inflated
    pants and space boots. Reporters from all over the world on en route to Nepal.
    So are Scully and Mulder.

    BTW, I had completely forgotten about my palm frond dream. You have
    a better memory as I.

    Barry, The Secret Garden was a Broadway musical about 25 years ago. I
    sampled the songs on Youtube. My recollection is that one would not
    leave the theater humming same.

    Yes, most of the news is horrible. And pretty much the same horrible
    stories over and over again. Mikie's right. We were taught that in a
    democracy, the citizens need to be well informed so they can vote
    intelligently. That's why we have public schools and libraries; special
    postage rates for books and newspapers. When I was in tenth grade
    our history class always started with ten minutes of students reporting
    on what they had read in the evening paper.

    Julie, I remember when I was a kid my great uncle had a room in the
    old farmhouse designated his office. He said modern farmers now had
    to do lots of paperwork. I 'spect the amount of same has greatly increased.

    BTW, I serially doubt that you procrastinate. I think you just have too
    much to do. :)

    Granni, who puts on the stir fry dinner? The church? The Masons? Sounds
    like a good idea to me. Gordon does stir fry frequently, and it is very good.
    He has two woks. A big one and an even bigger one.

    Sun, Grandparents' Day sounds like a great idea. I have a GD, but I've only
    seen her 3 times. I remember going to an open house when my son was in
    grade school. In my day it would have been "Achievement Night"
    with the classrooms decorated and a program in the auditorium/gym and
    a fashion show by the Home Ec girls. "This casual blouse was made by
    Joyce Burmeister. Notice the rick rack trim around the collar."

    Speaking of chicken salad, I believe Chef Gordoni is making some at this
    very moment. Yes, I agree with you. Mikie has a beautiful chest.

    Mikie, thanks for opening up again. Sorry to hear you are still run down. I
    lost my resilience a long time ago. Can't bounce back any more. Can't even
    bounce a check these days. Gordon has to write all my checks for me. I
    make too many mistakes.

    What's worse than stain on a chest? A blot on your escutcheon. Too bad
    Sir Vester doesn't realize that he has fallen into the lap of luxury and is
    endangering same with his destructive ways. Maybe you should get a
    companion for him. But then you might have two rascals up to mischief.
    Kinda like the government when they import some animal to get rid of
    a pest and end up with two pests. AACCKK!

    Hugs, Folks
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    We are officially half-way through another Porch. It's so good to come here and see everydobby. It's cool here this morning. Temps sposda be in the high-60's this weekend. I welcome it. I am having lunch with the bossy neighbor and her DH today at the Indian restaurant. I hope the food compensates for the company. Sorry, I know that's mean but her control issues have caused most of the neighbors not to want to socialize with them. Also, he is inappropriately risqué and they make out in public. They are my age! AACCKK!!! They are otherwise nice and, in some respects, we all like them. They would do anything for their neighbors and friends. In other words, they are like all of us; some things to like and some, not so much.

    DD in TX called yesterday. She laughed when I told her that if anything happens to me before I can get this place cleaned up, please don't think I'm a hoarder. They had a great time on the skiing vacation in NM. She skied with the men part of the time because, even though all the women ski, most are only beginners or intermediates. They only ski so they can do it with their DHs and kids. I've seen that before with skiing and diving. Part of the time DD skied with the women and they took care of some of the younger children so other couples could spend time together. Everyone in that group is nice and supportive. I'm soooo glad. The ski area was small so they could just let the older kids, like my DGS, go off to ski on their own. DD said he takes the black diamond slopes like a pro and he skies fast. Yikes! He's just like DD and DSIL at that age. Apple...tree.

    The kids are considering a 'hybrid home school academy' for DGS next year. The kids go to school two days a week and the parents accompany them one of the days. When the kids miss test questions, they figure out why they don't know that material and work with them to understand it before moving on. In public schools, they just move on, leaving a gap in the kids' knowledge. That gap can become a chasm, leading to failure. The moms told DD that, by the time the kids get to high school, they are far beyond the kids in public school. That is the downside because regular HS may be boring for them. Here, in FL, advanced HS kids can take classes which give them college credit. By the time most of them graduate HS, they have fulfilled a year of college credits. DGS has the astounding ability to do complex math equations in his head. He can store the answer to part of the equation to be used later in solving the whole thing. Considering that he struggles in math, this was a big surprise. Makes me think of the movie, A Beautiful Mind. The academy might be a good way to harness that ability so he can succeed in math.

    I did go out yesterday but half-way through running errands, I felt so weak and sick that I stopped for a Whopper because Burger King was the only thing close. I felt that I'd collapse if I didn't get something in my stomach. I know from experience that Whoppers pick me up when I'm feeling weak. Not ideal food but at a time like that, I just don't care. I came home without getting to the bank and Publix. I'll probably go to Publix today and to the bank on Mon. I rested when I came home. I just think I'm soooo run down that it will take a lot of rest to get better. On the other hand, I need to work out even if it's at a low level. Perhaps the spicy Indian food will help restore me today.

    I'm gonna edit and add so as not to lose anything.

    Sun, what a wonderful idea. Sounds as though the grandparents day was very special. I remember how much I loved it when my Mom went to parents night. I think it was my ex's PA which caused him to stain those drawers all different shades. He knew how much I loved that cabinet and that was a way to just drag out refinishing it. I heard the rule of thumb for throwing out clothes was a year, except for those things one only wears on special occasions. I keep things longer than that but need to get better at cleaning things out. Matching texture on drywall finish is a real challenge. I've done it in both bathrooms. I removed the old ceramic toilet paper dispensers from the walls and cut into the vanities to replace them with brushed nickel ones which match the other fixtures. I also removed old ceramic towel holders outside the showers with brushed nickel ones. I had to patch the drywall in both but the patches were invisible when I was done. I'm glad you have your art classes. Heck, I even envy anyone who has a routine. I've been too run down to even do routine things. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, it's too bad they are removing the stir fry meals. We have a place in the next little village south of me called, Stir Crazy. You go through a buffet of veggies and load your bowl. Then, you move to guys lined up with woks in front of them. They add meat/poultry/fish if you want and whatever sauce you have chosen. Then, they do something which causes the wok to flame way up in the air. It's very dramatic and delicious. The art festival is next Saturday. It's not a matter of whether I feel better by then; I've been so run down for so long that I know I'm not up to that much walking in the horrible crowds. My pals will understand. I hope they go by themselves. I've always driven. DD said her weather near Dallas was just as you described. Ours here has been kinda wild too. Hope DH's cold gets better. I can no longer tell whether my swollen lymph nodes, headaches and coughing are due to the one I had or whether it's something new and equally awful. Again, whine, whine, whine!

    It's a good thing I posted to Sun and Granni. My computer gave me an error message and restarted and I lost the responses to Julie and Barry and had to retype them.

    Julie, I'm sorry for all the tax problems. It's unfair that the IRS can go back years to collect money owed to them but limit the years you can go back to get money owed to you. I'm not very good a separating receipts needed for tax filing ahead of time. I no longer have to file and FL has no state income tax. When I worked at Publix, I only filed to get my earned income tax credit. Good luck with this. Just try to think of it as another step closer to getting GPA's financial things completed.

    Barry, that sublingual B-12 methylcobalamin is really good. Frank, downstairs, was able to get his B-12 back to normal without injections by taking it. I doubt that tariff will happen because it will just inflate the cost of so many things we buy. The tariff would be passed on to us here and increase the cost of food, clothing and cars sold in the US. The whole idea of the tariff is to pay for the border wall with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it. The tariff would mean people in the US would pay for it through higher costs to cover the tariff. This is why I watch the news--to separate the hype from what is likely to happen. Of course, there is a lot to be scared of in the news, a lot of it not broadcast on the network channels. Thank God for PBS. I do worry that their grants will disappear. I don't know that they can make it on private donations. Again, interesting (but scary) times.

    Gonna go once more to edit and add. The computer gremlins are active today.

    Spring, that is the worst--thinking you have a nice day to relax and then, having a workman show up. As much as we love to get things done, there is no resting when repairs and maintenance happen. I wasn't even dressed when the painter stopped in to patch up the paint on the balcony and recaulk the cracks. When it's cloudy out, I try to remember that, when I've flown, the sun is shining on the tops of the clouds. A few dark gray skies day after day still get me down, though. I never think to counter the grayness with bright colors. I don't wear bright colors all that often because I favor black tops in order to go without my bra. I'll have to wear one today when I go out to eat. Hate them! It's only 55 degrees out at 8:00 in the morning. Feels so good to be nice and cool without humidity. My hair likes it. Yes, I need to get back to working out and meditating. Just read that snake hunters from India are being brought in to hunt down the pythons in the Everglades. Evidently, this particular group is very skilled and has gotten rid of record numbers of them. Hope you enjoy your day and are free from whatever negative energy has been a problem.

    I tried to post but it was too long. Will have to respond in another post.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Good morning to all. admittedly I am way behind in my Porch readings but wanted to stop by and say Hi!

    Like the tortoise, slowly but surely I am getting better and better each day to include improved pain, from surgery as well as my pre-op pain, seems the surgery is going to work in that department. Saw the MD earlier this week for my first post-op check where he went over all He did which it turns out was a lot of repairs. Result: I need to use crutches for total 8 weeks to allow all the repairs to heal.

    Needless to say not much new to contribute here, been pretty much housebound. I am so grateful for my hubby who has been such a great caregiver. I am grateful for my hospital bed that allows me to avoid the stairs going to my upstairs bedroom. Once my youngest DD graduates this May and moves on w her life we defiantly need to consider moving into a ranch home.

    From what I have skimmed through here most seem to be in quite a funk, lets hope its just the added winter doldrums contributing and may we all awaken w added energy and wellness once spring pops through.

    Til next time....Linda
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    One last time. I couldn't get these responses into my last wordy post.

    Rock, it is cold there. Much colder than here. I know it's a pain to have to put in that flue to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning but it's very important. You might have had a problem had you not run the heat for such short periods of time. In CO, we had people die from CMP almost every winter. I'm glad you're both still with us. Thanks for the compliment on my chest. A blot on one's escutcheon is bad enough but a blot on one's reputation is even worse. Sir Vester had his sister here as a companion but she got too jealous of him and she started peeing all over. Evidently, she is still doing it at Jeff's. I haven't talked with him in a while but he was at the end of his rope with her too. She is so beautiful, smart and athletic that it's a shame. I don't know what I'll do about SV. Most of the time, he's good. I can abide the claw marks on the loveseat; he usually uses his little cardboard scratch box. Now and then, however, he claws it. If I were to put in carpeting, I couldn't take a chance he would tear it up. Too expensive. The longer I have him, the more difficult it would be to find a good home for him. I love him and it would be hard to let him go. I don't think anyone else would keep him if he scratched things. On the other hand, this carpeting is really getting old and will have to be replaced at some point. A dilemma for sure. Enjoy your heat knowing you won't suffer problems.

    Linda, so good to see you here on the Porch. I was posting/editing/adding and am glad I saw your post. I'm also very glad that the pain is getting better as you heal. DSIL's parents had a hard time finding a ranch style home in the neighborhood they wanted to live in in TX. Most of the homes are large two-story family homes. Theirs is just the right size for a retired couple. My condo is small but it's on the second story so stairs will like be with me for the duration. I just hope I can continue to go up and down. It's about the only exercise I get these days. I did get some going up and down the ladder but that project is done--thank God! It ain't purty but it's done. How wonderful for your sweet DH's care while you're on the mend. Good men can be hard to find. Wish I had found one but then, I wouldn't have my kids. It was worth it for that reason alone. But I digress... Hope you continue to get better and better.

    OK, finally made it to the end and responded to everydobby. Woo Hoo! Hope all y'all have a wonderful pain-free day with all the NRG you could hope for.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    DH ran to the store while I am here with the cleaning ladies. Right now I have 3 of them. They are usually Mom and daughter and there is also another daughter today. I am guessing that they will be really busy on Saturday, not my ideal day to do it but lately they have been having problems giving me a date that is good or shall we say perfect. Let's see what we can do for ext month when they are through. I personally like either late morning or early afternoons on certain days but they are probably taken. Some people may use them more often or pay more for their size of homes so they get first dibs shall we say.

    I figured that I had better get on here first before they get through or almost through. When DH gets home he may want to use the computer or the ladies might be working i here.

    LINDA - So glad you are doing better or pretty well. I know you would love to be off crutches but if you must be on them for 8 weeks you will be so much better after wards. When is your DD's wedding??? Hope you will be off them by then. If not things could still be a lot worse :)!! Thanks for popping in to tell us how you were coming along post surgery, etc. Drop in when you can.

    MIKIE - Speaking of cold it is pretty chilly here too, to cold for me. DH even went out to take a walk this morning after breakfast and he came back with freezing hands. It think it was in the low 40's I believe. It may be in the 50's today not sure. Hope you can continue to live on the second floor in the small condo that is good for you. Yes, the exercises up and down is good for you esp if you don;t do a whole lot of exercising, unless it is warm and you go to the pool and do so. Yes that is a dilemma with Sir Vester and all kitties when they do things that are not very good or likable to you and the furniture, carpets, etc. Hope he continues to do well or shall I say and get batter to as he gets older, and not the other way around. Yes, you get attached to them .

    So sorry that Tweety is still doing her peeing trick at Jeffs. If only she realized that will not get her where she wants to be or stay. That is such a very sad situation of knowing what to do with animals. I know sometimes it is very hard to deal with their antics which can make it harder on some people than others. I know if it were me I wouldn't know what to do unless they were being mean , biting , stuff like that. I couldn't take a biting animal or ones that got mean from time to time like my one DD who had 3 cats at the time. It bit me for no reason after he nipped me first and I said no to him and bit me very very hard and good thing I had some antibiotics on hand. I felt my nerves tingle . I was petting this silly cat. Good thing he was an inside cat and had his shots. This was MANY years ago. He is gone now. He was a real schizophrenic cat. We had a schizo dog when I was growing up. Not sure I could have dealt with him either if I had a say but he was OK with us, most of the time but not others.

    JULIE - Hope all is well with you kiddo and you are getting things done to your satisfaction but not wearing yourself completely out. What is your weather like?. It is probably warm for you if it is in the 4o's :)!!

    Hi to BARRY, SPRING, DIANE, ROCK and everyone. I need to get out of here so the ladies can clean in this room,

    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I got back from the Indian restaurant and Joe came over and sat out on the balcony with me. We had a nice chat. Found out we both like, and dislike, the same news people on TV. He's really well informed. One of his sons lives in the same small area outside NYC where Nancy's son lives. Small world. Barb had been over to the pool for a bit and came back. She's still being nice. They leave for Boston on Wed. It's really nice out today and very quiet in the hood. Guess everydobby was out doing things. Ilona, her daughter and her two GGKs went for a walk in the park across the street. I haven't seen Ilona's daughter in years and it was good to see her again.

    The Indian restaurant's food was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was excellent but good enough. The place gets rave reviews. I tried a bit of everything except the goat curry. I draw the line at goats. It's no worse than eating cow but it's all in what one is used to. The best thing I tried was some mint chutney. Soooo refreshing. I went up and paid for all of us so I could get the obligation over and done with. Now, they want to return the favor and take me out. She suggested next month. I don't want to make this an ongoing thing. I told her I'd love to but need to fulfill quite a few obligations to have lunch with other friends which have piled up while I've been sick. I said we'd wait to see how it goes and how I feel. She's soooooo pushy. I liked the tandoori bread but she kept trying to push the pancakes on me. Good grief! They ate sooooo much; it was a buffet. He started having chest pains but said it was heartburn. I'm glad to be back home.

    Granni, sooooo good to see you here again. I have trouble scheduling my cleaning lady too. She is always sick or tired. What a dump this is. Guess I won't pay the cleaning lady this week. Oh wait--it's me! I don't like working out, even walking, when it's cold out. When hands get cold like your DH's, it takes forever to warm them up. I have those warming mitts if I can't warm mine up. Yes, Sir Vester's crimes don't rise to the level of capital punishment so guess I'll keep him around. Joe suggested I keep him and not get new carpeting. I tend to agree with him. He does get better all the time, SV, not Joe, so I'll likely keep him around. Come to think of it, Joe's improved with age too so will keep him around as well. He still teases me about turning on the light in the living room at night, saying it must be my signal for him to come over. We can laugh about it because neither of us is looking to date nor have anyone in our lives except good friends. My neighbor across the street, the one who died last year, had a psycho cat. When I met him, he drew me in with being very sweet. She came screaming at me to back away from him before he turned evil and shredded me to pieces. Why do people keep such animals? Good grief!

    Spring, they had a music channel on called, Boom Box at the Indian restaurant. There was all this Bollywood singing and dancing. I enjoyed it. I also loved seeing all those colorful clothes like you describe. I ate some pea curry sauce which was supposed to be very spicy but I found it delicious. There was nothing there which was too spicy for me to eat. I might make some of that mint chutney for my salads if I can find a recipe.

    Gonna go change out of my go to eatin' clothes. All I want to do these days is wallow in old comfortable clothing. I've turned into a hermit and a slob. I hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2017

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