Porch # 972 is now CLOSED!! 18th May 2017

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    Hello All

    Come in, flop down, set aside your worries, aches, pains a while. Enjoy the peace and quiet. You can bring your pets. Plenty of room for them to romp around. This is your time. Your space. You can do what you want. Talk. Sing. hum. Do the square dance. Vent. Whatever. And remember, here, you are understood, accepted and loved. Unconditionally.

    God Bless
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    Nice to read all the long posts esp catching up.on Julie. Looks like good progress is being.made in all directions, Julie. Esp health wise..and getting house ready. Very good of you to make so much effort for Miley when not 100 % yourself.

    Star - so sorry to hear about yr son. It's time things calmed down and ran smoothly there too.

    Mikie - glad to hear you smudged. I think all houses...areas need a good smudging every now and then. I've heard Vaastu (feng Shui) experts recommend giving the last swob of floors surfaces with Himalayan pink salt mixed in water.

    Aargh..a call has come so will come back in later.

    God bless
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    The whining continues! I guess dealing with the pain from falling has triggered an FMS flare because I woke up in a lot of pain all over. Good grief! I got up early to take some meds for pain and my allergies. I know this is how it is with us. Sometimes, everything forms a perfect storm to bring on big flares. It doesn't surprise me; it dusgusts me. Some good news--DD called to say the docs don't know what happened to her MIL but she was coming home today. She happened to be in the doc's office when it occurred. Evidently, on Mother's Day, her BP got high and her oxygen saturation dropped. She has oxygen so she turned it on. Her live-in boyfriend's dementia has gotten so bad that the kids don't think she can continue to live with him. They have found a nice assisted living apartment complex and are going to try to talk her into moving into it. I hope she will because it's really hard on the kids, especially my SIL, trying to help her.

    DD is going to measure DSIL's iPhone 6 to see if it's big enough that I can use it when he gets a new one in another month or so. She also insists that they add me to their Verizon plan. How sweet! I was blown away. Most of my friends here are on their kids' plans. I would send them the money but she insists on paying for it. It's quite a bit cheaper to add a family member than for that person to pay as a single person. When I added my Mom back in 1998, it cost $5. Of course, that was before all the data people use now. Kids' plan has unlimited data. That would be nice. So, perhaps my dawdling will work out for the best.

    The white drapes with teal pattern arrived but the teal is too dark. They look nice by themselves but not for fabric to make the valance unless I can find teal side drapes to go with them or order another set and have everything in the same print. Everything I try to do turns to crap! This has gone on longer than the phone saga. I'm not ordering online again because the photos never really depict the true color.

    Spring, thank you for starting up a new Porch. That looks like so many old farm houses in the South. I can feel myself settling down on the settee and drinking a bit of tea, lemonade or some moonshine. I could bring SV with me and he could chase all kinds of small critters. The news just had a segment on which showed an iguana in a woman's toilet. Imagine her surprise when she went to use it and saw the big green creature just floating on the water. Good thing it wasn't at night with the lights off. I never turn the lights on when I get up during the night or early morning because I don't want SV thinking it's time to get up. I'm hoping that being on the top floor would make it more difficult for anything to swim up here. I think I'll use some of my Himalayan pink salt to make some salt water in a small bowl to help protect against negative NRG. The kind of tile I have is pretty durable but can be etched so don't think I'll risk using the salt on them. I've asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Zedkiels to help protect me from any negativity. Thanks for telling me about them and the salt water.

    Julie, how smart to come up with a plan to make moving into the new house more effective and organized. Smart! I'm sorry about the leak. If y'all can get it fixed right away, it should be OK. It's ongoing water situations which are never addressed which cause mold issues. It's a big problem down here in the jungle. I saw a special on that eye clinic in Nepal on TV. God bless people who sacrifice so much to help the needy. There is so much need in the world. I've seen a lot of recognition lately of young children who are coming up with creative ideas to help the less fortunate. How refreshing in a world which seems to reward the greedy. I'm sorry to hear about your foot injury. I've always heard that soft-tissue injuries like sprains are worse than fractures. DD the nurse started talking about all the soft tissue and how it's affected when it is torn and now, I understand why. It almost made me sick thinking about it. Yikes! I just said a prayer to help you and Den stay safe whether it's on his job or when you are both working around the house.

    Fortunately, there is lots of good stuff on TV to help me keep my mind off my woes. The new show, Downward Dog, has gotten good reviews. Looks kinda stupid to me but then, I thought that about Alf when it came out and it turned out to be one of my favorites. A friend told me about Prison Break last year so I binge watched all the seasons. It's been revived on Fox so I've been watching it again. Of course, it stretches credulity but it is nonstop action. I've been watching Designated Survivor and like it too. I'm reading a spy thriller and it gets difficult to keep my book and the TV shows separate. Right now, the news is getting pretty exciting. You couldn't make this stuff up!

    I have to get into the shower this morning to wash my mop, as Granni says. My hair gets big when I sleep and it's wild. I look like some mad scientist. Perhaps the hot water will soothe my aches 'n pains. Nothing like a little coffee, acetaminophen, dark chocolate and a hot shower to revive a person. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    A great morning it is! Especially since I woke up fairly early, without the alarm and feeling rested. I've got to move things around upstairs to make room to put some of the things from our current living room (toys, etc.) in order to move other things from the new house/current woodshop into the current living room which will soon become the woodshop...and move some things in the current real shop to make room for things from the new house that is now a woodshop because it's not all going to fit into the current living room/future woodshop. And since we will need to open the overhead door that goes into the current living room/future woodshop, we have to move things from in front of it (it hasn't been opened in five years...Den even unplugged the electric door opener so it wouldn't get opened accidently...) are you all starting to get the picture, lol! I would post actual pictures, but they wouldn't really accurately show the chaos.

    My dad wants to come out for a visit, but I've been asking him to give us a little more time as we don't even have a chair handy for him to sit in, lol!

    Spring, thanks for opening a new porch...I did ramble along on the last one, didn't I? That "30 post mark" flew right over my head :p

    Yep, things are starting to really look up for Amy's family...as far as finding their "new normal." It helped a lot that the court made a decision to give guardianship to Amy and Clinton...although they can't officially adopt her yet, but at least they make the decisions for visitations with her parents, etc. And they don't have to ask the court's permission to take her out of state to visit Lindsey's family, etc.

    The girls are getting along so well (most of the time, lol!). After the concert we kept our tradition of going for ice cream. Since we had three vehicles there, the girls had three adults to pick from to ride with...Miley chose me and Keira chose Clinton :) Amy got a few minutes of peace and quiet, lol!

    The only bad thing was that Miley's mom came to the concert, gushing all over her "baby girl"...going on about how cute she looked, etc. The mom asked if she could have an extra visit "right now." Normally, the parents are supposed to make arrangements the day before, but Clinton and Amy made an exception. We invited her to go get ice cream with us, but she declined and said she would meet them at the house when they got done.

    Well, guess what...Clinton let her know when to go on over for her visit...but she just didn't show up. Of course, that hurt Miley's feelings...but it's pretty par for the course. At some point, Amy and Clinton can stop the visitations if they feel it hurts Miley more than helps...but right now, Miley wants to see her parents. So typical, though, in many situations...a visitation is arranged and the child waits and waits by the window for a parent who doesn't show up. Amy said that's how Miley's mom is...she wants her "Miley fix" immediately, then she's done. Just very sad for the children, but such a tricky thing...they can blame guardians for trying to keep them away from their parents if the guardians stop the visits.

    Mikie, I'm sorry the color of the drapes isn't what you were wanting. Yes, online shopping can be risky sometimes. Den ordered some replacement batteries for his cordless tools...he has Makita brand. Our local stores don't carry them, so he found some at a Factory Outlet and ordered the 3 AH (amp hour) they are thicker and last twice as long on a charge as the 1.5 AH. The packing slip said they were the bigger ones, but it said right on the battery that they were the smaller ones.

    I called and got ahold of someone with a very foreign accent who told me "those numbers are interchangeable...they are the same battery." Well, sorry...no, they're not. Yes, they both fit the same tools, but they are not the same battery. So, he said he would send "refund instructions"...a form came through email, saying there was a 15% "restocking fee" plus we have to pay the return shipping. I called back and got someone different...this man agreed to give us a full refund, plus sent a free shipping label to print off for the return.

    Anyway, I'm rambling again, lol! I'd better get busy...need to carve out some time to pick strawberries today. From the looks of the bed, I think there will be plenty...if I plan it right, I can give lots to Amy and family. She said they have been eating strawberries (with whipped cream) almost every night...

    Take care, everyone!

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    Hi, Kids,


    My stomach troubles are back; no wonder I felt so lousy when I got up. I know there's a virus going around and it must take its sweet time leaving. I'm not washing my bed-head hair because I have to keep lying down so I'd just get bed-head, or sofa-head, hair again. My stomach starts to churn and I feel light headed. So, I do a few little things and then stop til the nausea and stomach cramps leave. In the meantime, my wrist and finger are killing me. Whine, whine, whine!

    I love my vertical blinds on the sliders but I know they are considered
    passé by decorators. I'm not a slave to convention but I've been considering getting rid of them. I hung the new drapes and they really make my living room look airy, roomy and more open. I think it's because they have a white background. I'll have to pull them shut when the morning sun is direct. I did that this morning and they seem to work well. I'll keep them up and try them for a while before making my decision. I need to check the temperature of the slider doors this afternoon. In the summertime, I've usually kept the blinds shut to keep the heat out and A/C in. If the glass doesn't feel warm, I know I can get by without the blinds. It's supposed to be 96 degrees today.

    I've been wanting to simplify my life and my home and I like this new airy, open look. DD, the decorator, said to take all my accessories out of the rooms and put them back one or two at a time to decide what to keep. If I ever have any NRG, I'll do that. Perhaps these new drapes will motivate me. Goodwill is about to get some great stuff.

    Julie, what a pain with that battery. I ordered a new ion lithium battery for my computer online. I was relieved that it was the right one. I just cleaned SV's litter on the bathroom floor with my little hand vac. It has an ion lithium battery and not the old NiCad batteries. Those wouldn't hold a charge. This one cost about twice as much but it's a much, much better little vac. For someone who has no NRG to clean, I certainly have a lot of vacuum cleaners, a carpet shampooer and a floor scrubber. Roomba makes a floor scrubber and I may get tempted. My upright floor scrubber is heavy and I am having difficulty lifting heavy things with my arthritis. It sucks getting old. On the other hand, I've started looking at it as a game with obstacles which I must overcome. Bam! Pow! Take that, Old Age! I ain't pretty anymore but I'm still here!

    I feel sick at heart for Miley. I worked with a guy who got divorced and he would tell his little boy he'd come for a visit and never show up. His ex-wife said the kid would wait for hours at the window. She couldn't even talk about it without crying. My biological father abandoned my Mom and me when I was a baby. I never knew him and I think it's just as well because he would likely have been one of those fathers who never showed up. I would go to the ends of the Earth for my kids and don't understand people like that. Heck, I couldn't even abandon an animal. Miley will figure out who has been there for her but, in the meantime, it must be so hard for her to go through this. Bless Amy for raising another woman's child and bless you for being such a wonderful Grandma.

    OK, Kiddies, it's time to get up and do a little something while I can. I'd really like to wash my hair but even that is beyond me now. I've taken some more acetaminophen and it should be kicking in. Of course, NSAIDs don't help an upset stomach. I'll probably just have toast for dinner. I'll raise my glass of water and make a toast--Here's to my health before I'm toast.

    I toast to everydobby's health and hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring: That's definitely a porch you can relax and have all your pets on!

    Julie: I'm confused about all your LR, etc. Going to wait to see the anticipated pictures. So sorry for that family that lost their mommy. How old were the kids? Maybe she wasn't wearing the seatbelt because she was afraid of injuring her unborn baby? I know that's a worry for a lot of mothers. And were the other children in car seats or seat belts?

    Just my opinion but would restrict the visits from Miley's mom. They should probably just make up excuses to her rather than having the poor little one waiting at the window for someone who doesn't show up. That can really do a # on her, forever.....rejected by her parents. My heart breaks for her.

    Mikie: You get a "bug" quite often. Are you sure it's a bug? Have you talked to a doctor about this? Keep a record of it on a calendar and then you can get a big picture of it.

    I've been looking at a decorating book from Paula Deen and her decorator. One of those big coffee table books that you can drool over. I used to have lots of things out.....but the last couple of years have pretty much gone fung shei. I just don't like clutter anymore. My DDs house is over the top with stuff everywhere. Have to keep my mouth shut. I'm sure my mom did that with me too.

    HELP HELP HELP. OK....got a question.....I'm now having a pelvic ultrasound on monday and was told to drink 40 o.z of water in 15 min......l hour before the test which takes 30 min. So everything I read online it says 16-32 oz. So I tried it this morning to see how I would do. OMG. OMG. OMG. I HAD to GO......and didn't quite make it to the time the ultrasound would take. I'm going to have to cheat and drink the 32 and maybe not quite an hr. Before. Anyone of you have to go thru this?
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    Hello again.

    It's going to be a nice sunny day here, and not too hot. Perfect. I am sitting down with a cup of Earl Grey tea, recovering from cutting down a dwarf (4 ft.) bamboo that was going berserk. Finally got it done and carried to the brush pile. Now I just have to make a few more lops here and there, and it will look ugly until it sprouts back --- which it will. That's my chore for the day, except for shaving. I am so tired.

    Mikie, I'm sorry you have a bum tummy. How long has this been going on? Need to see the doc.? As far as decorating goes, I am not a minimalist. I like old time cluttered looks more, with my collection of glass paperweights, local ceramics, rugs, and books everywhere. Bric-a-brac. A decorator would have a heart attack.

    Rock, you mentioned that my font in my last post looked "wizened" . Well you are right. I think it was Sylvie running across my laptop's keyboard, actually...... seems to be okey-dokey now though, thank the dogs! She, Sylvie, has been running around madly knocking thinks over. She seems to be in a VERY happy mood. She knocked over a ceramic peach-blossom bowl that some local potter had made a number of years ago. SPLAT! CRACKED! Thrown away.... Ephemera.

    I am very tired, so gonna sign off...... I'm sure you all understand.
    Love to All of You,

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    Dear Ones,

    Well, I am back from my trip, a crazy oe at that but at least I did leave the casino with a little more than I came with. DH probably had a short case of the crud DD and DGS had. In fact DD is still feeling after effects, as I understand it. I haven't spoke to her but spoke to DSIL since she was out picking up a script from the doc. They go to a wedding tomorrow after driving forever and then picking up his parents and then two more hrs in the car for the wedding tomorrow evening. A least they will stay overnight before leaving on Sunday evening.

    Didn't do well at the casino on the machines I usually do fairly good at, the video poker machines but DH made up for it. I then went to another area to try and find a machine that might work for me better and sat down at a red,white and blue one, kind of different, not the sual one. I was trying to figure it out. I put in $20 and was trying to figure out if I should press the MAX coins which was 3 quarters, I think it was. I pushed it and then started hearing all kinds of gongs and noises and stuff going on. First thought it was from another machine as it was so noisy in there any way but then realized it was mine. It went on and on and on and ws thrilled to find out that I won $836.00 I think it was. So I gave back $200 to DH from what he had given me to start out, plus I also brought some of my own money. Now I am hoping to buy a tablet that I can use for my games and other things since my ipad is crashing and can no long do the games on it. I know that DSIL got some good ideas and prices from when he got the tablets for DD and himself. Now have to do some checking on prices, etc. Anyone have any great ideas or know where there are any great sales? I have to do some on line checking too.

    I ate some lunch here at the computer and need to get off but it was nice to do a few things and then read about all my dear PORCHIES . So glad to hear from JULIE and sorry MIKIE is in a flair and still hung up by this stomach bug thingy. Knock on wood I don't think I got it. My DH got a short case of the tummy bug and wasn't feeling well yesterday morning or early afternoon, then felt better for dinner and slept pretty good. Got up this a.m. and we found out that their buffet was not open so we left early. We stopped later at Mickey D's for something quick along the way. Got home in time to wash a load and unpack pretty much.

    Congrats to dear MILEY on her concert. I guess it was just her and not Keira but not sure if it was just her grade or what. Not going back to try and find out right now. She or they must be proud of themselves. That is a sad situation with Miley's mother (birth).

    So glad to hear from so many of you. Seems like I have been gone forever from the PORCH. Supposed to to on a short outing tomorrow with our Decorator group. It should be fun if I get up early enough. Gotta run for now,

    Thinking of everydobby !

    Granni :)
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    Hi everyone! I made some headway in the house today, then picked a gallon of strawberries before hopping in the shower. Den wanted to leave for town as soon as he got home from work, but he had to wait on me a bit. He needed to get more fittings for the gas cookstove, plumbing and electric. And we got 10 more sheets of siding for me to paint...very handy to use the outdoor rough siding on the walls as we don't really like sheetrock. We are wanting a sort of rustic look...not too rustic, but enough to add character. Like the sliding "barn doors" that Den is going to make. We bought the hardware, but he can make the doors much cheaper than buying ready made.

    Granni! Woo hoo...congratulations on your big payday at the casino! I've never been to one...would probably look like a real amateur, lol! And I hope you get a great deal on your ipad. Too bad your DH was kind of sickish, but I'm glad it sounds like you had a good time...and glad you didn't get it, too.

    Barry, I'll bet you are very worn out from cutting that bamboo...but glad you got that project done. Sounds like Sylvie has made herself very much at home, lol! Had she gotten into some catnip, by chance? Or just likes to run around and play? Sorry you feel so tired. I wore myself out just picking those strawberries...more so than moving furniture earlier. And the bending over, reaching, etc. made me almost out of breath. Den says he will build a raised bed for me when it is time to replant...

    Mikie, oh dear! I sure wish you could feel better. I had spells of being sick to my stomach too...seems to have helped when I started taking the prebiotics.

    Sun, I confuse myself, trying to decide what can be moved and when, lol! And Den still wants me to try to paint the floors, even if it's just a little at a time. I could really care less right now, but I know I will feel better to at least "clean up" and cover the cement.

    Oh, the dreaded pelvic ultrasound. I only had one when I was pregnant with Amy. I don't remember the amount of water required...just that I had to use the bathroom so bad and they were running late. The nurse finally let me go, but said "just a little bit"...WHAT! How on earth was I to do that, lol! I hope it goes well for you and they can give you some answers.

    For sure, if it was up to me, I would stop those parental visitations...they threaten to do just that, but Miley wants so badly to see her mom and dad. I hope they get things worked out soon.

    I'd better get on to bed. Haven't been in to see my dad this week and we also need some groceries. And I didn't finish the mowing this time...need to work on that.

    I'll leave you all with a pic of Amy and Miley. Amy arranged her work schedule so she could go on Miley's kindergarten field trip today...looks like they had lots of fun.

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    Julie: Miley is a cutie! Such pretty eyes too. So very nice of Amy to rearrange so she could go on the field trip too. She's a good mother. Are those barn doors inside the house? I've seen the couple out of Texas use them for bedroom doors and they look really cool.

    I painted the cement floor in my studio years ago when we ripped out the carpet. It was actually easy, just hard bending over all the time. But I got wise and added an extension pole to the paint roller which made it go easier.
    Darn I can't get rid of this underline!

    Granni: Congratulations on your big win! Enjoy whatever you buy. I love my Ipad, and am very happy we bought it. It took me a little time to learn it, still am too, but I can take it with me. Once I couldn't connect to internet at. Home so went to Starbucks. And I love that I can take pics. On it then post or send immediately to someone. Although can't do it on this board. Thankfully Etsy is set up to receive them with no problems.

    I worked some more in the garage trying to pull more things out that might sell. Moved some work table from the back yard to the garage today also to set things up. Whew....what a job, but not nearly as bad as what my neighbor is contending with. But it's got to be done. This is a big house with a lot of things I've stored.
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon's brother just left for work at Whole Foods. I just finished watching the TV
    program both Gordon and Mike told me about. The giant armadillo of S. America.
    The program also showed the giant anteater. Both have big claws and long tongues,
    so I suppose they gossip a lot.

    Julie, I'm glad to see you have the energy and time to post lately. Wonderful pic of
    Amy and Miley. If Miley had a twin they could have been named Miley and Smiley.
    What do you mean picking strawberries? How can you have strawberries so soon?
    Or were they imported and you were picking over the strawberries? Sure would like
    to be able to buy fruit with flavor again.

    Hi, Sun. Your persistent underline reminds me of some college textbooks I've seen.
    Some students buy yellow magic markers and underline almost every sentence in
    the book. Seems to me with about 90% of the book underlined, the highlights are
    what is not underlined.

    The barn doors I remember were much to big to be used in a house. You
    couldn't even get them into the house without removing a wall. Do you mean
    using the wood from an old barn? I've heard of that. Almost every barn where
    I grew up was painted red. There was one that had a huge sign painted one it.
    Can't remember what product it was advertising. The paint had pretty much
    deteriorated. Was probably applied many decades before I ever saw it.

    Many years ago I read a book with lots of pictures titled The Old Barns of Iowa
    or something like that. Along with the standard barns they had some that were
    circular. I think one was a hexagon or maybe an octagon. Great pics anyway.

    Barry, we have a bamboo too. It's in a giant pot and probably 9-10 feet high. We've
    had it for many years. Bought it from a nursery that mostly sold bamboo. The owner
    was out every day misting the plants. I was amazed at the shoots that pop up out of
    the dirt. They resemble artillery shells. A pointed top and 2-3 inches in diameter.

    How many paperweights do you have? I believe the decorator's rule is, Never have more
    paperweights in a room than the room has windows. Or maybe I'm thinking of fireplaces.
    My mother started collecting paperweights when the kids grew up and flew away.
    I doubt any came from the island of Moreno, but they were colorful. As for ephemrera,
    doesn't that pretty much apply to us as well as to paper?

    Mikie, sorry to hear you are having so many health problems. I hope your slice of
    toast perked you up. Reminds me my mother used to serve chipped beef in white sauce
    on toast. We kids thought it was great. Some decades back I was going to try and make
    it, but a little glass jar of dried beef cost about as much as a steak or a pork chop so I
    bought a package of White Castle Burgers instead.

    I remember going to White Castle when I was in college. The shop was on University
    Blvd., 11 blocks from our dormitory. Four or 5 of us would trot down there late at
    night. Denny Sandburg always livened the place up by yelling, "Three Gut Bombs,
    Please" when we went in. I used to read the house organ. Full of letters from employees.
    They all had the same two messages. "I like working for White Castle. My Supervisor
    is very nice." Hope you feel better soon. Also, even though you are not my
    Supervisor, you are very nice.

    Spring, I like the pic you posted. Looks like an old mountain cabin to me. But not in
    the Himalayas. More like the worn down Appalachians we have on our East Coast. Once
    they were as high as the Rocky Mts. Kinda like me. I used to be taller. Well, at least
    not all humped over. What festival are you getting ready for now?

    Gordon had an orchid meeting last night. I think he has some pics he's planning
    to post.
    Hugs, All
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm late getting here this morning. I got up, fed SV, had my toast and coffee and lay down on the sofa and slept. I needed it. After four trips to the john, I'm starting to feel a bit better. I hope this means whatever bug I had is down the pipes. This crud has been making the rounds. I'm not usually so vulnerable to things but this last year has left me so depleted that I'm catching more viruses.

    I hung the drapes and they really look good in here so think I'll figure out how to work everything out. It would be great if I don't have to sew a valance. I'm looking for a long curtain rod which spans the sliders. I have one up there but there is something wrong with it. New ones aren't expensive online. I'll look at Lowe's too. I have to press the drapes but that can wait.

    Sun, I'm not into Spartan bare looks in decorating. I like a comfortable home with books, throws, candles, etc. I'm just thinking I'll take things out and put them back in one at a time to know for sure it's the look I want. Over the years, we tend to collect things and, at some point, it may get to be just a bit too much. I do wish my kitchen counters weren't as cluttered but in these small condos, there isn't much choice. Sometimes, it's a fine line between clutter and comfort. I'd likely feel very comfortable at Barry's. The ultrasound I had used a wand. They never told me anything about drinking water. The tech did tell me to empty my bladder first. At the time, I wasn't emptying my bladder and it was causing problems. It wasn't something I could control. She was not nice about it. BTW, security experts say that using public Wi-Fi is very risky in terms of having your computer, or phone, hacked and malware installed.

    Granni, how wonderful that you won some $$$. The only advice I would give is not to buy a Surface notebook computer. I hate mine; however, it might be the Windows 8.1 more than the computer itself. I need to upgrade it to Windows 10. Hope your DH's bug is gone. It hit me twice. Just when I thought it was gone, it came back worse than ever. I feel like it's gone now and I hope it doesn't come back. I also hope your DD is over hers and I hope you don't get it.

    Barry, I love handmade pottery and have a few pieces. I had more but left some for my ex when we split. I have my morning coffee in a mug I got last year at the art fest downtown. I hold it with the hot coffee in it and let it warm my arthritic hands. I have a set of stoneware my ex commissioned from an artist. He gave it to me as a gift. I don't use it every day. I really should get it out and use it more. I'm in a rut of using my everyday dishes. Not such a catastrophe if a piece gets broken. I'm so sorry Silvie broke the bowl. She sounds like a lively, happy kitty. SV is too lazy to do much of anything except the rare occasion when something possesses him and he runs around like a streak while caterwauling like a banshee. I don't have paperweights but love looking at them. Some are soooo beautiful. Hope you didn't overdo it trimming the bamboo.

    Julie, what a sweet pic of Amy and Miley. Yes, they do look as though they are having a good time. I've seen a lot of barn doors on Fixer Upper. She likes to do farmhouse style decorating. She also loves using ship lap siding which is evidently inside the walls of many old houses. I'd never seen it before watching that show. The middle bedroom in the condo has double pocket doors and a barn door would look nice on it. I'm trying to save money so won't be doing it. Even the hardware seems expensive to me. I do love the look. The blue paint sounds like something I'd like. My bedroom is more of a Wedgewood blue and it kinda changes color too, depending on the light. Blue is such a great color for a bedroom--peaceful and calming. I have brown drapes, lamp shade and sheets and they look good with blue but I can always change out the highlight color. I'm just finishing off the strawberries and blueberries I got at the store. Tomorrow, I need to run to Publix, as long as I'm not running to the john.

    Rock, one of my kids' favorite meals was chipped beef on toast with that white gooey sauce. Isn't that what guys in the Army called, SOS? Stands for something on a shingle. I think it qualifies as comfort food. My toast is comforting me now. I took off my slippers yesterday when I was feeling the sickest and they smelled like vinegar. AAACCCKKK!!! :confused: It must have been some kind of purging my bod was doing to get rid of this crud. Fortunately, I have lots of slippers so, after my bath, I put on a clean pair. That paperweight you posted is beautiful. I forgot that I do have two glass paperweights. Both are clear with bubbles, one round and one egg shaped. I got the egg-shaped one at the same art fest where I got my pottery mug. My Mom gave me the round one. I love having things which are made by artists I have met. I have so little talent so I have to enjoy others' talents. Thank God for artists!

    I had to post this and keep coming back to add and edit. Good thing I edited because I found lots of typos and wrong words used. Even when I edit, sometimes I don't catch everything. I'm worse today because I'm not feeling well. I got a message about connectivity issues and a black band appeared on the screen. I got rid of the message and, so far, all is well. It's time to eat and I think I'll put some yogurt on my bran buds. That shouldn't further upset my stomach. Hope everydobby is having a good day and is staying away from the stomach bug.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Morning, guys! Well, it rained again last night, so I won't be on the mower today. I hope the Meadowlark, that has her nest in the middle of our neighbors' lane, is okay. She was still sitting out there a couple of nights ago.

    Thank you for the kind words about Amy and Miley...yes, Amy has gone "above and beyond" for that little girl. And Clinton has done the same for Keira...they just had to find their "groove."

    Rock, the teachers at school do call her "Smiley Miley" :) She looks and acts so much better than she did when living with her parents...happier, clean clothes, combed hair, etc., etc.

    Well, now I had to look up ephemrera, lol! Do some things maybe start out as ephemrera, but then turn into something permanent?

    Yes, this is the earliest I have picked strawberries. They were possibly close to this early last year, but I was gone from home May 10-30 (in hospital with Grandpa) so most of them rotted. I didn't even think to ask Den about them or have him ask our neighbors to pick. I'll save this picking in case Amy and girls come this weekend...Amy may come this way to see a couple school friends who will be in town. If they don't come, I'll just freeze them (the strawberries ;))

    Sun, I wish you great success with your garage sale...although I forget when you said it was...this weekend? We live too far in the country to have any success with one, but if we had enough stuff we could load it up and take to someone else's, or to an auction house to be added to a pile. They would keep our items separate, but would require a commission, of course.

    We painted the floors where we live now, but after five years they are getting pretty scratched up...used Rustoleum, but didn't wait very long before moving in. I have a latex "Porch and Floor" to use in the new house, but can't walk on it for the first 24 hours and supposed to wait 7 days before putting any furniture, etc. on it.

    We will have to fudge a bit in order to get it painted, moved in and "settled/put back together" before the kids come up. We're sort of locked in on a date since Lindsey's half marathon is June 19 (I'm going down to watch the kids while she and David run...he's running a marathon a day June 17-21) and they plan to come back up with me on the 22nd (want to stay down there for the twins' birthdays on the 21st.)

    We might get to do it again in August when I go back down to watch the kiddos while David runs a 100 miler. Lindsey wants to be with him to keep him hydrated, etc. Den and I think it's pretty crazy, but I'm sure our parents thought similar things about us, lol!

    Missing Mikie this morning...hope you are doing ok! At least not worse...

    Here's a pic of an inside barn door. My bathroom and bedroom walls will be Palladian Blue (a Benjamin Moore color) and the doors, trim, etc. will be white. Regular door from LR to bedroom, barn door from LR to bathroom, barn door from bathroom to bedroom, and barn door from bathroom to hallway to kitchen. We bought the hardware, which is already black, and that's fine with me...but the doors are so expensive and Den can make them for next to nothing. (He has the expensive tools, so might as well use them, right :p) I want the doors to look a little like my kitchen cabinet doors (arched on top, with a couple of plain panels.) Or thinking of putting a mural or something on the one from bathroom to bedroom since it will be open most of the time (on the bedroom wall) anyway. Lots of decisions to make yet...but for now, I'd better get off the computer and get to work, lol!

    Oops, there's Mikie! I love it when we get an alert that someone has posted while we are typing. Hope you are, indeed, on the mend. And I hope you end up liking the drapes enough to just go with them. I'm finding that lots of colors, that I would not have thought to put together, actually look nice when all mingled...especially if one or two things have many of the colors in it and it pulls all the pieces together. Well, the Palladian Blue is turning out really well...I love that it looks either blue or green, depending on the time of day and lighting. And I can use my favorite colors of all (purple, lavender, etc.) with it...and it doesn't look too "girly" for Den, lol!

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. As usual I was up most of the night. Watched a couple of those crime-
    forensic shows. It's kinda amazing that people still commit crimes with all the
    forensic technology available. Plus there are closed circuit TV cameras all over.
    Studies show that 70 to 80% of the American public does not object to these
    cameras even though some people object on the grounds that they are being spied
    upon. Well, when you are out in public people can see you. You want privacy,
    stay home.

    Julie, that's a very elegant barn door. I was thinking of the really big door that you
    can drive a tractor or a buncha cows through. I forgot barns also have people-size doors.
    Anyhoo one can clearly see why it would be appropriate to call the door an X-it.

    Ephemera was originally defined as things made out of paper (like tickets or bus
    transfers) that have a short life. But of course something like a school program or a menu
    could be something one would want to save. In that case ephemera becomes remembra.

    Mikie, Yes, SOS sometimes stands for _____ on a shingle. Although logically it
    should be SOAS. Dave Barry would say, "(Bad word) on a shingle." It can be
    chipped beef or ground beef. The Royal Navy had a dish called Bad word On A Raft
    which was sauteed kidneys in gravy. Barry would probably like that, huh, Barry?

    Hugs to Diane, Granni, Linda and GB.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    as promised by rock, here are some pictures of what's growing in our backyard.
    this process only took me 4 times to load up the pics as i kept messing up and
    had to re-open the website. isn't life wonderful and mysterious?

    the first picture is of the pink geraniums. i have 3 such plots in the yard. i got
    cuttings from a smog check station 3 yrs. ago. i needed something to hold the
    earth since the grass all died. i'm also planting creeping rosemary (see hole in
    foreground) and some trailing nastursium. pic of the calandrinias was too
    large to post.

    2nd pic is of the top level orchid growing area. the structure is covered in shade
    cloth (that's the cloth i had to mend, looking up and standing on the crates).

    3rd is of the side area where i'm growing chinese long beans, tomatoes and some
    chinese vegetables.

    4th is in front of the backdoor. this is where i grow some of the sun-loving orchids.
    in the background is the secondary orchid growing area (former chicken coop?).

    5th is a pic to the latest orchid cactus to bloom. they only last 2 days. my yellow
    one finally bloomed after 4 years. got cutting from friend joe.
    geranmium.jpg top level.jpg side.jpg front.jpg catus.jpg gold.jpg
    6th is a pic of my goldfish plant. bought a small plant front the library book
    sale area. see all the flower nodes between the leaves. those will all become
    flowers. doesn't it look just like to crackers you buy?

    well enough. hope you enjoy the pics. will post pics of my chinese laterns i
    learned in class at a later date.

    b-y-e for now
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Wow, Gordon...those pictures are beautiful! Thank you (and Rock) for sharing them. I did get a few hanging baskets planted this year, plus a couple pots of marigolds and two planters with geraniums, spikes and some white stuff that looks kind of like Baby's Breath. I fixed two planters for Amy, also, only used her requested pink for the geraniums...I prefer dark red in mine. Not doing any gardening or planting anything else...need to just get this darn house finished, lol!

    I painted part of the kitchen floor (where the cabinets and appliances will go) and the dining area. Will put the second coat on before I leave to go see my dad. Using a light brown, Dutch Boy shade called "Cowboy Boots". It won't look perfect...the cement has been exposed to the elements for several years, but it will be fresh and clean...and will work until we can afford other flooring.

    Sun, I bought an extension pole right off the bat, lol! I do have to go around the edges with a brush, though...on my hands and knees.

    Granni, I meant to mention that the school classes alternate their Christmas and spring concerts. This year Keira had a Christmas one and Miley the spring. Next year it will be the opposite...not sure why they do it that way...maybe because it can get to be too much for families, and there are a lot of students. Or might have to do with the music teacher's schedule?

    So...back to work for me. I am having to scrape the carpet in our current living room to get it off the floor (Den doesn't want a carpeted woodshop, lol.) Should have put paper down under the carpet...not sure why I didn't think of that back when I bought this piece of remnant.

    Sort of glad the yard is too wet to mow, but I will pay for it when I am playing catch up next week :oops:

    Take care, hope everyone else is okay.

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope to get back here tomorrow not to late even though DH already has work plans among other things. Just wanted to say HI to all and THANKS TO GORDON AND ROCK FOR THOSE GREAT PICS, THEY ARE SO PRETTY, AS WELL AS PICS AND SOME EXPLANATIONS FROM JULIE ABOUT HER UPCOMING NEW AREA TO LIVE IN. Sounds like JULIE is getting quite a few things done in the house today since it is to wet to mow.

    SUN - Hope you are doing OK too and are not to pooped from many of the things you have been doing lately.. zan't exactly remember but I know that you have been a busy gal with all your home projects you have been trying to get done, in between your artsy projects. Any of those lately ??.

    Pretty much have just time to read tonight and went out with our decorator group today. Did a lot of walking and some buying but nothing to exciting or expensive. Had a nice salad lunch today with a sample of nut bread that was donated by a friend today who shared with the table. It was so delicious !!!! Lots of fruit in the salad too so guess it was pretty healthy.

    Gotta run now and start trying to get ready for beddy bye. MIKIE, I hope you are feeling a little better today and not the other way around. Off to take a shower.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    A good evening to all! Den came home early from work...just not feeling so good...hope he's not getting a crud that some of the other guys have been passing around. I decided to just stay home today...called to check on my dad and the nurse said he is just fine...so I will go in later.

    Granni, glad you had a nice luncheon. I love banana nut bread...what kind was the one you got to sample?

    I suggested to Den about making one or more of our barn doors just plain, but putting some sort of mural on the wood...he thought that might look kinda neat.

    Better get on to bed...just wanted to check in.
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock and Gordon: Never seen a goldfish plant before. Quite interesting. The leaves look like a rubber tree plant. I'll have to look for one in the nursery. By the way, I used to LOVE SOS.......white sauce with dried chipped beef. That got to be the lunch after church....then somewhere my Mom switched it to frozen split pea soup with cheese sandwiches. Remember when you could buy frozen soup? Do they still sell that? I LOVE making soups......a little of this a little of that and it all comes together with the right seasonings.

    Julie: what type of faux painting scene were you thinking of on the barn door? I'm sure it will be outstanding.

    I'm sooooo tired. I've been working all day long. Have to get up at 6 a.m. So I can get the signs out and about. I hope I can sell something. So much work!!!!!

    I was watching the movie Carousel on PBS and really looked at the beach where Gordon McRae was singing, thinking that looks like So. Calif. so I looked it up. Sure enough that scene was shot at a beach in Malibu. I think there are other movies that have been shot on that beach.....the Beach Blanket movies with Annette Funnicello comes to mind. It's a wonderful beach.....all those great, huge rocks that I remember were covered with starfish. Across the road is a wilderness campground where every october the monarch butterflies come to spend the winter months. Been there too to see them. Really quite a sight, thousands of butterflies fluttering around in the sunny days or hanging in the trees when it's overcast.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Up and feeling better. I ended up sleeping most of yesterday; I couldn't keep my eyes open. Even the arthritis in my hands is better. I can finally bend my index finger without agonizing pain. Woo Hoo! I really have to get into the shower today. I'm two or three days overdue to wash my hair. It still looks good but I can't stand it another day. I remember when women would go to the beauty salon once a week to have their hair done, no shampooing in between. Yikes!

    It's afternoon in Saudi Arabia and the presidential visit is on TV. Holy cow! The king's palace has an outdoor escalator. How do they keep the sand from sand storms getting into the mechanism? The place is HUGE and makes Trump Tower look like a hovel. I've never seen such beautiful chandeliers and so many of them. That kind of glitz isn't my thing but I do have to admire them. The waiters serving coffee are wearing side arms over those long white outfits. I guess that's one way to keep people from being rude to their waiters.

    Rock, I agree about crime and criminals. Forensics have come a long way. I'd be afraid of getting caught. Same with CSTVs all over the place. I don't agree with people who say they invade our privacy either. If people are not committing crimes, they have nothing to worry about. I like those new Ring doorbells. Even when you're not home, you can see people ringing the doorbell on your smart phone and you can talk to them as though you're inside on an intercom. The image is in HD so you have a good description of them if they do anything. I love the crime shows; they are a good escape for me. My ex is obsessed with visiting me and he wanted to know whether Miami really looks like it does on CSI Miami. It does but they colorize it to make it look more vibrant. He just can't figure out why I have no desire to see him. Doh! I don't know how you stay awake to watch TV all night. I fall asleep at about 7:00 or 8:00 most nights. Then, I'm up early, the opposite of my yute. Hope you can catch cat naps during the day to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    Gordon, thanks so much for the pics of your gorgeous flowers. Your yard looks like a wonderful nursery. I can only imagine all the work it takes. You have interesting flowers. I love that goldfish plant. Some kind of pest has killed one of our lantanas and is killing our desert rose. I need to get out there and spray. The stag horn fern hanging in the tree is getting big. Our yard is getting neglected and I need to feel better so I can do some work out there. Our lazy landscapers are worthless. Just looking at your flowers cheered me up. Blessed are they who beautify the world.

    Julie, it's really hard for me to get on my knees to paint trim and brush on the wall paint at the bottom. That's partly why it takes me so long to paint. Thought I'd never get the entry done. The reward is that it looks so bright and clean now. I've seen people on TV painting designs on concrete floors which look like patterned area rugs. In lofts, they often put a clear coat on the concrete and use actual area rugs. It looks nice. Lately, I've seen concrete countertops in kitchens. One of my favorite things was a kitchen island on Fixer Upper. They used old flooring from a railroad car. It was very distressed. It was stained and a clear coat added. I'd love something like that. Hope Den isn't getting the crud. It hit me twice over a week or so.

    Granni, on your decorator trips, do y'all see sample rooms or decorator objects to buy, or both? I'd love doing that except for all the walking. I'm always looking for inspiration. Fortunately, the kinds of casual things I like are trendy now. Hope I feel better so I can get to Lowe's to check out drapery rods. If they are too expensive, I can order one online. I prefer seeing things before I buy. Just to feel well enough to clean out closets and clean the condo would be like having it redecorated. Day before yesterday, I did manage to clean the master bath and wash the tile floor in there. SV gets litter all over and it was good to get that cleaned up.

    Sun, hope your sale is successful today. Lots of work to get everything ready. When DD worked in movies, they filmed Side Out on a beach (don't remember which one). She was in a bikini and said they nearly froze to death out there. I've always loved the theme from Carousel. One of my team mates skated to it when we competed in the state finals. Funny how things come and go. Seems as though musicals are back. Hope you don't overdo it today and hope you sell all the stuff you no longer want.

    OK, off to read the virtual paper. Yesterday, the server was down so I couldn't read it online. Hope everydobby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Home again, home again, jiggity jig... I had my shower and went to Publix for some groceries. Because I hadn't had much to eat for the last few days, I was starving. I got some of their yummy seafood salad and some fruit salad on BOGO. Soooo nice not to have to chop up all that fruit. Just pop the top and eat. Definite improvement in how I feel but I'm not brimming with NRG just yet and still have a few aches 'n pains..

    I'm going to watch one of Rich Steve's European shows on Cornwall in England. Spring mentioned it. It is where Poldark is filmed. Beautiful rugged shoreline, so different from our beaches here in FL.

    Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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