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    Dear Porchies,

    Because I hogged the last Porch, I decided to open a new one. I left instructions for responding to the final posts there and copying and pasting them here without having to post them there permanently. I do suggest to anyone who hasn't been on recently that y'all check out the last posts on #966.



    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Despite my allergies being bad today, I still feel a bit better. Yea! I took the little Easter goodies for the boys at the end of the bldg. and left them on the windowsill. The CBS Sunday Show is featuring Italy and all things Italian. One of the segments is on candy Easter eggs. They are soooo beautiful. The creativity is amazing.

    Another segment featured St. Peter's Basilica with all the beautiful art, including the Pieta. It is so magnificent and when I saw it something I can only describe as spiritual overcame me. It evokes the sorrow of the Blessed Mother Mary cradling the body of her son Jesus.

    Sun, one segment featured hats in a museum in St. Louis and paintings by Degas and other artists whose work features women in beautiful hats. Hats were so grand and important then that they inspired artists. No wonder you love hats. My Mom took a millinery class and made me the most beautiful Easter hat. I don't know what became of it.

    Well, Kids, I need to get going so I can shower and water the flowers. Every day has the potential for rain but, so far, we haven't seen it. More than 17,500 acres have burned down here. Here we are in a drought and the city council is going to open up more areas to high-density high-rise condos downtown. The county continues to allow development on water sensitive land. Our little retention pond is lower than I've ever seen it. The rape of the land and our water resources continues unabated.

    Geez, I had better end on a more hopeful note. I wish one and all a very Happy Easter and a spring of rebirth and joy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, thanks for opening up. You did not hog the last porch. You are a prolific
    writer. A much different creature. In a past life you were probably a reporter or
    maybe a town crier. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    I remember hats. My mother loved them. I remember I hated going shopping
    with her when I was little. Seems like she spent hours trying on hats. Uff-da.
    I don't think I've even seen a hat department in a store for decades.

    Granni, ham for Easter sounds very nice. I used to buy one pound hams now and
    then. But I no longer cook. (Don't eat much either.) Yesterday I ate
    some lima beans and some chicken hot dish Gordon assembled.

    Sun, I remember a show our church group put on in the 50s. The High School
    girls got old clothes including hats with big brims from attics. Dresses that were
    floor length. They looked very smart.

    Spring, what kinda cards do folks play in Nepal? I wonder if the cards look the same.
    A friend brought me a deck from Italy. They were beautiful, but it was hard to identify
    the face cards. Sorry to hear about your parents. Having one alcoholic parent is
    terrible, but two would be more than twice the grief.

    Barry, I used to bring home toads and frogs and snakes and turtles and sometimes
    baby blackbirds when I was a kid. The only snakes I ever saw were garter snakes,
    but one farm kid brought a baby rattle snake to 5th grade. Hope your back is
    better. What kinda fluff does Richard like? I kinda thought he was too serial
    for fluff.

    Gordon and I went to the new chiro last week. I told him I was having pain around
    my right ear when I turned my head to look at the bedside clock. I thought maybe
    he would do something therapeutic. Instead he said he could not work on me and
    when I told him I had a partially clogged carotid artery, he told me to see a
    cardiologist immediately. So Gordon made an appointment with his cardiologist
    that he sees 2 or 3 times a year.

    Gordon was told to bring the hospital records from my recent surgery. Turns
    out they were guarded by two bored to death security guards. It took 4 hours
    and 2 trips to get the records. All to make two minor flunkies feel important.
    As it says in Ecclesiastes, "Vanity of vanities! All is vanity."

    Anyhoo when we saw the cardiologist she said the chiro can go ahead and Rxed
    a statin drug to lower cholesterol. If I could lower my age about 40 years,
    that would solve numerous medical problems. "And I'm sure we can all agree
    on that."

    Well, it's watering time again. Hugs, Kids
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  4. Granniluvsu

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    Almost good evening to everyone. Just got back not to long ago from DD's where we had Easter dinner . The food was really yummy. Everyone brought something and I ate everything I probably shouldn't have but then no much to do about that. You can't tell other cooks what to make. I even made ham and I am supposedly not supposed to eat much ham or pork but that is an easiest thing to do and is good for Easter. When I was a kid in NY we had a lot of Leg of Lamb for Easter and Mom made it so good. Not a lot of lamb here and what there is is not cheap I do not think.

    Went to early church which was a struggle this morning but we got there and met DD and DSIL and we sat upstairs in the balcony. Hard for me to see the words on the screen or much else :)! Used to sitting pretty close to the action :)!!

    Need to get this posted so it will hopefully go on my phone when people post. while we are gone. I need to get outr boarding pasees but will need to wait till it is 2 hrs before take off time. Hope the weather isn't to bad tomorrow. There are thunderstorms in the area right now. Not sure about tomorrow.

    DD and I made up a few plates of food for our neighbor who is in a lot of pain. Not sure of her problems . It is her back or sciatica or what else not sure. Of course she egot in for a MRI Friday and of course nothing gets done on the weekend or holidays. Her husband isn;t a lot of help as far as cooking or stuff like that but can go shop for her. They were both so thankful that we gave them some ham, pork, green beans, coleslaw, yams, gravy and two pieces of yummy cake my DDIL made. I hope she gets the pain relief soon. They are both worried and looking haggard. He is 85 bad she is in her late 70's I think, close to my age, I believe. There was a lot of food left over so glad it could go to a good cause.

    ROCK - You are right about lowering our ages. That might help a lot of ailments although I have had this crap for close to 40 years or so, hard to believe. Sorry it was such a big deal to get your records. Yes, now everyone wants you to go to a specialist - YIKES more money :)!! Hang it there big guy :)!! Glad Gordon is taking such good care of you.

    MIKIE - Sorry your allergies are still giving you fits. If I am hanging around here and not going any place I don't put on makeup and I don;t care but if I go out I at least put on lipstick and maybe a bit of blush so I don't look dead. Have you and Nancy brought those kitties to the No kill shelter yet? I forget when you were going. It must be so hard with all those babies. Is that one lady taking mama kitty??

    JULIE - Not sure if you can peek in at the porch or not where you are I know you are having a blast with those kiddos. Enjoy yourselves and get back to us safely Hopefully you will feel a bit better after seeing those TT's.

    SUN and BARRY - Hope you both are feeling OK or better than you were with less pain.

    DIANE - Thinking or you kiddo. Miss you here on the Porch !!! Hope things are going better for you and Kevin with everything including that insurance problem due to the accident.

    To everyone else I haven't mentioned . Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter or Passover. Thinking over everyone. Not sure if I will get back here or not to check out the PORCH. Don't whiz by this Porch volume to fast or I won't be able to read all about the goings on.

    See you all in about a week unless I ma able to pop in later tomorrow .

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Happy Easter

    it used to be my favourite holiday after christmas back at school. the hillocks filled with pink flowers which were called Easter lilies.

    i planted some here but this year the heavy downpours hv played havoc with the flowers, only the very sturdy survived to bloom in time.

    mikie - i googled CBS ..indeed the eggs are beautiful..mmmm..chocolatey as well..they said they had a request to put a diamond in one of them...imagine the recipient...i cannot imagine my husband in a hundred years having the idea to do such a thing. hiding my shoe behind a tree in a park when we went to Boston while i was napping, was the extent of his pranks.

    two days ago i was surfing the net and saw a docu about The Bible. the scene was when Jesus after he had died, his body being taken down from the cross...i had never given much thought to his suffering, but the sight of those bloodied holes in his feet and hands and side, and blood trailing from the crown of thorns made me well up. i was thinking of the Son of God is allowed to suffer so, who and what are we? oh, God.

    even the Pieta which is on utube was so moving. i have no idea how the sculptor made it so realistic, the body of Christ completely inert, head flung back..all the life gone out and an empty shell. how many Mothers have to go thru such an experience? Luckily, its easy for me to imagine The Virgin Mary alive and well, i love reading about Lourdes and story about Bernadette Soubouris. and yes, i use her white light all the time :)..Mother Marys.

    the gremlins here dont just attack my computer, they try the same with my body...sending stingy energy into my shoulder blades and sides of hips at the back, top of the foot, middle,of palm etc. lol ! because of my heightened sensitivity i feel it and deal with it there and then.

    rock - the playing cards are the standard ones with kings and queens et al. hearts, spades..n all. the most interesting pack i saw was when i was in grade six and my mum had to come to nepal to settle property of her father who originally came from here. she and my aunt got some money and came back laden with everythingunder the sun. beautiful, light as a feather quilts, clothes, faux jewellery, cosmetics, pencil sharpeners in different shapes, erasers of the same kind...and a pack,of cards which had different scenes of japan. mt. fujiyama, cherry trees, geisha masks etc. we as kids were entranced. no internet, so movies and magazines, photos were the only way to know about worlds away from us.

    im sorry the chiro couldnt work on you himself. chiropractor-y seems like a wonderfully noninvasive type of treatment. its not so common here. people either use the mainstream modern medicine or ayurvedic which is also very popular. especially nowadays.

    i get pains in the ear and eye but its when im doing my energy work and cleaning myself. i kind of feel it may be dirty energy moving from where im moving it and outwards and expelling it.

    granni - that was so kind of you to cook food for your ailing neighbour. that was quite a spread. yum.

    my computer is clicking itself on and off on its own like about six times now. hackerman/woman is well and alive. i dont keep any details of my personal things records on the computer. sometimes when im typing an email, my cursor will stop working or the page layout will change.
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I slept pretty well so am hoping to have more NRG today even with allergies driving me nuts. I didn't get anything done yesterday except a shower and styling my hair. I got in bed while it was still light out and realized that I hadn't watered the flowers. So, I got up and went out in my nightgown and watered them. Didn't see anyone. The boys' gifts were still on the window sill so guess they were with their dads. Yes, dads! Two have one dad and one has another. The mom has a new boy friend. Modern living! Good grief! On the other hand, who am I to speak? Both my biological parents were married three times; Mom married brothers so I'm my own cousin but I don't sit on the porch playing Dueling Banjoes.

    DD in CO called and we had a nice chat but we're all worried about DSIL. Not only is he in horrible pain but he has swelling around his joints. He didn't test pos. for gout nor arthritis so the doc is looking further. He told DD that, when he was in the Marines, he received many vaccinations and wasn't told what any of them were for. I am pretty sure that it was a soldier made sick by the vaccines who exposed me to the mycoplasma that triggered my CFIDS/ME full blown. DD thinks the doc may put him on steroids to help with the pain. Like all of us, he's tried to fight through all the pain but it's gotten more and more difficult. I'm praying for him. It was good to talk to her.

    Last evening, I watched a nature program on PBS. It was all about Puerto Rico's efforts to return the island's rain forests and keep the sea life and animals from going extinct. My TX Kids just went there on vacation to see the rain forests. There is an effort to increase the number of Amazon parrots. They are hatching new chicks in a facility and turning them out into the wild once they are able to fend for themselves. They are also trying to protect the manatees. It is soooo beautiful there. I take heart that there is finally an awareness of what destruction of land is doing to our planet and its wild life. Our govt. wants us to withdraw from the Paris Accords which deals with climate change. We used to be leaders in conservation but some see it as an impediment to corporate profits. They are trying to convince us that actions taken by humans have nothing to do with climate change and that we can't rely on science. Doh! Why would we not err on the side of conservation? The stakes are too high to ignore the evidence that we are destroying our planet.

    Rock, I've gone from being the town crier to being the Porch whiner. You might like a clock similar to the one I have. It is a basic alarm clock but it projects the time on the ceiling in a soft blue color so I don't have to turn my head to see the time unless I'm sleeping on my stomach which I no longer do. I have mine set down on the clock face to help keep it darker in my bedroom but you can place it so that both the clock face and projection are visible. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm laughing about lowering your age. I agree but, if I did, I'd have to go through all this misery again so guess I'll opt for my current age with all that goes with it. I'm glad the cardiologist gave you the green light to get treatment from the chiro. Ever since I took that magnesium supp for my stones, I've had strange symptoms including having pain on the right side of my head, my ear and throat. Sometimes, it feels as though I've been impaled in my skull. Yikes! Feel sorry for people who can only feel important by wielding what littler power they have in their jobs. They make our lives miserable but not as miserable as they, themselves, are. It's when egomaniacs get real power over our lives that we are in trouble.

    Granni, so glad the food was good and y'all had a good time. That was so sweet of you to take food to your neighbor. I hope she can get healing. Thanks for your kind good wishes for my allergies to go away. I am convinced that it's been local pollen plus the Red Tide at work. I'll just have to wait it out. I don't put on lipstick nor blush to try to look alive but I do throw on some mascara. I have fine light colored eyelashes and I look dead without the mascara. I have to buy waterproof mascara because, with these allergies, my eyes water so much, even when my Sjogren's is bad. Seems that crying and allergies are a different mechanism for making tears. At least, I'm not suffering the effects of dry eye. Nancy is going to call the shelter today and make arrangements for us to take the kittens. She wants to go next Fri. but I think any day this week would do. I think she wants to try to keep Mama Kitty around so our neighbor can see her. Since our friend and neighbor hasn't made an effort to see her yet, I doubt she will take her. It's too bad because she is one of the sweetest little cats I've ever met. She's smart too. Hope y'all have a wonderful trip.

    Spring, I had a nice response to you entered and the power cord to my computer disconnected from the power supply. I lost everything! Doh! So, I'll start over and hope I don't forget anything. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays too. After hard winters in CO, it was always so good to have spring flowers. The Pieta was sculpted by Michelangelo from one huge piece of marble. It looks so beautiful and I'd love to be able to see it in person. I've never had such a reaction before as I did to seeing it on TV. Michelangelo really captured the sorrow the Blessed Mother must have been feeling. The Vatican has amazing works of art and they have the money to keep them restored. When I was in Catholic school, one kid was always selected to crown the little statue of the Blessed Mother in May when the church celebrates her as the Mother of Jesus and the Queen of Heaven. My Mom always asked her to watch over our family and now, I do too. I watched 60 Minutes last evening and they featured two doctors who do cataract surgery all over and train other docs to do it. They have a cataract center in Kathmandu. One doc is from the remote area of the Himalayas in Nepal. Wondered whether you've heard about their work. Hope you are having a nice spring there. Ours here is dry, dry, dry.

    Julie, I hope you've had a great time with the kids. I also hope your trip home is safe. Let us know how you're doing.

    Diane, I hope you are feeling well enough to read the Porch and know we are thinking about you.

    Linda, I know you're super busy with the wedding preparations but know we are thinking about you too.

    I hope all our MIA's are doing well. I wish everydobby a very happy Monday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Der Ones,

    Sitting at the computer with all our stuff packed and who knows if we will find some of it on the other end. I had one bag that I was going to use as a carry on bag and then decided it might be a bit to large. it is hard to measure. Anyway I took stuff out and put it in another plus the regular checked suitcases. So , who knows if I will find everything we want on the other end :)!! We will be leaving about 1 1/2 - 2 hours after lunch. Doubt if we will will get much to eat on the flight which is a little over 2 hours (maybe 2 1/2) I have forgotten now. Men have it so easy and just have clothes primarily to worry about and they don't worry that much about that either. I have the clothes, supps, meds toiletries and some makeup and my pads for leaking urine. Great huh ??? Hope I brought enough even though I know I can go to the store and get some more if needed. Also needed to bring hair stuff curling iron, a few curlers, etc. Then DH wonders why I am all worn out after all this. Wouldn't ask him to do it as stuff would really be mixed up. All he knows is his stuff anyway,

    MIKIE - Good luck with you, Nancy and those kitties and mama kitty. It is sad that someone dumpted Mama kitty in the first place.

    May not be able to post for a week while we are gone. However, hope I may be able to do a little reading on my phone if it gets to my phone on this volume before it changes again.

    Thinking of everydobby ! Almost time for an early lunch !! Hope our trip is good and uneventful one :)!!

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Spring: Nice to see you posting. I was lucky to see the Pieta when I went to Italy, but I guess I was too young and naive to appreciate it though. In one of my art classes we talked about it recently so I guess I understood a little more of how Michaelangelo sculpted it.

    Mikie: So the no-kill animal shelter will also take Mama? If people only realized that they MUST spay their animals!!!!!

    Granni: My DD's LARGE piece of luggage never made it on the plane when we left LAX for North Carolina and then to Charleston. We waited and waited at Charleston, then a search was conducted. They were told it would arrive by 9 PM where we were staying. But it didn't, so she had to sleep in some of my DGS clothes, then manage the next morning. But when I went out that morning for a walk, there the bag was, so we don't know when it was delivered. Be prepared and carry on everything necessary....just in case.

    I had a really good day yesterday......800 ibuprofen and tramadol got me thru. Didn't go to church because I was busy cooking....and was a tad late waiting for the bread pudding to finish baking, but everyone loved the shrimp and grits and bread pudding. Around 40 people for lunch, all different ages. After lunch their tradition was to hide plastic eggs filled with either candy or $. Coins, dollar bills, one nephew even found a $20 in his found egg. So it was a mad dash around their backyard. Then they had an egg toss! Funny! Then it was dessert time. Got home around 5, did a little more kitchen clean up (I had left a mess) then took a deep, 1 hr. Nap.

    My handyman is here all day, doing some painting and odd jobs. Next week he will paint the bedroom ceiling. It has never been painted while we lived here....32 years.......so we figured it's going to really suck up the paint. So I'll buy 4 gallons of primer plus paint. Hoping that will be enough. And I've decided I'm going to leave my faux painted walls.
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    Hell o again. I hope you all had a nice, quiet Easter. We did.

    Granni, enjoy your trip, and I hope it all goes well with you!

    I am in less back pain (sprained muscle?) today, but feeling kind of run down and useless. Grey skies again, more rain until the weekend! The wettest spring I can remember.

    On a more positive note, the bluebells (bulbs) are in full bloom, reminding me of the ones I'd see in the woods in England, long ago and far away.... The Japanese ornamental cherry is starting to bloom -- pink/white extra double flowers. And the redbud tree is blooming on the trunk and main branches before it comes into leaf. Lovely. Bearded Iris are in bud. Thank the Dogs that we seldom have hail here!

    Rock, how wonderful! Yet another medication to take! :eek: I take a statin too because of my carotids, don't want too, but....needs must. You brought home baby blackbirds as a kid. Six and twenty perhaps? I hope the pie was good! Seriously, I have raised lots of baby birds -- mostly Goldie's Lorikeets and Blue-masked lovebirds. I did raise an orphan baby jay once. It became too tame though, and when I released into the wild when it was mature I was glad it joined the flock. These were Stellar's Jays. Unfortunately, things took a tragic turn when a week or so later it flew down to say hi, and flew into big Judah's (dog) mouth. Goodbye.

    I use a laptop. I mainly use the touch screen but it has driven me nuts lately. A strange little symbol shows up when I use the touch-pad, and follows it around. It looks like it has up and down arrows on it, but if I put the cursor on it, a blue circle whirls and whirls. I have no idea what is happening. Every time I use the cursor the "thing" follows it around. And I curse. I guess I'll just have to use keyboard instead if I don't to be driven mad.

    Sun, house painting. What fun, not! My mum used to wallpaper everything, and did a bloody good job of it too. Fond memories... Easter egg hunts. Derived from a pagan ritual, I forget which one, but fun. My mum used to dye the eggs. No such thing as plastic eggs in them thar days.

    Mikie, sorry for your allergies and the red tide. I also hope well for your DSIL. Climate change, oh my Dog don't even let me get started! I am so disturbed by the possible future that I cringe at the DT's ignorance. :(

    Richard is making lentil and andouille soup again. Wonderful. I used to do most of the cooking, but things have turned around. I was just looking at the masses of cook books, and books about food. A bit overwhelming. One is titled "Garlic".

    I'm tired, so going off now,
    Love to All.
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  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    My mouth is sooo dry that I have sores in it and my taste buds are waaay off. I called the doc and can go in for a peptide injection Wed. morning. This is about as bad as I've felt except back when my FMS was triggered full blown and I was bedridden most of the time. Sorry to whine so much especially when we have so many here who are sick too. I filled some of the day watching Easter Parade. It was on yesterday and I recorded it. Again with the hats...oh, my, the hats! The singing, the dancing and the hats!

    DOF called. He isn't in very good shape. He's in a stage of denial where he is willing to admit something is wrong but he keeps messing around with his PCP who doesn't seem to be in a hurry to help him get diagnosed. He holds on to the belief that if only he keeps walking and doing his PT and his exercises, he'll be fine. Those things help but he needs to get a diagnosis and some treatment. Treatment is difficult enough even after one is diagnosed. He's a proud and private person so there is only so much I can do. I tread lightly. He'll have to get to the point on his own where he's finally had enough. I remember thinking that if only I could take two weeks off work and sleep, I'd catch up and be fine. Doh!

    Barry, gray skies again. Well, our skies are gray and we aren't getting the much needed rain. Whine, whine, whine! Sounds as though all that rain has brought some beautiful blooms for you. Thanks for your kind words for me and my DSIL. Hope the peptide injection will take care of it, at least, the Sjogren's which is the worst thing I have. If a genii gave me one wish to cure one of my illnesses, I'd wish for the Sjogren's to go away. My ex, the dog and I used to go out early and hide eggs for the kids. The neighbors would all be out hiding theirs. I used to do the wax resist Ukrainian eggs with the intricate designs. Lots of work but fun to do something that has been done for so long. Love folk crafts. If I were next door, I'd pop over for a bowl of soup. Sounds delish!

    Granni, hope all goes well with the trip and your luggage arrives when you do. I carry on what I know I can't do without, especially meds and supps. The rest can all be bought if necessary. Behave on the plane so you don't get dragged off.

    Sun, you are right but, despite all the public education, there are people who allow their pets to procreate and then they just dump them. What I don't get is that it is obvious that someone gave Mama Kitty a lot of love and attention. How could anyone love her and care for her and dump her in her time of need. Poor little girl; it's not her fault. If our friend doesn't take her, someone will when she fills out a bit at the shelter. Glad you had a good Easter and everyone liked the food.

    Think I'll go to bed and read. I can't keep sitting here on the sofa and I'm not up to doing anything. I hope everdobby else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    The hogging of the Porch continues. I hope the lack of new posts means all y'all are feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and off doing other things. I'm just trying to hold my own while off all supps and meds until three days after my peptide injection. Hope I feel up to doing something today; I usually rest the day of the injection itself. I figure it gives it a chance to work better. Most of the time, my rest days are no different from other days. :(

    I watched DWTS last evening. Erika Jayne finally got the boot. I feel bad for her. Last night was her best dance ever but she couldn't overcome the one last week. On the other hand, that baseball guy, who is stiff and mechanical, keeps on going. Popularity with the public is a big part of it. No one, except those who watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or her small niche of fans, knows who she is. I'm glad to see some of the others, like Nancy Kerrigan, keep on going. Last night was Disney Night and was great fun.

    We finally got a short shower. :) Not enough to really help but it lifted my spirits. We have a chance of rain again this afternoon. There are soooo many brush fires burning.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's important to have goals in life, and my goal for today is to watch The Making Of A
    Legend. The legend is "Gone With The Wind". A documentary made during the 50th
    anniversary of the film using lots of footage from the actual shooting. The American
    Film Institute has lots of lists. The list titled "The 100 Greatest American Movies of
    All Time" lists GWTW as number four. The ones that preceded it were Citizen Kane,
    Casablanca, and The Godfather. Poisonly I didn't think much of the first two and
    have never seen the 3rd.

    Anyhoo, one reviewer of the documentary wrote: If you are a GWTW afficionado, "The
    Making of a Legend" is a MUST HAVE for your collection!" Or you could just see if
    your library has it. I saw the documentary on TCM several years ago. I'm sure
    I'd rather see it than almost any movie made in the last few decades.

    I remember the first time I saw GWTW. I was in tenth grade. Had never heard
    of it before. Read the book immediately thereafter. Here's a kawinkydink. GWTW
    and I were made about the same time.

    Mikie, how stiff and mechanical is that baseball guy? Something akin to the Tin
    Man? Hope the peptide injections live up to their name. A shame repeated tries
    didn't produce the results that helped you so much the first time. Kinda like me
    and those crazy cordyceps mushrooms.

    Granni and Sun, Meet in St Louis is on the American Film Institute's list of the
    25 best musicals. Along with other favorites like Singing in the Rain, Mary
    Poppins, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Sound of Music.

    Hope you have a great trip, Granni. Don't get thrown off the plane, held up
    by stagecoach robbers, fall overboard, etc. You're right about men. They
    are no good at packing. Whenever Gordon and I took a trip he would start
    making lists and filling his suitcase three days before departure. I threw stuff
    in a suitcase the night before we left. Pretty much the same results either way.

    Barry, sorry about those grey skies. You might try going to Youtube and
    listening to an old hit from the 20s: Blue Skies by Irving Berlin. Big hit in
    the 20s. Also a movie in the 40s w/ Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy
    Lamour. We used to have the album when I was a kid. In those days that
    meant 2 - 4 records (78 rpm) in a cardboard folder.

    My mum was also an egg dyer. She always liked to try new techniques. I
    remember one year it was some powder you sprinkled on top of the water, and
    then slowly immersed the egg on a spoon. The results was a speckled egg.
    So your laptop mingled the cursor with the curser. Sounds like something
    Harry Potter studied at Hogwarts.

    Spring, Michelangelo's two most famous sculptures are the Pieta and David.
    Michelangelo said the block of marble used for the Pieta was the most perfect
    he ever worked on. The marble for David, however, was damaged before he
    received it. Both sculptures were attacked and damaged by madmen. The Pieta
    was also damaged while being moved. So Hummels are cheaper and easier
    to move.

    About 30 years ago some guy with lots of money moved from the middle east
    to a very nice section of LA. He outraged the neighbors by putting up something
    like a dozen figures of David, in front of his mansion. All on a separate pedestal and
    each a little taller than a foot. All illuminated with spotlights after dark. The
    neighbors seemed to think it was pornographic. Historians tell us that when Queen
    Victoria viewed David the statute was wearing a fig leaf.

    Sun, hope you had a good Easter. Did your grandkids get to go on the trolly?
    BTW, I made a two ingreediment omelet last night. An egg with a slice of cheese
    on top. I intended to put a dab of mustard on top, but forgot. We don't have
    any dijon at the moment. It's a case of dijon vu. We just have the same mustard
    we had before.

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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Glad to read that you're eating "food".....you mentioned quite a while ago that you just live on liquid stuff like Ensure.

    I think we tried that special egg coloring kit back in the late 50s. The eggs turned out all mottled and gorgeous. Wonder why it wasn't sold again after that one year.

    GWTW was my all time favorite movie, until I saw Out of Africa! Now it rates #1 and GWTW has dropped. Maybe because I've seen it too many times? I first read the book when I was in HS. My mom had a movie edition complete with photos of the stars in their famous costumes. Finally got to see it a few years later and LOVED it.

    Hey.....I have a box full of old Hummels. I would buy one for my mom whenever BDs came around. And also got her one when in Germany. The market has dropped on them and don't think they're worth much anymore. Sure wish i could sell all of them.

    Mikie: Darn, I forgot about DWTS!

    Barry: I have some left over shrimp and grits....only no shrimp left just a lot of the andouille sausage in the thicken broth. I've got a feeling everyone at the Easter dinner thought it was just a shrimp dish so just took them out and left all the other good stuff. Think I'll cook up some lentils to mix together and eat it tonight.

    I was just watching something zooming over the pool then going to a flowering bush. Very small....at first I thought it was a medium size moth but went outside and watched it.....a very small hummingbird.....(almost 1/2 the size of an Anna's.....didn't look like one I had ever seen but of course the wings go so fast but it looked like the wings were like a brown and orange striped. Then all of a sudden another larger hummingbird zoomed in and poked the little one. OK....this is a new one for me also, looked it up....I would say it was an Xantus....is that the right spelling. Said they live in Baja but that some have made their way north to Ventura. I'm about the area of Pasadena. I guess it's possible. This was exciting to see two little ones for the first time.

    My son and his family left this morning for San Francisco. He said rain was expected up there....whats new about that. I sure hope he does good with having the two little ones on his own while she works in Palo Alto. He just called! Said flying Southwest was convenient, and the air B&B they're staying at has a pop up crib for the baby and they're only a block from the trolley. He was walking to a local grocery store to pick up some things and then they were out on the town. Said my DIL will be working thursday and friday and then they fly back on saturday evening. Hope they have a good time. Oh yes...he said baby Mia just started to crawl. I asked about her taking a bottle...she refuses....so they bought a type of sippy cup and it's working out better than her throwing a temper tantrum.

    My handyman was here yesterday, doing a little painting and repair. Next tuesday he will paint the bedroom ceiling. And I absolutely can't relax while someone is here working, so I worked for 7 hrs. Too. Attacked a linen closet where I had tons of fabric stored, so worked my way thru it deciding what I would give to a thrift store. By the time he left I was exhausted and had to hit the bed.

    My house is so torn up, things stacked up everywhere. Pictures stacked up from the bedroom walls, bags of fabric, and things I want to put on Etsy. It's a lot of work but it has to be done.
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    A grey day...temps just right..might get hotter as day wears on.

    Yesterday had to wait till evening to go grocery shopping. I enjoyed it so much I ventured further. Had to pick up a b day gift so visited the market where they Hv nice things but cheaper since the rents aren't as high as the fancier parts of town. Chose a nice top that was on sale. Like Mikie, I love sales. Bought some things I cherish at sales.

    I'm amazed at how many restaurants Hv come up... fancy ones like they hv in Europe and USA.. all glass and with lovely wooden modern furniture and very cheerful understated decor. I don't know who is eating. Prices can't be cheap. The working upper middle class must Hv grown. Lots of expats.

    Even the Indian Sweetmeat and restros are no longer Garish with silver stars and moons hanging from ceilings.. they're spacious with modern shining steel furniture and bright red seats and a warm welcoming feel rather than zany, noisy, cramped. After shopping yesterday, I went and had my dinner at a Nepalese restaurant,,their dumplings are famous. I had a vegetarian one brought in soup. It was so yummy! Lots of tomato ithink, not sure what went into that soup or I would surely duplicate it.

    On Saturday we were invited to friends lunch.. their son had come back on vacation. Small gathering but I enjoyed it. Met this lady who turns out has precognitive dreams, and saw some people come to her in a dream wearing what they did when they died which she found out later. She was glad to talk about it with some one who believed because most don't. There's a neighbor who is a big businessman who told me he saw ghosts of people in his house but never shares with his colleagues in case they labeled him psycho.

    The city mayor has ordered no honking on the streets from the start of Nepalese new year so the streets are unbelievably quiet. Of course cars are being forced to drive slower.

    Mikie - I hope DSIL will be diagnosed correctly and relieved of his pain soon. Mysterious illnesses are a pain. Town crier said Rock? Hahahaha. When I was little the city sent a man with a drum to announce news.

    Sun - I wonder why little ones reject bottles. Strange thing. Anyways they grow so fast. You are so productive, creating stuff waiting for the handyman to finish his work.

    Rock - that was interesting about the Pieta. The rock.And so apt. It is Jesus after all. What acompassionate face he had...most paintings, sculptures depict him similarly.

    Barry - people would think your house was a botanical garden..lol! So so beautiful. How blessed you are, in that way. I lookd up andouille to see if I could make the soup for myself and found it was meat.

    Granni - hv fun on your trip.i agree it's a headache packing unless one is not suffering CFS and feeling low. I had fun Packing for the hospital to have my baby but usually hate that chore.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Have been watching the documentary on the making of Gone With The Wind.
    Fascinating stuff for film buffs. Some of us are film buffs. Some of us buff our nails.

    I mentioned the American Film Institute in my previous post. We found a notice
    from same on the front porch. It was the standard form the TV and film people
    put out about parking. Only this one did not list any streets where parking would
    be prohibited. Turns out it was a project of The American Film Institute which is a
    graduate school as well as a preserver of film history. The students will be filming
    in our neighborhood. Must be a small group. Sometimes we have 8-10 trucks
    taking up parking spaces.

    Springwater, I'm glad to hear that the Mayor of Kathmandu has prohibited honking
    during the New Year celebration. I read that Nepal has ducks, swans and geese. I
    am wondering if they have been notified.

    Andouille (on-due- wee) is Cajun sausage and is spicy. Garlic and red pepper.
    Similar to the Mexican chorizo. Never tried either. I don't really like anything
    that is spicier than Jello. We used to have a Cajun cooking show with Chef Justin
    Wilson. In addition to cooking, he was known for being a teller of stories.

    Sun, do you make enough money on Etsy to make it worth while? Had a secretary at
    one law firm who sold stuff on E Bay. She said she just picks up stuff around the house
    and posts it. She was amazed when somebody paid $25 for an old teapot. Well, maybe
    it was like the one somebody remembered from childhood.

    Gonna go. I'm trying to type this in the editing box. To0 hard to go back and forth
    to the different screens. And my neck is killing me. Saw the internist yesterday.
    He's been my doc for a long time. 20 years? Got annoyed with him for the first
    time. He told me my neck pains are due to my poor posture.

    Well, my poor posture is due to old age and general falling apart. When I was young
    I had posture like Howard Johnson. (Howard lived in our village. My mother used
    to point him out as a good example for us kids.)

    Per Jennifer Yane: Inside every old person is a young person wondering, 'What
    the Hell happened?"

    OK, Hugs
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi gang,
    Only have a minute to check in...got home at 1:00 am. Couldn't get on the boards from my phone at Lindsey's. Hair appt. in a few minutes...will try to check in later.
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Yes.....what the )(*&^%$#@ happened to our bodies????? I'm still whimpering from sciatic type pain which has been going into my thigh and calf. This morning I was hit big time with IBS.....I've suffered from that since I was a teenager and try to keep it under control with enough roughage and water. I think I was lacking enough water but will remedy that. I need to post myself a note: "Did you drink enough water today?"

    Yes, Etsy is a great way to get rid of unwanted items. I had an antique business years ago, at one time rented 3 of those small spaces in two different antique malls. On etsy you pay only twenty cents to list something for 4 months. On ebay you only got a listing for 7 days and it cost about $3 to list something. When my DD and SIL got married 18 years ago I had to sell my heart out on ebay for 4 months. Made enough to pay for the wedding expenses to Kauai for a week. But I closed out my ebay account....it was a ton of work.

    On Etsy some months I only sell a few items, some more. These are things I've got around my house, a lot of antique linens and with those I have to wash and iron before I can even get a pic. And list it. Just this week Etsy has changed things.....had to now sell using their own service which provides a buyer the opportunity to use credit cards, etc. and Etsy takes their cut....about 3%. The buyer pays the shipping cost. I hope now I'll sell even more. In the past I've sent things to the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany and Italy.

    Believe me when I say a lot of our back and neck pain stems from not stretching daily, and poor posture. I've had to learn both, so don't be angry with your doctor, he's right. It's not too old to stretch and stand up straight. I know that with my sciatic pain it's overstretched gluteal muscles that I have to stretch every day to make them settle down. Sitting and doing nothing is not good for the pain so I keep moving during the day and keep busy.

    Right now I've been doing big time spring cleaning. I've got bags of stuff to take to the thrift store today but it feels good looking at empty closets.
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Was too tired and felt too sick to post before I went in for my peptide injection. I have to fast before and for an hour after. I've had coffee, my breakfast and two acetaminophen tablets and am starting to feel a bit better. Acetaminophen is the only med I can take during the five days surrounding the injections. About an hour and a half after the shot, my mouth started watering off and on. This is a good sign. I'm going to rest the remainder of the day. Yesterday and today, I've had diarrhea. Don't know why but I've not had my acid reflux supps and my stomach has been upset. I'm sooooo ready to feel better. Lord, do You hear me? I'm ready to feel better if You're ready to heal me.

    We have a unit at the end of the bldg. which is owned by a corp. formed by doctors and is rented out. They've not been paying their dues for several months so I've instructed our mgmt. co. to add late feels and interest and threaten a lien on the condo. The co. offered to sell the unit to the renter so they may be short of funds. A lien would mean they can't sell it without satisfying their debt first. That unit must be jinxed because it was in foreclosure before and we had to carry it for several years. In the end, we got acash settlement so it came out alright. I just don't want to have to deal with it again.

    Rock, I know I keep saying every film mentioned is one of my favorites but, GWTW is an amazing film, especially considering when it was made. There are a few film buffs here but I'm not a fan of watching films in the buff. I was in my 20's when I first saw it at a special showing at the local theater. It made a huge impression on me. I've been mad at Sherman every since for burning Atlanta to the ground. It was probably even grander than Charleston and Savannah. Historical homes deserve to be preserved and protected. Of course, when even the most humble home is destroyed by war, it's devastating. Have I mentioned that I'm an old anti-war Hippie? I'm pretty sure that, if I could take the peptide shots monthly, they would work a lot better. I haven't had a 'booster' since 2015.

    I did those Easter eggs too and they were really pretty. Martha Stewart did some similar but she produced a paisley design on them by swirling some dye on top of the water. Your doc and Sun are right about the posture thing, and the stretching. My Mom started to slouch a lot when she got older and I'd have to remind her not to let her neck go forward and her shoulders slouch. Now, I find myself doing it too. My back is much better when I remember to have better posture. I also have to remind myself to keep my weight evenly balanced on both feet. I've noticed when docs have no remedy for us, they always blame it on old age. We who face the ravages of old age have to be brave indeed!

    Sun, those people who left the sausages didn't realize they missed the best part of the dish. I looooove andouille sausage. Mmmmm! I envy your getting all that done in the closets. Mine are still waiting for me to finish. DD offered to come down and help. I told her after May 1, the flights are less crowded. She often has to buy a ticket because the flights are too crowded to get on non-rev. DSIL and DGS do so much together so she can slip away for a few days and not be missed too much. DGS started using a sippy cup at 4 or 5 months of age. Once he did that, he didn't care for his bottle. He did pretty much everything early. It was funny to see a baby hoisting a big cup.

    My Mom grew up in an era of drab colors and she loved making the robin's egg blue dyed eggs. I think of her whenever I see that color. Mom told me that women who wore red shoes in the old days were women of ill repute. I'm glad those days are over. I loves me my red shoes. I think DD got out of selling on e-Bay because of the work involved. I keep the antiques I have but get rid of everything else at Goodwill or a church thrift store. I sold some antiques to a dealer when I had to make room for Mom to move in about 16 years ago. I still miss her.

    Spring, I hope things don't go so upscale and modern that the town loses it's charm and character. Are these new restaurants being built in places where the EQ destroyed buildings or are they buildings where they modernized? Where are the expats moving in from? Is there a lot of tourist money other than from those who come to see/hike/climb the Himalayans? Those small outlying towns in the mountains looks so peaceful but I understand there is a lot of poverty there. One of the docs I mentioned before came from one of those villages. Did you know about their cataract clinic in Kathmandu? The docs have restored the sight of so many people and they train other docs to do the same. It's so sad to see so many children blind with cataracts.

    Yes, I still love a sale but have been buying nothing. I'm not going anywhere right now and am trying to save money but, if I saw some pretty tops on sale, I'd pick up a couple of them. That's interesting about the woman who dreams. Most of my dreams are just dealing with life's frustrations but, every now and then, I have one which I know is a message. The message dreams are totally unlike my routine dreams. I still carry the image of God watering my flowers outside my little country cottage in Heaven. Mom's probably there too planting rhubarb.

    Julie, glad you're back home safe 'n sound. Stop back in when you can.

    I've removed my bra and am vegging on the sofa in a comfortable big top and loose Capri pants. I have to find something else to watch besides the news. Prison Break has a new season and I've recorded the latest episode. It's pretty brutal and fast paced so I my not watch that. I have West Side Story saved and may watch that. I'll watch some 1940's or 1950's musical if I can find one. Escapism! I did watch the second episode of the RHBH reunion. All those privileged women do is fight. I'm sure it's the producers who demand it for ratings. I finished my book on hearing God when He speaks to us. It's a good book and has inspired me to try to stop worrying and obsessing on things which I can't control. I feel God's love and closeness more so I'm glad I read it.

    Hope everydobby is having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Good news--even though I haven't had a big drooling moment, my saliva is making appearances here and there. My mouth actually watered as I ate breakfast. This lets me know the peptide injection was, at least, somewhat successful. Time will tell whether I need another. I posted on the FMS Forum about it. A member I haven't seen post in a while, RitaF, posted yesterday. She lost her husband and hasn't been active on this website. Don't know how many of y'all remember her. I think a lot of people who stop posting still keep up on the website by reading our posts. A new member just showed up and I invited her to stop by the Porch.

    Not much to tell so I'll stop back later.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Got an amazing e mail from my Forest Ranger Brother. If you want to see a
    spectacular, short video go to Youtube and search for "Whale in a gym, hologram."
    I suspect it's safe on Youtube. The one in my mail box played beautifully, but
    apparently it strained my computer. Got thrown off the net and had to shut
    the durned thing down for a bit.

    I also suspect we need a new computer. Remember when a computer was as big
    as a building, didn't have computer chips, cost millions, and the idea of computers
    in homes seemed about as likely as flying cars? Sure you do.

    Julie, good to hear you're back from Tennessee. Did you visit Dolly at her "Tennessee
    Mountain Home"?

    Mikie, glad to hear it appears the peptide is working. Can't recall ever watching a film
    in the buff, but I've seen films that featured: a bluff (usually poker); a tough (H. Bogart,
    E.G.Robinson, J. Wayne, etc.); a luff (sailing term); Puff (The Magic Dragon); Huff
    (The Three Little Pigs); and fluff (chick flicks and documentaries on raising poultry).

    Sun, good luck with your etsy sales. What does etsy stand for? Anything? The name
    of the founder? I went to their site, but didn't find out. I noticed they were sellling
    magnetic knife racks. Reminded my of my brother. He loves good knives. Pays
    over a hundred bucks for a kitchen knife. He got very annoyed some decades back
    when my mother was visiting and she washed his knives. He said she didn't know
    how to properly care for a quality knife. (I know; it's a split infinitive. But I read
    that nowadays writers continue to cheerfully split them, and nobody cares anymore.)
    BTW, He got even madder when she rearranged his kitchenon a different visit.

    Spring, do you have Japanese Iris in Nepal? We have some in bloom. We used to have more,
    but some years back Gordon dug them all up. I dunno why. Anyway, some of them
    survived. They look lovely; also serene.

    Barry, the only baby birds I brought home were those blackbirds. I "rescued" them
    because I found them on the ground. The nests were in really tall pine trees. They
    all died since I knew nothing about taking care of them.

    Gordon has hundreds of cookbooks, but I don't think he has one devoted to garlic.
    Which reminds, do you remember the all garlic diet to lose weight? You don't
    actually lose much, but your friends will stand father away, and that may
    help you look thinner.

    Hugs, Gang

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