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    Hi, Kids,

    It's time for a new Porch volume. Please be sure to check #964 to read about Sun's trip. I'll be back.

    I performed my final kitty duty this morning. Whew! Soooo glad it's over. I swept the tile floor on the lanai and the tile floor inside too. Bob's fur clumps are on the area rugs and they need to be vacuumed. I just couldn't do it. It doesn't look too bad but who know how much of a mess the kittens will make by this afternoon. They throw their dry food and litter all over the place. They are really into physical games. One stood in front of me on his hind legs making monster paws with his front feet to scare me. I had to laugh. I took my Swiffer to dust Nancy's TV and stand. Both are black and were very dusty.

    Nancy is a very good housekeeper but it's been really hard for her with taking care of the kitties, waiting to hear about her DD's breast cancer results and getting ready to go visit her son, DIL and new DGS. I came home drenched in sweat. I don't know whether it's due to working out on the lanai in the humid air or whether it's just that stomach bug sweating out. I'm going to rest before getting into the shower before I pick Nancy up at the airport.

    Spring, a flower show--what a lovely way to spend the day. Too bad the weather spoiled it. Some of our libraries, and other public bldgs., were built under the WPA project under President FDR during the Great Depression. Many are quite grand. I don't know whether the Pasadena was a WPA project or not. The one in my hometown was but it wasn't as grand. Many of our bridges were WPA projects and have a distinctive design to them. That middle pic of the flowered walkway looks like the ones in that show, Indian Summers, I watch on PBS. Flowering shrubs and trees are everywhere. I think it's actually filmed in Malaysia and not India. I can't imagine having to deal with puppies all over. Yikes! Yes, once they can climb and walk, it's a three-ring circus. I wish we were getting rain here. It's bone dry. Thanks for stopping in late; the Porch is open 24 hours a day.

    Granni, thanks for letting us know you are OK. Stop back in when you can.

    We might have gotten a bit of rain during the night. There was moisture on the street surface. We need some real gully washers. There's a brush fire burning south of us. I don't have much to talk about because I'm not doing much. Oh, for some NRG! Hope the rest of y'all have some and have a pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I have exciting news. I am reading a book by Stephen King. (But that's not the
    exciting part.) I used to read all his books, but a decade or two back he started
    getting so wordy I moved on the writers less garrulous. But the other day I
    decided to give him another chance and brought home "Finders Keepers". And
    therein I found this word: co-inky-dink. So obviously Mr. King has been
    reading the Pro Health Board and came across "kawinkydink" which, as we all
    know, belongs to me. I am going to write him and demand that he pay me
    big bucks. What do you think would be appropriate? Five bucks? Maybe even ten?

    I have more big news, but it's not the cheerful kind. As previously reported our
    chiropractor for 20 years or so retired. Gordon went to try a new one a week ago
    and returned with a positive report. Made an appointment for me in a few weeks.
    Yesterday my back started acting up. I keep getting a stabbing pain in the right hip
    and start to fall. Then the leg sorta snaps back into place. Good Night Shirt! Always
    something! Happened several times yesterday. Once when I wasn't even moving.
    Just standing. Yumpin' Yimminee!

    Mikie, you should get a feline award for your service to Nancy's cats. Note that
    "feline" in an anagram for "flee in", and now it's time for you to flee in a different
    direction. That's so nice of you to pick up Nancy at the airport. I haven't been
    to the LA airport for many years. It's so huge and so crowded and the traffic is so
    bad, I always hated to go there. Got even worse when they started that TSA
    business. I hope you get some of your energy back. I just slouch around all day
    and do almost nothing.

    Well, hope ta come back and post more later.
    Hugs, Rock

    Just to illustrate how my mind is failing, I have a terrible time typing and spelling.
    And for the last couple years it has been substituting words. When I typed "Gordon
    returned with a positive report", my mind substituted "previous" for "positive".
    Enough to make even little Shirley Temple frown.
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    Mikie: Tooooooo funny! How the heck did the cat get in that position? I received an email today with a dog doing yoga in the lotus position. Funny also about the little kitten in the "attack" mode. How old are they now? Yes, those little guys can really make a mess.

    Rock: Sorry to hear about your stubborn leg/hip. It's always a surprise with our bodies......how they suddenly don't cooperate when they've been doing it for years. I hope the chiro can fix you up pronto. Don't hold your breath on getting an answer from Stephen King. He's my SILs favorite author, always trying to convince me to read one of his. I did listen to the Green Mile, enjoyed it but I really don't like his type of writing as a whole.

    I've checked out Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to read.....don't know how it will go for me because I usually resort to books on CD which the library didn't have. And I've also ordered Pat Conroy's "South of Broad". I'm still on a high from those two wonderful cities. Don't know if I mentioned it but we toured the Mercer/Williams house where the movie....Midnight....was filmed, Clint Eastwood directed it, starring Kevin Spacy so I've ordered the DVD also. There was a very small courtyard garden.....sunken......really charming with a veranda filled with old wicker and plants. What a wonderful place to sit and read and listen to some classical music. And I just read yesterday that when Jim Williams bought the place in the 60s he had to have a exorcism done by the local episcopal church, but that after that the spirit left. Sooooooo many homes that have ghosts! EWWWWWWW! Scary.


    This is the house, but the history doesn't tell how Jim Williams shot and killed a "friend" in his house. Apparently he was very well known in the town but the trial was moved to another city where no one knew him. I believe we were told he was acquitted.

    Spring: A garden show and you bought some plants! What fun. What did you buy?

    Barry: How is Kitty Kitty adjusting? And you THINK she might be expecting? How exciting!! If she is I hope you keep some.

    I've been out this morning again doing some weeding and garden cleanup, never ending. The little yellow flowering weeds have grown enought that I can easily grab them by their stalk and yank them out. I came home and found my 50 gallon garden trash containers were filled with the neighbor's clippings. DARN.....I asked the neighbor in back to let me know when she would have the tree trimmers out so they could trim on my side of the fence, but I guess she forgot. But the guys did come over and clean what fell in my yard and pool.
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    Dear Friends, hope you are having a good day. Here it's sunny and in the 70's, so fairly nice. But I want to do work in the yard/garden and feel overwhelmed. Besides, I fell over y-day and hurt the side of my back and am in a little pain--but only when I move.

    Cats, cats, cats. :eek:. Our adopted (well she adopted us) is indeed in heat and not preggers. Yet. A male admirer of hers showed up y-day; looks like a sibling. They have been indulging in sex. I've set up an appt. to get her neutered on Friday. Richard does NOT want kittens to deal with....And I guess I agree with him. The animal shelters here are so crammed with cats and kittens it almost makes you want to cry. :(

    Rock, I've never read any Stephen King novels. They just don't call out to me, as it were. I've been reading some William Trevor, and requested another from the library. I like Irish fiction a lot. Even James Joyce's Ulysses. I draw the line at Finnegan's Wake though. I am now reading some cozy mysteries by Josephine Tey.

    Sun, weeding. Ouch! My worst weeds are plants introduced by myself :eek:. In Oakland I saw some Geranium robertianum alba. BIG mistake.:eek: This white form of Herb Robert has spread everywhere! I got the seeds from a plant in someone's yard. Another major weed is a violet given to me thirty or so years ago by a friend. She said it was called Oriental Queen. It is really pretty, with pink/violet flowers. It has become very invasive after doing nothing for about 20 yrs, but is now everywhere, even the window-boxes. Never thought I'd be pulling up violet clumps and tossing them! Most of them I leave though. I've tried googling it with no results, so I think she got the name wrong.

    Gotta take care of mewling cat now; see you all later. Good to see you Star!
    Bye for now,
    Love, Barry (still with the D.T.'s :eek:)
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    Barry: Sorry you did a # on your back. It took me 3 1/2 weeks to get over that sciatic stuff....all from bending wrong while weeding!!!! I'm like you......my garden beckons to me no matter what condition I'm in. I just came in from over 3 hrs off and on. I have some very pretty form of oxalis, a pinky/purple like large tubes. Everyone admires it while blooming for about 2 weeks, then it turns yellow and looks awful. It has taken over. Little bulblets everywhere that sprout and grow where I never put them.

    And I'm pulling out a grey/pink leafed kalancho and tossing them. I've given a big mound of them twice to a local garden club and still have more, so they went into the trash today. I stuck them everywhere, then they took off growing to about 2' with more shoots on them, and of course every single leaf has little plants growing off their sides. I'm also yanking out a lot of purple wandering jew. I love the deep color but I need to give space between plants so the eye has a place of rest when looking at the garden.

    Is the geranium a low growing type?

    Star: I missed your post so had to go back and search for it. Did you get another house to move into? Selling your's?

    Julie: When do you get the results back?
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    Hi Kids

    I had a nap and am back. Gordon is at the library with his origami group. Sometimes
    they do stuff other than origami. He made two beautiful lamps with the red envelopes
    the Chinese give at Christmas. They contain money. Sometimes real and sometimes
    symbolic (i.e. fake).

    When he gets back he is calling the chiro to move my appointment to a sooner
    date. Hopefully today. My leg gave way several time this morning. It's been
    behaving itself since I had my nap.

    Barry, I was introduced to Josehpine Tey's books by my aunt (the librarian) during
    my college years. The first one I read tuned out to be my favorite. It's more of a
    history book than a mystery. "The Daughter of Time" which is about Richard III.

    I have read lots of Irish fiction too. Especially by Maeve Binchy and a series of
    Irish doctor books by Patrick Taylor.

    Oops! Musta hit a wrong key. Two-thirds of the page was taken over by some
    computer gremlin. I clicked the red X and it went away. Anyhoo...

    Sun, Gordon loved Midnight in the Garden etc. I hated it. I did read an article
    about the famous statute. There were statutes for sale allegedly made from
    the original molds. The statue was removed from the cemetery to protect it from
    damage or theft.

    The statue is about 3 and a half feet tall. You can buy replicas for under a $100
    as well as some that cost several hundred dollar. The original is in a museum in

    I remember seeing Johnny Mercer on TV when I was a teen. He was being
    interviewed by Bishop Fulton Sheen who thought his song Accentuate the
    Positive was inspirational.

    Mikie, that cat looks like it should be singing one of Mercer's songs in two-
    part Harmony. You like my sharp wit? Did you know there is a C sharp,
    but there is no C flat. Why not? Because C flat is the same as the B note.

    Time for me to buzz off.
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    looks like the new porch got off to a flying start....

    a very funny picture of a cat and then a funny post by Rock..re Stephen King coming to PH forums and then both Barry and Sun stopping in and posting.

    mikie - thanks for the pic. lol!
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Sooooo nice to be able to just take my time this morning with no kitty duty looming over me. Nancy couldn't believe how much the kittens had grown since she left five days ago. They are now standing up at the big water bowl and drinking. Soooo cute. Another week and the kittens can be taken to the no-kill shelter and Mama Kitty can be spayed and wormed. I hope and pray our friend will take her. We stopped and picked Chewy up at the kennel and, when we got home, he frolicked in the grass like a pup; he's 18 years old. Nancy's DD has to have surgery again to clean up the margins around the cancer which was removed but the lymph nodes are not affected. Kind of like bad news and some very good news.

    It's so hot here but is sposda cool down later this week. At 6:30 this morning, the A/C went on. I have to water the flowers later. The last Snowbird stragglers are enjoying this hot weather at the pool. Once they leave, it gets really quiet in the hood. Dear Old Friend wants to try having coffee this Sat. He had to cancel last Sat. due to visiting family. Just as well. This Sat. I won't have kitty duty. SV is wild this morning. He dragged my reusable grocery bag all over the floor and then went scooting around at warp speed.

    Rock, hope you earn big royalties from Stephen King. I read a lot of his books in the beginning but kind of tired of them after a while. I did read Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil and really liked it. I also liked the movie. I think it depicted the underbelly of a niche of Southern Society in which various characters congregate in an unlikely, and often sordid, mix. The wealthy in any society sometimes get away with murder--literally. This fascinates us but, throw in some strange characters and it can make for a good story. Also, towns like New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston and Key West are wonderful settings for this kind of story. They certainly aren't the kinds of places most of us grew up in. I think that's what makes them so much fun to visit. My little hood here is pretty dull but that's about all I can handle now. Thank God for books, films and TV to get me out of my little world without much effort.

    Our airport is SW Regional International but it's small. We do have a few international flights. It's not too far and easy to access. There is a cell phone lot where one can wait to be called to circle around to pick up people. I checked online and Nancy's flight was 13 minutes early so my timing was perfect. I didn't even have to stop in the cell phone lot. She called just as I drove into the airport. Easy peasy! Yes, I was happy to flee in another direction. My biggest worry was that I'd get a flea in my hair when Mama Kitty was trying to rub her head on mine as I bent to clean out the kittens' litter box. What is happening to your hip/leg sounds just like my sciatica when it was at its worst. Hope the new chiro can help. Try lying on your bed with that leg hanging off the side to see if it helps. Good luck.

    Barry, I'm so glad you can get Sylvie in before she is huge with kittens. We think whoever is overpopulating this area with kittens is letting them breed within the family. There is a big resemblance among all the strays we find. I don't know whether people who allow this to go on are heartless, stupid or both. The cats and kittens can suffer horribly when no one helps them. Tweety and Sylvester were starving when Jeff found them and so was Mama Kitty. Tweety had wounds from fighting off something. Your weather sounds soooo nice. It's getting too hot here already. I'm sorry you fell and hope there are no lingering problems. There is work waiting for me outside but I don't know when I'll get to it. Our shrimp bushes are blooming but need to be trimmed back. They are taking over the plumbago and I think I may have to move them. I have to plant two mandavillas in the ground instead of the pots they are in. The only good thing is that it's better than doing housework or cleaning out closets. Don't overdo it.

    Sun, sounds as though plants go crazy there like they do here. It's good in that one can have a thriving garden fast but not so good when the plants take over. It took my sciatica longer than that to get better but mine was absolutely crippling. I still have it but I can keep it from getting bad with the stretches and being careful of how I stand, sit, etc. I've been wearing my back brace. Bending to clean out the litter boxes is a real strain on the back, especially when trying to avoid Mama Kittie's efforts to stick her nose in my ear. AACCKK!!! As I said to Barry, don't overdo it.

    Spring, I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I looked at that pic. Too funny. Cats can get themselves into the strangest positions. Come back when you can stay.

    OK, Kids, I'm off to read the paper. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,

    I am alive and here, even though not always posting. So much to do and do not know where to tart. I cannot go shopping since DH has the car and is at his meeting and I have a practice this afternoon. So maybe tomorrow. I am on the committee for our dinner group so am making potato salad. I am out of practice and this is another recipe with red potatoes supposedly better for potato salad. I also do not have to peel the potatoes which is what used to take the longest. There should be about 20-22 people at the party.
    I will be glad when that is over and I can concentrate on packing for our trip the day after Easter. We also are helping DD with Easter dinner at her house. We used to always have it at our house but we will be also getting ready to go away and won;t be easy DD has a bigger house and space , outside especially so most of our gatherings usually end up there anyway.

    There is a workman outside working on replacing boards that had rotted in our outside wall. Occasionally I hear banging and all kinds of noise from outside. Nothing like more expense before getting ready to go away. If it isn;t one thing it is anothe with expenses it seems.

    SUN - That was such a funny pic of that kitty doing yoga or whatever else it was doing. It is crazy how they can be such flexible little creatures and get in the wierdest position. So glad you got to get away and have such a nice getaway without getting majorly sick or full of pain. Hope I do OK with my trip and walking to see the many sites.. Will do a lot of walking especially when going to see our family friend who is by himself and love to hike and go all over the place. My c ousin is a bit older than I and I am guessing the walking and sightseeing will be more moderate..

    MIKIE - Glad that your kittie duty is over and you can go back to your usual things and trying rest up some from your duties. It doesn;t sound like a lot but I can image it would be with all those kitties. How many were there all together??

    JULIE - Hope you are feeling a bit better and you can get rid of your sciatic. I think it was you as I have been skimming the post too fast as usual.

    Not much new with DCD except I guess she is now mad at me again so who knows how much contact we will have although I have tried to keep her from to hopeful abou getting any information on her vet information so she can stick with the program they have for her with housing and her schooling, etc. She is just so confused and refuses to believe anyone in the family. Now, or should I say again that she doesnt think we are supporting her. Everyone is so sick of her not listening to us and the truth . I do wish her good luck though. I know one should not try to reason with a mentally ill person because they have no reasoning power. She goes from one place to the other and tell them her sad story and then they try and find her info and they cant cause there isn't any. Then they stop the help... My kids think I should give up and not even send her any more emails as I I just going to get hurt more. That is probably true . However, when it is your child it is very hard to do. No one wants to even try and take her in wince she doesn;t take med and her thinking is off the wall. :eek:

    Gotta run, thinking of everydobby. I am thinking now I may not sing for any of the pre Easter or Easter services and just go to early Sunday Mass. I need to try and pack sometime.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Granni: You're going to tart? I had to chuckle at that faux pas....sorry, I needed a laugh. I understand about your DD. We love them but they can really upset us. But do stay in contact. You've got to look at how lost she is and needs to feel connected and she doesn't understand that she has mental problems. If her siblings put themselves in her position I'm sure they would understand her more.

    Mikie: Clair has started to "bite me" for the last couple of months. Well, not necessary bite, but she will try to get my attention and it's funny as she will bite onto my sweater sleeve and she will look up at me with a mouth full of sleeve! Too funny.

    I ended up working about 6 hrs. In the yard off and on....whew. By evening had to take some ibuprofen to take the edge off the aches, but a big improvement on the weeds. Still have a lot more but I can only do so much.

    Yesterday my SIL's sister called to invite me for Easter lunch. We talked awhile about the trip, and told her SIL ate shrimp and grits 6 times. I said I'm going to make it to bring, along with orange soufflé that my DGS LOVED! And some bread pudding minus the whiskey. So need to search out recipes.

    And this morning I have my tax appt. Last year it was sooooo bad/good that after all deductions I ended up at poverty level! Told my son who said I could file for food stamps. HA.....I don't think so.
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    View attachment 1194

    air plants

    Hi All

    Sun - i went to get seedlings for the beds for this upcoming summer..but i didnt get them. the fair was mostly for floriculturists and nurseries introducing things like air plants...i found them intriguing as did many others but they were not for sale. i bought a couple of geraniums and two flowering plants which i know will become bushy. they are pink and bloom profusely..i will post a pic if i see one on the net. the cost of plants has gone up double and i thought i better to visit my usual nursery and buy in bulk.

    i did buy a tool to trim branches and a middle sized spade. there were very beautiful colourful moon cacti imported from thailand, they looked like ice creams. thank goodness my son was kept from getting bored by the new air plants and cacti. i also let him wander off while i browsed around and he came back with three slightly worse for wear big size roses. for a friend said he, maroon, bright yellow and pink. i told him she would probably appreciate if they werent curling at the corners. he will learn for next time.

    then we went and had a meal at the outdoors makeshift restaurant...the food was good though, chicken dumplings for him, bara bread and spicy potato curry for me. a sprite for him and coffee for me. a wonderfully well behaved large japanesespitz dog was lying belly down on two plastic chairs joined inwards together. while his owners worked frenziedly trying to cater to everyone.

    (Ah..i see Sun has been in while i was editing so as not to lose the post. i turned off autocorrect but now spend lots of time manually correcting mis types.)

    the dog was like a wise old zen master, eyes half closed, looking on benignly while son tried to engage it in conversation. it just opened its mouth in a half smile and blinked at him some but didnt budge.

    then the sky grew dark and i hurried son up and we came home just missing the sky opening up and letting loose heavy downpour. its been doing that regularly these days. come evening it getsdark and starts raining. my nasturtiums couldnt cope, theyre battered and my row of profusely blooming trumpet flowers are looking like the roses son bought. one can tell they were beautiful once but now going downhill.

    the museum -a house which had to be exorcised and the occupant shooting and killing a man there and dying six months later in the same spot! ack! i dont think i would like to go there.!! i somehow feel the twoevents are connected.

    Granni - what do we do about our relatives who lost their way a bit and are now hurting? most of my family are like that. today i was thinking of my dear deceased brother and what what wouldve been different had he been there.

    im glad your oneDD is near yo View attachment 1193 ( View attachment 1195 moon cacti and air plant)u so you can meet her often.

    Mikie- im glad Nancy has come back. so happy to hear you have a no kill shelter near you.

    Rock - pls take care of your back/leg. can you rub some ointment in till you see the chiro.

    Barry - you too.
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  12. lydia1

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    Hi guys! Spring, I read that you told Rock to take care of his back leg, lol! Not funny, I know, but reminded me of when my great-aunt would have sciatia trouble...she would say her "right hind leg" was bothering her.

    It's been so long since I've been able to see humor in anything...thank you for the smile...

    Barry, glad you have a new kitty. I hope she provides much love and companionship...probably good to get her spayed, though...even though kittens are so cute.

    Rock, sorry about your back and leg. I hope the chiro can get you right as rain very soon.

    Sun, your trip sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you got to go, and that you enjoyed yourself.

    Granni, busy as usual. I'm sorry for all the funerals, etc....and for the continuing troubles with DCD. Things do somehow work themselves out, eventually.

    Mikie, what a good friend you are to Nancy and her crew. Glad you all have each other.

    Star, I imagine it is work, work, work...getting your current house ready and the new house ready at the same time. Hope the transition goes smoothly.

    Diane, Linda, anyone else who hasn't been up to posting...believe me, I understand. I do try to read...hope to hear from you all soon.

    As for my health situation...I heard from the doctor's office yesterday. The biopsy was benign, again. Not sure what that means as far as if I will have another surgery (hysterectomy). This gyno only knows what he has been trained in, and I think I will try to research and find a way to get rid of symptoms (pain, spotting) myself before I go that radical. Not a good time of year, anyway, to have any major surgery...it's almost time to mow, if the yard ever dries up.

    He mentioned that the university hospital (two hours away from me) has been trying IUD's that release Progesterone (to stop spotting.) I had asked this doc before about using Progesterone cream (didn't tell him I had used it in the past for other symptoms) and he said I didn't need it. But I would use the cream or take it orally before I would do the IUD. Geesh! If he wasn't such a kind, compassionate doctor, I would have gone to someone else. I guess I'll just have to see how things go as my body recovers from this past procedure. As long as tests have ruled out cancer, I feel comfortable seeing other doctors...

    Amy, Keira and I are leaving next Thursday for Tennessee. Will come back the following Monday or Tuesday. I'll have a van full of things I've been "collecting" but didn't want to go to the expense to mail because they weren't needed right away. Miley wants to stay home with Clinton.

    Yesterday, the courts finally granted Amy and Clinton guardianship of Miley. Didn't terminate parental rights, but her parents would have to do a lot of changing to ever get her back. Amy was okay with that...at least they aren't in limbo like they have been for over a year. I think the judge was trying to give Miley's parents as long as possible to get their acts together...but it just may not happen. Miley may not be exactly where she wants to be (I would guess most kids would rather be with their own parents) but she is safe, doing well in school, and seems to be pretty happy. She and Keira have really become like sisters...more good days than cranky ones.

    Den and I keep plugging along on the house. He got the doorway put in between the two buildings...so nice to just walk right over there, instead of having to go outside, then back in the other door. We need to make a home supply store run, but the rain has really settled in this week...don't want to get materials wet in the back of the pickup.

    Ran into sis in town yestereday...I was at the more local chiro and had ran out to Walmart. I turned around from getting milk out of the cooler and she was walking towards me...I simply said "Hi" and went on my way. I don't wish her ill, but I need to "not have to deal with her." Still a couple more steps to finishing the estate, but that just takes time for the process to happen.

    That's all my news...need to clean and declutter around here...I know I'm in a CFS/ME flair and I hope I get over it soon. Taking my dad for his carotid u/s tomorrow...hope it's not too rainy or cold. Can't wait for summer...warmer weather and sunny days. Only in the 40's and 50's the past several days...should be in the low to mid 70's over the weekend, and no rain...yay!

    Take care, everyone! I keep trying to read posts and keep caught up.

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    Not a lot of time again to post but had to say hi to JULIE and everyone before heading out to WM to get stuff for our trip and our dinner group and my potato salad.

    JULIE - So glad to hear from you ad to hear that your biopsy was negative. That takes care of the big Ca possibilities. However, it doesn't help when you have lats of other female problems ( as they call it). Glad you also will be able to go see the kiddos this Easter even if Den is unable to go this time. I know you all will have fun and it is good therapy for you.. Hope you will start to feel better soon and hope that the trip will help as your therapy. Glad also that Clinton and Amy have custody of Mikey, at least for now. That is a terrible situation for everyone especially when everything is not yet finalized. At least it is temporarily finalized if that makes sense. More Miley must be so confused and it is easy to see why some of these children act out the way they do at times, even if some occasionally my take advantage of the situation a bit. Hope this decision will be finalized soon for the good of everyone. Come back soon again when you can.

    SUN - I understand what you are saying about my DCD siblings trying to understand her more and that somewhat includes my DH. They feel that some of this is also her fault for the drinking and possible drug use she did in the past that also played a part at least in her mixed up brain. However, I also realize that something similar was also present with DH's grandmother (materna) after her husband died suddenly. All I can do is pray. When they don't get her info after awhile they will just drop her again and she will be in the same mess.:confused::(

    SPRING WATER - That picture of that window box or whatever you call it of air plants is so print. Did you put it together or did you buy it that way. It is so lovely.

    MIKIE - Hope you are starting to feel a bit better and are a little more rested after Nancy returned. It wa so nice of you to help Nancy with those kitties and mamma kitty.

    Running out of time and stuff to do .

    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    No time to post early this morning because I slept in a bit and had to get ready to get my eyes checked. This was a short check for glaucoma. My eye pressure has been just a tad high in the past so the doc keeps an eye on it (no pun intended). I don't have glaucoma. Mom was the same way and never developed it either. Others in our family have had retinal diseases so my doc makes sure everything is healthy. Right now, I'm soooo exhausted that focusing is more difficult for me. I'm worn out just from the appt. and stopping at Publix. They are having their food pantry drive so I donated to it. I can't do anything about the war and starvation in South Sudan but, at least, I can help with local hunger.

    Publix had fresh melon cubes all cut up in little plastic containers on BOGO. There was watermelon, honeydew and canteloupe. Sooo fresh and delicious. I got some of those little Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and had one with the fruit. I haven't been eating well and that isn't helping with my exhaustion. Now, I'm fat and happy but tired. I think I see a nap in my near future.

    Granni, there are nine cats--Bob, Nancy's pet, Mama Kitty, and her seven kittens. There are five pure white kitties, one all black kitty and one beautiful gray kitty with gray eyes. If I were looking for a kitten, I'd take the gray one in a NY minute. He's just a tad larger than the rest and very gregarious. I always leave the skins on the taters for my salad. I also add hard boiled eggs sliced up. I like curry powder in mine but a lot of people don't like it. I use a little spicy mustard to give it a bit of zing. I continue to pray for your DD. I can only imagine how hard it is for all y'all to deal with. The most important thing is that she knows you love her no matter what. Hope you enjoy Easter with your family.

    Sun, bread pudding! Mmmmmm! I don't make mine with whiskey. I haven't made it in so long that I can't even remember how to make it. My other friend, Nancy, not Nurse Nancy, makes a breakfast bread pudding with sausage in it. It's delicious. I love grits and Richard used to cook them for me every morning when I stayed with him. I think I was a true Southerner in a past life. Sitting on a big porch drinking a mint julep sounds pretty good to me but I don't think wearing those hoop skirts would suit me. I'm laughing, thinking about Claire biting and getting a mouth full of sweater sleeve. SV got a mouth full of me yesterday. He was playing on top of the bed while I made it and he just got too wound up. Still, I held him by the nape of his neck and told him no. He's getting even with me today by scratching the loveseat. Little Rascal! As Marie said on Everybody Loves Raymond, "This is why we can't have nice things."

    Spring, if you were here, we could go outside and pluck the air plants off the bottle brush tree in front. We have some really beautiful ones which grow high up in the live oak trees along the street. Orchids can be grown as air plants too. All our shelters here are no kill. The dark side of them is that only the Humane Society will take pets and there is a waiting list. All the others will take is strays. We do have a trap and neuter program for the feral cats. People trap them, they are neutered and then, they are returned to the wild. People feed them. I'm not in favor of this because many of them are diseased. I'd like to see some money going into TV ads to educate people on the need to stop the overbreeding of cats and dumping them. Sylvester, Tweety and Mama Kitty and her kittens are lucky but so many aren't. In a month or so, our weather will be like yours with afternoon thunderstorms. I can hardly wait.

    Julie, so glad you are in a mood to laugh. That's a good sign. I'm with you; I'd find another way to get the progesterone instead of an IUD. IUD's are foreign objects in one's system and we are usually so sensitive to everything that it could cause problems. I'm so run down, and my allergies have been so bad, that I had to remove my earrings. They were causing my ear piercings to itch and hurt. That's what I get for wearing cheap earrings. Glad you got your door. Progress! Yea!!! I'm also glad Amy and Clinton got guardianship of Miley. She's been through a lot but is very lucky too. Glad you can just walk away from you know who (like in Harry Potter, she who cannot be named). I just burned some sage and smudged the condo to get rid of any negative energy. My own energy is down and I don't want any free floating bad energy trying to come into my life. Of course, I pray for protection too and, like Spring, invoke God's holy light around me. Here I am, wishing for cooler temps and for rain. To each her own. I hope the weather cooperates for you, especially on the trip.

    Looks like I have an IM from a friend here so will go check it out. Sending love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I am pleased to report that I saw the new chiropractor, and am now right as rain as
    Julie said. The new chiro is located in downtown LA-Chinatown. He is Chinese;
    probably in his 50's. Gordon said this new doctor is a jokester. I said, "What do
    you mean?" He said, "You know. He tosses funny remarks into the conversation."
    I said, "Oh, I just hate people who do that."

    Anyhoo it was a very vigorous treatment. You get softened up first by lying under
    a warm blanket with some kind of electronic gadget buzzing in the small of the
    back. Here's the smart part. The patient holds the control for the blanket. Thus
    can't complain that it's too hot, etc. Anyhoo I'm going back next week. Oh yeah,
    he charges less than the others chiros do.

    Spring, Gordon plans to plant nasturtiums this weekend. What a kawinkydink. I
    kinda think he planted some years ago, but they didn't do well or we moved or
    something. Nasturtiums are part of the cast in an episode of Mama's Family.
    Our nearest branch library has a whole wall of them in the summer. Very
    cheerful with their gold and yellow flowers.

    We have three air plants. Pic below. They are tillandsia; members of the
    bromeliad family, a plant I never heard of till I moved to California. Bromeliads
    are very popular in LA in offices and lobbies. Our air palnts are about the size
    of an adult hand. They have never bloomed. I give them a little water when I
    water the cat.

    Julie, I hadn't thought of "right hind leg" for ages. I remember the first
    time I saw that phrase in a report by an orthopedic doctor. I was stunned.
    Asked co workers if they had encountered such. Most said No. I asked
    my boss what it meant. He said, "Who knows? Maybe he was drunk when
    he dictated it." Anyhoo the weird phrase showed up now and then in
    reports from a few doctors.

    Hope you and Keira have a wonderful trip to Tennessee. You can ask
    Keira that old riddle. What did Tennessee? She saw what Arkansas.

    Sun, is shrimp and grits one dish or two? Gordon used to put shrimp in
    his stir fry, but he hasn't made any for a while. I tried grits when I
    spent 5 weeks in Atlanta, GA half century ago. You don't need to order
    them in a restaurant. They come with everything. One bite was all I
    ever took. Can't imagine why people want a mouthful of grit.

    Six hours of gardening! Yikes! as Jack Benny would say. About 6 minutes
    in my limit nowadays. Gordon is off to the nursery or hardware store at the
    moment. Wants to buy some faucet that will allow him to hook up 4
    hoses at the same time. We had 3 hoses. Yesterday he bought two more,
    and threw the oldest one in the trash.

    Mikie, you win the good neighbor award for taking care of mama and the kitties.
    I thought of you when I saw that kitty litter ad. Here's the funny part. A guy
    is carrying on with litter boxes trying to clean same. At the end he is squirting
    the box with a hose. Here's the funny part. A warning says: Do not try this
    at home.

    Why not. Could something explode?

    Oh, yeah. I remembered the name of those mushrooms that made me feel
    young and energetic for a day. Cordyceps. I've tried a couple of remedies
    that include same, but none of them every had that miraculous effect.

    Reminds me of the Sci Fi writer from the days of my yute, Arthur C Clarke
    who said, ""A sufficiently advanced Science is indistinguishable from Magic."

    Hugs, All

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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Your day with your son sounds like a lot of fun. I used to have a lot of those tillandsias like Rock posted....somehow they kinda dried up and disappeared. I kept forgetting to soak them.

    When my youngest still lived at home he loved to cook and we all just hung around to see what he would whip up. We used to think he would become a chef but surprised us by going after an art degree, seeing how I NEVER EVER saw him drawing or doing anything along artistic. On sundays sometimes we would hit the open air market for some interesting chinese produce. I tried a lot of things from the chinese market thanks to him.

    Mikie: Good to read no eye problems. My mom had glaucoma and used drops. I need to make an appt. to see my eye doc. Thanks for the reminder. I loved the bread pudding I had with whiskey in it, but SIL still goes to AA meetings, so that's out.

    Rock: Glad to read you enjoyed your chiro visit. That tingling was probably a tens unit. When I was having PT on my shoulder they would apply a heated blanket before doing stretches. It helps relax the muscles.

    Julie: Does the doc. Think you're approaching menopause? I don't blame you for not wanting an IUD.....with the problems we deal with your body would probably reject it. Have a good trip to Tennessee.

    OK, I'm a glutton for punishment. I was out for another hr. This morning pulling more weeds, but it's almost cleaned up. The gardener comes today to blow front and back and I need to ask about him using the weed wacker on the small weeds in the bricks and crevices.

    It's been at least 5 weeks since I've done any painting. My SIL took several nice pics. Of the swamp areas and asked if I could paint it for him.....so might do some sketching today. Going to combine several pics. And need to plan it out. His 50th BD is in July but I don't like putting things off. Never have. When in HS and a big project was assigned due in 1 month period, I usually got to it right away. Never could understand people who procrastinate.
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  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Bad pains in side and back today from my little stumble the other day. Makes me angry :mad: because it is limiting me.

    Sun, I hear you about Oxalis. I wonder if the one you have is crassipes? It is a real spreader. I used to grow quite a few Oxalis species. My favourite now is Oxalis brasiliensis, very flat with pink flowers. The dreaded O. corniculatus made it into my garden via some dirty nursery.... horrible, even in its copper-leafed form. The prettiest Oxalis is the wild one that grows in the wood here, having big pink flowers and marbled leaves. In bloom now! The geranium you asked about which is such a pest is very low growing, a wild species not to be confused with the more ornamental 'geraniums' which are Pelargoniums. I used to have a big collection of them and sold starts and plants to local plant outlets.

    Rock, I just got into Tey. Thanks for the memo on Patrick Taylor series. I've read them all, and was delighted to find the library has a copy of his 2016 (released) book which I have requested. He has another Irish Doctor book coming out this year too. Cordyceps, eh? I just took some this morning! Is that a kawinkydink?

    Spring, I used to collect airplants (Tillansias), and still have about I don't know how many. They are tangled in a huge ball that hangs on a hook in the house in winter, and then are hung from a tree for the summer. The "ball"consists of about six or seven different species. I notice that several in your pic are in bloom. Too bad they don't sell them, they are so much fun. I remember when the "moon cacti" were in sale. Mutations without chlorophyll so must be grafted on a sturdy rootstock.

    Julie, sorry for your flare! I can well understand it though -- seems you are a bundle of energy much of the time. Don't over-do it, my friend.

    Hi Mikie!

    So tired, gotta go pronto,
    Love and PEACE to All,
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I am officially in a big flare. When my Sjogren's flares up, it means I've hit rock bottom. Whine, whine, whine! I'm just resting a lot and trying to relax. Ever since that magnesium citrate caused CNS side effects, I've had trouble relaxing my jaw. It's better now but it takes effort to remember to relax it. Good grief! So, there is absolutely nothing to post about except my whining.

    Well, there is the weather. It'll be hot today and may rain a bit but tomorrow, it's supposed to cool down. Of course in a day or two, it'll be back up into the 90's. The least Mother Nature could do is give us more rain if we have to endure the sweltering humid temps. The drought is stressing our ground water supply. If it gets bad enough, it could cause salt water to be drawn into our aquafers. And yet, the county continues to allow development on sensitive land. They worry more about traffic on our roads than running out of water to sustain all this insane development.

    I worry about everything in our country being slaved to the almighty dollar. I know we live in a capitalist society but it's getting waaaay out of hand in terms of the influence that big corporations and wealthy individuals have. We are not the happiest, healthiest nor best educated people on the earth. The happiest seem to be those who live in societies where accumulation of wealth and conspicuous consumption don't dominate their lives. OK, that's my rant for the day. I no longer care about possessions and only desire economic security to cover my needs. My life lacks for nothing except decent health--probably like most of us. I pray we all find the good health we so desire.

    Rock, I always had a yen to see a Chinese doctor. I'm so glad he was able to help you. The only possible problem with squirting a hose into a litter box would be that the water might splash back on you. Yikes!!! That could be disgusting. Four hoses at once? Wow! I'm glad we have a sprinkler system here. The only thing I have to water is the flowers in pots and boxes where the sprinkler system doesn't reach. In the summer when it rains nearly every day, I don't have to water them. After the auto accident which triggered my FMS full blown, I had myofascial pain and saw a medical therapist. Before the treatments, he would encase me in moist heat to loosen everything up. It was heaven. Take care of your hind leg and back.

    Sun, I hope all those weeds are finally under control. You've done so much and I know it hasn't been easy for you. I imagine it will be good for you to get back to painting. If I had your talent, it would be hard for me to stay away from it. If I had my druthers, I'd have gotten a degree in fine art. I felt I had to get a business degree so I could support myself after the divorce. Ha Ha! Big joke on me. I got too sick to pursue much of a career. I did well in sales but didn't enjoy it. Wish I had the NRG and inclination to cook like your DS and my DSIL. The older and sicker I get, the less I cook. I still eat relatively healthy food but nothing is as good as a home cooked meal. Hope you didn't overdo it out weeding.

    Barry, I'm sorry you fall has left you in so much pain. Falling is like a whiplash to the entire body. Take care and rest up.

    Spring, I started watching a NOVA segment on PBS about the big EQ in Nepal. I can't believe it's been two years this month. It's the first time I've seen film of things falling on people and the rescue efforts to dig people out of the rubble. It was so disturbing. I fell asleep about half-way through so will have to go back to watch the rest of it. There was film of the avalanche which was triggered on Mt. Everest. According to the narrative, there have been 400 aftershocks which registered higher than 4.0 on the scale. I am so sorry for all you and your country have been through. I hope the rebuilding continues. You live in such a beautiful place.

    We live in a beautiful place here in FL but hurricanes and tornadoes can wipe out big areas in a short time. I'm thankful every day for my blessings. I know it may not seem like it from all the whining I do but I really am grateful for every little good thing, and there are many good things in my life. In the mornings, when SV curls up next to me and I can feel his soft fur on my skin, I hold my hot cup of coffee and try to be present in the moment because those moments are perfect. It's a nice way to start my days.

    Hope all y'all have a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi gang!

    Another horrible day here, grey, rainy, and cool, and I doubt I'll get anything done.

    Mikie, I am so sorry for your Sjogren's flare. Excuse my font for going a little crazy now and then. You said that mag. citrate had disturbed your CNS. I presume central nervous system. In what way, may I ask? I had just taken a dose when I read your post.... hmmm. I took it for laxative purposes, since I've been constipated for the first time in many, many years. And my tummy feels tight. And my side hurts -- ibuprofen helps a lot I found out y-day. Whine, wine wine.....I wish!

    Mikie, you are right to be worried about the state of the nation. Education is poor, healthcare should be MUCH better, and the govt. should not try to undermine the EPA. This thing about the dangerous pesticide being banned, and then revoked, is too awful words. I think you will need more than a yen to see a Chinese doc. Maybe a hundred yen? :cool:

    R is taking Sylvie in tomorrow for her operation. Early a.m. I forcast a restless night.

    I am trying to get all my ducks in a row (what ducks?) since Richard is going to Europe next month. I'll stock up on food, etc. I am glad for him, and hope it brings him out of the slump he has been in since S & S's demise last December.... Anyways, Amsterdam (museums) and France (frogs and snails). Our friends own a house in each place so free board!

    Yikes, 'tis late, and i must get myself some cress for my soup.
    Love and PEACE to All,
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Can't be on long but so sorry to hear that MIKIE and BARRY are both in a flare. That is not good. Plus JULIE too. I am sure the weather is not always helpful but not to much one can do about that. Did some wash and a little work outside with DH. Nothing else very exciting. Now I need to go and do some folding and putting away and sit out while weather is nice with DH some before dinner. Leftovers which is a great thing to have. I actually made meatloaf yesterday which is something I haven't made in a very long time, for many reason.

    BARRY - Hope Sylvie's surgery goes well ad you all have a restful day and night tomorrow. Hope you get some sun and warmer weather soon. I know that bothers me too when it is gloomy and cold - yuck.

    Sorry no time to really write not that to many good things happening !! I played some games on the computer today and did terrible. Sometimes it picks me up, not today. Trying to think of what else to say but can't think of to much. So sorry for those I haven't responded to individually. Thinking of you all :)!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

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