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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    ***** HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY *****


    Time for a new Porch. I'll be back after I go read the last posts on our old Porch. Y'all might want to check them out.

    OK, I'm back with a couple of responses to the last posts over there:

    Sun, I'm so sorry your mother and brother suffered with cellulitis. It does sound just horrible. Richard's ex gained quite a bit of weight after they divorced so it may run in the family but no one has such a weight problem as this DD. I haven't seen them in years but last time I did, this DD was quite overweight. She's a smart girl; she went back to school and is a nurse. She is a single mother and it hasn't been easy for her. Richard is worried about her and I'm praying for her. I feel sorry for that family next door to you. Having an obsessive disorder must be horrible. BTW, I edited your post and got rid of the underline. If it happens again, just highlight the text (control+A) and click on the underlined U up in the tool bar at the top of your post. Clicking on it turns it off and on. Glad you liked your movie. Netflix movies and series are back just in time for nothing but reruns on the rest of the channels. Fences looks like something I'd like. My Amazon Prime includes one free new book each month so I downloaded mine. It's 'current fiction' and is not the genre that I usually select. Hope I like it. If it's funny and irreverent, I probably will. John Irving is my favorite author.

    Granni, I'm sorry you haven't had much time to read here. I hope you enjoyed the BBQ but I'm sorry it's soooo hot out. It's hot 'n humid here too. We are all inside with the A/C and only go out in the mornings or to the pool. It was still 90 degrees out last evening. AACCKK!!! I hope you can stop back in again soon.

    I paid my bills yesterday, including my condo insurance. I paid the whole year because breaking it up into quarterly payments costs more than $200 above the yearly rate, more than 28 percent. That's highway robbery. My fridge is paid off. Woo Hoo! Just in time to replace the water filter. That breaks down to $8.33 a month for filtered water and ice cubes, well worth it. Sometimes, I manage to squeak out an extra month or two with the filters. Once the water flow is decreased, I change it so the fridge isn't struggling to draw in water for the cubes and water dispenser.

    I'm off to read the extra big newspaper today. Lots of it is likely ads for mattresses. There are lots of ads for furniture and appliances too. Glad I don't need anything. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Have you checked online for bargains for your water filter? My frig has a filter and my DH would drink water from the frig, but I hate cold water! So with him gone it's pointless to buy any.

    90 degrees at night is H%$# in my opinion. I hate when it's so hot and the AC has to run. I feel very claustrophobic when the house has to be closed up. Usually first thing in the morning I open my slider and walk out, smelling the breeze, listening to the sounds, and walk around the patio.

    I pray that I will be able to continue to live in my house. My neighbor next door is moving to a shi shi retirement home close by. I would venture a guess that it will be around $6,000 plus a month at least, but she told me since she's been on the long waiting list she had to turn it down twice because she had colon cancer and she had to be cancer free for at least 2 years before they could offer her a room. This is because once she's in at the set price if she has to move into the care facility there her rent can never be raised to pay for it. Her DS lives with her....he's 53 and a bit slow, never moved out to his own place. He has gout REALLY bad and can barely get around so basically he needs to find someplace to live. I think in 2 more years he would be eligible for senior living place. So......that means her house will be sold. I'm praying for a good neighbor.

    I watched Allied last night.....I loved it and highly recommend it.
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    Happy Memorial Day!



    We had a nice shower last evening so things are sprouting in the garden..greening it all over. City looks much cleaner too. And of course a huge chore is dispensed with..watering the garden. Yeah!

    Sun - I feel sorry for anyone with any kind of phobia. Life's tough enough without irrational fears to be lived with!
    I hope they turn out to be nice neighbours. I too hate being closed in. Love my fresh air but in the summer the.mosquitoes are misery making.

    Mikie - isn't it liberating to have a bill paid and over with? One of my joys in life is getting an due amount out of the way. I never keep bills pending if I can help it. I think it came from being constantly in debt from early childhood till late in 20s. The parents were utterly broke and even when I earned it all went on bare necessities. Memories of creditors hounding both parents influenced me in never being in debt.

    Granni - the BBQ must hv been fun. It's such a social thing. Cooking out and enjoying in the outdoors. My son sometimes goes to bbqs at his friends but not often.
    I know it must be steaming now where you are. Are you going this year on your trip where there's wildflowers? That jaunt used to be a regular in your annual or bi annual holiday schedule.

    Today I made a mistake when making okra. I'm supposed to fry it first, take it out and then add asafoetida and cumin seeds and then add the already fried okra. I forgot to first fry the okra and it got all gooey.

    The DH brought a gigantic light green with dark stripes watermelon. Been trying to finish that off. It turned out to be very succulent and sweet. But it was meant for a family of ten. Really need to be eating it day n night for few days if it isn't to go waste. I've also been gorging.on peanut brittles I got from India. Funny, what I loved as a little girl of eight, I love as much at 50 plus.
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    good day everyone,

    rock reminded me to post some photos of the items i've made in my origami
    class. i enjoy the class but not all of the project for the week. the class is
    made up of chinese women. they mostly speak mandarin but there are
    some cantonese spoken (that's what i speak). this is the only place where
    i can hear chinese spoken now - sad. the teacher is a young taiwanese who
    is very patient as most of the student want immediate attention. we meet
    once a week at the chinatown public library and it provides many other
    activities for the community.

    #1 - this was the second lantern i made. it took two weeks to complete. it's
    made with chinese red envelopes.
    #2 - this was the first lantern i made. it was very easy and only took 1 week.
    the chinese lantern class was only offered during the chinese new year celebration.
    #3 - this is a folded cut-out of the chinese character for Spring.
    #4 - this is a flower made up of 5 separate pieces. i didn't glue it together yet.
    #5 - this is a butterfly and was taught at my request. i've seen this
    made out of dollar bills and wanted to learn how to do it. i've seen
    several butterflies, attached with wires, in a vase and just loved
    it. of course you could use $5, $10, or of course $100.

    we've made some simple pop-up cards, one for mother's day and a
    birthday card. couldn't find mine to photo. there were some other
    things we've made that were not mem0rable and others i decided
    not to make that week (popsicle picture frame). i've kidded the
    teacher about making a bento box (she would provide the lunch
    fixings) but she just rolled her eyes at me.

    well, i hope you enjoy the pics and will post others in the future.


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  5. sunflowergirl

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    Gordon....those are incredible! I especially love the lanterns. What a lot of work. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    When my DIL and son were to be married she brought over a stack of little papers for me to make a simple bird to hang on tree branches for the table. I ruined about 5 and then told her I just couldn't make them. She was a little perturbed with me. Oh well.

    On vacation recently I stopped into a boutique and saw several large vases made out of folded cardboard. Very strong too and large.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I've been downstairs to open the hurricane shutter on the kids' lanai. They probably won't arrive til later today. The A/C is working and it's cool and the freezer is full of ice cubes. Roomba has been cleaning the carpets and I'm going to do the tiles. SV has been restless, wanting in and wanting to go back out. Earlier, he was doing some cute prancing around the living room. I've done the puzzles and read the paper and I've watched my Sunday news shows. Thought I'd check in before I get going. I have a PM from a friend so will go read and respond. It is a really beautiful day out, just hot 'n humid.

    Strange thing--I decided to do some searching online to think about doing some genealogical research on my biological father's, and my step father's, family (they were brothers). Think I've mentioned to y'all that I'm my own cousin. I found some obits on aunts and uncles. I also found that all three of my step brothers (cousins) had died. My step sister is still living but her husband and her son has passed away. Her son was only 48 and was living in CO. The female cousin who usually kept everyone in the know had died too. I never met these people until my step dad died and we didn't keep in touch afterward except that I called on to let them know my Mom had died. They loved her and she loved them. The boys and I did hit it off and I was so glad we got to meet. One was close to my age and the other two were older. It just didn't occur to me that they might be dead. I've thought of them through the years. I felt a bit sad but hope everyone is happy and at peace in Heaven. Both sides of my parents' families were good friends in their home town.

    Sun, I only open my sliders in the cooler weather because my allergies bother me too much if I open the windows in my bedroom. I open my front door or kitchen window if I want a breeze to blow through. I won't be opening anything for the next six months. I'll check online for the filters. That's a good idea; however, they are only $25 with my Lowe's rebate and I can't imagine their being less expensive than that. I buy my Roomba and K-cup filters from Amazon and they are a lot cheaper. I like filtered water from the fridge with ice. It's delicious and refreshing. If I didn't like cold water, I'd still want to drink filtered water. It's better for SV too. He loves it. Using filtered water in the coffee maker helps to keep it from getting hard water minerals in the works. If I didn't have the fridge, I could just buy bottled water. I think we all want to be able to live in our homes independently. I pray I die like my Mom. She was sharp and healthy right up to the end. Having our Friends Helping Friends is a huge comfort in remaining independent.

    Gordon, thanks so much for sharing the origami. These things are so lovely. If you make me a butterfly, I'll take the one made out of $100 bill. :) It's great to be able to hear Cantonese spoken. Was it spoken in your home when you were a yute? I wish my day care family had taught us kids to speak Spanish. We could have been fluent. Heck, I'm barely fluent in English. I used to make balls of folded circles. You take 20 circles and fold them into triangles by folding over part of the curved sides. Then, you glue all those curved sides together to form a ball, kinda like a soccer ball. You can actually use them for lamps if you use white paper and LED lights inside. I made them at Christmas using foil wrapping paper. Thanks again for sharing with us.

    Spring, I loooove that pic. It makes me feel as though I'm peeking into Heaven. I hate debt too. I could have paid for the fridge in one fell swoop but, since Lowe's was giving me free credit, I decided to pay it off over several months. I could have taken 18 months with free credit. The only problem is that, if you are late with only one payment, they retroactively charge 29 percent of the original debt. Back in the day when banks were paying a lot of savings and checking accts., it made a lot of sense to delay paying things off but today, there's no benefit to it. I just hate having to shell out a lot all at once. Next will likely be a new dishwasher and I'll just pay for the whole thing at once. I'm eating watermelon too but it's prepared chuncks. They were on sale on BOGO. For some reason, I'm starving today. I'm gonna go back and stare at your pic. There is something mesmerizing about gazing at the light.

    OK, I'm off again. So good to come here and see our beloved Porchies have visited.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Sun, a folded cardboard vase reminds me of a song popular in my yute.

    It's only a paper moon
    Sailing over a cardboard sea.
    But it wouldn't be make-believe
    If you believed in me.

    By Judy's favorite composer, Harold Arlen.

    So your DIL was unhappy, huh? Did you ask her to paint a picture?

    You're right. Good neighbors are important. Also hard to find. When we lived in a
    duplex we had terrible neighbors. First it was the Koreans with their horrible smelling
    kimchi which is a fermented sauce they apparently put on everything. One can smell
    it half a block away.

    Next came some Europeans from that area where the same land keeps belonging to
    different countries. It's Russia. It's Poland. It's Hungary. Yikes! Anyhoo they stole things
    and ran into Gordon's car, but denied same despite evidence to the contrary. Yikes!! Don't
    have problems like this in little towns.

    Granni, I found out the answer to where can one buy that new caramel corn I mentioned.
    Gordon brought home two bags from Costo. Seems appropriate since the bag says
    "Cosmos Creations" in big letters. Costs 6 bucks a bag. But unlike many bags of potato
    chips, the bag is not 50% air. You get 25 ounces which, if I am calculating correctly is
    a pound and a half plus one ounce.

    Mikie, thanks for opening up. Great Memorial Day icon. When I was a kid people wore
    red crepe paper poppies in remembrance. Haven't seen any for decades. In High School
    we learned "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow between the crosses row on row..." Can't
    remember the rest anymore.

    I tried using the underline feature here for the first time a couple days ago. Had the
    same problem Sun did. Just kept clicking on the U you (Oh da lay ee Oh) mentioned as
    well as the underlined A (which was a mistake). Finally got it straightened out.

    Springwater, another great photo. Is that Antarctica? Your back yard? Your culinary
    mishap reminds me of a silly riddle I came across a day or two ago. What's green and
    can really shoot straight? Answer: Annie Okra.

    Gordon is out shopping in the San Gabriel valley. I'm going to lie down with a book.

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    Well, what the ???!!!

    Another post gone. This is all that's left: (Oh da lay ee Oh)

    And didn't Mikie just do another post?


    OK. The missing post has returned. Good grief! It's enough to curl the hair in
    Davy Crockett's cap.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just taking a break. The tile floors and carpet are clean and look great. I cleaned up SV's mess around his little place mat and bowls in the kitchen. I also cleaned up the mess around his litter box in the bathroom. I unloaded the dishwasher and put the dishes away. I also cleaned my garbage disposal and used WD-40 to polish my stainless sink. There is still one load in the washer. It feels soooo good to finally have enough NRG to get some things done around here.

    DD in TX called. She's doing their summer calendar and we talked about their coming for a visit. I don't know whether it'll just be her and DGS or whether DSIL will be able to come too. It'll be good to see them again. I'm going to give my Dad's flight logs to DGS. He had three but Mom could only find two of them when he died. DGS wants to learn to fly and he has his great grandfather's logs on DSIL's side. If he becomes a pilot, he'll be the fourth generation of pilots and the seventh pilot in the family. It must be in the DNA on both sides. I'm also giving him a nice little brass compass in a beautiful wooden box with an inlaid brass anchor on the top. It's actually set up to be used for navigating on the water but I don't know how to do it. DD was worried that I might be dying and wanting to get rid of everything. I had to tell her I'm not; I'm just sick of all this stuff. She will check the golf clubs I'm giving her on the plane. I told her to figure out how to ship the red glassware I'm giving her. Good grief, no wonder she thinks I'm dying.

    Rock, I sing It's Only A Paper Moon all the time. Catchy little tune. Nobody sweats new neighbors like people living close in condos. Most of the people living here are really nice. Because we are a whole community, there is pressure on people to behave. Unfortunately, that usually doesn't work with renters but, if they misbehave, the board goes after the landlords. Most of us are old and retired and don't want to put up with mean people. The people downstairs who think of themselves as healthy eaters start out almost every day cooking veggies to use for smoothies or soup. The stench is awful. I can smell it later when they warm it up but by then, it doesn't smell so bad. Everyone lives in fear that she'll bring them some homemade soup.

    On TV today, they featured mountain people visiting old relatives' graves in a national park in the mountains on the NC/TN line near the TVA dam. They were singing gospel songs and having a picnic. The program mentioned that the mountain folk call Memorial Day, Decoration Day. When I was a kid, lots of people called it that. Some charity sold the paper poppies downtown. Mom always got one for me and for her. They had red ones and white ones to wear to show respect for loved ones who served in the military. One was for ones who died in conflict and one was for survivors. Can't remember which was which.

    As exciting as the world is now with all the technical advances, I really fear we are losing what is was like growing up in small towns in our yute. I think that's why I like Fanny Flagg's books about life in small towns. My Mom's home town, where we still have family, had so many good people. They were, as they say, salt of the earth. Everyone knew everyone and everyone's business. Guess I'm mourning the passing of some of my family and the passing of a way of life. When I went for my Dad's funeral, everyone was sooooo kind and loving. Reminds me of Kind Hearts and Gentle People. I see the anger which divides people today and I worry for the future of our country. I feel blessed to have grown up when I did.

    I'm settling in for the evening. I hope all y'all have a lovely and peaceful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Morning Kids

    Well, it's morning here. 2:15 AM. I slept for an hour or so. Will nap later. Got a buncha
    books from the library. Two of them are political...sorta. One is titled "Mama For President".
    Written by Vicki Lawrence and a comedy writer.

    Here is Vicki's position of emergency preparedness: Get rid of FEMA and let the experts
    handle it. Domino's and Pizza Hut. They have the resources and determination to respond
    quickly. Would probably give disaster victims a good deal on promotional bread sticks.

    The other political book is an autobiography titled "Al Franken, Giant of the Senate." Did
    you guys know he used to write and perform on Saturday Night Live? For 15 years!
    So far it's all about his comic career. Al grew up in Albert Lee, Minnesota. He was part of a
    comic duo that began in High School and ended many years later due to the partner's
    drug use.

    The computer continues to act up on a daily basis. I am lobbying for a new one. The
    Owner of the house (as opposed to the Speaker of the house) is not in favor though. Lately
    I'm having trouble getting on the Pro Health Board. I have to sign in every visit. It
    takes up to 5 clicks on 'Log In" before the drawbridge comes down and lets me in. Apparently
    the size of the magic spot one has to click is the size of a banker's heart or a con man's

    Mikie, that's a great gift for your DGS. Wow! Seven Pilots. Maybe all of you still
    extant can jump out of a plane and form one of those sky diver rings. Wouldn't that
    be fun? Ha Ha. I don't jump off anything higher than the LA phone book these days.
    I like books about village life too. Do you want a list of authors? Or maybe you've seen
    same I've posted before.

    Hugs to all our porchers
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  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    A very happy Memorial Day to everyone. Feels kinda strange wishing people a happy day which is set aside for those who died while serving their country. I'm sure there are people who don't even know that. They may believe it's a national day for buying new mattresses. The idea kinda evolved to decorating the graves of everyone with flags and flowers. My Mom and Step Dad always took flowers to the cemetery to put on the graves of their first spouses. The graves were within feet of one another. They always joke that, when they died, they could pop up and wave to one another. Today, I think most people see the holiday as a time for going to the pool or beach and having cookouts. I think that's fine. Wish I had someone grilling up a big fat juicy burger for me.

    DD called yesterday. The gift she sent for Mother's Day never got here so she's having to track it. Fortunately, she insured it. It's the first time one of our packages has failed to arrive. Must have been our regular mail lady's day off. When she's off, all our mail gets to the wrong mail boxes. We usually deliver it to the door if we know who it is. Postal service is an oxymoron; however, our mail lady is a real gem. DGS's print ad campaign will be used in 2018 for Nerf in Target stores. I think school is out at the end of the week. He's champing at the bit to come down to see me. I can't wait to see him too. Evidently, he's had a growth spurt.

    Rock, DD and I were talking about not flying anymore. She hasn't flown in a couple of years. She's too busy raising my DGS. I loved flying but have no desire to do it now. It's expensive and you have to keep it up to stay current. She bakes and DSIL cooks. They used to spend hours pouring over cook books and trying new recipes. They were talking the other night and realize that they seem to cook their favorites over and over now. DSIL's parents are very content just to sit out on their patio and watch the sun set these days. Somehow, the things which used to get us excited no longer do or don't get us as excited as they once did. I guess it natural. I always thought that when I retired, I'd go to the beach or pool almost every day. Of course, I'm sure not feeling well has dampened my enthusiasm. I always wondered why my Mom was content to just stay at home. I am going gentle into that good night.

    I loooove Al Franken. I loved him when he was a comic before he became a comic senator. Because of his work on the senate committees, he's making a name for himself. I find him very smart and capable. He's not afraid to take people on who come before the committees. I think having Domino's take over for FEMA is a great idea. They could deliver pizza to people after disasters. If Domino's delivered their brownies, one could lift one up and say, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." Words which will live in infamy. Poor George. Caroline Kennedy is putting out a message in remembrance of what would have been JFK's 100th birthday. Hard to believe he'd be that old if he were alive. One has to wonder what might have been. I don't recall your list of authors but I'd love to see it. Thanks.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time for me to go read the virtual paper. Enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. Yes, Memorial Day has drastically changed from what it was originally set up for. You're right, no more poppies being sold either. Just a day to be off work, and.......go buy a car or mattress! LOL

    Julie: Where art thou? Moving stuff from one room to another I suspect. How's it going?

    Mikie: Cool that your DGS is in a print ad. Let us know when, I want to see it and say I know someone who knows someone. And to think your DD didn't even go out looking for that for him. Look at the parents who sign their kids up with an agency, have all types of expensive photos taken, trot them around and still nothing. What a waste of $ and time.

    I'm like you, alone this weekend and feeling very down. I hate living alone. My DD and family went to their desert home (I don't like the desert) and enjoying their pool and the heat. And out here in So. Calif. One almost hates to get in the car and drive anywhere. Especially on holidays.

    Rock: I also used to like Al Franken until he got very political. I guess one could call me an independent....I like something on both parties and hate a lot. I listened to a very interesting, eye opening book on the Bilderberg group. By an author of Estulin..or something like that. Found it in the library system. Zowie.....republican or democrats don't control anything really. They're just made to THINK they do but it's the few gazillionaires who run the world, wanting only "one world government" controlled by them. The Bilderbergs is a secret organization and every powerful person belongs to it, political, communications, kings, queens, presidents, etc. etc.

    Soooooo much I'm having the deal with lately, and now last night I found two "eruptions" on my waist, and immediately thought shingles. I read years ago that if you put clear nail polish on them it stops them from spreading and dries them up. So that's what I did, but going to keep an eye on them and if another one pops up going to the doctor.

    My SIL's 50th BD is in July, and since I don't know what's happening with me, whether I'll have surgery or not, I worked on an oil painting of a scene he took in the swamp in Charleston. I've got a pretty good start, so will let it dry for a few days and hopefully tackle it again this week.

    And I'm thinking there is a lizard or skink loose in this house!!!!! Clair seems to be sitting and watching a chair, or a wall in my studio, or the closet. HELP.....I'm afraid to look! Last week there was an orange colored skink hanging around my front door and everytime I ran for the broom he disappeared.
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  13. bct

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    Hello All.

    Memorial Day. Remembrance Day. The same. Red poppies are still to be had -- I mean the memorial ones that you wear on your lapel. We got one last year. It is hooked into the car.

    Rock, sorry you are having log-in problems with PH. I'm not; I have never logged out, so am always logged in! o_O.

    Mikie, do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light! Yes I miss the pre tech times too. People seemed more sociable, not Facebooked, etc. I lived in places where you went to a different shop --- bakery, butcher's, fish, etc. -- no supermarkets..... We rode buses to the larger town near us -- Newbury-- in this instance. My mum didn't drive, and my dad took the car to work on the base -- Greenham Common -- site of big women's protests in the '60s (I think..we had moved on by then). I enjoyed the bus rides to town, but I really liked living in the country.

    Sun, yes it can be depressing to live alone. I was very lonesome and depressed while Richard was away. Now that he is back, I'm still down; but that is part of M. E. too. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I try to find humour in everyday life. Not always easy though, especially in these dreadful political times. Bigly bad! :eek::(.

    Rock, your comment about your former neighbours and kimchi made me giggle. So there was some humour for me today! And it's still morning!!! Couldn't Gordon make some origami red poppies for you?

    Richard is back from his trip to Holland and France. Yay! He ate some snails for me! Now he is very tired (jet-lag) and has brought back the inevitable French cold with him. Sneezing and congested. Not feeling well.

    Over for now.

    Good Remembrance Day for All.
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  14. lydia1

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    Hi everyone...I've been thinking of all of you, but kind of in survival mode this week. Den is off work till next Monday and we are trying so hard to get the finishing touches on enough areas that we can just move completely in and relax a bit. We both have "to do" lists of things we have let go in order to work on the house...at some point we will just have to "regroup" and catch up on other chores, etc.

    I had such a good time on Friday, meeting up with some of my mom's family while I was making the rounds to cemetaries. But I've paid for it over the weekend and today...picked up a respiratory and intestinal bug or something...so have been having to rest and stick close to the bathroom :eek: And my joints are hurting like crazy...what's up with that?!

    Have been trying to move things back and forth whenever I feel up to it, but taking lots of naps, too. Tomorrow, Den and I plan to go to Keira's ballgame if I'm up to it. This will likely be the only one Den will be able to attend...he's off work and not on call.

    Sun, I'm so sorry for your loneliness. One of the cousins I had lunch with on Friday lost her husband a year ago. She has a daughter that lives close by and another one several hours away, but she is still "lost."

    Barry, glad Richard made it home okay.

    I'll just have to say a quick "Hi" to everyone...better get back to work, then another nap.

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hope you are all having the best day possible. There was an article about Memorial Day
    in the news yesterday. People commenting were arguing about the purpose of the day.
    Nobody said it was created in the 20s to honor those who died in the First World War.
    That's what I read anyway.

    I reread In Flanders Field. It was written by a soldier in the war. I got to thinking. How
    could a non-writer produce such an profound and elegant poem. Looked up Lt. Col.
    John McCrae. He was a Canadian doctor. Lived and

    OK, computer has gone into slow motion mode. Better go.

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Perhaps it's not your computer but your mouse that's the problem? Or you might need a tweaking and cleaning of your computer? Does Gordon know the workings of it? So many beautiful, profound writings by unknown people during wars. There was one particular one in "The Civil War" of a soldier writing to his wife. It made me cry, it was so beautiful and heartfelt. Since the original playing of the program on PBS, there has been some followups, using this particular writing. I often thought about this widow .......and how she had been loved.

    I just finished a giant hamburger and zucchini fries from a favorite place of mine. I go for the zucchini fries.....incredibly good. Usually I can't finish the entire hamburger but it just doesn't reheat very good, so I stuffed it down with a glass of good red wine. Horrors.....wine at lunch! LOL. Some people would want steak or lobster as their final meal on earth, but I think I would order this!!!!!

    And here's something interesting to read about probiotics. I try to eat fresh saurkraut daily from Trader Joe's, since I read it's a great way to get probiotics in your gut. This search started on this science website reading about how red wine daily helps stave off brain problems. Hey.....I try to drink at least 8oz. Every evening! If you guys do a search on this science daily website you will find the MOST interesting things to read about.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Sorry I have been so absent lately from the Porch. Hope to do better one of these days.

    Have been so busy not to sure doing what. A little bit of this and a little of that and the stores with DH and then to WM for myself, nothing unfortunately to interesting. I still have wash in the drier but will wait till tomorrow to fluff, fold and put away. We had a good storm last night but our area didn't have it to bad. I am sure some did get it a lot worse than we did. They have been talking about it since last night and DH was worried. Sat afternoon we went to a choir party at our directos house. It was very nice, lots of good food and fellowship but not enough chairs to sit down at. Hope they didn't have to much heavy rain as DH noticed that they are in a rather low area and advised him to get flood insurance.

    JULIE - Sorry you are feeling so badly after doing so much to get ready for the moving into the newer part of the house and visiting some of your family, Hope you and Den get a chance to rest and that the move goes well. Not enough hours in the day I see for you and Den, especially now. I know you are looking forwards to the move as we are. Then maybe you and Den can rest a little bit easier. Take pics if and when you can and TRY and get well sweetie..

    BARRY - Glad Richard is back but sorry he has caught a bug. Hope you also do not catch it. Hope he feels better soon. Gess you will be puppy looking sometime soon when he feels up to it. Good for you both.

    MIKIE- Sorry but I didn't read your posts or some of them. Have you been having problems with your surface or whatever else you have been using lately. Hope you are feeling better than you were. Have you decided not to fly any ore? I agree with you on that score but I am guessing that we will have to do some the way our kids and DGKids are growing and moving away. We don't particularly want to go out of the country anymore as we did when it was nice and serene and didn't not have to worry at all about terrorism, etc. It is also such a hassle esp if you are traveling alone.

    SUN - So sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit depressed and blue but I am guessing that is very normal when living a lone and losing ones mate. So glad that you have your painting which I know is a big help to you and keep you busy. It is at least some therapy. I would love to see your picture when you are finished with your painting.

    Didn't do anything that exciting this weekend. Went to lunch at DD's that lives close by and watched the Astros play and eat delicious beef, corn on the cob and I brought some potato salad, after church. Today at the last minute we decided to have stir fry and invited DD and DSIL. I had the veggies and had frozen uncooked shrimp and scallops in the freezer. We hardly ever have that with seafood as it is so expensive. When we decided to ask them over I had to start chopping more veggies and getting more frozen seafood out of the freezer. Turns out there was no left overs. Guess they liked it :)!!

    ROCK - It might be a good idea for you not to log out each time. I, like Barry, do not log out at all, or hardly ever. Hope you are feeling pretty well and have had a nice holiday, Yes, like may old holidays I think many have changed to much more commercial or have a bit of a different meaning. Not sure about this one. However, we all need to continue to honor our vets, those in the service now and those who have unfortunately lost their lives to give us all the freedoms we have.

    I need to go get ready for beddy bye and take a shower. Thinking of everydobby inc those not mentioned. Hope to get back here tomorrow morning sometime. In the afternoon we sing at a local senior facility and some of us may try and practice to see if we want to try and audition for our BROADWAY production when CHORALE starts up again for Dinner Show Time. Our leader mentioned singing, All that Jazz which we have been singing. However, there may only be 3 of us to do it and only one sop , me. One has been having heart problems and just had a stent put in and they are trying to find out of there are other problems and read some tests that were done. Another gal is going away for awhile but maynot be singing in our Chorale performance this fall either due to she and her DH may be taking a trip someplace in , Aug. Sept. So we may not do that special act. Oh well, we will see..

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids,

    Hope you all had a good day. I turned off the recalcitrant computer this afternoon. Came
    back an hour later to see if it had healed up. The stoopud thing hadn't even gone into
    the off mode. Grrrrr! Anyhoo we'll see how it is behaving now.

    Granni and Barry, I don't know what you mean by logging off. I have never logged off the
    board. Didn't know it was possible.

    Granni, three is a pretty small number for a chorale. If I were healthy I'd come and help
    you guys if I could sing. Only I'm too decrepit to travel. Kinda like Groucho's, 'If we had some eggs we could have ham and eggs if we had some ham."

    Barry, I'm sure Gordon could make poppies if he had some crepe paper. We used a lot of that
    stuff in High School. Decorating floats for the Homecoming Parade and the gym for
    Prom Night. Some mothers used it decorate their kids' Halloween costumes.

    Sorry you're feeling in the dumps. Do you ever read funny books? Joke books? Books
    by Dave Barry or Joan Rivers or Don Rickles? Books by cartoonists? I'm re-watching
    a Pink Panther movie. Glad to hear Richard is back.

    Sun, I didn't even know the mouse could be a problem. We used to have two friends that
    would service our computer. One was the tech guy at Gordon's last office. But for the
    last two year's he's been too busy which, I guess, means he just doesn't wanna do it anymore.
    One was a friend who moved away. (They got paid for their work.) We are reluctant to
    take it to a service. Who knows what they might do. Steal your credit card number? And
    they could plant stuff in your computer too. Our neighbor hired two guys from Best Buy.
    They came and worked on his computer, but it still wouldn't work right. So they came
    back and got it fixed, but he had to pay for two visits. Bah, Humbug!

    I watched the entire Ken Burns Civil War program a couple months ago. Got the DVDs
    from the library. If you want see the Sullivan Ballou letter excerpt, it is on Youtube.
    The music is Ashoken Farewell written in the 1980s by Jay Unger. I read Ballou's
    biography. He was an attorney from Rhode Island. A Major. Only 32 years old.
    Killed in the first battle of the war after the surrender of Fort Sumter.

    Julie, when I was a kid my mother and I went to the little cemetery off a gravel road
    a few miles out of town twice a year. My grandparents were buried there along with
    other relatives I knew nothing about. The highlight of the trip was when we would
    stop at a pond in a farmer's front yard and watch the ducks. I can't remember every
    seeing anybody else at the cemetery. I don't think it was used anymore. But there was
    a big one on the other side of town that was beautifully kept. Some of my relatives were
    there too.

    Hope you are soon over those bugs you picked up. Bad enough to have serious problems
    without getting other stuff piled on.

    Mikie, looks like your test post worked. Unless, of course, there were several more
    paragraphs that vanished. Kinda like those police videos. People commenting on the
    news think they tell what happened from a brief video. They don't see what happened
    before and after though. And there's generally no sound and the video is often taken
    from a camera far away. Evidence seldom speaks for itself. It usually requires

    I loved your brownie comment. Wikipedia says Matthew Broderick will play Brown
    on TV next year. For your wit and show-womanship you should get an Emmy awarded for
    best performance by someone with ME.

    Oh yeah, I was telling you guys about the man who wrote In Flander's Field. Well, you can
    look him up if you are curious. He worked in the United States for a while. Our library
    has a book of his poems. I put it on hold.

    Hugs, All
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Thanks for that info about Sullivan Ballou. Interesting that there's a book about him. No wonder that letter was soooo memorable to his wife. I would say I would get the book about him but I KNOW I wouldn't get around to reading it. I rarely am able to hold a book to read longer than 15 min. I think the problem is my eye glasses. So I have to resort to books on CD. And I seem to be overwhelmed constantly with things that need to be done.

    About your computer and knowing who you can trust, I understand. I'm so illiterate when it comes to computers. A few years ago I was desperate so took my computer in to the senior citizens center where they had computer geeks who volunteered to help. Didn't get anywhere though, except that I did get a recommendation for a local guy they trusted to come to my house. But I'm sure he wouldn't travel to LA for you though. But if you want his #, perhaps he could recommend someone to you. And yes, the mouse can go bad and you have to replace it. It's like it's not making a connection with the mouse to the computer. Have Gordon do a troubleshooting search.

    Mikie: I hope the package shows up. Years ago I sent a very expensive button, had it insured. It got lost so I took my insurance form in to the PO and was told, OK...now prove the value of what you sent. What a hassle. Then about 2 mos. later the lady who purchased it emailed me that she had just received it. And like an honest person I then went thru the hassle of returning the $.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Arrrrg, I came here yesterday and lost my entire post when my computer just shut down. It's been doing that and I don't know whether it's the power supply or the computer itself. My cable box has to be booted every time I turn it on so I have to take it to Comcast to swap it for one which, hopefully, works.

    I watched Michael Moore's Where To Invade Next and the message was one we could really use--take care of one another and put people before profit. Simple and the right thing to do. Other countries are doing a better job of education, healthcare and people's rights and we could learn from them. Of course, there are plenty of places where they aren't doing a good job of these things at all. We are in the middle and there is plenty of room for improvement. Regardless of how one feels about MM, his movies are always interesting, informative and entertaining.

    I'll be posting and editing to try to keep from losing my posts.

    I also watched War Machine which was inspired by Michael Hasting's book, The Operators. It was a hard movie to watch because there was no real plot not humor. It did portray the futility of continually sending in new generals who think they are going to defeat the insurgency in Iraq. IMHO, we never should have invaded Iraq. There is no winning there but we broke it and now, we own it. When we try to leave, Al Queda and other terrorists just swarm in. Also IMHO, the last war we had to engage in was WWII.

    Sun, I'll let you know when DGS's ads appear. I don't know whether it'll be in print ads for Target or collateral promotional material in the stores. The photographer who took those great pix for the slick community magazine sent them to someone he knows who got DGS the gig. He was going to see whether he could find more work for him. The man who started the magazine just wanted to give back to his community with something nice. It really is a nice little magazine for a community mag. I agree with you; the desert isn't my favorite place. I don't like the lack of vegetation. I guess that's why I like it here in the jungle. I'm sorry it's lonely for you living alone. I like it. Joe and I talk often about how much we like living by ourselves. I admire you for all you do and not give in to loneliness. I am also a true independent and all this divisiveness in our country is killing me. We need two strong parties who can come together to do what is best for our country. This takes cooperation and that is almost nowhere to be found in DC. I'll have to check on the Builderberg group. I keep you in my prayers and hope this isn't the shingles. Take care, my friend.

    Barry, why were the big women protesting? Sorry, the devil made me say it. I think there are still places where the poppies are sold or given out. I never go downtown here and sooooo seldom go to the shopping centers that I'd not see them even if they are still available. There were no supermarkets when I was a yute but one market kept growing until it was kind of a precursor to the supermarkets we know today. When Mom and I were in Paris, we loved going into the little bread shop, the green grocer for fruit, the cheese shop and the little shop where we bought wine. We walked to parks and had picnics instead of spending a fortune on restaurants or going to McDonalds although we did eat at McDonalds. We didn't eat right outside because of all the cigarette smoke. My home town was about 35,000 people when I was growing up. Mom and I took the bus to Denver to shop for cloths several times a year. I'm glad Richard is back and hope his cold clears up fast.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you have a bug. Sounds like the one I just got over. When I have a bug/virus, my whole body, including my joints, aches. Sounds as thought y'all are making a lot of progress on the house. I'm glad you got to meet up with your kin. More and more of mine are dying off. I looked up cousins on my Mom's side and found one who died more than a year ago. She was named for my Mom. That side of the family is very strange. They are always fight among themselves. I stopped in to see a couple of them some years ago and we had a great time. Then, for no apparent reason, the cousin my age stopped e-mailing me and wouldn't answer my e-mails. I can't believe they didn't let me know my other cousin had died but, as I said, they are a strange bunch. Be sure to rest up so you can get over this crud.

    Granni, sounds as though you had a good time at the BBQ. I'm glad and also glad the storm wasn't bad for you. I love a good gully washer but always pray that we don't lose power and that no lightning starts a fire. I still fly on airlines but I don't pilot small planes myself. If I were to get in the cockpit and take off, I'm sure it would still thrill me like old times but I won't be doing that. DD and I were talking about how, in general, we reach an age where we just don't want to do the things we used to do. She doesn't fly anymore either but, when DGS starts to fly, she'll likely fly with him and dear DSIL. DSIL is a flight instructor, in addition to being an airline pilot, so he'll likely teach DGS to fly unless they decide he'd be better off with a different person to teach him. He can take flying lessons anytime but I think he has to wait until he's 16 before he can get his license. Sounds exciting to do Broadway. Do y'all just sing or have parts in the show? Are you practicing your jazz hands? Hope you and your choir members stay healthy so y'all can continue to enjoy singing and bringing so much joy to others.

    Rock, you hit the nail on the head: My test post did contain several more paragraphs and, poof!, they were gone. Rats!!! My big old laptop keeps shutting down and I don't know whether it gets overheated or whether the power supply is bad. I'm gonna find an old power supply to swap out with this one. I love this computer sooooo much that I don't want to get a new one and I can't use the Surface. I'll go to hell for swearing if I do. In my yute, I used layers of tissue paper to make huge flowers which were so pretty. You simply accordion fold the layers and tie them in the middle. Then, you pull the layers up one by one from the top. You arrange them so they look like flower petals. Soooo easy. I've seen movies which featured the Civil War but haven't watched the Ken Burns movie. The others made me soooo sad that I don't think I can take any more. Civil war is the worst kind of war. Of course no war is a good war but some are necessary when countries are attacked.

    As I mentioned, IMHO, the last war we had to fight was WWII. I think we need to honor those who fall in battle but I don't like some of the movies which glorify war and are often played on Memorial Day. I remember when Bush invaded Iraq and two women were in the grocery store all excited because one had a relative going to fight. Both thought it was such an adventure and the right thing to do. I wonder whether they are still so excited today after all these years. There are still those who think it was a good idea, including Bush. With the money we spend invading other countries, we could solve our problems and still modernize our military in case we are attacked. OK, this soapbox is getting uncomfortable so I'll get down now. Hope you computer stops acting up. May be time for a new one for us both.

    I'm running late today but have nothing I have to do so it's OK. My allergies are still bad again so have to go take a pill. AACCKK!!! No wonder I'm so tired. DOF and I are going to try to start working out in the pool tomorrow. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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