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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Can't believe it's time for a new Porch already, especially since the old one was pretty slow. Be sure to read the last posts on Porch #968, including a message from Carla, one of our dear MIAs. She needs our prayers. It's hot 'n muggy here already this morning and the A/C is running just to keep it at 77 inside. SV was only out there a short time before coming back in. He had gone in between the vertical blinds and the sliders. He poked his little face between two slats and implored me with his eyes to let him out. Sooooo cute! Sometimes, when he's just lying on the floor next to me or up on the sofa, he starts talking out of the blue. Sometimes, I answer him in English and sometimes in Cat. We're like an old couple carrying on a conversation. His command of Cat is amazing; he's very articulate and his vocabulary is immense. Of course, I don't understand every word but I get the general gist of things. I'm sure it's the same with him when I speak English.

    Got an e-mail from DD in TX. Today is their anniversary. Last night, they went out to dinner with DGS to celebrate. Tonight, the other grandparents are keeping DGS so the kids can have a 'date.' They are going to a concert and staying at a hotel. Their anniversary is the same as Prince William's and Kate's. I'm so lucky; my
    DSILs are wonderful and I love them dearly. Haven't heard whether the docs have figured out what is causing all the pain in my DSIL's legs in CO. I feel so bad for him.

    Granni, kudos on your candle bargain. Love to hear stories of great shopping coups and I loves me my own bargains. I haven't been shopping much lately and my credit card bill was the lowest it's ever been this month. Unfortunately, my peptide injection will be on next month's bill. So much $$$ for so little benefit. Don't know whether to get another one or not. Hope you can come back to visit longer.

    Spring, I would be lost without TV during these prolonged periods of recovery too. I do believe it's the only thing which has kept me sane. Yes, Ye Olde England is beautiful. I would love a little stone cottage in the English countryside surrounded by flowers. The little cottage in my dream was more like a Craftsman cottage here. People with near-death experiences often mention the beautiful flowers in Heaven. I'm so sorry to hear about Carla. Thanks for letting us know. I'm praying already.

    Julie, thanks for posting Carla's message. People sometimes leave and we never hear from them again. I always wonder whether they are OK. I wonder about Dar and her daughter. If anyone hears from her, could you please let us know.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. I got eight hours of sleep last night so am a little late getting it in gear this morning. Hope everydobby is having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    JULIE - Thanks for posting Carla B's message from FB which was on the last page of the last volume. Perhaps you could put it here again. I did see that message from Carla B and thought I would perhaps tell you about it but forgot to do so after getting back from out trip. So sorry for her she is great gal and had a lot of good things to share here on PH and the PORCH. More prayers go out to her and others. My list is getting longer and longer. Sorry you still have more pain and feeling badly even after the D and C. Many times that is mostly diagnostics but sometimes it does help too, depending on the problem. Your muddy Treasures looked so cute in that pic :)!!

    MIKIE - Hope you get to feel better and have a little $$ to spend after your Peptide Injections. Hope they are not terribly expensive for you. I know some of these drugs are very expensive even with some kind of insurance. Glad I took my daily Forteo injections years ago when we had our pretty good insurance and things were not so horrible in the specialty script. I could not have afforded to take them daily as prescribed. Thanks for opening the new volume sweetie !

    We were supposed to go and help serve meals and fix the plates at one of the events usually supported by the K of C but DH decided he was to pooped and that is OK so I don't have to be on my feel a lot of the day too. He worked a lot outside while I was out with the ladies yesterday. Sorry we had to cancel out but maybe it was just as well for us older peeps:)!!

    Gotta run and make lunch, at least for me. DH said he might not want anything since we had a big breakfast this a.m. However, I need to eat something myself. Trying to keep my weight up.

    Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned,
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    Hi All.
    The skies are sunny and blue. I'm blue but not sunny.

    Star, so glad you popped in, although I don't know about your dislike for mangoes...o_O. Richard doesn't like watermelon either, which is a surprise since he is an Okie. I like all fruit, I think, though I have never tasted a durian..... never seen one either. Supposed to smell real bad but taste real good. Hmmm.

    Mikie, is that your dream cottage in the pic? You might want to check and make sure it has an indoor toilet, and that the thatch is in good shape. The Irises look nice, and the rest of the colour in the garden too.
    Thanks for letting us know about Carla -- I didn't know she had moved to Ca. I pray for the best for her.

    I am missing Diane a lot; hope she is ok.

    My head is buzzing today, and I am having a lot of anxiety about it. Brain fog ---UGH! Energy = nil. Richard is leaving in two weeks; will be gone for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Our car broke down. When we could finally get it into the shop --- simple fix. A new battery! (The other was only 6 months old, and under warrantee, thank heavens.:rolleyes:

    Sun, I've done some gardening today! pulled up the bunches of grass that were invading the bearded iris (just showing colour) beds. About ten minutes work....:(

    Love to All,

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    Mikie: Such a cute little cottage! I used to want to live in one like that. When I was about 10 one of the girls in my girl scout trooop lived in a story book house. Honestly.....it looked a little like that only she had the loft upstairs. It was a magical house. I think it's gone.....probably torn down to build ugly apartments.

    Spring: I think you mentioned african daisies a few posts ago. I love them....very low maintenance and they just bloom without any care. I put in a small pot of them a few years ago, a pale yellow with kinda brown centers and they've spread and look so nice.

    Barry: Do you drive? I'm sorry about the buzzing. Anxiety will bring them on. Or.....have you taken your blood pressure? Ten minutes is better than none. So do what you can.

    I just came in from HOURS of work outside. We had wind last night and the pool and patio were covered so I HAD to work to clean it up. So one thing led to another and I continually pushed myself but it looks much better. I took my shower and now I'm eating left over shrimp/veggies soup from last night. I bought some frozen wild caught shrimp, cooked up the usual onions, garlic, peppers in bacon grease and stir fried the shrimp. I used up some chicken broth I had...needed something else to give it more body so in went left over veggies (pea pods, peppers, zucchini, etc.) from 2 nights ago, along with prepared salsa. OMG.....I need to write all this down so I won't forget. Guess I need a name for it too.

    I'm sorry to read about Carla. Didn't know her but will pray for her. Yesterday I read all the old posts on another site....from when my DH just got sick, to what all he went thru. I had forgotten how he couldn't eat and lost about 30 lbs. before he passed. The CHEMO and depression drugs killed him, not the cancer. Made me decide if I develop cancer will refuse the chemo. It's awful.....all that suffering. He refused to see another oncologist and WANTED the chemo....his decision. He tried MJ brownies.....it helped bring back his appetite every night then once he got a little dizzy and never ate it again. He then developed an eating disorder....won't go into all the nightmare situation.

    Yesterday I went to my Fridays art group, mainly to just chat. I'm working on a WC of a pic. Of the swamp down at Magnolia Plantation that my SIL took. This will be a painting for him since he asked. Gives me a reason to keep plodding along with my painting.
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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    Another eight hours of sleep and I can feel that it helped. I don't know for how long but I'll take what I can get. Yesterday, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and loaded and ran the dishwasher. Then, I went outside and watered the potted plants. Something ate the geranium in the flower box at the other end of the bldg. We used to have porchlaca, or purselane, (can't remember how to spell either one and Cortana is being lazy again). Evidently, when I tore it out, a bit remained and it's blooming in place of the doomed geranium. It's beautiful. I'm considering getting some more and just letting it and the dortheanthum (can't remember how to spell that either) take over those boxes. The purple lantana is beautiful in our big terra cotta pots. I think we are only watering once a week with this drought and everything is dry. Can't wait for the rains to come.

    Granni, glad you got a break from working at the K of C meal. As it is, you do so much. Hope things didn't get behind at home while y'all were gone. I need to go out and do a bit of trimming in front of our bldg. but it's soooo hot out. I'm waiting for the coming cold spell when it'll only get into the 80's. The peptide injections are $325 each and are given monthly in the beginning. Insurance doesn't cover them. Used to bbe a booster now and then helped but they are getting less and less effective. This one did help but not that much. That's why it's hard to decide whether to invest in another one. Yes, I'd love to hear more about your trip. Come back for a visit when you can.

    Barry, I think the English cottage is a nice fantasy but I doubt I'd make it long without the conveniences of modern living. Every day, I give thanks for TV, my Kindle and my appliances, especially the A/C. I don't know how people lived here before A/C and mosquito control. It's not even 6:00 in the morning and the A/C is running just to keep it at 77 degrees in here. I also like most fruit but I tried the starfruit and didn't care for it. It's pretty in fruit salads or for dressing up a dinner plate. I hope the sunshine helps you feel better. If all it took were a bit of sunshine, I'd be bright eyed and bushy tailed almost every day here in sunny FL. It helps but it's no cure all. I keep you, and all our Dear Porchies, in my prayers for healing.

    Sun, one of my childhood chums lived in a mansion. We went to school together from kindergarten to high school. My house was a Federal style brick two story. There were some historic mansions at the top of the hill near our school. The house had been a wedding gift to her parents from her grandparents. It was amazing. My friend had sleepovers there and her mom would make French toast for us for breakfast. Unfortunately, my friend was killed in a car accident when she was in college. I was just starting my family at the time and it really affected me. Still makes me sad when I think of it. It must be sad for you to relive your DH's illness and passing. I've also decided not to ever have chemo if I develop cancer. I hope all that work outside hasn't made you sick. You do soooo much. Yesterday, when I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I caught my toe underneath my foot and came down on it with my weight while it was curled under. Yowza! That hurt. Whenever I push myself when I don't feel well, I get hurt. I was too tired to pick up my feet. Whine, whine, whine!

    Think I heard the paper arrive. It's the big Sunday paper and it takes time to wade through. There is supposed to be some kind of big insert today having to do with restaurants and recipes. Our paper is doing all it can to retain its subscribers. I don't see how print papers are going to survive. The Millenials get all their news online or from broadcast/streaming. From what I hear, they are involved in politics and world events but I don't know how well informed they are. When interviewed on TV on the street, so many can't answer even simple questions about world leaders and what is going on or how govt. works. It's probably the same for non-Millenials. I've seen some politicians calling for better civics/political science classes in high schools. As long as they have teachers who don't try to sway the kids to their own personal political views. They tried to introduce studying the Bible as literature and they had teachers preaching and witnessing in the classrooms. They had to eliminate the classes altogether. What could go wrong? Doh!

    Speaking of news, they are showing videos of tornado damage in TX. Hope Granni and my kids are safe. Hope all our beloved Porchies are safe and well.

    Love, Mikie
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    that cottage looks like the one where elves live, Mikie. what a purty lil place! thanks for posting it. i would love to hear Sir Vester talk. Does he go ngyawwwng ngyawww nyong ngyaaa ngyaah? i ve been talking some strange language with my dogs. sounds like a garbled tape, you know those old cassette tapes? the word owsaaaa' owngsaaa figures a lot.

    i dont know what it means but the dogs like it. their hind legs go stiff and only their tales wag, tongues loll out and they stand very still looking at me out of the corner of their eye, then they get frisky and do a little jig. its howlarious, i tell ya!

    Barry - its probably someone logged into your computer. someone is logged into mine. keeps trying to log me out of sites and freeze the page. why. who knows. who knows why some people do things.

    Sun - how lucky for your friend in Girls Scout. to live in such a delightful house.
    im thinking its not a good idea to say which computer model one has on the computer where everyone can see. ive had more problems since telling my model name.

    i went virtual shopping to give my mind a break...loved the above clothes. if i had the money i wouldve bought those. heh heh.

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope everydobby slept as well as I did. I'm sleeping soooo much better these days but it isn't resulting in more NRG. I dreamed that science had come up with bacteria which are harmless to healthy tissue but, when injected into people, destroy cancer cells and other harmful things inside the body. They helped with pancreas and liver health. In my dream, I was getting the treatment. The doc was a handsome devil about my age and we were flirting. Then, I woke up. My handsome devil of a cat came up close to me and purred. I love it in the mornings when he does that. He was all frisky after we got up and was streaking around and talking a blue streak. Soooo funny!

    Good news, the new proposed budget out of Washington is not cutting funding to the NIH for research. They are also not recommending cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for women's health care. If it were not for PP, some women would never get PAP smears nor mammograms. Preventive health care saves everyone money down the road. So many new treatments are under review as a result of research and the funds are crucial in stopping the diseases which cause so many to be sick. Again, stopping disease saves money in the long run. It just makes sense from a human and monetary perspective. This is my celebration for the day. Yea!

    I binge watched a series on Netflix or Prime, can't remember which. It's a totally disgusting and offensive show set in England called, Catastrophe. Carrie Fisher played one of the character's mother. It was filmed last year and I wonder whether she was returning from filming when she had her heart attack on the plane. She really didn't look healthy. There was a dedication at the end. It's sad to have lost her and Debbie Reynolds so close together.

    Spring, what pretty clothes. Do you favor pinks? I do as well and blues too. Yes, SV sounds like what you typed and a lot of other sounds too. He also has a wee little voice and he coos various sounds to me. I'm laughing just thinking about your doggies and their little dance. Tweety used to dance and it was hilarious but SV isn't a dancer. The kittens Nancy had were a dancing troup all up on their toes and dancing sideways while giving each other daring looks. One spring, lambs in a field not far from our home were dancing all over the place. We called it the Spring Dance. I have a Happy Dance but don't know that I'd have the NRG to do it even if I won the LOTTO. On the other hand, if I were cured, I'd have the NRG to dance. I do pray for healing for us all. I lay in bed this morning and prayed; I said the Rosary for peace in the world. This poor old world could use our prayers.

    I'm getting antsy to get into the shower and go to Publix early while my little bit of NRG lasts. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week. BTW, Happy May Day. Here's a little May Day basket which is supposed to sparkle but isn't.


    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody --

    I'm still getting security messages when I log in to PH -- my user name and password could be compromised. So that's why I haven't been around Then when I do pop in, I type as fast as I can and exit the PH website. :)

    I don't know where to begin, to catch up. I've sorta been off my anxiety med (klon), since my pharmacy switched suppliers and the drug doesn't work for me anymore. I've had that problem with other meds/suppliers. Finally, after calling psych doc (he does not return phone calls until after 6:00 p.m.), we finally reached him after EIGHT days. He says he's aware of the supplier switch, lots of people have complained, there's nothing he can do. I should take the meds that don't work, plus a melatonin at night for sleep. Kevin asked him: How about a 2-week supply of xanax, to tide me over? He said NO.

    I found a pharmacy that will special order my generic klon from Qualitest Labs. I'll get the Rx tomorrow. They'll cost $60 for a month's supply (instead of the $2.00 we usually pay), but it'll be worth it. I've gone back to panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD. Kevin leaves for work, I double-lock the doors, pull down the blinds, don't answer the telephone, etc.

    And I was making such good progress. Now I've relapsed. And I'm still trying to meditate, relax, etc. I just can't clear my mind and do it properly.

    Kevin got another summons for court. The first time he appeared, the case was postponed and nobody in the courthouse notified him, til lunch break. Then some court officer approached him and told him that he was dismissed, and wait for another summons. Court date is now May 8. Since he's a witness for the District Attorney (who seems to REALLY want to PROSECUTE the woman who caused the car accident), one would think that Kevin would be more "in the loop." We'll see what happens on May 8.

    Last Wednesday night, Kevin was heading into the back driveway to park after work. Meantime, a deer was galloping through neighborhood back yards. I guess it saw Kevin's headlights and jumped and landed on our driveway edge, near the grass. Now we have a HOLE in our driveway, about 18 x 12 inches. And I don't know how deep it is. We called the "Call Before You Dig" number (maybe 811). Everyone (phone, gas, water company, municipality), said it's ok to dig and fix. Problem is --- it's been raining every day since the HOLE happened. I think I'm just gonna look up "driveway repair contractors", check the BBB, get an estimate.

    I know that y'all have been going through a lot! Julie, I hope your colonoscopy goes well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Rock, did I read on the HB board that you are feeling a bit better since seeing the new chiro??

    Mikie, When do you get another "peptide" (is that what it's called?) injection? Hugs to you and SV.

    Barry, I do miss posting with you. How is Sylvie? For these past 2 months I've been living on gluten-free frozen foods. I've lost my appetite. But I enjoy what you post about foods! :)

    Star, Sun, Granni, Spring (LOVED the clothes!), Lin, ...... I know I forgot to mention some posters ---- I've run out of steam. Will try to post more soon.

    AND if anyone is in CONTACT with CARLA, please pass on this message.



    I'll try to be back soon. I miss you all.

    PS: I miss YOU ALL on the Homebound Board. Hope to be back soon!!!!!
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    Hello Everyone.

    Sun, in answer to your question, no, I no longer drive, although I do have a license. Driving for me would be a danger. Even being driven is hard, floaters and blurry vision.... I am on BP med which I hate, but they insist I take so that my carotid blockage doesn't run amok. It sounds like you are eating what I would like to eat!

    Spring: you talk about the computer gremlin that I have. I must have deleted my post just after you saw it! I don't think anyone is logged into my computer. Which reminds me, that I haven't logged out in years. In fact I don't have ANY idea what my password is! o_O I don't see the point of logging out of a site I visit several times a day..... I wonder if it is mandatory. Oh well, whatever.

    Goodness me, I just lost a long post to Diane! And to Mikie too!
    Diane, So Glad to see you posting. I have some of the same issues you have with anxiety. I miss your food post too; sorry your appetite is down. I am on Valium and Xanax. Why? Because of this damned M.E./CFS, etc, etc.

    So sorry I lost my longer post, but I must go now. Waiting to hear from Granni and Julie soon.

    Love to All,

    Mikie, I too am so glad that NIH funding wasn't slashed. Ditto PP. WHY my dear, did you choose something that was disgusting and offensive to watch on telly? And you say it was British? Maybe you have some Puritan ancestors....;). Never heard of the series myself.

    Diane, it's so good to hear from you! A hole in your driveway caused by a deer? Must'a been a big buck. I still can't quite imagine the damage ---- very strange. I am so sorry for your anxiety attacks and agoraphobia. I've had a lot of anxiety lately. I'm on Valium and Xanax. Why my anxiety? Just so sick of being sick and tired, having no nrg, too much apathy... HEY, I hope your appetite comes back soon! We are both lover of seafood, though I must say that it's darned expensive these days.

    Sylvie is doing great. She has caught two mice and a large rodent I thought was a species of vole. I tossed it into the brush. Now I wish I hadn't, because in my little bit of research I found out it was NOT a vole. Now if only I had kept the head and flensed it, which would have taken a couple of months by letting nature take its course. Then I could have made a definite identification based on the number of teeth, shape and grooves in same, and shape of the skull.
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    Hi guys! Today went so-so...not as impressed with the more local hospital as I was with the one where I had the D and C. But that is sort of beside the point...I preferred the doctors I had at each hospital, and had to go where they go.

    Anyway, I will see the surgeon again in the office on May 9, but so far he says diverticulosis and esophagitis. Basically, little pockets in my intestines that may sometimes get inflamed (causing diverticulitis)...and some sort of inflammation in my esophagus. He did remove some polyps from the colon and sent them in for biopsy. I am in more pain than usual...don't know if it's due to the polyp removal or the gas they use to expand the colon. I am assuming that will ease in time...

    Also, I had called the nurse the day or two after the abdominal CT because I was hurting worse after that. She didn't have an explanation, but said to call if it got worse. She did mention that I have a fatty liver, and that could be part of the cause of pain.

    So, lots of possibilities...may just be some trial and error to see what works to relieve symptoms.

    I'm supposed to take my dad to the doctor tomorrow (follow up from carotid ultrasound) hope I feel up to it, but I'm not afraid to reschedule.

    Gotta get back on the couch...have been in bed most of the day, but trying to stay up a bit so I can sleep tonight.
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    Hi Kids

    It's a quiet day here. Well, pretty much always is. Gordon went to his origami class
    today. They didn't do origami though. They made Mother's Day cards with a pop-
    up. Gordon did something else. His mom died 7 years ago.

    I folded clothes and put them away. My mother (the non-stop cleaner) used to
    iron sheets and pillow cases. Gordon's attitude is, "Don't bother to fold those
    things. Just shove 'em the cupboard." I don't know, but I assume my mother got
    her cleaning mania from her mother. On the other hand, mom's didn't infect me.

    Julie, I am so sorry to hear about these medical calamities. Of course we all know
    life is unfair, but it seems to get unfairer at times. Wish I were there to give you
    a hug. Oh yeah, loved the kids at play in the mud photo. Isaiah looks exactly
    like Superman. When I a kid I had a Captain Marvel costume. My mother made
    it for me. She dyed a dish towel so I could use it as a cape. Captain Marvel
    had pretty much the same superpowers as Superman. D.C. Comics sued for
    plagiarism, and that was the end of Captain Marvel. No kryptonite needed.

    Although kryptonite does not exist, there is an element named krypton. The
    symbol is KR. It's a gas. Was discovered at the end of the 19th century. A teeny,
    tiny bit is in our atmosphere, so I guess that means we have all inhaled it.

    Hmm. I see I got off the track again. Well, happen a lot when the brain gets
    mushy. Oh, wait. It's always kinda mushy, isn't it. Oh, well. I hope the
    estate business is soon finished. That alone should improve things.

    Thanks for posting Carla's message. I used to watch her videos and chat with
    her on Youtube. Lots of video's of her in her golf cart with the dogs running
    alongside; tricks by Missy. She lived somewhere in the hills of some Southern
    state; can't remember which one, of course. Anyhoo Youtube reorganized some
    years ago, and after that I couldn't find her posts. Just tried again the other day.
    Still can't find any.

    Barry, you're right. We must be brothers (along with my brother Barry in
    Minnesota). I also have a driver's license, but only use it for identification
    purposes. Like when I'm in a bar and need to show I'm old enough to drink.
    Glad to hear you and Sylvie are getting along so well. I can't imagine what
    wild creature she caught that you couldn't identify. Some sort of gopher,
    mole, chipmunk, squirrel, shrew? But surely you would know all those.

    My ten year old cousin (many decades ago) was bitten by a shrew that he
    was trying to catch. He would hold up his finger and tell folks, "I got bit
    by a swew." (In those days he had trouble with his "R's".)

    Diane, Those meds are a problem, aren't they. Of course we don't want to
    give up modern medicine, but still. The drug companies charge a fortune
    at times. A couple decades ago when I was could only work part time I was
    paying $400 a bottle for antidepressants. (60 or 90 pills, I guess.)

    And then when a pill is available at a generic price, and is supposed to be
    exactly the same as the original, many patients say it really isn't. And if you
    have to take pain pills you run into all kinds of problems. You can buy illegal
    drugs all over the country, but the government makes things difficult for
    sick people with prescriptions. Don't ever lose pain pills or drop them down
    the drain. The pharmacist will tell you he's not allowed to give you replacements.

    Yes, about that deer and the hole in the driveway. You sure it wasn't a John Deere
    Excavator. (Pic below.) Ha Ha! Yes, I am feeling better after being manipulated
    by the new chiro. He is very hands on. Kinda grabs you and wrestles you around.
    At one point I was lying on my back and he had both of my legs up in the air. I said,
    "Good thing I was a Rockette when I lived in New York." Of course I never
    lived in New York, but I did take my mom and son to see the Rockettes here in
    LA. Gee, I wonder if they are still extant.

    Hugs, All

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I tried to post yesterday on my Surface and lost it. Fortunately, it happened just as I had started. That notebook computer is definitely possessed. As feared, showering, blowing my hair dry and going to the grocery store wore me out. I can tell I'm better though and am optimistic that the improvement will continue. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. The only thing which has changed is the addition of 600 mgs. of potassium citrate three times a day. Thank God the insomnia and other CNS problems caused by the magnesium citrate are gone. The anxiety was probably the worst symptom. That level of anxiety is crippling. It took forever to get over that side effect.

    It was sprinkling when I woke up and there was a bit of lightning and thunder. So far, it hasn't amounted to much but there is a chance for more later today. Now that it's barely light out, I can see dark gray scud rolling by. We are getting a bit of the weather front which caused the tornadoes in TX. That big one was near Dallas. My TX kids live in McKinney near Dallas. Yikes! Their wedding anniversary was Sat. and I hope they had a good time at the concert. They stayed at a hotel Sat. night so they wouldn't have to drive home.

    Some good news--the woman at our mgmt. co. sent a demand letter, threatening to turn over our delinquent condo owners to our atty. for collection. The condo is owned by a group of physician investors. The demand letter did the trick and they brought their acct. up to date immediately. Hope they know we mean business and they can't get away with being slow to pay. They had offered to sell the condo to the woman who leases it and I'm sure they know that if we place a lien on it, they can't sell it until the lien is settled. That would include late fees, interest and atty. fees. It adds up. I have enough on my plate right now in survival mode. I don't need condo assn. problems.

    Diane, thanks so much for dropping by for a visit to the Porch. It's always good to see you here. From what I understand, the risk here isn't high for being hacked. Using unsecured Wi-Fi, opening unidentified e-mails, clicking on links or going to risky websites can be problematic. Hackers are typically interested in big records which include financial information. The store here is secure. I use Yahoo and it was hacked but, so far, I have had no problems (knocking on wood). Of more concern to me is that patient records where I've been a patient were hacked. I try to be very careful. Experts say unsecure Wi-Fi is the greatest risk. Ilona is always on her phone, using McDonald's Wi-Fi and she has had no problems. I'm so sorry about the Rx issues. Seems like Klonapin is more sensitive when it comes to various generic brands. I hope Kevin's saga with the court is over and done with this time. Say hi to him and the girls from me and SV.

    Barry, sorry you lost your post. That is why I only do a couple of paragraphs and use copy 'n paste to edit and add to my messages. I think I started watching that disgusting show before I had cable and had pretty much exhausted what I wanted to see on Netflix and Prime. Despite being offensive, it has its really funny moments. It also deals with the problems of raising kids and job issues. Sometimes, I have problems hearing/understanding when the actors have heavy accents. I think I miss a lot because of that. Not only is funding proposed for the NIH but the govt. wants to increase their budget. Woo Hoo! Funding for the arts and humanities will continue if this is passed. Yea! PBS produces such high quality programming and I'd hate to see that stop. So glad Sylvie is up to doing her mousework. Sounds like you guys got a winner.

    Julie, good grief, you have a lot going on. I have diverticula but, so far, they haven't become inflamed. I'm not supposed to eat seeds but I do. Mine aren't deep and are fairly flat so that may be why they don't cause problems. My Mom had them but hers caused problems. The doc cleaned them out when she had her colonoscopy. Joe has a fatty liver but he changed his diet and walks every day and it no longer causes problems. He also quit smoking. It has always taken me a day or two following my colonoscopies to feel more comfortable. The doc always removes polyps. That is why I have them every three years. Only one polyp had begun turning to cancer. Left alone, they will all turn cancerous. Sounds as though you and the docs are staying on top of things. Good luck with it all and with your Dad.

    Rock, I just posted a paragraph and, while trying to copy it, wiped it you. Rats!!! I'll bet you were a cut little kid in your Captain Marvel getup. The kid next door was always running around in his yard and hiding behind trees while wearing a red cape. He had a very high IQ. He helped me with calculus when I went back to college. Calculus was my kryptonite. I'm glad the chiro is helping you.

    As usual, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    If you had calculus test coming up tomorrow and were planning to cheat, you could
    say, "Calculus is my crib tonight."

    I'll have to read up on potassium citrate. Maybe it would help me too.

    Hope ya'll have a good day, Kids.

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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time to really post now. Have to get ready to sing for the Sr.s at a local Baptist church. It is our patriotic program and is lots of fun to sing and they will enjoy singing too. They will also give us lunch.

    MIKIE - My Nutribullet crapped out this morning- YIKES . I need to get out to get another or something similar. Any suggestions besides buying another and wondering if there is anything better but not more expensive :)!! No surprise to me since some of the stuff I was mixing a few times went into the housing by accident even if I tried to rinse it out quickly , as much as possible.

    JULIE - Sorry to hear you are still feeling badly after your procedures. Hope they can fix you up quickly will less problems.

    DIANE- So glad to hear from you, Try not to worry so much about being hacked. Like Mikie said I don't thng we are hi risk here . We sure do miss you. Sorry to hear about your Special K problems. I have some ( a little) stash I am not using. Wish I could send it to you but not sure it is the right kind either. Hope things will straighten out for both you and Kevin soon. Sorry about his insurance problems. Believe me I know about those. They surely can be a headache to say the least.

    Just heard via FB that our son and DIL just lost one of their sweet doggies. Coco was a sweet big dog that thought she was teeny tiny and like to sit on laps. She was pretty old and I know that she will be missed a lot. They have one other cr azy doggie who is antisocial. Please pray they get over their grief. Unfortunately they have no real children although whey would be great parents.

    I gotta run now and start getting ready. This broken NB and my lolligagging on the computer has set me back some. Gotta rush !! Sorry no time to mention everyone.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Good Morning All. It's gonna be 82 degrees today! Hottest day of the year so far.

    Julie, I have diverticulosis too, and have had a few episodes of diverticulitis. Then they bring out the antibiotics -- usually doxy for me; works well. As for the post-colonoscopy pain, it could indeed be the result of the gas. The most agonizing experience I've ever had was a colonoscopy; now I insist on being completely knocked out..... I hope your pains cease soon.

    Mikie, I didn't actually lose my post, just misplaced it apparently. Anyway after I posted that I had lost it, it came back! A good gremlin, perhaps. Good news indeed about funding for the NIH! Finally, good news from the govt. Now for some NRG!

    Rock, the unknown rodent (I thought to be a large vole) might be a form of tree mouse. On reflection, it looked like a small gopher, but we've never had them here in the forest before. Never seen, anyway. Oh, if only I hadn't tossed it! Sylvie gave us another mouse today outside. She is the best mouser we've ever had I think.....

    Okay. I've just read the newspaper and am now depressed again. 100 days. God save us.

    Love to All,

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Couldn't log in here yesterday. I was getting "security" error messages, not from my browser but evidently from PH. Perhaps they were working on their system. I don't know much about such things. I just know I missed y'all. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Not much else going on because I've been so inert.

    My Dear Old Friend called. He is retiring from his gig as a substitute teacher. He had been working almost full time before this pain and problems walking had become too much for him. He's stopping his physical therapy appts. because they really haven't helped that much. His doc has run some tests but nothing showed up that would explain his symptoms. Now that he isn't going to be working, he wants to try to walk in the pool. I'm going to get back to my own pool workouts next week so I'm hoping he'll go when I do. His kids don't want him over there by himself and I agree with that. I know quitting his job is difficult for him but it shows that he is finally having to move from denial to acceptance. Quitting working at Publix was one of the most difficult things I've done, especially considering how it affected me financially. I know it's the same for my DOF.

    Rock, yikes! I just read all the typos in my last response to you. I don't know how I got a B in calculus. I never did understand a bit of it. I also never figured out how it could be useful for a business major. I found statistics very helpful and a heck of a lot more interesting. Also, I got to use big formulas which made me look smart. Math is definitely not my forte. What I read about the potassium is that it has a calming effect. It is an electrolyte and helps in making NRG in the Krebs Cycle. The magnesium citrate had the opposite effect and made me nervous and antsy. I had ringing in my ears too. I've taken magnesium citrate for quite some time but, since taking that supp the doc recommended, I can't tolerate it at all. Something in that supp made me super sensitive to it. If you decide to add potassium, check with your doc as it can affect the heart and blood pressure. It can also interact with meds. In my case, it's probably helpful in keeping my blood pressure down.

    Granni, sorry your NB crapped out. Mine doesn't overflow as log as I keep what I'm mixing below the 'maximum' line marked on the container. Since not feeling well and being off my feed bag, I haven't used it as much. I need to get back to drinking some healthy smoothies. I get enough fresh fruit but not enough fresh veggies. I love patriotic music. A good march gets my blood running. I have always loved the bands on the Fourth of July. I especially love Wild Blue Yonder. I used to have a little plane which was a music box and it played WBY. Sorry about your kids' losing their beloved dog. That's always so sad. My kids lost their big dog, Nigel, last year. They haven't gotten another one. DD picks up strays and that's how they've gotten their dogs. Enjoy your singing.

    Barry, it's been hot here too but the cold front will be moving through and taking our temps from the 90's down into the 80's. Pretty soon, it will be in the 90's every day and humid as all get out. AACCKK!! I'm hoping to have the NRG to do a bit of trimming out front while it's cooler out. Down here, in God's waiting room, they put everydobby out for colonoscopies. I think it's more for the docs' sake than for the patients. Unconscious people don't complain. They don't let anyone go home until they can pass gas. I'm so impressed with Sylvie's hunting ability. I've never seen the palm rats down here but they have been described to me as being larger than a mouse but smaller than a rat with a very long tail. It's good that I've never seen one because, evidently, they like to get inside the condos and they can chew wiring. Hurricane Charley blew out a couple of pieces of the roof soffet and we had to get it replaced so no critters would get inside. As it is, we can no longer put out Christmas lights because the squirrels chew the wiring. I'm no longer up to decorating out there so it's just as well. Give Sylvie a hug from SV and me.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I've been locked out for a couple days. Guess maybe we all have been since there doesn't
    seem to be much in the way of new posts.

    Barry. "A good gremlin" is a nice example of an unusual oxymoron. What kind of mice
    do you have? When I lived in Minnesota we had little grey ones that would come into
    the house as winter approached. And you could see dozens of brown field mouse,
    which are bigger, if you went out with the farmers when they were harvesting the
    hay. I hope your diverticulitis is diverted to some other direction.

    Mikie, your post wasn't here when I started typing. (Some folks say "typing is
    outdated. We should say we are 'keyboarding'. But that kinda sounds like what
    vandals do to cars with their keys.)

    I hope you and your DOF can get in some water polo when the weather is apropos .
    You might want to look at some of those old Esther Williams films for inspiration.
    I'm sure you already know that respiration is also a good thing to keep in mind
    while frolicking in a pool e.g., swimming, steno, office. (What's that pool you
    mention sometimes. For runoff water in the yard?)

    Granni, Coco sounds like a great dog. It's funny how some dogs don't seem to have
    any idea of their relative size. Lots of chihuahuas here in LA. They are notorious for
    acting like they are dobermans or German shepherds or rottweilers. On the other
    hand when my uncle was in college he and some friends from our home town rented
    a house while attending the U of Minn. They had a Great Dane named Thor who
    was roughly the size of a pony. Thor would jump on the sofa and climb in your
    lap if you let him. BTW the house and its occupants got a full page spread of
    pics and text in the Minneapolis paper. I expect the page is still in one of my
    mother's scrapbooks that live in my Minnesota brother's garage.

    Below, two Gremlins and a fierce guard dog.

    Hugs to Julie, Star, Sun, Diane, Spring, Linda & GB.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Rock, we must have been posting, or keyboarding or entering, at the same time. I know PH is always working on the system to keep gremlins out. I have always loved Esther Williams films. DD was in synchronized swimming when she was a yute. She was a natural at it. As graceful as it looks, it's really difficult and requires a lot of strength. We have two pools here in the hood. We have a pond out back with a fountain. It is a retention pond to keep runoff from causing flooding during our rainy/hurricane season. I'm surprised I can remember all that because my poor old pea brain doesn't retain much of anything these days. I lack attention and retention. I just hope when I die, I got ascension. The swimming pool sits to the side of our bldg. next to my condo. It's beautiful to look out on except that the palm trees are in the way. We should be getting our 'hurricane trim' soon. It helps keep the palms from being top heavy in the strong winds. I think it's the gene pool where things went wrong with me. Research is showing some genetic problems in people with these illnesses and that might 'splain why they seem to run in families.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi gang...I couldn't get on here, either. And now I am in a rush to get to the local chiro. Just wanted to say that my colon pain didn't last long...it was almost all gone by Tuesday. I don't see the surgeon again until Tuesday, but I'm glad I had the procedures (colonoscopy and D & C) because both docs removed things that could potentially turn into cancer. Just throwing that out there since Sun is having some problems too, and possibly a little scared to go ahead.

    Barry, I found out Tuesday that my dad's right carotid artery is blocked 100%. He'd had yearly ultrasounds, but I couldn't always get him to the doctor later for a followup...I had asked the cardio/vascular docs to fax Dad's PCP if there was anything different, but nobody informed me of this.

    Anyway, surgery would be far too risky for my dad...and they can't increase the Plavix (he's allergic to aspirin) as there is only one dose. But apparently, the blood supply from the carotid has "rerouted" and is getting to his brain somehow, although not as good as it should.

    As a nurse said, if he was a much younger, more active man, he would have had problems...but with the Alzheimer's, COPD, diabetes, and any other issues, he doesn't get around that fast anyway. But it is probably what keeps him feeling tired/sleepy most of the time.

    I am going to discuss this with his PCP, but everyone I've talked to so far thinks surgery is a bad idea for him...but someone who doesn't have all the other health problems would probably benefit greatly.

    Anyway...I've got to get going. Trying to mow in between appts...since hour rain has let up for the time being.
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Is see the PH gremlins have been alive and driving me and others crazy lately. There was an error on the page and I couldn't get in yesterday for whatever reason. I did manage to read the post from DIANE and others the other day. So sorry so much has been happening to her and them. Wish they would just leave things alone when it comes to meds. What works for one does not always do so for others.

    JULIE - Glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your dad needing surgery but I agree it might not be a good option for him with all his other problems. So sorry , just try and keep on top of it as much as you can. There, is only so much one can do about these things but you surely have tried. Glad your colon pain has pretty much disappeared. Good luck with your chiro appt.

    I can't stay long as I have dilly sallied to much already today and DH will be home soon. Also have to get ready for my cleaning ladies (mother /daughter team). Ye daughter also goes to college.

    MIKIE- Just tried my new NB and it works fine. However, wondering if it must be be me as again I somehow did not screw the top on hard enough I guess Nd I surely thought I did. However, after I took turned it off and went to take the cup off the housing I saw it was leaking again.. This one says to turn off but turning the cup the opposite way to turn off. With the other I was unplugging and then removing or turning the cup. I may do that again like I did with the old one. Don't know if anything is different or not in this new one or not. When it leaks like that I try and rinse in without going into the housing and then turn it upside down to drain on a paper towel. Usually not much more comes out. I was tempted to get the more expensive one 900 model and also thought about the RX model but that is way to expensive for me. DH was with me when I shopped so he is always for the cheapest thing :)!!! The other one was about $20 cheaper which I could have managed.

    Dear ones sorry but I have to get off here now and do some more work. Wish I could stay longer, Miss it when I cant visit every day.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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