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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'll be right back after reading the last posts on #954.

    I took four capsules of the potassium citrate yesterday about noon and four more before bedtime. So far, no adverse effects (knocking on wood). I'll increase to seven capsules this morning and evening. I would have to take fifteen capsules morning and evening to equal what the doc wants but I'll stop at the seven. I'm just trying to see whether I can tolerate the potassium at all. If so, I'll get the Rx and use GoodRx online to print out coupons for Wal*Mart's pharmacy. I hope the govt. does go ahead with negotiating the prices of prescriptions for Medicare like it does for the VA. The six o'clock news is sposda have info on saving on Rx's so I'll be sure to catch it.

    I put the artificial flowers in my little wall hanging and they look even better than I had hoped. They look like chives when they grow tall and get blooms on them. Only a few blooms here and there just like real chives. I don't think the little mat in front of Sir Vester's litter box is going to cut down on litter tracked onto the floor but it looks better than the old bathmat I had there. He decided it would be a good idea to nip me on the leg this morning while I was fixing my breakfast. This after I had just given him his treats. He's getting the silent treatment. I think he was angry because I wouldn't get up early.

    I sat out on the balcony with Grace and Ilona for a while yesterday afternoon. Ilona is showing signs of being difficult again. I think I'll stay away for a while. There is nothing to talk about with them except gossip and I don't want to hear it again and again. Same with Joe. He and I get along fine but it's the same old, same old gossip. Ilona's husband, Frank, is interesting. He likes to watch things on the History Channel and discuss them. If I try to interject anything interesting with the others, their eyes glaze over. It doesn't help that they have short attention spans. Our street is busy and they are easily distracted by any movement out there. Good grief! I'm better off inside reading or watching TV.

    Sun, I'm so sorry for your pain. Is there any way your gardener could haul branches out for pickup? I know you are like me--trying to do all kinds of things despite physical limitations. I always pay for it afterward. I hope you are feeling better. I also hope you can get your water heater fixed. Yes, after having to deal with pain, fatigue and frustration, I feel like I just want to give up. I seldom cry anymore; I don't know why. My physical limitations aren't getting any better; they are getting worse. I don't know what I'll do down the road when things need to be painted or fixed. I can't afford to pay someone to do a lot of these things. I've always done most of it myself. Now, it seems, everything I try to do is a mess. I hope poor Claire is better. Dr. Fox, who writes columns in newspapers and is a vet, wrote that cats need a bit of wet food in addition to the dry. Sir Vester doesn't like any canned food that is a pate. I get the little plastic cups of food with pieces of fish in a sauce. I only give him a tiny bit but it's enough and he thinks he's getting a treat.

    Rock, thank you, as always for greeting our new members here and giving a nice 'tour' of the site. Have you read any good books lately? I'm reading one of the free new releases from Amazon and it's worth every penny--zero. Don't know whether you saw my post about binging on a new series on Amazon or Netflix (can't remember which). It's about the lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'll have to wait until next season. It's OK but don't think it will win any nominations for anything. I enjoy historical books about interesting people and royalty. I hope you are feeling well. I haven't been to the Homebound Forum to play games in a while. Y'all are soooo smart over there.

    Star, OMG, why would any teacher insert himself or herself into children's spats? Good for you for taking charge and stopping it. The end of the magnesium saga is that I just can't supplement with it. I was flummoxed by the strange side effects until I looked it up and researched a bit. Too much can attack the central nervous system which explains anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia and ringing in the ears. In my case, at least, I have become so sensitive to it that I can't take mag. anymore. Not only are we sick but the cure is often worse than what ails us although it's hard to imagine anything worse than having to have the stones removed. Damned if I do and damned if I don't. Hope you life back home settles down and all is well.

    Hope all y'all's week is going well.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Hiya all

    Back from an errand outside...bushed. But I did want to peek in. Yesterday was the prayer igulati of the wedding of our neighbours daughters wedding. hahahahaha...I typed prayer ritual, what the HECK is igulati? Has autocorrect gone bonkers? Or maybe autocorrect on fibro forums has brain fog? I'm going to leave the auto-incorrects as they are. Just to show how fibro fogged they are.!

    So that is three functions for one wedding. Thank goodness, it's over with. I know neighbour was happy with us for making the effort to attend and stay for quite long.

    Tori - hi. Welcome to our Porch. It must be so difficult for you but your son is lucky to have you lovingly care for him..I pray he is healed totally. Exhaustion of the type you describe is what binds us together, well, one of the things..no one outside knows or understands the feeling of utter exhaustion and for jo good apparent reason.

    Mikie - thanks for opening up a new porch. Wish you were feeling better. Bad sir vester. Maybe he is sensing your angst. And getting antsy yourself. I wish your children were living closer. Maybe they could've come and let you recipe recupe a bit at times like these? It's been a rough year.

    Granni - your gams must be pretty tend toned with the walking, exercising and line dancing you do! They don't really do wedding cakes as such here, but get a smallish one with happy wedding on it.

    Sun - Lordy, I hope you are able to get the water heater fixed. Didn't you just solve that bathroom wall problem? Can we all on this forum get a break please. Whoever is up there? Make everything go right for a while, at least.

    Julie - you too. Physical stuff, handy work things needing to be done is one thing, paperwork is a headache of a different kind. IM not good with those. No patience. Hope you are able to hang in there until all is resolved. At least you don't hv to be in Sis's proximity, thank heavens for small, or big in this case, mercies!

    Rock - that song is the first thing which came to mind when I read of Stars mention of kookaburra. Very nice lilting song. Reminds me of open skies, green meadows, fresh air, skipping around carefree. Reminds me of childhood. Heard that song in school. I love hearing about your memories with son.

    Star - sorry you missed recording because of low battery. My battery is low too, just now. Heh heh. I hope it gets recharged after a rest. Isn't it just a pain with all the goings minion on in school? I had to go a few times for son. He was being bullied. Once it was a teacher. Son didn't say anything but his friend told his friends mom and she rang me. Boy, DH and i ran over so fast. We had a special meeting with principal and other teachers and teacher in question. Quiet ole me screamed so loud at him, the whole junior block could probably hear.

    Those days were horrible. A few years later, and with all that behind him, son wonderingly told me, " why did he take all that crap?" He was mad with himself.

    It is becoming very hit hot in mid day. Braving myself for summer. We dont ease into summer here. We just jump in.
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    Hi Kids

    It's raining here in Los Angeles. Feels like it's been raining 40 days and 40 nights.
    And not a rainbow in sight. We seldom have lightning and thunder either.

    Talked to our friend about the big super bowl party. She said about 80 people
    showed up. Even so there was left over food, much of what she gave to the
    guests as they were leaving. In previous years her son has paid for everything.
    This time he told the guests to bring stuff, but he paid for more food and everything
    else including beer and booze.

    It's funny. At the office some of the gals would things like, "I wish I could afford
    to travel like she does." And somebody else would say, "Well, you spend all your
    money on clothes." I figure folks can do what they want so long as it's not illegal
    and doesn't frighten the children and horses.

    I've had a hiatal hernia for several months. Was hoping to avoid surgery, but
    it's getting worse so am scheduling surgery. It is ordinarily no big thing. Had
    an inguinal hernia about 30 years ago. One can go home a few hours after
    the surgery. And the technology has advanced over the years. The doctors
    no longer install a piece of screen door. They now use a plastic mesh manufactured
    by WMM Surgical Conglomerate which also makes the best fly swatters.

    Spring, good for you. Glad to hear you spoke up (or screamed up) for your
    son. With regard to your question about Igulati, as I'm sure you already know
    Gulati is a common name in neighboring India. Igulati on the other hand is
    the shed or small building behind an Igloo.

    Mikie, Thanks for opening up again. You have more openings than Mary Martin
    and Ethel Merman combined. I know what you mean about people with short
    attention spans. Oh, Gosh! I see a plane overhead.

    In answer to your question, Yes, I'm reading an excellent book by Olive Ann
    Burns titled Cold Sassy Tree. It was a bestseller back in the 80's. The author
    had been a newspaper writer. This book was her first novel; she was 60 years
    old. She started a sequel, but died from cancer. The unfinished book and her
    notes were published however.

    Going back to bed and my book
    Bis Spater
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  4. springwater

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    image.jpg Perky and Perkier say hi....
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    Rock:. I'm sorry it's now come to this.....surgery for the hernia. Years ago when my boss had an operation he was in the hospital for about 3 days, time sure has changed things. He was at Huntington Memorial Hospital, which overlooked the Santa Anita Race track, and he was hoping for a window on the action and his binoculars. And now you have it done and then you're home with an ice pack. Good luck, I hope it's minimum pain.

    Spring: When I first read that word I thought....hmmmm, it sounds Italian and then you wrote that the spell check kept putting that one on. Actually, I like the word. After 3 parties I hope this young couple will be happy and settle in. You had mentioned they didn't look happy at the first party.

    Mikie: I hope your body adjusts quickly with no problems. Eegads, that would be a lot of pills to swallow daily.

    My neck is EXTREMELY stiff after 24 hrs. I did a lot of stretching before breakfast, I find I can hardly even look down to my waist area, and turning to the side brings me to screech a little. I need to remember this about heavy trash cans. I still need some trimming done in the back but will have to do it in small sections, and I'll tell the gardener about this.

    Got a call this morning about the WH. They found a brand new one, removed from a dented WH a customer had refused. YEA.....so I just have to pay the labor of $89. I did a search online and found two places to purchase this control unit for around $100.

    Clair doesn't seem to meow as much, but still no action in the litter box. I have put down a little fancy feast, and around 4 PM yesterday hunger got to her so she ate a little of it. She and her sister refused from the get go not to eat wet food, and it was easy just to put down a dish of it and they grazed.

    And then when I would be gone on a vacation I had extra litter boxes and lots of dry and water, so it made it easy.
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    Hello Dear Porchies,

    It's bloomin' hot in North Texas today at 80*. . All things considered, we have this roller coaster season I have nicknamed the Winter Weather Coaster. The coldest season in years showed up just before Christmas and tormented shrubs that had made it through ice, snow, et al. Now we've got to uproot some large variegated pittosporum and find something to "match" the mature shrubs next to it. Or they all go and we start over - EGADS. Oh look, a rabbit trail, oops, back to the weather - Now we're having unseasonably warm temps, with a dip in 2 days then more heights. It is what it is.

    If I missed greetings, I'm so very sorry. I did read and mark some, but couldn't find the way to navigate yet, so I'll find the start of 955 and go again.

    Y'all are so kind. I have friends that expect me to perform to their standards without living in my list of energy debits. They sleep as well as they need, rise at choice, etc. For which I am thankful for their health... but sometimes I want to run. I didn't talk to one gal for nearly a year on the phone- she was so draining - but she would give you the moon if she could at the same time. It wasn't her fault I was out of everything energy, but she couldn't compute the possiblity or acknowledge it, so I ran fast, far away from interaction.

    Rock, I am very glad you have a good handle on this hernia repair. Things are much more speedy than years ago. My husband laughed and yet was concerned at my "drive through gall bladder removal". I was in and out in less than six hours. Hey, you need a boat? A ranch owner up in Oklahoma once told us, "Never curse the rain" but sometimes it gets old. Texas once got enough rain in about a week to cover CA's land surface 3 times. It knocked out our drought conditions, but was tough. That's quite a SB party. I was wrecked watching the Hyundai commercial after the game. I ran errands this time. No lines at the stores.

    Spring, Perks 1 & 2 are delightful darlings. look at those faces. I want to kiss them! Isn't auto-correct a mess? Ah, you're leaping ahead of spring into summah' time. No fun. We get teased by spring and then it's gone. We'll have things start blooming, daffodils are due next week, but other plants that need another month will take off in this heat and then an Arctic cold front or 2 will blow through. We've had zero snow this year unless you can an hour of intermittent falling flakes. I don't know of anywhere with a long spring and fall with a spattering of winter and summer. I'd be tempted to move there. I'm glad your son moved on up in the mindset of not taking abuse like he took and that your friend spoke up to you.

    Mikie, you are amazing. I'm so sorry for your frustration with the things to do. We would be willing to come help. My Dad is stubborn and wouldn't quit what he was up to, then fell backwards in the barn and cracked a vertebra in his spine and is paying with much leg pain. I loathe the thought of him seeing his doc again, as it seems more destructive. Hey, glad to read you are keeping up potassium. We almost lost a family member to potassium loss - unneeded diuretics and someone boycotted their potassium supplement because it was the size of New Jersey to swallow, then was hours from death... ah, you would know who that was. What's with Sir Vester's love nip? Narya the golden will grab my leg...She lost her mother early and didn't get the Mama cat discipline needed to tone down her more aggressive spurts. A good Mama cat nips the kittens when they get too rough & Narya had no training.

    Granni, line dancing - oh what fun. I love dancing. DH Bill has 2 left feet, but I know he could do well if we went to lessons. Do you have a favorite? I'm pondering a fund raiser line dance for Bubbles and the horses at Becky's Hope Horse Rescue. We volunteer out there as often as possible. Bubbles has made the news world wide as he made an escape from the Kaufman kill pen by leaving his corral and walking up with the mini-donkeys that the were being rescued. He stood by the Freedom trailer and waited his turn to load, but crouched down some as if to hide. Enough cash was on hand to take him outta there for a great escape. He's an amazing horse, about 25, with near human soul. We've been blessed at the worldwide recognition and donations from followers to his Facebook page which has helped to feed more rescues this winter. But fund raising must go on for organizations like this one and a line dance benefit for Bubbles came to mind.

    I started iodine drops this week. My energy crash for the last month and deep dark circles under the eyes were probably a combo of adrenals, heavy mold in some very old hay that I shredded ( horses were smart- they weren't eating that stuff) and now that my usually strong nails are breaking too easily, well, it's always a sign my thyroid took a dip. I used to take armour thyroid and have ordered it from a UK site, however, it's all outta stock.

    Chili is made for the guys dinner but it's kind of warm for such a meal. No one will complain though. I cook the meats early in the day so the smell doesn't linger. Another family member (sleeps days) is vegan, so all things work out. I went vegetarian for several reasons, so it's a labor of love when I get into beef or bison, or deal with bones. Y'all can laugh, but it's weird how the thought processes change when you change what you're doing. Especially working with animal rescue. BTW this is not a "be a vegan" commercial here, just ramblings. Some people really need meats of some type to function in a healthier manner.

    I'll upload a photo of a cute rescued cottontail for you. It was docile for a few days of captivity, then got its strength and was going to kill itself trying to escape and no matter how much anti-biotic was recommended, it had to be released. More on that story later.

    Much more reading is in order to meet and greet everyone. Sun, Julie and Star, I didn't mention you - only because I'd not read enough to give an honorable greeting. I look forward to doing so.

    We're breathing and can communicate - makes it a great day in spite of other battles.

    From the heart, Victoria
  7. Tori Z

    Tori Z Member

    Hey Sun, I do hope some heat alleviates the pain today. You should feel better after the 48 hour mark is passed. I'm gung-ho about yard work and then.. you know. Last month I showed up at the Rescue right after a load of horse feed had come in. It was 21 degrees outside and the manager needed help with the moving. Every 45 lb bag let me know all the parts that were out of shape as well as a reminder of an old head/neck injury by the guy that dropped his computer and carry-on on top of me at Chicago O'Hare.

    Eartha thinks she should do well on the gravy from Fancy Feast only. Forget the serious food. She's a gravy junkie and doesn't want anything of the costlier labels. Glad it seems Clair is doing better... unless I missed some of the story.

    Yay on the WH. So glad you had a backup in the other part of the house. We were thankful once upon before downsizing aka layoffs... our kitchen and laundry water heater was still in prime condition while the other died. Super hard water in our county killed 'em every time.

    Off to see if Jonathan ate lunch. Two of his meds take away his appetite and he has no weight to lose. It's sometimes the best I can do to avoid a battle scene over his need for food.

    Thank you everyone. You are wonderful and appreciated.
  8. bct

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    Hi Gang. NO nrg at all as
    usual. Felt I had to pop in to tell you I'm still hanging on..... I think.

    Welcome to our enclave Victoria. So nice to have new members.

    I'm about ready to crash. Glad I'm not driving a car.

    I am getting fuzzier in my brain -- light-headed --; I think I need to get my ultrasound of my carotid arteries sooner than later. SO tired of docs. and appts. You know how it is...

    Thank you so much for your posts, Star and Spring. I need to see different visions of the world. And frankly Star, you have a knack for writing!

    Rock, it's raining here too, and for a few days more 'til the sun shines. The heavy rains have battered the crocus flowers a bit, but the first daffs are blooming-- forget its name but it is a tiny 4-5 inch plant with regular (but small) trumpets. Maybe it's Tete a Tete, or a species whose name I've forgotten. Very pretty.

    The hazel catkins are showing, and flower buds on the bay trees. A few daisy flowers in the yard, and a dent de leon.

    Mikie, I hope your potassium/magnesium problems get sorted out. I presume the doc said that they were the cause of your being stoned, eh? :rolleyes:

    So tired, whine, moan. Blue am I. Sunny weather ahead. Now bed
    to read and rest.

    Love and hugs to ALL,
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    Hi Kids

    I don't have the energy to do long posts and talk at everybody any more. Gordon
    suggested I do more frequent short posts. After he put forth this proposal about
    umpteen times I decided to try.

    Sun, I've been to the Santa Anita Race Track several times. Not only for
    races but for other events such as The Irish Festival, Greek Festival, etc.
    Gordon's orchid club meets at the County Arboretum next door. A
    nearby school has its graduation ceremony there. I remember buying
    a loaf of Irish Soda bread for nine dollars there about 30 years ago! NINE
    dollars! For a loaf of bread! I couldn't say, "Are you crazy!" The gal I was
    buying it from was an authentic Irish Coleen. Not only that, she worked in our
    law office. Uff-da!

    Anyhoo I took my mother there a couple of times. The first time a nice gentleman
    about her age got to talking with us. Advised her what horses to bet on.
    With his tips she won every race but one. 'Course she was only betting two
    bucks, but still...Anyway we went back another time. Without her trusty
    advisor she didn't win a single race.

    Good to hear you're getting a new control panel for your Westinghouse. I
    learned two riddles-jokes when I was a little kid. One was, "What did the rabbit
    say when the lady asked what he was doing in her Westinghouse? Answer:
    "I'm westing, of course."

    The other was, "What's black and white and red all over." Answer: a newspaper.
    Was years before I understood that joke. Mikie probably knew it while still
    in her crib.

    Tori, I assume Eartha Kitty is named after Eartha Kitt. I saw Eartha Kitt in
    the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. She was starring
    in a revamped Kismit with a new title: Timbuktu. The Pantages used to be home
    to the Academy Awards ceremony.

    I've been to Texas. Drove through part of it one summer on the way from
    California to Minnesota. The air conditioning quit working when we drove
    into Texas and started working again half an hour after we left Texas.

    Had a nicer visit decades later when we visited my Aunt and Uncle in
    San Antonio. Saw the Alamo and the river walk. Still have the Alamo leather
    magnet on the fridge.

    Barry, Old Boy, glad to see you were up to posting. I don't know any tiny
    plant with trumpet flowers. We do have angel trumpet or brugmansia here,
    but they are shrubs that get tall as people. Gordon wanted one for a long
    time. Finally got one. Then we had the recent summer drought, and it died.
    Gotta watch out for these babies. They belong to the deadly nightshade family.

    Never read Samuel Pepys, but your closing line reminded me of his,
    "And so to bed." Regards to Richard.

    Hugs Julile, Mikie, Dianne, Granni, Spring, Linda, GB


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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Soooo good to see a full Porch again. Seems we are all out of NRG or having other problems. I got up and took five of the 99mg potassium citrate capsules. I'll do it twice again this morning and rinse and repeat this evening. So far, no adverse effects (knocking on wood). I will have to have blood drawn on the 22nd or thereabouts. Since potassium can affect the heart, the doc isn't taking any chances. Sir Vester was in a much better mood this morning. He was never interested in playing with the little plastic balls with the bells in them. I rolled one under the loveseat just within his reach. He rolled it back out and has been batting it around. As he ages, some of his hair is getting really long and there are more white hairs among the black. This computer shut down yesterday and it's acting up this morning so I'll be posting and coming back to edit to try to prevent losing everything.

    Spring, I'm so glad all the hoopla over the wedding is done and I hope the happy couple are blessed. I wish I were a more sociable sort with all the NRG to go out. I think exhaustion makes us happy just to be at home. When we can't stand it anymore, we venture out or accept invitations. Then, we come home to recouperate. As much as I love my kids and enjoy their company, it is exhausting for me when they visit. They don't care how I look or feel or whether the condo is cleaned up. They are the best guests. It's just that I always feel compelled to clean before they come and afterward. Right now, I can't have guests because of everything all over the place. I've had to deal with more urgent things recently so it just waits to be cleaned up. I'll have to make a gazillion trips to Goodwill with the whole back of my SUV crammed full. We often jump into summer here too. It takes me about a month to adapt to the heat and humidity. Here's hoping for a gentle easing into it for both of us.

    Rock, I'll check into that book. When you have to worry about rain is when you look out and see animals walking two by two down the street. DSIL's Uncle Dickey had a box at Santa Anita. He once owned a race horse. At his wake, the guy who plays the bugle, or trumpet or whatever, at the track came and played in his honor. I hope and pray your surgery goes well. Like all of us who have been sick for so long, you're a real trouper. You have to be to put up with what these illnesses dump on our plates. Dump is the operative word here. Wow! I feel so privileged to be mentioned in the same sentence as Mary Martin and Ethel Merman. Just don't ask me to sing! Yikes! I grew up on musicals and loved Ethel Merman. Mary Martin did more on the stage than EM but I got to know her when she did her Peter Pan role as Tinkerbell on the TV special in B&W. Years later, I found out that she was Larry Hagman's mother. If you read about celebs or watch some of the shows on TV today, you find out everyone is only about two degrees apart. Enjoy the book.

    Sun, I'm glad Claire ate a bit of the wet food. Poor kitty! I hope she's feeling better. I hope your neck gets better too. That's miserable. I've been clenching my teeth at night but it's a bit better than it was. I think the magnesium was causing it and it, in turn, was likely causing some of the tinnitus. So glad you've found a resolution to the water heater problem. It's so hard for us single women to try to take care of everything ourselves. We have problems, we fret and try to find answers but, in the end, we seen to prevail one way or another. Yes, it's a lot of capsules to swallow but they are small and go down easily. I need to see whether I can buy them OTC in bulk more cheaply or whether to just get the Rx filled. With the GoodRx coupon, I think it would cost about the same. When you said you have brugmansias, I thought it sounded like some kid of medical condition. I'm relieved it's a plant. I'd post a pic but Cortana isn't working with Windows 10. Take good care of Claire and your neck, my friend.

    Tori, my kids live in McKinney, near Dallas. She has mentioned the crazy weather. When I was there at Thanksgiving, it was pretty nice. I grew up in CO and, when the oil in TX made some people rich, they would summer in the mountains of CO to get outta the TX heat. People from CO my age often say, "y'all" because of the Texans. It was only in the last few years that I learned the plural of y'all--all y'all. Plural possessive is all y'alls' or y'alls'. Pretty much anything works. I watch Fixer Upper on HGTV and I hear them saying it. My friend, Nancy, has a daughter in MI who rescues dogs, horses and all kinds of other critters. Nancy has pics of them all on her phone just like grandchildren. We are animal lovers down here. I used to take iodine tablets for my thyroid and, later, Synthroid. My lazy thyroid started working on its own so now, I take nothing. I hope yours helps you.

    Barry, so good to see you here but I wish you weren't so exhausted, fuzzy and blue. OMG, that almost sounds like a Smurf. Not making fun of you but we have to grab humor where we find it. I've been feeling the same way and, from now on, I think I'll just refer to it as feeling like a Smurf or feeling Smurffy. Hah, autocorrect didn't know what to do with that word. Sounds like a lovely early spring there, including the rain. Some expert showing the flooding in CA said the drought would take up to a decade to end. I'm sure it doesn't feel like a drought where you, Rock and Sun are. We had just a bit of rain the other night but it was enough that I didn't have to water the plants in containers. Had to laugh at your comment on being stoned. The guy in the next bed at the hosp. was also having his stones blasted and I referred to us as stoners. This is not exactly my favorite way to be stoned. Whine, whine, whine! Medical MJ is legal here but you have to be terminal to get it. I hope they make it legal for recreational use but, considering the leanings of most of the people here, I'm not holding my breath. Hope you feel better and, yes, please do get your ultrasound. We'd like to keep you around.

    I just took the second five capsules of potassium. Keeping fingers crossed that I can tolerate them without problems. It's cool out this morning and I have the sliding doors open. Sir Vester likes them open because he doesn't want to get stuck out there with the doors shut. I always let him in when he pounds on the glass with his paws but he's afraid of being closed out. He's being sooooo much better this morning. Jeff finally found a litter that Tweety likes so she's stopped using his flower pots to poop in. I'm glad because she was on borrowed time. He loves her so much that it would be really hard for him to have to get rid of her. She follows him around the hood like a dog. He's president of the big board now so he's out and about a lot. I'm glad he's in charge.

    Well, kiddies, I think the real newspaper is here so I'm gonna bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby has a most wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: That's a great pic. Of Santa Anita. Such a beautiful view of the mountains. What a lucky lady your mom was! That guy had to have inside information. I probably would have been like your mom though...only betting small.

    I have a lot of fond memories of going to the track the day after christmas. My dad loved to bet the horses, even had a bookie which was the local barbershop. The big thing was for my brother, sister in law, my dad and I to go to the track the day after christmas......opening day. My dad would treat us to the club house where all the rich people sat drinking bloody Mary's and eating over priced sandwiches. I wasn't much into winning though! Meaning I usually lost what I brought, maybe won a few times but the fun was just being there.

    My boss I mentioned loved the races, and would sneak out with a few friends from work (I always covered for him) EXCEPT the one time his wife called in a panic wanting to speak to him. I said he was at the track.....she said I HAD to get in touch with him immediately because their house was on fire. Remember this was before that wonderful invention of cell phones. So I had to call the track, they paged him, he got on the phone, and all I could say was his wife had called and the house was on fire when the track cut us off. Obviously they didn't want any secret codes passed. By the way, that was Friday the 13th. I always remember that when a friday the 13th rolls around. And as to their house, damaged so badly from an electric blanket that the entire family including their dog had to live in a motel for 3 mos.

    I have brugmansias! A double cream, a single white, a peachy one and a yellow. Years ago I was taken with them and soooo wanted a red, but they're on the rare side, although you can get them in Mexico. If we lived closer Gordon could have branches from them. They're very easy to start, even in water. I'll bet if he lets the word out at his orchid club someone would have them.

    About Cold, Sassy Tree, a movie was made years ago starring Faye Dunaway....I'm sure the library would have it.

    Tori: How cool that you're involved with a horse rescue ranch. I tried looking up about Bubbles, checked the library too, but they don't have the book. He sounds like an indomitable spirit and wonderful that he now has a home forever.

    And I'm guessing that would be YOU that didn't take your potassium? And I cringed when you mentioned casually your neck injury from a total stranger. What exactly happened? Dropped on you in a plane? Do you have residual pain from it? And is that you in your picture with a horse?

    As to Texas, I have good and bad memories of visits to your state. When I was around 10 we drove that summer back to Virginia to see my Dad's family. Someone had told my dad if he drove non stop to Texas from california he could make good time. NOT. My mom didn't drive so it was just him. Well, we finally stopped in El Paso where we found a cheap motel where he crashed, and slept for over a day. It was a scary time for us, not knowing how he would be or what would happen to us. I can still remember sitting in this tiny motel room watching a small TV, too hot to even step outside.

    And the only other time was when my dad, mom and I flew to Ft.Worth for a family reunion at my aunt and uncle's house. My dad wanted to see what first class was like on a plane so he splurged. It was sooo much fun, I think there were only 5 of us in first class, and I got to enjoy a lot of canap├ęs and a good dinner. I was about 20 at the time and full of energy and life! Ah....those were the days. And one evening the entire family went to my Aunt and Uncle's country club for dinner, she brought some booze! I had never heard about a dry state. I honestly thought my aunt was an alcoholic who couldn't be without it! And the HEAT! Yipes, air conditioned house, air conditioned car, and stores.

    Barry: Good to see you but I'm sorry for how you're feeling. By the way, have you ever had your oxygen level checked? If not you might want to buy an oxymeter and check. You might have low oxygen level. They run around $20 at CVS or wherever. I find when my level has gone low I feel lightheaded and low energy.

    Mikie: I see you were posting while I was here. Of course, you're 3 hrs. Ahead of me. I'm up with lots of pain, I think this time from that run in with the trash container. It takes me days longer to heal from anything than other younger, healthy people. So I gave in and took some ibuprofen, then a tramadol and finally coffee to give it all a jump start.

    Uncle Dickie must have had a great send off! An art teacher I had died a few months ago and apparently he had a wonderful send off also. He was a big USC football fan, and they played the USC marching song at his funeral. Unexpected but so like him.

    And here's a strange story of how thievery doesn't pay.

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
  12. Tori Z

    Tori Z Member

    G' day Porchies.

    Good to meet you Barry. I think Sun has a good idea for you. I'm glad you can rest and trust it will help you mend. Winter is hard in so many ways.

    Sun, My stubborn father dropped his potassium. I needed to make that more clear. WOW, that's some story about this unfortunate family losing a Mom/Wife to being trapped in a clothing depository. Awfully tragic.

    It was an unkind co-passenger that decided to rush getting his laptop and carry-on out of the overhead bin above me as we sat outside the gate at Chicago O'Hare near midnight. People were so aloof there when it happened. In Texas some stranger would see that you were alright and didn't need medical. All went black as the items came down on my head/neck. I was so stunned I didn't know what to do, but recovered well enough to walk off the plane and got to my hotel for a rushed schedule the next day. Took 2 years to heal up the soft tissue so I damaged my stomach with ibuprofen. Of course, now I know what I should have done.

    I am so blessed to be able to get out to the rescue and do whatever I can. It brightens me up to be out there. The crew of people out there are like minded toward people and animals so it is refreshing! I'm weeks out of a visit due to a schedule change and avoiding everyone thinking my daughter had shared strep throat with me.

    Yes, that's me with a 2 week old filly, but it's from 2011... that photo makes me smile.

    Can't yet post a link, being a newbie, but if you do a search on google, you'll find a lot about Bubbles the Rescue Horse since December.
    I'm glad you have good memories of time here. Bless your heart, from east to west, it's a looong drive.

    Texas has such a variety of climates. The panhandle gets the extreme cold, while our north central plains area where DFW metro is located gets a bit of snow/ice/cold but not such as Amarillo. I think late July - August is very hot. May & June can be quite lovely. Spring is great here and it seems we're beginning early with a few 80 degree days. (I vote for 70s)

    As in most of the south, everything is air conditioned. (I marvel at real estate in CO that simply doesn't have central heat and air built in. ) Survival is torture in Houston due to the humidity & heat combined in the summer. DH lived there before we were married and hated it.

    We lived north of Fort Worth for 11 yrs and I adore Bass Hall in the Cultural District downtown near the Stockyards.

    We're now northeast of Dallas. Just close enough for an easy drive on the tollway to DFW Airport...and far enough away NOT to claim Dallas as our home. Still quite a bit of farm land, ranch land here and beautiful horse country just a wee bit north of us.

    Wow, Texas was a dry state? It has changed. I can admit shock when we visited Iowa to see alcohol in Walgreens and grocery stores. Wine and beer is sold in most any store here with specialty stores selling liquor.

    I'm off to see if Jonathan has eaten breakfast, so I'll leave a happy tail with you. See picture of LBB - little brown bunny.

    LB was removed from a humane trap at an airport in Dallas. The Love Field Fire Department puts out traps to keep the little ones off the runways and out of engine intake. Standard ops is to simply turn the animals loose farther away from the runway field, but LB was injured attempting to get out of the trap.

    It was an adventure to care for him as I'm not wildlife certified and I thought he was an abandoned domestic with agouti fur. First information given me was "the fire department brought him by asking if we could help".

    While working at the Horse Rescue, we were facing overnight temps in the teens, so water for the horses was the main focus after all else was covered. Someone mentioned a bunny that needed TLC in the staff tack room, so I volunteered my house. All things said, bunny was very compliant for a few days while he recovered. I'd wrap him up snug and he would fall asleep while I held him. A bottle of Bannix antibacterial spray treated the injury to its face well, but I found an inflamed puncture injury (maybe hawk) so his stay was prolonged while he was given some antibiotics suitable for his species.

    To release him to our neighborhood where low shrubs abound was a delight. Two wildlife specialists told me that he could die suddenly and not to be disappointed after all my time invested, since cumulative stress can kill cottontails.

    I think I see him now and then because he's the only cottontail in the neighborhood more accustomed to commercial aircraft than automobiles, so he makes haste to avoid the cars while the rabbits just look at them while working on a patch of clover.

    Eartha, the tortoiseshell kitty is on the printer meowing at me... I think she's ready to eat what she didn't at 7:30. Have a great day, love to all...

    Attached Files:

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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    TORY - Welcome. I have no time to write right now but I need to get back here to chat with you and all my dear Porch friends. So, you are from TX, where abouts?? We are north of Houston by about 75 miles or depending on where in Houston. That as you probably know is really big or getting that way. We lived there for over 30 years with our kids who are now grown with grands. So sorry about your neck injury after all that stuff fell o your head. Most of the time I have found Texans to be quite helpful and courteous but however there are always some that are not. I have to go shopping with my DD who lives closeby at 1 :00 so have to fix lunch for DH and myself before I go. What a cute and different name for a kitty - Eartha :)! I cann't believe that it is time for another volume again. Glad the porch is busy but I have been so busy lately and the weather has been getting warmer so I was cleaning the bridge outside so DH could paint it again. What a pain.

    Thinking of ALL my Dear Porchies MIKIE, JULIE, SUN, ROCK, BARRY, DIANE, SW and I hope to get back later on today or tomorrow. Fri we get our new appliances.

    Love , Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I had a shower and did my hair and makeup. I had to drop off a check at the mgmt. co. and stopped at Publix for fruit. I got some strawberries and red grapes. I buy Gala apples by the sackful and eat them with cheese. Cashier didn't get my little container of dates close enough to the scanner and she just put them in the bag. I told her they didn't scan. She seemed irritated that I didn't just keep my mouth shut and get them for free. She's lucky I wasn't a secret shopper. I came home and have just rested. My NRG doesn't last long.

    I stopped to give Grace some of my magazines and she said Dennis was in bed and not feeling well. Evidently, yesterday, she, Ilona and I all slept the day away. No one is feeling very well. Ilona continues to cough and not cover her mouth. I'm not gonna sit close to her as long as she's doing that. Dennis is playing golf at 3:00 and wanted to be able to go. I told Grace that men make miraculous recoveries when they have tee times. Something is going around here and no one is up to par (pun intended).

    Sun, yes we were here at the same time. The kids said Uncle Dickie had a wonderful sendoff. He was very beloved. Sounds as though you are treating your pain with everything you can. Only suggestion is to add a wee bit of chocolate to the mix--for medicinal purposes of course. I need to go down and trim the bushes in the stairwell atria. I put down a plastic square and throw all the clippings on it. Then, I put them on the corner on the lawn so the landscapers have to pick them up before mowing. It's bad enough I have to do their trimming for them; I'm not going to throw away the clippings too. I hope you feel better, my friend.

    Tori, what a sweet little bunny. Down here in the jungle, there are several animal rescue organizations and they have lots of volunteers who help the animals. Right now, one of them has a young bald eagle who fell out of the nest and bruised his wing. He is recovering until he can be returned. His parents and sibling are all at the nest so the volunteers will place him there when he's ready to go home. Strangely, eagles will take back their eaglets when they are returned. Right now, he's sleeping in a small basket which is attached to a tree for his temporary nest at the facility. They just returned a tortoise to the wild. Our paper keeps us apprised of all the critters' progress. I have personally found people from TX very polite and helpful. I like McKinney where my kids live. My favorite thing in TX was when we visited San Antonio and the Riverwalk. It doesn't hurt that the Mexican restaurant on the Riverwalk serves Margaritas in huge bowls. Mmmmm!

    Granni, you really have been a busy bee lately. I'm glad you stop in when you can to let us know you are OK. Come back when you can sit a spell.

    Rock, I looked up that book and would like to read it. I need to go to the library to get my card renewed and check to see what I can download to my Kindle. That book is $9.99 and that's too much to pay to download it from Amazon. I'll check into ordering it in softcover but I'd rather read electronically. There is another by the same author and I'll check it out too. The older I get, the more I enjoy reading about life in a quieter time. Lotsa hugs to you and Gordon. BTW, my big old dendrobium orchid is blooming. Grace is taking a piece of it home. A new shoot with roots appeared on one of the old canes.

    I didn't feel up to stopping at Wal*Mart while I was out. I'm going to check out a new phone and phone plan there. I'm paying too much considering I don't have unlimited data. It's not that much but I can do better. Grace was saying she and Dennis pay $150 a month for their plan. Ilona said they pay more than that. Yikes! No need to pay that much for two people. My phone is getting older so I'll just get a new one. I don't know whether to get one of the larger ones or another one the size I have. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    OK, gotta go. Hope y'all are enjoying your day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Gack! Heavy storm headed our way; gale warnings, flood warnings, some roads washing out, dairy stock must be evacuated to higher ground; horses too. I expect our power will go out; depends on the winds toppling trees onto power lines, etc., etc.

    Rock: re the trumpet flowers -- they are dwarf daffodils. As for Brugmansias, I love them and I envy Sun her collection of them! We can't grow them here; wrong climate.... Ask Gordon, by the way, if it is normal for a Phalaenopsis to send out new flowering spikes from the tips of the old flowered stalks that aren't cut back. Mine is sending lots of air-roots and then pop! -- two stems that appear to be flowers stems are coming out of the center. Leaves too. Very peculiar.

    Rock you have seen so many famous people! I saw Eartha Kitt while I was at boarding school in London. Otherwise, I've been passed a joint by Janis Joplin after a Santa Barbara concert, and seen Jim Morrisson and the Doors in concert in San Francisco.

    Tori, I thank you from my heart for the animal rescue work you do. So many abandoned and lost dogs are in our shelter nearest us, and cats, goats, parrots,etc. The last horse they had was just adopted! Yay! My partner, Richard, wants to get another dog from them. Our last one died in December from a brain tumour. A horrible experience for us....

    Y'all are talking about Texas. My father was from Grand Saline, w of DWF. I've lived for spells in Houston, Del Rio, Dallas and Grand Saline. Houston = first green anole lizard I ever saw. Del Rio == big tortoises. Grand Saline = big black slugs that my tobacco-chewing Gma didn't approve of me collecting. Also first time on a horse. Dallas I don't remember much about; wasn't there for very long. Long ago and far away, my times in Texas. My mom dragged me out of school when I told her how the black kids were being bullied. She wouldn't stand for that, and ordered the text books and did home schooling for me.

    I have to stop and rest now; big storm coming tonight. I hate it when the power goes out.

    Love and Peace to All,
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just stopping in for a minute. On the dreaded Surface. AACCKK! Barry, batten down the hatches and lie low. How about a goat instead of a dog, as a pet, not to eat. See y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry, was that Yay for the horse or that Richard has decided to get another dog? Eeegads....keep all that weather up by you, we don't want it down here. My son lives in Portland and they've gotten more than their fair share of water, liquid and solid.

    Big black slugs? Interesting. Are they as big as those banana slugs up by you? We saw those in the redwoods and I was AMAZED.

    Tori: Sweet pic. Of the bunny rabbit. Good for you for helping.

    Mikie: There's always a bug going around, but then coughing without covering your mouth doesn't help those around. I do a lot of coughing from the copd and I think everyone wonders if I'm sick....nope, just the lung problems.

    And I thought today would be a kick back and relax from the STRESS. Not so. I went to my finished bathroom to get something and OMG....water on the floor. So after sopping that up I realized it had run onto the large piece of carpet I had down, which also seeped under my antique pewter cabinet....circa 1770! So after cutting away the carpet with a utility I called my handyman who had to come out and work on sink. I mentioned the toilet will flush on it's own at times, uh oh.....more $$ going out. I've got a fan going to dry the cement floor too. So after him being here for over 3 hrs. We managed to remove the old carpet, and I gave him a small cabinet I no longer needed. Oh yes.....and a slice of the gluten free banana bread I baked last night....ooooooo. Soooo good. Very moist and yummy and healthy.

    The pewter cabinet was stuffed full as was the old hutch that was my mom's, so now I'm looking at all the stuff and wondering what I can get rid of. Some can go to the thrift store but I have a big set of liberty blue dishes so perhaps I can sell them to a local antique store. Don't want to put them away. I'm thinking God is nudging me more to lighten up around here. Things always happen for a reason, so maybe the little leak forced me to do some things I've put off.

    Update: I thought Clair was doing good since she used the litter box, but a little while ago she jumped into the bathtub while I was in there, trying to go potty! Just A few drops of watery blood, so I will take her to the vet tomorrow. I'm getting tired of everything going on around here. I've got her in the bathroom for tonight since I will need to struggle to get her into the carrier tomorrow, which I dread......she's a fighter. Right now she's banging on the door.
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Up early but got some pretty good sleep last night. I have the slider open for Sir Vester and my allergies are bothering me. We are sposda have fog this morning but sun isn't up yet so can't tell. I love the early morning hours when it's quiet out while I have my coffee, watch the news on TV and stop in to the Porch. Weather is going to be 80 degrees during the days and in the 50's at night. I love cool nights, great for sleeping.

    Sun, strange that you mention God's nudging you to lighten up. I've had exactly the same sensation along with the urge to get my affairs in order. It doesn't feel like an omen of my demise but just the need to make life easier through organization. I'm soooo sorry for these water problems. Might it be less expensive in the long run to hire a plumber to get to the bottom of the leaks? Long term water damage can cause all kinds of problems, including mold. I hope you can get it fixed once and for all. Poor little Claire. I hope she's OK. Could she have a bladder infection? My Mom's cat would pee over the drain in her tub when she was passing blood with her bladder infection. Due to our climate down here, there are usually fewer things going around, that is, until the Snowbirds bring their bugs with them. My allergies make me cough now and then but Ilona's cough sounds like thick mucus. AACCKK!!! She has a very unhealthy lifestyle and has trouble getting over things. Those of us with these illnesses have problems getting well too but it's not because we don't try to be healthy.

    Not much to tell so will mosey along. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning DEAR PORCHIES,

    DH is at the men's breakfast and I was going to go with DD to our Fit and B\Fab class but DH wanted me to stay home in case the delivery people should call about the appliances to be delivered tomorrow sometime. Hope we are the the first people in the day. I was thinking they might call much later in the day but DH was nervous about it so I didn't go. Also he left his phone at home so I couldn't call him so I figured I would just stay here and do a few things and check on the Porch :)!!

    MIKIE - Sorry your allergies are bothering you along with everything else. Yes, I am also TRYING to get or organized and should I say DH is also trying to help me do so, Yes, you are also right about TRYING to be or stay healthy. Hope you feel better soon.

    SUN - so sorry about poor little Claire. If she has blood in her urine it might be a UTI among others things. How is she at taking meds? Hope you don't have to much trouble getting her into the carrier:)!! Being in pain and feeling bad is not good and probably makes her feel scared too. Poor kitty ):!!! How old did you say she was? Hope she gets on meds and is doing OK soon. Sorry also for all your water leak problems and the problems they cause. Hope you get rid of them soon without so much worry, work and $$$ .

    JULIE - Hope you are OK and got those dumb taxes organized as well as estate matter !! Stay well please.

    Thinking of everyone. Hope to check back later. I will be singing again today and then no performances till the 21st I think. Yay !! One of the ladies who books for our group is a real go getter. She just lost her husband not to long ago and music is her life and was also a piano teacher and sings in many groups as I did. She is about 90 yrs old or is close to it. Hope I am as good as she is other than some hearing loss and some of her memory. We all told her to book us once a week at the most other than possibly Christmas time but she keeps forgetting. We also sang on Tuesday. I wasn't going to go but others can't sing so the group will be smaller today. Great, I may be singing my part by myself - YIKES !!

    Gotta run. DH will be home very soon so I need to a few ore things when I get off the Porch.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Wow, the Porch is buzzing with activity! So good to see.

    Rock - what good advice Gordon gave you..about shorter, frequent posts... Much better than prolonged absences.

    Mikie - I think you are as organized as you can be under the circumstances. I am upto my neck in responsibilities with this house I live in with its utterly unsuitable size and some things which can't be changed easily. What did you have in mind about organization.? Like cutting down on things? I could do with a few tips, my brain is too addled to think of some myself.

    Tori - I loved reading yr post. You are a beautiful writer. Those are lovely stories about the rescue work. God bless you all out there. L B, I hope is loving his new lease of life and will find a sweet bride with whom to spend his days.

    Granni - what a wonderful thing to be so healthy and active at 90, like that lady. Wonder what's her secret. Good luck for your performance.

    Sun - the bathroom commode flushing itself would startle me! What causes it to do so? You weren't joking when you said that bathroom gives you problems. The heat is on the rise here. And I think we will hv to be careful with our water. So many new buildings coming up.

    Barry - so good to see you posting more frequently. I hope the impending storm isn't a very bad one. Do you hv power back up?

    I did some mopping of the hall downstairs and the staircases. And watered part of the garden. Just let the hose run...no time to individually water the plants..I hope they forgive me. I've been very behind. Maybe if I can't keep up, I will let some plants go. Boy, will i be glad to see the monsoons this time round.

    I've stocked my larder, well, I mean I've got almost everything I need by way of food and groceries. Spices and sugar n all. That always makes me feel a bit relaxed. I hate running out of some ingredient while cooking or finding im out of detergent or something while doing chores. I keep running out of green chillies. Some things like cilantro and milk I hv to buy daily. It eats into the time I can sit with my computer and surf or read my book.

    My friend and me had a chat but I get irritated sometimes. She thinks of doing so many things and is unrealistic about it. She is so gifted artistically, she makes jewellery and such, and is good at figures and also is a whiz at cooking. But she is kind of insensitive. And self centered sometimes. I'm so puzzled at how can someone be so intelligent and yet so uncomprending at the same time! I think she just jumps into something and then runs out of steam.
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