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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Gotta go back to close out the last Porch. I'll be right back. In the meantime, I did manage to respond to Spring's post below. Found this painting online and liked it.

    What a difference a day makes. Night before last, I had my beautiful dream and slept in. Last night, I woke about 2:30 coughing and choking. I got up and still have a headache. I took my allergy pill but will likely have to take some acetaminophen. Now, researchers are telling us to go light on NSAIDS because they can contribute to heart problems. Good grief! I would have thought that getting rid of inflammation in the body would be good for the heart. Doh!!!

    Spring, black snakes? Yikes! I'm so glad you had such a good time at the outing. I used to go with my ex to his business events. They were usually well catered and I had friends among others in the co. I don't need to feel too dressed up but I do like to feel appropriate and comfortable. It's very difficult to find dressier things because I don't follow trends unless they are to my liking. I prefer standard styles which are timeless. The tee shirts, Capri pants and flip flops are timeless--I looked like a bum then years ago; I look like a bum today, and I'll look like a bum tomorrow. Oh well, I am comfortable and I clean up good if I need to. Many fish are leery of people but many are very friendly. When I dove in Mexico, a beautiful angel fish would come up and swim along side of me. When I stopped, he came right up in front of my face and looked at me. Glad your meatballs turned out so well.

    I've been so inert that I have nothing to tell. Temps in the high 80's this week so our sweltering weather is returning. Now, if it would only bring some rain with it... Hope everydobby's weather is just perfect and all y'all are pain free and full of NRG.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting us up, Mikie. Your are a prince in bum's clothing. I bet I
    look more like a bum than you do because I frequently go 4-5 days w/o shaving.
    Just remember, Folks, BUM is MUB abckwards and MUB stands for Municipal
    Utility Board, Medicare Uniform Billing, or Messed Up Badly.

    Is it the red tide that is making you cough and choke? Got an e mail from
    my brother the forest ranger. He said he's having similar problems. The
    doctor said she wasn't sure if it was bronchitis or allergies.

    A very dynamic painting. When I first saw it I thought it was a forest fire. Which
    reminds me of the actor Forest Tucker. His first film was Robin Hood. He played
    Friar Tuck and lived in a Forest.

    Spring, I looked up 5 black snakes on a dream interpretation site. Here's what I

    Oops! When I pasted what I found the Board wouldn't let me post anymore. So
    I deleted it. Oh ,well. It was just a bunch of nonsense anyway. One of my
    psychiatrists told me that most dreams don't really mean much of anything. If,
    however, you have a dream and feel it really has meaning for you, well, then it does.

    Here's a kawinkydink fur ya. I watched one of those true crimes shows this
    morning. It was set in the small town of Marion, North Carolina which is in
    the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Been up since midnight. Going back to bed. If I don't fall asleep I can always read.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Rock - its okay. i normally hv some dreams which are prophetic. and ive come to identify some. our culture has some meanings which are different from those given on the internet. knowing helps. its not a good dream to hv but its no biggie. nothing i cant handle.

    Mikie - such a beautiful painting. inspite of the fiery red yellow colour, the picture gives out such a sense of tranquility, solitariness, peace. well,for me it does.

    i am the queen of bums in dressing at home. jammies. a baggy shirt. if one is not allowed to be a bum in your own home, then where.? i revel in my bum -mery.

    its interesting, i was reading up a book i hv by Sylvia Browne. she mentions Lady Azna and mentioned even Eastern religions worship her in a different form..so i googled and found it so. she has a Tibetan name. also The Thai, chinese and other Asian countries worship a benevolent diety called Kuan Yin and we Tibetans worship her under a different name.

    Barry - do you have bats? in the garden? one was hanging on our tree, the first in my life i ever saw up close. it was looking at me with its beady eyes, i felt excited but so sad for it because it was alone...the crows were inspecting it from a safe distance. its gone now, i hope it found its friends.

    i was craving some outside food and then controlled my urge, i guess i shouldnt give in to unhealthy cravings all the time. as it is, i drink more tea than i should. i pigged out on the desserts yesterday at the function...jalebis (indian sweetmeat), ice cream, tiramisu. so prudent to stick to plain fare today. satisfied myself by making a different type of lentil from usual. the others got their usual chicken curry.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got home from visiting Ilona and Frank. We laughed and it was like old times. Ilona and I walked down to the mailboxes. My potassium supps must have been delivered yesterday. Buying in bulk will save me so much $$$. I just hope the potency is what is advertised. I won't know for six months whether new stones are forming unless, of course, they got so big they are causing symptoms. Since we know my citrate is low and I'm supplementing it, it should be OK. We have a 40-percent chance of rain today and it's looking pretty gloomy out. It's humid but, strangely enough, my hair came out beautifully today. I got some oil to control the frizz and it makes my hair shiny and healthy looking instead of like a haystack.

    Grace and Dennis made it to her DGD's home where they will stay a bit before going on to WV. Guess they hit bumper-to-bumper traffic at Tampa on I-75. I've never driven through Tampa when it wasn't bumper-to-bumper. The last time I drove there, it was bumper to bumper at 80 mph. Yikes! White knuckle time! I read the newspaper and did the puzzles. I had problems with both the NYT and LAT crossword puzzles. I've had problems with the NYT puzzles since Thurs. Don't know whether it's the puzzles or my exhausted pea brain.

    Rock, geez, I go longer than that without shaving. :rolleyes: I am a bum in bum's clothing but I just don't care. Maybe if I get to feeling better and go out more, I will. I'll be going back to the pool again in the morning. BTW, not shaving is all the rage so you're in good company with all the celebs. I'm sure it's my allergies acting up. I don't know whether it's the Red Tide or not. I found a website and can check it; however, RT tends to congregate so it could be bad in one area and not in the area tested. We know for sure when the dead fish wash ashore. I have a headache and need to take more acetaminophen. Also, some Nasacort. Don't want a sinus infection. Hope you can get to sleep or, at least, read a good book. I'm getting a tad sleepy myself since I got so little sleep last night. Zzzzzzz...

    Spring, some of my dreams mirror what is going on in my life. The one about God and a cottage was different. He sends messages to me when I'm not too rattle brained to listen. I'm glad you can tell the difference too. I feel the same way about that painting. Usually, orange and amber are not relaxing but that painting is very relaxing for me. It reminds me of Paris but, instead of fall, I was there in the spring. Still, it rained and looked like that a lot. I have always had mixed feelings about Sylvia Browne. She didn't seem as accurate as other mediums and she often came across as rude. Same for John Edward. He was more accurate but could be a bit dickish. I love watching The Long Island Medium. She's a down-to-earth housewife who has a reality show on which she does readings. She and her family are funny. She is very accurate, telling people things she would have no way of knowing. Here's hoping for good dreams for you.

    Cynthia, Barb's daughter, told Ilona she's been cleaning the condo out. Poor Barb can no longer see and I'm sure it was difficult for her to even see the dust. Me, I can see it and ignore it. I want to get back to feeling well enough to keep it cleaner in here. I'm not really living in filth but it could be cleaner. I hope if anything happens to me that it isn't a mess for the kids. They understand that I can't always keep it as clean as I'd like. Thank God for Roomba! I was afraid my dream might be a hint that I'll be going Home soon. I just want enough time to clean things up. It will be hard enough for the kids without having to wade through a mess. Other than that, I'm ready to go anytime. Until then, I'll try to enjoy my time here.

    Well, Kiddies, I hope y'all are having a lovely Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon awl,

    Yes, I am alive and figured that I had better go on and check the Porch and at least let you know that I am still amongst the living :)!! Just busy to much happening at once. I do not know when and how I am going to get ready to go to Tuscon in April. Luckily there will be nothing to dressy except possibly going out to dinner with my dear Cousin the doctor, the retired pathologist. He is so down to earth you would never know how smart he is. He is the one who wrote those books on the Presidents doctors and the first ladies is another book plus another now.

    It is also warm here too today MIKIE. Summer came back again today but it is so cool almost cold in the house, at least for me. DH also has the fan on. We really don't keep it that cool but I am so cold natured. Two funerals going on this week. One was rather expected but still very sad one of the couples we hung around with in the Knights and got us into the state level one year. Both of them had problems but and he has gotten worse over time. She has had mobility problems and RA but they were in a nice Sr. facility. When he became ill he had to move first to rehab hospital . Then he came home for few days and then back again to a special hospital . Weird, almost like he just lost his will to live. He was 84. The other is a younger person but not that young but younger than us I know. I really didn't know her much she was the wife of one of the knights. They went on a cruise and she went scuba diving I believe and something happened, not sure yet. Wonder if they will do an autopsy or not. That funeral is of course on Friday morning and then go to his house for a reception or celebration of life and that evening is our Irish concert. In between is all the other stuff I am supposed to do- yikes.

    MIKIE and SW - I too would be happy to stay most of the day in my jammies but I know DH would know not be to thrilled about it. He gets dressed right away when he gets up, not me usually unless I have a very rushed schedule. MIKIE, glad you got to see Ilona. I am like you and can ignore the dust at least for awhile :)!! That is sad to lose ones eyesight. Thanks also for that lovely painting. Yes, I think it is rather restful also.

    Yesterday we went into Houston to see DD#1 DGD who came back to visit for a few days with her S O to celebrate his birthday. They had a big cake and we sang happy Birthday to all those b days from Jan - June. Also saw DGS, the twins who are now 19 - OMG. Was relieved to find out that one of them finally received the gift card that REI sent him from us. I guess they sent another one after I complained or mentioned that he had not gotten it. Also DS and DDIL . His b-day will be the end of this month. He was the baby of the family. There were were loads of people there inc some of the people that DD#1 has kept up with since HS , college and beyond. That whole family has a million friends. We left about 6pm and others were still coming in.

    Thinking of all of you. Won't be here tomorrow most likely unless I pop in mostly to read or post a few words. I really need to go over my Irish music and others for the concert on Friday, after the funeral .

    Special hi also to SUN, ROCK, DIANE, BARRY, STAR, TORY, LINDA, ELAINE et al. Special hi and hugz to JULIE - Hope all is going well with you and that estate business is over with soon for you..

    BTW, DH and I were relieved when we got our yearly insurance bill for the coming year. It only went up a couple hundred dollars if that. DH was so afraid that it would go up $1000 or more after that accident which I think that guys is still trying to get more $$. I understand he most likely has a lot of bills and now thinks he might have some head trauma but the dopey guy was driving without a helmet. Hope they take that into consideration.:rolleyes:

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    So glad I showered and did my hair yesterday. I don't have to do it this morning before going over to the pool. It'll be hot here all week. By next weekend, it could reach 90. AACCKK!!! Too hot, too early, too fast! I like to ease into my seasons. Worst part is that there is no rain in sight. It could be June before we get dependable rain. Fire danger is sky high.

    Granni, more funerals? Good grief! Sometimes, it seems it's all you can do to keep up with the dead. Wonder what happened to the woman who went diving. That's a bit scary. I like it cool inside but it won't be long before the A/C is running nonstop. I hope it's nice in Tucson when you go. My friend moved from here to Phoenix because, when she visited her son there, her FMS pain was better. Now, she's on her pain pills all the time. She sold her condo and packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved. It might have been better to have rented a place there first. I think she regrets it. I don't do that well in a dry climate. It's been pretty dry here and my allergies are going nuts. Hair looks good, though. I'm glad your ins. didn't go up much.

    Target is giving $300 gift cards with purchase of the iPhone 7 and activation on a plan. I'm going to check it out because that would make the iPhone 7 the same price as the iPhone 6. I also think if one gets a plan through Target, it's discounted $5 a month. Ilona was playing You Tube on her Samsung and it was beautiful. Great picture. I guess there is some benefit to one of those big phones. Still, they are difficult to handle. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All;
    Having a blue day with grey skies.
    I am seeing doc. tomorrow. I really don't want to......but needs must.
    New cat's name is Sylvie -- given her by Richard. She is doing very well, eats like a horse, and getting a very large tummy. Kittens are in the future, I think. o_O
    Feeling very low today; must get all my ducks in a row for the doc. I always take notes with me.
    The big leaf maples are blooming now: lime-green pendant clusters on a leafless tree.
    Spring, yes we have bats here. There are many places for them to live, holes in trees, etc. I see them at night when they fly up to the porch light to get the insects that are attracted to it. And I have seen bats very close. For a zoology professor at uni, I found a bat hideout and was able to pick up about 30 to see what species they were. All the same -- Mexican Free-tailed Bats.

    Got to start getting ready now for tomorrow; notes, queries, and complaints. :rolleyes:

    Love and Peace to All,
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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I managed to do my workout full bore this morning. Then I went to Publix for a few things. I came home, had lunch and took a long nap. Working out like that always makes me so tired. Oh well, it's good for my heart. Barb's daughter, SIL and a friend of theirs were at the pool and were very friendly. They leave tomorrow.

    Barry, soooo good to see you here but I'm sorry you're blue and have gray skies. I always do like you and get my ducks in a row before I see a quack. If I don't write it down, I'll forget something. I like Sylvie's name. It's always suspicious when a female cat shows up; she may be preggers. I start taking care of the kittens here on Wed. until Mon. Nancy said to wear long pants because the kittens like to climb up her legs and she is all scratched up. They are growing like crazy. The big worry is whether Mama Kitty will make it to weaning the kittens before going into heat again. They are using the litterbox by themselves now. One of our other friends lost her cat a while back and we're trying to interest her in taking Mama Kitty. We've now formed a cat sitting co-op so that no one with a cat need worry about going on a trip. There are enough of us that we can take care of one another's cats and dogs. I like the way bats fly in the evening. Their pattern is different than birds. I also think they have sweet faces. Good luck at the doc. I found this image of the maple bloom. The flowers are very delicate looking.


    OK, gonna go. I'm looking forward to watching DWTS tonight. Someone will be going home. It's probably going to be that guy from SNL. Hope all y'all have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Where is everydobby? Hope y'all are MIA because you are feeling great and busy.

    Star, I imagine you are busy moving. I hope you will get settled and stop back in.

    While looking for the maple leaf blooms, I came across this pic and found it incredibly beautiful. I'll stop back in later.

    Love, Mikie

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI MIKIE et al,

    DH was on the computer bright and early this morning and then i was outside spraying weeds and throwing stuff into one of our garbage cans whole DH was at his meeting. We had a small atrium now old and looking bad torn down yesterday. Now we have to figure out what to do with the space. We already have enough weeds and dead stuff to remove elsewhere. Have to leave when DH gets back from the bank after lunch, so I can go get my yogurt as I am almost out. Will only buy one 32 oz container since next week they should have their monthly sale. Wish it wasn't so expensive but don't think I want to fuss with making it either esp with the Goats Milk starter, etc.

    Have singing for our small group today we will be looking through some old music some of us have sung before to get us ready to change our repetoire, esp as the seasons change. We hope to do a few for Memorial Day (Patriotic music) along with some other stuff to change out on the music we have been singing for awhile. Yes, that is a very fiery looking picture that you posted MIKIE. Those leaves are gorgeous.

    BARRY - Congrats on the new kitty. That should keep you both happy and busy especially if she has kitties herself :)!! Did Richard buy her or was she a stray outside kitty or a lost one?? Sorry you are feeling blue. Hope the weather and skies clear up as well as your mood. Maybe the kitty will help some of that . Hope so and that it is helping Richard to feel better too :)!!

    Thinking of everyone. Got some chores to do before going to sing so I will close for now.

    Gotta run for now.

    LOVE to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  11. springwater

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    Aurora Borealis


    Mikie - what a huge tree! and of course beautiful.

    cat-sitting co-op sounds so funny, lol! what a beautiful concept and much needed. here i need a house sitting group. incidentally i visited with someones relative the other day, and a sleek well fed ginger was prancing all along the edges of the room, leaping from sofa to bed to floor and doing a little jig all the time. it did my heart good to see him or her.

    i took some time out to just meet up and walk around town also. the erthquake ruins are still not repaired but the weather was nice. it had been getting a tad hot. looks like you and us hv the same sorta weather, Mikie.

    about your dream, it could even mean for you to get more in touch with God through prayer, meditation. i know it would be easier if the darn illnesses and aches n pains would just let up! at least you are burning up so much karmic grit by going thru those. thats what i tell myself when something comes up. try sleeping after making an auric shield surrounding yourself...divine white light all encompassing yourself and SV. it protects from health niggles too and negativity. especially if you programme it so.

    i hv the same feeling about Sylvia Browne. her account of some things dont match with others, she mentioned suicides etc go straight back to the womb but other mystics say they go to a inbetween state and then to a place of healing. she seemed so cold and blase' too, as if suicides killed themselves for fun and games rather than out of uncope able anguish and pain! she does get some things like the 7 levels of creation, and trapped energy of fear in certain areas like Pacheo Pass.

    the healthy blogger something .com, apparently you hv to type,in kidney stones also in the search box then it takes you to the section re kidney stones...they said to eat a lot of water melon...lots of peoples experiences posted...

    Barry - kittens, eh? we shall have some fun then. our former Royal palace of the country had bats in the old trees outside. bats in force. hundreds. when the monarchy came down, the trees too were cut down. now it (palace) is a museum in some places, and govt offices in others. yes, the entrances of those too, like the parliament building is broken down (in the EQ) and just rubble, and yes, they too have not been repaired.

    Granni - ive been eating yoghurt too. and thinking of making some sauerkraut. since reading of probiotics being good for the gut. i love sauerkraut. it was a staple in my old hometown in the hills. food was simple because we didnt get imported stuff so everything was seasonal. Bottling fruit and veggies was very common in households. then the fruit would get sold in fairs etc. us Tibetans would fry beef with sauuerkraut as a special item for guests or to take picnics. it was dry so easy to carry around.

    i would love an atrium in my house. even a small one. but at the moment, i am hard put to even care for the outdoors garden...which just needs watering and weeding.

    Rock - ive always had a soft corner for Friar Tuck. ive always loved jolly fat fellows. a jolly monk sounds all the more loveable. we played Robin Hood for our class play in garde 6B. i was one of Robins men. wore green tights n all and satin cap. it rained torrential that evening. we got wet just making our way from classroom to the assembly hall which was some hundreds yards away. the first public performance i was so nervous, i could actually see my arm trembling. then i looked at a boy who played a main role and he too was shivering. then i felt better.

    i hope your brother recovers soon. speaking of breathing, the whole city was covered in smog yesterday and day before. it was smokey black grey just a hundred yards away. i was hoping all asthmatics were safe.!

    i made macaroni and mincemeat sauce last evening for dinner. for the men. i skipped dinner. i think macaroni and pasta sits too heavy in my stomach. i prefer a ramen noodle sometimes. theyre lighter and ive found one in the supermarket which isnt spicy. but tasty all the same. its got mushrooms in it i think. also rustled up a radish pickle salad for lunch. its just mixing some lemon juice, cumin, salt in grated tender radish and frying fenugreek seeds and dry red peppers in mustard oil and pouring over the radish. a quick something to add a dash to a simple meal of lentils and rice and plain cabbage curry.

    its raining cats and dogs here. and blowing hard..(im typing in bed under a quilt...)and its dark. it feels like im in Wuthering Heights. only im no Catherine. Not any more. heh heh heh. kidding.

    i hope everyone is doing all right. all our MIAs.

    god bless

    PS i went virtual travelling and got the above beautiful picture of an aurora borealis...above a picturesque village.
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  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I'm back from taking Nancy to the airport. She's done everything for the kittens, Mama Kitty and Bob so I won't have to go over until this afternoon/evening. I'm not going over to the pool this morning. I had set the alarm for 4:00 but woke at 3;30. I was at Nancy's at 5:00. It's a bit foggy out and I'm having trouble breathing. I hope Nancy has a good time visiting her kids and new GS. I also hope she has a nice break from being a midwife and nursemaid to the kittens. Her DD had her lumpectomy yesterday. It went well but they won't have results until Fri. They took the nearest lymph node to biopsy. The results will determine whether she just has radiation alone or with chemo. I'm praying for her.

    Some animal spirit must be visiting. SV is all wound up, caterwauling and streaking around. He loves things which make noise so he sticks his head in the vertical blinds and shakes to make them clatter. Sometimes, he gets between the sliders and the blinds and runs along, making them all clatter. DD's dog used to do that. I wonder if it's she who visits us. She used to make the doorstops clang with her feet too. What would we do without animals? I know I'd sleep better and the condo would be cleaner but now, I love SV so much I don't think I could do without him. Jeff and Tweety are inseperable when he is outside. I'm so glad it's worked out for them both.

    Granni, good grief! It seems the yard work is never ending. Between that, dancing/exercising, singing and family, you have a lot on your plate. I heard that TX was in for some serious storms. I hope you aren't in harm's way. Same for your family and mine there.

    Spring, thanks for the gorgeous aurora borealis and such a beautiful little village. I think that, stars, planets, the moon, comets and other heavenly objects are spiritual and amazing. Yes, the cat sitting is just an extension of our Friends Helping Friends project. One neighbor used to board her old cat at the local Cat Nip Inn and it was expensive. She is the one we are hoping will take Mama Kitty. We haven't named her so that whoever takes her can name her. I think she looks like a Pearl. We sometimes refer to her as, Mamacita, Little Mama. My kids call me, Mama Mia. That ginger cat sounds so funny. I love it when cats do that little dance. Tweety danced but SV doesn't. She is elegant and graceful but he just crashes around. Thanks to you, I do surround myself with the sacred light for protection. I also ask God to watch over all our pets and, especially, SV. Seems as though a lot is going on with me spiritually lately. It's getting hot here too. I hope you can enjoy going out. It's sad that there is still damage from the EQ. It took years for the damage from Hurricane Charley to be completely repaired. I'm praying for another quiet hurricane season. The image of that little ginger dancing cat keeps playing in my mind. Perhaps she was dancing just for you and bringing a spiritual message.

    I'm gonna post this and come back to edit. There! Don't want to lose it. Computer was being difficult when I first logged on. I hope our MIA's can stop in. I miss Star, Linda, Tori, Julie and anybody I've forgotten. When is Julie's D&C? My memory is sooooo bad lately. I'm sleeping more deeply and getting more sleep but it just isn't showing up in my NRG and cognitive ability. So much to do; so little NRG. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Haven't had the oomph to post, but I've been thinking about it. Well, we all do
    what we can even if it's not much. I had a splendid snack in the middle of the
    night. Took some hamburger & potatoes Gordon cooked, added broccoli, and
    then two gourmet touches. Some parmesan cheese and a dab of balllpark mustard.
    Thus turning an ordinary snack into the Midwest's favorite food: Hotdish.

    Ate it while watching a show called Forensic Files. During the commericals
    I was reading a court room drama. The head attorney was asked why does
    the defense need to many expert witnesses. He said, "Because the jury expects
    it. They see those shows like Forensic Files and CSI and they think it's required."

    Mikie great pics you've been posting. They remind me of photos of the
    retina. The clivia pic you posted of the droopy variety indicates why it's
    a member of the lily family, I suppose. I've never seen one of those before.

    Is that pic you posted of green flowers from a maple tree? Never seen such
    before. Our neighbors had a huge maple tree. About half of it loomed
    over our yard. I never saw any flowers, but it produced lots of seed pods.
    They started out green, but rather quickly turned brown. Looked like
    tiny coat hangers. Pic below.

    Springwater, great pic of the aurora borealis. The northern lights don't
    generally look that colorful unless you are close to them. From Minnesota I
    only saw them twice when the colors were vivid. They were usually a rather faint
    yellow-green that gentle moved like a curtain in a breeze.

    You're right about wuthering. It's a Scottish word meaning a strong wind.
    I never saw the movie. Tried to read the book once, but didn't get very
    far with it. Emily Bronte was like Margaret Mitchell. A one book author.

    Granni, I love patriotic music. Used to have lots of records of same. Some
    of those records I can still hear on Youtube. Was listening to the Fred
    Warring version of Battle Hymn of the Republic the other day. He and
    the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had the best arrangement. For some reason
    the Mormons are now using a different arrangement.

    Glad to hear the missing birthday gift showed up. Why are you going to
    Tuscon? Yes, the book your cousin wrote about doctors who treated
    the Presidents was very interesting.

    Which reminds me. I started a new book about Lincoln's assassination.
    There were 44 people present who worked at Ford's theater. Actors, stagehands,
    carpenters, painters, doorkeepers, etc. They were all arrested; some imprisoned.
    One was sentenced to prison for conspiracy, but pardoned 4 years later by the
    new President Andrew Johnson. The evidence supporting the conviction was
    very weak. The book discusses all the of the 44, and is based on the records
    of the interviews, records, trial transcripts, etc. from the time.

    Some of the employees were children like the 11 year old boy who handed out
    programs. He said John Wilkes Boothe was always nice to him, and bought
    him a cap to wear while he was working.

    Ok, time for a lie down. Hugs, all.


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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ALL,

    Have to write fast. When the cleaning ladies come I am outta here and DH takes over he said. Then I have to do some other stuff. _UH !!

    ROCK - Glad you liked my cousins book. They all were interesting in their own ways. We are going to see the area of Tuscon as well as my cousin and dear family friend who we haven;t seen for years. He invited us so we are going. Yes, I just love Patriotic music like you but also like most music. However, something special about it maybe cause my dear mom was an immigrant who worked for everything she got, and she appreciated every little thing that came her way.

    MIKIE - Seems like we missed the big storm. Someone got it for sure but not us.

    SW - If you find an easy and very good recipe for sauerkraut let me know. The good stuff costs a bunch at the health food stores.

    Thinking of everyone and missing all our MIA's not that I have been that great lately.

    JULIE and DIANE - pop in when you can. Thinking of you both.

    SUN - Hope your pain has gotten less and you are doing better. Have you been busy working outside or inside lately??

    STAR - How has the move been going? Hope all is going well and you are not in to much espra pain and all from it,

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi E-body. I am exhausted after y-days trip to doc. Somehow I lost my font ... oh well, there are worse things to lose, I guess.

    Granni, no Richard did NOT buy the cat. She was in the shed when he came back from shopping --- and things went from there. She is very much at home and comfortable here. She could have strayed from our distant neighbours, or been dumped by some dumb Dodo.

    Spring, do you have cats? Do you have rats? By the way, I loved your recipe for radish salad! I sure would like to have the NRG to try making it. It sounds pretty easy. Sauerkraut in Nepal? How queer --- I thought only Germans and people from that part of Europe made it. Is yours like kim-chi, or ? Oh yeah, re-reading your post I noticed that you said it was raining cats and dogs, so I guess you DO have cats ! ;)

    Rock, is that a picture of your own eyeball? I think that Mikie's picture of maple flowers are spot on. For Big-leaf Maples anyway. Very large trees. We also have the shrubby Vine Maple, but its flowers are not too conspicuous, but there is some pink if you see them very closely. Big-leaf Maple (AKA Oregon maple) has the largest leaves of any known species. Golden yellow in the fall.

    I got so dizzy in the car yesterday --- actually blurry vision. Does anyone else here get that? I sure am glad that I don't drive anymore.

    Missing Star, Diane,Tori, Elaine, and countless others. :( Hope you all come back soon.:(

    All for now, I guess. Oh, wild turkeys in the front yard. I hope they leave me a nice feather for one of my installations along the lane. I got two bright red feathers the other day --- really pretty --- and used them in one. I think they came from a red-shafted flicker --- a woodpecker.

    Bye for now,
    Love, Barry

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I turned on my computer and, nothing! It's so old I keep figuring it will crap out any day but I removed the battery and put it back in and, voila, it started up. I'm still sleeping a lot but not feeling a lot better. Still, I did manage to get some things done yesterday, even changed the bed. In the afternoon, I went over to take care of the kitties. Poor Mama Kitty is getting a bit of cabin fever, even wanting to dare breaking into the condo where Bob is. He's HUGE but has no claws so don't know what would happen if they decided to get into it. She's still taking good care of the kittens and is still nursing them. They are pandemonium in fur. They are climbing all over the place and wrestling.

    I put the little dabs of wet food on the relish dish Nancy uses and they lined up like it was a trough. Mama wants to eat it too but Nancy is convinced she has a tape worm and the wet food gives her diarrhea. She said I could give Mama some if I want to deal with the litter box. It's pretty nasty as it is so I may chance it. I petted her and talked to her and, when I went to leave, she reached out with her paw and gently grasped my arm. I plan to spend more time with her this morning. Of course, Bob demands his daily allotment of love and brushing too. I have to wear tennis shoes because the kittens want to climb on my feet and their little claws are like needles. Yikes!

    Rock, that pic looks like the ones my eye doc takes of my retinas. I have a scar on mine which could have been caused by a virus or an injury. My doc's been taking the pics for years and he can compare them year by year. Fortunately, there have been no changes. The blood supply is good with no plaque in the arteries. The photos of my knees, taken through the scope when I had surgery, look like pics of the moon. Yes, those green blooms are what produce the little seed pods which look like wings on the large leaf maples, according to what I found online. Your snack sounds good. One of the best dishes I've ever had was served by a German/Dutch restaurant. It was mashed potatoes and carrots and was called, Hutsput. It was served with roast beef. Mmmm! There was a show on TV about the woman who was arrested after Lincoln's assassination. She rented rooms and it was allegedly in her home that the assassins met to plan everything. BTW, Lincoln had a vision of being assassinated before he died. Spooky! So good to see you posting.

    Granni, glad you are safe 'n sound. Those storms were horrible. I see where 13 people were killed near New Braunfels in a head-on collision. We drove through that little town on the way to Houston one Christmas when we visited DSIL's Mom. Don't know whether the accident was weather related or not. The people were all in a church van on the way to a retreat. Come back when you can sit a spell.

    Barry, glad the kitty fits right in. I hope she helps with Richard's and your grief over Shorty. It takes sooo long for the pain to heal and it never really goes away. One of my friends here lost her kitty last year and it still brings tears to her eyes. We're hoping she will adopt Mama Kitty. We have a tree here which has light blooms like those maple blooms but it's not a maple. It's one of those low trees with a huge canopy. Joe likes it because no one can see into his condo due to the tree's position. He teases me because he can see into mine. The scrub pines don't offer much cover. I just laugh and tell him there's nothing here to see or, at least, nothing anyone wants to see. Hope you get your feathers. Our family believes the feathers which call to us are sacred, gifts from my Mom. Hope your doc visit went well in terms of your health and hope you recover from it. I hate doc appts.

    Well, Kiddies, I need to read the virtual paper and then go over for kitty duty. It's a drain on my NRG because it's so low right now and I'm trying to get back into working out. If it gets to be too much, I may have to stop the workouts until Nancy returns. I can tell it's taken its toll on her NRG too. She is enjoying her visit with her DS, DDIL and new GS. That's all that counts. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    BTW, Diane, I think I might have left you off the MIA list but I do miss your visits here. Hope you, Keven, Rosie, Beety and Faithy are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! Sorry I don't feel up to visiting, but just wanted to check in. I really hope I can get back in the groove sometime soon...and hope I'm up to going with Amy and Keira to Tennessee over Easter (Clinton isn't well enough for the five day trip, Miley won't go without him, Den doesn't want to be gone from the house project for that long.) But I need a "grandkid fix", lol! And I have all their Easter stuff, plus things I have been accumulating since they were here in December...

    It would be different, I suppose, if one could go "rest"...but with four kids (six if both Miley and Keira went) and two dogs (7 month old and 8 week old) it is continuous chaos.

    Anyway...I had my pre-surgery consult yesterday, for the D and C tomorrow. Should be a piece of cake unless he would have to do an emergency hysterectomy. But the plan is to see if the first procedure takes care of the symptoms....if not, hysterectomy is Plan B.

    Den is taking off work to drive me home (we have a 1 1/2 hour drive since the doctor works out of a hospital in the town where my parents used to live, and where I grew up.) But he comes to a clinic in the town where my dad is. Used to be with that hospital, but when a new administration took over, many doctors and other staff chose to go elsewhere.

    I suppose this wouldn't be a big deal to someone who has been on this road before, but I've been very fortunate and blessed to not have a lot of major health problems (not that this stupid CFS/ME hasn't had a huge impact on my life...it, FMS and other diseases/syndromes cause us to lose jobs, friends, self-esteem, sometimes even family, etc., etc.)

    I'm not sure if I ever mentioned how our little Susan came out at Mayo Clinic. They did numerous tests (repeating some she had had in her local hospitals and clinics and lots of new things.) Came up with "Idiopathic nerve disease"...yes, they believe something is wrong, but they can't give her a definite diagnosis. One neurologist did think she had Guillain-barre syndrome at one time, but the local doctors didn't do a spinal tap at the right time, so it wasn't correctly diagnosed.

    Anyway, Mayo offers a 3 week pain clinic and it has helped lots of people at least deal with the pain and other symptoms. Susan plans to do that, but needs to wait to get more vacation time built up at work...if she could have gotten in right away she could have been on short term disability. But the pain clinic has an average 25 day wait. Now, there's a young lady that, at age 26, has had to deal with some serious things...

    Sorry, pooping out...and I want to get a few things done to make it easier for Den to take care of me over the weekend. He's not a very experienced "nurse" (it doesn't involve hammers, saws, nuts and bolts, lol) but he will do the best he can. Plus, I may feel so much better...with a little pain pill relief, I won't be bedridden.

    Take care, everyone! Barry, I hope the new kitty continues to fit in well. Mikie, glad you are able to be nanny while Nancy is away. Thinking of everyone...
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl,

    It is almost lunch time, you know the routine, so I go fix lunch :)!! I need to also go and do some practicing on my Irish music. The concert is tomorrow night , after the funeral we have to go to and I will be singing at with the Resurrection Choir. Busy day. Tonight is the dress rehearsal. Anxious also to see those Irish dansers perform. Went to the store with DH this morning and just threw another wash in the washer.

    JULIE - So glad to hear from you. Glad you at least are getting to go and see the g kids in Tenn for Easter. How long will you be gone for?? Good luck on your D and C and hope no hysterectomy is needed. However, it is not that uncommon. In fact two of our daughters had at least a partial hysterectomy after different problems. It isn't the worst thing to have happened but also sometimes eliminates other problems that will or may get worse. The trip will be something good for you to get you feeling upbeat again . Hang in there by dear young friend :)!!

    MIKIE - Enjoy being kitty nanny for awhile. I know you will enjoy it even if it tires you. Yes, do stop the exercising if you feel the need. That can wait but the kitties can't :)!!

    BARRY- Keep enjoying the kitty with Richard :)!! Free is good if they need a good home like you will give them.

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the doctor's office. The surgeon examined my scar, said everything
    was fine, the swelling will continue to go down, and no need to come back. So a
    successful visit. We didn't even have to wait in the waiting room more than a
    minute or two. And the parking was free.

    I am snacking on Goldfish crackers. Used to buy them frequently 'cause my son
    loved them. Hadn't had any for years, so got a package last week. They were
    delicious yesterday. Now they are hard to chew. Somehow got tough overnight.
    Who'd a thought?

    Had a long chat with my Minnesota brother last night. He's not much for
    writing, but he's fun to talk to on the phone. His theater group just finished
    another run. They do 3 programs a year. This year he got a call from a
    retired farmer who's in his 80's. Wanted to know if he could be in the
    cast. So a brief bit was created where the old guy only had one word to say
    and some comic business that got laughs.

    Julie, good to hear from you. I hope you are up to the trip to Tennessee. Good
    luck with your procedure tomorrow. Hope it is successful.

    Mikie, never heard of Hutsput, but mashed potatoes are very versatile. Go
    with all kinds of things. Especially if one is German, Irish or Norwegian.
    (I'm all three.)

    The lady who owned the boarding house was Mary Surratt, the first woman
    to be executed by the Federal Government. She was an active member of
    the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. She also owned a tavern a few miles outside of
    Washington DC. After shooting Lincoln, Booth fled on horseback and
    stopped at the tavern Surratt owned. In accordance with Mary's instructions,
    the tavern manager gave Booth various items; some guns, a bottle of whiskey,
    maybe a map.

    Only four or the conspirators were hanged. Dr. Mudd was lucky that he wasn't.
    He had met with some of the conspirators in Canada earlier and knew Booth.
    In addition to setting Booth's broken leg ,he fed him and did not tell the Union
    troops who were searching for Booth and had stopped at Mudd's house that
    Booth was hiding nearby.

    Barry, Way, Mojo, Nerve, Money, Job, Lover, Memory, Life. All things
    you can lose that are worse than losing your font. I don't drive any more
    either. The last three times I did I...well, I didn't get lost but I was confusiated
    for awhile. Daniel Boone said something along those lines a while back.
    Has new kitty a name? Maybe you told us, but I can't 'member nutin'
    nohow these days. (Shades of the Cowardly Lion.)

    Granni, yes, we have a long history of grateful immigrants in this country.
    Read a book not too long ago about Norwegian immigrants. Many of
    them became lumberjacks in Northern Minnesota. They would write
    back to Norway which was then one of poorest countries in Europe.
    They would say things like, "Cutting timber is hard work but you can
    make more money in a week than you could make in a month in Norway."

    When I was in grade school we started each morning by pledging allegiance
    to the flag and singing My Country Tis of Thee. All different nowadays.

    Gordon is off to do errands. Maybe I'll make me an omelet. I made one
    yesterday with broccoli in it. Fast to cook and easy to chew. That's what
    I need nowadays.

    Hugs, All
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not getting too much done today but am doing a little. I'm finishing up my laundry from yesterday. I have to go back over for the kitties second meal and watering. I hauled off more poop and pee clumps from the litter boxes in one day than I haul off from SV's box in a week. I gave Mama Kitty some of SV's wet food this morning so the box on the lanai may be even more disgusting than usual. She was soooo grateful for it. I also gave her a back rub. What Mama doesn't need one of those? When I bend over to clean out the kittens' litter box, she gets up on the table next to me and nuzzles me with her nose and purrs. I'm taking SV's flea comb over this afternoon to ensure that she doesn't have them. I don't want them jumping into my hair. AACCKK!!! I have to put a big piece of cardboard in front of my feet to fend the kittens off when I go out to the lanai or come in. They gang up on me with three in front of me charging right at me and one on each side trying to sideline me. The other two are sidelined. I swear they are using plays like a football team. They are definitely the offense and I am the defense.

    SV slept on a chair on the lanai most of the day so far. The morning weather is beautiful but it's hot in the afternoons. Nancy's condo is just like mine but on the first floor. I keep mine at 76 or 77. Her thermostat read 72 but it felt really hot in there. I think it's the humidity. First floor units are usually cooler. I'm sweating by the time I'm done over there but it may be the physical activity involved in fending off a herd of kitties. Tomorrow, I need to get into the shower early, go take care of the kitties, go to the pool if I think I can and, finally, make a trip to Publix. Whew! Doesn't sound like much but I have no NRG these days. Whine, whine, whine! We all suffer from NRG deficiency. Dear Old Friend called and wants to come over for coffee on Sat. after I deal with the kitties.

    Julie, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you that all goes well tomorrow. I'm glad they could do it this soon so you'll have it over with. I pray the D&C takes care of all the problems. How nice that you can spend Easter with the kids. I'm glad it's not for another two weeks; I need to pick up things for the kids at the end of the bldg. It's tricky because of one's being a diabetic. No candy. I guess I should go to Target because they usually have more holiday things than I find anywhere else. Let us know how things go when you're up to it.

    Granni, it's hard to enjoy the kitties other than to watch their antics from afar. They have adorable faces and cute little bodies. Soooo perfect. I'm so thankful Nancy found Mama Kitty and the babies were born inside in a safe place. Nancy lets her lick the wet food off of the kittens' little long relish dish. This morning, she waited until I told her it was OK to clean it up. She's a very smart and loving little cat. Bless you for singing at the funerals. Two friends of my Mom's sang at her memorial Mass. I asked for Ave Maria because Mom loved it so but I just lost it when they sang. I have a CD with Aaron Nevil singing it and it's beautiful. Can't remember whether it's on the Elvis gospel CD or not. I'm sure the family will appreciate your singing.

    Rock, yes, that woman was executed. The whole show made me very sad. I don't like the goldfish crackers. In fact, I'm not much of a cracker snacker. Same with chips. I do like some nachos with a Margarita. Unfortunately, I'm not drinking these days. I've had one beer since last June. You've got me beat; I'm only Irish and German. I always joked that I drink whiskey and I drink beer but that no longer holds true. I don't do the Irish Jig nor the Polka. Guess I'm not much of a credit to my ancestors. I admire your bro that he can get up on a stage and put on a show. I'd die first. So glad you got a good bill of health from your doc.

    OK, Kiddies, that's about it from here. I need to go take some potassium citrate. I just feel lethargic today and kinda tied down by the kitten duty. I'd do most anything for Nancy and for cats everywhere but there is so much involved in feeding them, watering them and cleaning out the litter boxes. It's compounded by having to fight my way in and out. I just hope everybody stays healthy until Nancy returns. It also doesn't help that my hair is a bird's nest and needs shampooing. I'm in one of those states where I feel as though I might forget something important or lose things. Bad fatigue does that to me. Again, whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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