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    Jackaranda Trees.

    Time for a new Porch Volume. There are new posts on the old Porch so y'all might want to check them out. I'll copy mine here:

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I started a post yesterday morning and three paragraphs in, I hit something and all but the paragraph below disappeared. RATS!!! I felt awful and was too disgusted to continue. Sooooo, here I am, still feeling awful but up to fixing my post and adding to it. I also have lower back pain on both sides and just hope it's from sitting too much and not stones. I live in fear of their returning. In Sept., I'll know whether any are growing back.

    DOF came over for coffee Sat. morning. We sat inside on my sofa because it was a bit nippy in the morning. It's in the 80's in the afternoons but the mornings are cool. SV, who is often shy around other people, was awful. He begged to get up on the sofa with us and finally just jumped up right beside my DOF. I made him get down--SV, not my DOF. :) DOF brought a couple of pastries for us and they were so rich we could only each eat half of one. He wants to start walking in the pool so we will try to coordinate to meet up there. His walking is still pretty unstable. Perhaps moving in the water will help him. The PT he goes to is helping with his muscles and getting rid of inflammation. I think he probably does have FMS. He sees his PCP today so will look forward to hearing from him.

    After DOF left, I went to Costco for a few things. I still need to run to Publix for milk. I have been hungry for ribs lately and bought a slab of them already rubbed with KC BBQ spices. I cooked them and they were just OK, not great. The true test is whether they are better today. If so, I'll take some to Nancy. I also got some gummy fibre cubes. They taste great and increase fibre in the diet. got two and saved $7 cause they were on sale. They aren't expensive to begin with.

    I'm gonna post and come back to add my responses.

    Spring, I lost my response to you so will try to replicate it. I love Beauty And he Beast. Lumiere is also my favorite character. Hmmm, so you like the handsome bad boy. Most of us do. Except for a few cooler days, our weather is really hot too. I try to do whatever I need to do outside early on. Then, I just stay inside with the A/C on. The experts tell us that this year will have fewer hurricanes. Well, I'll believe it once hurricane season is over with. The worst ones usually come in the fall and not the summertime. Stay cool, my friend.

    Granni, packing is a pain and, yes, packing meds and supps is tricky. Heck, I hate just filling my pill boxes for the week at home. Hope your tater salad came out alright. I hate cleaning up from cooking too. I have two greasy pans from cooking my ribs soaking in the sink now. AACCKK!! :confused: Is the week trip the one to that park? I can't remember.

    Barry, our illnesses affect all the soft tissues in our bodies, especially tendons. I think we injure easily. We don't usually have the NRG to keep our muslces as strong as we'd like through exercise. That puts more strain on other tissues. I don't actually dust a LOT; I talk about dusting a LOT. :) Roomba keeps the carpets clean and I keep the tile floors, kitchen and bathrooms clean but dusting is the last thing I do. When I'm tired, I keep telling myself that it can wait. I keep my A/C filters changed often and try to keep things clean but the dust seems to accumulate fast. The others here in the hood complain about dust too. Don't know why. Maybe it's because we have our doors and windows open a lot. I'm glad Sylvie came through everything so well. I hope your back is better.

    Sun, sorry you are also having back pain and other problems. I still haven't gone in for my mammogram and Dexascan and, now, I have to go in for my yearly labwork. I'm in survival mode and don't want to do anything which isn't life and death. Medical appts. are like dust; they start to accumulate if not taken care of. I hate having things hanging over my head. Good for your DS for planting the bush for the butterflies. Think I've mentioned that the year my kids were asking a lot of questions about death, we had butterflies hatching off the side of our house. It was the perfect metaphor for how our spirits fly out of our bodies when we no longer need them. I hope you are feeling better.

    I'm not going to the pool this morning. I feel like crap. Everyone is complaining about allergies. Right now, it's trees, probably the melaleuca trees. They bloom three times a year. They are not native and were brought in to dry up the swamps down here. Now, everyone is in an uproar because they did dry up the swamps which help balance our ecosystem. When land is developed, the melaleuca trees and Brazilian peppers have too be removed. We have the peppers all along the main street a block over. We like them because the provide a sound barrier for our hood. That street is eventually going to be widened and the peppers will go. Development marches on and reduces our quality of life on soooo many levels.

    Hope everydobby has a great week.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi there y'all,

    No, I haven't forgotten you all. Just so busy and lazy to boot. Does that make any sense to you all. Plus last night going the bathroom I hit my little toe of my rt foot on something , the wall or who knows what and yes it hurt like you know what. So here I am sitting typing with ice on my toes.

    So sorry t hat so many are feeling like crap as MIKIE would say. Hope MIKIE and SUN starts feeling better soon. It is not fun. Thanks MIKIE for getting us started again and that lovely picture of those beautiful trees or bushes. I didn't catch what they were. The colors are gorgeous though.

    Last night was the dinner group and it turned out well so do not have to worry about that again this year. Net time we just go and eat. I can deal with that unless I am not supposed to eat it :)!! We had brisket, my potato salad and beans and appetizers. Guess my potato salad came out good as a few people mentioned how good it was and one of them men says it was one of the best he had eaten. Not bad for something I hadn't done before and kinda winged some of the parts and add some more may, ACV and Dijon mustard to moisten it up a bit yesterday after sitting overnight in the refrig.

    MIKIE PS sorry your area is full of allergies. It seems like our area is also and that many times them causes URI's, etc. Hope you start feeling better real soon as well as SUN, BARRY, and everydobby else not feeling as well as they could be.

    I have washes to tend to to get started and more pill box filling so that when I come home I don't have to do it. Meanwhile I deal with my sore toe that is driving me nuts. I am guessing that will be much better a week from now when we will be site seeing. Have no clew of what to bring, a few shorts , jeans and capris and maybe slacks if we get to church on Sunday before coming home the next day.

    Gotta run for now. JULIE, enjoy you TT's and hope you get to feeling better for your trip so you can really enjoy everyone and the Easter celebrations.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: Gorgeous purple blossoms! Looks like springtime. That was good that your DOF got over for a visit for you and......SV! Cats are always a surprise.

    Granni: I love dijon in anything and adding more mayo always does the trick. I'm sure you felt good about the compliments. And where exactly are you visiting? Always a good thing to check the 10 day weather report on the internet.

    My cleaning lady was over today but apparently my Dyson isn't working right so the two of us tried to figure out the problem. I removed a filter and washed it.....duh....apparently this is supposed to be done every 6 mos and after 12 years I've never done it. Hoping that fixes the problem.

    Talked to my DS this morning. He's coming over Thursday with my two little granddaughters. He wanted to go out to see a local garden, but I told him I couldn't walk that far. Blast!!!! But the little city is full of blooming trees right now. All pinks and white. Really beautiful, so I'll figure out what we'll do. I really have to admire his bravery.......my DIL has a restoration job (she's an art conservationist) up in Palo Alto so they flying up for 5 days, staying in an air B&B and he'll be sightseeing with the two little ones while she puts in 8 hrs a day. I could never have done that without help from my DH. So we won't see them for Easter. He said they need to pack things to take.....and he mentioned they might even have some rain. He's planning on taking them on the trolley.
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    Hello to all, just skimmed the last couple volumes, how heart warming to see you all looking and caring about me.

    I'm happy to report the hip surgery went well and my hip pain is much improved, now I am back to "just" my baseline pain. No wonder I was hurting, I got copy of the op report which stated "massive tear of glueteous muscles". Nothing 6 anchor screws couldn't fix!
    He also removed the inflamed hip bursa and worked on the IT band. I was on crutches for eight weeks before graduating to a cane, now I'm walking unassisted but cant walk far. Doc said it could be a whole year before I see the entire benefit from the surgery...oie

    Because one more surgery just wasn't enough, like you Julie I ran into some "female problems" so I too had a D/C a couple days ago. If you want to PM me we can commiserate together, Im still waiting for my surgery biopsy results but feel confident all will be OK, Doc did a biopsy pre-op that was OK. Some spotting post D/C is normal, never heard of the use of the progesterone IUD in an post menopausal women???? I would do some of my own research before I would agree to that or a hyster.

    Wedding is zooming up quickly just 8 weeks away, I am going to FL in a couple weeks to help daughter w some final plans, we will need to drive down to the Keys to wrap it all up

    Been gone too long to answer all individually but wanted to stop by and let you know I'm still out here and appreciate you all "looking" for me

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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is at his origami class. Stopping at the market on the way home. I am
    reading a bio of David Selznick, the producer of Gone With The Wind and other
    movies. He married Irene Mayer, daughter of Louis B. Mayer who was a founder
    and head of MGM for almost 30 years. Irene became a Broadway producer in
    middle age. One of her projects was the first production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

    Sun, your Dyson is a vacuum cleaner, right? If you just wash that filter another
    23 times, you'll be all caught up. They still have a trolley in Paolo Alto? I
    wonder if it goes Clang, Clang, Clang. I remember riding on the trolley in
    Chicago with sparks flying from the wires above. More than half a century ago.
    Hope you have a great visit with your son and grandkids.

    Granni, the lavender blooms belong to the Jacaranda tree. We have lots
    of them here. They will be in bloom next month. It's all in the DNA of the
    tree and hay (and other flora). Do you put anything unusual in your
    potato salad? I add dill pickle brine or the minced pickles in mine.

    Mikie, congratulations on saving $7 at Costco. If you do that 23 times you
    still won't have enough money to buy a new roomba, but I guess it would be
    enough to buy a new broom, mop and pail. Reminds me of that old play
    that became a movie: Bell, Book and Candle: Novak, Stewart, and Lemmon.

    I read a book where the dragon fly is a metaphor for life after death. Not
    sure. It might have been Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. 'Course I
    read it when it came out in the the 90's. As I may have mentioned once
    or a hundred times, my memory is not so good these days. Apparently in
    better shape than Sears and Penney's though.

    I hear Gordon coming in the door. Will go help him carry in stuff.

    Ok, the origami class made butterflies today. They used stiff paper.
    Next week they are going to use dollar bills. Probably a good place
    to start for people who want to achieve oneness with everything.

    Ha det bra
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    Rock: I would love to see a pic of the origami butterfly. I'm sure Gordon is very proficient at doing origami. I was a total failure when I tried making a simple little bird when my DS and DIL were married. She had ideas that I would make enough to hang on little twig trees for the tables. I think she got a little huffy when she realized I was incapable, grabbed all the cut paper and took them back. I think she made all of them. Whatever. I should have known then I would never ever measure up to her majesty. Can you tell my feelings?

    I guess I didn't make myself clear enough. They're staying in San Francisco, but she's driving a rental car daily to Palo Alto while he babysits all day long with the little ones. Doesn't sound much like a nice getaway for HIM!

    OK.....I went thru the Dyson booklet, found the filter and got it cleaned and dried in the sun. Hey....it now seems to work good. We've had this vacuum for over 12 years and no problems until now. Dyson is such a wonderful invention.....a clear canister where you can see what's being sucked up, then you just empty it into a trash container. It's got little bends and curves that all can be removed to see if anything is plugged. It was a lot of $ when we bought it but it's a vacuum specifically made to suck up pet hair, and it really works great.

    By the way, that pic is from one of my favorite movies....Meet me in St. Louis. I always loved to watch it around Christmas time. If I had my druthers I would have loved to live around the turn of the century in a small town just like this movie. And I'm thinking I might have seen Bell, Book and Candle back when I used to work at a small walk in theatre. I always like Kim Novak. Ever seen her in Moll Flanders?

    Yesterday I found out I can download an app from TLC and can now watch everything shown on that network for free.....yahoo. Watched a segment of "who do you think you are" yesterday. I've always loved that show.

    Lin: So good to see you show up and read that your body is healing. You sure have gone thru a lot!!!!!! Come back when you get a chance.
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Feeling a tad better this morning so guess I'm just feeling crapish. Right now, my allergies are soooo bad that I don't think I can stop my allergy meds so I can get a peptide injection. Doh! What a conundrum! I am thinking I had better at least get a few peptide injections to try to get over this flare. I've felt soooo sick. Whine, whine, whine!

    We have a Jacaranda tree up the street by the beautiful California Mission Style Catholic Church. It must be 25 feet tall and, when it blooms, it's a beautiful profusion of delicate lavender/purple. Spain was an early presence in FL so we have some of the same influence as CA in our architecture.

    I finally got around to reading the slick magazine that DD's community produces. Of course, it's the advertising which allows them to do such a beautiful and professional job. DD wrote an article on cleaning to declutter after the holidays. Not your average decluttering and organizing article. She's such a good writer, which I already knew, but this was especially well written and interesting. DGS was the featured athlete and his pics are soooo good. He looks like a celebrity. What amazed me was his thoughtful and intelligent responses to the interviewer's questions. A proud moment for Mom/Grandma.

    Gonna post and come back because I'm in no shape to have to redo this.

    Granni, thanks for your kind good wishes that those of us who are sick get better. I appreciate it. I'm so sorry for your toe injury. I was sooo huge when I was preggers with DD#1 that I couldn't see the floor and broke my toe when I got up during the night. Yowza! That hurt! I hope yours gets better soon. So glad your tater salad turned out so well. Hot German potato salad usually has a tang of vinegar but not enough to turn me off to it. Hope you get your packing done and have a wonderful time. When do you leave? Is this the park that you posted about near the NM line?

    Sun, how exciting that DS and kids will get to spend five days in SF, even if it will be a lot of work for him taking care of them. I love SF and it has always been one of my favorite cities to visit. Even the air there is different. It's such a unique place. My Roomba has a little filter cartridge and I clean it out, brushing it with an old toothbrush, every time I empty the little bin. My new Hoover lightweight has the clear canister which is easy to empty. It does an amazing job and is easier to use than my old heavy Hoover. Many of the cable, and network, channels have apps like that. Soon, we will have everything we want to watch when we want it. Technology today amazes me. Hope you are feeling better.

    Linda, soooo glad you are able to keep in touch; you've been through so much. When I snapped my bicep tendon, my doc told me it would be a year before I saw the full benefit of the surgery. By six months, I was almost there so hope you feel healed before then too. I'm sorry you had to have the D&C and hope the results come back neg. That drive to the Keys is a looooong one. Bring something to repel the mosquitos. Hope and pray you continue to heal and all goes well with the wedding plans.

    Rock, I was intrigued with the streetcars as a kid when we went to Denver, the big city. I never saw one named, Desire. I think the idea of trollies with the cable buried underground is genius. I once saw a documentary on them on TV. One of my favorite places in FS was the turntable where the trollies were turned 180 degrees to go the other way. Meet Me In St. Louis and Bell Book And Candle are two of my favorite movies to watch over and over again. My Mom, the die hard Irishwoman that she was, was reading Angela's Ashes and loved it so I borrowed it from her. It was good but so depressing--the poverty! Still, I'm glad I read it. I think one of the Selznick clan, or a woman who married into it, was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a short time. People come and go on that show. Kelsey Grammer's ex comes back now and then.

    If I were to save 100 times the $7 at Costco, it would be enough to replace my Roomba. Actually, I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond and used my 20 percent off coupon. Even at $700, it would be worth it. There was one which cost $1,200. Yikes! There were also ones which were less than $700 but, by the time I bought the extra virtual wall, it wouldn't have been worth it. I now see ones like mine at the reduced price I got mine for. They are really quite amazing little machines. I usually leave the charging cable to my Kindle plugged into my extension chord next to my bed. Unfortunately, Roomba has run over it repeatedly and it is now held together with duct tape. Doh! I have to order a new one. I have to go look at the origami butterflies. They sound lovely. I'm so glad Gordon is enjoying his new artistic foray. It's different from other art.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better go read the paper and then jump into the shower. My hair is a fright! I need to run to Publix for milk. If I feel up to it, I may go to Wally World instead. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello, Friends

    Just finished a few games of solitaire. Gordon has been playing the same game for
    several years. It was too complicated for me, but after watching for some years I
    finally joined the team. You will no doubt be amazed to learn that we have achieved
    the astonishing score of 159 million!

    I know you are all clamoring to find out how we did it. Well, friends, and I know
    you are my friends, it is all due to the rigorous training schedule we observe.
    Plus, like the professional athletes, whenever we play we always give 110 percent.

    ("And I know you are my friends" was a recurring line on the Fred Allen radio
    show. Spoken by Southern Senator Beauregard Claghorn who was reportedly
    the inspiration for the Warner Brothers cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn.)


    Mikie, et al, if you click on this site http://joyreactor.com/tag/vacuum cleaner

    you should get a list of sites. Go to the third one which is titled JoyReactor. There
    are some funny, short Roomba videos.

    No trolleys left in LA, but we do have Angels Flight. It is a funicular (mountain
    railroad). The Italian song Funiculi, Funicula was written for a new railroad
    in Italy many luna ago. The LA railroad is on a slope. The railroad has only
    two cars and runs about the length of a football field. The fare went up to 50
    cents a while back. But if you bought a monthly pass it was half that. It was
    closed for about 30 years, but reopened again in the 90s. Last I read it was
    closed again. I read a mystery years back. A dead body was found in one of
    the cars. That's all I remember, but I'm sure the hero solved the crime.

    Our back yard is full of color again with the pink geraniums and purple calandrinia
    in bloom plus several orchids. Thanks to Barry who told me the name of the
    purple flowers. They are similar to poppies. Close up at night; open in the morning.


    Sun, I told Gordon to post a picture of his dollar butterfly. He said he would if
    the dollar and the computer cooperate. Yes, Meet Me In etc. is one of my favorite
    films too. It was filmed using the same house used in Life With Father. No, I
    didn't see Kim Novak as Moll. But I liked her in her movies that I did see.

    Pic below is downtown LA and Angels Flight. You can see one of the two cars.

    Hugs, Kids

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    Deer Ones,

    Have so much to do and as luck would have it I have to do my calling for our ladies group luncheon . These are people not having a computer or not wanting to be bothered with it. That in itself would probably drive me nuts. Yes, computers are fantastic but they also can drive you crazy at times. I know mine does :)!! Have that and washing and trying to do more organizing and filling of pill boxes to do. Also better bring a BIG purse with me to put stuff in. Traveling can be fun but the prep can also wear one out !! Please excuse the brevity of my responses to those of you I am trying to respond to. Not much time today.

    MIKIE - So glad you are doing a little better today. Every little bit helps I know. I also did some fast reading and not sure of everything I read :)!! I didn't have far to go to our party so that was not an issue on Sunday. It was just a bit out of our subdivision. We leave the day after Easter at least in the early evening and come home the next Monday early in the Morning. Didn't have to many choices esp since we are going on points. Not loads of choices.

    LINDA - So glad you stopped by and let us know you are doing pretty well even though not perfect at this time. Glad the hard part is over with for you. If you have to wait another year to be almost perfect with your walking that will be worth it. Come back soon again !!

    ROCK - Thanks for those pics and hope Gordon gets to post his Dollar Orgami Butterfly. I also loved the movie Meet Me In St. Louis if that is the one you were talking about. That was such a colorful picture with great music, and a much simpler time for sure.

    SUN - Hope your pain in your shoulder is getting much less. I am like you and probably wouldn't do very well at it either. I am patient but when it comes to stuff like that I don't think so. You however, shouldn't feel bad about not being able to do what your DIL had hoped you could do for the wedding. You are otherwise so very talented artistically and a great ( or very good) seamstress of which I an neither:)!!

    JULIE - Hope you are getting ready for your trip and are feeling OK or not in to much pain or stress. Glad you get to go and have a wonderful time with those TT's. Hoping all that estate business will be over soon.

    DIANE - Hope you are doing better.

    Gotta run and start doing real work around here and TRY and get ready for the trip and do my phone calling for the ladies. Sorry no time to chat with everyone individually. THINKING of ALL my PORCHIES !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Cheers All.
    Mikie, so sorry for your allergy problems. I understand that there are wildfires all over Florida. Is any of the smoke affecting your area? And thanks for the lovely pic. of the Jacaranda flowers.!

    Linda, so good to hear from you. I am glad your pain has lessened. Pop in whenever you can. I miss all the missing porchies so much.....

    Oh Rock! I think I was wrong after seeing your new pic. of the "Calandrinia" that I suggested it might be. Well, I've changed my mind after seeing the foliage. I am now pretty sure it is a species of Talinum, a close relative. Do a search --- images, google, etc --- and see if you and Gordon agree. I hate to give people "fake facts", unlike some blondes that do it regularly. :rolleyes:.

    Diane, drop in please when you can.

    My side is still giving me much pain. Can't garden. Raining anyway again. The 2nd wettest winter for us in 122 years!

    Sylvie is doing well post-surgery. She ran up the Japanese cherry tree y-day. So funny. She has also been stalking the first butterflies of the season. Wish I had some of her energy! She tried to give me some this morning by smashing her face into my face, purring madly! I hope it works.

    Sun, I bet the milkweed you bought were the red and yellow flowered species, no? Google images of Asclepias curassavica. A beautiful plant, but too tender for me. I had no baby Monarchs last year even though there was plenty of food available. Didn't see many adults either. Too many pesticides, etc. being used on commercial crops, including some that have human health warnings. :(:mad::eek:.

    Love to all, and PEACE on earth.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Managed to trim more off my mop and showered and blew it dry. After all my complaining about my dry hair, I think I've over conditioned it and now, it's shiny and healthy looking but has no body [cue the song, I Ain't Got Nobody]. I ran to Publix and got my milk and a few other things. I used to make sun tea but am too lazy to do it right now. That is really lazy when I'm not up to making tea where the sun does all the work. There was a BOGO on the deli tea so I got two jugs of it. Publix makes really good tea, better than mine.

    I talked to Ilona and they made it home OK. I decided to call Barb and I'm really glad I did. She was so nice and sounded great. She kept thanking me for calling. Her doc just gave her a clean bill of health. It meant so much to me to hear her like that, being the kind of friend I'd hoped she'd be. I pray she continues to be so happy.

    I managed to pay some bills online and finished binge watching the new season of Hand Of God. It's a weird show but I'm glad I stuck with it as it got better and better. The flowers are really dry so I watered them. We may get some rain on Thur. I hope so.

    Rock, thanks for the link. I'll check out the Roomba vids. We must like the same things because Foghorn Leghorn was always one of my favorite cartoon characters. So was Snaggletooth. "Exit, stage left." I imitated his voice. I don't think I've ever seen a funicular except on TV but they fascinate me. When I was little, we went to the Royal Gorge Canyon. I seem to remember something similar to get to the bottom but I can't find anything about it online now. Perhaps I imagined it. My ex was in love with Kim Novak. So, is a dollar origami butterfly what they usda call, 'foldin' money?' Yuk! Yuk! :D

    Granni, so glad you are still home and able to visit the Porch. I really hope y'all have a good time on your trip. Speaking of flying, did you see the video of the guy being forcefully removed from a United flight? It was really scary. It's a PR nightmare for United. Very badly handled. I don't know that I could stand being without a computer and online now. I don't understand folks like the ones you describe. Joe wants nothing to do with computers. Yes, don't forget to take your big purse. I have one just for travel.

    Barry, you sound as though you might be feeling better. Glad you like the pic. Beautiful blooming plants always cheer me up. There have been large and small fires all over FL this winter and spring. Undeveloped land always has a lot of dead undergrowth which burns like crazy. SV doesn't do the head butts but Mama Kitty does. I was worried she would give her fleas to me. After I left Nancy's, I could swear I felt something crawling in my hair. Yikes! :eek: Maybe the rain is a God send to keep you inside and resting while your pain heals. I hope it heals fast.

    So glad that I was able to do a bit today. Being totally inert is depressing. It's nice and cool inside and I'm just loafing under the slow ceiling fan. Aaaaaah! Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie

    Ooh, ooh, I wasn't imagining it. There is a funicular at Royal Gorge. It's the steepest in the U.S. Wheeee!

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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Yes, the orange flowered one. Haven't seen a monarch yet this year, but have seen some swallowtails and a few morning cloaks. I'm so happy my DGD is interested. My DD hasn't the least shred of interest in butterflies, plants, whatever. I tried teaching all 3 of my kids at an early age about nature, art and cooking, but apparently I went wrong with her. Two out of 3 ain't bad though, and I've always got this next generation to inspire.

    I'm sorry you're still hurting a lot. Sometimes just wearing a wide neoprene exercise type belt helps. Or a nice comfy heating pad that gives moist heat. Moist heat heals faster then dry heat so keep that in mind. Most heating pad now include a small cloth that can be wet and inserted in the covering. I'm still limping around with the sciatic......I get very ANGRY at this defective model I was given to reside in!!!!! It's totally broken.

    Glad you're enjoying your new little kitty.

    By the way, I was reading about wild lettuce and the pain relieving properties it has without the side effect of MJ. Do you know anything about it>. People selling seeds are asking almost $1 a seed!!!!! Good heavens.

    Rock: I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of Gordon's origami. By the way, if he's taking pics. Ask him to post some pics. Of your garden. I would love to see what he's growing.

    MIkie: Clair likes to put her face up to mind and rub on my shoulder at night. The problem is she's a licker and I don't like that. Zowie.....you won't catch me riding that funicular. And ROCK.....ever read about an early funicular up around Mt. Wilson? Apparently the rich people would take it up the mountain to escape the summer heat and there were cabins up there too.

    On the spur of the moment I called a paint store this morning, asked for referrals. One of the painters was standing right there so I talked to him. He came out to give me a price on painting my bedroom ceiling. I guess I'll just stick with my handyman to do it. And I'm really torn with having the walls painted or not. I did faux painting on them years ago to look like aged plaster like in Tuscany. Everyone who looks at it thinks it wallpaper and then when they find out it's all painted they're blown away. I know this look isn't popular but when this house gets sold down the road I guess a new owner would end up having it painted even if I had it painted now. And I think I'm going to order some inexpensive marked down wallpaper and have the vanity and bathroom papered. Trying to keep my spending down but tidy up this house. I just have this push in the back of my mind to get things done.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Just sitting here trying to get my headache, body aches and allergies under control. Good grief! If my body were a car, I'd return it under the Lemon Act. I guess it could be worse and it did serve me pretty well for more than 50 years. Like an old car, it just requires more and more care and repairs. If I can get myself feeling better, I'll call my DOF to see whether he wants to go over to the pool this morning to walk in the shallow end.

    Sun, SV is a licker when I'm in bed. I have to keep my hands under the covers. Now and then, he'll get up on my pillow and try to groom my hair. AACCKK!! He's getting soooo much better at not annoying me during the early hours of the morning. He's adapting more to my sleep habits. I did a faux finish in my master bath. It was a lot of work and I was never really happy with it. I painted over it when I repainted my bedroom. The bedroom is a Wedgewood blue and I used the same color, in a lighter shade, in the bath. I found some hand towels at Wally World in brown with a geometric design in the same blue. They really look great in there. I found a bathmat at BB&B in the blue with a white geometric design. Sometimes, the smallest things brighten up an area. Speaking of exercise belts, I got one of those copper back belts at BB&B. They are only $20 to begin with and I used a 20 percent off coupon. The co. makes all kinds of braces and even exercise bras and they are all really reasonable.

    OK, Kids, my real newspaper has arrived so I'm going to read it. I've had my coffee, SV is here beside me on the sofa and, except for my usual complaints, all is well with the world (at least in my little corner of the world). Remember that old song? I think Eddie Arnold sang it. It was one of my favorites in my yute. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everydobby

    who was it used to use that word?

    im loving looking at all the lovely pictures. the jacaranda picture was such a beauty..i saved it. tks Mikie. and the funicular, (i learnt a new thing, never knew of a funicular) .....scary, but thrilling! what i noticed first was the absolutely beautiful bit of blue sky just visible through the rocks. what a blue!

    oh, i see Mikie has been in as i was editing. i hope those allergies run their course and just go away, forever! your bedroom and living area sound so beautiful. that blue such a cooling colour. and Rock - i didnt know that flower was calindrinia, we hv one pot of it in a pinky red colour.

    Sun - i remember trying to get my kiddies to get musical by buying them a keyboard each..and a tabla. no luck, they tinkered around a bit and then ignored the instruments. i later gave one keyboard to the then drivers little boy, he was a smart lad, i heard him playing tunes on it later on, so it wasnt a waste, and one is still here. more than a decade old but me unwilling to part with it. the son took up guitar for a while and then left it.

    Rock - guilders and doubloons. did they run into a pirate infested canal then? what an adventure, though. i saw a movie set in Tuscany, about a woman who goes there to heal her broken heart after a break up. what a beautiful old fashioned place. so old world Europe. Me loves. ah, the film was Under The Tuscan Sun. Diane Lane.

    I would love to see Meet me in St. louie....love that era. i m going to google the house.

    yesterday was Full Moon. went out to the monastery. lit lamps for the living and departed. i always feel a little assaulted and the house seems on edge..people getting irritated more easily on Full Moon. so i took it easy.bought. lunch at a Tibetan restaurant. T momo. vermicelli and potato gravy, and chips chilli, (i think the locals just went and improvised on the usual finger chips by frying capsicum and hot peppers with onion, and tomato making a gravy and stirring in the finger chips. the nepalese love anything fiery hot so its very popular.

    today, i went all adventurous and made orange chicken for the first time. i bought the ingredients yesterday in way back from my religious outing. i dont know how the men will like it. its distinctly chinese type, had to use soya sauceand vinegar n all besides orange juice. got no sugar orange juice.

    i stepped into a puddle outside a neighbours house, and couldnt get all the muck out of my feet so had a nice foot soak in salt and warm water and added soap later. it looks better so i used some silver nail polish on my toe nails. well, its whitish silver. doesnt look half bad.

    we had a red red sun yesterday evening. it looked like a glowing tomato in its prime.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sun, in response to your question, I never heard of a rail ride up Mt Wilson. I've
    been there a couple times and visited the planetarium. It (the planetarium) appeared
    in the finale of both Rebel Without a Cause and Rocketman. I heard the Chief
    Astronomer demanded an astronomical fee from the film makers.

    Your house and garden sound really interesting. Are your wall paintings trompe
    l'oeil or weren't you interested in fooling around?

    Mikie, I never heard of Royal Gorge before either. The pic you posted looks
    like the railway is in the process of being built. I read the first version was built
    in 1879. The year of Woolworth's first store; Deadwood, S.D. burned down; Albert
    Einstein was born. Edison demonstrated the new electric light.

    This link will take you to a 30 second video about the railroad. Probably lots more
    on Youtube.


    Love the 'folding money', Mikie.

    Barry, sounds like Sylvie has become very affectionate in a short time. Do you
    think that means she was a house cat before? Is Richard in Holland now? A
    friend was there half a century ago or so. She and 3 gal friends decided to see
    a bit of the world after their college graduation and before they went to work.
    One of her friends drove the rental car into a canal. I believe that cost them
    quite a few dubloons. Or was it guilders?

    Granni, yes, I agree. Meet Me in St. Louie was a great film. Still is. I loved the
    effect where the drawings of the house melted into a photo of the house. The
    movie was based on stories written by a writer named Sally Benson who grew
    up in that house in the 1890s to 1910. The house was two blocks East of
    Gordon's house. Was vacant for some years and then torn down in the 1990s.

    Hugs, Kids
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just checking in...sorry to see so many still in pain and having to deal with so much fatigue also. Linda, I'm glad you are recovering from surgery...sorry that other stuff got thrown in too.

    Had my post surgery followup with the gyno yesterday. He showed me a picture of the fibroid he removed...goodness, no wonder I was having symptoms! He thinks that took care of the problem, but said there's a 20 percent chance it could grow back...well, I'll deal with that "when and if". Sun, I think you asked about peri-menopause...I am about four years post...

    Heading to Tennessee tomorrow. Will leave here, drive the two hours to Amy's, then we will head south from there. Should get to the kids' house by suppertime. The way I'm feeling, there is no way I would try to go by myself, but I can manage with Amy along to help drive.

    Lindsey and David's stressors over the years (infertility, miscarriages, him going off to war, having four kids, having to leave many of their possessions when they moved from the moldy farmhouse, moving to Tennessee, losing his dad, etc., etc.) have really been getting them down the past few months. I'm hoping that having some of her family visit will help a little. And Amy and I will watch the kids so Lindsey and David can have a little overnight getaway.

    David's mom helps so much, but she is a lot older than I am (she's in her mid-seventies) and four kiddos are just about too much for her. And she forgets about the kids' allergies, etc. and keeps giving them things they're not supposed to have. So...I think this is a good time for Lindsey's mom and sis to go down.

    So, today I am packing and getting food ready (cooked stuff for Den to heat up, food to eat on the way, and extra groceries to take along.) We will have a van full of all the things I have been "collecting" since they were here in December. I have mailed some things, but some just needs to go in person...too expensive to mail.

    Take care, everyone! I sure hope I am on the mend...will try to be more "social" when I get back.

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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Mom to the rescue! No matter how old they are we're still there for them. Hope you have an energy filled time for all of you.

    Mikie: Ewwwww.....some head/hair grooming by SV! UGH. I had a favorite cat years ago who found as a kitten at a local park. We bonded so well, and I mourned for months afterwards when I had to put him down. He loved to sleep up by my head, purring, and sometimes he would try that. YUK.

    Rock: I did a search on the Mt. Wilson funicular and found this for you to read: A big hotel too up there.


    Spring: Well, you tried to interest your kids in playing music. Some take to it and others don't. My parents got a cheap upright piano when I was about 10 and I was all excited about learning to play. Took for 5 years and can't remember anything. After a year I should have been allowed to quit. My piano teacher would come to my house once a week to teach, tried everything with me, including bribing me! I still have this small little pin of a black poodle with a real garnet eye she gave me. I think I had 3 teachers, including the last one who all the men thought she was Sally Rand, the fan dancer, when she moved into the neighborhood. No she wasn't, but she was wild......all kinds of bleached blond hair pieces that she would pin on her head. She was a fantastic pianist though. And I took some voice lessons for awhile....more wasted $.

    Rock: Here's a link about Sally Rand. I believe she moved to Glendora and lived there many years. If I'm not mistaken her son built a strange home up there near the foothills that's been used in movies in the past. Darn if I can remember the name though.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=sally rand&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

    OK....looked up Rubel Farms, the name of this place. I was wrong, Sally Rand was a friend of his mother. Here's a link for you to read up on all the celebrities who came to the "farm".


    I've been going over my stash of antique linens again, trying to cull things out. I gave a big bag of as is things to my cleaning lady the other day. Things not perfect for sale but with lots of still good laces, etc. She sews and seemed delighted about receiving it. After thinking about Rubel Farms/Castle I remember going to a huge estate sale there years ago and buying "stuff", most likely old linens. And I was there once with an art group to do plein aire painting.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Barry,

    Rock wrote you a PM yesterday. Have you had a chance to read it? He would appreciate any response you might provide.


  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Done did it! I'm still uncertain about the Calandrinia/Talinum id. The leaves, the leaves!

    Hi e'body. Short post. Pain. Tired. Gotta shave -- put it off y-day.

    Sun: wild lettuce. Yes an ancient remedy for many ailments. Can also get you high apparently.... I'll stick to MJ. Google wild lettuce for pain.

    Yes Rock, I think Sylvie must have been a house cat before. She comes when called and is very loving. She seems to be enjoying her new home.

    Julie, have a good trip. I am so glad your gyno visit went well. I've never had one.

    Love to All,
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time for really posting now. Time to go fold some clothes to pack from the drier and start dinner, hamburgers, for a change.

    JULIE - So glad to hear from you and hope you will have a great time going to see the kiddos and an uneventful trip up and back. Just reading quickly as usual. Glad your surgery is all over with and now hopefully you will take it easy on your trip. Have a great trip. I am sure it will be your therapy and hopefully you will get back home feeling much better. I know the POrch will miss you. I will be gone too but a little longer than you so hope the PORCH isn;t to quiet for everyone,

    Still nursing my injured pinky toe that I slammed into something in the night a few days ago when I went to potty. You should see the colors. Not to painful though unless I walk a long way or step a certain way. Also taking the Cystex Plus before a URI gets worse. Seems a lot better sofar. However, they tell you to take two and with my brain I took 1 - 3x a day instead of 2. So I will take it at least another day or two. Luckily I also have some older aabx to take with me in case.. Why do these things happen when you are getting ready to go away someplace.?

    Did a little packing today and washing and helping DH with his stuff. My stuff comes later. What a drag but I am glad that I made an appointment to go have my hair done. DH doesn't think I need a hair cut and I would get it a lot shorter if I had my way but we are compromising, I'm not cutting it short and he is not growing a beard :)!!!

    BARRY - So glad Sylvie and you all are getting along so well and that she is a real people person for you . I forget when Richard will be leaving and coming back. Hope you will not feel to badly while he is gone and the weather gives you lots of sunshine and lovely things to see outside for you.

    HI to MIKIE, SUN , SW, DIANE and all the many MIA's.

    Love you awl,
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