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    Hi, Kids,


    Time for a new Porch.

    Spring, here is a pic of the cherry trees in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Monument in the background. Sounds as though your school years were wonderful. You have so many beautiful memories.

    I had enough NRG to bathe and get ready to go out. I went to the store for berries and a few other things, including some tasty wet food for SV. He was crying at the front door when I came in. We wanted his treats for guarding the condo while I was gone. He's snoozing in his little kitty bed by the sliders to the lanai. I have them open so the sweet spring air can blow in.

    Barb's DD and DSIL are supposed to be down because his moving co. has a trip here. They often combine business with pleasure. The balcony and stairs were filthy with cobwebs so I swept them and the dirt on the stairs. I also cleaned off the metal railings on the balcony and stairs. It really needed it. I don't want them coming down and seeing it looking so bad. Thank God I have a bit more NRG today.

    Before I left for the store, Grace tapped on her window. They are leaving next Sat. to go back to WV. I'll miss them. She wants to have lunch on Wed. I look forward to that. I have a doc appt. in the morning so will already be dressed and groomed. I never know when I'm gonna get up and just not feel like it. If I'm already up because I have to go to the doc's office, I know it won't tax me too much to go out to lunch.

    I remember the days when I didn't have to plan like this and ration my NRG so carefully. I'm hoping the longer sleep and better quality of sleep I'm getting will eventually help me to feel better all the time. I have no idea why I'm sleeping better but I'm happy about it.

    Gotta get going, Kids. Hope everydobby is having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: Will Grace be coming back or was it your other friends who won't be anymore. Things change, some are good and some are sad.

    Speaking of good/kinda sad. My 14 year old DGS told me yesterday he's shaved for the 2nd time! Like I said, kinda sad that he's rapidly changing and growing up.

    Spring: I always loved Anne of Green Gables. I think I first read one of the books when I was around 9. My grandfather worked as a groundman at a park and the book was left out in the open. All wet, but I devoured it. And it wasn't until I was grown that I knew there was a whole series which I watched on TV. I think my DD and I waited every week with great anticipation for another installment.

    I'm off to the thrift store this morning, looking for an old pair of jeans with "bling" at a cheap price I can cut up and make DGD a purse. She asked yesterday if I could make one for her......how can I refuse a request.

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  3. Granniluvsu

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    SUN - Getting ready to go out for DGS's 24th birthday - wow. Speaking of growing up. YOUR DGD is so cute and gett
    ing so grown up too. That skirt you made for her is great. You do such good work my friend, unlike myself :)!! I know the purse will come out great too. Thanks for posting her then and now and your handiwork as well as your DGD. She is so cute. Lovely smile too.

    MIKIE - Sorry your friend Grace is leaving but oh well I know you have lots of friends. Will she be back again next year hopefully??? Gotta get off for now . Was outside this morning removing a lot of weeds and dead flowers to plant new soon. What a pain but it will look better when done.

    DH is ready to go to DD's so I have better hustle . LOL

    Love to awl,
    Granni .
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping back in. We've had soooo many spammers lately. I had a nap today which I normally don't do anymore. I'm sleeping a lot but I think that may be the key to feeling better.

    Sun, thanks for the pix. Both DGD's are sooooo cute. The baby looks like a nice big healthy kid. Is that your DS with her? I'm so glad you were able to be there for the baptism. Those things are important. Your other DGD is adorable in her outfit. The skirt is wonderful. It's cute enough to wear for everyday. What a nice family!

    Granni, DGS turning 24? Doesn't seem possible. DD didn't have my DGS until she was almost 40; he'll be 12 in July. Time is going by at warp speed these days. I hope you enjoy the birthday celebration. Is your DGS in school?

    Grace and Dennis will be back next year. It's Frank and Ilona who don't think they will be able to come back. They sold the condo to their ex DIL and her family wants to use it. I've known them 20 years but she seems to have gotten angry over the years and can be difficult. I have mixed feelings. The hood just isn't the same but it's still a nice place to live and I do have a lot of friends here. Some have passed away and others moved. It's that way in every neighborhood. I think we are closer here because of living closer physically and because most of us don't have family here. We depend on one another and have formed our own little FL Family.

    I think there may be a new game over on the Homebound Board and I'm gonna go check it out. I'm going to watch Dancing With The Stars tonight because one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills will be on it. She makes videos of singing and dancing so she should do well. Her name is Erika Jayne. She is beautiful but her professional persona is pretty glitzy and her natural beauty is often hidden beneath the makeup and costumes.

    Hope all y'all enjoy your evening.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie:. Yes, that's my youngest DS....turning 42 in a few months. He's been a hands on dad from the birth of their first and I'm very proud of him. Mia is almost 5 mos. and looks totally like her dad. However....my DIL was her usual cold self to us. It breaks my heart but she is what she is.

    I spent the day making a denim purse for my 9 year old DGD. Searched the thrift store for some bling, wanting some rhinestones but this was the best I could find, an old skirt I cut up. I think it turned out pretty good though

    Thanks for letting me know about DWTS. I got out of the habit of watching it but always loved it so will turn on tonight.

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  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Like so many of us, my energy level is lower than the A
    at the left end of a piano. I did a bit of light work for about 30 minutes. Helped
    Gordon water the many succulents on the front porch and folded and put away
    the laundry. Uff-da!

    Mikie, I can't imagine what those spammers think they're doing. Most of their
    posts are just gibberish. Quotes that start in the middle of a sentence and ramble
    on in broken English. With a capital E and that rhymes with P and that stands
    for Pathetic. Happy to hear you're sleeping better.

    Sun, great pics. I remember reading the Anne of Green Gables books when I
    was a teen. I don't remember how many books are in the series. There was
    a silent film and then several others. The actress who played Anne in the
    1930s version loved the movie so much she changed her name to Anne Shirley.
    In the 80's there was a great TV series that I taped.

    Granni, what sort of flowers are you planting? Gordon has some lavender that
    is in bloom. We put up a trellis the other day so his long beans will have
    something to climb.

    Hugs to Barry, Julie, Star, Diane, Tori, Spring, Linda, GB



    Hey, Sun. We were posting perpindicular. Nice purse. I'd ask you to make me
    one, but I don't have shoes to match. My son did though. When he was about 4
    he had denim cowboy boots.
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  7. lydia1

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    Hi everyone! Sorry to have been so absent...I have tried to read and keep up with everyone, not that I will remember what you all have written...but doing the best I can.

    Den took a long weekend and we got quite a bit done on the house...so much to do yet, in so many areas...hard to make much progress when he comes home from work and only has a couple of hours after he takes a much needed and much deserved rest.

    Granni, thanks for checking on me on facebook...

    Sun, you put your amazing talent to such good use...lucky and blessed are the recipients of your labors.

    I need to get on to bed...headed to the far away chiro in the morning...but wanted to at least say "Hi" to everyone. Still working on estate stuff...winding down, but sis could put a delay on things if she chooses to be even more difficult than she already has. We are hearing from people...lies she is telling about Den concerning things his dad wanted him to have. Sad, but we have chosen not to confront her about any of it...just hoping to get things settled so we can go on with our lives.

    I'll try to visit more at a later time...take care, everyone!
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  8. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    I saw this pretty garden and wanted to share it since it seems we have been talking about beautiful flowers lately. It's an awfully small pic but I don't know how to resize it.

    I wasn't sleepy last evening, probably due to my afternoon napping, so I watched all of DWTS. Most of them were really good with a couple of exceptions. The judges pointed out that Erika Jayne's dance was raunchy but that's her persona. She'll have to do better if she expects to stay around. Ooh, the power just went out for a minute. I didn't lose anything because the battery is working on my computer. Gremlins, begone!!! The cable box is having to reboot and that will take a few minutes. Hope I don't have to call the robot for a ping. It's really slooow booting up.

    I'm about out of my kidney stone supps so will stop at the store tomorrow when Grace and I go out to lunch. She only likes seafood and bean burgers. I don't want seafood because the fish I've ordered lately at restaurants hasn't been good. I want a slab of ribs. I don't know if we can find a good place that serves both. I'd really rather not go but she is leaving and I'll miss her. We never know when we'll see our friends again, or if. She and Dennis are such good people.

    Sun, I'm so glad your DS is such a great dad. That's really important to kids. I'm sorry that DDIL is so cold. It's her loss because she's missing out on a wonderful relationship with you. That purse is just perfect. I think it's better than if it had more bling. It's just right. Is it lined in the same fabric as the underside of the strap? I like the combination of fabrics. A lot of things the kids like today are very similar to what we had in my yute. Your DGD is lucky indeed!

    Rock, I'm not even sure those spammers are selling what they promote in the titles of their posts, which are also the URL's they want people to go to. It's obvious that English is not their first language. A lot of hackers and criminals are in Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Just visiting the websites could put one's computer and, possibly, one's credit card or bank acct. at risk. I think most of us are wary enough that we wouldn't go there but I fear for even one of our members or visitors being put in harm's way. PH is committed to keeping our site here safe for us. I'm sorry you are soooo exhausted. I pray for NRG for us all. For me, the exhaustion is far worse than the pain. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, so glad to see you. Hopefully, with spring here and DST, y'all will be able to work on the house. Of course, your health is the primary thing. I'm sorry the problem goes on but I think your not being baited by it is the wise thing to do. Hope the chiro can help you.

    Lots and lots going on in the news right now so I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. By the time I read it, the headlines are old news but I still glean a few new things. I watch the news on TV like men watch sports. There are other things worth knowing about which are in the paper, like the comics. I like Pearls Before Swine, Dilbert and Get Fuzzy. I also read my Horoscopes just for kicks. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. sunflowergirl

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    Hi Julie: Nice to see you. Well you figured sis would continue to be a *&^%$ so you're prepared. It's too bad Gpa didn't have things in writing as to what Den was to get. I'm assuming these are big things that she could sell?

    Mikie: I fell asleep during parts of DWTS but what I saw it looks good, as usual. I really loved their opening too. And CHARO! Do you think she was on something? I know she is normally hyper but for heavens sakes! And who ever did her nose ruined her looks. But she still has a ton of energy and her body looks like it's in really good tone. I'm unfamiliar with most of the dancers this season. I get such a kick out of the judges reactions too.

    That peach/cream fabric is actually a woven trim I had and needed it to work the strap. I do have some inside but the purse isn't lined. I had asked my DD if it should be and she don't bother, so I didn't. Just zigzagged the edges inside. And luckily the skirt was half price so it only cost me $2.59 to make.

    I had a closet door company come out this morning to look at the doors. He said they could brace them better, but of course all the doors will have to be taken off and rehung. The guy who installed them didn't do a good job. But they're very busy so it might be about a month before they can get to them. He did put several more screws to hold the door so it won't fall off again, and of course I have to move the doors carefully.
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  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    A nice surprise--I actually felt up to doing a bit of cleaning today. I cleaned the guest bath and scrubbed my tile floors with the hard floor machine. Roomba is cleaning the carpeting. I need to dust, change the bed and clean my bath but that will have to wait. No way am I going to overdo things. I'll be busy tomorrow so it will likely have to wait til Thurs. I just finished the shrimp salad from Costco. I got four meals for only $12 and change. Not bad. It was good too. It's a beautiful day out--sunny with a light balmy breeze. I finally closed the doors because Barb's kids will be here this afternoon and, despite their being civil, I'm just not up to seeing them. Also, my allergies are bad. I trimmed my nails and painted my toenails this morning. I can't stand chipped nail polish on my toes. I only do clear on my fingers because it just chips too easily.

    Sun, Charo is about my age so, I guess she'd doing pretty well. Any of those stars who do too much facial surgery end up looking a bit strange. Yes, she is quite hyper and a bit of a ham but, again, that's her persona. She is in good shape. I certainly couldn't do those moves even with a dance instructor and lots of practice. DSIL's cousin's wife, along with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, was there to support Erika Jayne but his cuz wasn't with them. Don't know why I stopped watching DWTS. It's a good show. A few years back, another Housewife of Beverly Hills was on. She's no spring chicken herself. It's always fun to see people whom we haven't seen for a while and others who aren't in the limelight much. I don't think denim would need to be lined. It's such a great fabric. I love that purse. How is your back and shoulders? I hope you're doing better.

    I'll be glad to have the condo clean again and hope my health holds up enough for me to get back to cleaning out the closets and getting rid of things. I still have to deal with the phone issue but there is no hurry. I also want to get back to going to the pool to work out. I just read a good article about high intensity training which I incorporate into my pool work. HIT causes one to continue to burn fat for hours after the workout. Long slow aerobic exercise helps the body's mitochondria to burn fat and produce energy during the workout. So, the combo of that, plus stretching and weight lifting, is perfect. Once I can get back into it, I think I'll start to feel even better.

    Ooh, ooh, I just ordered my potassium citrate on Amazon and am saving a lot over buying it from the Vitamin Shoppe. Unfortunately, PH doesn't sell it. Guess I'll be taking it for the duration if I don't want more stones. I also ordered a repair kit for vertical blinds. They are the only thing which makes sense for the sliders. They don't sell the same ones I have now; they are opaque white with a nice design raised on one side. They break at the top around the opening where they attach to the rod/opening and closing mechanism. I've been repairing them as they break and it works well. Thank God for people who come up with these great ideas.

    Gonna run. Hope everydobby is having a lovely afternoon. I'm looking at through the sliders and it's sunny, bright blue skies and white puffy clouds. The trees are sooooo green and leafy. It's a Technicolor day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good almost evening to you awl,

    I just got on the porch to check everyone. I am like JULIE. I do not remember everyone and what they all say but I am doing the best I can.. Today was a busy day. I finally got out to paint today. it was a nice day but then had to eat lunch and clean up and get ready to go sing. I hate to have to do that. I am not the neatest painter for sure. Guess I am getting there slowly but surely. Now onto the next part of painting which I think is probably the dirtiest part to paint. Will have to try and wash the crap off first. Had to finally go and try and find the info so I could contact REI where I got the gift card for one of the twins up in college. He didn't get his gift card. So am trying to see what is what and if they will send another or what. The other twin got his but they are both in different colleges and were different gift cards too. Sat he should be at the REUNION at DD#1's home for her DD who is coming home for a short visit to celebrate her S O's birthday and others. So may give him a check for him to do what he wants and try and get the money back from the Gift card. Not sure.

    JULIE - So sorry you know who is still causing problems for you but you knew about, there would be other problems going on without your knowledge too. Hang in there kiddo and hope you get to feeling better real soon and the chiro helps you with your pain and some of the stress that I am sure you are feeling..

    MIKIE - Sorry that your friend Grace is leaving tomorrow but glad that you still have other friends there too. How long will BARBS family be there, do you know??? To bad they live so close to you. Glad you also got some cheaper Pot citrate supps I think you said. Any little savings is a very good thing, I know.

    SUN - Hope you get your broken doors fixed soon and fixed right. That is a pain when they supposedly put up stuff and do it wrong and then it has to be fixed again. Yes, I would love to be the recipient of one of your homemade things. You do such a beautiful job.

    Leftover corned beef and cabbage and stuff tonight. So just have to go and warm everything up. I did also put a sweet potato in the oven to bake to go with a few of the white potatoes I put in the first time which I never do anymore. It was a treat for both of us. I cheated enough yesterday and DGS birthday. We all had a nice time and brownies for dessert with a little frozen yogurt.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'll be getting ready to go to the doc's office in an hour or so. Then, I have lunch with Grace. I still don't know where we will be going. Then, this afternoon, I'm going over to Nancy's to see what I need to do to care for Mama Kitty and the seven kittens while she is away. Bob is easy to take care of. I can't wait to see the kittens again. When I remember how starved and beat up SV and Tweety were when someone threw them out, it makes me sick. If it weren't for Nancy, that poor little cat would have had her kittens outside where they likely wouldn't have survived. I don't know what's wrong with people who do that to animals. Thank God for people like Nancy.

    Nothing good on TV last night so I went back to watching Hand of God. I was so tired that I fell asleep before getting very far. It's not that great of a series. I'm hoping the new season is better but, until I get through the first season again, the next season doesn't make sense. If only I could remember what I saw in the first season... I watched All About Eve yesterday afternoon. I had forgotten that Marilyn Monroe was in it. Last night, Green Day was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I like them. They sang two songs from their new album. Some refreshing rock in the midst of today's lame excuse for music.

    Sun, you had mentioned research and whether it is turning up anything new. Health Rising sent this article to me in my e-newsletter. They have found a biomarker for CFIDS/ME. This is a huge step forward. Since FMS also appears to involve the immune system, as does cancer, any strides in this area are important. I think just as important is the way they are now able to test the immune system to find all the sensitivities. Research is so vital in understanding a whole host of illnesses. Here is the link in case you want to check it out:

    Granni, seems as though that painting job is never ending. Good grief! I am not able to work like that and then have to get cleaned up and go somewhere else. Good for you! I hope you and DH can get it done so you don't have it hanging over your heads. Grace isn't leaving until Sat. We are having lunch today. Yes, saving on supps is important, especially since I have to be on them from now on. I just hope they contain what they claim to contain. The FDA doesn't certify supps.

    OK, I'm outta here for now. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time to really write now. I need to get ready to go to our ladies luncheon and have to figure ut what to wear. Always a chore to have to figure out what to wear and try and put something together.

    MIKIE - Enjoy your luncheon and sorry Grace is having to leave soon. Do you email each other while she is gone to keep updated? What did we all do before emails?? I guess we phoned or wrote people but I know with me and phone bills I didn't do that much either. I was usually better with writing than calling for more than one reason I guess but mostly cost. I guess I will have to do a little painting or washing down of boards before painting tomorrow and friday. I escape on Sat as I have to go to sort of a reunion our DD and DGD put together. BTW, good luck at the doc. Which doc is this for, the stones?? ) GI guy? or what? Thanks for that info. I will try and get back to read some of it later.

    Hi to everyone . I need to get outta here and get going.. HUGZ to everydobby !!

    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Uneventful visit with my PCP. He wrote new scripts and gave me an order for my lab tests. I'll have to schedule them later. I still haven't gotten my Dexascan nor mammogram. I'm too lazy to want to deal with anything. I had more NRG today again but now, I'm fading fast. I may have to text Nancy that I'll see the kittens tomorrow.

    Grace and I went to a little café on the way to the beach and had lunch. We probably could have gone on down and eaten there but most of us who live here all year avoid the beach until all the Snowbirds go back up north. I had a fried grouper fillet sandwich and it was good. Grace said she wanted to stop to buy a couple of cans of Coke because she's been craving it so I drove to the Publix near us. I picked up blueberries and a couple of other things and here she came with nothing in her hands. She changed her mind! Good grief! I wouldn't have driven out of my way if she didn't act as though getting her Coke were important. Then, she acted like it was all fine because I bought some blueberries. Oh well, stuff like that is nothing between friends. I only got the berries because I was there so she could buy her Coke. Mikie, let it go...let it go... :)

    Granni, I don't have to see the stone doc until Sept. Hope there are no more stones. This was just my six-month check with my PCP. If I had more health problems, besides these immune/autoimmune conditions, I'd probably find another doc as he can be an ass. He was pretty good today. He pretty much goes along with whatever I want and he had the peptide injections when I was taking them. I wish I could afford them on an ongoing basis because they did help. I've just had these illnesses too long and I'm too old for the usual course to have gotten rid of them permanently. Yes, finding something to wear is always a pain in the neck. I just threw on a cream tee top with army green stripes on it. I wore sold army green Capri pants. I did go to the trouble to wear the aventurine necklace I put together myself back when Barb and I used to make jewelry. The rectangular aventurine pendant has a silver dragonfly on it. Two of the wings wrap around the edge of the pendant. It's pretty and different. Even the clasp has a dragonfly motif. I don't wear my jewelry much anymore. If anything, I just throw on a pair of simple earrings. I don't know whether this attitude of "I don't care" is permanent of whether it's a product of my exhaustion. I hope you enjoy the reunion.

    There was a terrorist attack in London on the Parliament Bldg. and the news is broadcasting it. The terrorist was shot. I don't know about the people he wounded. This is all so awful and futile. Nothing is gained on Heaven or Earth by violence. It just sets everything back in the spiritual sense. Love is the only thing which endures.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Been gone a couple of days (to chiro Tuesday and gyno, etc. yesterday.) It wears me out to have to be out of the house more than one day in a row...how pathetic is that, lol! But I know many of you understand...getting cleaned up, remembering what to take with us, keeping on the go even when running out of steam (because, after all, we made it out so need to make the best use of our time/fuel/etc./etc.)

    Mikie, I'm so sorry you feel bad so much lately...and our other porchies, too.

    I feel like I should explain some of my absentness...and explain why I don't have the energy or brain power to be posting much lately. The reason I saw the gyno is because of symptoms that women who are post menopausal should not be having...won't go into detail here, but you gals can understand. A little concerning because my maternal grandmother died of uterine cancer (ironically, at the same age I am now.) The tests I had in December (ultrasound, biopsy, etc.) showed no cancer, but because of pain, spotting, etc. the doctor wants me to have a hysterectomy. I disagreed with him, so he insisted on at least a D & C and if things don't get better, then we will need to talk more about the hysterectomy.

    Of course, if the D & C results are "not good" I will certainly consider more surgery...but I see no reason to go so drastic right away. Could be the uterine fibroids, polyps, cysts, thickened endometrial lining, etc...which I do have, but the D & C can possibly remedy.

    Also, the other day the chiro had problems with the muscle testing...I am going to be focusing on ways to get my body in better health (more alkaline, etc.) with some ideas from him, Lindsey and my own research.

    So...please know that I am thinking of all of you...just need to deal with this right now. Procedure is scheduled for the 31st...a week from tomorrow. Thinking of you all...hope your days are "good enough."

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  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Holy Cow! Where is everybody? I couldn't get into PH this morning -- machine said service provider error. Then all was okay a little while later.
    The day before yesterday when Richard came back from town he told me that there was a cat in the shed! I went to check it out, and sure enough there she was, mewling and rushing up to meet me. I picked her up and carried her back to the house with her purring madly and rubbing her head on my face. And here she is.... extremely friendly and I am sure missed by someone. We have put out 'found' bulletins in the usual places. She is young --- and I'm afraid possibly pregnant :eek:. We shall see.

    Gosh, golly, by gum, we are still getting rain here. The roads keep deteriorating, but at least they are not icy. Springtime, with the first tulips in bloom -- yellow with red base to petals. Many more to come. I am especially looking forward to the parrots I planted last year.

    Ah Julie, we were posting at the same time. I pray your medical situation is resolved. I, not being a gal, am not sure exactly what a D&C is, but I hope it goes well for you next week.

    The monotony is getting to me, and the feeling of worthlessness due to lack of energy. NRG! :(

    I have a doc appt next week. Have to get my notes in order so that I can overwhelm her yet again. Maybe she will want me to see the new Egyptian doctor. I haven't met him yet.

    Ennui, ennui,
    Love to All,

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Grief, Porchies,

    I tried to get on early but kept getting error messages having to do with PH's server. I sent them an e-mail and it's evidently been fixed. Yea! They are soooo good about things like that. I just got back a bit ago from visiting Nancy and the kitties. She said she's been so overwhelmed. Mama Kitty is sooooo sweet. She got up in my lap twice and nuzzled me all over my face. She is taking excellent care of the kittens. They are seven little clowns who think they are acrobats. I hope our neighbor will take Mama after the kittens are weaned. SV was very interested in sniffing my hands when I got home. I also petted a neighbor's dog on the way back. Love my neighbors. Nancy's son sent a video of him reading to his three day old son. The baby was listening so intently. It was very sweet. Her DD has a lumpectomy on Tues. and they will know then whether there is lymph node involvement. I pray not.

    Julie, I agree with everything you wrote. You soooo accurately described how we have to ration our precious NRG. I hate even having more than two outside things total in one week. If I have to shower and do my hair, it counts as one thing for that day. On a good day, I can do one other thing. I'm so sorry for all you're going through. I think you are smart to go the less radical route to begin with. I'll be praying that the D&C does the trick. You've been through hell for a long time. You need to heal. I kinda figured something was going on. You have a loving family here to pray for you.

    Barry, evidently we were posting at the same time too. Great minds... Sometimes, God sends critters to us when we need them most and also when they need us. I totally get the ennui and blues from having no NRG. I hope your parrots come up and bloom beautifully. Post a pic if you can. We have a 60 percent chance of rain today and we really need it. Hope your doc visit goes well.

    It's getting really humid out. I came in sweating just walking home. I got my bill for Southern Living magazine. I found a deal for $10 for 14 issues. Less than a dollar an issue? What a deal! It's one of my favorite magazines. The repair kit for my vertical blinds also came. It was only $8 and will save my having to replace those blinds. I wouldn't mind so much but they don't sell this style of blinds anymore. I have to have the heavy plastic ones to completely block out the intense sunlight all morning. Right now, and at the Autumnal Equinox, it blasts straight in. SV knows how to go in and out by nosing through the slats if I open the sliders a bit.

    Joe called and he has ghost ants. Fortunately, he got some Terro ant traps so they'll be gone soon. I keep the traps out all the time where SV can't get into them. Guess I had better get going and find something for lunch. I hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - You are right. Thanks for posting. I push myself more than I would without DH but we have so many things going on around our house and property that needs to be done and we are the yard people, etc. Good luck on your D and C. It is not a bit deal but should hopefully get some good answers. I agree with you on D and C first. It is Dilation and Curitage (sp) of the uterine cervix. That I believe is just scraping of the cells to examine them. I guess during the procedure they can also check out a few things in the uterus also. It is a shame that nowadays they are so anxious to do major surgery right away although hysterectomies are not as major as they were and depending on how much will be removed, the ovaries too, etc. They can do sdo so many vaginally now and the recovery time is much less with less pain etc. Hope all goes well and we will be hoping and praying for all to be well with as little poking and cutting as necessary.

    This a.ms DH wanted help with the cleaning up and weeding outside so I got a brake from painting. If not one thing it is something else. Then DH too me out for a deli sandwich. It is difficult for mt to pick something when I can't h ave this that and the other but I do the best I can. They have so many wonderful cheeses too. So, DG got some cheeses on his half but it was yummy anyway, roasted turkey I believe t was with pesto and oil salad stuff, etc. Not cheap but we shared it so not to bad. Have a funeral to go to next Monday and then there is another the next week. The wife of one of the men in our K of C council and Assembly died. They were on a cruise. How awful is that?? C an't remember what she looks like but they have got to be younger than we are. Terrible ):!!

    MIKIE - Hope all goes well also for Nancy's DD and her lumpectomy. You are like me on subscriptions to anything nowadays. Yes, $10 a day for a year is a great deal. I don;t get any magazines now but I d get Health and Nutritional Information . When I got the magazine many of them would get left unread , at least lately. I used to get cooking magazines and all but no longer. .

    BARRY - Good luck on your Dr. Visit Sorry but I cant stay long. Sorry that I have so many things to do right now. I need to go fold clothes and dry some more and go look upstairs in my music stash for some old music the director wasts to start singing again. That is a mess up there with all the music.

    Gotta run.

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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Barry, I just got back on the board myself. Was locked out all last weekend and
    yesterday and this morning. Gordon called Pro Health. Talked to a gal who said
    she would talk to the IT person. Sorry to hear you are "Fighting vainly the old
    ennui". Cole Porter used that line in his song "I Get A Kick Outta You". How
    nice to have a friendly cat drop by. Mayhap she will stay awhile.

    BTW, DC stands for a lotta things: Data Code, District of Columbia, Date Code,
    and an on line shop that sells clothes to skateboarders. I would think they'd
    wear the oldest. raggedy stuff they have since they generally fall off and rip
    everything to shreds. (Note: none of the above are medical procedures.)

    Mikie, Oh, you contacted PH too. Good for you. I hope PH appreciates that
    we appreciate their appreciation in providing the board. (From the Dept.
    of Redundancy Dept.) And speaking of rationing chores and keeping count,
    I used to keep track of how many things I did a day. A full day of work and
    a stop at the market was pretty much it for the day. Or on a weekend I might
    do laundry and fill up the gas tank.

    Well, one day some decades back I took some cordyceps mushroom tablets.
    Can't remember now if I got them from the net or in Chinatown. Anyhoo it
    was like being born again. I did 17 errands in one day. I could breathe better;
    walk better; wasn't depressed; felt healthy, etc. But it was a one day only cure.
    After that the pills no longer worked. Tried other mushrooms; they didn't work

    Julie, glad to see were able to post in the midst of all your chores. Good luck with
    your procedure. I remember when I was a new social worker. One of the
    old hands told me to always ask about the family's health. "But, as soon as
    you hear 'female problems', change the subject."

    Sun, I haven't seen Charo for a coon's age. But last night I saw an episode of
    CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) with Raquel Welch. She still looks fabulous.
    And she's the same age I am. Hard to believe. (Not sure when the show was
    taped though.) She played a villain and escaped at the end. Which means they
    can bring her back if they like.

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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I also tried several times this morning to get on then just had to start chores around here. Trying to organize what I will take on trip. Since I can't lift the packed suitcase I have to do it in stages. I put the open suitcase in the back of my SUV.....with the garage door closed......don't want anybody driving by checking out my house.

    I gave myself a pedicure outdoors....soaking in some epson salts. So sitting out there, looking around and seeing everything that needed trimming, etc. I ended up doing some repotting, etc........getting my feet all dirty again! I'm really just a hillbilly at heart.

    Rock: I'm sure Raquel has had work done for years. If you start early enough and keep it up no one can look and say...."ah ha"! Speaking of seeing old actresses, I've been watching "suits" thanks to the recommendation from Mikie. One episode featured Susan Saint James. I keep thinking I recognized the voice, took me a few minutes to place her and did a search. She is 70 now. She had some awful things happen about 10 years ago.......her DH and son were killed in a small plane crash. The lighting would hit her just right but she's really aged good. Small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth but looks very good.

    Julie: I hope it all good good for you. I'm wondering if you might have endometriosis. I found out I had it when I had the first operation. My SIL's sister had a hysterectomy about a year ago.....I think she's about 54, and she said it was the best thing she did. No more pain or bleeding.

    I've been having some pain also.....strange pain. The earliest I can get in to see the gyno is May 17. But the last 2 days that "strange pain" is almost gone. I've done a lot of research and think it might all be related to the thick scar tissue I've got......4 times thru the same zipper. If that's it nothing can be done except surgery again and then scar tissue develops again.

    Mikie: Have fun with all those kitties! They are how old now? And what will happen to the kittens?

    Barry: Good luck with your exam next week. A CAT!!!!!!! God always provides when we trust. I hope an owner doesn't show up.
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