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  1. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Friends,

    I'll be right back after I close out the old Porch. Ah, there we go, a new Porch. I just wish more of our Porchies were here. Hope everydobby is doing well.

    It's pouring rain! Woo Hoo! I don't know how the fire is doing south of us but, as of last night, they had evacuated 6,000 bldgs./homes. I was just expecting one of the lame little rains we've been getting but this is a bigger storm and is dumping lots more water. We were desperate for it. Of course, it won't help the drought much but it is a step in the right direction. It's a real blessing for which I've been praying. Also, it's a nice cool temp right now--70 degrees.

    Now, if only the saliva would pour into my mouth... It's better but usually, by bedtime, my mouth is again dry. It leaves a horrible taste. AACCKK!!! I hope this slight improvement is not the best it's gonna get. Since I have gotten a bit better, I know it's working somewhat. If it's not a lot better, I'll get another injection.

    Since y'all are interested in the holograms, thought I'd share what I watched on Innovation Nation. It's a Sat. show for kids with all kinds of interesting topics. It's great for curious adults too. There is a company called Obscura Digital which projects pictures or videos onto walls and bldgs. They showed people walking through a lobby where one wall looked like a waterfall splashing down. Pretty soon, I don't think we'll be satisfied with reality. We'll want enhanced virtual reality superimposed over everything we see. Pokey Mon is to VR what Pac Man was to today's gaming.

    Rock and Sun, do y'all recall the Sunshine State Killer? I'd never even heard of him until I watched 48 Hours. Even with DNA from his old crimes, they've never caught him. That must have been a very scary time. He's either no longer active or he's gotten more clever at covering up his crimes. I think he started about 40 years ago so he isn't a young man anymore. The cold case has been reopened.

    My newspaper hasn't arrived yet. I feel sorry for the paper delivery folks. It can't be fun out in this rain.

    Well, Kids, I'm gonna go answer an IM. I'll be back later or tomorrow. Hope everydobby is having a nice weekend. Star, Linda, Julie and all our other MIA's, I hope you are OK. Even if y'all can stay, please pop in to let us know you are OK.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for putting out the welcome mat, Mikie. You get so much done in spite of your
    ailments. You must have been a whirling dervish when you were healthy.

    No, I never heard of the Sunshine State Serial Killer. Maybe he can't be caught
    because he went to a plastic surgeon and had his DNA changed. I've been watching
    some programs that dramatize real crimes. In some cases, with new developments
    in forensic science, they've been able to solve crimes that are decades old.

    Glad to hear you found some new tops at Target. Are they the kinda tops that kids used
    to play with? Or something you wear on your head? Maybe a turban, or a beanie?
    (I read that in the UK and Australia a beanie is referred to as a toque. That right
    Barry? How many do you have?)

    Barry, in answer to your question, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative
    Services. It is a cops-forensic show only the cops are part of the Navy. It has been
    on TV for about 14 years. An article some months back said it is currently the most
    popular TV show in the world. It has a cast of interesting characters, snappy
    dialogue, often a surprise ending and some forensic science that verges on magic.

    Kids, I looked up Inkpen. (Barry's home town.) You can see more pics if you search
    for "Inkpen, England, images".
    Here's one.

    The is place is even smaller than my home town. People were living in that area thousands
    of years ago. The village is over a thousand years old. The church was built in the 13th
    century. (Barry, kindly add or correct as necessary.)

    We have two chores on our calendar today. Laundry and pruning the plumeria tree.
    With regard to the pruning, Gordon's job is to climb the ladder and do the snipping.
    My job is to pick up fallen branches (and Gordon if necessary).

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Hmmm. Mr Font doesn't seem to want to work on some of these paragraphs.
    Maybe I should call Mr Goodwrench.
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, glad you found the new Porch. Thanks for posting the pic of Inkpen. It looks soooo charming. I'm not a whirling dervish but I did find some sandals at Target with a Bollywood flair. They made me want to spin around and dance. Unfortunately, my feet are thin without much arch so many shoes don't fit. I couldn't keep those sandals on my feet. I don't feel as though I get anything done. I remember back when I worked all day, took a flying lesson after work and went home and baked cookies for a party at work the next day. Glad I made hay while the sun shone because I'm not making any now. Oh well, I make a good lazy person. I'm sitting on the sofa watching reruns of The Long Island Medium. She just did a reading for a friend of Rosie O'Donnell's. Rosie looks sooooo good. We don't prune our plumeria trees here. As it is, they are just sparse sticks with leaves on them. Ours are blooming right now and I'm enjoying them. We have pink, yellow and white blooms.

    I'm surprised that y'all living in CA aren't familiar with the Sunshine State Killer. He killed so many people from north to south. That was back in the 70's and 80's before everything made news worldwide instantly. He was very brutal and seemed to enjoy shocking people. The cops believe he was taunting them. Perhaps if they had NCIS, they would have solved the murders in Abby's crime lab. I love that show and wish Michael Weatherly hadn't left. I think Bull is a big bore and I don't like the character he plays. I also don't like his scruffy look. NCIS is one of my favorite shows, along with Blue Bloods. I'm watching the third season of Bosch but I can't remember his 'secret' so need to go back to watch the other seasons. Ugh! I'm not up to it.

    Joe called earlier. Barb just called and it was so good to hear her sound so happy and friendly. Her granddaughter is expecting her third child, another great grandchild for Barb. It still seems a miracle that she made a turn for the good and I'm so grateful. I actually miss her. We used to have a lot of fun together.

    Not much else to tell. Again, I hope all our Prochies are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  4. bct

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    Computer problems today ---me. R fixed it finally, after I had a panic attack!

    Glad for your rain Mikie!

    Rock: beanie and toque , no. In England we call them caps, or watchmens caps. I have several that I wear at times, knitted by a friend of mum's donkey's years ago, maybe in 1960. They are wool, I like them but Richard finds them "scratchy".
    No, Inkpen is not my home town, I just lived there for five yrs. My home town is Dunstable, in the county of Bedfordshire. Only lived there for the first two years of my life, and then to the promised land of USA. And moved back and forth, to and fro, until my dad retired from the military and we moved to Calif. A kinda disturbin' life for a sensitive young chap with no siblings.

    Maybe we'll try NCIS, as it's so popular. Last night we watched a movie, The FBI Story, 1959, James Stewart. Pretty good.

    Well I started late this morn, so my post is short.

    Best Wishes to All.
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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    thanks for opening the new porch, Mikie.

    im glad you are having rain. here its been raining every day. a bonus for the plants, shrubs. i wish we had shows like long island medium. i hv several books about mediums. i gave away one, to someone who is doing mediumship studies, becauseapparently when she was doing an Angels course, the clairvoyant there told her she had it in her. she left for a while because of getting overwhelmed but i think she went back. im not so sure what what it entails because i really want to become strong before i delve into those things, if ever.

    perforce, i use angels cards and white light and some other things just to keep myself safe. but not really going to get involved in crystals and spirits and astral travel etc. someone i knew seems to hv an affinity for those, she even went to some crstallyne place during a group meditation. fascinating stuff.

    Rock - thats such a picturesque village! Inkpen. how did the name come by? i wonder. ink, pen.

    Pineedle. Waterpot. Baghandle. Just trying out some names. but they dont sound as quaint and alluring as Inkpen.

    the picture was indeed of a countryside walk in Ye Old England. Tra la la la la! your post made made me LOL. about Sunshine state killer doing plastic surgery. they should send a clairvoyant after him. he can change his outer appearance all he wants.

    my computers layout is changing with every press of the button. ho!

    Barry - must have been unsettling to have to move around so much in your childhood. we had a student in school whose dad an Indian captain in the army who was posted to our little sleepy hillstation. His son joined up in grade IX. rather bright boy. he was made a prefect immediately the next year. his family opened a bed and breakfast in our town when the captain retired. i guess he fell in love with the slow pace and countryside.

    a classmate of his joined where i was working years later here at the hotel, we got to reminiscing about school,and he disclosed that when the new boy prefect tried to point out a breach in discipline, the next day, the boy who joined me at work and his friend ganged up and beat him up. i asked him what did he do, he said, he didnt do anything. such is life.

    our family had to attend the opening of a restaurant in a hotel which a family relative has opened. i missed the actual opening of the hotel. so thus time, i went. all the cousins and many more were there so it was fun. we got a tour of the whole place. they have this lovely presidential suite looking over the whole valley. it was done up so well in muted earth colours, using simple dark wood. my husbands cousin who did architecture in minnesota was supposed to hv helped do the interior but pulled put when she found too manycooks wanted to cook the broth. they are four brother and the brothers hv sons and everyone had their own opinion. whatever it was, it turned out lovely.

    i go in that area of town, its a very touristy area, very often and had no idea there were so many very lovely restaurants tucked away. its a ways in from the main roads and the approach road is horribly small. but kudos to them for doing something new. they had a piece of land from donkeys years and when the family carpet business didnt do well, they have turned to this.
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I'm up early. I got up about 3:30 when I couldn't get back to sleep. I have a sinus headache and the randy frogs are thrumming their love songs. Not a comforting sound but then, I'm not a frog. I sprayed my nose with some Nasacort and am drinking a nice hot cup of coffee. It's cool out so had to put on my softy-wafty robe. SV was very sweet. Even after I got up to pee earlier, he didn't try to rile me up. He was hungry for some love so I picked him up and cuddled him in the kitchen. I think I got a fungal infection in my mouth when it was so dry. I'm going to be rinsing with colloidal silver. My tongue is wearing a coat thicker than my robe. AAACCCKKK!!!

    Barry, sorry the computer is acting up. Good thing Richard was able to fix it. It must be hard to move around a lot as a kid. My SIL's Dad was in the air force and they moved a lot. On the other hand, living in so many places has made him a man who is comfortable pretty much anywhere. Thanks for your good thoughts for our rain. It has helped get the fires under control. I texted my kids that I was not in harm's way. One DD was unaware of the fires. Doh! They are not big on watching TV and don't read newspapers. I couldn't live that way but, perhaps if I did, life would be more pleasant. Hope your computer cooperates.

    Spring, how nice to see all the cousins. Guess so many cooks didn't spoil the hotel. It sounds lovely. It also sounds as though things may be booming in Nepal. I hope things continue to go well for everyone there as that EQ was horrible. Y'all deserve better times.

    Well, Kids, I'm off to take my potassium citrate capsules with a nice big glass of water. Then, I'll read the paper online. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon just got back from visiting an orchid club member. He wanted her thoughts
    on reading knitting charts. The knitting instructions he follows are written with words.
    A "chart" looks like a graph. He also took her a plant. I couldn't follow knitting instructions
    in any form. He said Linda started off with, "You use three needles. Divide 8 stitches
    evenly on them." After that I was hopelessly lost.

    Spring, if you want to know about the origin of Inkpen's name check out Wikipedia.
    I couldn't make too much sense of it myself. Wikipedia also has an article on Charles
    Schultz, the creator of the comic strip Peanuts. One of the characters was named Pigpen.
    Charles was from Minnesota. He used to work a few blocks from my office in Minneapolis.
    I once saw the real life Lucy walking down the street. She was a coworker of Charles
    aka Sparkie.

    Barry, I bet you look stunning in your toque. A "toque" by any other name etc."
    (I'm quoting some obscure Renaissance writer.) I read toque rhymes with choke
    with rhymes with the croc-us you have in your neighborhood, I believe. Saw the FBI
    Story when it was new. Jimmy Stewart was a superstar, and Vera Miles was a
    regular star, and my son and I used to catch starfish on the beach in Ventura, CA.

    Mikie, Gordon spoke of you this morning. We were in the living room when The
    Golden Girls came on. As the Plane flew over Miami (in the opening of every episode),
    Gordon said, "They're now flying over Mikie." I explained to him that actually you
    don't live in Miami. You live in the everglades and raise alligators. I told him the
    biggest one was Sir Vester 'cause he has a bullet proof vest. "Both males and female
    alligators have an "armored" body with a muscular, flat tail. The skin on their
    back is armored with embedded bony plates called osteoderms or scutes."

    Well, time for me to scoot. See ya later, alligators.

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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    me loves that purple..is that a crocus? i guess God put flowers onto earth so we could bear our travails better. he also made them free. foreseeing how expensive just existing would become.

    We have been having the first mangies of da season. look at the typo. i sound like a regular badass. however they were very bland. as the summer wears on, the mangoes will get more and more flavoursome and the little fruit stalls all,over the city will start bursting with mangirs of every hue and fragrance. im leaving the typos as they are because they seem to make life a little more exciting.

    Tomorrow is Mothers Day. people take gifts to their moms. and those whose mothers hv passed away they visit some holy place and light flowers and do a small ritual for the peace of that soul. the normal sweetmeat shops up their game and put out a larger variety of sweets to sell. Tomorrow is also New Moon. New Moon and Full Moon are the most active months for priests. any activity having to do with spiritual and religious ceremonies are said to be more powerful then.
    New Moon is also when voo doo people try and do their no good because thats when its strongest. some butchers here dont sell meat on that day. good to put on a armour then like alligators do, but of Gods white light and purple and decree no one except yourself can modify or dismantle it. some,like to decree it will allow negative and dirty energy to pass out. well thats what the angel practitioners and spiritualists do.

    I remember laughing a lot at the Golden girls. im smiling right now as i picture them. we get an indian tv series similar to NCIS or NYPD. its based on real life cases and is running on its 18th season. !! its kind of wholesonme in the sense its no nonsense and they dont show anything parents dont want their kids to see, i mean lovemaking and nudity kind. most of our indian tv serials which are top rated are serials which are based on tensions and warfare between mother in law and daughter in law and the husbands getting stuck in between. it resonates with the women here, their prime audience, because most still live in jount families or at least have very close ties to their spouses family.

    my story is different, my MIL targeted me and my husband and didnt leave the kids either. husband being step son. and her mode of attack was a little different and sinister.

    i gave all the doggies toast with butter on them for brekky. one daintily licked off all the butter first before attacking the toast proper.

    the easterlilies i loved which filled the hills in my childhood hometown, are growing in a pot or pots..the rain battered them, theyre very delicate but a new army of buds have taken their place quite determined to take their place in the sun.

    have a good day all.

    God Bless

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  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Wow, slept til 6:30 with a few interruptions from SV, tapping me with his paw in the hopes I'd get up. It used to upset me but now, I just tell him to go back to sleep and he does. He's gone from being a bit of a pain in the neck to a blessing for which I'm grateful every day. I hadn't wanted pets in years, since my old cat died nearly 20 years ago, but I guess God figured I needed a fuzzy little prankster to get me up in the morning. I started watching DWTS last night but fell asleep. I was feeling really sick. I think the colloidal silver is helping with whatever nasty thing is going on with my mouth. The fuzzy coat on my tongue is better and I am able to salivate pretty well. This has given me headaches and I feel lousy. Whine, whine, whine!

    Rock, I saw a special on giant armadillos in Brazil on PBS. They have the armor plates which protect them. Funny thing is that they dig huge burrows which can reach 20 feel into the ground. When they go out to feed at night, other animals use the borrows like a hotel. A mama anteater left her baby there so she could go feed. The armadillos tear termite hills down and, when they are through feeding, other animals come by to feed on the exposed termites. So, these big armadillos are providing shelter and food for many other species. There were animals I've never seen there. SV loves these shows when they catch his attention. Barb laughed when I told her that he lies in bed watching TV. She said she's been watching videos of kittens and puppies; no wonder she's happier.

    My SIL once told me he flew over Ft. Myers in his landing at Miami. I told him we are just one big landing pattern down here. It's fun to land here in FM and see the coastline and all the little islands offshore. FL is an amazing and exotic place. I'm with Gordon when it comes to figuring out knitting and crochet patterns, either written or diagramed. I'm having more and more trouble figuring out charts and patterns of any kind. It never came easily for me to begin with. What is Gordon knitting now? I don't have to go to the Everglades to see alligators. There are some over in the park across the street and many golf courses have one. I wonder whether the gators come out to play golf at night. Do they belong to the AGA instead of the PGA? These are serious questions that I ponder.

    Spring, we have mangoes all year long but they fluctuate in price and, yes, the flavor changes too. I love them--sooo juicy and sweet. Mmmmmm, I'm drooling now. People think FL is only good for the winter months but there is a lot to love down here in the summertime. The Snowbird traffic is gone, the nights are warm and soft and one can get into movies and restaurants without the crowds. I love the abundance of melons this time of year. I wait all year for the King Of The West honeydo melons. They are sweet as candy. I invoke light to protect myself and I also smudge with the white sage. It's gotten so expensive online. I need to find a local source of it. I am forever grateful for you suggestion to use the salt water. It got me though the ugly times when Barb was attacking me. I would go over in front of her door with the smudge to try to protect her from whatever bad energy was attacking her. The Long Island Medium smudges before her readings.

    My MIL and I didn't get along. Both she and my FIL played favorites with their kids, pitting them against one another. I don't like head games and especially not when they involve family. I think one of the nice things about passing is that people on the other side are more interested in love and helping one another and not the petty stuff that goes on here. The author of the book on listening to God said that if only we could feel God's love fully, it would melt our hearts. I love that phrase--melt our hearts. I pray for God to soften my heart; it's so easy to acquire a cold, hard heart in this world. Maybe I should watch videos of kittens and puppies--babies too. Can't wait to see DD's SIL's and BIL's baby at Thanksgiving. I hope nothing keeps them from the family holiday in TX. The baby will be four months old.

    OK, Kids, y'all know the drill. I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Bealls is having 15 percent off for Senior Day and a $10 off $25 spent coupon. I am taking the top back that I got at Target. It looked great on the shelf but not so much on the body. Perhaps those more expensive ones on QVC are worth the price. I could order one to see and send it back if I don't like it. No hurry, though, because I'm not going anywhere until I feel better. I need to go get my labwork done and my mammo and Dexascan but I never seem to feel up to doing it.

    The sun has moved further north and comes in at interesting angles through the sliders in the morning. It feels happy. Since the rains this week, everything looks greener and the sky is a beautiful blue. It helps me feel better. The fountain in the pond causes ripples in the water and the sun throws amazing patterns against the partially closed vertical blinds and on the ceiling. In the afternoons, there is a rainbow in the fountain. When the wind blows, it's like looking at the northern lights. I take my serenity where I can find it. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    G'day folks.
    Sorry I haven't been in.
    Strange thing is though,every so often,when I was able,I'd try logging on and simply couldn't!
    Aside from basic 'error' messages, I've discovered today that I can't get in on the main computer
    (something about the server) , but for some reason could on my mobile,using stand alone data(not the wifi).
    Any of you computer buffs know why that is?
    I've also had to get a new password and all that jazz,just trying to get on board...

    Anyway, personally am going through a bit of a rough patch-head is pounding & everything hurts. To put it plainly.
    We finally have this house on the market and because I went to great lengths to declutter and stage, it looks great.
    - or rather looked great for pics(past tense) and will look great again when I put it all back together prior to an inspection.
    It's just so difficult to try and actually live here with 3 Treasures and expect them to pick up after themselves-
    DH doesn't even do that!
    Refuse to get worked up.
    Probably a lot to do with the way I've just crashed , I guess...
    Stressing out big time.
    It takes me ages ,when I'm feeling ok-ish, just to get the main things back together.
    Grr. This wretched body.
    Nagging doesn't seem to help.
    I wonder what's worse? Terrible twos or teenagers?

    On the up side,
    Been really good catching up and reading about you all.
    Have missed yas.
    Yes Mikie, as you said in a previous post, this is def a place of healing.
    And venting.
    Yeah. Sorry bout that
    Thanks guys. Yous are the best :)

    Pouring buckets here and still the garden under the eves remains dry...
    I bought a peace lily the other day for some indoor greenery and managed to get six or seven separate plants/pots out of it.
    Made my day.
    Or week.

    I wish you all well,where ever you may be-visiting, out and about or home.
    Until next time.
    Take care and sweet dreams,
    from this side of the Planet.
    Catch yas
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    The gremlins seem to be alive and well. Granni is back and posted on the closed Porch. I tried to copy and paste it here and it didn't work. She said she'll be back to post again. I watched a news program I had recorded and it didn't come out in HD and the screen was stretched widthwise. Not a huge problem but definitely gremlins at work. About 1:30 this morning, someone's car alarm went off. I got up and turned mine off but it wasn't mine. The guy downstairs did the same. I had a problem getting back to sleep so read for a bit. The light in our carport goes on when someone enters so, if someone were messing with a car under there, the light, along with the alarm, would have scared him off. We haven't had much in the way of crime here (knocking on wood).

    My life continues uninterrupted with anything interesting. The dry mouth and thrush continue off and on. I've been rinsing with Himalayan salt water, a treatment I found online. It has helped. So has swishing and swallowing the colloidal silver. I need to pick up a new bottle of it. I'm trying not to eat sugar to feed the thrush.

    Star, soooo glad to see you here. Yes, PH had a server problem but it has been fixed. I'm sorry you had problems logging in. When my kids were teens, neither they nor their father picked up after themselves. I put things on the stair landing and they had that day to put it away. If they didn't, it went into a bag in the basement to be donated to a charity at some point. Usually just having to dig things out of the bag was enough to get them to put their things away. My ex never put his tools away and once, when he left his socket set out, I put it in the bag after its limbo on the landing. I didn't get the lid shut tight and the sockets got mixed in with all the other stuff in the bag. He was furious. I thought my method was perfectly reasonable.

    The saga of the socket set wasn't over. He left it on the back of his car. When DD asked if she could borrow his car, he said yes, forgetting about the socket set. About half a mile away, it fell off the car, scattering all over the road. She came home and told him about it and he was up on that road running in and out of traffic gathering his sockets. We still laugh about it. I'm sorry you have been in a rough patch. I have too and I empathize with you, especially since you still have a family to care for. All I have to worry about is SV and me. Hope you feel better.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here to go read the real newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Just got back from the store. It's so hard to shop when I'm not feeling well. It's also hard not to waste food. I've been hungry for protein so got two beautiful pork chops on sale. I also picked up the mail. I got my new mortgate stmt. Every year, my ARM on the condo is figured for the year. Rates have dropped so much that my payment fell $40 a month. That's a lot considering how tiny my mortgage is. I already pay extra on the principle to get it paid off in another 2 1/2 years. I'll just let this new low payment ride and do a balloon payment to make up the small difference. I can't wait to get it paid off.

    It exhausted me to go out but I'm not bedridden over it. The thrush is better and I'm thankful for that. It was such a beautiful morning out. Everything smelled fresh and clean. It won't be long before the mornings feel soggy and the air smells like wet weeds. SV is enjoying himself out on the lanai often these days.

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi. Star! Good to see you. I sure hope positively for you guys to sell your home quickly. From what I've heard from others, it's soooo hard to continually keep the house looking spiffy and tidy never knowing when someone will want to come look. Do realtors hold open houses out there like they do here.....open house for about 4 hrs. On a specified day and time and lots of lookie loos come poke around. My SIL's sister and family have had their huge home on the market for a year off and on. I think there have been at least 12-15 open houses and that's hard. We were all at her home on Easter, about 40 of us, and the house was being shown the next day so we all pitched in a cleaned up her large kitchen....I did her huge granite counter tops, cleaning of spills and polishing them to shine.

    Mikie: You need a change of scenery! Even if you can't work out in the pool why not just take a book and sit by the pool and read. Or take a little drawing paper and pencil and sketch. Something different from your usual habit. Too much TV can really make one depressed.

    My handyman was over all day yesterday, painting the cottage cheese ceiling.....rolling it on (didn't want spray). But thankfully that's done now I've got my faux painting walls staring at me. He had removed an old intercom on one wall, so did the sanding yesterday from when he patched it last week. Slowly but surely my house is getting cleaned up. I really hope to spend a little time sponging the patched area today, trying to match it the best I can. My walls are a combo of several shades of beige plus some light green and a little peach added into the mix. Of course I did it at least 8 or more years ago so it should be a bit of a challenge.

    He will return next wednesday to do more for me, including some baseboard painting and steam cleaning two bathrooms so the floor grout will look better. I bought the steam cleaner almost a year ago specifically for the floor grout but it's just sooooo darn hard to get on the floor and work. I asked him if he would be OK with doing some cleaning....being a handyman he likes working with wood, but he said he could see I needed his help. And he's so easy to be around so this is working out good for both of us. Last week he moved an old camel back trunk to the garage. I'm going to put an ad in a local paper, hoping I can sell some trunks stored out in the garage. I used to buy them cheap at garage sales then my DH restored some of them, but I don't need the or want them anymore.

    My sciatic is still screaming at me, so I've been trying to ignore it, whimpering a little from time to time. Friday it will be 3 weeks since I did a # on me.

    Barry: I've got a nest of doves on a bedroom patio roof, under some branches. Sometimes the parents will fly out and scare the heck out of me with the sound of their beating wings. Two days ago there were 2 little doves walking all over my patio, so I guess they've hatched.
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  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. A very short post.
    Power off all day y-day. Blah. Finally back on in mid-evening. Rainy and grey. Y-day and today.
    Good News! Sunny for the next few days, temps up to 78! Hope I can bear it.

    Yeah Mikie; Richard fixed the computer by pushing one button! I was disconnected to the wi-fi, how I don't know. Obviously I had gone on a button-pushing rampage....

    Rock, very interesting that picture of a crocus. Were you referencing the crocus field near Inkpen. Supposedly saffron; I've never seen it. Introduced a long time ago and now is protected. I lived close to Kintbury too, which is close to Inkpen. I lived midway between the two villages, in and old house in the country. I was able to meet Anthony Thorne,s son, who was my age. Mr. Thorne was a movie writer who wrote four movies, I think. The Baby and the Battleship was one of them. Their house was down a lane; it was huge. That had a grape greenhouse, and a veggie greenhouse. They also had a home in the Scilly Isles.

    Oh gosh! Mangoes!!!! I can't wait until we get some again. We like best the Ataulfo mango. Also called honey mango and champagne mango. The very best. So far. I love preparing them -- a lot of fun!

    Mikie: Did Barb ever see you smudging? Maybe she thought you were a witch casting spells on her. White Sage grows wild here (the smudging kind) and is sometimes sold in bunches (sticks) for smudging by the roadside.

    Sun, doves, a sign of peace... Very good. Sounds like you are getting a heck of a lot done. Wish I were....

    Star, I am so glad you posted. Are you going to be moving very far from where you are now? What a chore to move anywhere.

    The Japanese Flowering Cherry (clusters of pink-white very double flowers) is in full bloom now. I have to bow my head before I get to the house, the branches are so heavy in this wet weather....

    Richard calls me for lunch -- lentil/andouille/carrot soup.

    Love to All.

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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry;. Your flowering cherry sounds wonderful! Too bad all those flowering trees only last a few weeks. The little town I live in has flowering trees on practically all the streets. I missed the peak of them when I was on my trip, but did get to enjoy them a little. So pretty every spring with the pink and chartreuse everywhere. Enjoy Richard's soup. When does he leave? Is he cooking things for you to eat, putting it in the freezer, or can you cook for yourself? I know you've mentioned how lonely you get while he's gone but at least you've now got your little kitty who loves you and the time will pass quickly.

    I also love mangoes. The smaller ones are called Manila mangoes in our area so I figured they came from the Phillapines but surprise, they're from Mexico. Here's a link:


    I took a short break from sponge painting my wall and talked to my gardener. I showed him my little brick path I'm working on...pulling up bricks I had put down years ago and reworking them. Trying to get as little dirt showing anymore, basically a little meandering path around my garden. He asked if I wanted more FREE bricks....yes! Said one of his customers was pulling down a brick wall and he said he would bring some to me every week. Sounds good to me. As much as I have sciatic pain my garden STILL calls out to me. Actually I think the movement is good to help loosen things up because I feel much better by the afternoon.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I am alive and well, I think dear Porchies. I posted a short one yesterday and MIKIE closed it . I am guessing that we were posting at the same time. I will try and post a good one later on or tomorrow. Had a luncheon today and I have been pooped and on the computer almost since I got home.

    I had a very nice time in Tuscon but it surely was warm there, 100 degree one day. I don't not care if it is a drier heat but heat is heat esp when in the sun and outside trying to do some sightseeing and climbing up some of the mountain trails to see stuff. The scenery was beautiful as well as some of the cacti. Got to see my cousin I hadn't seen for many years and our family friend who was good enough to let us stay at his home.

    MIKIE - Thanks for trying tp bring my old post over to the new volume. Yes, those gremlins are alive and well.

    BARRY - That soups sounds yummy that Richard is making. MMMMM, wish someone around here could or would do some cooking. DH might help in making a salad sometimes or some stuff on the grill but right now we don't have one, it died, the grill that is.

    JULIE - Hope you are doing OK since your trip to seen the TT's. Haven't seen any posts from you but I didn't go far back in the new volume or old onee to check to see if I could find you.

    Speaking of dinner I need to go start thinking of it. Personally I could care less about dinner tonight as I am full since I went to a luncheon today.

    STAR - How good to hear from you. I know that the terrible 2's are somewhat nerve wracking as those terrible teens :)!!

    HI to everydobby inc SUN, ROCK, SW, DIANE, LINDA, AND EVERYDOBBY i CAN'T THINK OF AT THE MOMENT. Excuse the caps where they shouldn't be but I am to tired to go fix it..o_O

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Having a pretty good afternoon. I'm feeling better emotionally, a kind of calm sense of well-being. That is another signal that I'm doing better. I watched a good Frontline program on the health of fishing and the oceans. It was very interesting. Fish farming didn't start out too well but new developments may mean that it will eventually help take the pressure off our waters and provide high quality fish protein to meet the rising demand for fish. Anchovies are a great source of Omega 3 oil but most of it goes for food to feed fish that are being farmed. New methods include using kelp to feed them. I love fish. I just wish it weren't so expensive.

    Sun, thanks for your concern. Just getting out to shop for groceries is all the change of scenery I need right now. I used to enjoy sitting by the pool but it doesn't appeal to me anymore. Actually, nothing much does except keeping my mind off my exhaustion until it gets better. I think things are moving in the right direction; I hope so. Sounds as though you are getting a lot done. It also sounds as though hiring the handy guy is a good idea. Hope your sciatica gets better.

    Barry, I just got a nice big mango at the store. I've eaten the champagne mangos and they are good. Our newspaper had a pic of women in India selling mangos at the local market. I think everybody likes them. I also love papayas. I'm glad Richard was able to get you back on your Wi-Fi. Don't want to jinx things but I have the best Wi-Fi service here. It's really fast, which I need to stream videos. Too bad my computer is sloooow. I don't think Barb's seen me smudging. I tried to do it when she was gone so she wouldn't think I was trying to smudge her away. Frank and Ilona made fun of it. None of that "New Age" stuff for them. Geez, it would be great if we had the white sage growing wild; it's expensive. Aah, andouille in soup. Yummmm!

    Granni, so glad you made it to the new Porch. I'll bet you're happy to be home. I agree about the heat. I am not a desert person. I like lush greenery. In NM and AZ, so many have given up lawns and have gravel yards. I know it saves scarce water but it's not for me. We do get hot here in the summer and it's humid but it's not as hot as a lot of other places I've been. I think the hottest I've ever felt was in GA when it was 90 degrees out and it was perfectly still with no air movement. Once, I was in St. George, Utah and the thermometer in the parking lot at our motel read 130 degrees. Yikes! We got right into the pool. Good news here--the water temps offshore are high enough so that the Red Tide should dissipate. One less attack on my poor old beat up bod. Hope you can come back soon.

    Gonna go find something to eat. Hope all y'all have a wonderful, peaceful and pain-free evening.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to Pasadena today. There was a mockingbird sitting on top of an extra tall
    telephone pole and singing away like Bobby Darin in the bathtub. Another beautiful sky.

    Springwater, yup. The pic I posted is a crocus. A member of the iris family, I read. Saffron
    comes from the crocus, but you must find the crocus sativus if you want satisfaction.

    I read an article decades ago about the most expensive foods. They included saffron,
    truffles (the fungus, not the candy), lobster, caviar and some dishes that were concocted by chefs with gold leaf added. ($600 plus for a hamburger with gold leaf.) Yes, you can safely
    eat gold leaf, but you'd better get the right kind.

    Mikie, Gordon also gave me a report on the giant armadillo. I got very confusiated because
    I thought he was talking about giant anteaters. I ever tell you guys about the time
    I was driving down a country road in Northern Minnesota (where there is lots of
    wildlife), and I saw some armadillos alongside the road? I was so shocked I made a
    U turn and went back to check. Turned out they were actually white turkeys.

    My wife had a "socket moment" too. After buying groceries she loaded up the car,
    but left her purse on top. Driving home she heard a thump when it slid off and
    hit the trunk. She was able to recover it, but it's the kind of thing that makes you
    wonder if you're losing your mind or possibly just a bit stressed out.

    Star, great to hear from you. Yes, it must be very frustrating to repeatedly straighten
    up the place. I called a friend of mine who is a realtor. She said her standard recom-
    mendation in such cases is to put the children in a foster home for the duration.

    BTW read a recent mystery. The main character was a house dresser. She got
    homes that were for sale ready to be inspected by prospective buyers. This often
    involved renting nice furniture, some painting, floral arrangements, music, etc.
    Of course her experience did not prepare her for coping with a dead body in the
    breakfast nook.

    Sun and Barry, I never know which is a mango and which is a papaya. I kinda
    think the latter is bigger, right? Some of our markets also include a wide
    variety of bananas including the large Plantain which is cooked. Native to India.
    There is also a small variety. I think they're called finger bananas.

    Never heard of The Baby and the Battleship, Barry. Must be an English movie.
    Sun, congratulations on your bricks windfall. I only worked with bricks
    twice in my life. Both times to construct a bookcase. I am happy to report that
    the results were outstanding which is unusual for me as I have no facility with
    tools and household projects.

    Gentle Hugs
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Gremlins at work again. I added to my last post and it didn't take. Oh well, nothing earthshattering. I wonder whether Mercury is retrograde again. Mercury can be a rascal. I'm up early and had my breakfast of bran buds, yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. A healthy concoction. Lots of fibre. I'm going to cook the pork chops I bought yesterday later today. I evidently haven't been getting enough protein lately and am craving it.

    Rock, we have a mockingbird that sits on top of a tall light post and mocks us. It's amazing the sounds they can make. When the car alarms were popular that made one sound after another, the mockingbirds would copy them. One of my favorite songs from my yute was Mockingbird Hill by Les Paul and Mary Ford. I sang it to my kids when they were little and they still remember that fondly. We have armadillos here but we rarely see them. They burrow into the ground and come out at night. They are basically blind. They poke their snouts into the ground, making little holes which they follow back to their burrows. One burrowed under the small concrete slab under our outside backflow valves for our bldg. We had to have animal services set a trap and remove it. About the only time we see them is when they are, sadly, road kill.

    DD in TX stages homes for sale; she works with realtors in the area. Their house is large and was built in the 90's. It needs everything redone. The dining room has been redone as has the kitchen. She's always painting something. I wouldn't want such a big place to take care of. They have a cleaning lady every other week. With two active guys living there, it ain't easy to keep it clean. She made the most of it when they were off on a 'boys only' ski trip.

    Hoping everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Chilly one today. Felt like snow was in the air,but that rarely happens here.
    Can't believe the seasons have swung round so quickly. Then again, I do reside south of the continent.
    We too have a rather dry existence. Mostly suits succulents and yukkas, I find. Pansies are hardy colour, but require looking after,unlike daisies for example. We too have opted for a broken, brick gravel- type driveway and grey stone gravel out back. We do have a patch of lawn in the front too. Gotta have some grass.
    But with pets,Treasures ,a husband who likes toys and a lack of rain,well, it's a no brainer really.
    Gotta get creative...

    Talking about bricks though, my neighbour came round earlier today. She mentioned that DH and her DH had a conversation about us bringing down some bricks from the other place, if needed.
    He was driving with his son,blacked out for a second or two and ran straight through a brick fence and the side of a flash car. Fortunately the car was parked and empty at the time , but apparently the owners of the fence were not impressed ,as they had recently cut ties with insurers...
    So, parked car owner was a very genteel,elderly man who let them off the hook and was just grateful to have not witnessed a tragedy,but ahhh. The bricks...who knew there were soooo many kinds of Normal, red brick?!
    I thought the best thing to do was to ask neighbour's DH about the conversation.
    'I dunno', he says. If it wasn't in the wake of his accident ,it would've appeared rather comical...but no. Not good.

    Both her and her son mentioned he wasn't the same, but it seems the local medical geniuses aren't taking any notice. I certainly felt concerned after seeing it first hand.
    Feel very sad for her. She'd be lost without him. Tough as nails and swears like a trooper (although not in front of her Christian neighbour's-moi), but heart of gold.
    Photos via mobile phones of bricks was the afternoon's entertainment. Very frustrating, to say the least.
    And still none the wiser. Are we on again or off again, with the bricks? Unfortunately this is a to be cont...
    Far too many aspects to be considered. Eg. Holes or no holes? Ugh.

    Eldest DS was s'posed to reorder/pack up the shed yesterday, after school. DH left with Dd to take another load to the other place and I had no idea the shed was in such bad shape.
    I had run a bath because I was particularly sore and figured it may be the last in a while...
    Well, I didn't get to enjoy that hot water after all. I got a call asking to vacate the house at just after one. So Because we had someone coming to look at the place, I had to work like a mad woman and get it (The shed),as stacked neatly to one side,as I could...That was a mission and a half and I wasn't impressed with being left with the mess in the first place.
    Don't they get that if the place isn't presented well , or at least tidy, it's a turn off? Or we'll get offered less. Ugh!

    So that was yest. About midday Today, when id finished making the house presentable, I unlocked the shed to take a gander -and nearly had a melt down on the spot. It was an absolute shambles. I was devastated.this explosion? Implosion? Was the result of DS packing and sorting and putting the shed in order.It was even worse than the day before. Unfortunately I just had to get stuck into it.
    I swallowed some pills and all teary- eyed and woe-is-me, ready for martyrdom- plodded away at it.
    This afternoon , I was Not to be trifled with...

    The house has to be ready All the time. Pretty much anytime I could get a call saying a potential buyer wants to have a look. Open houses come later, I think, if unsuccessful.
    I had a bone to pick with eldest when the piece of clothing sticking out from beneath his bed wouldn't poke back in. By that stage I'd had enough and just didn't want to deal with it all.
    It's well known that people look under beds and in cupboards, so styling doesn't stop at any particular point.
    Boy oh boy. Will be soooo glad when it's all over!

    Everything takes so much longer and hurts so much more than usual with this bitter cold snap too.
    I was barely keeping up with my friend and she's just turned 74. Caught up briefly just before school pick up.
    Oh. I've also been getting these lousy chest pains. More annoying than anything else.
    I know it's just stress, but it'd be nice if the body did as it was told for a change and stopped over reacting.
    Puss has been a Great comfort.

    It seems I've rambled on again...

    Oh one thing that may disappoint everyone here, but I'm gonna rock the boat anyway- I hate mangoes. Can't even stand the smell of them. Same as watermelon- and pineapple makes me throw up. I know,I know. The tribe say I don't know what I'm missing and all that. It just is what it is. GivE me some gorgeous, juicy stone fruit any day. Mmmmm. Mmmmm.
    That reminds me, we feasted on delicious fresh strawberries recently. So tasty. Got the taste buds all tingling. Perfect appetiser.

    Had to look up andouille.bit like chorizo, by the looks of it. I'll give grissle a miss, but always up for a tasty salami or sausage.Yummo.

    Phone is starting to freeze, so best be off.
    Take care all, near and far.
    Catch yas later
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Star, et al ,

    What a quet Porch today. I have been so busy and tomorrow will another busy one. It is the day that our decorator group goes out and checks stuff out and then stop for lunch I like that and the social part too esp if I can find something I really like and think I can eat.. Some do a lot of buying but usually do a lot of looking and maybe a little bit of buying if I see something I like. Some of the ladies with a much bigger purse do a lot more buying for themselves and their homes than I do. Yes, I do agree with you that it is worse for us when it is cold out. I am really stiffer than a board at that time. I may complain about the heat but it is much better than the cold for sure. How cold is it by you right now??? Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Hang in there. I know what you mean about trying to keep the house neat and clean all the time esp with all the kiddos still home. That is almost impossible to do unless you keep on everyone and telling them to make sure they make their beds before leaving and pick up the towels in the bathroom, etc. no dirty clothes all around, etc. Good luck in a quick sell sweetie so you don't have to put up with this for a long time. I forgets, have you already bought the new home? Is it bigger or in a better area for you all or what?? My brain is like a sieve lately that is what my mom used to say all the time when couldn't remember things.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling a little better too and your state of mind too shall we say. Seems like your weather has been pretty hot lately too. oUrs has been up and down lately too . We had some cooler weather and not hotter tomorrow I think, like 90 or so. AZ was already hotter than that so far.

    Sorry I have been soff so much and have been missing everyone's posts. Seems like I am not getting to many of them on my phone even when I sign up to get them. Who knows with these technical gremlins.

    JULIE - Thinking of you kiddo and hope you are doing and feeling OK. We miss you and everyone when you and others are not here on the PORCH and we worry. Hope that you haven't had any more Sis appearances lately or things to knock you down temporarily.

    Gotta run for now. Love to everyodobby,

    Granni :)
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