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    Hi, Kids,

    Time already for a new Porch. Hope all y'all are having a nice weekend. I decided to start a new volume now because weekends are usually lite here. I decided that, instead of cleaning inside, I'd clean the lanai. I need to get into the shower and do my hair so it only makes sense to do that outside sweaty job first. It's done except for cleaning the glass tops of the tables and the glass siders. I also noticed some black mildew on the white weather stripping along the side of one door. AACCKK!!! I'll do that later or tomorrow. Like Scarlett always said, tamorah is anothah day. She was a wise woman.

    Sir Vester is up to his usual ornery games. He pounds on the glass slider to go out and runs when I open it. I have the A/C on so can't leave it open. I picked him up and booted him out. Then, he turned around and pounded to come back in. I'm turning a blind eye and deaf ear to him so he's settled down on the little throw rug just outside the door. He looks very put out about the whole thing.

    Granni, it tires me out just to read about all the painting you're doing. Also DH's pressure washing. What a big, ongoing job that has been. Hope you're enjoying your clean house. I'm enjoying looking out at the clean lanai. I had to take a plant down which had mealy bugs. I put it out front and sprayed it with Sevin. I also took two new canes which had roots off the big dendrobium orchid and potted them, one for Ilona and one for Grace. Ilona says this is the last year they're coming here for the winter. They'll go to Sugarland, TX to their DS's and DDIL's instead. I've known them 20 years. So many leaving but I still have lots of friends here. Don't overdo it outside.

    It's still early but I don't think I'll do anything else today. I'm pacing myself. As it is, I'm having FMS type pain in my right arm. I don't want to chance ruining this recent run of better health and NRG. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and don't overdo it. Also hope y'all have NRG and no pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE, et al - It is almost time for us to go to our DD's house for the hot dog roast. Got a message from DCD saying that she got the job at a Houston Japanese restaurant as a hostess. Hope she can keep it with her awful memory.

    PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE KEEPS THIS JOB. Sorry that I can't stay long. I have been goofing off this afternoon after putting my house back together. Yes, it is cleaner but definately not perfect that is for sure. No MIKIE I will not overdue today. Didn't do much except a wash and trying to put my house back together.

    Gotta run for now. Church tomorrow and then maybe clean up some stuff that needs painting another day.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Just curious.
    Is msg a big deal over there? ( mono sodium glutamate).
    Am currently watching MKR and a couple of young contestants decided to add it to their Mayo.
    Poor girls.
    They actually thought it was a thickener ( they obviously didn't even think to google).
    Anyway, Msg isn't band here or anything, but it's def controversial. I know Asian restaurants use it.
    Does Gordon use it,Rock?
    I personally would consider participating in a cooking comp as a form of punishment.
    The anxiety would kick into over drive, heart rate would soar and that'd be Just the beginning.
    Gee, I feel sick just thinking about it.

    Ok. So hypothetically speaking, wouldn't you practice?
    I mean, why are people cooking recipes they don't know?
    I get the whole 'stepping out of your comfort zone', but that really takes it to another level.
    It's probably a weird way of getting the Ol' adrenalin juices flowing.
    Maybe they like BASE jumping too.
    Or do you think people have been falsely encouraging/flattered about their cooking?
    A bit like how some people think they're awesome singers, but tragically aren't.

    Rock, I think koi are related to gold fish. Are they Barry?
    I figure you'd be the one to know.

    Oh no!
    The girls are crying from being harshly critiqued. So sad.

    Mikie, after all this time, I never completely understood BOGO.
    I do now. (I thought it was buy one get one free, but only looked it up recently to make sure).
    It's not really a thing over here. I mean to say, the supermarkets generally offer a deal where if you buy two, you pay less...
    There are soo many kitty litters on the market and they're quite pricey too.
    That's a lot of kittens for a first litter, isnt it? Poor girl.

    Sun, I really hope you're not in any more pain.

    I woke this morning with an unwelcome addition to my bottom lip.
    And yes. It looked as big as it felt. Usually I can feel a cold sore coming on, but not this time.
    Also, pain All over. Even with pain relief, it's barely tolerable. Enough said. I'm not giving it any power.

    Granni, of course I'll be praying for CD.

    Btw has anyone here had trigger point shots? Did it help?

    Sorry guys. Gotta call it.
    Limbs are getting the shooting pains now. Like fireworks.
    Will catch yas All later.
    Take care
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's actually after noon here. I did the puzzles but couldn't finish either crossword in the paper. I'll let them sit a while and come back. I also watched my news and political shows. I decided to put some hair conditioner on top of my head and will let it sit about an hour before shampooing. My hair is like a hay stack. AACCKK!!! Then, I'll get into the shower.

    Granni, I've been praying for you, DD and the rest of the family. I pray she keeps her job. Bless her heart for getting out there and trying to work. It can't be easy for her. I know it's not been easy for anyone. Hope you enjoyed the weanie roast.

    Star, MSG is bad stuff and is in a lot of processed foods. It goes by many names and is often difficult to identify in the ingredients. It makes me jittery and gives me a headache, not unlike what I went through with the magnesium. Many Chinese restaurants advertise that they use no MGS in their food. BOGO means buy one, get one free at Publix. Other stores advertise BOGO but they mean buy one, get 50 percent off the second one. That's only 25 percent off so it doesn't impress me much. Yes, seven is a lot of kittens the first time. She's so tiny thought that Nancy and I think seven tiny kittens are better than several large ones. I started to get a cold sore but iced it up and applied Abreva and it didn't take hold. Ice kills the Herpes Virus on lips. I've not read about anyone getting injections in their trigger points or their tender points with FMS who got any long term relief. I hope your pain is better.

    Keyboard is getting sticky. Gonna go get into the shower. Hope all y'all have a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sunflowergirl

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    Star:. YES, Msg is a big deal in the good ol' USA! I've learned so much about it from another member of the years. I'm sensitive but she's overly sensitive and can tell when she's consumed something with msg. She gets very shaky, inside too, and almost burns from it. Takes her about 3 days to rid herself of it. I don't eat chinese food anymore. Don't eat shrimp anymore unless it's frozen and says wild caught. Even with that it's frozen with a bad liquid to preserve it so I defrost in water and dump several times.

    I'm sorry about the cold sore. I have had ONE....only one, but it was horrible. A strange tingling in my lips! Thought I was having a stroke coming on until it broke thru. Read up on it, see if there's something natural you can do or change what you're eating. I have never had a trigger point shot, have my book "trigger point therapy workbook" which is my second bible. I was reading up on the awful pain I'm going thru and it states that the shots can create MORE trigger points...makes sense.

    Still going thru terrible pains, such a stupid thing I did with the weeding. Apparently I should have limbered up and stretched thorough before I bent over in a strange fashion. So yesterday I watched a lot of youtube videos on sciatic and what you can do. So, now I've pulled muscles in my knee!!!!! ^%$#@. But in reading my book I've graduated to leg pain and find that I've got very tight muscles in my thighs which I'm trying to stretch. Apparently the solution to almost every pain is STRETCH properly and slowly.

    So with my boring, lonely life I rented two movies yesterday. Manchester by the sea.....my opinion......long drawn out and boring. He's apparently winning awards for his acting. Didn't impress me though. My second choice was Woman on the Train. A mystery/thriller type.....OK in my opinion. I'm not a critic but I saw discrepancies in places.....didn't explain WHY this one guy knew where the chick was living! So I guess I blew almost $4 yesterday.
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    Hi Folks.
    Not up to posting much..
    The weather is cold and showery today. High to be about 48 degrees. I'll be staying inside again today; no sun, no energy. I'll laze like the Leo I am....

    Rock, glad that your op. went alright. Are you able to eat solid foods? I know you are a fussy eater from past posts :p. Can you eat popcorn, for example? Never could stand the stuff myself.
    So you've been to redwood country. Have you been to Garberville, if you remember? That is the closest tiny town from us. 6 miles of winding road, takes 20 mins. to get there.

    Cold sores, Star. What a pain in the lip. I used to get them all the time, years ago. Doc. put me on and anti-viral -----Valtrex ---- for 6 months in case I had HHV-6 (I didn't). Also 6 months on doxy. in case I had Mycoplasma or other infections. Well, all I can say is that the Valtrex wiped out the cold sore Herpes virus, and I haven't had one since. Before this I would use Abreva cream on them -- very expensive.

    Sun, sorry for your back pains and sciatica. I wrenched my back out badly when stretching to saw down a juniper I didn't want. Sideways stretch, leaning way forward, OUCH! I went to a physical therapist, did some of her suggestions. Got a lumbar cushion, and a book on curing back problems by Robin McKenzie. I found this book most helpful. Mainly slow bending exercises. Now I can touch my toes! Hope your pain lessons every day. Manchester by the Sea! we just got that from netflix, going to watch it tonight. I've heard that it is depressing, but nothing else. Oh well, fits my mood...:rolleyes:

    MSG. Very controversial! Found naturally in tomatoes, cheese, and other foods. Artificially made by fermentation process involving fermentation of starch, sugar beets, molasses, etc. Studies have indicated that SOME people do experience "Chinese restaurant syndrome" after consuming large amounts of MSG, but effects are transitory. Many placebo-based studies on this. But what do I know?

    Diane, hope you are feeling better, you too Mikie, Star, and all.
    Love to All, and Thank You.

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    Hi Kids

    The computer has been somewhat recalcitrant the last couple days. We'll see
    how long it holds out today.

    Just finished a biography of Milton Okun. He was a musician, an arranger,
    and most of all a record producer. Worked with Harry Belafonte, Peter, Paul
    and Mary, the Chad Mitchell Trio, The Brothers Four, John Denver and
    Placido Domingo. Produced something like 75 gold records.

    Mikie, did you take your sticky keyboard into the shower with you? Kinda
    got that impression from your second post. Remember that commercial a
    decade or two ago? A little girl is helping mom by washing something in the
    sink. Turns out it's a keyboard.

    You're right about MSG. Couple years ago I saw a long list of other terms used
    to conceal MSG. I remember a cookbook my mother had. It said at the
    beginning something like, "It is assumed you will use MSG in all these recipes
    as it is such a wonderful flavor enhancer. " Hope the pain in the arm is short lived.

    Granni, are you having an old fashioned hot dog roast? I remember picnics where
    we'd build a campfire and stick the hot dog on a green stick. You could use the same
    stick later to roast a marshmallow. Yes, it would be wonderful if your DCD could
    keep that job.

    Star, no, Gordon doesn't use MSG. He does use a lot of ingreediments from China
    Town and Asian stores that are foreign to me. Mostly sauces, but also unusual
    mushrooms; some dried, some fresh. And unusual vegetables. And tofu.

    I wondered about BOGO too. Finally decided it meant Buy one, get one free. But
    then I saw a local add and it meant, as Mikie pointed out, the second one isn't
    free, it's half price. So like much of life, BOGO is ambiguous.

    Koi fish are carp. They live a long time. Wikipedia reports a fish that lived
    over 200 years. The big ones are expensive. In Japan somebody reportedly
    paid over 2 million dollars for one. Gordon and I went to a combination Orchid
    and Koi Show a couple decades back. The fish were mostly 3-4 feet long. Gordon
    talked to an owner who said they would probably sell for about $200-300@.
    I hope the shooting pains have declared a cease fire.

    Sun, I can't appreciate new movies either. I never buy them. Just check them
    out. The only one I watched all the way through was Marley and Me. A dog
    movie. Read the book some years ago. Anyhoo the script wasn't much, but
    the two leads were unknown to me and both seemed very likeable. I hope your
    pains are gone; or at least going.

    Barry, yup, I can eat solid foods. Or more accurately, I could if I could chew them.
    I don't think I ever heard of anyone who didn't like popcorn. You should have
    grown up with me. We had a tiny, portable popcorn stand in our village that had
    been in the Linstroth family for 3 generations. They grew their own popcorn. It
    was even better than Orville Redenbacher's. When I was a kid a bag cost a nickle.
    Want butter on it? Another nickle. My sister adopted a stray cat. It used to
    go to the popcorn stand and munch on the fallen kernels.

    Yes, I've been to see the redwoods, but don't remember a Garberville. But
    that was back in the 60s. My sister married a Gerber. But he was from the tiny
    town of Le Roy. Congratulations on being able to touch your toes. I suppose
    I could too. Touch your toes, I mean. Assuming there was sufficient propinquity.

    All for now

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  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I've been to the Redwoods twice.....such a beautiful place.....well 3 times I guess but I was only about 4 at the time. Have a pic. Of all of us sitting in our car driving thru the huge cut out redwood. By the way, didn't that tree get destroyed recently or was it another one. Lucky you to be living up there. Do you get the banana slugs around your area? I thought they were amazing of course my kids didn't appreciate them. I do remember walking thru the forest early in the morning after a rain. And then when my DGS was 3 my DH and I flew up to meet the family up at Carmel area so we could take the train thru the redwoods.

    By the way, if you want to see a new movie that will take you out of your depression, rent Florence Foster Jenkins....I had no idea what it was about, then she (Meryl Streep) started singing! OMG....belly laughs every time I heard her. It felt soooo good laughing like that.

    I've been reading almost nonstop on trigger points we can develop in our bodies. So according to instructions I took my tennis ball in a sock and attacked the left "cheek" area......deep tissue. But about an hr. Later I have to say I could actually walk! I'm finding it amazing how many muscles we have in our body and what happens when we overdo. I had been feeling really scared at how crippled I was. Tomorrow will be a week of my stupidity.

    Rock: I'm in line with those who HATE popcorn! But let me explain. When I graduated from HS I got a job at the local walk in movie theatre, making popcorn almost nonstop. I got sooooo sick of the smell. So when I married my DH was a popcorn NUT. Even purchasing special kernels on amazon. Almost every night he would pop in his special maker. Double ugh. Then when I was PG with my first child, I craved popcorn bigtime one night....went into labor a few hours later. Still don't care for popcorn though.

    Update: I just finished watching the oscars.....I'm still in shock at what happened. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway opened the envelope and after a few confused seconds, announced the winner of best pic. As La La Land. So the entire cast came up to celebrate on the stage, then I noticed a little guy pushing thru the stage crowd, holding an envelope.....ooops....apparently it wasn't LaLaLand that won, but another pic....sorry, can't remember the name. So the entire celebrating cast and crew of LaLaLand slunk off and the other cast and crew came up.....I have never ever ever seen such a confusing mess. Apparently the company who printed off the "envelope" to be opened, made a GIANT mistake.....on purpose?????? Some heads are going to fly.
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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    I fell asleep after the opening act at the Oscars; it stank on ice. I kept waking up until, at 1:30, I finished reading my thriller spy novel. It's amazing how those spy novel authors often write about things that are about to happen on the world stage. Their intense research must be the reason. This one centers on Russia's use of oil and gas reserves/licenses to try to dominate other nations using political corruption. Yikes! Finally, at 3:30, I decided to get up and had my coffee. I need to go get my X-ray today or tomorrow before I see the urologist on Wed. I'll go today if I feel up to it. Several film critics stated that La La Land and Manchester By The Sea were both good movies but not Oscar worthy. I think Hidden Figures and Fences are better. Moonlight is also supposed to be good. I loved it when Joan Rivers had her show and would critique the Red Carpet fashions. The Red Carpet shows now are booooor-ing! Or am I just getting old and nothing appeals to me? Hmmmm, that could be it.

    Grace came up and sat out on the balcony in the shade with me yesterday. We had a nice chat. I didn't feel like doing much after my shower so didn't mind not getting anything done. After last night, I'll likely not feel up to doing anything today either. Bah! It's hot here again and will get close to 90 this week. The humidity is low so it's not too uncomfortable. I opened the slider and my allergies are going nuts. Red Tide has been showing up again. My sneezing is scaring SV. He's already playing his evil kitty games.

    Sun, yes, the legs are involved in sciatica. The PT tech had me stretching the backs of my legs. Unfortunately, he didn't have me warm up first and I tore my ham string muscle. Be careful when doing the leg stretches. I'm sorry your life feels so boring and lonely. When you're feeling better, things will probably improve as you're able to get out more, including your art group. I was an only child of a working Mom so spent a lot of time alone growing up. I guess I'm just used to it. My marriage was so horrible the last few years that I'm glad to be living alone. I dated really nice men and enjoyed their company but never found one worthy of giving up control of the remote for. I hope and pray your pain is better.

    Barry, brrrrrrr! That's cold. I'm glad you are taking it easy. Being inside watching a movie on a cold day is my idea of a good time. BTW, you probably already know this but the Herpes Viruses almost never completely go away. They go latent in the body and can reactivate when people get run down. That is why people get the cold sores when they are sick with something else. Mine tried to appear when I had that nasty head cold. That is when I got out the ice to freeze the virus and the Abreva to keep it in check. It's expensive but worth every penny, especially when used early to stop cold sores in their tracks. The advice the PT tech gave me was to always distribute my weight evenly between both legs. No crossing them when I sit and no leaning to the side when I stand. Every little thing helps when one has back pain. Well, dear Leo, stretch out like the magnificent lion you are and survey your kingdom with pleasure, knowing you are king of everything you survey.

    Rock, koi vey! That's a lot of money for a fish! I don't remember that commercial. The keyboard is cooperating somewhat today. I hate that new commercial where everything, including the toilet seat, sticks to the family. The toilet seat ends up on the fridge door. Grooooss!!! All I get are fingerprints on my fridge door with the stainless which is not supposed to show fingerprints. Kinda like when I used to iron my wash 'n wear clothing. Or, when I wipe the stains off my stainless steel 'silverware.' I hate being lied to by inanimate objects. I pay $100 a year for my Amazon Prime membership. I can stream movies, TV shows and Amazon original movies and series. I can also stream music of all kinds to listen to and, when I order products on Amazon, I usually don't have to pay S&H. My Amazon credit card gives me rebates I can use to buy things. All in all, it's a good deal. Newer movies may cost a couple of bucks to rent but I usually am not interested in watching the new stuff. I have Netflix streaming but am considering getting rid of it. On Demand has streaming and movies one can rent.

    OK, Kiddies, y'all know the drill; I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydobby has a great week ahead.

    Love, Mikie
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Folks

    It's wet and cold here. Again! Bah; Humbug! Gordon has been battling a cold
    the last few days. Fevers and coughs. Nevertheless he goes outside to care for
    his orchids. Yesterday afternoon we took the huge plastic sheets off some of the
    orchids so they could get some rain. Couple hours later we were out there again
    putting the sheets back on.

    Mikie, Koi vey is a brilliant pun. I'd give you a fin ($5) for it if you were here. Looked
    it up. Both Oy Vey and Fin (short for finnif) come from Yiddish. Gordon told me
    about the mix up at the Oscars. I said, "Isn't Moonlight that movie Cher was in?"
    "That was Moonstruck," he said. Well, I have no interest in modern movies. I
    did see about 5 minutes of Moonstruck on TV once. All I remember is a family
    sitting around a table eating. Not exactly riveting drama.

    Sun, I looked up banana slugs. Read the article quickly. Then split. Wikipedia
    says they are endemic to the NW USA. Don't know if Barry is far enough North.
    I saw a huge slug in my brother's yard a couple decades ago. It wasn't the color of
    a banana so don't know if it was an B.S. or not. Wikipedia says not all are yellow.
    Can come in a variety of colors.

    Congratulations on your successful self therapy w/ the tennis ball. Is this one
    of those progressive things where you start out small and end up with something
    more substantial; say, a bowling ball?

    Granni, that reminds me. I saw a book for sale on the net. It's all about exercising
    with one of those big balls. Are you sitting on yours? Any improvement?

    Hugs to Spring, Dianne, Barry, Julie, Linda and GB
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  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends!

    Mikie, I do hope you are on the mend...but hope that stinkin' Red Tide doesn't set you back again.

    Granni, yes, prayers for your DCD that she is able to do well and keep her hostess job. I'm so sorry for all the worry.

    Rock, your memories of hot dog roasts sound just like how we do it still. The guys get the fire going and cut the long green sticks to use for roasting. Funny how different people are about how to "cook" their marshmallows, though...some of our family like to "set them ablaze", blow them out, then eat. Some of us (me included) like to just get them a nice even light brown on all sides, then enjoy. Always have to have s'mores supplies on hand, lol!

    I think you asked about Clinton's injury/illness. Yes, he was injured on the job when a "temp" worker attacked him at one of the job sites (over two years ago) and Clinton had to have surgery on his shoulder. But he barely missed any work (the company put him on light duty/office work.) But last spring Clinton had pneumonia (misdiagnosed as flu or something the first two or three ER visits.) When the local ER finally figured out what was going on, his heart was also being affected...he ended up in heart failure and had other complications. Finally got a pacemaker in August, but hasn't been able to get back to his job (and they no longer have anything "light duty" for him to do.)

    I see you have posted as I have been typing..."Hi!" :)

    Barry, how is Richard? Any closer to looking for a new pet? Sorry it's been so cold for you guys. Hard enough when it is expected, as here in the Midwest. We had such nice weather last week (even in the mid-70's a day or two) then back to the 30's...how rude, lol! It can only get warmer from here on out...I hope.

    Star, I am guessing that your family already has another house to move to? I may have missed any news about that...just saw that you are painting, repairing, etc. in order to put your current house on the market.

    I try to avoid MSG...just figure why cause any extra problems if I were to be one that is affected. We don't eat Chinese very often, so I might not recognize any ill effects to be from the MSG.

    Sun, I'm sorry for all your pain and loneliness. I'm glad you can treat yourself (trigger points, etc.) and will soon feel like doing more. I hope you can find someone reasonably priced to do some of the more strenuous outside work.

    I'll just say "Hi" to everyone else...my brain is trying to go blank on me, lol! Diane, Linda, thinking of you both also. I am probably forgetting someone...my apologies.

    I'm on a sort of "tight" schedule this week. Need to stay ahead of Den with the painting, plus go to chiro tomorrow and meet with the attorney's assistant (and visit my dad, get groceries, etc.) on Thursday. I have lots of papers to pull together for the meeting...still trying to get some stock shares replaced (who knows what happened to the originals) so we can get them transferred to the estate, then liquidated. If sis has found the original certificates, she didn't admit it or provide them when I asked her for any records, etc. So now it's a long process to get that done...sigh...

    And...I need to make a very quick trip to town sometime today. Den dropped one of his electric saws from 8' up yesterday, then when he tried to use it again, it started smoking. Well, he's had this saw for at least 40 years (when we lived in Virginia) so I think he deserves a new one. I had him write down some choices from the home supply store website and will try to get one he wants. I just don't want to be in town any longer than I have to....

    This is the week that (five years ago) my mom got sick and was in our local hospital for two days then transferred to the bigger hospital in Iowa City where they discovered she had liver cancer. The days even fall on the same dates as five years ago...in our hospital Sun-Tues, bigger hospital around midnight Tues thru Friday. Got her back to the care center Friday evening...she died early Saturday morning.

    I'm sure that is why I dreamed about her Saturday night...it started out that she was leaning against me at church...ended up with her turning into a baby and I was holding her in my arms. When I woke up it felt so real.

    Well, I need to get some trim boards painted (they take three coats total) and head to town at some point...whenever the fog lifts. It is to be sunny and fairly warm today (high 50's) so I am going to hang out some laundry. For some reason, even though I couldn't get to sleep until after 1:30 am, I still woke up before 6:00. Probably a nap is in order this afternoon...

    Take care, everyone! I'm not taking time to reread and edit...hope this turns out okay and not too many typos, etc.
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Please excuse me for not talking to you all separately Just wanted to let you know that I was still around :)!! Read the posts before and then went to eat lunch. Lolligagged at lunch and then had to clean up and get the wash going again DH wanted me to go walking with him today instead of Line Dancing so I thought I would go esp since I got up late and would have had to rush to go to LD. Haven't been there in awhile but they have had a change of teachers or should I say leaders. That is a log story too.

    *** Has anyone heard of taking 1/2 oz of 80 spirits ( of vodka, tequila, or run) daily to lower blood sugar in those with pre diabetes to keep it from going to the diabetes level. I saw this add on the phone and I took the basics off the phone. That was mainly about Tequila but I went on line to try and find something I could print out and couldn't find a lot unless I perhaps disabled my ad blocker on one site. I didn't bother with it to check it out. DH is ready to try it but I know we have to be careful and he says he will take his BS more with the finger prick test. It is an act of God to have him do it..

    JULIE - It sounds like you do need to take a nap after that dream you had and not that many hours of sleep last night, In your mind your mom was then a baby, so helpless towards the end. Don't worry about your types we all do that and it looked pretty good to me but I wasn't looking considering my own types when I am typing really fast.

    DH is expecting the mail so he can do his credit card check - gasp !! So I will get off now and hope to get back sometime maybe tomorrow. We sing tonight at practice, the Irish music mostly. Tomorrow our small group sings at a local church and we get lunch courtesy of their Sr.group.

    BTW those twins turned 19 this weekend.

    Bye for now. Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Today is another day.

    Sun, yes a drive-through redwood was knocked over by the big storm. BUT there are two more of the same along the route. So all is not lost. And yes, we've lots of banana slugs here. Mostly yellow and mottled or blotched with black. Very large. I've never had a problem with them eating my plants -- they prefer compost and dog poop it seems, as well as wild mushrooms.

    Hey Rock, you could get your popcorn in a blender with some liquid and then enjoy it! how's that for an idea?:rolleyes: Maybe a slug of brandy....for flavour of course.

    Julie dear, reading all that you do exhausts me. How do you keep up? Do you have CFS/ME? I don't know how you do it! But am glad that you are more or less able to pace yourself.

    Tomorrow is another day,
    G'bye 'til then,
    Peace, Barry.
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! I got two coats of paint on the trim boards before I went to town. The store had the exact circular saw that Den had looked up, so I got it. Even though he would prefer to have kept using his forty year old one, lol!

    Looked at some concrete floor treatments, but we haven't decided what we are going to do yet. Linoleum in the kitchen and pantry, big area rugs in the center of the living room and in the bedroom...but still have to figure out what to do with the rest.

    When I got home I put the finish coat of pain on, and am getting ready to crash. Barry, I spent a week at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN several years ago. My symptoms were severe fatigue, brain fog, "assorted pains", etc., etc. The doctors there decided I had a "simple" case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and said I was just "out of condition" and recommended exercise.

    Well, I also had PEM...I couldn't exercise for very long at all. At that time, I would fall asleep having a conversation with someone...especially since I would often get so exhausted that I would have to lie down on the floor, no matter who was around or what I was trying to do. I was trying to raise two young girls, own/run a hardware store, manage a household, and on and on. Forget going to a concert or movie...I would fall asleep, no matter how loud or how many people were around. It was awful.

    I guess I have somewhat "recovered", but I still have to crash a lot. Thankfully, I am now at a "season" where I can pretty much set my own pace, to a point. I don't even know if I have true CFS/ME, but I just try to do whatever I can...good days are often followed by several "not so good" days. I believe stress and a vehicle accident (the other driver was drunk and ran a stop sign) contributed a great deal to my symptoms.

    Anyway...I just do the best I can on any given day. And have learned to delegate...for instance, this weekend our little Susan from Tennessee will be here. Amy and the girls will come so they can spend time with her. I told Amy they can just make themselves at home and I will do what I can. Sorry, long explanation to your question...but it gets very frustrating, as probably you and many others can understand.

    Granni, I'll have to research your question of whether certain amounts of some alcoholic drinks can help with blood sugar. Hope your DH will get more comfortable checking his blood sugar, etc.

    So...my eyes are starting to cross and I can barely keep them open. I am going to go take a nap...Den will be worn out too as today was his first day back to work after his week vacation.

    Take care, everyone...we can do this! :)
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Just popping in to say hi. Still in a rush visiting etc for Tibetan new year ...and trying to get stuff done in the house..

    Sun - I hope the sciata is gone soon..

    Rock - hope you are back to 100 percent

    Granni - praying for DCD..that she keeps the job

    Will bbbl

    Love you all

    God bless
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Spring...I forgot to say Hi to you! :( And you always have so much going on...hope you are doing okay.

    I slept for over two hours this afternoon/evening. I thought Den would join me when he got home from work, but he went straight to the new house. I didn't even realize he was home...

    I guess our Susan will be driving when she gets off work on Friday. She'll stay with us over the weekend, then drive on up to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She has some kind of neuropathy, but her doctors can't figure out what's going on. Susan has such nerve pain, numbness, tingling, etc....plus fatigue, problems finding words for things, the list goes on and on. At only 26, she is so young to have all these health problems. I hope she finds some answers.

    I think she's going up by herself...would be so much better if someone could go with her. Normally, I would be the one to do something like that, but I'm just not able. She doesn't have a very good relationship with her parents, so I'm sure she didn't even consider asking either of them to go along. When I was there, Den went along...we didn't have much "down time"...several appts. each day, then we had a hotel room nearby.

    I am going to get some things and put together a "Sunshine Box" to send along with Susan. Instead of yellow items, I will try to find her favorite (zebra print.) They make so much stuff in "zebra" it shouldn't be too hard....snacks, post it notes, tape, hair things, stickers, stationery and note pads, etc., etc. I'll check at the Dollar Store...lots of neat (inexpensive) things there. If anyone has any ideas...I would love to hear them.

    Den and I got a second sheet of siding up on the west wall this evening. So tricky to get it just right...the wood siding has to be cut backwards and upside down (so the wood doesn't splinter and the saw doesn't leave marks on the "good" side.) And almost every piece has to be cut with the angle of the ceiling rafters. So far, we could both be on ladders, but the next piece will have to be raised with a sheetrock lift (borrowed from Den's buddy, Fred). Den will be on a ladder or the scaffold and I will crank the lift to put the sheet of siding up high enough for Den to nail in place.

    Sounds to me like a job for an Amish crew, but we are getting low on money, so will continue to plug along ourselves.

    I'm thinking I will try to get on to bed...chiro tomorrow. Plus, I am so far behind on dishes and laundry (forgot two loads are still out on the clothesline...oh well) and just housework in general. Good thing my dear husband is not a picky eater...I haven't had time to really plan meals or do much cooking. More like "throw something together when we come in for a break", lol!

    I'll check in when I can...take care, everyone!
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up feeling lau-zay as zee French zay. My tummy hurts and my nose is running
    and I feel wobbly. RRRRRat Bane!

    HanginginThere posted some funny kid vids on the on the Homebound Board.
    Got a post card from my Minnesota brother. He says "We" are visiting friends in
    Texas. Don't know how many people are included in that"We".

    Granni, you been to South Padre Island in Texas? I suspect you are several hundred
    miles North of it.

    Spring, if you're having trouble getting ready for the New Year, why don't
    you just repeat last year? I bet nobody would notice.

    Julie, that's great. Den can saw to his heart's content. He won't have to break
    in a new saw.

    I think a nap is probably a good idea.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    After getting almost no sleep night before last, I wasn't up to doing anything yesterday. I did go to bed early last night and got rested up a bit. SV was relentless this morning in trying to wake me up. Yesterday, he upset his food bowl twice, spilling his food all over the floor and his little place mat. He often spills his water when he plays in it but this is the first time he's spilled his food. I threw it all out and took his food bowl away for the rest of the day. He got his little dish of wet food but that's all. I've put all new dry food in his bowl and hope he will not spill it. He may have been protesting some stale food in the bottom. He does seem to get bored now and then. Also, I had thrown him out on the lanai rather briskly when he wouldn't stop pounding on the sliders and then running away when I opened them so he could go out. That may be what he was protesting. Animals can't tell us what is upsetting them so they have to get creative.

    It feels like the Red Tide is back. For a few days, I've been short of breath when walking and climbing the stairs to my condo. It's soooo dry out that I've had to water the potted plants. The dendrobeum orchid put out two new plants above the pot on old canes. They are complete with roots. I took them off and potted them with some bark and gave one to Grace and one to Ilona. Ilona likes to go home with plants she takes from here. She and Frank will not come back to stay the winter in the condo downstairs. Evidently her ex DIL wants her siblings to be able to use it. More people leaving the hood. My other friend named Nancy moved to Phoenix because her FMS felt better when she visited her son there. Unfortunately, it's been cold there and she feels worse now. I took that chance when I moved here from CO but it worked out OK for me.

    Rock, thank you for your kind words on my pun and your own brilliant 'fin' pun. Your wit is sharp as ever and you know how I looooves me my puns. I'm sorry Gordon is so sick. I hope he is feeling better. These colds going around do not want to leave. They seem to recirculate just when we think we are on the mend. Moonstruck is one of my all time favorite movies. DD and I laughed so much when we saw it. DSIL from NY didn't see the humor. He grew up around families like the one in the movie and the way they acted seemed normal to him. To DD and me, it was hilarious. Cher is so multi talented. Olympia Dukakis was wonderful in the movie too. We must have been posting at the same time. I'm sorry you feel so lousy this morning. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, sounds as though you are your usual busy self. The mycoplasma which triggered my CFIDS/ME back in 1990 left me with acute severe chronic fatigue but the name doesn't adequately describe what I was going through. I was soooo sick and bedbound. It left me crippled for months with such severe pain and weakness in my hips and legs. The doc only gave me two rounds of ABX; I should have been given six months of them. I eventually improved and worked another ten years before FMS rendered me disabled and unable to work. I have never been the same since 1990. There were some issues before my CFIDS was triggered which make me believe it was only a matter of time before it was triggered full blown. Like you, I do the best I can. I gave myself one of the smaller circular saws a year ago for Xmas. Haven't had to use it since. Doh!!! Hope you can get through all this estate mess soon.

    Granni, alcohol is usually a no-no for diabetics. It's loaded with sugar. I'd be very careful with it. Hope you can come back when you can stay. Enjoy your line dancing.

    Barry, same with you. Come back and sit a spell.

    Spring, ditto with you too. Hope you have a Happy New Year.

    Got up to no cable this morning so had to call Comcast to have the bot 'ping' my cable box and I had to unplug it and reset it. Then, when I got online, my computer shut down with an error message. The electronic gremlins are at it again. I hope all y'all have a good day and keep the gremlins away.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends!

    Rock, I'm sorry you are feeling punk today...I hope you are soon "right as rain." My status report would be that an annoying cough I've been fighting has plunged down into my chest...this is the time of year I get bronchitis. Last year I also had Influenza A...worst I have felt in a long time. (Lol, I just had to sit for a couple minutes to think of the word "influenza"...funny, not funny. I mean, I was actually thinking I might have to google it.)

    Den tried out his new saw last evening...to me, it sounds quieter. And he thinks it will be okay. The old one sparked and was so loud (even before being dropped off the ladder, lol.)

    Mikie, I am so proud (and a little bit jealous, lol) of you for being comfortable around power tools. I just can't stand the noise, and fear of getting cut. Den's dad almost lost several fingers on his table saw...and that was with years of prior experience.

    I think I could handle a router (Den has a neat setup for that), but I really want someday to get a ring saw for cutting glass, etc. Kind of reminds me of a scroll saw (with the blade staying basically in one place) and you can put a piece of glass on and cut in any direction without having to remove the glass and get a new "grip." I've seen how they can cut cardboard (perfect for me to practice on, lol) but don't cut fingers (looks so weird to see the demonstrator stick his hand right against the saw part and not get cut.)

    Might be a nice addition to the wood shop, when we get moved and actually have time to "play." I can see Den and myself doing some stained glass projects some day.

    I hope the Red Tide doesn't get you clear down...hard when people can't get away from it. That little stinker, SV...true, it would be easier if they could talk...

    Well, today promises to be a nice warm day...with maybe a shower or two. I went out and got the clothes off the line (forgot them last night and too tired when I remembered) and will fluff them in the dryer. Also need to shower and get ready for the chiro. Hope to get some kitchen chores done before I leave. I think part of my problem is from not having a "place for everything." Hope that can be corrected in the near future, lol!

    Glad to not have to worry about the wood furnace today...it's already almost 60 degrees (at 8:30) and will get up to 71.

    Take care, everyone! Hope we all have a good enough day.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Der Porchies,

    I have been reading and have to go and get ready to go sing and have lunch at the local Baptist church. It is a nice sr group that has been shrinking yearly. I need go get dressed and ready and hopefully can come back this aft ernoon or evening to really visit.

    JULIE - Sorry you are feeling so poorly again. That is a not s surprise with all you do. Hope you get to feeling better soon. YOU TOO MIKIE.

    VERY eary mass tomorrow so we can get home and do more working - ugh !!! TTYAL :)!!

    Bye for now. Gotta arun !!


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