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    Hi, Kids,


    Time already for a new Porch. Not much to tell. This was the third day without those supps and I felt really good. I cleaned out the fridge and took the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster and picked up my mail. Joe called me and was very chatty. He's so funny. He has made friends at his bereavement group and I'm glad for that. Last time they all went out to lunch, it was him and six women. They have all become friends.

    I decided to try one of my own magnesium citrate capsules to see whether I can tolerate them. Within a hour, the ringing started in my ears and I felt exhausted and confused. Magnesium supps can affect the central nervous system. That explains the tinnitus, headaches, confusion, anxiety and loss of appetite. It can also cause diarrhea and that hit next. Good grief! I'm so sensitive to magnesium now that I don't think I can tolerate mag. supps. Doc called in an Rx and the pharmacy called me. A 30 day supply costs $183. I left a message with his nurse that I can't pay that. So, here I wait for her to get back to me. I don't know what I can do now. There are a lot of supps online for preventing stones and they all use lots of herbs. They aren't cheap and likely don't work. A dilemma for sure.

    Spring, you are right; the little furry ones help keep us young. Research shows that when we pet our kitties and doggies, our blood pressure goes down and our brain waves become more peaceful. One of my favorite things is that now, Sir Vester will climb in my lap when I'm on the sofa. It took him a long time just to sit next to me. Having lived outside, he never learned the joy of snuggling. Now, when I'm petting him, he has the happiest look on his face. And yes, I can dance, sing or act silly and he doesn't judge. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. I haven't been to a movie in theaters in years. It's not enjoyable for me with all the talking going on. Some people even text while the movie is playing. I can order movies On Demand on the TV and enjoy them here in my living room. It's amazing how fast they go now from movies theaters to On Demand. I'm lucky to live here where most people do treat each with respect and neighbors love one another. Everyone helps everyone else most of the time. No matter what, I always believe that people are generally good.

    Granni, I'm so happy the dentist is able to save your tooth. My last root canal was difficult for the endodontist; he had trouble cleaning out one of the roots. Still, he thought it would be OK, and it has been (knocking on wood). Good luck with the crown. I'm glad it isn't too painful. I'm so sorry about your DSIL's shingles. I hope the meds work to keep them from getting worse. I'm afraid to get the vaccination for them. I have such horrible reactions to vaccines. Still, I'd hate to get them. I hope they can fix the water leak. Water creates such problems for us. It's even worse down here where it's so humid. There are always mold spores in the air and all it takes is the humidity to start them growing into something toxic and disgusting. Hope you enjoy singing practice.

    Gotta get going. Ears are still ringing. Rats! At least, I've figured out that I can't tolerate magnesium. Otherwise, it wasn't a very productive day. I'm just loafing and watching the special on Tom Brokaw's 50 years as a news guy. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Almost time for beddy bye but wanted to check in again. Anyone interested can got to my almost last post on the last volume. Nothing that interesting other than the root canal and the saved tooth - so far, knock on wood. Now I can edit and get this on my phone ( the new volume) hopefully. Sometimes I get them and other times not.

    MIKIE - Have you tried any other types of magnesium. I mostly take mag malate for my pain. Citrate is good for constipation ("!! I have ringing all the time anyway no matter what I take. Had it for many years and pressure in my head, it feels like. Went to see my poor DSIL who has trouble sleeping due to the shingles and sometimes gets up at 2 a.m. cause he cannot get comfy or sleep after he has slept some. However, he has been going to sleep in his chair early after a few glasses of wine. Hope he doesn't get to many more pustules. Many are on the belt like which is an awful place to get irritated when wearing clothes, More are going up his back . Was pretty sure when I saw them that it was probably Shingles Poor guy !!! I like that cute kittie !!!

    Will try and get back here later tomorrow.

    Love to everyone
    Granni :)!!
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another day but, at least, today I can read a real newspaper. I could subscribe all the time but I'm trying to save $$$. Also, I don't need, nor buy, much of anything these days so don't need the sales inserts all week. Wed. and Sun. suffice. Final silver lining is that I don't have all those papers to lug down to the recycle bins. It took two trips yesterday for the garbage and then the recycling. I cleaned out the fridge and there was a lot because my appetite took a dive while I was on the supps. I hadn't taken recycle stuff down in ages. It feels sooooo good to be rid of everything. That was in the morning before diarrhea from hell kept me inside and close to the bathroom. That's the magnesium at work. I now know I can't take magnesium supps. I think I've become overly sensitive to it.

    I looked out the sliders yesterday and there was a huge great blue heron perched on a limb of the slash pine. He was standing on one foot. I don't know how one of those spindly legs can hold up such a big bird. His body was the size of Sir Vester. I hadn't brushed Sir Vester for several days so I held him like a baby and combed the long hair on his undercarriage. He lay there giving me love looks and purring soooo loud. What a difference over when he first came to live with me.

    I had trouble getting back to sleep in the middle of the night. I took some Zquil and got some good sleep. I was afraid it would leave me groggy this morning but it didn't. I didn't get to see Barb yesterday so was going to go over to leave a note for her. She was in the kitchen so I went in and gave her a hug. I'm glad I got to do that before they all leave today. When I was coming back from the dumpsters, I ran into a nice neighbor. She looks remarkably like Gloria Estefan. Even her voice sounds the same when she talks. Says she doesn't sing though. She was laughing saying that she and her friends used to talk about sex when they got together. Now, all they talk about is their aches and pains. I got a good laugh about that. Even those without our illnesses eventually get the aches and pains.

    Granni, I have taken different types of magnesium including the malate. Nothing ever bothered me until I started supplementing with this citrate at high doses. Now, I'm just too sensitive to the citrate. I don't want to take a chance with taking any other type right now. I'm disappointed because I'd like to try Sun's type of magnesium. Just the one capsule of my other magnesium citrate caused the symptoms to return with a vengeance. Yes, when the tinnitus is bad, there is a lot of pressure in my head and I have headaches. I am so sorry that your DSIL's shingles are in such an uncomfortable area and spreading. I think that's where Barb had her years ago. Have you had the vaccine? As I mentioned before, I'm glad the dentist saved your tooth. I hope yours is like mine and it doesn't give you any more trouble. I have soooo many crowns. I use a WaterPik after I brush at night. It has the head that one drags along the gum lines. It massages the gums and cleans out anything the brush missed. Decay can form along the margins between the crowns and gum lines.

    BTW, Porchies, I forgot to mention in my last post on the previous Porch that if anyone is hurting, looking for support, or just wants to vent on a subject we don't want to discuss here, all y'all can privately message me and I'll do my best to offer support personally. I can discuss most anything without having problems. I think we need friends we can discuss things with without judgement or taking sides. Stress, and feeling alone like we have no one to talk to, can take its toll on our health. I have friends here with whom I've had private 'chats' about sensitive subjects and there has never been a problem. I hope most of us have friends and family we can turn to but this is our family here too and I love all y'all.

    I hope everydobby has a great day. BTW, there is a new game over on the Homebound Forum. Taking a break to have some fun has been good for me but, often, my poor pea brain won't cooperate. I'm hoping now that I'm off the supp. I can get words to come to me. I know, I know, from my W&P posts, it doesn't appear that that's a problem for me but it is when I'm trying to think of an answer.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    As usual have been up most of the night. I'd tell you more precisely if I were able,
    but nowadays everything is pretty much a blur. Even when it's some topic I
    just read about.

    Mikie, I'm glad you mentioned the great blue heron. I've been meaning to tell
    you that we have a cattle egret in the neighborhood again. I've seen it 3-4
    times in the last month when we drive by Echo Park Lake. A few years
    ago I saw one fly to the top of a tree and perch there. So strange to see
    such a big bird in a tree.

    I am continuing to take my Pro Health Magnesium Plus. I don't know
    the difference between citrate and chloride. Even if I read about it
    I'd promptly forget it. Now that I think on it, I haven't taken any pills
    for the last few days. Guess I'd better find some energy and get those
    daily pill boxes filled. With the supps and the meds, I take about 8 pills
    a day. Three of them have a nasty taste so I use a medicinal Hershey
    Kiss or two to kill the taste. I believe Hippocrates recommended this
    procedure while sitting on his Parthenon.

    With regard to contentious topics, do you know why religion and
    politics are such hot beds of controversy? It's because there is
    no universal authoritative source for answers. People don't have fierce
    discussions about the capital of North Dakota or the temperature at
    which water boils. That stuff you can look up.

    Is that Sir Vester in the photo? Looks like it might be a kitten.

    Granni, that's too bad SIL has shingles. I had 'em briefly when I was
    a teen. Way back in those primitive days I got an instant cure from the
    only doc in our village. I think I posted this some years ago, but we have
    some new folks here. Anyhoo when you chat with friends and relatives
    over the years you usually here some of the same stories more than once.
    And sometimes they become more dramatic with repeated telling.

    Anyhoo when I was a teen I had some sort of sores on my back. The
    doc said, "You got shingles. They're along the something or other nerve.
    So he drew a large syringe full of blood from my arm, immediately
    injected it into my butt, and the wicked shingles promptly went away.
    I believe in those days he charged $2 for an office call and $3 if he
    came to your house. Never heard of such a thing as medical insurance
    till I got outta school and became a working adult.

    Hope to be back soon and say hello to everydobby. I'm reading
    your posts, Kids.


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    Good morning dear Porchies. Was pleasantly surprised to be greeted w sunshine today, haven't seen it in awhile, that said, it remains cold out.

    Being mostly housebound not much new to report. I am finally going out today to finally have my hair done, that should help me feel better and even better yet...look better... ;-)

    February 1st already, good, spring will be here before you know it and so will the wedding on June 10th. I talk w DD several times a day from FL and we are slowly finalizing all the little details. Found makeup/hair stylist yesterday that will come to the venue to gussy up everyone, me included. Being South FL the prices are swanky but found a more reasonable salon yesterday that got good reviews. Weddings are so out of control, the venue has so many rules to include it be mandatory you have an event planner. They should have eloped and put the money towards a house.

    That said, they did scale the event way back to just 50 guests, small in todays wedding world, she bought a beautiful gown second hand half price, trying to keep things casual and affordable as can be but its still pricey esp South FL where there are many w loads of money

    Will be a busy first half of the year, other DD is graduating from college and plans to move out once she lands her first big girl job. She will graduate w a degree in ultrasonagraphy, also has a degree as a radiology technologist so the job opportunities should be a plenty and both pay well. I am so proud of her and how hard she has worked at successful career choices. We will then officially be empty nesters, guess that mean we are getting old...yikes...

    So proud of both my girls, both worked really hard to obtain great degrees and living the American dream, that is until the loans need to be paid back...

    Mikie glad you made the connection w the kidney stone med and how you feel

    Granni hooray for the saved tooth. Ouch, sorry to heat about SIL w the shingles, I have have yet to receive the booster shot.

    Spring I agree w you, watching the TV political news is enough to require blood pressure meds

    Rock/Star you have been quiet I hope you are feeling OK

    Hi Sun, any painting projects, how is your shoulder?

    Editing to say Hi to Rock, we were writing at the same time, unusual shingles cure you received at a great price!! Glad it worked, nothing as simple in todays world, now its all about Big Pharm and big prices.
    Good to see you mate..

    Hello to all else I am missing.....be back as I can

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    MIKIE - What symptoms did the Magnesium cause you. Have been wondering about what is causing my crazy rash and itching but I got off it for about a week and didn't seem much different. I didn't get off the Fibralgia which has a different kind of Mag though I think. I take big pills 3x a day about 400 mg each I believe. I know, esp with the citrate you can have loose stools but most of the time that wasn't a problem for me as I welcomed it at times, if you know what I mean ??? Have you heard from, your doc yet about your anti stone supp or whatever. Get any suggestions??

    LINDA - Glad your DD is trying to keep the cost down with # of guests and her gown, etc. I hate to think what some people put into their weddings - unbelievable !! It is weird at first when all the kids are gone but you can get used to it pretty fast :)!! Sounds like they have good heads on their shoulder, gotten from their mom of course :)! Probably dad some too :)!!

    This is short as I have a few other things I need to do and waiting to hear back from the guy trying to fix the leak outside. Like the sick water heaters we had at once we may have the same problems , sit and wait for authorization to get fixed may take awhile and then end up doing it.

    ROCK - Sorry you are feeling so discabubilated (sp?). Do they ever say that word any more????? Hope you get to feeling a bit better soon. Thanks for posting. We do worry about you and all of our Porchies, you know. Thinking about you, STAR and others we haven't heard from in awhile. Keep on resting and post when you can.

    DIANE - Thinking about you dear young friend. Hope you, Kevin and those kitties are doing OK and the insurance stuff is behind you. We still have the final figure yet from our insurance co and if they will keep us/or should I say me.

    Bye for now. May come back later after lunch and I make or remake my bed with the new sheets. It is such a project for me and that is why I don't do it as often as I used to do so.

    Granni :)
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    Lin: Sounds like you and your DD are getting all the plans accomplished. Yes, weddings are very expensive! That's great she found a second hand wedding dress. And where did you say the wedding was going to be? I think you mentioned Key West? Wedding on the beach and reception at an adjoining restaurant?

    When my DD told me they wanted to get married on Kauai I freaked out. That was was back almost 18 years ago so I opened an ebay store and "sold my heart out". I actually made enough in 4 months of selling that we could pay for 5 people flying round trip, renting a condo for the week, and paying for the hotel for the wedding service on the lawn next to the ocean and then the dinner at the hotel for everyone. After 4 mos. I said I didn't want to do that ever again, so what happened, I opened an etsy store 4 years ago. I am just trying to unload all these things I've collected and don't need anymore.

    Mikie: I think the "over the top" mag supps has pushed you over. Maybe once you're off it for a month you might try a low dose again. How exciting to see a heron come visit so close to you. Yesterday morning I looked outside and saw about 8 birds next to the pool, didn't have my glasses on BUT I do know when they flew away they were BLUE. And this morning I saw about 6 blue birds fly from my neighbor's driveway. There is a park by me and I know there is a small growing colony of blue birds living there. About 6-8 years ago blue birds were becoming very scare. I saw a program about a group of people in Orange county who build the bird houses and if you call them they will come put it up in the tree and monitor the houses. Blue birds like to live in open areas with lots of trees that's why you will find them at parks or cemeteries. I don't have any tall trees, so was really surprised to see all of them. The flock must be growing and they're branching out. YEA!

    And it must have been at least 25+ years that my inlaws were visiting from minnesota and someone saw this strange bird sitting on the fence in back. We couldn't believe how it could turn it's head.....like it swiveled around. Turns out it was an osprey.

    Granni: So, did I understand that you're now in the middle of a root canal? I've gone thru that misery and can sympathize with you. And they're expensive too. Sorry for your DSIL and the shingles. I'm taking my chances.....won't get the vaccination as I also don't get the flu shot.

    Rock: YOU had shingles at that early age? I didn't know young people can get it. So I'm also assuming you've had chicken pox? By the way, how do the lotus look at Echo Park? Isn't the festival around May?

    I'm down and out with BAD TMJ. I was at the dentist a couple of weeks ago.....and I think having to keep my mouth open for the cleaning it contributed to it. I was eating a few nights ago and suddenly pain in my jaw. Yesterday BIG time pain. The pain in my head hits and it feels like I've been wacked with a hammer. All I can do is use moist heat and ice packs along with ibuprofen. I'm supposed to go back to dentist tomorrow for my mouth guard but I called today and changed the appt. to next week. Trying to relax my jaw.
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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got off the phone with the doc's office. That Rx is soooo expensive but one can buy potassium citrate in supps OTC. I'm going to call back and ask how many mgs. I need to take each day. Even with mail order, it is $345 for 90 days. Good Rx has a coupon at Wal*Mart for about $35 a month. Considering that the same ingredients can be had for about $6.99 online, I'm going to take my chances with the supp. I've been having to do all the leg work with this as nurse didn't know what was in the Rx. Doc said I'd have to call my own ins. co. to see whether they had a generic; they don't. I like to do my own research anyway so don't mind and I feel good knowing that I've checked the alternatives. This is the third Rx I've found safer or cheaper alternatives for.

    I went down and sat outside with Grace for a while. We are all just so happy that Barb is in good spirits. The neighbors/friends stopped by or hollered and waved to us. It is beautiful out here right now. I had started to clean out some cupboards in the kitchen but kept getting interrupted. I called my pals and told them I wasn't up to going to the art fest this weekend. It's no big deal. We all agreed we'd get together for lunch soon. Now that I've figured out what is causing me to feel so sick, I hope we can.

    Rock, soooo good to see you here. It was the magnesium which was making me feel as though everything is a blur. My research turned up side effects which concentrate in the central nervous system for any kind of magnesium. They include confusion, insomnia, ringing in the ears, headaches and diarrhea. Yikes! :eek: Is there any chance the magnesium is causing your blur? This morning, we had a hawk sitting on that branch. It must be the official big bird roost for our little pond. It's fun to see those cattle egrets riding around on the backs of the cattle down here. I guess the cattle are the bird version of Uber. Sir Vester is a good size full grown kitty. He was farther away from the camera than Tweety in my avatar pic so he looks small. Ilona took a beautiful pic of him this morning. If I ever get around to downloading it, I'll post it. Hope to see you here again soon.

    Linda, no wonder you feel so proud. Any degree in the medical field is very difficult but, you are right, that's where the jobs are and will be into the future as all we Baby Boomers get old and sick. I've had all my kids, except one SIL, in some of my college classes. I graduated with my other SIL. We had a big party after that. DD the nurse is working full time and taking classes for her masters program. I worry it's too much for her. The wedding sounds so nice. You are right about all the wealthy people down here. The biggest concentration of them on this coast seems to be in Naples. During Season, I see exotic cars I never see otherwise. I didn't even know some of the existed. So glad you are doing so well. :)

    Granni, sorry you are still messing around with that water heater/leak. Mine sits in a galvanized box with a drain in the back to siphon off any water if it leaks. The drain was plugged and we had to have a plumber out to fix it. If the water heater bursts, it will flood my place and the one downstairs. Some condo communities require that the heaters be replaced every 10 years. I'm not taking any chances with any magnesium considering the symptoms I've had with this stuff. I eat a lot of fiber so don't usually have constipation. I'm normally regular as a clock. My schedule is better than trains in Germany! ;)

    Sun, so sorry you have TMJ pain. After I closed my mouth when I had that gum surgery, my teeth chattered uncontrollably. It was like those plastic teeth we bought as kids that we wound up and they chattered. How wonderful that the blue birds are making a comeback. Have you seen those birdhouses which attach to a window; they have a plexiglass back so you can watch them? Might not work with all birds but it would be fascinating to see. Those ospreys can swivel their heads like the owls do. Gives me a pain in the neck just to see them. :confused: Hope your jaw feels better.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm off to try to clean at least one cupboard--the one under the sink. Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. Granniluvsu

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    MIKIE - The leak does not have anything to do with the water heater, I don't think but the situation is similar. We have to wait to hear from the guy who has to get the OK to proceed. With the water heater it was a few days before we heard anything back and it was aggravating at times as DH does not like to wait on these things but the company didn't want to give the ok if it could be fixed cheaper. We heard nothing today. We canceled the second date to go to the casino do to all these unfinished projects and the appliances coming close to the time we would be leaving, plus the expenses all together and not sure of the cost on the leak. Glad you don't have constipation as I have had it since childhood and that old enema bag still haunts me ):!! I have been trying to clean out things too from closets, and cupboards. It will take me forever if Ido them all :)!! One good things I guess is that DH is not a big saver so it is mostly my stuff except for stuff that is ours.

    I am confused all or a lot of the time, or find it hard to concentrate a lot and so not sure I would attribute it to the mag. I have ringing in the ears but don't think it is due to that . I have had it before when I didn't take that much of it along with the pressure in the back of my head.

    SUN - So sorry for your TMJ pain. I also have it and to tell the truth not sure how it feels without pain . BTW, I already had the Root Canal yesterday and glad it is over but it could have been a lot worse shall we say. Yes, keeping my mouth open for some time is hard for me and of course it hurts more but have no choice This time they had some kind of plastic thing I guess that helped keep my mouth open which was good. However, it hurt anyway but easier to keep it open for a length of time.

    JULIE - Hope you are doing OK and are not sick or something. Hope you are just busy as usual. Miss seeing your bright and cheery ( or seemingly to us) presence early i the morning and other times of the day. You are as young as I wish I were, but then maybe not :)!! Come back when you can and STAR too.

    Gotta run and do the hair project. It is DH 79th b day tomorrow and he will be going in the a.m. to the mens breakfast and DSIL is going to bring the numbers for the servers to put them on his breakfast and they can sing happy birthday to him. IN the evening we will go to DD 's who lives here for dinner, steaks I think which we have tried to eat less of due to the cholesterol.

    Bye for now.

    Love everyone and miss those not here too,
    Granni :)
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  10. springwater

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    Annapurna peak base camp

    Hello folks!

    Mikie - thanks for opening the new porch....that is a sweet lil kitty. Look at the lil pads on its lil pawsies.

    I hv ringing in my ears, it's not been too long i developed that but mine is strange in that I get them when I go into certain rooms or certain places. And it stops after a time.

    So good to hear Barb is being nice. That's a big relief! I wish we had some more birds here. I even saw a kind of mini kingfisher in the days when a stream ran by. It had a blue chest. It was more of a drain than a river but there were trees, shrubs and was a magnet for smaller wildlife. Unfortunately, snakes too. Then it got covered over. I laughed at your friends comment about sex and aches n pains. I cannot remember the last time I remember me and my friends talking about sex. And with the frame of mind one is in just now, she will probably throttle me if I do raise the subject. Sex is really the lease test in priority in the larger scheme of things isn't it? Hahahahaha. Now, if only the kids would realise that.

    Granni - happy birthday your DH. I hope has a wonderful meal out with his friends. Hope those water heaters will be fixed. Don't you wish appliances could last forever?

    Rock - how nice to see you were upto posting. That was enlightening about why religion and politics are contentious topics. I hope the weather is better there and more kind to you. Now thatFebruary is here, it's is going to get warmer and warmer.

    Sun - that is a lot of money to make. And so loving and resourceful of you to put in all that hard work for your DD. I wish I had a way of making my own money. It's not much fun having to ask DH all the time, I saw an ad once that was asking for someone who could check grammar and articles got a magazine...but the reality was I cant leave the house at this point.

    Linda - good to hear from you. I'm sure those wedding prices are staggering, they do put on a good show.
    They hv a show on wedding dresses on TV, the bride chooses a brand new one or something old from her mom, family heirloom which is just altered to suit her. Weddings are a huge headache here, given all the ceremonies that hv to be done. These originated from the days when there used to large numbers of family members who could do all the required stuff. My DHs cousin sis went thru the whole rigmarole, prayer ceremonies n all. I'm hoping my DD will marry into a no frills no nonsense type family..because I'm not upto performing half a dozen prayer rituals with all the work those entail. They're charming and interesting but do need energy and stamina.

    DH and me had to attend a child's rice feeding ceremony last evening. It is held when the child is six months old. The first spoonful of rice is given amidst a ceremony. Probably originated in the olden days to celebrate that the kid made it till six months but now has turned into a full fledged big event for those who can afford it. The family are one of the older industrialist families, three gens..and always make a huge mega bash of any family event..so it was held in a five star hotel with hundreds of guests.

    Well, when you hv that much money I suppose you need somewhere to spend it. I remember when my DD and her friends went to Annapurna base camp during their holidays..they trekked for three days to and fro to reach there, braving altitude sickness, muscle soreness, asthma for some of the girls, seven days in all. And this family also went there same time with a pregnant DIL. They simply went to our airport here early morning and took a helicopter to the camp, walked around for half a day and came back same day again by helicopter. Lol!

    Well, better turn to and tackle the first tasks of the day. There are so many, I gotta do inny minny minnie mo, to pick out which to do first.

    God bless
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  11. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! I'm so sorry to be MIA...just a few more days and I will be done with this "tax and estate stuff". I've been cancelling other appts. all week (chiro, dentist, grocery shopping, visiting my dad) and postponing the meeting with the attorney (it is now set for tomorrow.)

    Since I had dragged so many boxes from our "overflow area" upstairs, I have been determinded to go through them and dispose of papers, etc. that I don't need...from us, my parents, and Den's dad. I've found receipts, important papers, correspondence, money, lab and procedure reports, etc. etc., etc.

    The most confusing thing was that everything was mixed in (loose in the boxes) with other things....some of the items with dates are from 2011...most could be thrown away, but I must have been frazzled and confused at the time I stuffed them in boxes and totes. I'm starting to wonder how I ever managed at all without totally losing my mind...not sure that didn't happen a time or two, lol!

    I found things like the paperwork from when I had to first admit my parents to the nursing home, papers I signed to put my dad under hospice care (but he got better physically and "graduated"...this was in the winter of 2011/2012.) It seems like, from 2007 (when Den's mom died) and I was trying to take care of Gpa and my parents "long distance", Amy got divorced and moved in with us to have Keira, etc...to last May (when Den's dad passed away) my life has been one big blur. Sure, the clouds have parted once in awhile, but then the storms hit again, and away we went.

    I will finish up this morning with getting a work area established, then put everything away, except for what I actually need to send in for income taxes. Hopefully, without all that "hidden clutter and mess" in the back of my mind, I will be able to think straighter. And go forth in a better way from now on...

    I've tried to skim your posts, but better not take time to write more right now...hope you all know that I am thinking of you. Take care...I love you all!

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  12. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Good morning to all, have the laptop next to my bed to easy to write now.

    Julie so nice to see you, must be a good cleansing feeling to get all the papers sorted, now you have to make a promise to yourself to be more organized this year. I should talk, I too have paper messes all over so i can empathize, , my kitchen island is always a mess w all sorts of papers. I am organized in most areas but just cant get a handle on the paper part.

    Granni thanks for the kudos for my girls and me and my hubby, we are both college grads and take education seriously, that said college isnt for everyone. Schools should also encourage trade school educations for those that dont fancy a formal College degree education. There is plenty of need for hands on craftsman and trade people. Speaking of which, I have a plumber coming today to install one of those high boy toilets, or as I call them, the old people toilets.

    Mikie living in FL you can so relate to what I am saying about the lives fo the rich and famous in South FL. DD Lives closer to Palm Beach, last i was there we drove along the coast, OMG the fancy cars and huge mansions, many famous people live there to include Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Rod Stewart Serena Williams and now the famed Mar-a-largo home to President Trump which we drove by. I never saw such fancy cars in my life and like you didnt even know what half of them were.

    I was in awe of how all these mansion were so ornatly groomed w privacy hedges that were two stories tall, walls of greenery perfectly manicured, never saw anything like it before.

    SUN ouch TMJ, dont blame you for cancelling the DDS appt, that said the mouth guard should help w the problem
    Osprey are also native to FL, they call them king fish too I think due to the way they dive head on into the water to capture fish for food.

    You remembered correctly, the wedding will be in Key West, not on the beach tho, an outdoor venue at a bed and breakfast close to the shore. I too have plenty of stuff I could sell but don't really know how to go about it. DD has bought many times from Esty. It wasn't til recently I even understood the concept of that site but now get it

    Spring to think our wedding are lavish, your traditions would be a lot to endure. Hearing about the rice celebration probable goes back to the day people were grateful their babies lived to 6 months, many years ago so many babies died soon after birth due to all sorts of illness.

    Rock speaking of traditiontoday is Groundhogs Day, did ya hear Punxatauny Phil saw His shadow, DD and I were on the phone when they aired His debut this morning and saw His shadow, talked about silly traditions...dates back to the 1800's . I know you like history so copy and pasted this for you,

    On this day in 1887, Groundhog Day, featuring a rodent meteorologist, is celebrated for the first time at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. According to tradition, if a groundhog comes out of its hole on this day and sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather; no shadow means an early spring.

    Groundhog Day has its roots in the ancient Christian German tradition of Candlemas Day, when clergy would bless and distribute candles needed for winter. The candles represented how long and cold the winter would be. Germans expanded on this concept by selecting an animal–the hedgehog–as a means of predicting weather. Once they came to America, German settlers in Pennsylvania continued the tradition.

    Sooooo I guess 6 more weeks of winter means they needed more candles to make it though

    now you all know,

    Hello to any I missed, til next time..

    enjoy the view below, this is what the hedges in West Palm look like, the enormity is jaw dropping


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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got up at 4:00 and went back to sleep on the sofa. Dear Old Friend called just as I woke at 8:00. I'm glad I got some extra sleep but I do feel a bit groggy. I'm glad to see some of our Porchies here. Nurse just called and didn't get my message from yesterday. She'll have to ask the doc about my taking OTC pot. citrate. This is the never ending conundrum. In the meantime, I'm putting lemons in everything I drink 'cept my coffee. At the end of the month, I get the kidneys x-rayed. There should be no stones--fingers crossed!

    Granni, I'm sorry I got mixed up. I had thought it was the water heater causing the leak. So it's a 'mystery' leak? Those are even worse. I hope they can figure out what is causing it and can get it fixed. What a pain! Happy Birthday to DH. I know magnesium is likely not the cause of everyone's problems but I did find that I became more sensitive to it the longer I was taking it. It must have a cumulative effect. I'm waiting to hear from doc about taking an OTC potassium citrate in lieu of the mag. citrate. Sorry you had to cancel the trip to the casino again. Hope you get to go soon.

    Spring, that pic is beautiful. It looks a lot like some of the glaciers in the Rocky Mountains in CO but, of course, higher than the Rockies. Wealthy people take helicopters up so they can ski down slopes above the regular ski slopes. I hope you enjoyed the rice ceremony for the child. How interesting. I love hearing about your customs, ceremonies and festivals. Yes, that kitty is soooo cute. He has a little black dot on one of his arms. Sir Vester has those and it's one of the things Jeff loves about the way he looks. Dear Old Friend and I talk about sex but it's usually jokes about how old folks no longer have it. I managed to clean out the cupboard under the sink last evening. I had planned to clean out two others but it was the best I could do. Hope to do more today. It's slow going but, at least, now I'm making some progress. Good luck to you on your eenie, meenie, mo project.

    Julie, good luck on your progress. Since I no longer have to file taxes, I put my receipts in small paper bags and stow them. Each year, I take the oldest ones out and take them to be shredded. The county has a day when one can take personal papers to be shredded for free. I did it last year so won't do it this year. I have my own shredder but it isn't heavy duty enough to do a whole year's receipts. I'm like you and Linda. It's so difficult for me to get my paperwork organized. It's the last thing I deal with. I stay on top of bills and pay them but that's about it. Going through all that must have been a journey down memory lane. Good to see you here. Hope to see you again soon.

    Linda, yes, there's even more wealth over on your coast. You are pretty much due east of me here in Fort Myers. A lot of the wealthy people here are more subdued--old money--but they do love their cars. A lot of the celebs' homes over in the Miami area have been featured on TV. How wonderful it must be to live right on the water in a beautiful big home. Well, except when the hurricanes come. So far, I've never felt the need to evacuate. Most of the folks on the water have to each time. Of course, many of them aren't in residence full time. They have five other homes they almost live in. I love Key West because of its funky lifestyle. It's like no other place. I'm so glad to see you here and keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    It's already 9:30 and I need to get into the tub and start some laundry. I had planned on coloring my hair but it'll have to wait. I've got nothing to do but clean out cupboards and the laundry. I need to change the bed too. Yesterday, I called my pals to tell them I'm not up to the art fest this weekend. No problem. Right now, I just can't take crowds and walking. They suggested we just go to lunch one of these days instead. Sounds good to me. Dear Old Friend will be off on Presidents Day so we may go for lunch with Nancy then.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not to much new here DEAR PORCHIES,

    DH is at his breakfast and will be surprised when they sing Happy Birthday to him. He would never think to do that himself :)!! It was DSIL's idea. Poor SIL , my DD texted that he got some more Shingles pustules. Not sure where they are. Hope he doesn't get to many more. They look awful and some are around the belt lie so had to wear pants but of course he is :)!! When my brother had the Shingles he had some on his face near the ear and possibly the eye. They had to be very careful with that and of course it must have looked awful. DH just got home, a bit early and of course he was surprised and probably a bit embarrassed when they sang to hi with his 79 candles ( not single candles) or it would have caused a fire :)!! We sill celebrate some tonight at DD's house. As I understand it it is not that contagious unless you tough the pustules after they have drained. I think that I might be immune as my kids and some that I were watching years ago got chicken pox and I was there through it all taking care of them. I didn't get it so I am guessing I am either immune or I did get it when I was young. I know I had one of those childhood diseases but not sure which one.

    JULIE - Glad that you are OK other than going crazy trying to get the tax stuff together. I know I would be going crazy doing what you are doing. Good luck and hope it all works out well including the estate business.

    Hi MIKIE and LINDA, SPRING WATER , SUN et al.. Since DH is home I need to get off plus I can't think of to much else to say right now. Speaking of decluttering I need to do more of that too. One of the donation places is coming soon this month . They take almost everything and if they don't want it they can do what they want with it. I don't envy the wo rk on trying to get the new Dishwasher and Refrigerator in. Or should I say getting ready to do so and removal of food or disposal of and making order in the freezer area is the worst part.

    Glad all my kids are or were married and I surely wouldn't want to plan one again . At this point they would plan their own if they were to ever marry again :)!!

    Gotta run for now. DH wants to go work out.

    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Glad to read you're coming to the end of your tax stuff. Yes, toss things out every day, but don't get overwhelmed that you'll shove it all out of sight. One of the best things I did years ago was buy a used filing cabinet. Most of my important stuff is in it, in folders, but I still have to get more organized. Before then my DH would stick things away.....in the envelope too......and it got to be overwhelming after he died. I'm talking of every utility bill stuck inside an envelope after he had paid it. I try to keep just one year of them in case I need to go back and compare charges, but that reminds me that today would be a good "toss" day.

    Mikie: I learned years ago that when you start any supplement it takes at least a week to start getting into your system to really work, so you would still have magnesium in you. Nothing works quite as fast as ibuprofen or tylenol so we think all should do the same thing. I've tried taking tumeric combo, wanting it to work like ibuprofen...FAST.....and it doesn't. I guess I should take it daily as a supplement and not for a pain pill.

    Lin: Those hedges look sooooo inviting to the neighbors! Not. It just says, keep away. And they all probably have iron gates.

    I was scared to get an etsy store started, but for the most part it's worked very well. Only 20 cents to list something for 4 mos. then they take 3% of the selling price and I have it set up for payment thru paypal which also takes 3%. But less expensive than on ebay. Everything I have is on the smaller/soft side. But the postage has gone up. For instance, to send a small plastic brooch/pin to australia cost the buyer over $15. And I try to keep my prices reasonable, and below what everyone else is asking.

    Remind me again, when is the wedding? And you've got your dress?

    Granni: Happy birthday to your DH. And what's going on with the leak?

    It's been one of those mornings! I realized I didn't get as hot of water in the shower. Took a look at the less than 2 year old water heater and don't see a flashing light. Called the company.....they tried to tell me I had no warranty because it was in a closet off the bathroom. BUT...this house is over 50 years and when I got the water heater I had the city inspector take a look and he signed off on the work. So called the plumber who installed it....$69 trip charge to check it out. So at this point I'll just wait for my handyman to look at it when he does the painting. He charges $60. Sigh!

    My next project is attacking the litter box. I've always had 2 but since I'm down to only 1 cat, I figure I'll just clean this one up and put aside.

    All I can say is I thank God he has given me the gift of art. It Helps me escape someplace else for the time I have a brush in my hand.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Had to get online so decided to stop in. Got an e-mail from DD in CO so replied to her. I'm going to go to the Vitamin Shoppe and buy some potassium citrate tomorrow so I can try it to see whether I can even tolerate it. I did find the Rx through GoodRx at Wal*Mart for $35 for a month's supply. If I can tolerate all that potassium, I'll get it filled. Having stones wasn't bad enough; now I have to pay out the wazoo for the Rx to keep from getting them again. That, and getting sick on the first supps the doc had me buy. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, sorry you had to go. Hope DH was pleasantly surprised at his birthday breakfast. Also hope he enjoys the celebration tonight. From what I understand, a person can get chicken pox from someone with shingles. After someone has chicken pox, he or she can get the shingles. I had chicken pox and hope I never get shingles. One of my clients had them something horrible on his head. Poor guy really suffered. Come back when you can.

    Sun, yes, I figure it takes some time to get all that extra mag. out of my system. My whole body feels better since I quit taking it. I think it was causing a lot of body pain. Today, I feel loose and am able to move better. I'm so imporessed, not only with all the artistic things you do, but also with how you've been so successful selling online. I hope your hot water heater is OK.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna get going. I didn't do anything today but I'm beat. I think all this has caught up with me. I did make plans with Dear Old Friend to have lunch on the 21st. He has that day off. I called Nancy to invite her too. We're going to go to DOF's favorite restaurant just up the street. He hasn't been there in a while. Nancy and I had a lot of laughs on the phone. Same with DOF. I'm lucky to have such good friends.

    I'm lucky to have such good friends here too. Love all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Nurse called and said if I used supps, the doc wanted me to take 1500 mgs. of potassium citrate twice a day. Yikes! That sounds like a heart stopping dose. I'm going to take about half that much to get started to see whether I can even tolerate it. If I can, I'll likely go ahead and get the Rx from Wal*Mart after I see the doc the first of Mar. I get a KUB x-ray at the end of Feb and I hope to high heaven that there are no new stones growing. I've been drinking a LOT of lemon water. Two ounces of pure lemon juice in the morning and two in the evening. I have to drink it through a straw so it won't erode the enamel off my teeth. Just shoot me now!

    Joe called last night about his new dishwasher. It took forever to run in the auto/sense mode. I told him to run it on light. All of us in here have gone through this when we got our new dishwashers. The new appliances which sense and measure do take forever, including my washing machine. They use less water. He was relieved that he could run it in the same time as his old one on light. Too funny. He was impressed at how quiet it is.

    Not much else to tell. Didn't sleep that well and woke early. Don't know what I'm going to do today. It depends on how I feel. Right now, I feel tired. Perhaps a nap...

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie

    Afternoon Edition:

    Good Afternoon, Porchies,

    Hope your day is going well. I've just stopped for a bit to rest. Finally got off my bum and picked up some of the clutter and cleaned the floors. It looks better in here already. I'm doing more laundry and went out to water the flowers. Not much but better than nothin'. I've had to put on my back brace. The doors are open to get some fresh air in here. I noticed it was smelling stale. AACCKK!!! Sir Vester was all excited to see me doing things. He was racing like the wind, making passes at me as I worked. I had to sweep the little throw rug he was lying on and I swept up next to him. He started whining about it nonstop. I told him to file a grievance with his union steward. He probably belongs to the KUA--Kitty Union of America.

    It'll be rain free and hit 80 for the next week. Ilona's DD and DGGKs are here visiting so I'm glad the weather is nice for them. Not much going on so will bid y'all adieu. BTW, I've had three quarts of water so far and 2 oz. of lemon juice in the water. I won't make it to the vitamin shop so want to try to help prevent the stones. I do think it has taken some time to get the magnesium, and the side effects from it, out of my system. Just hope the potassium doesn't cause problems.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon DEAR PORCHIES,

    MIKIE - Do you have any idea why after I have gone to edit after I have posted on the newest volume, and then click to to be notified of new posts I only get a couple pf notifications and that is it in my emails. By that time it is time for the next new volume :)!! Very strange or weird. Glad you had a bit more NRG today and at least got a few things done. A little is better than none. A little is better than nothing. Has Barb gone yet this week? Guessing she has and was glad she was at least civil to all or at least pretty friends. We'll see next time. Glad the weather will be nice for Ilona's guests. It is pretty chilly today and tomorrow I think possible. Then it will be warm for the Super Bowl in Houston. No we will not be there.

    This year we actually had 3 places we could go for parties . We are going to the one that probably will be mostly K of C since one of the guys DH knows just moved here to our hood. It is a big house so will be very interesting to see and meet up with some of the people.

    Gotta run and do a few things. I told DD yesterday I would go to Zumba Gold today in the afternoon. That teacher must have some endurance as she then has the reg. Zumba class after ours. She is fairly young probably about the age of my eldest DD, early to mid 50s or upper 40's but she surely doesn't look it. It is hard to guess peoples ages esp if they are so goo go ish and very athletic. My eldest DD is taking tests and had classes that will let her become a personal trainer in some areas and do certain things. I don't know everything yet.

    Thinking of everyone !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope all y'all are having a great day. It's still fairly early. I'm gonna color my hair and go to Publix. I've been putting 4 oz. of lemon juice in my water and drinking at least three quarts a day. I'm gonna ask the doc if he can prescribe a lower dose of the potassium citrate if I continue to drink lemon juice. I seem to feel better now that I'm getting all this citrus. Costco has the best lemons in bags. I slice them, freeze them and put them in my water along with bottled lemon juice. From what I've read, citrus helps in the Krebs Cycle. It has long been thought that the Krebs Cycle is messed up in CFIDS/ME and FMS. The Krebs Cycle is necessary in producing energy in the body. Ours may be mitrocondrial illnesses.

    Granni, how wonderful that your DD is training to be a personal trainer. Trainers are so vital to proper techniques when working out. I admire you for all you do to keep in shape. I don't know why there is a time lag from the PH server to our e-mail notifications. I get notified when someone sends me a personal message here but I've often already read it and responded by the time the notification e-mail is in my home e-mail inbox. One thing you can do is click on New Posts in the strip at the top under Forums and it will show the latest posts since you were last here. I'm not going to any SB parties. I may not even watch but will likely have the game on. I do love the half-time shows. I also love Lady Gaga. SB tickets are only for the rich and those who get them free. Actually, we have better seats at home. Even if someone gave me tickets, I wouldn't go. Can't stand noisy crowds. Bah! Humbug!!! Hope you enjoy your parties.

    My thoughts are with all our dear Porchies for a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    Back from our neighbours DDs wedding. The place was not too far thank goodness, and not much traffic. Very many people. He had hired a banquet place...but we had to park way down and walk for a few mins because there was no place to park. There was an entertainment programme but we arrived late. The food wasn't very tasty. I guess it happens sometimes.

    Granni - nice to know your DD is training to be a personal trainer. Anything in the health enhancement business is so good. I know you used to get headaches because of high BP.

    Sun - I have never bought anything online. Our postal system here is ugh. I've looked up books on Amazon. I've never been to Etsy. A cousin of mine who lives in NY used to order garments to be made here and sell them online. She once had an order from South America. She, like me, had major depressive bouts. Now, she doesn't keep in touch. Our bakhu (tibetan dress) is a long one piece dress and she said one lady came up to her and asked her if the long metallic colour flowy dress she was wearing was Ralph Lauren. The dress probably cost 1 percent of a Ralph lauren..!!! Just goes to show.

    Linda - that hedge is a hedge?!! It looks like a fortress. How on earth do they keep it like that? How many people does it take? I envy you your families brains. The medical field is not a easy one. One classmate of DD has become a doctor. He is currently interning in China. And one classmate of son too. As is the case often here, both of the boys dads are themselves doctors.

    Mikie - the Rockies must be so beautiful. How lucky you are to hv lived close to them. Sir Vester seems to be a source of merriment, not a shy retiring cat by any means. Even though not as fiesty has his sister.

    I hope you have a good lunch with your friends...yes, good friends are a precious gift.

    Everybody, thinking of you all

    God Bless
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017

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