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    Hi, Kiddies,


    Y'all know the drill. I'll be back as soon as I read the last posts on the old Porch. Y'all might want to check out the last few. Also, check out the pic of the Origami dragon I found online.

    Victory is mine!!! I overcame my lethargy and got into the shower. After doing my hair and makeup, I went to Publix. I was out of food. I'm glad I didn't go yesterday because they had better cat food on BOGO today. I was hungry and loaded up on a few BOGO things I'll use over the next few weeks. It was windy out and my nose ran nonstop. I've gotten nothing done since coming home but that's OK. I did walk as fast as I could in the parking lot to get a bit of exercise. I also walked down to the mailboxes here. I don't know when DD will send the new phone. It may take a while. She has to clean up the phone before sending it in terms of the e-mails and pics, etc. on it. Also, if DSIL is about to get a brand new one, she'll send me his he's using now. I really don't care as I'm not in a hurry but I can't let my mailbox get full. I got my Lowe's bill and will send in another $200 on the fridge. I can take 18 months but won't. I just didn't want to pay it all off at once. It's depressing when my bank acct. takes a BIG hit.

    Sun, you had mentioned the classical music radio station. We no longer have one here. Even the golden oldies station now plays music from the 80's. That's golden oldies for my kids! I loved the music in the 80's but the songs selected are not my favorites. Signals with the best clarity are country and pop. Car radio doesn't pull in a good signal. Neither did my old car so I kinda thing it's the lousy radio signals here. Younger people, and those with newer cars, often have subscription radio like Seriusxm. Fortunately, around the house, I can listen to any kind of music through Amazon Prime. I have CD's but it's easier just to turn to Amazon. How goes the portraits? I've always wanted to learn to do caricatures like the ones in political cartoons. I've never tried it. Maybe when I just feel like doodling...

    Star, your posts are fun to read. When I read that DS wanted Froddo Frog, all could think of was the scene in The Godfather where he kisses his brother and says, "I always knew it was you, Frodo." Puss is a perfectly fine name for a cat. I'm not sure Sir Vester still has a killer instinct. He's always be a fairly mellow fellow except when he takes a nip at me. So glad your DS was out of harm's way when the fires hit. That's scary. Are you guys moving to a bigger house, a smaller house, a house with more property, less property? Enquiring minds want to know. DD who is an interior decorator and stages homes for sale would agree with sticking to the more neutral tones. I am liking gray in lieu of the ubiquitous beige. DD's gray and silver dining room is beautiful. Geez, if I ever got this place clean and all painted, I wouldn't want to move. :) Good luck with everything.

    Granni, I've been taking magnesium for years too but not at the level the doc had me taking it for the stones. I think once one gets sensitized to it, even a little causes problems. Our systems change and perhaps what once worked no longer does. So far, knocking on wood, I seem able to tolerate the potassium. I hope the metabolic panel comes back OK from the lab on the 22nd. It hasn't slowed my heart rate so that's a plus. I think by now, the mag. is out of my system. I'm doing better 'cept for the teeth clenching. Nurse Nancy takes mag. so I can give mine to her. I still haven't found anyone to give my mag./potassium to. Jeff takes only the potassium citrate. I still think things might go better if no one were trying to get your DD to believe her status as a vet. It seems to be the roadblock to having any kind of relationship with her family. If she can't face reality, she can't but I think it might help just to know she is loved. I do keep you all in my prayers.

    I'm sooo thankful that when I feel so exhausted that I'm able to just veg here with Sir Vester and watch TV or read. My condo is comfortable and, except for those pesky hurricanes, the weather is usually nice. I feel very blessed. I hope all y'all are living blessed lives too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I posted.

    I wish everybody well. Linda, I hope you are coming along with your healing. Mikie, I hope you get your supps and/or Rx figured out. Hugs to Sir Vester. Rock, stay dry with all that rain heading your way. And good luck with your procedure for the hernia. Barry, you might try telling Richard what I told Kevin, when we lost a pet. OTHER PETS NEED LOVING HOMES TOO. THEY WANT OUT OF THEIR CAGES. Might work? Might not. Stay safe out of the mudslides/rains.

    Julie, you are doing a great job! You deserve a big (hug)! Star, good to hear from you. I heard about the fires in Australia. Sun, is all your inside work finished? Glad that Clair is feeling better! Spring, I always love reading your posts....you're so far away geographically, yet so close as part of our online family. I love the pictures you posted.

    Granni, so sorry about your family troubles. Glad that you were safe from those tornadoes! And a big hello and hugs to others I forgot to mention.


    I had a "bad" session with my psych doc last week. I kinda went back into severe anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks. I finally got in touch with my therapist today. She'll see me March 1. She understands me. (She's not an MD nor a PA, but she'll pull my file and see what happened, what's in my chart.) Long story, can't get into it. I'll start crying. Let's sum it up by saying: 25 steps forward progress, followed by negative 25 steps backward. I start at "Zero", so I get the warnings from psych doc.

    I will not be on the board for a while. I sit and cry, and meditate, and nap, and play with the cats, and cry and cry and cry.

    I'll be back when I can. In the meantime, I wish you all well!

    Love and hugs and prayers, DIANE
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    Hi Kids

    We just got back from various errands. One was to finally meet the doc who will
    doing my surgery. (Thank you for asking, Diane, et. al.) He is from the Philippines ,
    late 40's maybe, very soft spoken, and not at all arrogant. He said my hernia
    was of the inguinal family. It's at the bottom of my abdomen. I thought inguinal
    meant it was near the groin.

    I told him about the inguinal hernia surgery I had about 3 decades ago. On the right
    side. He said it looked to him like I had surgery on the left side, and that one wasn't
    inguinal either. Uff-da!

    He also said my insurance would pay all the bills. Which is nice. Not really
    free though, since I pay about $2800 for insurance every year and generally
    only get my meds refilled and have an office visit 2 or 3 times.

    I also learned about our friend the pig in the operating room. Pig tissue
    is sometimes used to make the mesh that holds things in place after the
    surgery. This tissue is less likely to become infected and speeds healing.
    The only drawback is that it costs about ten times as much as the alternative.
    Well, I guess that's enough on that topic. I wouldn't want to boar you.

    Diane, I'm sorry you are feeling so distressed. Here are some things that
    helped me deal with depression. Maybe you've tried some or all. Anyhoo:
    The book Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns; therapy; brief periods of
    hospitalization; the 12 step program Emotions Anonymous; therapy classes
    that Kaiser Permanente provided.

    You may not feel up to going to the 12 step program. You can contact the
    home office and ask if they still have discussion groups on the net.

    Time out. I have to keep up my strength with some chocolate from Trader
    Joe's. "Candy Coated Chocolate Drops". In other words, M&Ms. The
    primary difference seems to be that the chocolate drops colors include
    lavender. M & Ms BTW started about the same time I did. During WWII.
    A bag cost 5 cents which had the buying power of a dollar and then some today.

    Mikie, I always say one can't overstate Mikie's penchant for understatement.
    "Pesky hurricanes, indeed!" Nice to think of you and Sir Vester having a
    quiet time together.

    Your old employer Publix was in the news quite a bit last week. I kinda
    forgot why. Some troubles at the store. Was it gunshots? I dunno.
    Every day in every way I'm getting more and more clueless. Ratbane!

    I think a life as a cartoonist would be lots of fun. I especially like James
    Thurber, George Booth, Al Capp, Gary Larson, and George Price.

    Gotta go, Kids. Gordon and I are going out to put bed sheets and plastic
    wrap over the orchids. Gordon has an orchid meeting tonight.

    Hugs Barry, Julie, Sun, Star, Granni, Spring, Tori, Linda, GB
    Cartoon by Gluyas Williams.
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    Diane:. I'm soooooo sorry for all your troubles with panic attacks. They're no fun.....been there and don't want to visit it again. Strange what our bodies/minds do to us and we can't control it. I have a friend whose DH died on thanks giving day. She has had PA off and on for years but they've reared up again and has had to ask friends to drive her to a hospital for help. Of course she knows the drill, deep breathe, think of other things, take your meds. But hard for her to cope just 3 mos. after he passed.

    Clair is doing really good, thanks. She's now on expensive food for her problem and just a few days after eating it.....seems to like it but it sure smells strong......she's putting out an amazing amount of urine in the litter box. A neighbor who fosters cats told me this is a good sign.

    Rock: So when is your procedure scheduled? Glad to read you've got a good doc and that all bills will be paid. YEA. Funny cartoon. Yes, why is that?

    Star: Sounds like grey and white are good choices on redoing your home for resale. Smart move. And good luck with selling. Sounds like your DH is gung ho. What will you be looking for and in what area? Near where you are now?

    Mikie: I watched Fixer Upper the other night....saw them take the little flower shop to their adorable cupcake shop. They're so much fun to watch, seem like such a loving family. I bought her book at christmas time and gave to my DD. I'll have to ask if she's read it yet.

    Granni: How far away are you from Waco? And have you ever watched Fixer Upper? I know you and your little monthly group like to visit places for decorating.

    I pushed myself to take my walk this morning, ugh. But with COPD I MUST do this. Last night was hard sleeping, first time wearing the night guard. It just felt huge in my mouth, lay there trying to go to sleep, but kept waking every couple of hours. But I'll adjust....I hope.

    It was so beautiful today, sunny and warm, so spent more time out in front, pulling weeds. Slowly it's getting cleaned up. Everyone in So. Calif is getting freaked out by the approaching storms. And the wild green parrots are in the neighborhood again. The last couple of days I've seen small flocks of them, about 50-60 I would say. They hit some tree in the neighborhood and attack little berries, or whatever they can find. This morning they covered a eucalyptus tree, making lots of noise and mess. I love them! My neighbor, however, seemed annoyed by their noise.

    My neighbor has a tree covered with small messy black berries which drop onto the gravel I had put down last year. The gardener can't blow them off (or maybe he hasn't tried hard enough) so I dug out some pieces of shade cloth I had in the garage, and put them down on the gravel, weighted down. I figure with the approaching storms the berries might drop. Actually olive growers use this idea to gather the olives that drop when they shake the trees. Then they just gather them up in the netting.
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    SUN and MIKIE - Yes, I LOVE to watch Fixer UPPER. I love the show and both of those lovely people and sweet little kids. That is usually what I put on at night when I go into the room if they are on. Love that channel with those Twin Brothers, too, even if some of the shows are older. I don't care. Those brothers are so cute and smart, and funny as well.

    DIANE - So sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad ad blue. Hope things change quickly for you. Sometimes some of the people that help us most are not docs. I haven't had your problems but I have a friend who did and they were not fun and can be debilitating, if you let it be. Luckily, you have those sweet kitties and DH Kevin. Hopefully some of us on the boards are helpful too, at least in a small way. Some docs, psych or other have little bedside matter shall we say and sometimes we wonder why some chose the profession. Hang in there sweetie. I am sure your weather has not helped your situation either. Hope to hear from you soon again and that you are feeling better.

    SUN - I spent most of the afternoon raking and pulling weeds too. It was cold int he morning so I went out in the afternoon after lunch, Will probably do some painting if the weather cooperates. Not that I want to , mind you :)!

    My DCD is coming up with more stuff that we didn't know about and doubt that most of it is true but she doesn't think she has a problem. She says she is a vet, and had a music studio with her then boyfriend. I know he sang in the band and he was teaching her to play the guitar. Now she supposedly plays a bunch of instruments,. She also was in law enforcement which she says and that is really out of the blue. She said she also has a PA degree which I doubt which is different from the Medical Assistant degree which she worked at for years. She says she is on Dilantin and they supposedly found some stuff in her brain showing something . She said that she had seizure since she was a teen. If so I didn;t know about that unless they were petit mal whjich sometimes are hard to spot. My DS had gran mal seizures as s he was getting ready to go away to college years ago. If you tell her no that isn;t true she gets upset and says we didn't know anything and our memories are very bad, or worse. The deal is all the other kids agree with me.. Enough of that mess. Hope someone helps her and she gets some kind of job, and that she can keep it for obvious reasons. She is trying very hard and is staying at the Star of Hope on mat better than on the rock hard ground outside in the elements which she did before. Enough of my whining and venting.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again and glad you are doing a little better after your shower. Hope you continue to feel better and better.

    Hi also to STAR, ROCK, SW, BARRY, JULIE , et al !!

    Time to go and take my shower.

    Love to awl,
    Granni .:)
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    Hi Kids

    Yesterday was an orchidy day. We had to cover the orchids because rain was coming.
    We moved many of them to our front porch where they would be outside but
    covered so the rain wouldn't hit them. And then Gordon went to an orchid meeting.
    He came home with three more ribbons and three more plants. Well, you know
    how collectors are. Can never have too many.

    Anyhoo the plants he took won two first prizes (different categories) and a Culture
    award which is better than first place and not given out very often. He also
    won three plants in the raffle. There was a new member at the meeting who did
    not win anything. Gordon gave him one of the plants he got in raffle.

    Sun, your question as to when is my surgery is spot on. I forgot to explain.
    I do that almost all the time now. Plus I was called away into the service of
    our friends, the orchids. I am waiting for the doctor's office to call and tell
    us when the surgery is scheduled.

    You managed to actually read the caption on the cartoon? I read it with
    the aid of a magnifying glass and reading spectacles. I also intended to
    tell folks what it said, but I forgot that too. Anyway, one can see the
    elegance Gluyas Williams brought to his work. In addition to cartoons in
    the popular magazines of the day like the New Yorker and the Saturday
    Evening Post, he also illustrated books. I'm going to the library site next
    to see if it has any books of his cartoons. I love cartoon books.

    I hope you can adjust to that mouthpiece. Sounds most unpleasant.

    Granni, do you ever miss work? I do. Well, mostly I miss the fact that
    I used to be a competent person. Also miss socializing with coworkers.
    What I really don't miss are the boring staff meetings that never seemed
    to accomplish much of anything.

    I guess you've had mostly warm weather without any storm problems
    lately, right? We are supposed to have daytime temps in the 60s for
    the next ten days with rain about half the time.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hello all

    Our network was down from morning today...I'm glad they fixed it...

    Star - good to see you pop in..where are you guys moving to? Ironic I agree sprucing up the place only to leave it for another. But I'm sure it.must be exciting for the kids..it was for me when I was young...we moved around a lot..luckily I seem to hv mostly good memories of the places we went to.

    Mikie - thank you for starting us up again...I wish your exhaustion would end and you could go back to the times before the stone saga started. The picture of the hslf opened gate into the garden is so beautiful. It reminds me of the poem by W.B Yeats ...Into the Rose Garden.

    My son was not pleased you thought he was my DH. Lol. But he laughed a lot.

    Diane - I've wondered why you hv been absent. I'm so sorry you are going thru a rough ish patch. Im praying you come out of this..I hope the fur babies are well.

    Sun - I guess we will be having storms now..it's the season here. They come when the flowers are in full bloom. Hailstorms sometimes. It was comical to see DHs uncle running around trying to save blooms.

    Thank you for your compliment on son and my jaw line. That jawline had been the bane of me in school..it was prominent and kids are unkind. I used to wear specs so four eyes was my nickname along with others. I don't wear sarees. What I wear is called bakhu. It is not as elegant as a saree but miles easier to put on. DD wears sarees. She took a couple of them.

    Rock - I wish the hernia didn't happen. I get anxiety when the mention of it appears. I know you said it's a quick procedure. That's a relief. Gordon takes care of his orchids like babies. I think he takes better care of them than I do of myself. I hv been meaning to do exercises to limber up like Granni but a pulled muscle or what seems to be like it in my leg put paid to it.

    However it hasn't stopped me from pottering around..thanks be. The kitchen and stairs hv got a good mop. What a relief. It was bothering me lots.

    Julie - I wonder if it's the winter months contributing to the slump in your case and Diane's. Those dark winter days. I know I perk up a.lot when there's nice warm sunshine after a dark cold day. You seem to be getting a lot done anyhow.

    Granni - that is so stressful about your CD thinking things which never happened. What is the solution. Mental illnesses are so difficult. Because they're not resolved immediately WIGH meds. My depression. Ugh! Very difficult times..those.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    AACCKK!!! My keyboard is getting sticky again. I hate that! I only got about four hours of sleep last night so got up, ate breakfast and fell asleep on the sofa for a while. I'm up with Sir Vester curled up next to me. He's been soooo loving. We watched a show on PBS last night from the bedroom. It was about the amazing things our pets can do. He loved the horses and dogs. We are big fans of PBS. I have to go to the vitamin shop for more potassium. I buy 300 capsules but that's only a ten-day supply at this rate. I'm going to pick up two bottles.

    Diane, I'm so very sorry about the anxiety. My stones caused me to have it and so did the excess magnesium I had to take. I was jumping out of my skin and feeling soooo depressed. Just having someone shut a door in this end of the bldg. made me physically jump and go into fight or flight mode. All I could do was to try to stay calm and distract myself. Of course, I was praying too. It's so hard when there is nothing else one can do. You do have us all here praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. That's what families are for. Sending love, hugs and prayers your way.

    Rock, it'll be so nice when your surgery is over and you're on the mend. You can't make a silk purse of out a sow's ear but, evidently, you can make other things. Just hope there are no side effects like an urge to go out into the yard and root around in the mud. Yikes! If I were ever to get an animal part, I'd like to have Sir Vester's beautiful big bushy tail but he needs it. I brush it for him to keep it in its glorious condition. Gordon is certainly an award winning orchid grower/collector. How nice. I'm glad y'all are getting some sunny skies among the rainy days. We are sposda get some rain this weekend. We'll take what we can get. We are in a drought now. Rain makes the hot humid summers more bearable. Yes, there are often things which happen at Publix. Soooo many people shop there. Be sure to take your chocolate, for medicinal purposes of course. I had some dark chocolate with fresh strawberries yesterday. Mmmmm!

    Sun, we have blooms on our palm trees which form into berries which look like black olives. They make a mess all over the walks and stairs when they drop off. I get my tree saw on a stick and hack them down. They are dangerous to walk on when they are hard. If not removed, they form a mushy mess which stains the walks. Nancy's cat, Bob, eats expensive food which helps his urine. He pees a LOT and it stinks and is very sticky and hard to remove from his litter box. Because I have some antiques, and I favor rustic things, I can decorate a bit in the Fixer Upper style. Her things from Magnolia Farms isn't too expensive but I can find similar things that are less expensive. I have a little iron twine ball holder with a rooster on top which I got at Amazon for about half what it cost on the Fixer Upper website. Hope your walking is helping the COPD.

    Granni, thanks for your sweet good wishes. I felt even better last night and, after my short snooze this morning, I think I'm sloooowly getting better. I just hope the lab results come back good so I can continue to take the potassium. I agree that the Fixer Upper family is sooo cute and funny and those kids are adorable. How is your rash? I hope you can find out what is causing it and get rid of it. Wow, that your DD has so many delusions is probably indicative of how badly she is suffering from whatever mental condition she has. It must be horrible for her and I know it's horrible for the whole family too. I only know what it's like to suffer from anxiety and depression and not be able to help myself. It was horrible for my DD and our family when she suffered from anorexia that was nearly fatal and she couldn't help herself. As always, y'all are in my prayers.

    Spring, tell your DS I'm so sorry. You look so young that it never occurred to me you would have a son that age. I always picture him as a young teenager. Geez, probably best not to tell him that either. He's lucky to have such a young Mom. My younger DD looked so young and was always getting carded and she complained about it. She wanted to look grown up. I told her that someday, she'd be glad to look young. I like that pic of the open garden gate too. It invites me to come on in to see what's on the other side. I can picture whatever I'd like the garden to be. Thanks for you sweet good wishes for some NRG for me. I've had my hopes dashed before but I'm enjoying feeling even a tiny bit better. Take care, my friend.

    I'm gonna get ready to go get my potassium. Think I'll pick up a real newspaper while I'm out to treat myself. News is moving soooo fast now 24/7 that I usually don't bother to read much of what's in the paper. I just compare the headlines with what is on TV. Sometimes, I will ferret out the details. TV news, except for PBS and BBC, is too topical. Whine, whine, whine!

    Love, Mikie
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just reading, dear Porchies. I need to go get dressed as DH will be coming home from the dentist and then the paint store. Just wanted to see if I was missing anything.

    DH will want to go to the store and get a few things and it was raining some today so to wet to paint, No problem for me :)!!! Times a wasting. I got up later than usual and moving like a snail.

    MIKIE - Sorry you haven't gotten to much sleep last night. Hope you ca catch up today and tonight :)!! IV and other sources and so much of it is exaggerated or worse so I try not to pay that close attention ( if you know what I mean).. Glad that you and SV enjoyed your show on PBS ( about the animals) or wherever it was on.

    SW - I forgot to tell you thanks for sending those pics with you and DS. You do look young and son is so nice looking too.

    Thinking about everyone. I am so distracted with this stuff from DCD. My kids don't even answer her or her son either. Everyone is hurt or disgusted but she is trying to finally get a job of some kind, hopefully legal .:confused:

    Gotta run and get dressed..

    Granni :)
  10. lydia1

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    Hi guys! Just put the second coat of paint on three sheets of siding and have to rush to get to the chiro (probably should rinse off in the shower first, lol). Then will stop by home quickly, then head to pick up my dad to bring him out home for his birthday supper. His birthday is actually Monday, but I need to stay close to Den while he's home next week...on the scaffold and ladders.

    I'm thinking of everyone, but just wanted to comment on Spring's question. Yes, winter can be a depressing time around here...less sun, too cold to get outside and do things. It would be okay if we felt like we could just "hang out" indoors, do jigsaw puzzles, catch up on indoor chores, etc.

    But, my patience is getting so thin with still living in the shop and not being able to work on the new house because we didn't have it insulated enough before winter weather hit. Part of that is because of Den's health issues, but I would much rather have him get better than have gotten more done on the house...still frustrating, though.

    And I don't feel like I can really go to Tennessee and see grandkids, because I want to at least get moved before summer...so we are able to relax and make lots of trips back and forth then.

    But...I think the main thing is that I had gotten a "reprieve" from the estate stuff and sis for a couple of months (because we couldn't do anything until time to do taxes...and we had to wait on end of year tax forms, etc. for Gpa.) Then I had to start thinking about all that again...and she will be getting some things in the mail that will make her very angry (so the yelling, accusations, etc. will start again...and possibly time in court, even though it will be a waste of everyone's time.)

    I do try to put her out of my mind, but until this is all settled, we do have to have some contact with her. Once we are done, we plan to never have to see her or even say her name again...and I will be able to stop thinking and worrying. How terribly sad is that? But necessary as she is a very toxic person to the people who know her "true colors."

    Anyway...I've got to run...hope everyone is doing as well as possible. Oh, BTW, temps are warming up and the sun is shining...good for the soul.
  11. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Hello to all, stopping by to say HI, haven't been here in awhile not because I have been busy tho, just because. The good news, my hip is gradually healing, 3 more weeks of crutches. The bad news....due to the crutch walking now my shoulder which also has a torn tendon is painful making my arm and hand go painfully numb making sleep very difficult. I just called the shoulder doc this morning, usually have to wait abut 6 weeks to get in had a cancellation for Monday...yee haa. Nothing a steroid shot wont help but just one more thing to deal w.

    Fix one thing and then something else goes.

    Diane so sorry to hear about all your anx....I hope you feel better sooner than March 1st

    Rock good luck w you surgery, is it a hiatal or inguinal hernia, now I am confusiated, regardless I hope it all goes well

    Mike sorry to hear of all your struggles

    Barry I hope you and Richard find a rescue pup soon. I wish I could save them all

    Julie best of luck w settling the estate and getting the taxes done, I am in charge of all that job and dread it every year

    Sun Star, Spring, all S's hello to you as well and welcome to the new member from TX who I cant recall her name

    Til next time...Linda
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Unlike you I hated my "soft, not strong" jaw line. I guess we're never happy with what we have been given. Where did you inherit your looks from? I got mine from my Dad's side of the family....all the women looked like big bruisers except one petite sister! And my DGM died when I was just a baby but the pictures I saw of her she was also LARGE.

    And tell your DS, he is very handsome. From the way he sits he projects strength in his character. Does he look like your DH? You may have told us, but how old is he? And what's happening with your DD coming back home?

    Rock: Since I use an Ipad I can make things larger just by touching the screen and stretching it, so it wasn't my eyes that did it. When I first was instructed on the Ipad I was absolutely amazed with it's capabilities.

    Mikie: Have you seen the B & B that Magnolia Farms has? And they now have a magazine. I browsed thru it the other day at the market, but didn't feel the need to buy it.

    Lin: Yes, it's always, always something else that hits us. Get one thing fixed and something else breaks. Well, I guess that applies to a house also!

    Julie: Good thing you don't have to notify sis of legal things. I'm assuming she might be counting on something that she won't get. If she calls, don't answer, let her leave a message. Or better yet, leave her a message, referring her to the attorney. And eventually you will get your house finished, and you will appreciate it the more.

    Granni: I just ate a big hunk of cheese and was thinking of you. OMG.....I just can't give up cheese, especially the sharp white cheddar, my favorite. If you've had to give up milk products and you still have the itchy bumps then I would say that's not what's causing it.

    Speaking of ITCHY.....I was out in the garden 3 days ago and suddenly something was biting/stinging me. Reached into my top and found a tiny red spider which I killed but not before he got me twice. Very very itchy and burning. Have to keep putting on special cream to numb it. But that's the "joys" of gardening.

    Years ago I got very sick within about an hr of gardening. Turned into double pneumonia within 2 days. The doc. Tested me for a type of pneumonia you can pick up from dirt, but it wasn't that. That was an awful time. My DD delivered my DGD by Csection, and I was able to see her thru the hospital window getting her first bath but not again for 7 weeks. Kept running a fever so couldn't be around them. My pulmonologist told me I probably had pneumonia more than once besides at the times of bronchitis and that's why I now have COPD.

    Here's another thought about that rash. Are you around anyplace where spraying is done....like to lawns? People with FM seem to have that problem. About 12 years ago there was a TERRIBLE fire in the southland, so bad we had to wear a mask outside.....smoke residue everywhere. About 6 mos. later I got terrible itching on my arms....I could almost dig a hole in them. My neighbor had it also, along with friends, and my son got it on one arm....the arm that is exposed to sun while driving. I had gone to the doctor but he couldn't help, the only thing was to apply milk of magnesia to my skin. My arms now have spots on them, like tiny burns that have healed. We all figured it was from fire retardant.

    I wore that mouth guard again last night. I'm feeling very sleep deprived from it!!!!!! It's hard to get used to this bulky thing in my mouth.
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  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello All.

    A grey and gloomy day, raining. Perfect for my mood. o_O

    Gordon, thanks for the info. My Phal. is still growing its flower spikes. Also a cluster of leaves and roots at the base of same. Looks like I could cut them off as new plants but I don't want to do anything that will endanger the incipient flowers... yet. This is a very small Phal. with white, pink-spotted flowers.

    Spring, I don't like to shave, but R insists. Says it will make me look old? Ah well, so be it. I should love to have some of those pani poori; they sound wonderful! I love Indian, Chinese, and all other S.E.Asian foods. I must really de-clutter my cookbook collection. And my plant books too. Hunanese cooking; Plant Hunting in Nepal; Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook; Chinese Regional Cooking; All About Begonias; Cauduciform Plants; I could go on for a long time so will quit now. I hate getting rid of books of any kind. :(. So probably won't!:p

    Sun, I am pleased to hear that Claire is doing better. What did the vet say the problem was? I hope you and R & G weather the massive storm to hit SoCal. It looks like a very strong system. We in NorCal are on the edge of it, and it's raining like heck right now. Hey, you are lucky to have flocks of parrots near you! I am so envious. I wonder what species they are, and how long ago they were introduced.....

    Hey Mikie, you better pick those cauliflowers before they spoil! :rolleyes: Yeah, I know they're not, just kidding. ;) Me speaking of veggies, we had the first asparagus of the year yesterday. Delicious. I love asparagus. Steamed for 5-6 mins., cooled, then with mayo or melted butter. It is usually too expensive for penny-pinching us, but the season has just begun here in Calif.

    Diane, my dear. I'm so sorry for your sadness. I've been a depressive for much of my life. I hope that your up-coming appt. will be of help. I've been thing of you and Kevin a lot, and missing you here on the board, but do understand. I've finally gotten Richard to look harder for an orphan dog to adopt ... and he is working on it. And I am working on him.

    Linda, so nice to hear from you! I'm sorry that one pain has led to another, but glad you were able to get a quick appt.

    Gotta Go,
    NRG Spent,
    Don't Know Where It Went....

    Love to All,
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Guess I spoke too soon about feeling better. After my bath, I felt sooooo tired it was lie down or fall down. After I woke, I felt as though I were sick with some kind of virus. It's like whatever this is keeps coming back and attacking again and again. Ratbane, as Rock says. I haven't found another word which expresses how I feel and which I can post here. So, Ratbane it is. I hope I'm better tomorrow so I can get to the vitamin shop. Traffic will be worse than usual being it's a holiday weekend in Season here. Geez, I'm coughing again, just like before.

    Rock, I watched Origami Revolution today. It is fascinating. Seems just the idea of folding has all kinds of applications in technology and medicine. Two guys have written a computer program which figures out the math to producing any 3-D shape. They have the capacity to print out the patterns and mark them for folding. Some of the intricate patterns have hundreds of folds. Too complicated for my pea brain but fascinating to see.

    Linda, so good to hear from you and glad the hip is healing. Yes, I call our situation Whack A Mole. We just get one thing taken care of and another pops up. Hope the injection helps the shoulder. Those Icy Hot TENS units really help my pain. My old surgery on my shoulder acts up now and then and I put the unit on it. Good luck at the doc.

    Granni, I'll be taking something for sleep tonight but I did sleep a lot today off and on. I haven't been watching news but have been catching up on the shows I recorded. Right now, I'm watching old reruns of Castle, one of my favorites. Sweetie, mental illness affects everyone in the family and it can produce some really strong emotions. No matter how much people who are sick hurt others, it's not like they can help it. I think that's the most difficult thing to deal with. Barb has been so awful and ugly to so many of us here but we all try to realize she's not well. I know it's more difficult to deal with it when it's a family member. All I can do is pray for y'all but I'll do that.

    Julie, I know how difficult it is to have ongoing construction in the home. Add lousy weather to that and it can feel downright unbearable at times. Pray for protection from all the negative energy when dealing with GPA's affairs. Pray for the Lord's pure protective light to shield you from the ugliness and craziness. At some point, this will be over.

    Sun, again, we have something in common--I love the white sharp cheddar cheese. I usually nibble on it when I'm eating an apple. The Publix house brand is delicious and is less expensive than the name brands. I've loved cheese since I was a kid. I haven't seen the B&B but am always amazed at all the irons those two have in the fire. I had heard of people getting really sick from bacteria in soil. The first time I heard about it, I didn't believe it but it's true. I once stuck my hand inside a shoe in my closet and was bitten by something that resembled a silver fish. It made me really sick all day and affected my CNS. Talk about being jumpy! I smoked when I was younger and had all kinds of lung problems when I lived in Denver long after I quit. I had pneumonia my last year living there in 1997. Think I've mentioned that I have COPD too but it's not too bad. Right now, with whatever is still making me sick, my right lung is hurting when I breathe. That was the side I had pneumonia on. When I lived in CO, I would usually have costo chondritis after the winter ailments. I had to have my ribs injected with cortisone. At least, I don't have it down here, knock on wood. I get stung by things here when I work outside but, so far, no problems. Again, knocking on wood. Be careful, dear one.

    Barry, perhaps it's my fevered sick state but I'm puzzled by the cauliflower reference. Doh!!! I buy asparagus when it's on sale. Of course, being alone means I don't have to share it. I put butter or Hollandaise sauce on mine. I went through my cookbooks and gave some of them away because I don't cook much anymore. DSIL collects them. When I was at his Mom's over Thanksgiving, she had a very old cookbook which was exactly like one my Mom had. Someone had given it to her. Brought back a lot of memories. Sorry for your gloomy weather and mood. In the summertime, we have sunny days with thunderstorms almost every afternoon and then, it clears up again. Sometimes, the storms hit in the evenings. This week, we've had some gloomy days and it does get to a person. Right now, it doesn't matter much as I'm not up to doing much of anything but sleeping and watching TV. Whine, whine, whine. I hope and pray we both get some NRG.

    So glad I have my Online Family here on the Porch. I feel better just reading all y'alls' posts. Not much good on TV this evening til 10:00 when Blue Bloods is on. I usually fall asleep before then. At least, I hope I fall asleep early. Don't know why I didn't last night. I was energized right up til midnight. How could I feel so well yesterday and get up feeling well and then, almost fall over with exhaustion? I'm reading a new book and it isn't half bad. Think I'll dig into it. Hope everydobby has a wonderful night and night's sleep.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry:. :) I'm sooooo glad to read that a new dog will soon be in your future. As someone else said, I think it was Diane, there are so many little animals that would love to leave their cage and come love someone.

    Yesterday I was out for a slow walk, had stopped to remove my sweatshirt and tie it around my waist. There was a man with a small dog out for a walk way ahead of me.....this little dog had turned around to watch me at a distance, then it wanted to come see me...so the owner gave in. Cutest little dog! A terrier mix, so friendly. I bent down and he came right up to my face to smile at me while I ruffled his wiry fur. I think I decided then that I would look for a small terrier when I get back from my trip. I thought I would wait until Clair was no longer with me, but she's really turned healthy! So much to consider since it's just me living here. If something happens what would my family do with a little dog. But then I can't live my life like that either.

    The vet said there was a small crystal/stone near the bladder opening of Clair and she thought that was why she was in pain and blood. I'm really amazed at how this new food is make her put out more urine!

    About the parrots, I heard a story at least 25 years ago when I first spotted them, that a pet store had burned down and the parrots had escaped. Then I heard that they just worked their way up from Mexico. Who knows for sure but I find it exciting when the parrots come visit my neighborhood. First time was down near the beach area.....at least 100 or more, extremely noisy and messy, but I love to see them fly, green with a red head. Yesterday they were in the large eucalyptus tree across from me, chattering and making a mess. Then I saw one lone bird took off....and then about a minute later they all followed. Interesting how birds are.

    I spoke to a lady yesterday.....she is a caretaker to an elderly man.....said they roost in trees near her home at night. They all come swooping in at a specific time to settle down for the night. Don't know where she lives though.

    These birds are the closest thing I have to living down in the Amazon jungles......my DREAM. I used to be into orchids, though not as intensive as Gordon. And I painted them for awhile, until I moved on to other subject. If interested do a search for the artist, Martin Johnson Heade. He lived down in Brazil, painting the scenes, back in the early 1800s.


    I'm doing the book culling thing right now. I keep making piles every couple of days of books and other items I don't want or need anymore. I used to collect cook books too, but no one to cook for now, so why keep all this clutter.

    Mikie: You may not remember but last christmas (2015) I got this bug in Maui (probably from the plane ride) and I was sick with it for over 3 mos. Lots of coughing, and really tired. Didn't think I would ever get over it. That was the first time oregano oil let me down. If your chest hurt whenever you breath in deeply you might want to see your do. I've had pleurisy and it's not fun.

    By the way, it's POURING right now.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I slept better last night but got up early. After I had breakfast, I lay down and snoozed quite a bit. It's still not 8:00 yet. I have to go to the vitamin shop when it opens. I was going to stop in the pet shop for a larger litter box mat but decided to go to Amazon first. I saved $10 over what they are charging at the store so just ordered it. It'll be here Mon. or Tues. I got the small one at the store and it works great but it's not large enough to catch all the litter which sticks to Sir Vester's paws. Also, I wasn't sure he would walk on it. No problems there. He hasn't been favoring his webbed foot in quite a while. He tracks litter out into the bathroom and I hope this helps. Nancy has a large one in the closet where Bob has his box and he tracks nothing outside the closet.

    Sun, I couldn't believe how much Bob was peeing either when Nancy got that food. I was once near his box and it sounded like a race horse. Cats seem to be prone to bladder problems. I keep an eye on the size of Sir Vester's clumps. Seems they have been a bit smaller lately. I'm going to buy purified water at the store to see whether he likes it better than the filtered water from the fridge. Yes, I do remember that crud you got and you had a heck of a time getting rid of it. This has gone on now almost two months. I will get my nebulizer out if that pain returns. When I was a kid, we had some green parrots in CO for a couple of years. They must have flown south in the winter. I've not seen any here but Jeff says there is an area with them somewhere in South FL. There are a lot of people who have exotic birds for pets. One shopping center over on Sanibel Island has large cages with them outside. I've been in the Yucatan and can't say I'd like living anywhere any further south than where I am; this is hot 'n drippy enough. Also, I can enjoy the Latin influence in our culture without having to travel. I'd still love to go to Cuba but doubt that'll be happening any time soon. I can go over to Miami and get my Cuban fix.

    Hope you do find just the right little terrier. My last dog was a terrier/cocker spaniel mix and she was my animal soul mate. I didn't pick her out; she picked me. I didn't even see her when I walked past her cage at the shelter. She tentatively came forward and held her paw nervously up toward me. Her little paw was shaking. Vet told me she had obviously been abused. While she was still alive, we got a toy size terrier/poodle mix. She was such a cute little dog. My ex took her after the divorce because he had the house with a fenced in yard. We have the cutest little dogs here in the hood and I get to enjoy them without having to care for them. Again, good luck.

    Better get dressed. I'm not sure when the vitamin store opens. I'd like to get going earlier rather than later. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We had fierce wind and rain yesterday. The kind the reporters describe as torrential.
    Which reminds me. Where is our new member, Tori? Drop by when you can, Tori.

    Gordon got a call yesterday when I was napping. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday
    if that's OK with me. Well, sure. I don't care. So he called back and was told the
    doctor is taking time off for work so he can be with his new baby. What?!!

    Shortly thereafter we got another call. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. I
    feel like I'm in a Marx Brothers comedy. Anyhoo that's the latest although
    not necessarily the final word. I think the hernia heard us talking. It was
    extra ornery yesterday. Not bothering me so far today.

    Mikie, if Ratbane gets to be overdone, you could consider switching to Bainbridge.
    Such can be found in Georgia, Indiana and Washington. The last refers to an
    island rather than a city.

    I would never go to Cuba. The way Dave Barry writes about Miami, FL, I wouldn't
    go there either. He says just because you hear lots of gunshots there, it doesn't
    necessarily mean they are aimed at you.

    Linda, that's just terrible that you have to deal with a bad shoulder as well
    as the hip problems. I hope they both heal up quickly. I'm not worried
    about my surgery. The healing after the first one was quick and easy. One
    of the guys in my bridge club had the same surgery. He showed up to play
    bridge the evening of the operation.

    It's an inguinal hernia, but I guess they are all pretty much the same. One
    doctor told me we have a muscular wall that holds our organs in place. Over
    the years that wall gets like a tired, old girdle. It may develop holes. If
    the insides start to protrude though the hole, it's called a hernia. (Even
    when the patient is male, it's a hernia. Not a hisnia.)

    Barry, we had asparagus in our garden when I was a kid. Mom had a big
    garden; half flowers, half vegetables. For some reason the asparagus was
    on the flower side next to the hollyhocks. Asparagus is fast growing. Like
    a weed. I used to break off a stalk now and then and chomp on it raw. We
    also had sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and peas. One
    year we tried small watermelons. They didn't work out too well. I think we
    were too far North.

    Too bad you don't have more energy, Barry. You could come visit us. See
    the flowers and go to an orchid meeting. And there are one or two tourist
    sights to see in LA too.

    Springwater, glad to hear you are able to potter around. As for me, I just
    totter around. Tell your son I thought he was your grandfather. That oughta
    shake him up. In any case it was a lovely picture.

    I also thought your bakhu was a sari. Sorry. Reminds me of Suri. Tom
    Cruise's little girl. Her name reminds me of the song from Oklahoma:
    The Surrey With The Fringe On Top.

    Hugs to All
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  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Very Short Post.

    Mikie: Cauliflower was a reference to the hydrangeas behind the gate in your opening post.:rolleyes:

    Sun: I enjoyed reading the info link you posted on parrots in SoCal, I didn't know there were that many species that had become naturalized. Amazing!

    Love You All,
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    This will be another short one since I just got in from painting the bridge some out in the hot sun. In the low 80's today but in our house it is very cool, at least for me, the hot house flower :)!! I am pooped so now need to sit a spell. In awhile we will go to DD's for dinner, a very simple poor mans dish as we used to call it. It was to be Red Beans and Rice but they only had Pinto Beans. However that should be fine and any time I don't have to cook is a plus for me.

    LINDA - So sorry that your shoulder is now bothering you. Hope it will get better when you get off the crutch soon. Glad your knee/ hip or whatever it was has been healing well for you.

    ROCK - Good luck for your surgery. I am sure that all will go well with it. Crazy how the doc office keeps changing the hour of your surgery but of course those babies come first don't they ?????

    BARRY - So glad that Richard is now considering a new puppy. I think that would be so helpful to you both but of course no one can take away the love you both had for both your doggies. They were both so special to you.

    MIKIE - I haven't had some cheese in quite awhile except for some on a piece of pizza I ate when I made one for DH. Just had to have some, OMG :)!! Originally the no cheese was for the systemic fungus which she says has gotten much better. I have to wait to see what she has to say when I go again. I have had the itchiness and underlying rash for some time but has gotten worse I think overall since I have been on the no dairy ( as much as I have been on it). I haven't been reading all the labels of stuff but the obvious stuff I have not been eating. She changed my whey to the goats whey and that has not been helping. That was due to the itchiness and rash. I don't think it is from dairy at this point but will stick with it till I see her again , very soon. I am a born mouse like my DS and DF was also one. He gave me the love of anything with the taste of cheese. I AM a cheese aholic :)!! Hoping soon I can get back on it . I am afraid though I will probably have to get off most of my supps and start adding back slowly unless she comes up with something else. Hoping nest time I can get off the Intestinal Sweep, I am on instead of the stronger stuff I was on before.

    I had better go and check some of my music for tomorrow. I may be painting some after church tomorrow. Not sure when it may start raining again, possibly tomorrow so that will determine my painting. Monday is supposed to rain again and maybe Tuesday also.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Yes, I guess those hydrangeas do look like cabbages. Years ago I was taken with the gorgeous cabbages at open air markets. They don't bother cutting off the outer leaves and it makes it so much more beautiful. I should buy one tomorrow if I go and do a still life for easter. By the way, I saved some of those beautiful leaves and stuck them aside. They dry really nice. I've got a dozen beautiful brown eggs and can't resist blowing them out to save them for springtime. I guess dried cabbage leaves would look nice.

    Oh yes, I've saved that garden gate pic. I'm a nut for old trees with faces on them. Thought it would be fun to take pics. Of special trees around town and turn into a calendar. The other day I had stopped near a park and spotted.....OMG.....a gorgeous side view of a person......seriously, it looked carved......3 dimensional. I need to go back in the afternoon when the sun hits it just right to take a pic. Most of the funny/scary faces on the trees come about when branches have been cut off, then eyes show up, along with a nose and a mouth. I've also walked around town taking pics. Of garden gates. There's always so much I want to do creatively but just don't have all the time.

    Right now my kitchen table is covered with antique buttons and beaded purses I used to collect but now want to sell. So that means a ton of work.

    Rock: I hope your surgery goes super and that you'll feel much better after it's over. I was surprised that we didn't get much of a storm here, just a constant rain yesterday. But this morning I took my walk......something I realized I MUST do for the COPD whether I feel like it or not. But with all the rain and then some sunshine today I was out again pulling weeds in front. Slowly it's getting cleaned up.
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