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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Time already for a new Porch. Good news--I have full mobility in my hand and wrist but it's weak, painful and swollen. Still, it could have been much worse. As it is, I feel sore all over. I'm grateful that nothing was broken but am now angry at the inconvenience. The Today Show just did an item in which research shows that swearing gives one extra muscle strength. It's like when I'm trying to open a jar and it won't budge until I swear at it. Then, voila, it opens. Gotta love this important research.

    We got rain yesterday but dry air is coming in behind the front. Temps will be in the 80's and I like that. I'm not ready for 90's and high humidity. Still, we really need the rain. I've got to get in the shower and shampoo my hair. I had planned to do it yesterday before my klutziness intervened. Just hope I can hold the hair dryer in my hand.

    Granni, sorry your DH was passing blood. I hope it's nothing serious.

    Sun, that's good news about the new financial setup at Esty. Glad business is going so well.

    Rock, your post reminds me of the green and purple suits worn by OJ's lawyer, Johnny Cochran. He always showed up looking very dapper.


    OK, Kids, that's about it for my typing this morning. Hope everydobby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Just got back from Publix. They had BOGOs on cashews so I loaded up. Nothing else on sale but I got some fried chicken and side dishes. I've been nauseated from the pain and acetaminophen and haven't had enough to eat. It was delicious and I'm full.

    Joe called this morning to see how my wrist is doing. He filled me in on the condo mtg. and it seems the board has finally decided to have the pool refinished. It was $30,000 a year and a half ago when I wanted to do it. I wonder how much it'll cost now. I hope they don't just take the lowest bid and get shoddy work. It's more likely that it'll cost a lot more now.

    Guy downstairs wants the pool to be a no smoking area. He can do what I do and keep his windows closed when someone is smoking at the pool. I never open the windows on the pool side. He also complained about people being in the pool in the wee hours of the morning. If there were, I'd likely hear them. Joe asked him why he doesn't call the cops to have the offenders thrown out at night. He's on the board but doesn't want to call the cops. The guy lived here two or three years before buying the condo and Joe pointed that out. Condo living in FL is just as portrayed on Seinfeld. Good grief!

    Not gonna do much today. The shower and shopping have done me in and the constant pain is getting to me. I need to distract myself. A little TV, a little reading and a little solitaire. I cleaned SV's box and brushed him before I took my shower so there is nothing pressing that absolutely has to be done.

    Hope everydobby else has a good day today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Y'all know how I loves me my yodeling. This kid is amazing.

    Love, Mikie

    BTW, if a link comes up to donate money to someone, click on the X to get rid of it. Don't click on the link.
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    MIKIE - Thanks for the cute yodeler. She does a great job for sure. Thanks also for starting up a new PORCH. did some weeding outside and trying to get ready to do some planting of flowers later on. The front bed is a mess esp after the freeze and cold weather we had. Glad your wrist isn't worse and you can at least move it around. Hope the soreness and swelling goes down soon but keep on icing it maybe with occasional heat later on. Hope it isn't tiring your wrist and arm out posting like this.

    DH seems to be doing well. No more bleeding . It might have been a one time things of infection or as the doc said sometimes kidney stones when they move cause bleeding. He doesn't have much other reasons for e bleeding with his history, He had a prostate cancer surgery years ago and it was all removed to my knowledge.

    Some people are never happy and they complain about everything ad if they can't find something the search till they find something, real or not.

    Finally folded my wash that was in the drier from yesterday. I also did some of my pill boxes and DH's and then went out and did some weeding and trying to clean up one of the front flower beds after we had several days of freezing weather months ago.

    Hoping that DD#1 and her DH are having some good luck in finding what they like and want in a new home. I know it is also not to cheap in the Austin area but it is not as bad as Fredericksburg. That I think was originally their first choice but it is also to far from the airport that DSIL will need for his work travel. We are supposed to meet them for lunch about half way from HOuston and our house before they have to close on their Houston home. They have already done a lot of packing before when they thought their home would probably sell quickly last year, which id= t didn't. This time they sold it themselves. However, with that area, they will probably just sell it and the buyers will just gut it and rebuild not that their home is that bad looking for sure. Their plots of land are pretty expensive in that area. That was like my mom and dads home where we grew up, in NY. The house was quite old and small and not sure if it was totally gutted or extended up and out like other older people did who lived in that area.

    Please excuse me not talking individually to you all. Got other stuff I need to do around here so I will close for now.

    Love to y'all,
    Granni :)
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    Granni:. Your DH didn't eat beets, did he? That will cause pink urine. Are you talking about YOUR DH looking for something to complain about?

    Mikie: Sorry about the wrist pain.....look at the bright side....it could have been broken.

    SPRING: I have a question about a vintage sari....dates from the early 50s. It's organza and has copper colored threads making a decoration all over it of little dots, and on the edges it is like a criss cross copper thread decoration. My neighbor's parents bought it on a trip. It's been rolled on a cardboard all this time. 12' long and 45" wide. Can you give me an idea of what we should ask for it?

    I've slept horrible the last week, and so has Clair. Several times she jumped on me during the night and woke me....GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR. How dare she! So I'm really dragging today. Had to go to my neighbor late morning to take pics. Of her antique clothes.....that turned into an almost 3 hr. Stint. I took pics.....tried to get everything in a good light. Had to come back and get my clamp light because her lighting was bad. Then had to take measurements.....she wrote as I measured. Then she dug out more stuff.....sigh. I just ate lunch, it's past 3 PM and I'm heading for my bed.
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    SUN - NO I wasn't talking about DH complaining. I was mentioning to MIKIE since she was talking about that person where she lives who was complaining about everything going on at the pool. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. I know DH was nervous and upset about the blood in the urine. I would be too if I saw all that coming out of me. Of course it is hard to judge when someone is urinating and there is a lot of urine and it was pretty dark pink shall we say and bits of darker blood. Hard to tell what is blood and what is uring when they are all mixed together. MY DH is complainer even though he doesn't think he is but that was something to complain about. It could have been very serious. I don't blame him for being a bit upset. All things considered he took it pretty well and I went with him and we spoke to the doc, etc. However since he got home from the docs and pharmacy there has been no signs of blood which I am so thankful about. Hope you sleep better tonight sweetie and Claire doesn't wake you up so much during the night.

    That must be fun taking pics of those antique clothings. SW's older sari's and tops looked lovely. I love those colors too. I tend towards pinks and pastel colors.

    MIKIE - Sleep tight kiddo I hope you sleep well too and hope SV doesn't wake you up either unnecessarily. Hope your wrist doesn't keep you up either and that it gets better as quick as possible. You are lucky, it could have been so much worse. I know from some of the falls I have had and was VERY lucky.

    THINKING of JULIE, ROCK, BARRY, DIANE, SPRING and all our dear PORCHIES. Good night to all !

    Granni :)
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    Greetings, Greetings, Greetings!

    Mikie, I love the photo of your condo. Is that Sir Vester peeking out from behind that
    oleander bush? Glad to hear your hand still has mobility. Hope it is back to normal
    pronto. My hands have gotten weak, especially the left. Gordon bought a gadget to
    open bottle tops. It really works too.

    Interesting research on swearing. My Dad always said the same 6 words when he
    was mad. Guess what? I do the same thing. I found an article in an English paper
    that reported on the research. There were 5 comments. All highly disapproving of
    improper language. I read an article decades ago that said our notions about proper
    speech followed the Norman invasion of England in the 11th century. The language
    of the Anglo Saxons was considered coarse and lowbrow by the French invaders. And
    many swear words used today stem from the Anglo Saxon origin.

    BTW I'm reading a book by Debbie Macomber. She mentions cashews. Says the
    tree produces both a nut and a fruit. The fruit is called a cashew apple. Pic below.

    Thanks for the yodeling video. I love yodeling. Used to have many records of
    same. Now I have a couple CDs. There are lots of great yodelers on Youtube.

    Granni, I hope your DH is well soon and with no residuals. Hard for me to imagine
    anything more alarming. He's lucky to have a nurse handy. Did you get your
    laundry folded? I started reading a book where 4 middle-aged women were playing bridge
    and talking about their mothers who still want to tell them what to do. One said,
    Last weekend I got a big lecture about letting the laundry sit. "If you don't fold your
    laundry within 20 minutes after you take it out of the dryer, you won't be able to
    get the wrinkles out."

    Sun, I didn't know beets could color urine. Dave Barry said he thinks the body
    turns food into what it looks like. Beer becomes urine. Beets become blood. Grapes
    become eyeballs. I noticed that particular column was not endorsed by the AMA.
    Hope you can get some rest.

    We went to the library yesterday. Got half a dozen books checked out. Some old
    favorite authors; some new. Gordon is going to make a cake. Hasn't decided if it
    will be pistachio or chocolate.

    Looked out the window to see if the cat was around. It wasn't. For good reason.
    It was raining. But it showed up an hour later after the rain stopped, so it got

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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Thank you all for your kind good wishes on my wrist. It's doing better than I had dared to hope. I'm able to use it cautiously. Only thing is that it's a bit weak. I feel as though I've been beat up now that the other aches and pains are getting my attention. I think within a week, I'll be almost good as new. Everything hurt last evening so I took a Vicodin in order to sleep. Don't think I'll take another one as I woke with an opioid headache. Paradoxically, pain meds can cause headaches. Doh! So, I had to take some acetaminophen to get rid of my headache when I got up. SV was good during the night. He just gets better and better. He's aging like a fine wine, or whine.

    More research--people getting Botox seem to feel more upbeat; it appears that it helps depression. Docs think that when people aren't frowning, it sends a message to the brain that there is nothing to worry about. So, I think using affirmations to tell the brain that all is OK probably works too. A woman here writes a column in the paper about Yoga and meditation. The last one instructed us to draw in a breath and visualize light coming into the body from our crown chakras. When we exhale, we are to visualize the light spreading to every area in the body before exiting out the root chakra. I visualize that light sparkling brightly. I found this to be especially relaxing and uplifting. When I had that anxiety from the sup, I couldn't get my brain to relax enough to meditate no matter what I did. Perhaps laughter is the best medicine if it sends light hearted messages to the brain. Rx--take one joke three times a day.

    Granni, has DH been x-rayed or had an ultrasound of his kidneys? If he does have stones, yes, when they move around, it can cause bleeding. Mine had gotten so big and were trying to descend but couldn't due to their size. I had lots of foam in my urine which indicates blood protein. I didn't have any visible blood. After the doc blasted the stones and put in the stent, there was sooooo much blood. Good thing the nurse PA told me to expect it or I would have freaked out. Even knowing to expect it didn't completely ease my mind. It's awful to see it in the toilet. I'm glad he's doing well now. If he starts running a temperature, be sure to call the doc. The ABX will probably prevent an infection. Sounds as though you're working hard outside. I need to do a bit of trimming while the temps are cooler. Be sure not to overdo things. I hope the kids sell their house and find another one they like. Prices are going up which is good news when one sells but bad news when one buys. Austin always ranks high in desirable cities in which to live and retire. It's supposed to be a real 'live and let live' kind of town.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you haven't slept well and feel so sick. I hope you feel better and that Clair lets you sleep. I think when we're sick, our kitties worry about us and want us to get up so they know we are OK. Geez, that sounds like a marathon visit to the neighbor. I never realized how much demand there is for vintage clothing. I hope you sell it all. Yes, I'm very grateful that I didn't break any bones when I fell, especially no wrist and hand fractures. Our hands are so complex and, until we lose the function in them, we tend to take them for granted. I've let my kids know how well I'm doing so they don't worry. I had to let them know about the fall because one DD was wanting to come down for a visit. The visit will just have to wait a week or so. Prayers going up for good sleep for you.

    Rock, interesting history of swearing. Did your Dad say his six words one at a time or string them together? Reminds me of 'the seven words you can't say on TV.' The name of the comedian escapes my pea brain at the moment. Richard always told me he admired my creative use of swear words in combinations. Also interesting about the cashew apple. Evidently it's very acidic tasting but is eaten in syrup or candied, especially in India. I think the apples are beautiful. I could write poems to the pomes. Thank you for noticing my condo in the Ye Olde English Condo Village where I live. I've noticed in my home magazines a trend toward preserving old stone and brick buildings. The mags usually feature lovely landscaping around them, including vines growing up the walls. Oh, to have a home with such character. Oh well, according to my dream, one awaits me in Heaven. My earthly home pales in comparison.

    Nancy gave me some paperbacks by Debbie Macomber but I haven't read them. It's hard for me to read real books now that I have my Kindle. I took my Vanity Fair mag to the acute care clinic but I got in so fast that I barely had time to read. I have an app to read it on my Kindle but haven't figured out how to make it work. VF uses such small print that it's difficult to read; I could enlarge the print on the Kindle. There are lots of pics so I also like the real mag. Glad your little kitty still comes around to be fed. Smart girl, keeping out of the rain. Some people don't like cats but I find them very smart and practical. When SV lived outside, he was pretty aloof but now that he's an indoor cat, he's very affectionate most of the time. Don't know what it is about yodeling that lifts my spirits but I do love it. DD has it on her iPod. So does her FIL. Hope you enjoy Gordon's cake. Mmmmmm!

    Julie, I hope you are feeling better and can drop in for a visit here. I know this is a very busy time for you.

    I see that I have an IM so will go read it. The real Sunday paper is here so will dig into it. I love Sunday mornings. Hope all y'all are having a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Everydobby,

    Got home from church and the K of C breakfast and came home and put my steak on to marinade for tonight and fixed the sweet potato to bake for dinner. Then I sat down and did awful at my computer games and so I am back here to check on my Porchies !!!

    MIKIE - No DH hasn't had a scan of any kind which will be the next thing if he has any other symptoms. That reminds me I have to post to the doc to tell him how well he is doing this weekend.. Glad that SV is sort of behaving himself lately. You don't need a very naughty kitty the way you feel esp after your accident. Hope your wrist isn't giving you to much pain. You don't realize how much you use certain parts of your body until you injure them. I surely did that when I broke my elbow years ago. Not being able to do things was driving me crazy even getting dressed.

    SUN - Hope you start to feel better real soon. You have so much to do and having to d everything yourself I know sometimes makes things very hard. Feeling bad just gets in the way big time, even with just the normal problems..

    ROCK - What cake did Gordon decide to make. Pistachio sounds so different and I was told by my ND that pistachios were very good for me and I have been eating them a lot.. When I was a kid I used to love them to from those little machines and I don't know why their shells were dyed red with something and I used to get it all over my hands. Now they don't seems to do that any ore, maybe cause they found out how bad some red dys were for everyone. I hate to crack or open them, bad for my hands and nails but I do so anyway.

    DIANE and JULIE - Sure missing you too and everydobby else MIA lately. Please do come back when you can.

    HOpe I can post tomorrow. Lots of things going on tomorrow during the day. The workman coming to do some fixing of rotten boards on the house for one thing. I should do more work outside and know that DH will want to pick up some more pants to plant outside in the front bed. Did a lot of cleaning it up Saturday and he wants to get some more good dirt to pill in that bed also.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I'm up and at it but my heart's not in it today. I drank too much caffeine yesterday. Still, I did sleep but felt antsy last evening. SV was good but by 4:30, he was doing his 'get up routine.' He approaches me from my left side, goes up behind my head and comes down my right side. Then, he leaps gracefully over my bod and lands on the left side where he started. It reminds me of the Royal Lipizzan stallions when they perform their 'Airs Above The Ground.' If he is in an ornery mood, he simply runs across my stomach instead of leaping. By the time I realize what's happening, he's high tailed it away.

    The hand/wrist is much better but it still hurts. Evidently, I bruised the arm bone. It's not bruised on the outside nor swollen but when I touch it, it burns and stings. Yikes!!! DOF and I had tentatively planned to go over to the pool this morning. I'm gonna call him. If he's up to it, I'll go. Otherwise, I'm gonna wait a day or so. Trauma to the bod leaves one feeling a bit shaken and sore. I won't be off the acetaminophen for a bit. It's upsetting my stomach but I'm eating. The strawberries and blueberries are beautiful this year. I watched P. Allen Smith on PBS and he was making all kinds of things with berries. He rolled out some store bought pie crust and cut it in quarters. He used that to line little muffin tins and filled it with blackberries. Some sugar, some orange zest (or triple sec) and just a bit of cinnamon was used for the filling. He wrapped the excess dough over the top and baked them. OMG! They looked delicious. He's kind of the male version of Martha Stewart and has a good show.

    Granni, my urologist routinely does ultrasounds in his office to ensure people are emptying their bladders. The tech decided to scan my kidneys years ago and found the stones. Unfortunately, the doc didn't order the 24-hr. urine test at that time. If he had, I could have been supplementing the citrate all along and might not have had to have the stones blasted. He's a good doc when it comes to performing procedures but he sometimes seems a bit zoned out. I think he was remiss in my treatment. If it were me, I'd want to have a urologist do, at least, a KUB x-ray to ensure there are no stones and not wait until there is another symptom. If there are stones, the 24-hr. urine test can help find out what is causing them to form and, perhaps, steps can be taken to keep the stones from growing. If there are no stones, it's good to know. I don't think DH's doc should wait. Just MHO but it's an opinion formed from experience. Preventing having to pass large stones, which is very painful, or having the stones blasted with ultrasound and having a stent put in from the kidney to the bladder, which makes one feel so sick, is worth the small, painless and inexpensive x-ray. If there are stones, waiting to see what happens is not a good treatment plan. Is DH seeing a urologist or is this his PCP treating him? I pray it goes well for him.

    Joe and my DOF have had to have rotten boards replaced on their bldgs. Fortunately for us in our bldg. it is all stucco with no wood siding. Our bldg. was built later than Joe's and DOF's. Their bldgs. have also had water leaks above the windows which have damaged the outside walls. A couple bought an end unit in one of the older bldgs. and had to have the water damage fixed. They found termite damage in the walls when they removed the drywall. Fortunately, because it was water damage, the bldg. ins. paid for it. The unit owner, or his ins. co., paid for the paint. Hope you don't overdo it and hope the flowers look lovely.

    I'm off to read the virtual paper. I managed to wade through the Sunday paper yesterday but had problems finishing the crossword puzzles. I don't print out and do the Mon. puzzles because they are too easy. I'm like Goldilocks; I want the puzzles to be just right. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. lydia1

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    Hi guys! Just checking in, but can't stay on the computer...supposed to rain this morning and I am in the middle of doing laundry and need to get out on the mower.

    Mikie, I'm so sorry about your mishap...I hope the pain is gone soon. Granni, how scary for you and your DH...hopefully, no more incidents like that. I will try to get back here tonight and visit with everyone.

    I am feeling some better...will see the surgeon tomorrow, the one who did the colonoscopy. Biopsy results came through the Patient Portal in an email...as I understand it, there was no cancer.

    We are getting closer to our "moving in" date...still shooting for June 7 or before (would love to be in by our anniversary.) So much to do yet, and some things have to wait till other things get done...which have to wait until still other things get done, lol! Trying to move a few things around ahead of time, so when we do the big flip-flop it won't be so crazy (move shop stuff to where we currently live, and then move furniture and stuff over to the new house). We need a third building to use as we transition, lol!

    Better get busy...
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    Dear Ones,

    So glad to see JULIE posting and hope she get moved into her new place (area 0f the house) sooner rather than later. Yes, it does sound like she needs a 3rd building for transition stuff :)!!! Hope she continues t feel better and better and glad that the biopsy was negative. Speaking of biopsies, my neighbor, whose cancer has come back was to have another cat scan or MRI, I forget I believe to see if it has also spread to the brain. I sure do hope not. We (DD and I) brought them over some margaritas and taco salad when we were finished eating on Cinco De Mayo. They were so appreciative even though they were eating and would have it the next day. Others brought them some food and possibly wine too the other day. Or they might have already had the wine. Hope they get some good news on the scan. I know they are both super worried about it and well they should be. I believe she is undergoing radiation now.

    JULIE - Please do share some pics when you get into your new area of the house. It should be GREAT :)!! That would be a wonderful Happy Anniversary present for you both. I am so happy you seem to be on the mend and things looking up for you with the end in sight as to when you can at least get into the new area and start trying to fix it the way you want and need to.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the info you shared about your experiences with your kidney stones. We are now waiting to hear about the blood work if there were any other bad signs present. He continues to take his abx and is doing fine. He is going to his PCP but can switch to his urologist that he had for his prostatectomy years ago. It all happened so quickly on a Friday afternoon that I didn't even think of his urologist. I was just hoping there would not be an emergency event to follow. ore later when I hear anything.

    Thinking of everyone. DH jus ran to the bank and may need to get on the computer soon again. I also need to get started doing something around here. I did start one wash with probably another to follow:)!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in to check for spammers. We've had a rash of them lately. I loaded and ran the dishwasher and did laundry. Then, fatigue overcame me and I took a short nap. I looked out at the fountain and there is a beautiful rainbow in it.

    Spring, I found this pic of butter lamps. Don't know what yours looked like but they seem to be really beautiful.


    Julie, I'm glad the polyp is benign. Good news! It's so exciting to think y'all will be moving into your new home soon. It probably seems like it's been forever.

    Granni, I'm sure DH's situation was scary. As I said, even when I knew to expect passing blood, it was scary when it happened. Hope all his blood tests are good. Let us know the results. Prayers going up.

    DOF had to call his doc to get the results of his MRI so he had to hang around the phone this morning. Just as well because I really wasn't up to it. I just want to be available to him when he wants to go. His doc wanted the MRI because she wants to rule out some kind of physical problem with his brain which would keep it from communicating with his legs. I hope he is OK. This has been so frustrating for him and caused him to have to quit his job.

    I hope everydobby is having a good afternoon/evening. There is still a lot to be done around the condo but I made a dent in it. Roomba cleaned the carpets and that was a big help. Tomorrow, I'm just gonna run my little Swiffer mop around the tiles to get the dirt off of them. I'm not up to running the larger floor scrubber. Seems as though we all take two steps forward and three backward sometimes. Whine, whine, whine!

    Love, Mikie
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  13. springwater

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    Mikie - yes, those are what we light for the souls of departed as well as as an Offering to the Supreme Being and the Divine Beings mostly boddhisattvas. People believe Mother Teresa is a boddhisattva. When you are able to alleviate the suffering of so many and acquire that much meritorious karma, you Hv the choice of not coming back to this human realm and having to go thru all the crap that is human life.

    Sun - I'm afraid I hv no idea what a vintage saree would cost. People mostly look for new designs. A used one would be of sentimental value more than anything else. And someone who is nostalgic about that era. Depending on the embroidery one can buy a nice enough new one for $30.00. And the rather more elaborate ones cost from $ 70.00 to thousands of dollars.

    I tried the eBay vintage saree organza site and the prices seem to be in the 27 to 35 $ range. There's pictures so you can compare and decide. Type in EBay Organza vintage saree, lots come up. Those prints and designs are very outdated for today's folks who seem to be going in for different more vibrant prints and elaborate embroidery and borders.

    My cousin has gone off to out of the valley trip so I Hv some time to pick up the house, I've been out taking her around so my house is a mess..I don't know where to begin cleaning.
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    Hi Kids

    I slept most of the day. Got up around 6 PM. Felt kinda woozy. Had trouble putting
    my slippers on. Went back to bed and slept some more.

    Mikie, Gordon and I sometimes watch P. Allen. That is some property he has.
    It seems the building projects never stop. Just tried to read his biography, but
    got thrown off the net. Uff-da! Anyhoo, in addition to his gardening he started
    a project to keep domestic chicken breeds from dying out. I would love to be
    a guest at one of his dinners.

    Maybe you could set up a camera and get a film of the morning ballet at your
    place. Sir Vester playing the part of a Lipizzan stallion and you as the trampoline.

    Granni, I think Gordon told me he was going to make a chocolate cake. Seems the
    market was out of the pistachio pudding mix the other recipe called for. He
    used to make the pistachio cake in a bundt pan and take it to the office frequently.
    If I was feeling sufficiently energetic, I would put a glaze on it.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear you are feeling some better. Hope you are soon feeling a
    lot better. Never heard of a Patient Portal before. Looked it up. Sounds like
    a good idea. Better than hanging on the phone trying to talk to the Dr.

    Good luck with your hoped-for move in date. It's right next to D Day. So it will
    be the Desired Day the move is Done, your Dream achieved and your Destination
    finally reached.

    Sun, remember the old advertising slogan? "Don't sell the steak; sell the sizzle. "
    For example: According to legend, this sari once belonged to a member of Persian
    Banu Begum family. The same family that Mumtaz Mahal belonged to. The Taj
    Mahal is named for her."

    Spring, when people say, 'I don't know where to begin," the response is always the
    same. "Begin at the beginning." But with a house there is no beginning. Generally
    as soon as you get done cleaning every room, it's time to start again. Of course if you
    live alone, that might be a totally different situation.

    Well, I started this post about 16 hours ago. So in at least one sense, it's my longest
    post ever.

    "Good health to all." That used to be the advertising slogan for Rexall Drugs.
    One of the sponsors of Amos and Andy. Both were wildly popular when I was
    a kid. Now they pretty much belong to the past. As will we all.

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    SV got a lot of exercise early this morning because I didn't want to get up. He was magnificent, leaping over me as though it were effortless. He's like a ballet dancer--very light on his feet. Tweety, on the other hand, would land like a ton of bricks. He's graceful; she's strong and athletic. He is fluffy looking; she is sleek and muscular. He has long hair and hers is short. I love them both but am glad she is happily living with Jeff. We are all better off.

    DD e-mailed me. The photographer who did DGS's photo shoot for the slick local magazine submitted some pix to a modeling agency and DGS has been selected for an ad for Nerf. DD doesn't know whether his pic will be on packaging as well. She says he's taller than she is now. Because of his ADD, he's had a really difficult time in school. DD said that maybe he would get by on his looks. Had to laugh at that.

    Spring, there are always candles in Catholic churches. They can be lit for loved ones or for prayer intentions. Think I've mentioned that waaaaaay back, people thought the smoke would take their prayers to heaven and that's why candles and incense are used for religious reasons. I have some candles here at home that I light for prayer or when I use my pendulum. The pendulum has been giving me erroneous info so have stopped using it. I've soaked it in salt water and put it out under the full moon but I no longer trust it. I ask it each time I use it to show me how it behaves when the answer is no, yes or when it can't tell me. Even then, the info is often wrong. Also, it sometimes jerks around and that isn't a good sign in terms of its being settled down and ready to work. It's stored away in a black velvet bag and I'm hoping that will get it back to working like it should. I always smudge and pray before using it.

    Glad you got some time to yourself. I'm in the same boat but not because of company; every time my health takes a step backward, everything gets behind in the condo. It's easy to keep clean when I feel well but I haven't felt well in ages. So, I do what I can do and no longer worry about it. I've also heard that very advanced souls no longer need to incarnate here. I don't feel as though I'm a very old soul nor very advanced but I do feel as though this lifetime has brought a lot of spiritual growth. I pray for peace for us all now, while we are still here. Here is a pic of the sky lanterns. They are so pretty but I'd be afraid they would land and set a brush fire. Also, I don't know how high they go but I don't live that far from the airport.


    Rock, you sound like me; I wanted to stay in bed too. Be glad you don't have a crazy cat leaping over you or worse, running across your stomach. Good thing he's not as heavy as Tweety. I hope you feel better and have some NRG. I love bundt cakes, especially ones with glaze. I have always used my bundt pan for the cranberry pudding I used to make at the holidays. The cranberries are tart and the glaze, one pours over one's serving hot, is very sweet and rich. Mmmmm! Ooh, ooh, I'm drooling. Always a good sign when one has Sjogren's. I would love to stay at P. Allen Smith's place. Soooo much to see and do. Of course, it's probably very different in reality than what is shown on TV. He seems like a really nice person. Good for him for keeping the chicken lines from dying out. I love chickens. Martha Steward had some beautiful ones. When Barb's kids lived on a larger piece of land, they had chickens. When Barb's DSIL came home, the chickens would go nuts because he fed them. She said the eggs were delicious. Fresh eggs last a long time at room temperature and don't have to be used immediately.

    In the town where I grew up, our Rexall drug store had an antique oak and stained glass fountain. There were hand blown clusters of purple grapes hanging on it. Mom told me that when we went in, the druggist, who also served as the soda jerk sometimes, would light the grapes for me. I think he probably had a crush on my Mom who was very pretty. By the time I got to high school, we all hung out at Potter's Drug Store downtown. It had a fountain but nothing fancy. Same for the other drug store, Jones'. What I'd give to go back in time and hang out with my pals in a booth, drinking a lemon/lime Seven-Up. We'd also stop in the clothing stores and window shop the shoe stores. In the next block was the record store. Just like in the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married, we could take records into a booth to listen to before we bought them. A 45 cost a dollar, including tax. PSGM is another of my all-time favorite movies. It's like the story of my marriage but with a happy ending.

    Time to go read the virtual newspaper, actually it's past time. Reading the newspaper is my pastime. SV has decided to go out on the lanai to enjoy the fresh, cool morning air. I keep the sliders shut because of the commuter noise on the street outside our hood and my allergies. The sun is shining on his fur, making him look ever so handsome. He sports a red collar which just adds to his looks. Much like DGS, he can get by on his looks.

    Hope everydobby is having a good week.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! Gonna try to get out and about early enough this morning to go see my dad and run errands before my doctor appt., then come back and mow. Was gonna work on the yard yesterday, but we had a nice rain shower first thing, so I didn't even bother...worked on cleaning up our work area instead.

    Rock, I do the same thing you did...if I feel dizzy or lightheaded when I first wake up and head to the bathroom, I lie down for a bit longer. Confuses Oreo, who sleeps on the floor at the foot of our bed...she walks to the top of the stairs and waits for me when I get up, but if I go back to bed, she does too.

    I use pistachio pudding to make "Watergate Salad" ...pistachio pudding (just the dry mix), a can of pineapple (juice and all), 1/2 cup of mini-marshmallows, and a cup of Cool Whip. I think that's the recipe...it's on the box of Jello brand pudding...

    My mind is thinking it would be nice to get moved by May 30...on the one year anniversary of Grandpa's passing. Would be nice to have the estate closed by then, too, but the accountant is still working on the estate income tax returns.

    Mikie, that silly Sir Vester...there's no way we could have a house cat...Den sleeps too lightly. A couple of times, when Red Mittens was in the house (right after she had her babies and we kept them all inside for a few weeks) she got into our bedroom and pounced on us in the middle of the night. Oh my goodness...you'd have thought Den had been shot!

    I would let a couple of the cats inside to sit with Gpa during the day, but they always went back out after a few hours. I think predators must have gotten some of our cats...I can't think they would have ran away, but I guess it's possible. But Red Mittens and a few others have just disappeared. Of course, they might relocate at any of our Amish neighbors who have milk cows...what cat could resist the taste of fresh milk at milking time!

    Sun, I would love to shop at your Etsy store! Sounds like a great business...maybe some day I will get around to opening one, too.

    Spring, glad your cousin went on a day trip so you could relax and catch your breath a bit...although, you probably didn't relax much...probably catching up on things, true?

    Granni, hope hubby continues to do well and doesn't need any more tests or procedures...hope it was just a one time thing.

    Barry, are you all stocked up for when Richard is gone? I'm glad you have your new kitty to keep you company. Is that fellow (Ted?) still on your property to help out while Richard is gone?

    Diane, Lynn, everyone else...thinking of you, too...

    I'd better get myself around and get to town. I did have a casualty yesterday...dropped my phone on the cement floor. Had never gotten around to getting a case for this one, so it cracked the face. As the day went on, different colored streaks bled onto the screen and now it is completely black.

    Den ordered a new one for me...it should be here Friday. He put my sim card in my old phone (the one I keep charged and on hand so Liora can look at the pictures) and it seems to be working. I hate to be without a phone, especially when I'm away from home, in case something happens to my dad, Den or any of the kids. I remember well the frustrating days before cell phones and we had no way to keep up with each other...then we got the bag phones that only worked in the cars. Yes, they can be a pain, too...but I just like the assurance of being able to be in touch.

    I'd better go...need to get my dad new cut flowers and candy, and have a few errands at the home supply store. Take care, everyone!
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in a bit. I gave my mop a trim and got into the shower. Hair cut turned out OK. It's always a crap shoot whether it will look alright. I am keeping it a bit longer and the trim job doesn't seem to be as crucial. It also looks better after I've slept on it and have bed head. My hair gets bigger when I sleep. DD's does too. I should go out to run errands because I'm dressed and have my makeup on. My hand and wrist are working really well but still hurt a lot. Oh well, I'm an old vet at dealing with pain; I just hate it when a body part doesn't work.

    I still haven't dealt with getting a new phone and phone plan. The old phone is still hobbling along so I'm in no hurry. I've dropped this one on concrete and all that happens is that the case separates with no harm to the screen nor phone. I just snap it back together. Voila!

    I have to let y'all know about a new Yoga trend. The newspaper has carried stories on two separate towns where two women who own small farms. They are offering Barnyard Yoga. It's a $20 charge per class and you bring your own mat. You spread the mat on grass or straw among Nigerian Dwarf Goats and their kids. There may also be chickens or other small farm animals. Everyone is encouraged to snuggle with the animals in the middle of class. If it were me, I doubt I'd get any Yoga done. One woman nursed a very sick kid back to health so she donates part of the proceeds for 'challenged goats.' Good grief! I kid you not!

    Julie, it would be nice to move in on the anniversary but I'll bet GPA will be smiling down on you whenever you move. I hope the estate gets closed and is done with. What a pain that's been. Mom used to make all those Jello pudding/gelatin salads. They are soooo good. I'll bet the Watergate Salad is scandalously yummy. I'm so sorry Red Mittens and some of the other cats have disappeared. I do know that outside cats will wander and stay where they want to. Yes, I imagine the fresh milk could play a part. When Mom lived on the farm as a child, they would give the barn cats fresh milk when they milked the cows. SV gets Lactaid milk. Good thing he can't get out and go wandering. When he and Tweety lived outside, they liked to get in vehicles with open doors, like the vans of workers in the parking lot. He once disappeared for three days. I figured he got in the paper delivery guy's car. He would leave the door open as he delivered to each condo. Hope you can get everything done without any problems. I am not comfortable going out without my cell phone. It came in handy when I had a flat tire and dead battery. Wish I could settle on a new phone and plan. I know how it's gonna end. I'll get sick of running around in circles and just go with something. I can afford a nice one but won't pay the outlandish costs of the latest iPhones or Samsungs. I read that the iPhone8 is going to sell for $1,000. Yikes! Hope your new one doesn't cost that much.

    Think I'll take my papers down to recycle and pick up the mail. After lunch, I'm gonna try to clean the tile floors and pick up some clutter. Talk at y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring:. Thanks for your input on the sari. It's brand new, still rolled on the cardboard tube that neighbor's parents purchased it. You're right.....seems to be much more bling lately. I'm wondering if this could have been a wedding sari. It's 12 yards long so I guess I'll just figure out a price thinking about how much a yard this would sell for now.

    You're lucky you have a visiting cousin. I grew up with none of them around....we lived in Calif and they all lived in Ohio. Hard growing up with no family around.

    Christians don't believe in reincarnation....a giant difference. Get it right while you're here and once you're gone....well.....we believe we go to God if we've connected to him. We all have a choice.

    Mikie: That's exciting about your DGS. Keep us informed. Clair did that jumping on me a few nights ago...I was furious. So the next early evening I closed my BR door to keep her out. I think she learned her lesson. I was feeling so sleep deprived because of her.

    Did you watch DWTS last night? It's getting down to the wire. I sure love that program.

    Julie: And the move in day is rapidly approaching!!!!! YEA. I know you guys are really anxious and excited. We're looking forward to pics.

    Rock: I HATE that "dizzy" feeling!!!! It does a # on me psychologically. Years ago I had BAD positional vertigo and I'm still trying to get rid of those memories. Most of the time it happens because as we age little bits of calcium break off and float into the wrong place in our ear canal, touching the little hairs that affect our equilibrium. I hope it goes away for you.

    I've been working hard on more cleaning, house and garage. There is a shop dealer coming later this week to look at some things I want to sell....large like trunks out in the garage. Of course, they want to pay a pittance. I pulled out quite a lot of small stuff I had up in my studio closet, so guess I'll start take pics. And posting them on etsy.

    Julie: Yes, a good way to sell things with little hassle. I've sold as far away as Italy, England, Australia, Israel, Hawaii and more. It's just that I have to weigh each item and figure out the size of the box all before I list it because the buyer pays shipping charges.

    My neighbor and I are opening our garages next weekend for a sale.....she's moving so NEEDS to unload stuff.

    I'm going to make a large batch this morning of my "healthy" cookies. Actually it started out cooking up steel cut oats and adding some things and eating it hot in the morning. Then when I went on that trip I figured I needed to make it portable so then I just keep adding extras like dry oatmeal, nuts, raisins, sunflowerseeds, ground flax, cranberries, protein powder, coconut oil, and binding it all together with an egg. I spread it out on baking sheet, about 1 1/2" thick and cut in bars when baked. Half I keep in my freezer and 1/2 in the frig and eat when I also need a snack. The only sweetener comes from the dried fruit. VERY healthy and it keeps me regular too since it's a lot of bulk.
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a note to tell you that DH's blood work came out normal. Thank goodness for that. DH needs the computer and then I have to go sing. So I need to get off PDQ ):!!

    SUN - Those cookies sound interesting and good for me. Not sure DH would eat them but I probably would. I need to go back later and write down the recipe . Sounds like you don't bake them at all, is that true or did read it too fast?? Hope Claire learned her lesson not to wake you. I can imagine how bad you felt for not being able to sleep plus having to keep her out if you are used to her there, most times.

    JULIE - You should be getting very excited with moving time getting close. Hope the weather behaves for you with so many things you have to do to prepare, inside and out. Sorry to hear about your phone. Hope your new one won't be too expensive, YOU TOO MIKIE.

    Gotta run for now. Thinking of everydobby !!

    Love you all.
    Granni :)
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Glad to read the blood test is good. NO.....You do bake them. You're READING too fast again