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    Rock: I did a search for the whale in a gym/youtube.....zowie. That must have been exciting. Then if you go to the right on youtube you will see more showing a 12 min. 7D hologram in Dubai. My mind can't wrap around this stuff. I honestly have never ever seen a movie wearing the 3D glasses!

    Mikie: Super that the peptide shot is working so quickly. How much is the cost for it? Whatever, it sure seems to help you. Budget it for another one.

    My hip/leg still hurts!!!!! Friday it will be 2 weeks. The last one lasted 3 1/2 weeks. I get really angry at this body! Hope to do some painting today. I NEED to play.

    Julie: How did the visit go? You've gotten VERY quiet for sometime.....everything OK?
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just noticed that the keyboard is acting up again. Rats! It always starts with the shift and space keys not working. I've had gremlins all over me yesterday and today. Coming out of the doc's office, I slipped on the sill step of the double automatic doors and banged up my arm. It tore a big skin flap back and bled all over. Then, I came home and tore up the other arm on a thin piece of cardboard. It takes next to nothing to injure my old lady skin. My mouth is still dry. It seems to work off and on to tease me into thinking my dry mouth is over. Still, it's not as dry as it was before the shot.

    The shelter wanted Nancy to bring the cats out this morning and another neighbor offered to take her. I'm glad cause I don't feel up to it. She evidently talked them out of charging her $150 to leave them there. I ran into another neighbor on my way to the dumpster and we were looking for something to be glad about. We decided on being thankful that we are not smelling smoke. There are fires burning all over FL but, so far, knock on wood, not right here. There was a small one east of us but it was put out quickly.

    Rock, NOAA is in Boulder and I once toured the facility years ago. They had a Cray supercomputer and it took up several floors. We had one where I worked and it had its own air conditioned room. Loved reading you fun pun stuff. It's fun when I'm feeling rough and sitting on my duff. I'm not up to taking any guff. I'd leave in a huff and say, "Enough." Times are tough. That's my Dr. Seuss post for today.

    Sun, we were posting about the same time. The injections do seem to work fast but, sometimes, it's in fits and starts. They are $325 each. I can get another if I think I need it. Already, my arthritis is better and so is the FMS pain, especially in my back. Before the injections, I was walking around here like a hunched over old woman. I'm so sorry you are still in pain. I pray you feel better.

    I'm watching QVC because I'm sick of the news and nothing else is on. They have some Joan Rivers clothes and they keep talking about what Joan would think of their lovely fashions. I think Joan would be spinning in her grave. She loved classis styles. They had an oversized tee top in garish colors with a patch pocket covered in sequins. AAACCCKKK!!! The shill on the show kept saying, "Fabulous," every time they featured another piece. I'm thinking, "Are you blind?" Do they not get what Joan was all about? In all fairness, some of the pieces were cute but I can buy two of them at Bealls for what one costs on the Q. I had hoped to get some fashion ideas but it ain't happening. Ooh, ooh, there is a cute Susan Graver top on but it's basically a tee shirt for $50. If money were no object...

    I laughed at Stephen Colbert last night. He did his confessional where he states that, technically, what he confesses may not be sins but are things he feels bad about doing. He said he's going to keep pouring grease down his drain and then, he's going to move. He said he pets dogs when he has something disgusting on his hands and wants to wipe them off. Laughter really is the best medicine.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope the rest of your day is peachy.

    Love, Mikie
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    another wet day. we are on a roll! temps are cool. and i lost no time getting out and about. woo hoo!

    the streets are very muddy, govt laying down pipes for this and that..but i prefer muddy wet streets and splotchy muddy clothes to hot searing sun on ones back and head.

    Rock - we dont hv much iris. it looks like it would flourish in colder climes. i love the colour violet. my DD once pointed out to a flower in a flower show which looked like iris, but it was not like the one in your pic, it was tall thin and had a smaller flower of white and light violet. she said if i were a flower, that one would be me. i asked her why and she said because its thin and frail looking and simple.

    oh, the no honking rule was not for new year day alone.! its been enforced as a traffic rule. the streets are so quiet. you can only hear the purring of wheels, no beep beep, pwoaaaaaa!! toot toot. payp pay paaayp. the taxi driver who was driving the cab i used said, the metropolitan office enforced it and not the traffic police. he said because the car horn sellers refused to pay the city officials commission on sale of batteries and horns. but i would like to think they wanted a quieter city with less noise pollution.

    Mikie - the town proper never really had anything historical ...the old houses too unsafe to last. the new restaurants are simply replacing ugly old fashioned but modern buildings. just cement boxes. the new look is a vast improvement. one would think one is in europe or america if one saw the restaurants. lovely glass windows letting in lots of light and subtler homey looking wood furniture. i will try and post some pics.

    the new hotels that just got built have retained nepalese architecture, brick and wood carvings etc.

    you didnt need to go and bamg yourself like that...the wound sounded so scary. ive been praying hard for you and all here but maybe its time to birn up karma or something..i myself am puzzled. why such a long stretch of health woes.

    stephen colbert, jimmy fallon, all of them are so funny. !! and the guests some of them too. yesterday i managed to catch a bit of Americas Funniest Videos. they were hilarious. one lady was filming her toddler in the snow, and then their family lab crawls into the camera space sliding on his stomach all paws stretched out...it just passes by the baby as if performing for the camera...and we can hear the lady give a shout of laughter.

    we hv a very good eye clinic started by foreigners not very far from us. they provide free service. the nepalese doctor there was honoured by the govt for services rendered to public. its called Tilganga Hospital. could be the one your doc mentioned.

    sun - i must look up the utube. i saw on tv a place in canada where one can get into a glass contraption dome and fly. it was amazing. but i would love the real thing..to be like a bird and just take off. im sorry you had to endure or experience the effects of alcoholism in your extended family. no one should hv to. one amazing thing about alcoholism is my brother and some other more distant cousins stopped cold turkey, both alcohol and ciggies. of course, my brother is no more, now. but he had a relative 10 years of not drinking or smoking before that. i asked him how and ge said he didnt know. just didnt get the craving. my dad and mum too got off the drinks some ten 15 years before they passed. strange.


    my heaven has a place like this

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    The computer seems to be acting up. I'm going to smudge with sage this morning to drive the gremlins away. My mouth has still been dry but not as dry as before. I'm salivating when I eat. Yesterday, I decided to chew some zingy mint gum to rile my salivary glands up. I was salivating like crazy. In between, though, my mouth does get a bit dry. I feel a bit better and that's a good sign. I can' take my meds until tomorrow and, when I do take them, it should help.

    Nancy took the cats and was impressed by the facility. I guess they take very good care of the animals. They thought Mama Kitty would be adopted because she's so pretty and an unusual color combination. She also very sweet and personable. Nancy can call in two weeks to get an update on her and the kittens. All will be neutered, checked for disease, vaccinated and microchipped. Nancy is exhausted and glad to reclaim her life. I told her what a kind person she is. We consider ourselves family.

    Spring, the new building sounds exciting. I'm glad they are keeping some of the culture in some of the new construction. I'm always impressed by the shiny modern shopping areas in cities but love local influence too. We lost a lot of beautiful old buildings to modernization before cities passed laws to preserve them. Jackie Kennedy was a big influence in NYC. I love the serene pic you posted. Wish you could see the beautiful little cottage in Heaven I dreamed about. Wonder whether we Porchies will get together in Heaven on our Heavenly Porches there. Now, that's something to look forward to. How nice that the streets are quiet. I hate traffic noises and horn honking. San Francisco is such a beautiful place but the traffic noise there is horrible, an assault on the senses.

    Thanks for your prayers. I keep you, and all our Pochies, in mine too. Think I've mentioned that I watch the Long Island Medium on TV. She is amazing. She recently did a reading for a nurse who cares for a NYC cop who was shot and paralyzed from the neck down. He's been living in a wheel chair for about 30 years. It made me ashamed that I whine all the time about how I feel. I can't imagine life like that. I may not have the NRG to do a lot of things, and my condo is always a mess because of that, but at least I can get up and move around. Oh, I'll still whine but I'll feel guilty about it. :rolleyes: Hope your weather stays nice and cool. Ours is warming up but we won't get a lot of rain for another month.

    Rock, think I've mentioned that I lived just up the block from Long's Iris Garden in Boulder. All the yards had beautiful irises. I'm sure some of the bulbs were bought there but it seems that they almost grew wild in the neighborhood. I think the hood was built on old acreage which once grew the irises. I loved looking at them in the fields when they were all blooming. So beautiful. I wonder whether they still grow and sell them. I usually visit Boulder when I go back to CO but don't know when I'll get there again. I think irises rival orchids for being exotic looking.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna go. This nutty computer is no fun today. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Started watching a musical from the 50s. Lullaby of Broadway with Doris Day and
    Gene Nelson. Gene was kinda like Donald O'Connor. Both were as great as Fred Astaire
    or Gene Kelly in my opinion. But Gene was more athletic than the other three. When
    movie musicals pretty much died he took up writing and directing. Directed several films including 2 w/ Elvis.

    Gordon went to his orchid meeting last night. Won a plant in the raffle. Gave it to
    another member. He took some plants to sell on the plant table (cause he has
    duplicates), but nobody was in a buying mood.

    I am happy to report the pain in my head and neck is getting weaker. We are
    attacking it with a 3-fold plan: aspirin, a vibrator, and a sort of horse collar that
    one heats up in the microwave. Although we often think natural things are better
    than artificial, this product says its medibeads are better than seeds, grains, gels,
    herbs, organically treated pellets, etc. because they do not attract bugs, mold
    or bacteria.

    Mike, I looked up NOAA. I thought it might refer to Noah's sign: No Others Allowed
    Aboard. But then I read it stood for

    OK, just got thrown back to page one. Guess I 'll stop here and see if I can get this
    much to post. Uffda!

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not much going on. I decided to rest again today. My dry mouth is getting better (knocking on wood). So, I am hoping the injection is working. It seems to help when I rest a couple of days so the peptides can just do their thing. I feel better overall too. DOF called and he isn't doing well. It's like his mind can't make his legs do what he wants them to. He's finally had enough and is seeing his PCP on Mon. I'm glad; he really needs to know what he's dealing with.

    Rock, sorry the gremlins are messing with you too. I'm glad it's the pain and not your head and neck which are getting weaker. Sometimes a combination of things is greater than the sum of the parts when treating pain. I have one of those horse collars in the freezer. It can be used cold or heated in the microwave to use warm. I hope you can come back to finish your post.

    Amazon and Netflix have new shows so I went through and put some on my watchlist. I don't feel like watching them right now. Blue Bloods is running for several hours so I'm gonna passively watch it. I've seen all the episodes but enjoy watching them again. I think it's been one of the best series on TV. It's been renewed another year, at least. I have a new book on my Kindle but am not interested in reading it. Just feeling like doing nothing.

    I hope our Porchies come around. As always, I'm keeping everydobby in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids
    Just back from the new chiro. That's a different new chiro than the one I reported on a
    few posts back. The one in China Town got alarmed when he heard about my partially
    blocked carotid artery. He said he would not treat me again until I had an angiogram.

    The insurance adjuster unit I supervised in the 70s had dozens of angiogram cases.
    They were all in litigation because the patient had died. Even today the risks are said
    to be very low, but they still include heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, and death.

    So today we saw another new chiro and he was very effective. I feel much better and
    can report he has the warmest hands of any human I've ever met. His fee is $50 per
    visit, but Gordon pointed out that we had been told it was $45 and I was a poor old
    man whose only income was Soc. Sec. The chiro said the fee had gone up with the new
    year, but he would charge us the old rate. On the way home Gordon said, "The
    Chinese like to bargain when shopping." He's pretty good at it too.

    Mikie, Gordon does not watch TV passively. He is frequently knitting, or origaming,
    or eating dinner. He watches a Japanese station frequently; or nature programs; or
    cooking shows; or NCIS.

    I have not tried using the horse collar in the cold mode. Sounds too fierce to me. BTW,
    Iris is the name of an opera as well as a flower. Here is the prelude for chorus and
    orchestra. The brass players get to shine in this number.

    Spring, that ideal landscape you posted looks very English to me. Eighteenth century
    maybe. Speaking of quitting cold turkey, do they have a whiskey with the brand name
    of Wild Turkey in Nepal? It's a type of bourbon. Made in Kentucky. Do you know the difference between whiskey and bourbon? Neither do I.

    Sun, I'll have to go back and look for that 3D video from Dubai. Nowadays one can
    see 3 D on TV and Youtube; no glasses required. I frequently don't even notice the
    3 D effect until there's a dramatic display of same.

    I know whatcha mean about getting mad. I get so mad at my failing body and brain
    I'd like to punch them in the nose some days. Up and down the steps all day 'cause I
    can never remember what to carry with me.

    Barry, happy to hear the new cat is a winner. I get more affection from our succulents
    than from that ornery cat I feed. But previous cats, even the wild ones, generally
    warmed up in a hurry and were happy to come in the house for a nap. I always gave
    them something to lie on. A dish towel, a newspaper. One time I saw a napping cat
    using a shoe for a pillow.

    Hugs, Rock

    Sun, I saw the amazing video from Dubai. Folks, wanna take a far out trip
    w/o smoking anything? Look for
    7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai !!
    on Youtube. It is amazing. Warning. If you're wearing earphones,
    turn them down.

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Yesterday, an automatic program scanned my computer and cleaned up some problems. Only thing is that it appears to have caused another problem. I usually just let the default search engine work. This morning, it isn't working at all so I'm using Firefox. I actually like it better and may make it the default. At least, the keyboard seems to be working better (knock on wood).

    I'm able to take my meds and supps today so have already taken my potassium citrate with a full glass of water. Don't want those kidney stones returning. It'll be nice to get back on my pregnenalone too. Without it, I feel hot 'n sweaty. My menopause symptoms aren't severe but I like it better when I have no symptoms. My dry mouth is much better but comes back a bit here and there. Same with arthritis pain in my fingers and wrists. The index finger on my left hand is twisting toward my middle finger. Whine, whine, whine!

    Rock, glad you got help from the new doc. I can't bargain with my PCP because it costs me nothing to see him. Sometimes, that's all he's worth. On the other hand, he does have the peptide injections. Have you seen the cardio doc yet? Hope all is well. I've used the horse collar cold only for headaches and I don't often have headaches. When I do, it's usually sinus related. When I say I'm watching TV passively, it means I just sit, or lie down, and watch. It's passive because it's just easy stuff. Other programs require that I think about what's being presented. When I went back to college, I always studied and read with the TV on. I've done that for years and, only recently, have started to watch while doing nothing else. I've been too sick to care about reading much or doing anything else while watching.

    A few years back, both Barb and I had colds which hung on seemingly forever. After awhile, we were no longer really sick but were tired of doing nothing. So, we went to Michael's and bought some cotton yarn. We knitted little potholders which look like slices of lime and orange. I still have them. Doing that seemed to bring us out of our doldrums because it was an activity we don't usually do. The potholders were small projects which didn't get boring before we could finish them. What does Gordon crochet besides scarfs? Did you post that he makes the fingerless gloves? Can't remember.

    Sorry the little B&W kitty is so indifferent to you. Hang in there; at a higher level, you are doing God's work.
    Maybe y'all would like to rescue an adult cat from the shelter, one which would return the affection. It was really hard for me when I had both cats but, with the evil Tweety living with Jeff, it's easier to care for just SV. He's very affectionate most of the time.

    One of the good things I've noticed with the peptide injections is that I again feel interested in life and not like hiding from it. I shouldn't wait so long to get an injection. When I've been so run down for so long, I lose interest in most everything. It's not just physically feeling like hammered crap but mentally checking out which feels so horrible. It doesn't help when I turn on the news and it's almost all bad, really bad. That just makes me want to hide away and never come back out. I've always been interested in so many things that feeling like this is basically alien to me. It feels good to feel more like myself now.

    Gonna get in the shower and get ready to go out if I still feel up to it. Sometimes, a shower and blowing out my hair is all I can deal with. I hope everydobby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning from the redwood coast. Grey again.

    Mikie, I'm glad that the peptide injections are making you a tad better. As for the news programs on the telly, I agree with you 1000% (if that's possible). Even PBS newshour depresses me. We don't watch any series at the moment. Or any Faux News.

    Rock, speaking of telly, what is this NCIS program you watch? I ain't seen it. I'm a bit under the psych. weather at this time; spend most of the time reading.... Just like I did when I was a child, a kid, an adolescent, and now.... Yeah, Sylvie is a real sweety. She got her stitches out y-day. Vaccinations next week. $ well spent!

    Spring, your lovely picture flew me home to the land of my birth. It looks like one of the lanes I used to saunter along as a kid, looking for butterflies and flowers. Near a village called Inkpen near where I used to live in the country. Days of innocence and nonsense....

    My local pharmacy (the next one is about 50 miles away) stopped taking my rx plan. So now I,ve switched to OptumRX. Three months of meds sent out at once every three months. No pay. Saves me a bundle! I hope it works out alright.

    Sun, are you SURE it was a Xantu's? One did nest in Ventura (I think) once, but the eggs never hatched. Where do you get your bird id info from? I use several books, primarily Birds of North America which has pics and distribution maps. In your part of Ca there are several species that are not found in my region. We have only three where I live, the Anna's, Allen's, and Rufous. In the Mountains to the east are White Chinned and Calliope H-birds. I''ve never seen those ones.

    I am missing so many porchies. Star,Diane, Lin, and, and, and....

    Love to All,
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  10. sunflowergirl

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    Spring: That looks like some country areas around where my DD lives. Very peaceful with cattle roaming over the hills, coyotes, deer, some roadrunners , rattlesnakes and even an occasional tarantulla. Saw one on the road as I was driving over to their house and had to stop to get a closer look, but not too close.

    Barry: I'm NOT sure that's the variety of hummingbird I saw. I did a search for california hummingbirds online. Now it could be a female rufous? The back of it looked almost avocado green and the chest was pale orange. Like I read about the rufous, very aggressive. It had poked the little one who flew away from the flower.

    There is a neighbor who watches them.....apparently has a huge amount of feeders hung. I should contact her.

    Cute name: Inkpen. England has such wonderful names for their villages.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I did manage to shower and blow my hair out. Then, I went to Target to look at knit tops. I found a nice boat neck knit top in white with small navy stripes. Very classic looking. I have enough everyday tee shirts but, when I want to look better than a bum, I like something a step up from my tee shirts. I also found a pair of leather sandals in brown. They are also very classic; they look like the ones Bass has sold for years. They go with most everything. Had they had them in navy, I'd have bought another pair. I love navy and don't know why I don't have more of it. I also picked up a few groceries at Target. I love the whole grain bread they sell with all kinds of seeds in it. Finally, I got the cutest black wire basket with wood handles. I've needed a new magazine rack and had thought I'd get a woven basket. This little wire basket looks just like something on Fixer Upper. The cashier at Target told me she heard a rumor that Joanna on the show is preggers. OMG! They have four kids now. They do seem to really enjoy their family on the farm.

    It's sprinkling outside and I hope it turns into a nice big gully washer. When I was out, I smelled the big fire burning about 35 miles south of us in Naples. People have had to evacuate. At Naples, I-75 turns east to go over to West Palm Beach and Lauderdale. It's called, Alligator Alley. Traffic was backed up for miles. I feel so sorry for everyone who is in harm's way from all these fires. We desperately need rain. We have fires in the summer even when it rains every day. The lightning usually starts them. Even with all that rain, there is dead undergrowth on unimproved land.

    , so good to see you posting. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I'm glad Sylvie is doing so well. SV was lying along side of me on the sofa. When I looked down, he was looking at me upside down and giving me a love look. It was soooo cute. I use Optum Rx and was very skeptical before I used them. They are very organized and it has gone perfectly (knocking on wood). I also have no co-pays for my meds and I like getting a 90-day supply at a time. I also like the name, Inkpen. Hope you feel better and am wishing blue skies for you.

    Sun, coyotes, roadrunners and snakes, oh my! Good to see you posting. Just wish you could stay longer. What are you doing these days?

    Can barely keep my eyes open, even with eight hours of sleep last night. Think I hear Morpheus calling my name. Zzzzzzzzz...

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I am back but wanted to know all went well. I have to go to singing practice today which is a nice break from all the many washes I have done today. I did most of the unpacking yesterday.

    Glad things seems to vou doing pretty well with you all in the swoosh reading I have just done. Haven't been on the computer much at all today. Will try and get back later, and some tomorrow. Just trying to play catch up if you know what I ean.

    Sorry but I have to run now.

    ROCK - Thanks for the lovely flower pic you sent.

    Love you all
    Granni :)
  14. kellybrooks

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    Hey Rockgor, I will surely going to watch Whale in a gym.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kelly

    Welcome to the Board. Did you see the whale yet? I had forgotten all about it.

    The Pro-health Board has various forums where folks can discuss various problems.
    The Porch is modeled after the houses that had front porches in a time when life
    was slower and simpler. I can remember my aunt and uncle sitting on their large
    porch after supper. Folks in our village would stroll by. Stop and chat. Maybe sit
    down for lemonade or coffee.

    Same idea here. A lot of us don't get out much anymore so we do much of our socializing
    here. In the 13 years since the porch was started we've had over 31,000 posts on over
    900 threads.

    You already know how to post. At the top of the box where you write your message, are
    various letters and symbols. You can change the font, use Italics, add color or icons, etc.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me or Mikie, our Moderator, or anybody. Some
    of our members post almost every day. Some less often because of health or computer
    problems. We have some members in foreign countries, all fluent in English. Stop by,
    pull up a comfortable chair, and post whenever you like.



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