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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Time for a new Porch. We're on our way toward 1,000. I'll be back to respond to Star's post on the last Porch.

    OK, I'm ba-ack...

    I slept til almost 6:00 this morning with only a couple of efforts by SV to wake me up. Despite the larger litter box mat, he is still depositing a bit of litter on the bathroom floor. Oh well, it's a lot less than before the mat and will be a bit easier to keep swept up. After lunch with my pals, I need to pick up a new Abreva tube. While I've been sick, a cold sore has tried to appear on my lip. So far, it's just a bump. I used the Abreva I had before it ran out and it has kept it from forming fully. I have to be really run down before I get a cold sore. I have nothing to do before I get ready to go to lunch and am going to fully enjoy watching Morning Joe while I have my coffee and then read the virtual newspaper. It's so nice to look down and see my tootsies painted with a pretty bright red color. My finger nails would look good too but they chip so easily I usually just paint them with clear coat. I'm thinking of having a salmon salad at lunch but they make a mean hamburger...choices, choices, choices.

    Rock, thinking of you and praying for you that all goes well with the surgery. When you're up to it, let us know how you're doing. BTW, of all the things that can be made from pigs, I like bacon best.

    Star, I use latex semi-gloss paint on the trim. The oil based paint is so much more durable but I can't take the fumes and don't like the cleanup. Of course, with just me and SV, it doesn't need to be too durable. I hate painting trim. It's really hard for me to get down on the floor to do the base boards. Pain in my legs and my arthritic hands and wrists. Yooooowch!!! :mad: So, does fall officially begin in March when spring officially begins here? Seems to me that our winter has flown away with little of the beautiful weather we love. When my kids were little, I was always anxious to see school begin in the fall. The kids were ready too. Now, I'm like a kid living in eternal summertime. The snakes we have around here aren't dangerous so we leave them be to help keep the mouse population down. We have black snakes which can get to be pretty big. We also have some toads with toxin on their skin and I am careful when I work out there not to touch them. They are spotted and sit perfectly still and are almost invisible. I hope Miss Puss comes back like a good kitty...or is it Mister Puss? Sir Vester is looking in through the glass sliding doors and it won't be long before he sits up and pounds on the glass with his big paws. How are you feeling? Well, I hope.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time to mosey along. Hope all y'all have a really nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! Mikie, always on the ball, you are...thanks for starting us up with a new volume...yes, it will be #1000 before we know it :)

    As I was trying to read and catch up, do I see that Rock's surgery is scheduled for today? Oh, I hope it doesn't get postponed...hard enough to work up to something once, let alone have to go through it again and again. I sure hope it helps. Glad he has Gordon to take care of him afterwards.

    Star, I did read your post and see that your summer is nearing the end? I am so very sick of cold weather...fortunately, these past several days have been wonderful. Got up in the mid-70's a couple days last week (was so nice when I brought my dad out for his birthday supper on Friday).

    Speaking of sayings...my mama used to say, "Charge it to the rain and let the dust settle it." And she was always saying, "Oh, forevermore" whenever she heard something a little strange or surprising. I haven't adopted those words, but they come to mind once in awhile and remind me of her.

    Well, we are starting to get some major things accomplished (at least for us, lol!) I'm glad Den is on vacation this week...it's so hard to get much done in the evenings and part of the weekends. And once we get finished with putting the rest of the trim and "gussets" up on the inside (at the 21 ft. peak) we can take apart the scaffolding and get some more interior walls up. (The rafters are exposed from inside and Den put a four foot wide section together on the ground, then raised it up with his bucket truck....that seems so long ago, and part of it was...)

    When I think back to how much we have gotten done (mostly Den by himself) I am truly amazed. When he got sick (summer/fall of 2015) that really slowed him down (mentally and physically)...then taking care of his dad. Well, I guess I can see why it has taken so long, even once we got the shell up.

    Yesterday we had some help. Clinton and Miley came (Amy had to work and Keira was at her dad's, but I picked her up at her other grandparents' at noon and brought her to our house.) It's so good for Den to have another guy helping (who is not afraid of the saws, etc...my dept. is painting, lol) Clinton helped inside and also worked on getting ready to put up the rain gutters.

    So, I've had a little bit of a break this morning, but need to get back to work. I'm trying to get enough sheets of siding painted for when Den is ready to start putting them on the upper part of the tall wall (we put metal on the lower part that will be behind the wood stove.) But I also need to be on alert if he is up in the air and needs me to grab or catch something.

    Anyway...sorry I didn't get to everyone. But I am thinking of you all.

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    Hi guys! This will be my attempt to show some of what we are doing at the moment. First is a pic of the outside west wall (the wall we are working on from the inside right now.) I think the 21 ft. is the peak on the outside...inside the tallest part is only 19 ft.


    Here is the inside of the west wall...white metal on part of the bottom (up to 8 ft.) and we are getting ready to put the wood siding on the upper part. That is a 10 ft. step ladder next to the scaffold.

    This is part of the east wall (attached to the original shop...part of which we live in right now.) It shows a better view of the rafters...Den will be taking down the (unstained) bracing boards and we'll have to touch up some of the stain. We also have sparrow nests in the rafters, so need to get those out and clean up some of the wood...it's pretty nasty up there. The sparrows still fly in and out...the shell was "open" for so long, they had easy access and feel like it is their home too, lol! The "loft" area is my kitchen ceiling...kitchen is approx. 12' X 18'. Den will cut a door from the upper level of the existing shop to allow us to get to the loft/walkway that is above the north, south and east sides (storage, and some usable space above the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.) This is sort of the center of this wall...pantry, bathroom, and bedroom to the left of this pic...front door, foyer/little coat cubbies, and kids' play area to the right of the pic. The house is 40' X 40'.

    Here's Den on the scaffold...not at the peak, but the next section lower. Hope this helps give you all an idea...so much to do yet, but we will eventually get there. Lots of things started, but could only go so far on some of it (had to get some electric ran in order to have lights, etc)...but then something else takes priority, etc.
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    Julie: Thanks for all those pics. How exciting that soon it will be done!!!!! It's huge! You could hold church services in it. LOL. It's sure has been a lot of work but you guys have done it. Is Clinton still on disability?

    Star: Sorry for the budgie that escaped. Heartbreaking for your DS. I like oil base enamel better but I HATE having to clean up. This house originally had it, but we put water base over it....the house is over 50 years and of course that water base is chipping off. Down the road I'm going to hire a painter to work on the inside of the house. So hard to keep things up but it has to be done. My BR I redid at least 10 years ago when faux painting was in style. Made it look like old plastered walls...think Tuscany. And have a decorative black and white border at the top. That room will be painted along with a long hallway, including the ceilings.

    I'll be back later, my battery is low.
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  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from lunch. We had such a good time and I don't feel sick. I was afraid that having to shower and then eat out would tire me out but, so far, so good. We took my Dear Old Friend home after lunch and Nancy and I went to Wally World. I needed a few things, enough to make it worthwhile to shop where it's not as expensive as Publix. I usually save so much on the BOGOs that it makes it worth it but I saved by buying a lot of things at WW today.

    Nancy caught a very young cat who is very pregnant. She's really just a kitten herself. Nancy got her a nice litter box at WW. She is keeping her apart from Bob and Chewy. She's out on the lanai. What a pretty little cat. Her chest is pure white and the rest is gray tortie/tiger. She's not feral so someone likely had her and didn't get her neutered and then probably abandoned her when she turned up preggers. Once the kittens are old enough to be weaned, Nancy will take them to the animal no kill shelter. I know God already has a place for Nancy in Heaven and it's probably loaded with animals. I enjoyed seeing Chewey and Bob again. Fri., I'll be taking Chewy out for his evening walk while Nancy is away.

    My Dear Old Friend had his first physical therapy yesterday and is already walking better. I'm soooo happy for him. I met his middle son, I've met the other two, and he seems like such a nice guy too. He lives in Thailand and is a teacher. He has lived there 12 years and loves it. It is a beautiful country. I'm so glad all the boys got to visit at the same time.

    Rock, I'm hoping it's all over with and you're resting peacefully. You couldn't be in better hands than Gordon's.

    Julie, thanks for posting those pics. Wow! I looooove the dark rafters. It's soooo dramatic. And, yes, y'all have done a ton of work under such difficult circumstances. I think you should be proud of yourselves. It is going to be really beautiful when it's done. Good for you!

    Sun, I agree that the oil based paint is soooo much better. I'm just not up to using it. Actually, I'm not up to doing much of anything these days. My battery is low too. I don't think I'm going to be doing much painting inside except for the master bathroom. I still have some paint and will try to get to it one of these days. The condo is in decent shape but down the road, I know it will need to be painted and have new carpeting. As long as I have Sir Vester, it makes no sense to carpet just to have him dig it up. Try to rest and recharge your battery.

    I've been fooled before when I've had a good day but I'm hoping this will be the start of having a bit more NRG. I have to go in for lab work in the morning at 7:00. I hope I can continue taking the potassium because I don't think there is an alternative to prevent the stones.

    Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Very busy. Thanks for the PICS JULIE. WOW it will look great when it is all done. Wish I could stay but have to go fix dinner and the hair project tonight and tomorrow is a luncheon, maybe some painting in the afternoon not sure. This whole week is busy.

    I hope to get back here sometime soon but wish I didn;t have to go fix dinner right now. Dang it.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again !

    Love you all,
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    Mikie- glad lunch was a success. So what did you opt for in the end? Burger?
    I know what you mean about the fumes!
    We had a heap of fans running at once, trying to hurry the drying process as well as disperse the air pollution...
    Felt sick, but not really too sure what's the cause. Probably a combination of fumes, the heat and this treacherous body malfunctioning again,as per usual.

    Sun- ideally I would like All paint jobs in the next house ,(which needs loads of work done, including painting) to be enamel/oil based. I too hate the sticky mess, but the you-beaut, fancy and expensive acrylic I used on our kitchen walls ,(before this round of painting), has not cut the mustard...
    Enamel wipes clean and that's a huge bonus with my rough-as-guts tribe.
    DS is bonding with his new cockatiel. A beautiful softness washes over him when he tenderly talks to it or puts his finger out as a perch. It's lovely to see.

    Julie- wow. Such awesome beams and gorgeous shape. My knees would shriek at the thought of stairs or multiple stories, but if it weren't for their protests, I would absolutely love the idea. Come to think of it, Sun said it'd be great for Church services... I've always dreamt of picking up an old Church on the cheap and doing it up. Of course you'd have to make the most of it and put in an extra level. Like you guys. Thanks for sharing those pics. It'll be great going on the journey (kinda), with you guys.
    Excuse my confusion, but is this adding on to what you're currently living in? I'm sure you've probably mentioned it umpteen times, but I could use some reminding Glad Den got some help.
    My sister was in the horticulture/landscaping business when she wasn't paying attention and almost lost her thumb to a circular saw bite...

    Rock- how ya doin'?
    Mending well I hope.

    Barry- I'm assuming you've seen the last of the bad weather and power outages.
    DS is currently torturing me with name possibilities for his baby cockatiel...
    I'm glad to hear Richard is warming up to another family addition. I guess names will be on your agenda also,shortly.

    Granni- hope you get a rest soon. You seem to be go,go,go!
    I can empathise with you in one respect though, having to cook tea at the end of a busy day feels a bit ripped off when DH has his feet up... Oh well. Thems the breaks...sorry about CD dramas. Can't be easy.

    Spring- had to laugh when I read Rock's comment,(stirring the pot), about telling DS that it was thought he was grand pa, not just DH...hope you are well.

    Hi to Elaine, Linda, Judy, Tori and everyone here at the porch...

    (Miss )Puss -Cat has spent day two in the great outdoors and seems very happy.
    I'm glad we have a front fence though, to prevent any strays getting in and having a go at her.

    It's almost 8:30 and still so very hot!

    DH pranked me today by taping a plastic cockroach to the inside of the Top layer of the toilet roll.
    All Treasures were amused to hear my scream.
    Ah what next?

    On that note, I shall say sweet dreams
    Take care and
    Catch yas later
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    Oops! Still have the caps on. Mikie at the time you wrote, "I'm hoping it's all over with
    and you're resting peacefully. You couldn't be in better hands than Gordon's," you
    were perfectly right. But it turned out the scheduling was a bit askew from what was
    planned. And you're right, Gordon was a great asset. Even though we were told at
    the admission desk that relatives must leave the hospital during the patient's stay, he
    stayed the whole time. None of the doctors or nurses suggested that he leave.

    To avoid a tedious and lengthy narrative, Folks, here are the highlights and the

    LOWS: The visit was to be about four hours long. It was actually about nine.
    The surgery scheduled for 10:30 started at 4: 30.
    After abstaining from water for almost ten hours I was told I couldn't leave the
    hospital till I peed. Uff-da! Well, of course I couldn't do it. Gordon solved
    that problem. He said, "Go in the bathroom and turn on the faucet."
    Problem solved.

    HIGHS: Everybody we dealt with was very nice. Thus far I have only minor
    discomfort. The doctor said insurance would pay for everything. (Well, we'll
    see about that, won't we.)

    It was interesting to see all the new machines in use. Didn't get pushed on a
    gurney to different rooms. The machines come to the bedside now: X-ray; EKG;
    Vital signs; and some sort of test device regarding breathing. And even though
    I couldn't drink I was given some lemon swabs. Kinda like a Q tip with flavor.
    Not really very effective, but better than you know what.

    Gotta look on the net and see if Tylenol and Ibuprofen are the same. I was told
    to take Tylenol. Actually I haven't needed any pain pills so far.

    Love y'all
    (I'm actually a Southerner, y'know. I've lived in Southern Minnesota,
    Southern Minneapolis, and Southern California. Love Y'all.

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  9. Mikie

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    Late Good Morning, Kids,

    I didn't feel up to stopping in early as I had no breakfast and had to get ready to go get my blood drawn. I stopped at Publix to get a Powerball ticket and some fresh strawberries for my breakfast. I was soooo tired when I got home. I didn't get much sleep last night. It's raining out and we will get quite a bit more before this afternoon when it clears up. Sir Vester has been wild this morning. I think the cool weather and rain have stirred him up. He even attacked my shoes. He's been running around and his eyes are dilated, giving him a mischievous look.

    Rock, soooo glad you are doing so well. My first kidney procedure was sposda be at 11:00 and it didn't get started until 2:00. I was told to drink nothing from midnight the night before. The first thing they asked for was a urine specimen. Doh!!! Yes, having all the machines come to the patient is a huge step forward in medicine. I was soooo glad for those swabs to moisten my mouth. Some people complain that surgery today is like an assembly line but I think the efficiency is great. Still, it's always good to be home to recover. Ibuprophen is ibuprophen; Tylenol is acetaminophen. Ibuprophen is filtered through the kidneys and acetaminophen through the liver. Which organ would you rather abuse? I took the acetaminophen to keep it away from the poor old ragged kidneys. Glad you're doing so well and are in touch with your southern roots. Maybe Gordon will cook you some grits.

    Granni, I gave you a 'like' cause I always like it when you pop in. Still, hope you can come back when you can stay a bit but I know how busy you are.


    Star, that is soooo sweet about your DS and his bird. Is his gray or white? Funny thing--I asked Cortana for pictures of cockatiels and I got pictures of cocktails. Those birds are very smart and many of my clients had them and interacted with them almost like people do with their dogs. I was amazed at the sounds the birds could make. One duplicated the sound of a ringing phone perfectly. Another would dance and sing when his owner came into the room. Just found out that some fish are like that too. We had large Oscars and my ex would feed them when he got home. As soon as they saw him, they wagged their tails. I ended up getting baked haddock at lunch on the waiter's recommendation and it wasn't good. It wasn't firm, almost like it had been frozen and defrosted. It had a very fishy taste too. AACCKK! I didn't care as I just wanted to enjoy my pals and didn't want to send it back. Next time, I'll get the Waldorf salad with a big ball of chicken salad on top. Nancy said it was good. Dear Old Friend also liked his salmon wrap. We had a good time and that's all that matters. Glad Miss Puss is doing so well. Don't overdo things painting, my friend.

    Don't feel like doing anything today. It's so nice to have that option. Next week, I have to get another KUB X-ray. I just hope there are no stones that show up on it. There shouldn't be. Also hope the lab work is good so I can continue taking the potassium. I seem to tolerate it better when I take 1,000 mgs. three times a day than 1,500 twice a day. I still need to get my mammo and Dexascan one of these days. I've put it off far too long. I've already read the real newspaper and will look through the free weekly I picked up at the lab. It's a really good upscale newspaper and has some good puzzles too. Woo Hoo! Doesn't take much to make me happy.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys! Rock, I'm glad you are back home and hopefully doing great...

    I came off the scaffolding long enough for a potty and drink break. My job today...cleaning the bird crud off the rafters and touching up the stain where I can reach. We really want to get the scaffolding down and out of the way soon. Den still has some trim boards to make so I can stain them and he can get them put up.

    Clinton is back for today and part of tomorrow. Sun, his doc won't release him to go back to work...he can only work short amounts of time at once, then has to sit down and rest. So hard for someone with such a strong work ethic...but between his diabetes and heart, he just crashes sometimes. Like so many, he has good days and not so good days, but never any really great days...he just paces himself the best he can. And has become a big help with housework, the girls, etc. He is probably more moral support than anything, but we'll take it...and he is smart about construction and carpentry so Den asks his advice on things. I'm not sure he has accepted his limitations yet, but has no choice when his body just gives out...

    Star, yes we are adding the new living quarters to the original shop...the shop is 48' X 64', and we have attached a 40' X 40' house. This way we can use the same plumbing, heat (boiler for floor water heat and wood furnace), A/C, etc., etc.

    Anyway...hi to everyone. I'd better get back to work.


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  11. springwater

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    Woah! Julie. - I am in awe thinking of all the energy..time ...focus that went into the building of that! It's so high..where Den is working..I would hv been dizzy! I am so glad you are getting things done now at a nice steady pace.

    Poor Clinton. I'm sure it must be tough to hv to come to terms with health issues at such a young age.

    Rock - so glad you are finished with the horse pistol. Prayers for a speedier than speedy recovery.

    Granni - as busy as usual..you busy bee you. Good luck for your recitals.

    Star - your DH is a jolly fellow isn't he? Pranking you like that. I can imagine you screaming and they falling about laughing..hahahahaha.

    Mikie - it was music to my ears to hear you say you had a good day. Let's pray the good days get more and more frequent and outnumber the bad days. And finally do away the bad days.

    I was dead tired when I came home in evening after errands. Oh how much I walked! There was this massage chair at a shopping centre I wanted to try out...a very small fee for 20 minutes.I love massages in any shape..form ..but I was pressed for time...had anyone tried those? ..I got some cleaning equipment and also picked up an outfit which was on sale. A party wear salwar kameez.

    Also visited a bookstore and browsed. Bought my friend a pack of motivational cards for acquiring money..and another for spiritual guidance. She did some alterations on some costume jewellery I had so it was like a fee. I had seen and liked a salwar kameez dress in town earlier but it wasn't in the right colour...red is not my colour..but I fell in love with everything else about it..especially the gold bell shaped buttons down the front.

    I had the same kind of material with me so I hunted for buttons but they come from.India and weren't to be found. So I went and bought a saree blouse jhumka ...which had bells on them..and got the bells detached from the jhumkas and gave the tailor those. Sometimes I drive myself crazy trying to get things perfectly right.

    The sky in Julie's picture was so clear blue...I just gazed at it in.longing. our skies are smoggy.

    I'm typing on my phone so will end here.

    Take care..you all.

    God bless
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  12. Granniluvsu

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    Hi to everyone. Just got back from a luncheon this afternoon and it was a lot of fun. The program were the young and hunky firemen who put out those calendars that they sell and the proceeds go towards things needed for the burn children at Shriner's Hospital in Houston. There were three young men there who also put on a program showing and telling us about what they do , their day , what they have to wear, their shifts. They were also signing calendars for everyone that bought one. I never thought I would pay $20 for a calendar of hunky firemen. . Yep , I did. I got in the spirit and bought one along with DD and many others, even older ladies than I :)!!! The money goes to so many things for the children including the pressure "clothing" they have to put o the children for most of their day. They are not cheap and of course not covered by insurance. As the children grow these pressure wraps or whatever they are have to be made of a different size. They also had pics of some of the children and some of the activities they do for them. it is so wonderful to see these wonderful young men taking part in such things and giving of themselves. The firemen are volunteer , I believe and of course everything else is also volunteer, too. Guessing they might get paid something but not sure how much unless they also work at night someplace else.

    We also had a nice lunch and wonderful choc cake afterwards. We were told to wear red if possible so the place was really pretty and bright. We had brisket, BBQ that was delicious and so tender you could cut it with a fork.

    Crazy day, I have to go tonight with DH to another BD celebration that just so happened to come on the same day. It just so happened it was the best for all the people involved, total of 10 people, not all b-day people. Two of them have Feb. b-days and 1 ha a b-day in March. We don't do it every month.

    Hope to get some painting in sometime this week before Sat. but the cleaning lady comes tomorrow and Friday I go get my crown - yippee if all continues to be well which I think it is.

    JULIE - Oh my I can't believe it was you way up there painting. I couldn't do that I am afraid. To high off the ground for me. Keep on going. It looks like things are getting done on your r end. To bad Den has another job to go to next week. Looks like you are on a roll right now.

    SPRING WATER - How nice for you to pop in again. Your outfit that you were trying to put together sounded so interesting. Hope it all comes together like you planned even though you could;t get the right buttons Hope you got a good sale on everything you were searching for. Would be ice to see you wearing it after it gets done. I think you said you bought a blouse and had some other material . Sounds very interesting.

    ROCK - Glad your surgery is all over with and hope all went well for you.

    MIKIE - Thanks for keeping us going and hope you are doing better.

    Hi to STAR, SUN, BARRY, DIANE, ELAINE, LINDA and everyone I didn't get to mention before.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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  13. Starlight74

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    Mikie-getting up and going out at 7am! Yes. That'd wreck me for the rest of the day.
    Hmmm. I think a lot of seafood gets frozen and its rather obvious at tasting. Tasteless and watery or moosh, but if going out were just about the food, well, can't imagine too many places staying open!
    There's a plant in our yard that Puss loves. But I can't figure out which one. We have no cat nip. That I'm aware of and she didn't seem too fussed about the mint...but the smooching and rolling all over DS shoes and then my feet was so funny-I desperately wanna find The plant...

    Julie- fantastic pics! Next topic-do you yodel? The acoustics in there would have to be amazing!
    Since the removal of some of our kitchen cupboards ,(all for the sake of de cluttering), everything seems much more echoey.
    You must be thrilled to actually see it coming together, after all this time. A great adventure (and hopefully no tiffs along the way).
    I say that tongue in cheek.
    DH and I disagree about one room. The floor boards are no good for restoring so we painted an enamel grey. I think it looks great just with a rug. DH wants to Lino... Oh the joys...

    Granni- you cougar, you. Oh yes of course. All for a good cause.
    Just kidding. Enjoy all the celebrations. Laughter is great medicine.

    Spring- I agree with Granni. I'm intrigued with your latest fashion adventure.
    Oh and I Looove those massage chairs you find in the mall! Although I admittedly feel a little self conscious at first, I assure myself with sunglasses on, I am ax good invisible-or at least like a chameleon... I would love to own one and use it every morning. I think it would really help.

    Rock- I think Mikie is right as far as the meds go. It really is a case of which organ can handle it better.
    My neighbour is recovering from liver cancer, so understandably was very upset when the medical geniuses tried giving him a pain killer which was detrimental to liver. Gotta be on to it.

    Barry- how's things?
    Today I'm taking it slow. Not by choice. Guess you gotta go with the flow sometimes.
    Sooo tired and been telling the niggling anxiety to get out.
    Been a bit wound up coz everything is on the go, with all the painting etc. DH wants to be moved, Yesterday and I am, as they say, plumb-tuckered-out!
    Hope it's better your way!

    Bonjour and good bye (spell check mustn't like saying goodbye in French. After 5 times, I'm over it!)

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha ha ha.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Woke up during the night and read cause I couldn't get back to sleep. Good thing I napped yesterday. Dear Old Friend called to update me on his physical therapy. I think it's helping but I hope the doc will try to get to the cause of his problems. She doesn't seem inclined to do that. Keeps suggesting band aids. Yes, band aids help but not for the long run.

    Granni, we have firemen who come for spring break and put on performances on the beach. They draw a big crowd. I remember the Shriners from my childhood when they were collecting money for the children's hospital. I think they care for more than just burns now. God bless them and Danny Thomas who started St. Jude's Children's Hospital. God bless Marlo Thomas who continues her dad's work. God bless you for buying a hunky calendar.

    Julie, that doesn't look like much fun. Be careful.

    Spring, I have tried the chair massages and they are great. Our car dealership had a masseuse and you could get a massage while waiting for the car to be done with oil changes or repairs. Dealership got sold to a national chain and they started telling people their cars needed all kinds of work. I haven't been back. I use my Dear Old Friend's mechanic who is wonderful and honest. I know what you mean about trying to get things just right. The worst time I ever had with clothing was when my Mom and I had to buy dresses for my DD's wedding. I don't look good in fussy costumes and like things classic. I'd love to find some nice printed tops but can't find any that don't look overdone and cheap. So, I wear the same old, same old. Hope your new clothes turn out just right for you.

    Star, catnip is from the mint family. Perhaps the mint is having the same effect on Miss Puss. I wish y'all could see the little kitty Nancy rescued from outside. She is soooo pretty and huge with kittens. I hope she doesn't have a hard time delivering them. Nancy made a private birthing bed for her. I need to give her some $$ to help defray the costs of the new litterbox and expensive food they make for pregnant cats. The same food will be good for the kittens when they are able to eat solid food. Maybe we can find homes for all of them so she doesn't have to take them to the shelter. It's a no-kill shelter and kittens are always popular. I'm sorry you are soooo tired. Hope y'all can get moved without too much trauma.

    Not much to post about here so will bid y'all adieu. For some reason, my computer doesn't mind speaking French. Oh, la la!

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thank you for all your kind words. As the title of this forum says, we are all about
    Friendship and Support. And often helpful information.

    Mikie and Star, Adieu, Adieu Kind Friends,Adieu. I wonder if we ever had a game of songs
    about goodbye. I kinda suspect we did. Mikie, did you say the Mint is now selling catnip?
    What next? The Post Office peddling dog biscuits?

    In the days of my yute Spike Jones had a hit titled Cocktails for two. I was gonna
    post it here, but the computer is sulking. Maybe he shoulda followed up with
    Cockatiels for three.

    I'm sure you look good in classic clothes as you are a classy lassie with a sassy attitude.

    Julie, thanks for the photo. Those guys have really nice sun tans. Are they some of
    your Amish neighbors? I read about the firefighters' job test in Nebraska. Some of
    those ladders wight over 100 pounds. Applicants have to pull a dummy (170 pounds)
    by a harness for 50 feet. They are required to climb up and then down 2 flights of stairs
    while carrying 55 pounds of equipment. And more of the same. No wonder they
    need muskells as my mom and uncle used to say.

    The pictures of your house are amazing. It looks like a crew of professionals did all
    that work. Does Clinton's shoulder keep him from doing heavy work? Best of luck
    with the project. What a long way from the sod dug outs and log cabins our
    ancestors had to live in.

    Star, are you still undecided on the floor? How about a tompe l'oeil? Just find
    a handy artist and order a painted trap door; or maybe a swimming pool. A bed
    of catnip? Is there such a thing as a catnip potpourri? I read the stuff has a faint
    mint scent (so Mikie was right again) and catnip tea is a home remedy for
    headaches and insomnia.

    Granni, yes, pretty much everything went fine with the surgery. I have no pain.
    I do have a bulge at the wound site though. That sound normal to you? Gordon
    called the doc who said it was just swelling, but to call immediately if the site
    turned red.

    Congratulations on the new home decoration. When you do your taxes next year
    ask the tax man if you can deduct part of the calendar price as a charitable deduction.
    I have no expertise on tax law. I'm not even an expert on firemen. We had a
    volunteer fire dept in our village. And one fire engine. The only fire we had the
    years I lived there was an old shed that burned down.

    Springwater, I had to laugh at you saying "horse pistol". Did you pick that up from
    me? Yes, those massage chairs are very nice. I was at a mall some years back.
    A store was selling them. Folks could have a free trial for a couple minutes. Can't
    remember what they cost. Cheaper than some regular chairs though.

    Sun, that's great that you were in The Mikado. I listened to Gilbert and
    Sullivan for a while. Never acquired a taste for them. I was in several plays
    at school and community theater despite the fact that I could not sing, dance
    or act. I did write the lyrics for one show though.

    Saw an old movie about Gilbert and Sullivan. It emphasized their contrasting
    personalities. Did you know the composer wrote lots of other music too.
    Arthur Sullivan composed popular songs and religious music including Onward
    Christian Soldiers and The Lost Chord. (The last title doesn't make much
    sense as there is no such thing as a lost chord anymore than there is a lost
    letter in our alphabet.) But it has a good tune.

    Wouldn't it be swell if we could all get together on a real porch and have a
    pot luck and sing. You and Granni could lead the singing. Granni could lead
    us in line dancing.

    Gordon is telling me to get back in a bed as I am recuperating. OK, Boss.
    There was a technician at the hospital who did some testing. Kept addressing
    me as, "Boss".

    Hugs Barry, Dianne, Linda, GB


    tompe l'oeil painting of a living room lagoon.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I actually had the NRG to get up and walk down to the mailboxes. No bills. Woo Hoo! I got my mortgage stmt. and it will be paid off in 32 months but who's counting? By then, the condo will likely require some repairs, carpeting and repainting. Speaking of fresh, when I came in, I could smell SV's litterbox. I cleaned it and folded in some of the new litter which is scented. I'm running the dishwasher and doing laundry. It's time to change the bed. I ran into Joe and he walked down with me to Nancy's so I could leave the magnesium supps I can no longer take and some $$ for feeding the new little kitty. I've been spreading the news in case anyone wants one of the kittens or mama cat.

    One friend we ran into is seeing a doc about having knee surgery so I told her to call if she needs someone to go to the hospital or doc appt. with her. She may be looking for a cat in May but she wants an older cat. Her old cat died last year and she's still missing him. Another neighbor came by and I reminded her that we have our list and can help her with her dad if she needs it. She had been having problems taking time off work. Evidently, she has changed her hours so she can help him. There's a board mtg. tonight so I'm sure Joe will call me to tell me what went on. I'm so glad we have good neighbors here.

    Rock, trompe l'oeil, as I'm sure you know, is French for deceiving the eye. I've never seen such a large project as that floor. Wow! Yes, mint or catnip would make a wonderful pot-purr-ie for a kitty. SV could use some mint in his litter box. Phew!!! I just hope the fumes don't peel the paint off the bathroom walls. Yes, the mint is selling catnip, to coin a phrase. I'm blushing at your kind words. Don't know how classy I am but I'll take the compliment. Speaking of chords, I just looked at the piano app on my Kindle Fire and am amazed. It gives lessons and has the chord names/numbers right on the keys. I really should take the time to get into it. I'm sure it would be good for my poor pea brain. Today, I'm feeling a tad better and can tell my brain is working a bit better too. Glad Gordon is taking such good care of you and you aren't having pain. I'm guessing the swelling will take time to go down.

    Well, Kids, I decided to stop back in and need to get up and do some work around here. I hope all y'all are having a good day too. Ooh, ooh, I almost forgot. Y'all can buy anti-fraud pens for around $2 for writing checks. They can't be washed with chemicals by criminals. Well worth the investment. I think office supply stores have them.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there everydobby,

    I have been waiting for my cleaning lady(ies) this afternoon but they called saying they would be delayed, an hour or so. So here I am. It is a beautiful day and I should be painting the posts of the bridge but with them coming I best not start anything. Tomorrow is a broken up day too as in the morning I have to go to the dentist to have my new crown put on, if is well which I am assuming at this point. DH did some power washing of the other part of the deck this morning and will paint tomorrow if weather is still good. I am so behind with other stuff I have had to do and singing this week.

    ROCK - I am glad your surgery is all over. That swelling you are having sounds pretty normal to me as long as it doesn't get worse instead of better, and as the doc said doesn't get red and show infection. It sounds like Nurse Gordon is taking good care of you so best behave yourself and do what he says :)!!! Glad you aren't having any pain afterwards either too. Keep resting and healing.

    MIKIE - Glad that you seem to be feeling better today too. That is great anything you feel better and not worse :)! That is weird with the MINT selling catnip - geez already . HMMM, wondering what is causing S V's urine to be so strong? Maybe he hasn't been drinking water as much as he should have been.

    JULIE - Thanks for that cute pic of those hunky firemen. Very cute but not the same ones of course that I saw and that were on the calendar for this year. One lady ( with lots of money) spent close to $2o0 on calendars for peeps in her family and probably friends for presents but it would have to be soon. March is almost done !! Must be nice to be rich :)! A very good cause though.

    Just got a call that the cleaning people would be very late. Not sure of the problems and it isn't close by so we will change it to sat. a.m. Now have to put the house sort of back together again.

    Gotta run.

    Love to awl, inc those not mentioned !
    Granni :)!!
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Please tell me...who in their "right" mind cleans their rafters, lol! Second day on the scaffold, but a "level" lower than the peak...cleaning the next row of 4 X 8 sheets of ceiling. Next, Den needs to put up the trim boards in another part of the ceiling, then I will go back up to clean that section. And I'm keeping window facing boards painted...I prefer the durability of oil-based paint also, but am using latex because of the fumes and easier cleanup.

    Clinton did too much yesterday so was down for the count last evening and wasn't able to do much today...he looked so bad that Den offered for us to get him home. Clinton said people ask him all the time why he can't go back to a regular job...it's easy to see why when one is around him very long. He would much rather be able to work hard like he used to, but we're not sure if that is ever gonna happen. I encouraged him to leave right after lunch to get home and rest before Amy and the girls are home.

    Just had a very quick break and haven't even really read up on the posts...just wanted to say hi.
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