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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Time for a new Porch. Julie made a post on the last one if y'all want to check it out.

    I should have knocked on wood yesterday when I bragged about feeling better. I woke with horrible allergies. My arthritis is better so the news isn't all bad. I sneezed seven times in a row. When my allergies are bad, I do this serial sneezing in the mornings and evenings. Barb's husband, Paul, used to do the same thing. The weatherman told us we might get scattered showers. That usually means we won't get rain and, if we do, it will not amount to much. OMG! I was lying in bed when I heard thunder that sounded like sonic booms. Not only did we get torrential rain but some of the most dramatic lightning and thunder. The streets downtown near the river were flooded. We may get more rain this afternoon.

    Problem is that, when it rains that late and that much, it cools the pool down so that it's too cold to work out in. I had planned to go to the pool this morning but not if it's cold. I have a bit of arthritis in my hip and it could cause it to flare. If it rains early this afternoon, the pool will have a chance to recover its heat but not if it rains late again. We have heaters in the pool but there's only so much they can do. This low point in my health isn't nearly as bad as some others I've had and I do feel as though I'll recuperate. So, I'll just plod on, doing the best I can, whining all the way. I've been squeezing a little rubbery ball and it's really helped my wrist and sore finger.

    Today is the anniversary of my ex's grandmother's passing. She was such a character and we loved her so much. She was Granny Jake to us, her nickname. She would bake cookies and bring them on the bus when she visited us when the kids were small. We lived across town from her apartment in the Senior high rise. I took her mother-in-law's tongue plant. It would put out a new shoot every year on May 22. I can't remember what happened to the plant. I probably left it for my ex. When our kids were little, our friends lost their little boy who was about four years old on May 22. He had a cold and wasn't getting better so his mom drove him to the doc. On the way, his esophagus ruptured and he died. It was so awful. Even after all these years, I still remember their passing on this day.

    I saw that Barnum & Bailey did their last show yesterday. Animal rights activists were jubilant. The circus said some animals will be retired to sanctuaries but some will go to circuses in Europe. Europe used to have few protections for performing animals so this sense of triumph may be short lived for the activists. Sometimes, there are unintended consequences and some of the animals may be worse off. Our family doesn't go to circuses, rodeos, dog races or other events where animals are used for entertainment. Not everyone abuses or neglects their animals but there has been enough so that we just don't want to give our money to such things. Many believe just taking wild animals out of their habitat and 'training' them to perform is a form of abuse. I agree and would prefer the animals be left alone to live their lives in the wild.

    Julie, sounds as though y'all are making a lot of progress on your house. What a wonderful thing to look forward to. I'm glad you got outside to play with the kids. That's the kind of thing children remember. It isn't the vacations, or even Christmases, that my kids look back fondly on as much as the little everyday fun we had. My kitchen is tiny but nothing has made the difference that my quartz stone countertops have made. It's so nice to be able to place hot dishes and pots on them. I don't cut things on them, because of germs, but I could without damaging them. Mine have one seam and it's almost impossible to see if you don't know where it is. I'm getting excited for you vicariously. Keep us updated on the progress.

    OK, I'm off to start the week. My keyboard is acting up so need to reboot the computer. Darn gremlins! Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good to read so many newsy posts.

    I'm just back from a small trip out of town. A cousin on Mothers side wanted to visit some relatives in a town bordering India which I remember loving the look of when we passed by on our way to our hometown. So when she asked if I would like to go and DH said I should, I just took the plunge and went.

    We took the 45 min flight to the little airport. And then by road. Nothing's changed since seeing the area last in 2006 when we went on a family holiday. We all were charmed by the place then too. Vast green fields..with vegetation of every kind and so many bright bright flowering trees and big petalled showy flowers. And clear sinuous flowing streams to irrigate the maize that were growing in patches of land.

    (A pic of area I visited..those trees had huge clusters of flowers in orange..yellow..pink..purple lining ghevroads and house courtyards. Absolutely beautiful.)

    The weather was mercifully cooler than normal because of torrential rains which come in spurts. I loved it because our city is cramped with big big buildings and no space and so much noise. Here all the houses lining the little main road had beautiful garden patches in big spaces and the houses so pretty..one storeyed painted brightly with colourful windows and a little verandah in front. And a lot of them having haystacks in the yard and with cows. It was manna for my concrete weary eyes.

    There is also a river on the Indian side..which is now dammed. There used to be river rafting which has been shifted to another area now. But it was my first time seeing a dam up close.

    A nice trip all in all. I don't regret it although housework piled up. And we had a bit of air turbulence on the flight back. Probably lightening. And the pilot made an announcement to put away our computers etc.

    Mikie - what good news about the animals. I hope they lead a better life with freedom and some peace and quiet.

    Our son had a bad coughing fit when he was little..so we rushed him to the hospital putting his nose near a thermos of boiled steaming water all the way so he could breathe. The doc put an oxygen mask on him and told us a kid had died gagging on the way to hospital because of nonstop coughing and we did the right thing.

    Rock - good to see you back in full form concerning posts. Always a joy to read your LOL inducing posts.

    Lucky you to enjoy Gordon's plants..I think it's good too because you get a bit of outdoor exercise helping him take care of his green babies.

    Granni - how sad about the neighbour lady. I pray God takes care of her. On the plane back there were two wheelchair bound sick passengers and one who was walking but in a great deal of pain. They were going for treatment to the city because there are no hospitals in their area. Just health.posts.

    Julie - good to see you being busy for yourselves for a change. Isn't it lovely to.pick and choose what and how you want in the new house? Sounds like you had a great day romping around with the kids. I haven't bicycled in longer than I care to remember. I wonder if I can still balance.myself? Lol!

    Sunflower - woah, nice tidy sum to make out of something you didn't want to keep! If you had old women's magazines or Judy comics or novels I read I would hv probably bought them. Love those. Mum used to hv women's magazines..printed in England because of the colonial connection. Woman! and all those things with women's real life stories and she used to hoard them. So I got to read a few. Me mum too was an avid reader.

    Barry - hope the temps cool down..here we are getting evening thunderstorms and that brings the temp down a bit. But I can't wait for winter. Our bamboo plants.I'm trying to get rid of keep growing back ! And I don't hv anyone to cut them down. This time the torrential storms hv blown all the seeds from the trees. Grpund was littered with black seeds. No mangoes I'm guessing this year.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I just had to go reboot my computer to rid it of the gremlins. On the last Porch, I had posted that it was closed but it never got posted so there are some posts over there y'all might want to read. I defragged my hard drive to try to get it working better but it usually takes a bit for that to equal smoother running. I'm just taking a wee break from housework. I'm doing laundry, including bedding. I spun the mattress with much less effort than usual. Sometimes when I'm run down, it's all I can do to turn it. I feel stronger. I should for all the sleep I've been getting.

    Spring, you are such a good writer. I feel as though I'm right there with you in that lovely countryside. I know Indian Summers is supposed to portray the Indian countryside but it is filmed in Malaysia. Evidently the countryside is similar. It is beautiful with so many blooming bushes. In some countries, bushes and hillsides are different and more interesting looking. The ones in Malaysia look very exotic. When I lived in CO, it was beautiful with rugged Western mountains. Here, it's beautiful with tropical beaches and palm trees. I love seeing places which are different than where I live. One of my favorites is New England in the fall but I've never been there, only seen it on TV. I'm glad your son was OK when he had his cold and cough. We normally don't think about things like that being lethal. DD had asthma and I didn't realize how serious can be until a child down the street died in an asthma attack. I'm so glad you got to go. The housework will keep. Our hearts and spirits need a break now and then.

    Granni, I'm so glad you got such a bargain on your tablet. I need to download Windows 10 on mine. Geez, you'll have $$$ left over for other things. DD in CO said they would look into sending me DSIL's iPhone6 when he upgrades. I think it'll be in a month or so but with them, it's best not to count on things. She also wants to add me to their plan when I get the phone. That is so sweet of her. I may just buy a new iPhone6 at Walmart and not have to wait on DSIL. Enjoy the new tablet.

    A neighbor/friend called me by accident Sat. when I was at the store. I was checking out so called her back. She was checking out at Target so we couldn't talk. She called this morning. She was in the hospital. She said she's better. She didn't say what was wrong and I didn't want to pry. Joe talked to her when he was out walking and she didn't tell him either. She said she has a lot of doctor appts. She told Joe it wasn't anything life threatening. He got a card for jury duty. He's older than 70 so I think he can get excused. I have been permanently excused because of my FMS. I can't sit that long. I was called before the FMS was triggered. I got excused because I had both been in an accident and we had been sued over DD's accident. Neither side wanted me. Good! I didn't want to serve. It was just a guy who was in an accident disputing the charges against him.

    I need to press the new drapes. They aren't bad but do need a bit of pressing. I have got to get to Lowe's to pick up a new rod for them or order one online. All this time I've been messing around, I could have it by now from Amazon.

    OK, gonna go. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi kids.

    Slept till almost noon. I wondered downstairs and found Gordon watching P. Allen Smith.
    P. Allen was standing next to plant and explaining that the beans it produces are often
    18 inches long. Yup. It was our old friend the Chinese long bean.

    Mikie, thanks once again for opening up. I loved the dramatic purple pic. I guess
    that must be the material you purchased for your valence. I remember when that
    was a cartoon strip in the Sunday papers. Prince Valence. Hope you have recovered
    from being a serial sneezer. I have become a serial geezer. Much worse, don't
    you think? (I was gonna post a picture of Prince Valiant, but I couldn't find a
    small one.)

    I looked for the book you mentioned about Millennials. Our library doesn't have
    it, but I found something similar. There was also an essay on line by a member of
    the millennial group saying something like: we are achieving adulthood. We're just
    doing it slower. After all, we live in stressful times.
    (Who doesn't? Ha Ha!)

    Sun, I never heard of flip top bottles. I do recall, however, occasionally seeing glass
    bottles that had a wire at the top back in the days of my yute. Looked 'em up. Yup.
    Couldn't find any info, but did find pics. I'm guessing the flip top kept the fermenting
    home-made beer from blowing off the top.

    Springwater, sounds like you had a delightful trip. Yes, bamboo is an invasive plant.
    Gordon says when people plant bamboo around here they put a small metal wall
    next to it (underground) to keep it from spreading. Even worse are banana trees. We
    once rented a house. Years earlier someone had planted a banana tree at one corner
    of the house. The banana tree had grown and was pushing against the house and the
    foundation. Took a crew of gardeners most of a day to chop and dig to get rid of the
    tree and rescue the house.

    The pic of the red cactus flower that Gordon posted was from one of the many
    succulents we have on the front porch. The same plant now has three more red
    flowers. And next to it is a cactus with a yellow flower of equal size. Gordon has had
    the yellow plant for 6 years. The is the first time it has bloomed. If one wants pics,
    there is a small window of opportunity to get 'em. The flowers droop and die after
    two days.

    Hugs, Everydobby


    Springwater, you've added another great pic. I bet you'd be a good decorator. You
    have an eye for beauty. I wonder if those are bottle brush trees. We have those
    here. Never saw or heard of them till I moved to Calif. The flowers look like the brushes
    one uses to clean baby bottles.

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  5. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just woke to the news of the Manchester bombing. How sad that these bombings no longer shock me. I grieve when I see the death and pain caused by misguided extremists but it no longer shocks me. My kids decided not to go to London for spring break and went to Puerto Rico instead. I'm not sure any place is safe these days. Terrorism will not change the course of history and there is nothing noble about it. In the big picture, it isn't a very effective way to achieve objectives, especially in the long run. Terrorist organizations are awfully slow to learn this. I think many of them are simply thugs who use religion as a guise for their desire to do violence. The pillars of Islam are the opposite of what these thugs are doing.

    I ended up getting some of my laundry done and was so happy to climb into a clean bed. Earlier, when I took my bath, I used my nail brush to scrub the tub ring. Then, I sprayed the empty tub with foam cleanser and used my long-handled spinning brush to finish cleaning it. It's sparkling. My new shampoo/conditioner combination product seems to leave a slick film on the tub. I have to be careful not to slip when I get out of the shower. This product is helping my dry hair and itchy scalp. I hope to feel well enough today to get more done.

    We never did get the rain yesterday and it'll likely be dry today. We are supposed to have a lot of rain tomorrow but rain is often spotty here. One neighborhood can get soaked and the hood next door remains dry.

    Spring, I also wondered whether that was a red bottle brush tree but I don't think it is. I have one just outside my window in the front. It was the first one I ever saw. I looked for pix of the Indian countryside online but didn't find much in the way of blooming plants but I did find some beautiful landscapes. I'm not sure they are all Indian but will post some here because they are so beautiful.



    Rock, the blooms on cacti rival the most beautiful flowers on other plants. Too bad they bloom so seldom. Same with orchids. If they bloomed all the time, we probably wouldn't cherish them as much. As Jane used to say, "Absence makes the heart grow Fonda." I've never seen the Chinese long bean. Good grief! One bean would be about enough for a small serving. Do they taste like other green beans? The ones we had at Thanksgiving last year in TX were big all over. DD cooked them with bacon and they were delicious. The yute in The Greatest Generation in the WWII Era didn't have time to ponder how stressful life was. They were too busy saving the World. I hate to generalize about Millennials because I've seen some of them who are amazingly busy and working hard. There are others, though, who continue their childhood as long as Mom and Dad are willing to be complicit in it. Maybe they just don't see the upside to being an adult. I may be a serial sneezer but I'm not a serial pleaser. As Ricky Nelson said in his song, Garden Party, "You can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself," or something close to that. Cortana isn't working so I can't look it up. She must be a Millennial.

    OK, I'm outta here. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    So much to do today while DH is gone to his meeting and lunch and a lot of work here at home plus singing for me in the afternoon. So have to type fast !!!

    Everyone thanks so much for your news and pictures.

    I too am getting excited for JULIE and the progress, no matter how small in getting ready to move into their NEW part of the house. JULIE - You must be so proud of Den for all he can do with his hands. He is very talented with his carpentry, etc. building of all types. My DH works financially but not to much with his hands. He is what I would call a money counter or NOT, if you know what I mean.

    MIKIE - We got our rain yesterday and we may get some today, not sure. Some was pretty heavy but like MIKIE it can be pouring heavily and very close by it stops and is dry. Hope it is when we are not outside driving to the Sr facility.

    I agree with you how sad that Manchester tragedy is/was. What a tragic and horrible situation for all involved. The people involved in the planning and execution of it are very either sick people and evil or both.. I could go on but I won't.

    I am anxious to get my new TAB so I can also hopefully use it when DH is working. I also ordered from WM a pretty cheap case for it for $13.99 no TX or S and H. It should at least help to keep it in better condition, I hope. I told DD and she also ordered one for her tab she got for Christmas. Thank goodness DSIL will program the new tab for me.

    Thinking of everydobby . I need to go do some more work on the washing and rewrap some chicken breasts we got from Sams that comes in a large pkg. They are the fresh ones and not frozen so I need to get them into the freezer. Then there is also those flowers I got for Moms day. Some are looking not to good so need to fix them and get rid of the dead of drying ones.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Your little 45 min. Flight to a special place sounds wonderful. And I agree with Mikie, you have a real gift of writing. You make me feel like I'm right there with you.

    Mikie: I use a cream rinse in the shower when I wash my hair but also have jojoba oil after towel drying....I just pour a few drops in my palm and rub it into my hair.....it's wonderful.

    I also agree......I seem to be just numb anymore when a bombing occurs. SAD but true. Or maybe that it's just because I'm so wrapped up in medical tests, etc.

    I was tired last night but managed to watch the one hr. Of DWTS.....tonight is the final night. I'm pulling for Rashad!

    Rock: Those bottle brush flowers are beautiful but the bees also love them! Yes, those are the flip top beer bottles. Apparently if you don't use them you have to use regular ones then have a capper plus the caps to use. Those flip tops bottles come in two sizes....regular and then a larger.......for the big drinkers! I really don't care for beer. Tried my son's once......it was OK. He's so busy with being Mr. Mom that he doesn't really have time to make beer anymore.

    Just got back from the abdominal ultrasound. Yesterday was the pelvic ultrasound where I had to drink 40 oz. of water and hold for over an hr. Since I had my "trial run" last week and flunked, I started drinking earlier than I was supposed to and spread it out over 30 min. Instead of 15 min to down it all. So I decided to just drive over early to the clinic, good thing I did. The person scheduled for 4 PM was a no show so I got taken in 15 min. Early which meant I could then hit the loo early also.

    I stopped at Hobby Lobby on way home and 10 min. Later I was searching out their bathroom again. Bought what I needed (going to try alcohol inks) and drove home and AGAIN ran for the bathroom. I'm praying all my tests come out OK.

    My SUV is in desperate need for a cleaning so I'm heading there this morning for a washing, and then on to AT & T store to load up more minutes. I was going to use it yesterday and found I was all out again!!!!! Always when I NEED it. Think I'll load up about 6 mos. of minutes.
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    Well, good morning or day, where ever you are.
    The weather today here in the Emerald Triangle will again be hot. And then, a big cooling down. Such strange weather this year....

    Mikie, the fires in your state must be horrible; we always dread them during our dry summers here.
    I agree with you Mikie, I don't think that is a bottle brush tree. For one thing, they are way too big, I think. Clarity in the photo would help.

    The news. Horrible. Hard not to read it though, even though I know it'll make me feel sick and disgusted. :confused: I must be a secret masochist, I guess.

    Sylvie has been enjoying the outdoors; she has killed a lot of field mice. She leaves them in the middle of the path or on the doorstep. She doesn't eat them, I'm glad to say.... but she does seem to be a bit plump, so what do I know? o_O She has been a nuisance in the house lately, jumping onto the dining table, the counters, the top of the fridge, etc. I've got to get a spray bottle or water pistol to get her to behave, since she chooses to ignore verbal commands or the clapping of hands.

    Spring, I enjoyed your description of your trip so much. Did you stay very long? So glad you had a good time away from the concrete!

    That's all for now,
    I'm already tired but need to get some work done outside, and some yelling at Ted will help. Maybe :rolleyes:. It is 11 ack emma here and he is still sleeping....:oops:.

    Love to All,
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  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Decided to stop in and sho 'nuff, there was a spammer. Got an e-mail from the kids downstairs and they will be arriving for a week on Sun. I always turn on the fridge and hot water and set the A/C for them before they get here. It'll be good to see them again.

    I was too tired to do anything today. How strange that one day I get stuff done and the next, I'm too pooped. Ah well, as Scarlett used to say, "Tomorrow is another day." For so long, I was too tired every day to get stuff done so I guess this is progress. DOF called and he is doing a bit better. He sees the neurologist on June 5; I hope he can help him.

    Here's a couple more pix of India.



    Granni, so glad you are getting a new tablet. I hope you like it. Smart to get a cover for it. The Surface has a soft back on the keyboard which helps protect that side of it. The other side is pretty strong. As much as I hate it, I probably wouldn't be that upset if it got trashed. I really need to see about downloading Windows 10 because that may be the problem and not the Surface itself. The little pond out back is up to the grass again. It depresses me when it gets low. I always worry that the pump for the fountain may pick up sludge from the bottom and cause problems. We have to spend $7,000 removing live oak trees which are threatening foundations on homes. They were planted too close to bldgs. Hope the tablet arrives soon.

    Sun, I should look into the jojoba oil for my hair. I still have to use some kind of product to style it because my hair is just too soft and fine to hold a style. I'm glad you got your tests over with. I pray everything is OK. I love Hobby Lobby. They have such interesting things. I like the home decorating stuff as much as things for crafts. They have a lot of the kind of stuff I like which is similar to things on the Fixer Upper show. I watched DWTS last night and I have to say that David Ross really was good in his free style dance. I'm pulling for Rashad too but Normani is a close second. Rashad did the best on his free style dance. I'll bet Ross will win and he shouldn't based solely on his dancing ability. It's a long show tonight and I'll probably fall asleep.

    Barry, the weather here has been strange too. The fires, so far, haven't affected us but it stinks out when the breezes carry the smoke. AACCKK!! Leaving dead kill for you on the doorstep is one of the highest acts of love a cat can perform. She knows who took her in and loves her. She must be pretty young if she's climbing all over inside. DD had a cat that got up on the tallest kitchen cabinets. I'd go over to visit and there the cat would be, looking down on us. Other DD's MIL has a black metal cat which hangs on the top cabinets and looks as though it's jumping down from them. It looks so real. I guess I should be glad SV is so lazy. Other than waking me up, he isn't much trouble. Hope you can get Ted to help. People with ADD get overwhelmed just thinking about a job which needs doing.

    I hope everyone has a lovely evening. I have to go scrounge up something to eat. Nothing sounds good to me.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I slept til almost six this morning. Woo Hoo! It's dark and gray out; the scud is moving in. We are supposed to get rain this evening from that big front which is moving in from the west. The Jet Stream seldom dips this far south. Our wet season rain usually comes from the Trade Winds which blow from Africa, picking up moisture from the warm waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean. This is also the process which triggers hurricanes. When El Nino is strong, the upper winds usually tear the rotation of storms apart. Evidently, the El Nino effect is weaker than originally thought so we may get more, and stronger, hurricanes this year. I hope not. All I want is some rain. The vegetation is more beautiful here when we get lots of rain. I went out to get the paper this morning and it was really muggy and hot. The A/C is already running.

    I watched DWTS but fell asleep and didn't see the dancing. I woke up just in time to see that Rashad won. I'm so glad. He really was the best and improved the most over the weeks. Normani was a very close second, based on the dancing prior to last night. The professional dancers have such great bodies. I wonder whether they do any workouts in addition to dancing. They probably do some free weights. Dancing takes strength. I laugh at the exercises I've been doing lately. I lay my hand on the sofa cushion and lift my index finger. I also curl the finger under. It actually has worked. The arthritis pain is almost gone and the whole hand is stronger.

    Sorry to see that no one has stopped by. I'll post the last pic I found and come back later today to check on things. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! I'll be back to visit later...just wanted to check in a minute. Got up before 6:00, had a quick cup of coffee, threw some clothes in the washer, then started painting siding. Almost 9:00 now...three sheets of siding painted (first coat), third load of wash going...but I want to mow under the clothesline before I hang anything out. Trying to beat the rain...hopefully the "possible showers" will go around, at least just for today :cool:. Wish I could send some of this rain to everyone who desperately needs it...not that we don't need more moisture, but it just requires a little extra planning...

  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I watched the entire show.....very good. And what a surprise that David Ross came in 2nd! Everyone was shocked including David and his partner. And Rachad will be on tour with the group of dancers this summer!

    Keep up with exercises. Every little bit helps. People ask me how can I do so much when I have FM. I tell them I try to forget how I'm feeling and just keep MOVING.

    I got the abdominal ultrasound done yesterday morning then had to run errands afterwards. I got to the clinic 30 min. Before they opened, wanted to make sure I didn't get stuck in morning rush hour traffic. I had to get off the freeway and take the side roads. The tech said the doctor would get results in about 3 days and then call me so I don't expect to hear anything until tuesday. Tomorrow I have an eye exam. I really need glasses. The ones I wear are about 3-4 years old and I can tell my vision has gotten worse. They're going to make a dent in my budget because I have blended tri focals, plus the kind where it darkens outdoors, plus all the coating, etc. etc. I can see where my garage sale $ is going.

    Two days ago I stopped at Hobby Lobby and purchased some alcohol inks to use on yupo paper and hope to try it today. Yesterday I had stopped at Goodwill and bought a few all cotton blouses for summer. All cotton is really hard to find at the stores anymore. Everything is a blend. So I got out my sewing machine and did a little remodeling of some of them. I love that look of the latest sleeves where the top part of the sleeve is open and drops down the arm. Clever way to not expose the lower flabby part of the arm!

    I did a search for red flowering trees in India and found this website. So many beautiful trees. I'm thinking that the red one might be the one in the pic. Someone had posted, thinking it was bottlebrush.

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  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Here I am again.

    Sun, what lovely pictures of the flowering trees you posted. Just don't click onto any of the porn links at the very end, LOL. As to the red tree, I wonder which one it is..... I'm glad you are through with the ultrasounds. Now to the eye doc! I have to have an ultrasound of my carotids next month. 60 miles away. My former vascular surgeon doc. has retired due to brain cancer, so I shall be seeing a new doc. in the same practice. Oh what fun.:rolleyes:. I've got to see the eye doc. up there too, as my cataract seems to be getting worse. Bah! So sick and tired of being sick and tired that sometimes I feel like throwing all my meds away, and go with the flow....

    I wish we had better health care in this country. I believe in free health care and education for all, and think that medical students should be given stipends of some kind. Maybe I should move to Cuba. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. there is a huge shortage of physicians, especially in rural areas like where I live. We used to have more docs. here, but now only two. So sad.:(

    Sylvie has been a devil. She knocked over a lamp yesterday. Fortunately, the base did not break, only the bulb. Now she is outside watching the quail in the yard. I wonder what she thinks of the big turkey that visits now and then to eat the buttercups? Hopefully she won't leap on its back to take a flight! :p

    Richard is coming back on Fri/Sat from Amsterdam. I will be getting Ted to weed eat today and tomorrow. I'll give orders! Working or marching, his choice.

    Mikie, hope you get your rain. You certainly need it. It was hot -- 94 -- here yesterday, and I was miserable. Most of us around here don't have A/C's, because there is so little need for them. We just turn on the fans and strip to the minimum:rolleyes:. I'm so glad that your hand pain is clearing up!

    Just a quick note,
    Love you All,
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got home and had a bite to eat. I picked up some frozen tacoritos at Wally World, chicken 'n cheese. Yummmm! I once saw some Latina women buying them and figured they would be good. I showered and did my hair and went to Lowe's. I found exactly the drapery rod I wanted with the exact hardware I wanted. It's brushed nickel with balls on the end. I also picked up a filter for the fridge. They are $50 and need to be replaced about every six months. The light is yellow to let me know I'll need to replace it before long. I bought the extended warrantee on the fridge and, if I mail in the receipts for my filters, they will rebate $25 to me. That more than pays for the warrantee. Woo Hoo!

    At Wally World, I got two throw pillows which compliment my new drapes. I also got SV a new little scratch box for his claws. I bought a few cosmetics and some groceries. All in all, I blew more than $200 in a hurry. Money goes fast these days.

    Sun, I didn't see the jojoba oil but I did get a product with argan oil. I think it's the same idea. I've used olive oil but it has to be washed out due to the odor. Last week on DWTS, Len put his head in his hands when that cute little gymnast was sent home and David Ross stayed. I'm not as disgusted as I was before he did his free style dance. He was really good. Still, Normani was better. Rashad was amazing. I think he choreographed his free style dance himself. I have the show on my DVR so I can watch it if I want to. My vision had gotten so much worse and I had to get new glasses too. I also have the progressive lenses and all the coatings and they are really expensive. It isn't the frames; it's the lenses. I saw an ad on TV where you can buy readers up to +700 for $20 or less online. I'm gonna check it out.

    I don't like the open upper sleeve tops. I'm a purist and usually only buy basic things. They are the most difficult to find. I don't mind a bit of synthetic fibers but too much and the tops are hot. I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the ink on that paper. I just saw your other post. I'm so sorry about the spot. I'll be praying for you. I think our faith is always important to us, especially when health problems become scary or burdensome. As we age, they do seem to become burdensome just from the sheer number of them. It seems as though it's always something with us.

    Barry, porn links you say? I guess that makes sense on a website about wood. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. The only thing better than a pun is a dirty pun. You have hit the nail on the head. Constantly coming up with these half-hearted health plans is causing the cost of health care to increase and cause insurance and providers to leave areas in droves. We really need to go to ground zero and ask whether health care is a right or a privilege only for the wealthy. I agree that we all should have it. I don't mind paying co-pays or co-insurance. The poor have it through Medicaid or through just using the ER for their care. Neither is a good plan. I think it's imperative that everyone has access to the same care. The poor should not be put into lousy plans. There also needs to be education about lifestyle choices from an early age. So much of illness today is a result of poor diet, smoking and lack of exercise. BTW, Cuba has excellent health care. Some people think we do but we don't. We rank somewhere around 37th place. We spend more but it doesn't equate to better care. Sylvie riding, or flying, on the back of a wild turkey would make a great video for You Tube. Thanks for your good wishes for my sore hand. It's so much better. Hope it cools down for you.

    OK, going down to haul up more of what I bought. I want to get it brought up before it rains. I hope it does rain. Hope everydobby has Goldilocks weather--jusssst right.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    MIkie: I took a look at the bottle, and you're right....Argan oil. I rubbed a little on my legs and arms the other day too. A tiny bit goes a long way.

    Barry: Sylvie must be very young....sorry, but all those young ones go thru that stage. Good thing you can let her out to roam around. Yes.....lay the law down to your young friend to get busy.

    My doctor called this morning and I thought, uh oh. Turns out I also have a spot on the bladder so he's requesting that I see a urologist. The group that my insurance covers also works for City of Hope. He said once they do a cystoscope the polyp etc. can be biopsied. So it looks like that will have to come first before any colonoscopy. I'm trying to thinking positive, and of course you all know I am a strong Christian which means a lot to me. Oh yes, said I also have a small gall stone. This old bod is just wearing out....rats.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Couldn't post yesterday. Couldn't do anything on the computer except get on the home
    page. AACCKK! It seems to be in a more compliant mood today.

    Anyhoo I had lots of time to read my new Lincoln book. It's the only book I've seen that
    reports on Lincoln's trip from his home in Springfield, Illinois to Washington DC. The
    trip lasted 13 days, covered 2,000 miles and involved several railroads as there was
    no direct route to Washington. One of these railroads was our old friend from Monopoly
    games: The B & O which stood for Baltimore and Ohio.

    There were numerous rumors and threats of assassination. The country's most famous
    detective Allan Pinkerton was in charge of security. Pinkerton's agency had
    branches in several cities. Their slogan was "We Never Sleep" which was printed under
    an all seeing eye. The source of the term "private eye".

    Remember the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid? Starring two of
    Hollywood's favorite leading men: P. Newman and R. Redford. In the film they are
    pursued by lawmen who won't give up. They keep asking, "Who are those guys?"
    The answer is, the Pinkertons. They provided security for numerous railroads.

    Sun, never heard of argan oil. Looked it up. It comes from a tree that grows only in
    Morocco. The nuts provide both oil and food. I hope the tests you're having indicate that
    nothing needs repairs.

    I don't like beer either. I used to drink a margarita now and then, but now all alcoholic
    drinks taste terrible. Last time I was at the hospital I was interviewed. When I said No to
    using alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and illicit drugs, I got a sorta suspicious look from the
    interviewer. Machts nichts. (Doesn't matter.)

    Mikie, I don't think buying things you need is blowing money. You coulda spent more
    than that $200 on just one shoe. Did Barry mention porn links? I thought he said "hot
    links" and was talking about sausage. That reminds me. I haven't had sausage for years.
    My diet is restricted and boring nowadays. Whine, etc. etc. Thanks for the cool
    pics of India. I always think of India as a sandy plain for some reason. Obvious not the
    whole story.

    In response to your question, I can't remember much about the taste of long beans. And
    my sense of taste is all verkachta anyhoo. I guess maybe they're similar to regular green
    beans. The traditional holiday green bean hot dish is still a favorite of mine. It goes all
    the way back to my sophomore year in High School.

    Glad to hear you found the perfect drapery rod. Don't spoil it now. Maybe you shoulda
    got a spare as well.

    Barry, I've never seen a turkey in the wild. I would love to live in a place that had wildlife.
    But not bears. Read a book a couple years ago by a guy who raised orphan black bears.
    He said black bears seldom bother people. More likely to follow a hiker in the woods out
    of curiosity rather than to attack.

    Do you think Richard will bring you a pair of wooden shoes from Holland? We had a
    paralegal from the Netherlands in the office. For one of our parties he dressed up in
    the traditional costume and wore wooden shoes. If I were healthier I'd like to visit
    Holland. Wooden you?

    Julie, I guess summer is upon us if you are thinking of mowing. I remember when
    power mowers were new and hard to start. One of the kids next door mowed lawns with
    a power mower all over town. It was common to see him walking down the road or
    sidewalk pushing the mower as he returned from a job many blocks away. He always
    got a great suntan. His younger brother died at his home in a nearby town last
    year. There were five boys. Dunno what happened to any but Harlan.

    Don't wear yourself out doin' too much. Here's a quote from Robert Orben.
    Don't smoke too much, drink too much, eat too much or work too much. We're all
    on the road to the grave -- but there's no need to be in the passing lane.

    Who is Robert Orben you might ask. He is a magician, joke writer for David Letterman
    and Red Skelton and President Gerald Ford's head speechwriter. Hard to believe, huh?

    Time for a nap. Gordon just left for the library and the market.

    Hugs, Rock
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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Indian summers is what it is..Sun thank you for this picture site. This is exactly the kind.

    20-45-29-80990455.jpg rice field (paddy)

    Rock - that looks like poufy bottle brush..we hv two trees but the flowers are a little longer kinda sausage shaped..the ones in the.pic look rounder. What a clever saying! About not leaving through the passing Lane! Perfect!

    Sun - gulmohar tree in the site which you posted was what was in abundance lining the streets. I hope the ultrasounds results come out good. Oops. Just reread your post about those spots. Oh dear..I wish there weren't stones. I discovered mine when I did an ultrasound the first time I was expecting. When daughter was two..I got it taken out by.laser. it was one big one by then. Usually laser way let's you get up in two days.

    I get twinges of uncomfortable feelings all the time in.my body..my eyes..cheek..kidney..hip..pelvis. My deceased brother had cataract surgery very early. As soon as I feel something I use my healing.methods. because if a small tinge is.left unattended that's what's gonna get bigger n bigger later and I can't be running go doctors telling them I hv this ache n that.

    Mikie - The pics with hills and tea is a place you go by road for two more hours..I was in the plains. However. Due to technology..they had grown tea even in some parts of where I went...flat land. It was so beautiful..green flat bushes on either side of the long straight stretches of road..with trees planted sporadically in-between to give the tea pickers some relief and shade.

    Sun - i love the look of those cut out sleeves. They're all the rage here. Mostly in white cotton with panelling in the front. Very stylish. Classic. I love them. Tho I haven't purchased any yet.

    mikie - so good to.know your hand is feeling better. Don't stop with the white lighting. As soon as you feel a little tinge of pain anywhere just blast it with white light and imagine the light coming from Source. Whether it's physical or something else...the white light helps. If the pain moves around then it's most prob something else and you can use the whitish blue light which you see when welding is being done. Ain't no negativity can stand that. However you hv to fill in empty spaces where dirty energy has left with very light violet.light and seal it in. I've read a utube of Archangel Metatron which says not to leave empty pockets of space but mine is learnt from Pranic Healing.

    I will hv to.look up purist.

    The computer is not.posting very well. I had to delete three identical posts just now. It won't let.me edit properly so my.writing is all over the place. Sorry.

    Barry - glad you enjoyed the.pictures. I hope the new doc will be a good good one.

    Granni - just read about your 800 $ win. Woo hoo! You lucky lady!

    Julie - just loved the play kitchen cabinet ? Den made for the little girls. Can't wait to see your house when it's done.

    My son had an adventure while i was away. And he was.keeping house. A strange.kawinky dink too. He was in our bedroom watching Planet of the Apes.on TV when suddenly a huge monkey came in swinging from the wires and tried to get in on to the dresser. It was aggressive and defied my son when he tried to shoo it. It went yo the other window side and tried to come in...!Then one of the dogs came in and barked at it..it tried to slap the dog..then the other dogs hearing the ruckus came rushing in and attacked it and it finally went.

    But how strange. I hv been here for 20 years and never seen a monkey nearabouts. It happened in broad daylight.
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Hope everyone is feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed today. Of course, most of y'all probably aren't even up yet. In addition to being on the East Coast, I'm an early bird. Well, I'm probably not but SV is. I managed to stay awake last night to watch Survivor. The one I wanted to win did and got a check for $1 million. Of course, all the finalists are the ones who lied and backstabbed the most. To me, it is a fascinating study in human nature and psychology, not to mention physical endurance and strength. I've tried to watch The Amazing Race but it seems my capacity for these kinds of survival shows is one. Even DWTS gets to be a bit tedious after a while. I do enjoy seeing what great dancers some of them turn out to be. Now and then, the spirit hits me and I dance through the condo. It excites SV and he runs to use his scratch box and then gets under his little bottle brush arch. I once read that we should dance like no one is watching (or words to that effect). I think, in my case, that should include singing.

    SV is out on the lanai. It is gray and it just sprinkled, not much but I'll take what I can get. It did rain more yesterday but not the gully washer we had earlier in the week. Seems everyone has sausage on the mind. I got a box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches with egg and sausage yesterday at Wally World. I've not gotten enough protein lately. Sometimes I eat them for lunch or dinner. When one lives alone and has strange periods of being off one's feedbag, one tends not to follow typical meal patterns. I got a box of yogurt at WW too. I like to use the mixed berry yogurt and put fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries in it and mix that with my bran buds. It's so good that it tastes like dessert.

    I ironed my drapes and hung them on the new rod. I had thought the hardware for the new rod was perfect but it doesn't clear the horizontal blinds hardware. Rats! Foiled at every turn. All my projects turn into a steaming pile. I know how to do things and I measure but nothing ever works out. Of course, this probably isn't true and the failures are what I remember. I just used the brackets from the old rod but the little cup is too small for the diameter of the new rod so the rod is just perched on top of them. I could just use the old brackets because I don't close the drapes and the rod isn't going anywhere. Or, I could shim the new brackets because they don't show. Still, it would be wonderful if something just worked out. Whine, whine, whine! BTW, I do love the big brushed nickel balls as finials at either end. I've always loved orbs of any kind. Why are we drawn to certain things? I love orbs, clocks, maps, things which light up and compasses. These are a few of my favorite things. That would make a good song...

    There is a lovely woman who is a reporter and appears often on TV. Her name is Elise Jordan. She was married to a reporter named, Michael Hastings. He died in a fiery single-car accident. He wrote a controversial book, The Operators about the war in Afghanistan. It has been made into a Netflix movie starring Brad Pitt and some other big stars. It is called, War Machine. I think it's available tomorrow. The book led to the resignation of Gen. McChrystal. I don't yet know the slant of his book but I'm going to watch the movie as it sounds very compelling. Just before his death, Hastings told everyone that he feared for his life and was afraid to drive his car. People who knew him said he was manic and a bit paranoid at that time. He claimed he was on to a really big story. It is possible to hack a car's computer system and cause an accident but there is no proof that is what happened. The car burst into flame and Hastings was completely burned in the crash. Lots of intrigue and unanswered questions.

    Rock, you're right; I shouldn't think of buying things I need as blowing money. I've become a tightwad in my dotage. I'm sorry your computer has been possessed. I'm thinking of getting an exorchism performed on mine. I'm afraid if I do, it will levitate, spin around and green pea soup will fly out of it. AACCKK indeed! I've read that Lincoln predicted his assassination after a vision he had where he visited himself in his coffin. I always pray for our presidents regardless of whether I agree with them or not. Presidential assassinations tear our country apart. Who can ever forget JFK? We can't help but think about what might have been.

    I've been buying cosmetics with argan oil in them for years from HSN. The oil is wonderful. It provides work for women in Morocco who process the argan nuts for the oil. I seldom drink anymore either. It ain't good for the plumbing. While one drink a day may help prevent heart attacks in women, drinking two will double their chances of getting breast cancer. OMG! I drank like a fish in my yute and after my divorce. I didn't drink every day but I partied a lot. You and Stephen Colbert had a distaste for bears in common.

    Spring, one of the characters in Indian Summers is a tea grower. There is a steep hill with the flat plants which produce the tea leaves. The hill is beautiful His home is in a shady area and the workers toil in the shade of the trees. Indian Summers is a PBS Masterpiece Theater production and they usually go to great lengths to make them as historically accurate as possible. Poldark is also a Masterpiece Theater production. I watched a travel show about Cornwall and could swear I saw the beach where some of the series was filmed. PBS offers travel to England where people can visit areas where all these shows are filmed, including the huge estate where Downton Abbey was filmed. Sometimes, money can buy happiness, as in interesting travel. Of course, one has to have the NRG to travel. I'm so glad you got to go to India.

    I thank you for all your info on using light to heal and ward off negativity. I find it relatively easy to meditate, even for short times, picturing drawing in the sparkling white light when I inhale and letting it travel to every area in my body when I exhale. There is a mantra for it but I can't remember it. I think just feeling it is enough. I also use the purple light to ward off evil and negativity. Our own minds and spiritual faith are probably the best healers of all. Is it still hot there? It has been oppressive here for the last few days with this rain and humidity. The beautiful tree across the pond out back has loads of delicate pink blooms on it. So pretty.

    I'm off to read the paper. I don't like the NYT crosswords these days. I knew they had changed something. Other people have been collaborating on the puzzles and now, they are letting celebrities help write them. Some of the clues are just plain obscure and very few people would know the answers without having to look them up. Oh well, even the horribly difficult puzzles give the brain a workout. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi yall. Got my new tab yesterday and DSIL helped me set it up. Still working on it to get what I want on it I had a time trying to get the PW to take for WIFI. Problem with caps or no plus zero instead of an o. Those little things can drive you crazy. So far so good if I can get it all figured out.

    Got ta run now to Healthy Living to make an appt for a followup.

    SW Thanks for the post and beautiful pics. Will try and get back later.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: What a pain with those drapes!!!!! I think I understand it.....that the bracket on top that hold the rod don't extend far enough? Can you replace the brackets?

    Spring: Wow....scary......the story of the monkey in your BR! I forget that you have these critters all around you, but for this aggressive one to enter your house! When my son and DIL went to Bali they had to contend with very aggressive monkeys everywhere, getting into their backpacks too.

    Your country area must be very beautiful with all the flowering trees. Right now in So. Calif the purple jacaranda trees are blooming, dropping their flowers too. The flowers have a very strong perfume/smell too. I live in a city that plants lots of colorful trees everywhere. The "street tree" in front of my house is a ginko and come late fall it's beautiful. And of course all the golden leaves fall everywhere.

    Barry: I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and saw that they had beautiful parrot tulips for sale. They are shades of peach with pale green on the ruffles edges. Never seen them for sale so had to buy a bunch. Right now they're residing in an old bright blue teapot and look really beautiful. And Lowe's had marked down dalias, from $15 to $5. I clipped off the dead flowers......this one has a ton of buds still on it, so I'm enjoying this hot paprika color which then fades to a lighter tone.

    Rock: Tell Gordon he promised to post some pictures of his origami creations.

    Granni: I'm unfamiliar with the surface.....does it take pictures or can you send and receive emails? I would be lost without my ipad. I have a regular computer with windows on it, but only turn it on once a week to clean out the emails.

    Yesterday was stressful for me. After learning from the doctor I now have to go to a urologist to have the "whatever's" removed, my youngest son called. Said he was at the hospital.....possible appendicitis and was waiting for a ST scan. Yes...it was, so had laparoscopy in the evening. All this by himself....my DIL had the little ones and couldn't come into the hospital and control them. They took him in for surgery before his MIL could get there to watch the little ones. The hospital was in the LA area so impossible for me to drive there.

    Today I go for my eye exam. My regular glasses are about 4 years old and just don't work anymore.
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  21. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Gordon went off to do errands. I fed the cat. Gave it some canned food. It
    hasn't had any for months. I've just been giving it kibble and chicken broth as Gordon is
    most annoyed with the digging it's been doing in the garden.

    I thought my chiro appointment was this morning until Gordon said he was going to
    Costco. Turns out it's tomorrow. I'm so tired of being constantly confusiated. Too bad
    I can't get my brain adjusted along with my spine.

    Sun, I hope your son's appendectomy is conducted without any snags. I read that only
    one man died on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Some historians suspect the illness
    that killed him was an inflamed appendix. Nowadays no problem. I have no recollection
    of my appendectomy. I hope your own surgery is without incident.

    Yes, I have reminded Gordon about posting a pic. I don't want to nag. He's busy all
    the time with me incapacitated and his brother pretty much useless. The class is
    on hold for the next month or so. The teacher is on a trip to China.

    Mikie, I looked up the dancing quote. I know Dave Barry said something similar.
    Like: Even if you can't dance well, at a party get up and dance. I found this quote.

    “Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.” Mark Twain

    But it doesn't sound like Twain to me. I also found it attributed to William Purkey, a public
    school teacher, Professor Emeritus, UNC, and author.

    I find quotes on the net are often attributed to more than one author. Once spent a lotta
    time trying to find out who wrote:

    Candy is dandy,
    But liquor is quicker.

    I found it attributed to both Ogden Nash and Dorthy Parker. More often to Ogden.
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is also listed. It's quoted in a children's

    Funny you should mention Michael Hastings. I was just thinking of him a couple days
    ago. I remember when the accident was reported. Numerous people commenting on
    the news said it was obvious that his car was tampered with. Never read about any
    investigation though.

    Yes, be careful getting out of the shower. For the last year or two I've been crawling
    outta the tub. Can't fall far in that position. Helps keep me limber.

    Springwater, thanks for the lovely pics. A curve in a road always makes for a more
    interesting picture. A long straight road with no hills or curves often looks kinda bleak.
    Especially in our west where there are often no trees or farms.

    How strange that a monkey would be aggressive with a person or dogs. Good thing
    your son wasn't watching Godzilla!

    Granni, is your "tab" short for tablet computer? Hope it turns out to be compatible
    and will do what you want it to. I feel like I'm always wrestling with ours.

    Hugs to Barry, Julie, Star, Linda, Diane, GB
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  22. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in to check for spammers. Seems as though every time I stop in, there are 1-3 spam posts. Joe called earlier to say he has to get a root canal. He also needs to have a wisdom tooth removed but that will have to wait. We use the same dentist. He retired so Joe called to tell me he likes the new one. I'll probably meet him when I have my next cleaning appt. and x-rays. Joe and I both take really good care of our teeth and gums. SV is conked out after eating some catnip. He's been playing in a paper grocery bag. He's like a kid. He has toys but prefers playing in a bag.

    DD texted that DSIL's iPhone6 has a 5.7" screen so it must be one of the large ones. She wanted to know if I still want it when he gets his new one. Of course I do. She thought it would be in a month or so. I wonder whether it will be beat up; he doesn't take very good care of his things. Oh well, I'll likely buy a case/cover for it. As long as it works. I still have to bundle up my cable box and go trade it in for one which doesn't have to be booted up every morning. Of course, Comcast is way out east of here. Oh well, my car needs to get out and run.

    Granni, hope you like the new tablet. You can change your Wi-Fi password but that's probably more trouble than getting new things to sync with this one. I thought of you this morning. I started to sing and actually didn't hit any sour notes. That's a rarity. My pea brain must be working a bit better. It's when I'm tired that I sound like a dying cat. Stop back soon.

    Sun, I'm so sorry about your DS. I hope and pray he recovers fast with no problems. Recovery time is much better with the laparoscopy than when I had mine removed when I was 12. I have a 4" scar because they weren't sure it was appendicitis. Still keeping you in my prayers. You described the bracket problem exactly right. Yes, I can look for ones which hold the rod 4" out from the wall so they clear the header for the blinds. Or, I can remove the blinds and just close the drapes to keep the sun out. I like the blinds, though, and don't think I want to get rid of them. I can just use these old brackets but it would be better to paint them a silver color if I do even though they don't show. I'll worry about that later. The drapes and rod look great. It is I who has the Surface notebook computer. I don't know what kind Granni got. DD likes my Surface. All of their things are Apple because they have iPhones and it's better to keep everything compatible. I did like using the iPad when I was there. Hang in there and I hope nothing else happens.

    Rock, yes, that's the whole quote. I've always liked that. I think some woman used it in her book about growing old. I can do most of those things except for the love part--once burned, twice shy. I don't think it sounds like Twain either. Kitty's digging in the garden is just doing what kitties do. To outside cats, the whole world is a litter box. Poor Tweety and SV when they lived outside...every little piece of soil is covered by mulch. SV used to go along the side my neighbors townhouse across the street. It took him forever just trying to cover his poop with the mulch. You're so sweet to feed her. I'm sure SV would enjoy the chicken broth over his dry food. He cried and cried for his wet food this morning and he scarfed it right down. I was worried when I injured my wrist because I need both wrists strong to lower myself into the tub. It's about the only exercise I'm getting these days. I don't recall hearing anything about Michael Hasting's accident. It does sound suspicious to me. A CCTV caught the car before it crashed and there were sparks and flames coming out of it. He was evidently an excellent investigative reporter. His wife is beautiful and seems like such a nice person. She worked in the White House for one of the Republican presidents but can't remember which one. Good luck at the chiro appt. tomorrow.

    Spring, I forgot to comment on that renegade monkey. That would scare me to death. Wasn't it a money that tore that woman's face off. She had a face transplant surgery. Perhaps I'm misremembering it. Very Planet of The Apes like. Yikes! When we went SCUBA diving in Mexico, we had a dive master who lived on a little sand bar. It was very primitive and beautiful. We dove in the mornings and afternoons. His family cooked delicious lunches for us, usually the fish which was caught off the boat and veggies from their garden. We played volleyball on the sand beach. They had a monkey which lived in the trees. We were warned not to get close to it because it had attacked people it didn't know. Very territorial. I enjoyed watching him but kept my distance. This family was what people would probably consider poor but they had a fantastic lifestyle.

    Lots going on news wise today so will watch until my evening shows. Instead of world news on PBS, I've been watching The Great British Baking Show on another PBS channel. Tonight is the final bake off for this group of bakers. I have grown to love them and hate to see them eliminated. I've needed to get away from bad news overload. Hope all y'all have a great evening and that all our Porchies are well, especially our MIAs.

    Love, Mikie
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