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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,


    I don't know whether or not this Porch has been posted but it's soooo pretty that I can imagine all of us sitting on it, admiring the flowers and enjoying all our critters, including little spiders spinning their webs in the garden. All kinds of refreshing drinks and snacks will be served. Granni will lead us in a sing-along.

    Saw that we were at 30 posts on the old Porch so figured it's as good a time as any to start a new one, especially since our Porch has been slow lately. I hope it's because everydobby is doing well and y'all are busy. Can't say that's the case with me. I've been exhausted and feeling a bit blue :confused: as I always do when I've not been up to doing anything. I did manage to get my account with Apple set up, password and all. I got an e-mail asking me to verify it. The phone doesn't work but I can use the account if I get another iPhone. I'm gonna check them out at Wal*Mart. It does seem to me that this one is easier to use, just too small a screen. If I have to, I'll just get another Android.

    Granni, glad to see you got your dishwasher installed. How frustrating to have them tell you that you needed a different hose only to find out you don't. Then, to come out and still need something else to hook it up sounds very incompetent. Lowe's subcontracts out for installer/delivery/haul away people. Yes, they are often immigrants but there is always one who speaks English well. The ones who brought my new fridge sounded Eastern European. My only complaint is that the guy who spoke English was rude. He's the one who told me the fridge wouldn't fit and putting it in would cause the whole side to be crushed. Then, he went ahead and put it in and it fits perfectly. When they put in Dennis' and Grace's fridge, they didn't level it and the door on one side sits higher than the other door. I don't think they got it from Lowe's. Seems like it's always something. Do you sing old favorites, including the old gospel songs, when you go out to senior care homes? I loves me that old time religion.

    I hope to get some things done around here. It causes anxiety when I don't. I paid some bills yesterday online and noticed my checking acct. balance was more than I had expected. The minimal distribution required by law from my IRA had been deposited. I think it's awful that the govt. makes us take withdrawals, starting at age 70. It's especially bad for the kind I have because it affects the guaranteed return. Smaller IRA's should be exempt from this kind of thing. Life gets more complex and the middle class/lower middle class keep getting squeezed. :mad: Whine, whine, whine!

    I got such a nice note from Nancy thanking me for the lunch I invited her and my Dear Old Friend to. It was sooo touching. She had lost two of her best friends this last year when they moved away. She and I have always been good friends but we didn't do things together like she did with them. She said just when she was feeling low, I talked to her about forming our Friends group and she realized that she wasn't so alone. We still don't do much together but are at each other's beck and call if we need something. She sent pics of little mama kitty and the kittens but it's hard to make anything out with them clamoring for some milk at mama's belly. I'm going to go over to see them. I ran into her walking Chewy and, as always, he greeted me like his best friend. I am the fortunate one to have them in my life.

    Wow! Bentley just unveiled an electric convertible sports car. It's beautiful. Good thing I love my Highlander cause I couldn't afford a new normal car let alone something like that. I have always loved cars and enjoy seeing them, the more exotic, the better. I watched a documentary called, Minimalism. Two guys were trying to make people understand that material things don't really make people happy. People in this country are addicted to buying stuff they don't need which doesn't make them happy. It's not that people shouldn't buy things; it's that they shouldn't expect consumerism on steroids to make them happy. I agree with that but if money were no object, some of those cars would look awfully good to me. Again, though, my Highlander does make me happy; it's been such a good vehicle.

    I'm to the point in my life that I need so very little. If I have enough to get by, I feel blessed. I just hope I get enough NRG to continue culling things in my closets and getting them to Goodwill. Ah, Happiness, thy name is Energy. Hope all y'all have all of it you need.

    Love, Mikie
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    image.jpg Hello

    Mikie - what a colourful porch..such heavy looking red flowers! Reminds me of bell flowers, or was it age? when they cluster.

    I've been going out a lot. Had to attend yet another wedding. dHs friends DDs. Groom from Usa. They met when working. Then some prayer ceremonies. I enjoyed both. But the housework piles up.

    And I get bushed. I've never heard of transparent pipes..seems like a terrific idea.

    I wd love to go on a zip line. Provided i know it's safe. I suppose it wd be a bit like the Ferris wheel. Only horizontal . The first time I went I almost died of fright! Here fairs hv gone out of existence. Loved them when I was little. Those little wooden Ferris wheels...operated by hand. Or legs. The one in the pic above..it can still giv a feel of falling...but they can be stopped if a toddler starts freaking out..they had to stop it the first time I went.,

    Barry - those poppies sound amazing....I used to love cosmos..which also grow in the wild. Tall, free, swaying in the breeze. I think the animal organs were probably meant for medicines.

    Julie- thank goodness you got your water back. I pray Susan gets the right medical help.

    Granni - if you're not pottering about the house you're out singing..always on the move seems like. How lovely they loved your performances.

    Hv you ever tried exercising wth a ball? It looks easier than the normal.

    Rock - I hope you hv recovered from effects of the surgery. And Gordon from his cold. How are your visiting cats?

    Sun - you too.

    A cousin of mine has got a baby by surrogacy ...at this age!! Around my age. Brave girl, I wouldnt. She couldn't conceive so. I guess if one is healthy,it's an exciting thing. I love looking at babies. Laugh when they gurgle for no reason. Puppies and babies..Gods most brilliant creations. Maybe the sunset, sunrise too.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig! I just got back from seeing the new kittens. They are sooooo cute. Lots of white ones like Tweety. Nancy said there are three more strays running around outside. I think someone is dumping cats and they all look as though they could be related to Tweety and Sir Vester. Poor old Bob. He doesn't know what to make of the mama kitty and her babies. He raced over and rolled all over the top of my foot. Chewy just gave me love looks. Poor Nancy has her hands full. I'll be going over at the end of the month to feed the cats while she goes up to help with her new grandbaby. Nancy's DD has breast cancer and could use prayers. They are waiting on further tests.

    On the way over, I ran into one of my Mom's friends who had broken her knee, shoulder and pelvis. She's on the mend but still using a walker. She is such a sweet lady. This happened last Nov. That's when I had my second kidney procedure. I miss so much when I don't get out. I ran into Mom's other friend, Rose, who lost her husband a couple of months ago. I am putting her on our Friends list. Ilona and Grace were outside and I was talking to them. Another neighbor in the next bldg. came over to ask whether anyone knew how to shut off the water to her condo. I went over and did it for her. Lots going on in here today.

    Spring, those little Ferris Wheels look like fun. I loved rides when I was a kid too. The higher and faster, the better. I don't know what those flowers are. The pic wasn't in good focus and it's so small. Sometimes, people plant sage or Dusty Miller along with their flowers. I like the look of cabbage in flower beds. My Mom's rhubarb always looked so pretty. Can't grow it here and it's expensive to buy. Geez, I haven't been going out but my housework is piling up too. I broke out in a sweat just walking down to see the cats. My head is throbbing. It's so hot and bright out today. It feels good to be inside in the A/C. I have one of those big exercise balls. It's fun to sit on it and bounce. Thanks for posting the pic.

    I'm going to go get a big glass of water and sit for a bit. Hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring:. I wish your cousin much energy in dealing with a baby. I have a friend who is 75 and STILL takes care of her new GGD....5 mos. old plus her 2 1/2 year old DGS. Her energy is amazing. She used to run a preschool and would care for some of the babies at home on her days off. WHEW. People called her the "baby whisperer. Whats amazing is about 10 years ago she was suddenly diagnosed with ( it's in the family of FM but can't think of the name) LOW energy etc. pain, etc. I thought she had FM and I hate to say this but I figured NOW she would understand what I dealt with. BUT.....surprisingly about 2 years ago more lab tests came back that she didn't have it afterall. So about 8 years of taking special pills and constantly getting lab tests for nothing. She's back to an amazing amount of energy. When my DGS was born 14 years ago I told my DD at that time she couldn't count on me to babysit, so I would do as much as I could when I was able. Still count on my body!!!!!

    That little ride looks scary. I would be afraid it would break with me on it.

    Mikie: It's hard having a normal life when you don't feel up to participating. Have you ever thought about selling and living close to your family. I just couldn't think about not living where I could see my grandkids growing up. My DGD is turning 9 this week. I asked DD what I could buy her along with giving some $. OK.....so my DD said she had bought some AWFUL UGLY shoes for her and I could give her those. She emailed the picture from Nordstrom....UGH......high top sneakers. But the kids love them. Go figure.

    It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I did that # on my body!!!!! &^%$#@. Still hurts like *&^%$ even though I keep doing stretches for hips and legs. And yesterday I was running a slight fever, figured I was getting a bug so dosed on extra C, some zinc and other things. Spent the day sewing. I have a favorite purse that was falling apart. So I cut it apart and saved the best part. It's hard to explain but it's like metallic looking plastic strips that have been woven. I constantly get people who want to touch it!!!! So my redone purse is almost finished.
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    Good afternoon awl,

    MIKIE - Thanks for the new porch picture and the new PORCH. I have been missing so many peoples posts and have to keep going back to check..

    SPRING - So nice of you to post that old ferris wheel picture. I went on a few ferris wheels in my day but no more. I think the height would really bother me up there esp if I got stuck. Not a good feeling. Right now I think I am up to the baby roller coast or merry go round :)!! Forget the real big roller coaster. I think that may be worse than the regular ferris wheel.

    Yesterday was a rainy off and on day with singing in the afternoon. Today is pretty sunny with possible rain the next couple of days.. So we went to workout and then I sprayed some of the weeds while DH did some other work and blew the pollen and other stuff off the deck and elsewhere. Then after swhile DHw was starving ( as usual) and I remembered I had a Subway gift card so we went to Subway and had and turkey sandwich with all kinds of veggies on it. It tasted pretty good.

    Not to much much is new right now with us. I have an appt with my ND for Monday so hope I will have some good news on what to eat.

    Don't know what else to do but pray for DCD as she is more confused than ever. She even admits that she almost has dual personalities but I think she has taken someone else personalities that I no longer can find on the net that hat her same name. She thinks she has done everything under the son ( job experience) but believe me she hasn't. . What do you do with a mentally disturbed person who will not listen to you when you tell her things about her past?? Not to long ago I told her the best thing she could do was go back on those psych meds they gave her at the hospital. Also cannot mention her not being a VET or she will go ballistic. She told me the other day that I had more the 5 kids ( maybe from another family who knows). Believe me 5 was more than enough for me. I am also wondering which is worse, guessing what is going on with her or trying to keep in some touch with her and knowing. Right now she is having a meeting with someone and that she is trying to get a room instead of just a mat. I know that she is telling everyone that she is a vet and got shot down in Afghanistan but they can find no records for her. However, she has no judgement in figuring out what that means. She just thinks that the papers will come some day. I told her not to hold her breath on it.

    DH wants to sit outside for awhile I think. So I had better take off for now. Just wanted to let you all know I am alive and still kicking ( sort of).

    Thinking of everydobby- JULIE, SUN, ROCK, BARRY, TORY, et al . Keep on praying MIKIE and whoever want to do so. She needs all that she can get.

    Granni :)
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  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, it broke my heart to read about your DD. She really does need to be on her meds but there is nothing you can do if she won't take them. That is the hard part. She simply is sick and incapable of reasoning. I wish there were something I could do but all I can do is pray. I think all you can do is tell her you love her. Getting patients to take their meds is one of the biggest challenges for docs and nurses who work with patients with mental/emotional illnesses. So many are hospitalized, get their meds straightened out and end up back in the hospital because they stop their meds. Their meds are difficult enough to get just right and going on and off of them makes things trickier. I know it doesn't help to know how common this is because this is your child who is suffering and you are suffering along with her. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dear One.

    Sun, I don't think I could afford to sell and move. Condo prices in FL have not caught up with housing costs elsewhere. I knew this when I moved here so planned to stay for the duration. My kids in CO are the really busy ones with their careers and her school. I don't think my kids in TX will stay. They aren't really happy there. They liked it in Atlanta better but that won't work for DSIL's job. So, even if I were to move there, I'd likely end up having to move again. I really like it here and have such good friends. Also, I don't want to ever move again. I barely have the NRG to stay put. :( Your purse sounds really pretty. I'm so impressed that you can take things apart and redo them. I'm sorry you are still in so much pain. I hope you feel better, My Friend.

    I am out of breath and hope it's due to allergies. They are bad today. I sat out on the balcony this afternoon but had to come in because my eyes kept watering. I couldn't see and, when I wiped my eyes, my vision was blurry. I'm coughing a bit. There have been fires around us and I'm wondering whether there is still stuff in the air irritating my lungs. Just saw on the news all the people who have lost everything to wild fires. High winds and tornadoes are causing so much damage. Good grief! Are we living in the end of times? Sometimes it feels like it.

    New Survivor season starts in less than an hour. Woo Hoo! Still love that show. The second season of Designated Survivor starts tonight too. I'll veg out and forget my troubles and woes. Hope eveerydobby has a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning and Good Grief! Where are our Porchies? As always, when the Porch is empty, I hope it's because all y'all are full of NRG and out doing fun things. Wish I had enough NRG to do things which aren't fun but still need doing. Whine, whine, whine!

    It was sooooo good for me to get out yesterday and see some neighbors. It reinforced what I already knew; my hood is full of good people. Sooo many here in the hood to pray for. I also pray for all of us here at my Online Family. Then, I watch the news and pray for more people. Finally, I end up just asking God to take care of all of us and bring peace to the world.

    So, with that thought, I'll go read the newspaper online. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie and everyone! Sorry to be absent....just in a flare, at least that's all I can figure. Trying to get a few things caught up, keep Den fed (suppers and pack lunches) but I just haven't had the energy to be on here and visit.

    Susan has been keeping in touch with me via text and facebook...she has seen three different neurologists, had multiple tests and labs...still waiting on some results, but the neurologists so far are stumped as to what is causing all her pain. numbness, etc., etc.

    They have mentioned she could have had an episode of Guillain-Barre Syndrome when this all first started. Her local hospital did do a spinal tap immediately when she first got sick, but it was negative...they did mention that sometimes there is a false negative if the spinal tap is done too soon, but didn't do a follow-up at the "two to four week recommended time period." Since her problems started almost two years ago, it is, of course, too late for some of the diagnostic tests.

    One neurologist suggested that possibly the neurons in her brain/pain recepters are working overtime...there is a three week pain management clinic (I can't remember the name of what it's actually called) that could be a part of her treatment, but doctors may never be able to tell her what caused all this (or how to cure it.) How many of us have been down that road?

    She's so afraid they will just blame all this on the trauma she endured as a child, and even if that is part (or even all of it) at age 26 (and basically on her own) she needs to be able to function.

    I'm so sorry for everyone's pain and fatigue, and the blues. I'm struggling myself, so have no real advice. Granni, bless your heart...your poor DCD...what a struggle.

    I meet with the attorney's assistant again tomorrow...we've received some other forms in the mail, so can get them filled out and sent back (for estate assets that need to be liquidated, etc.) My brother got Dad a restaurant gift certificate for his birthday, so I will try to get Dad out for lunch after my meeting.

    Thinking of you all and hoping each new day is a little better than the last.
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    Hi Kids

    Not much news except the constant rains have stopped. Sunny with temps in the
    80s predicted for the next 5 days. 'bout time. We are folding up the plastic sheets
    we used to cover the orchids and storing them in the garage for the Durwood Kirby.

    Another nice porch picture, Mikie. Thanks for opening up. I hope you start feeling
    better. A real shame for someone with all your vitality to be restricted. You are an
    inspiration to all of us.

    Springwater, great picture. Such color and vitality. Reminds me of the Medieval
    Faires in Europe. They not only provided folks with entertainment, they were an
    important part of the economy, especially the wool trade. With regard to a
    zip line, it is not anything like a ferris wheel. It was in the news last year that a
    young woman was killed on one. I can't remember where she was visiting at
    the time.

    The B & W cat continues to spend most of its time in our back yard. Big Foot, the
    large, placid tom cat comes around now and then. Loves to go inside and explore
    the house. He is somebody's well fed pet. We always offer him food, but he's not

    Sun, high top sneakers. The only kind there were when I was young. White,
    low canvas shoes were all the rage when I went to college. Hush puppies were
    also popular. Now and then one would see a girl in saddle shoes. Is your
    purse project finished? Hope those aches and pains go away.

    Granni, I'm with you. I loved the carnival rides when I was a kid. Wouldn't go
    near one now. Been way too many stories about ones that got stuck and people
    were stranded for hours. And injuries and even fatalities.

    I used to frequent the Subway Sandwich shops. Haven't been to one for a decade
    or more. They had the best tuna salad.

    Gordon saw his cardiologist yesterday. Got a good report. The plumber was here
    to fix the garbage disposal. He says you're not supposed to put things like potato
    peeling down it. What?! I thought that was the whole idea. What clogged up the
    thing was rice. Little grains of cooked rice. You're right about the price too,
    Granni. $125! Uff-da!

    Hugs Julie, Dianne, Barry, Tori, Star, Linda, GB

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  10. bct

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    Hi e-body.
    I am tired this am, per usual. Was awakened in night by a chewing-on-wood sound. Duh? I think a mouse is in the house, or a young woodrat. Guess I'll put out my live trap tonight....and see what happens, if anything. And some mouse traps too. Need a darn cat or two! ;) Ah, country living... Reminds me of when, a couple of years ago, a little spotted skunk found its way in through an opening under the shower cubicle. Saw it poking its head out of its hiding place. So funny! Caught it in a live trap the next day, covered with a towel in case it sprayed --- it didn't. So took it out to the front of our property, and let it go. A passing car stopped because they thought I was throwing away a little cat! Then it sprayed! :p

    Rock, I thought a garbage disposal was to dispose of garbage too. I am sure potato peels qualify. And if the problem is rice, feed it to the birds. Our garbage disposal is a trash can for anaerobic composition. Works great.

    Our rains have stopped for a while, and we might be sweltering in the '60s for the upcoming week. Maybe I can pull some more weeds and screw my back up some more. One weed at a time. It is hard to weed a rock garden because it has so many tiny plants in it that are easily overgrown.

    Oh Mikie! Thank you for the little green and red spider. If only it were larger! It is a real beaut. My lost spider was about two inches in diameter, but most of that was in its skinny legs; body smaller than a pea....

    Well, I've got to get some chores done. Wash the dishes -- by hand is my way --, make the bed, play with Romeo (dog we are sitting), have a cup of tea, and try to pull another weed or three.

    Granni, do you ever say "no"to you DH? :oops:

    Cheerio for now,
    Love Barry
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    Rock: I can't tell you the $$ we spent on garbage disposal/pipes cleaning! I really didn't know how to use it. You're supposed to turn the water on while running it, then slowly put things down so it can chew it up and down the drain. BUT the thing that really did it big time at our other house was a big clump of cold rice....OMG what a mess. And my son is having giant troubles with his kitchen sink. He rented a commercial snake last week but apparently the snake ran into troubles and the head of it broke off in the pipe. So yesterday a plumber came out and gave him a price. Previous to the plumber he found a huge amount of congealed fat accumulated. He told me he once caught his roommate pouring bacon grease down the sink. I've seen my DD do that also. I've warned her but she doesn't listen to what old mom says. People think, out of sight out of mind. And even people who "oil pull" with coconut oil should spit in a paper towel and into the trash, NOT down the toilet. It hardens after it gets cold.

    After all the problems with our garbage disposal I just learned to toss everything in the trash. Maybe Gordon would want to start a compost pile for his plants? I used to have one of those drum things, but then I had so much planted around and very little empty dirt and with back troubles I couldn't bury the compost anymore so I gave it away to a neighbor.

    Yes, I finished my purse. If I could take a pic on the ipad and get it shrunk I would post it. I'm very pleased with the look of it. I have to use a very lightweight purse/bag to carry what I find is necessary. This is almost the size of a shopping bag, in fact I can put small things in it when I go to the store and forget a bag.

    Julie: Susan could have muscles pressing on nerves and that wouldn't show up on MRIs or xrays. I have cervical and spinal stenosis....that does show up....and at times I have scary tingling in my legs and feet or arms. And I'm sure she knows that trauma to either the body or mind is a sure cause of FM. I do hope she gets some help for all she's going thru. Windytalker spent time up at Mayo years ago, and all they told her was FM. I'm so sorry for all this poor girl deals with.

    Granni: I'm so sorry for your DD. At this point you seem to be right on track....PRAY and turn it all over to God.

    Mikie: For some reason all of us on this board seem to be going thru depression. It's better for me when I'm able to sit outside though. All that rain was hard for me.

    Barry: I see you posted while I was typing. Be CAREFUL of the weeds!!!!! And mine are in my boulder garden. My floor scraper is working good for me, as good as can be expected. It keeps me from bending over then I use my grabber to pick the weeds up and toss into a container. The gardener had put down this special net covering saying the weeds couldn't grow thru....what a joke. But they are pretty with little yellow flowers. Almost everyone in the neighborhood has these growing. One house has them so solid along the sidewalk it looks like they planted it.

    And how about starting with a few cats and then work up to another dog?
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  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Seems as though a lot of us are busy or feeling lousy. I'm a bit better today but still not up doing a jig. I'm Irish; if I felt better, I could do an Irish Jig. It's the right time of the year for it. One of my Mom's best times was when she moved from NE to CO and we took her to the big St. Paddy's Day Parade in downtown Denver. Then, we went to an Irish Pub for food and beer. I declined to have green beer. There are certain things I just won't do. I also don't eat blue icing on cake. AACCKK!!! It ain't natural!

    One of the neighbors I ran into yesterday stopped by. Her husband died about a month ago. I had told her I'd put her on the Friends list and she wanted a copy of the list. I had a spare but it's not updated yet. She didn't care. I still have another woman I need to talk to about it. I've just been piddling around the condo doing a couple of little things. That's all I'm good for right now. I've watched some new shows I recorded to catch up. This season's Survivor looks to be the best one yet. It's the psychological games the contestants play which makes it interesting. They always pick the most gorgeous tropical locations. I don't know where it's at this time. I'll have to check it out.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you've been in a flare. Doesn't surprise me, though. You've been through too much and it probably just caught up with you. I hope you're feeling better. It was like deja-vu reading about Susan. Yes, most of us have been down that road before. If only they could come up with definitive tests and treatments for us. I think our illnesses are genetic and have many triggers. JMHO. What a nice gift from you DB for your Dad. I hope you can enjoy lunch. He's lucky to have you.

    Rock, we've had our 80 degree days and our best chance of rain comes tomorrow and Sat. We desperately need it. The fresh water canals over in the Cape are running dry. Many people live on the canals and have their boats moored out back. Richard had one and it was a short ride out into the Gulf. We would take lunch and anchor just off one of the islands and splash around in the water and, of course, drink. Good times! Again, so glad I had so much fun while I could. I still manage to have fun but, while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak--flabby and weak! Glad Gordon got a good bill of health and you got the disposal fixed. One way to keep it clean and running is to throw a couple of ice cubes and a lemon slice in it and run it. Thanks for your kind words.

    I've only just arrived on the Porch and here comes Barry and Sun. I'll post and be back before the gremlins know I'm here. Cable box shut down this morning and had to reboot. I should sage smudge the condo to try to get rid of them.

    Barry, is sitting Romeo helping Richard with his grief? I find Nancy's little dog, Chewy, really cheers me up. He's such a sweet little guy. The spider is a beautiful green with bright neon orange markings. When I looked it up and found it, the suggested search was for green and orange spiders Florida. Sho 'nuff, there it was. It is a thin spider with a narrow body. Very aerodynamic looking. I was mesmerized by those bright orange spots which almost glowed. I've shown it to the neighbors who like it too. Ilona is always afraid of being bitten around our bushes. I told her the spiders she needs to worry about are in her closet. Neighbor across the street was bitten by a brown recluse and was deathly ill. One of my docs was bitten on his hand but he immediately took ABX before he lost any flesh around the bite. I check my shoes before putting them on. Fortunately, most of my shoes are flip flops so no place for spiders to hide. Sounds as though you've got yourself a country mouse. Yes, what you need is a country kitty. Hope you're doing better too.

    Sun, I don't put fat down the drain. I wipe out my frying pan with a paper towel and put it in the trash. I'm careful what I put down the disposal. SV leaves little pieces of wet food in his dish and I rinse it out every day. I run those small chunks through the disposal so it won't smell. I love strawberries and put the tops with leaves down the disposal. I scrub my potatoes and carrots and eat the skin. I now mostly buy the little ready-to-eat carrots. SV was interested in my strawberries so I let him sniff a small piece. He loved it and licked it and asked for more. Good grief! I don't even know whether it's good for cats. I know he can eat veggies but don't know about fruit. I'll bet Diane knows. I have a straw beach bag and the stitching holding the lining in place came unraveled. I restitched the torn part but the rest has now unraveled. I'm using lightweight fishing line. It's waterproof and very durable. I'm doing it by hand. I love that cheap little beach bag better than the more expensive one. Hope you feel better and can post a pic of your purse.

    I've been coming here more often because it seems that every scammer/spammer has found our website. Everything from benign posts, posts in French and posts for manly enhancement. Holy Cow! I try to get their stuff off of here as quickly as possible.

    Well, Kiddies, I need to go unload the dishwasher so I can say I did a little bit of work today. I did clean out my little toothbrush holder. The water from the handle drips down in the bottom and gets scummy and moldy. Ewwwww! So, I can brag I did two things today. When I'm in survival mode, I'm just satisfied to get SV fed, brushed and his litter box cleaned out. Then, I concentrate on getting myself fed, keeping myself as groomed as NRG permits and my bills paid. Oh, I do have to take my trash down now and then. Thank God for my large trash bins. Roomba will do the vacuuming but I desperately need to dust. Gotta love those Swiffer dusters which hang on to the dust particles.

    I was thinking about the saying that life doesn't always give us what we want but it does give us what we need. If I look at it, the unexpected snags in life provide us with an opportunity to show what we're made of. I so admire everyone here. No one is saying, "Why me?" Everyone is just making the best of it and everyone has grown in spirit because of it. Maybe, at some level, that is what we all need. We can be proud of how we handle our problems. I know I'm grateful for any spiritual growth I've received and I believe that it was something I needed. Y'all have been an incredible inspiration to me and I thank you for you bravery, courage and kindness.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Dear Porchies,

    I figured that I might want to at least start a short post to all.

    BARRY - Yes, I do tell DH NO quite often but sometimes I kI know it has better do something out there when the weather permits. Lately the weather hasn't been that great and it is supposed to rain again tomorrow and was iffy today but went out for a short while and washed some of the posts on the deck for a bit. I would have done it longer but DH told me to come back in and not do to much :)! Saturday would have been a good day coming up . However, it is like 80-90% chance of rain on Sat. DH also decided that I don't need to paint all the posts just a few that really need it after washing them off a bit. Hope Richard is doing better after doggie sitting Romeo. I think MIKIE said he or you all we were doggie watching. Sorry I have been missing good posts by you and others. Have you decided yet on adopting another puppy??

    MIKIE - Thanks for your sweet words for me and our DCD. I can't get it through her head that they are going to want proof of some of this stuff eventually on what she has supposedly done and when there is none they throw you out again. Then she will go somewhere else and tell her sad story and hope someone believes her again. Right now she may get a room at Star of Hope and go for a meeting on retraining . I told her the only retraining she should think about is what she had done before like MA and front desk and verification of insurance. She also thinks she wa s nurse and law enforcement as well as being in the service. Man she is one busy gal. Wish it were all true. She said she is very sad that no one believes her. She is moaning about being a middle child. I told her that we gave her the same opportunities as the others but what she put into it was her own and we gave her a couple chances . There were 2 more kids after her. I told her that we are all sad that she doesn't believe anything we say. She is looking through rose colored glasses as they say. I just told her we loved her and wish her the best and keep us abreast of the good things that are happening. I am sure she w will tell us the bad too. When she gets mad at us I think she forgets at least some of it. It breaks my heart but what can one do.

    I know what you mean about not having any get up and go. I haven't for years and just have to push myself to get things done. I figure no one is going to it for me except some other things that DH does, thank God. Wish we could afford to have everything done outside, but alas :)!! Just do what you can do every day and what NEEDS to be done that day and leave the rest as they say.

    I have been rather picky too in what I put down my disposal. Haven't put any peels down they but haven't had potatoes in some time, whte that is. I just bake the sweet potatoes. RICE is not good too. Had to get someone to fix it after a bunch of rice got clogged in there.

    JULIE - Sorry you are in flare. As someone else mentioned. It is not surprising with all you have been doing and are trying to do. It is good that your susan has someone t help her even with just some moral support to try and keep her at least somewhat grounded, esp since she has no one else. I am trying with my wayward daughter but fear there isn't much to do with a mentally ill adult that will not listen.

    I need to go and start my spaghetti sauce in awhile so have to go.

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Granni :)
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is doing well. I think my NRG ticked up a wee bit but time will tell. Everything has piled up. I am going to put some olive oil in my hair before I shampoo it this morning. I did that before and it helped with the dryness. I need to go to the store. SV will be out of wet food in a day or two. He looks forward to that every day. He threw up on the carpeting in my bedroom night before last. I woke to hear him gagging. I got up and cleaned it up. Evidently, he threw up some more later and I slept through it.

    Thank God for Blue Magic spot cleaner and God bless the original owners who upgraded the carpeting in here. I know I've mentioned the Blue Magic before but it's worth repeating. It's sold at Wal*Mart in the Auto Dept. It's for spot cleaning car carpets but it works beautifully on carpeting in the house. It removes stains and odors. It comes in a silver can. SV so seldom throws up but, earlier in the day, he came in and was crying and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Maybe he had a tummy ache.

    Granni, I'm sure it does break your heart to know that your DD seems delusional about her experiences. Unfortunately, trying to get her to see reality likely just makes matters worse. If she can't see the good things in her life and concentrates on the negative, it's the illness talking. Right now, she is held hostage to her delusions. Logic would dictate that, if only she could see things realistically, she would heal. With mental illness, there is nothing logical. That is the most difficult thing to accept. To see a beloved daughter starve herself because, when she looks in the mirror, she sees herself as fat even though she weighs 74 pounds, is agony. In a way, I know a bit about what you are going through but the circumstances are different. It's having to just stand by and watch it play out and feel so helpless that is heartbreaking. I think it's similar to watching a child waste away with a physical illness. When they are growing up, we do everything we can to protect them. That instinct never goes away but sometimes we just can't protect them from illness, mental or physical. My heart goes out to you and your family and your DD. I will keep praying. What helped my ex and me was to tell ourselves that our DD was ill with a devastating illness and there was only so much we could do. We did what we could and prayed a lot. I ask St. Dymphna for help.

    Not much going on here on the Porch nor here in the hood. Well, there may be a lot going on in the hood but I don't get out and see it. We've noticed that our hood is quieter than it used to be. Across the street, the guys used to be out doing all kinds of things in their little courtyard. One of the men died and another lost his wife. Another couple lost their DS to cancer. One of the men had a bad injury when he went home last summer. Seems they just don't have the motivation they once did. I can empathize with that. The woman who lost her husband over there also lost her DGS and her sister. She just doesn't seem to care much anymore. So much tragedy in just that one little courtyard.

    Ilona's been bugging me to go out to lunch with her and Frank. They leave in less than three weeks so I want to be able to do it. I hope we can go next week. SV wakes me early and I'm often up by 4:00 in the morning. By 10:00, I have to eat. So, by 11:3o or noon, I'm not that hungry. I think we'll go to a sports bar where they have good ribs. I can bring home what I don't eat.

    Again, hope everydobby is having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member



    Found this photo on the net...

    The weather here is acting strange...it was getting hot and then changed its mind..grew dark, dusty and then finally rained. It's become cold. Ihad to go put on a sweater. Was beginning to put winter things away.

    I had to switch off our fridge and all electrical outlets because of so much lightening. We lost a TV many years ago..it just went phut due to electrical surge.

    I did manage to get out and finish some errands earlier. Also made a trip to the vegetable market, picked up incense and a treat for myself, Paani poori. I wonder what it is with the body craving unhealthy things.

    Managed to get some deep cleaning done in the kitchen...lots of grease..the chimney from where the fan throws out air is clogged with mynah birds nest...I can hear the cackling of the chicks and parents.

    Granni - it breaks my heart to know what your DCD is dealing with. And Julies Susan. I pray all the time. So many to pray for. All over the world.

    I'm careful about pouring fat into the sink. Those who hv dealt with a clogged sink, and a puddle of water in the floor will know you don't pour congealy stuff down there.! Not if you want to waste precious time and energy and get messy trying to unclog it.

    Mikie - it's so nice to come on and see you've been in. I hope you will be able to go for that lunch. I haven't been out with some of my friends for quite a while. One or two I see regularly even if it's just tea, coffee and a little snack. She works right where imake my trips too the main town..so it's easy to meet up. One friend I phoned to catch up, but she was cooking dinner.had a chat with her DH instead. Wanted to check if she found a proper doctor for her thyroid. She didn't call me today so maybe she is feeling down. She always prided herself on being full of energy and getting diagnosed with thyroid problem shook her up.

    I'm so sorry you had to go thru that ordeal with your DD and her health. How scary. I guess it all makes us stronger, I hope.

    Rock - I like the sound of Bigfoot. Placid but curious. Would make a nice friend, if he was human. We've been having some horrible cat brawls in the night. Blood curdling meows. Thank goodness no other species does that...esp humans.imagine directors in the boardroom snarling at each other during face off.

    I miss the howling of jackals. Reminds me of my childhood. They howled regularly and laughed. It was strange, mystical. Would stir something primitive, deep within me. As I lay there in the dark. Some people don't like the sound of rushing water at night..I loved hearing the continuous sound of gushing water of a stream at night outside my house . Didn't like crickets though. Too noisy.

    Good to hear of Gordons good report. Happy.

    Barry - so nice to see you posting quite frequently. Missing diane, Star, Linda, n all who are MIA. God bless them. What a wonderful bunch of people we hv here. I get yr lack of energy. I'm not jumping cartwheels around here either. But getting by. Today I tried to put on a news channel, they were showing yet another tragedy..a farmer burnt trying to save his trees, I hurriedly switched channels. I've never smelt skunk. We don't hv them here. A coworkers sons name was Romeo. He became a doctor. Wonder how it sounds..doctor Romeo.

    Julie - hope you hv a nice lunch with your dear father. Hope the paperwork is going at a brisk pace too. The little uns must be growing fast.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Folks

    It's a sunny morning. Going to be in the 80's today and tomorrow. A pale blue
    sky. We have geraniums in bloom. They have vivid pink flowers. (No likee
    pale pink. Too insipid.) Some of the succulents are blooming too. One puts out
    spindly little twigs with tiny pink and white flowers.

    Gordon went to get a hair cut at the beauty school yesterday, but things went awry.
    The shop-school opened late, and then when the customers got in it took 15 minutes
    before the students were ready to start work. And then, Gordon's favorite student
    wasn't there. He decided to come back another day.

    Before he left for the school which is in the suburb of Alhambra (not to be confused
    with the Alhambra Palace in Spain where Ferdinand and Isabella received Columbus)
    Gordon looked up the school on the net to be sure he had the time it opened correct.
    Yesterday we had three ads on our home page for the beauty school.

    Spring, that myna bird better watch out or it may end up a myna fricassee. Does
    it look like the one below? The reason the body craves unhealthy things now and
    then is the same reason college students need to party on weekends. This was
    discovered by Dr. Whiffenpoof of Yale University.

    Mikie, glad to hear you have a little more energy. Hope Sylvester is too. Funny
    that you put olive oil on your hair. I did practically the same thing. Well, we
    didn't have any olive oil, but I found a little can of chopped black olives so I
    used that. Might also work as part of a Halloween costume.

    Just reread your post. Did you lose your daughter to anorexia or one of those
    eating disorders? Yes, that would be terrible. How frustrating when the cure
    is obvious and available, yet the patient won't take it. I remember the first time
    I heard of anorexia. It was a teenage girl from what appeared to be a wonderful
    family. We were friends of the family. I couldn't understand it. Still don't.

    Granni, it must be very frustrating to deal with your daughter too. I remember
    many decades ago my Dad helped his sister move. She had all kinds of boxes
    and cans and bottles with little dibs and dabs of stuff in them. Some empty.
    Anyhoo she insisted that they all go with her. My Dad didn't argue with her.
    He just threw the stuff in the dumpster instead of loading it in the car.

    Hi Sun, with regard to snakes, the kind used by plumbers, when ours showed up
    the other day he had a new one. An electric power snake! Said it cost $400. Yikes.
    No doubt they'll be selling it on QVC any day now.

    Ah yes, the old bacon grease down the drain trick. We had a gal at the bridge
    club who did that. One of the men was telling her how the sink had gotten
    clogged up that way. She said, "Oh, I never do that," while pouring more grease
    down the drain.

    Barry, I used to feed the skunks etc. at the old place (2 miles away). I've only seen
    a skunk at this place twice. About a year or two ago I saw the biggest skunk I've
    ever seen in our backyard one night. I toyed with the idea of putting some cat kibble
    out for it. Decided it was too risky even though most skunks are pretty phlegmatic.

    Folks, did you know spotted skunks are acrobatic? They can stand on their hands.
    As indicated in the pic, they do not really have spots.



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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    DH just left to go to the church with DSIl to get ready for the now weekly fish fry. This week DD and I are not going due to the fact we were invited to a Happy Hour type thing for helping out to greet at our ladies luncheons. Another friend who also helps is coming to pick us both up. It is just from 4-6 pm but doubt if we will stay that long. That is nice of her t do that though.

    ROCK - Sorry that Gordon has to make that unnecessary trip to get his hair cut. That can be aggravating when the regular schedule changes for whatever reasons. Yes and they should have advertised the changes too. Thanks for the pictures of the skunk and the bird. I think you said it was a Myna bird.

    Our Azeleas and all around the neighborhood the pretty flowers are blooming so early due to this crazy weather. Hope there are some flowers blooming when actual spring comes. Some of the flowers like our azeleas aren't going stay in bloom for to long, to bad):!!

    SPRING WATER - Thanks also for you long post and the pics of those cute doggies. Glad you had enough NRG to clean up some of the hiding grease. I know what you mean. I keep meaning to clean the trap also where the grease goes from the blower when you cook. I keep forgetting to do it cause it is hiding and cant be seen till you remove the small grill area in between the burners on the stove.

    MIKIE - Glad to hear from you my dear too. Sorry to hear that your DD had some problems years back but I guess she is doing OK now. I am guessing it was an eating problem which also can be a sad situation when someone almost starves themselves. Please excuse me if I have the problem wrong. I have been reading so fast lately that I don't remember who is doing what. Only my daughter can try to to help herself. However, she is trying but in all the wrong ways. It is also so sad because the rest of my family is not just not wanting to talk about it at all and are so disgusted with it , for lack of the right word to use.

    JULIE - Hang in there and hope you start to feel better soon. Just to many things happening to you at once over a long period of time plus trauma of you know who no helping anything but making things much worse for all. Hope the estate mess is over with soon so you and Den can just look forwards to the future.


    DIANE - HOPE YOU ARE DOING OK AND THE WEATHER HASN'T BEEN TO BAD. I hear that another storm is coming your way. Not sure when. Hang in there kiddo. I am sure this weather is not helpful in getting out of the blues. Please come by when you can and let us know how you are.

    SUN - I don't think I have seen you in awhile. Hope you aren't feeling to badly. Pop in when you can. I worry about you all when we don't here from you. Hope the work you were doing , I think outside some, has not worn you out to much. You are another busy gal trying to do so much on her own, both inside the house and outside and some of it not to easy to do or cheap eather to get taken care of. Pop in when you can. Did you say you wanted to eventually sell the house for something smaller and closer to some of the kids?

    Bye for now !! No I haven't been painting the posts of the deck outside and that still looms in my future when I can get out there and clean some of it first.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    We did go to lunch and had a good time. They charged $3 more than the advertised price in the newspaper. Frank insisted on paying for lunch. We forgot to take the ad. I think he should call the restaurant and have them redo the charge. Dear Old Friend and his gang of Perdue fans was there to watch the game against Michigan. OMG! They were soooo loud. Glad I followed my instincts and begged off when he wanted me to go with him to the sports bar/restaurant before. Who knew a bunch of Senior Citizens could be so loud 'n rowdy. Good grief! Oh well, I'm glad they had a good time. I couldn't get that excited even if it were my alma mater playing. We had fish 'n chips and I didn't care for the fish. I brought it home and hope it will taste better tomorrow on bread with some lettuce and tomato. If not, SV will reap the benefits of it.

    There has been a huge brush fire about 30 miles down the coast and inland a bit. It has burned 7500 acres. Just east of us, some children set a fire. I think that may have been what was causing my respiratory problems for the last couple of days. Evidently, Red Tide has been acting up too. At this rate, I'll need an oxygen tank!

    Rock, I don't care for the pale geraniums but white are OK if mixed in with red. I love the bright orange ones I found this year. I've only seen skunks with stripes and not markings like the one in your pic. My neighbor had a mina bird and I think it said a few words. Ilona and I watched a bright green lizard on our plumeria tree out front. He was drinking the water in the center of the buds. He was soooo cute and we watched him for a while. She took a video of him. We also checked in on our little green and orange spider. He never moves from the same spot in the web unless he's doing it at night. Fortunately, my DD survived her Anorexia. As I mentioned, she got down to 74 pounds and was 5'5" tall, She was skin and bones. My ex and I were in therapy for our failing marriage and she said she wanted to go with us. I think she wanted help but didn't know how to ask. She just started getting better. I thank God she did. It's a horrible disorder. She never figured out what caused it but she works with lots of children in her work as a psychiatric nurse. She has helped so many kids. I'm very proud of her. Hope Gordon gets his hairs cut without so many problems. Good grief!

    Granni, my DD's problem was different than your DD's but I think trying to deal with mental/emotional illnesses, regardless of the type of illness, can be soooo frustrating because it just makes no sense--isn't logical. I think it is a good sign that your DD is trying to help herself but she may just not be ready to yet, especially if she's not taking her meds. It may take a try or two before it works out for her. In the meantime, I'm so sorry for all you are going through. The rest of the family may just be doing whatever helps them cope. As I said, it affects the whole family. It can cause anger, frustration and pain. Sometimes, the pain can be almost too much to bear. This is why I pray for all y'all. As I mentioned to Rock above, my DD works with families and lots of children as a psychiatric nurse. She has been a God send to so many. As hard as it is, sometimes, we just have to turn everything over to God. Sweetie, I pray He answers our prayers.

    Spring, I don't do much frying but I did clean out the filters in the fan over my stove. The microwave is built in with the cupboards overhead and the fan is in the bottom of it. The filters were a greasy mess but cleaned up really well. This type isn't vented to the outside. The air just blows through the filters and back out into the kitchen. Don't know what I'd do if a bird family had taken up residence in one like yours. A big black cormorant died in the center of our fountain in the pond out back. As it decomposed, it turned the light bulb in the middle slick and black. The maintenance guy came out in his little row board and took it out. He was gagging and trying not to lose his breakfast. AAACCCKKK!!! I think weather all over the place is getting weirder and weirder. We have a chance for rain for a couple of days and I hope we get some. In the summertime, we get big lightning storms. I have surge protectors for all my TV's and appliances. I end up having to reset all the clocks almost every day except for the ones with battery backup. Love the pic of the doggies. What sweet faces. All the dogs here in the hood are small because we have a 25-pound weight limit. I love them all, large and small. Glad you got out and had a nice treat.

    I decided to post and come back to finish. Computer was acting up and I didn't want to lose my post. I'm doing nothing. The shower and trip out to have lunch has me at my NRG limit for the day. Frank and Ilona may not be coming back again so I might not see them after this year. It's hard to believe. Our hood is changing with some younger people moving in. Nothing stays the same. If only change would bring improvements. Most of the changes in my life are not bringing improvement. I'd be happy with the status quo. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I'm posting, you're just reading too fast to take anything in. Slooooooowwww. Down. Ah yes, fish fry time again. Does your DH cook every week? My DH was polish catholic and said fish fries were traditional before Easter. No, I don't plan on selling right now. Possibly down the road, who knows.

    Mikie: Sorry your fish wasn't that good. I'm laughing about your dear old friend, I guess he must have surprised you. Good for him, getting out and enjoying himself. And I'm sorry that still another couple won't be coming back. Has to break your heart.

    I have a cousin whose DGD developed an eating disorder when she was only around 12. So bad that she had to live at a facility that taught her how to eat again and enjoy food. 12 years old!!!!! Unbelievable. Blame is on the fashion magazines.

    Rock: Pretty pic. Of the myna and skunk. I've smelled skunks occasionally here, but have never seen any. How to explain what they smell like to Spring: Take it from me, once you smell it you'll remember. To me it's almost like a funny rubber smell.

    I ordered a pair of shoes online, they came today and obviously mismarked size. So I had to drive out to a HUGE shopping mall and then find the store where I could return them. Tried on another pair of 9 1/2 and they fit. I think what they sent was a 9 so the sales clerk said she would mark the box. But, I will never attempt to go to this mall again.

    But at 10 a.m. Had to take a ton of papers to one of those enclosed trucks that shredd. Only an hr. I left a little late and there was a huge line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. But one more thing that has been done around here. I came across my parent's marriage license among other things last night as I was sorting. And a certificate of live birth for me. Good thing I sorted. I was originally just going to dump everything.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just got outta the tub. I have to get dressed to go to the store. I just need to get fresh berries and SV's wet food. My computer is acting up horribly. Biggie bad! #SO SAD. Sorry, couldn't resist. It is Saturday morning after all. For some reason, our spammers often take Sat. off. I'm thinking many of them live in countries where it is their Sabbath. Just a guess. So often, I can tell that English isn't their first language.

    It'll be near 90 again today. I just hate it! We may get some rain showers this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon but we're still in the dry season. I woke in the very wee hours of the morning last night to voices over in the pool. The palm trees have grown so much I can't see the pool from my windows. If I call the cops, they want to know who is in the pool, how many etc. So, I threw on some clothes and went down. It was a couple of young teens or college age kids. I told them to get outta there before someone called the cops and that everyone around the pool could hear them. They said they were sorry and thanked me for the heads up. Then, they left. Thank God, I was able to go back to sleep and SV didn't bug me to get up. He was so excited when I was up, meowing at me nonstop. My little attack/protective cat.

    I never go armed when I ask people to leave the pool. They know they're doing something illegal. Too many things can go wrong with a gun in the mix. I do take pepper spray if there are a bunch of people and I also take my phone and car keys. I can set off the panic alarm on my car and that would likely distract anyone thinking of anything violent. It would also likely rouse the neighbors. When there is a larger group and they are noisy, they are usually drunk. I never know what will happen but I don't take chances. I think I'll ask the board to have the lower palm fronds trimmed from the trees outside my windows. This is the extent of the excitement here in the hood and that's fine with me. I'm gonna post before I lose this and come back.

    Sun, Frank and Ilona are Polish Catholic. They give up meat on Fridays during Lent so they had the fish. I would have gotten the ribs but didn't want to when they couldn't have them too. Yes, I was so glad to see my Dear Old Friend living it up. They get together at that bar for all the Perdue games to cheer them on. There must have been almost a dozen people there. Everybody loves him; he's such a nice person.

    No one really knows what causes eating disorders but they can be triggered by TV/movie/ magazine celebs making a big deal out of being thin. Also with the fashion industry which is so obsessed with being thin. Starving oneself is a way that someone can control something in his or her life when everything else seems out of control. DD was about 13 or 14 when her Annorexia showed up when my ex and I were having marital problems. Girls often go through it at a much earlier age. It's so sad. Many seem to outgrow it if they survive long enough. Older people are vulnerable too. There's not enough money for mental health in this country and I fear cuts to the programs/treatments we do have.

    I don't order shoes online. Seems different brands require different sizes for me. Even then, sizes may differ between styles in the same brand. I think I've worn flip flops for so long that my feet have splayed out like a peasant. I have no fat on my feet so even some sandals are too big to stay on. The straps on top are too long. With enclosed shoes, the heels will slip and rub, even with a AAAA heel. I also go to get my paperwork shredded once a year. I don't have a lot from this last year so won't go this time. Yes, ours is free, courtesy of the county, and there can be a lot of cars in line for the service. Glad you found papers that you want to save. I have my important papers in one of those waterproof/fireproof boxes. How is your pain? You didn't mention it so I hope that means it's better.

    Nancy had someone use her debit card info to buy things. I didn't get the details. Fortunately, the bank called her as soon as this happened. She was upset because it came out of her checking acct. I told her the bank would put it back. She had her computer fixed and it could have happened then. When she got home, she realized her computer was hooked up to a public Wi-Fi hot spot. I don't know how long she used it in that mode. I forgot to ask her whether she bought gas. ID thieves put those scanners over the card slots on gas pumps to steal people's info, including their debit card pin numbers. She didn't realize any of this. I told her to use her card as a credit card. I don't even have a debit card at my bank. I keep a little cash on hand but, really, credit cards are accepted most everywhere these days. Using a credit card also often provides extra protection for purchases if they are broken or stolen. Even with all these precautions, thieves can still steal ID's.

    OK, time to go. Think I'll pick up a real newspaper at the store. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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