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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Time for a new Porch. There are a bunch of posts at the end of #975 if y'all want to check them out. I'll be back after I read them. OK, I'm back...

    DD in CO called yesterday. She wants to come down in Aug. and I hope she can. They are also trying to figure out if they can make it to TX for Thanksgiving. Their old dog can no longer go to be boarded out but they have a sitter. She doesn't know whether the sitter will be able to care for him for Thanksgiving. I'm so glad we have our little cat co-op here in the hood so we don't have to board our cats out. Saves us a ton of money and isn't as traumatic for the kitties. SV threw up on the carpet sometime during the night and I wonder whether his new gourmet food is to blame. He scarfed it down pretty fast.

    DSIL's whatever autoimmune condition is still causing some pain but he is much better than he was. He does OK until he gets stressed out and then the pain is awful. His job is stressful and he is dealing with his Mom who has dementia. He buys property for investment and just closed on three houses in Pueblo, south of Denver. Hey, no stress in his life. He is a real estate agent and does that in his 'spare' time. I wish he would retire from his sales job. I'm glad they have financial security but at what price. My ex has been in the ER off and on because his blood pressure goes way up. The docs can't find a medical reason for it. They think it's stress induced because he has become a full-time caregiver for his now wife. As the responsibilities for her care increase, his stress has gone off the charts. His father died of a brain stem stroke from his HBP. I worry that my ex will have a stroke.

    DD is looking for another job because the cuts to Medicaid have resulted in layoffs at her clinic. Everyone now has to work hard to fill in the gaps. She is working with autistic children to try to get them comfortable having their vitals taken at the doctor's. It's sooooo traumatic for them to be touched. There are sooooo many illnesses which need research at a time when govt. funds are being cut. We are a nation which is sick and getting sicker.

    Sun, I'll expand my prayers to include everything you are dealing with. It's so hard to just hand everything over to God but, after we've done everything we can, it's the only thing left open to us. Actually, it isn't the turning over that's so hard; it's trying not worry and stew and to just relax and know He has it all under control. I like to think about a line in Psalms: Be still and know that I am God. We used to have a beekeeper here who would come out at little or no charge to remove hives, including the queen to relocate to his property out north of town. Richard used to buy his honey there. I keep thinking I'll go but just don't get out much these days. I buy the honey made in FL from orange blossoms and it's delicious. Please, Dear One, try to get your rest and I'll continue to pray for you.

    Granni, sorry your cookout got rained out. Hope the steaks were good. I'm amazed at how good steaks are when I grill them inside on my little electric Cuisinart grill/griddle. I've made pancakes on the griddle and they are excellent too. I don't eat pancakes anymore but, one of these days, I may break down and make some. DD in CO loves my pancakes made with organic flour. The rain here is just offshore south of us and we'll likely get some here at some point today, tomorrow or Wed. It's kinda hit or miss this time of year. The big tree just outside Joe's condo is sooooo beautiful. The tree itself is graceful, spreading out at the top. It's covered with small pink blossoms. It resembles our cashia tree which had yellow blooms but these are pink. Enjoy this time when it's too muggy to toil outside.

    Spring, that's interesting about the special music frequency. From everything I've studied, we humans move at a very low and slow frequency here on Earth. Evidently, when we die, we achieve a much higher frequency which frees us to see what is hidden to us here. I've always believed that Heaven isn't 'up there' but is just a different dimension. Our squirrels are pretty nondescript. They are the usual brown and aren't the big fat ones we had in CO. When we hiked in the mountains, the tame chipmunks would beg us to share our lunches with them. Chipmunks are adorable. The KC breakfasts are put on by the Knights of Columbus. They are a group of Catholic men who do good works in the community. My Dad was a lifelong member. They are quite a sight to behold when they are all decked out in their dress uniforms, complete with ceremonial swards at their sides. I'll check out the website. Thanks for posting it.

    Julie, you are making amazing progress. Don't think about all that still needs to be done. As I've said before, it will be done before you know it. As it is, enjoy each step along the way. Look how far y'all have come from when you started. And, BTW, this was no small project; it's huge! Hope Den's meds help control his BP. I doubt you-know-who will sign because that would be too easy. She'll drag it out to the bitter end. Pray for her because, as we say in the South, 'She ain't right.' I hope your mattress is comfortable, bringing you the rest you need.

    I hope everydobby has a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for you know what, Mikie. I loved your directional joke: down, up. I had forgotten
    all about Goldwater's campaign button. Found a pic of same. Florida squirrels are brown?
    In Minnesota and California the squirrels are gray. We have lots of 'em in Los Angeles.
    Now and then when Gordon is repotting an orchid he'll find a nut buried in the pot.
    Apparently stored there by an industrious squirrel.

    Sun, sorry your family is being troublesome. Families are like the little girl with the
    curl in the middle of her forehead. When they are good they are very, very good, but
    when they are bad they are horrid.

    For all you okra lovers, I have never tasted same but read about it on line. The texture
    is sometimes described as silky, but more often as slimy. Southerners joke that
    they had so much okra there socks won't stay up. Or they slid outta bed.

    And speaking of bed, I think I'll return to same.

    Hugs All

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. It's been raining lightly all day. Glad I took my garbage down early. I just woke up from a nap feeling all discombobulated. I've figured out why I keep feeling so lousy. My Whatever Virus has reactivated. I have a tiny extremely painful spot on top of my head. That's a sure sign. Soooo, I took an Acyclovir and I feel out of it. Don't know whether the AV is causing that or not. There is likely a mighty battle going on between the virus and the antivirus.

    I recorded and just watched the new show, Still Star Crossed, a summer series. It's about the Montagues and Capulets after Romeo and Juliet killed themselves. I wouldn't normally be tempted by something like this but it's created by Shonda Rhimes and her shows are always good. I think this one may be good too. All in all, though, there isn't much on but reruns. Time to turn more to Netflix and Amazon. I'm still reading my novel about a British family and it's pretty good. Amazon just sent me an e-mail with tons of cheap books. Some are 99 cents and some are $1.99. I even splurged for one which cost $2.99. I got another e-mail so will go shopping for more books for the Kindle.

    Rock, once when I was pregnant and still working, I almost ran into my boss in the office. He was a really funny guy. He looked at me and said, "You know, you can get knocked down too." Everyone howled, including me. I never saw a gray squirrel until we traveled to Washington, D.C. Some of them looked blue. These squirrels have been chasing each other around the tree when the rain stops for a few minutes. They are indulging in a threesome. Oops! I forgot the gold part--AU. I thought that was very clever. His family had a nice store I visited in AZ years ago. I say I'm like the little girl with the little curl. When I'm good, I'm very, very good. When I'm bad, I'm amazing! Bada bing. Tip your waitresses; I'll be here all week.

    I also woke with a horrible taste in my mouth. Gotta go brush my teeth. My stomach is upset. I hope the AV does the trick. Hope everydobby is doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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    JULIE - So sorry to hear that Den's b/p was so high. Yes, take a little time off to rest and do other things. Glad that you are taking a little break to do other things and you were aware and called the docs office to fine out about his medication. Sounds like you are getting there little by little. You an get some of the inside stuff done in between doing all the other stuff outside :)! Gee, there aren't enough hours in the day for you and Den both. Much to much to do. It will eventually get doe but your health is more important , to yourselves and everyone else.

    SUN _ I sue do understand about family problems and them getting you so very upset so as to upset everything going on in your life, including sleep. I am sure that is part of what I am probably experiencing with my DCD. Hope things will straighten out for you soon. With my DCD there sin't much else to do except worry and pray about her. She refuses to believe the truth about her history and she has her own thing going on which is so very sad. It is just a merry go round for her and will most likely never be solved unless there is miracle sent by GOD. She will not take any psyche meds which might straighten her out. She is almost 50 years old and we cannot take control of her life esp if she is refusing to believe any of us. Most like she may never even see her kids again, she says she will but who knows. If her X decides to bring two of the youngest to see her some time as he has done in the past, maybe. Not sure the oldest even wants to see his mom again. We all do what we can. Also not sure of my situation with my bother and his DW. Somehow I doubt if they will even come here to visit even since I have given them both invitations. That is a long story although she acts well enough from a distance. We even chat on FB, sort of. MY DB is SOOO easy and goes with whatever she wants to do. They are busy going to see their kids and grown children. :(. Nothing wrong with that of course. They have 3 children. One lives neareby and another in another in another NE state. Another in FL.

    SW - Also sorry that you have your bouts of family problems too. Just what we all don't need. No one needs this stuff bu when you are dealing with all these other problems with health and feeling bad it sure magnifies things usually for the worse.

    MIKIE - We got a bunch of rain yesterday and may be having some more this afternoon. So far, none. Hope you get some to help all the dry things that need it.

    ROCK - Never heard of OKRA till we moved to LA. Don't care for it a whole lot unless in gumbo or fried. It is also not bad with onions and tomatoes. Yes, you have to know how to cook it right so it doesn't get slimy. I don't cook it very much at all since I didn't grow up with it but some dishes do taste good with it...BTW, how are your tomateos. Are they all gone yet :)??? I remember years ago when we first moved her but in another home we planted tomatoes and there weer so many we had to give them away and dry them, etc. No place here to do it and get good tomatoes. Not enough sun,

    Gotta run and do other things. Ran to the Health Food store for their sale after lunch so I wouldn't get stuck in the rain this afternoon. Now my phone says 20% chance of rain and a possible thunderstorm this evening about 7 pm.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Woke with stuffiness in my chest. I'm taking the AV's. Just wish I had thought about my chronic virus and had taken the AVs earlier. Oh well, they will clear this up. I think I've been so run down that I haven't been thinking straight. I did sleep well last night and that should help.

    Granni, it's been raining all night as well as all day yesterday. The worst of the storm is south of us. There were 1,600 lightning strikes with this last wave of storms down in Naples and Marco Island. I love the lightning but am always afraid of losing power which is awful in this heat and humidity. Also, it can start wild fires in the brush. So, while I am thankful for the rain, I always pray for protection from the lightning strikes. I keep you, your DD and your family in my prayers. You are right--there is nothing more you can do except pray for her if she can't recognize reality. It probably isn't that she won't; she probably can't due to her mental illness. It would likely help if she would take her meds but it's not unusual for people not to take their psych meds. These kinds of illnesses are horrible for the ones suffering from them and also for their loved ones. I hope her children understand that she is sick and not responsible for what is going on with her. When people act so bizarrely, it's easy to blame them but it's not their fault. That can be so scary for kids. Scary for everyone so I'll keep praying.

    SV was out on the lanai and came running to pound on the glass slider. He ran inside and used his box and came out to yowl. I guess there was some urgency. Bless his little heart; he must have really had to go. I'm glad he made it in time. I know the feeling. :) He ate his new gourmet food late yesterday and didn't throw it up so that may not be what caused him to vomit the night before. I'm glad because he really seems to like the new food and I think it's good for him. He lay next to me this morning while I drank my coffee and watched the news. I always try to savor those moments and be grateful for the blessings of safety, peace and love.

    It's supposed to be gray and rainy all day today and tomorrow. Thurs. is supposed to be dry with chance of scattered showers Fri. through the weekend. In the old days, we didn't have these extended rainstorms. It was always sunny with thunderstorms every afternoon. It would clear back up after the gully washers. I can understand how different people can disagree on how to handle climate change but I don't understand those who view it as a hoax despite all the science behind it. Even if it's a normal cycle from nature, why wouldn't we still want to do everything we can to keep our water, land and air from being toxic? Isn't it better to err on the side of safety? Clean energy production is creating many, many more new jobs than were lost to coal production. We can't continue to use coal just to keep coal miners in jobs. Coal is filthy and very costly to extract. I do feel sorry for those who lost their jobs.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, guys! Survived the first night in our new bed...the foam is so much different to sleep on. And I need a taller pillow...but had one on hand (the old mattress let my body sink in, so a flatter pillow worked good, but the new mattress doesn't sink much and I need a bigger pillow to keep my head and neck lined up.) Not sure if that makes any sense...and I think about so many people who do not even have a pillow to lay their head on...makes me very grateful to have even the very basics.

    Mikie, I'm glad you're getting some rain. I love to stand outside under a roof and listen to/watch thunderstorms. I think the winds are the scariest things for me. Poor ole SV....I can just picture him running cross-legged, trying to get to the potty on time. Bless his heart!

    Granni, I think of you and your DCD...and now, Sun, with the family issues. It's so heartbreaking...I remember times when our daughters were making poor decisions as adults...and there really wasn't anything we could do. Maybe offer advice, but they had/have their own minds...Mom and Dad don't get "wise" until the kids figure it out. Lindsey has said a few times that she never understood being a parent until she had gone through things with her kids. Add in drug abuse and/or mental health issues and it's even more hard.

    Rock, count me as one who likes okra, but only breaded and deep-fried. And an eating plan that I get some recipes from uses a lot of okra, but disguises it to blend in with the other foods.

    So, I didn't get as much yardwork done (think mowing) yesterday as I should have...wanted to get the bedroom more "put together." I'm giving myself until 10:00 am to do other things (while the grass dries) before I mow.

    Here is an idea of the bedroom...I'm using the same color scheme in the bathroom (this pic is taken from the bathroom doorway). The closet will be to the right of the pic, but we're at "crunch time" and I told Den not to worry about framing it right now...we can hang a bar for some things and use shelves or dressers.

    My MIL gave the comforter to me about 30 years ago (queen size) and I still love it. So, I just bought a king sized bedspread to layer under the comforter. The vases on the night tables will eventually be turned into lamps...Den got the holes drilled for the cords, and I picked up the lamp kits...just need to assemble. Will wait to put anything on the wall above the bed till we see if it needs to move any (to accommodate the closet doors.) Actually, I have so much stuff in boxes (since we moved to the shop in 2012) it will be fun to get it out and decide what to use and where...

    You can see the difference just painting the floor makes...there was a bunch of stuff piled in the way and I couldn't get the whole floor done when I painted in here...will be a work in progress for quite some time, lol! Will eventually install laminate flooring (we think.)

    I'd better get to work...just wanted to check in and say "Hi"...thinking of you all.

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    Hi Kids

    I got up (for the second time) last night. Turned on the TV. There was nothing I wanted
    to watch. How can that be? Hundreds of channels and nothing worth watching.
    Gordon went to his origami class yesterday. He took a bag of tomatoes to the gal who
    conducts it. He brought home a colorful sort of ring or collar in multiple colors. You
    can flip it, i.e. reverse the top and bottom by pushing from the bottom. (One really
    needs audio visual aids to demonstrate.)

    The last batch of books I got at the library wasn't very satisfying. A couple were OK.
    The rest didn't hold my interest. One mystery was notable because it contained one of
    the worst sentences I've ever run across. "The DNA evidence showed that Dalton was
    Sam's father and the half sister of Martha." Clearly the author didn't proofread, and
    modern publishers don't seem to have proofreaders on their staff any more. All very sad.

    Mikie, I hope the books you are buying give more satisfaction. Gordon brought home
    a couple of those ten cent recycled paperbacks from the library. One of them was described
    as a detective story on the cover, but the inside pages referred to it as a Romance novel.
    No thanks.

    Glad to hear Sir Vester likes his pumpkin chicken entree. I wonder who thought of putting
    those two ingreediments together. Of course if one were served a chicken dinner which
    included pumpkin pie for desert, it would not seem unusual. Hope the spot on your head
    stops hurting. I have been having bumps on my head and back of my neck
    off and on for the last few months.
    Seems to be only one bump at the moment. It is not bothering me. I just kinda wonder
    what it's doing there.

    Yes, if you want rain you pretty much have to take the whatever comes with it. Fanny
    Brice used to sing a song that said, "If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain."
    Fanny was a Ziegfeld girl who later branched out into radio. I used to listen to her as
    Baby Snooks when I was a kid. A few decades later my son and I listened to tapes of
    her radio show. She died when I was in grade school. Barbra Streisand played her in Funny Girl and won an Oscar when the musical became a movie. The two could hardly have been more different if one had come from Mars.

    Granni, gumbo sounds good. Our neighbor used to bring over gumbo every New Year's
    Day. Not sure if it was authentic, but it sure was good. Gordon picked around 2 dozen
    tomatoes 3 days ago. Half went to the origami lady. I finished off the last of my half a couple
    hours ago. Did you add some Tex-Mex dishes to your repertoire after moving to Texas?

    Did that thunderstorm show up? We almost never hear any thunder here, but we do
    hera the fireworks from Dodger Stadium. Gordon's brother came home from work yesterday
    and told Gordon he was going to the Dodger game. Later in the evening he was still
    home. I asked Gordon what was up. He said, "Oh, turns out the game isn't till next
    month." As Homer Simpson says, "Doh?"

    Other than ordering something from Pro Health, I have no plans for the day.
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    Julie - loved the comforter, how very pretty! Such a cooling calm colour your bedroom.

    Wanted to share a pic of this cutie 18-33-21-f2b8754937ed19cb8e98852bb8972893.jpg

    Computer recalcitrant
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    Back later:)
  10. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: Mornings are always bad for me.....stiffness, pain, loopy feelings from my neck problems, or stomach problems (I've even gone gluten free and also dairy free). Can you trace any of this to MSG in foods you might eat, or wheat products, etc? I know for a long time/years I was adamant that it wasn't any of what I was eating, but I have traced it down to both of those. My suggestion is don't eat anything for awhile that you haven't cooked yourself. Keep a diary. And nice that you got some storms!

    Rock: Boy....did you hit it right about the little girl with the curl!!!!! My DD has a lot of troubles and lots of changing to do. It hit me like a rock in the stomach when it came out of nowhere a few weeks ago when she told me she's angry at me....blames me for her dad dying....3 years ago. Said I should have insisted that he see another doctor or go to another hospital....whatever. She's been filled with guilt for basically being scarce while he was very sick and eventually died. She should have known he was a very stubborn person who insisted he do what he did, which was go thru chemo which made him lose weight incredibly bad. The oncologist told me that even though the cancer count was dropping to almost non existent, losing so much weight is hard for the body to come back from it.

    I did a search on a little private chat board that my friend has kept everything posted for over 10 years, and saw that 3 mos. before he died I told her I didn't think he would last another 3 mos....she was very angry, and cried but nothing changed with her calling or showing up. Can you imagine how hurt he was? So since a few weeks ago it's gone from bad to worse. I've prayed so much, and today I feel much more at peace. It's her problem, I did what I could.

    Julie: Love your bedroom! So restful and love the color scheme. I wish I lived close, I would help you with some more pillows for your bed. I'm one of those women who think you can't have tooooo many pillows on your bed. I used to think I wanted a pillow company! LOL. It would be impossible to find more of that bedspread fabric, but you might think about tearing apart your smaller pillows and remaking them into larger bolster type. It looks like there's a lot of ruffle which could be sewn all around to enlarge them......Just a thought....of course you're so darn busy all the time that would be at the bottom of your list. Awhile ago I was at Target pricing pillows and also at Joanns fabrics pricing bags of polyfil to make insert pillows. Turns out it was incredibly inexpensive to buy the cheap Target pillow for inserting into a fancy throw pillow. I think they were around $4.

    Spring: Such a cute little dog!
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    Hi, Kids,

    The deluge continues. I think I saw some animals walking down the street two by two. I better call on the Ark Angel. Our little retention pond is almost to the top of its banks. Our bldg. sits 11 feet above grade level so I'm not worried. In other heavy rains, the water has come half-way up toward the bldg. I am sooooo thankful for this wonderful rain.

    I just took a soak. Not feeling my best but that's to be expected until the AV's drive the Whatever Virus out of my bod. Don't know what I was thinking. The ongoing sore throats and headaches should have alerted me to its presence. By the time I get a sore spot on top of my scalp, it's rearing its ugly head big time. At least, I know what's wrong. It'll clear up eventually. I removed my toe nail polish and trimmed my nails. I'll probably let my nails stay natural for a few days; it's healthier that way. I'm not up to washing my hair so will wait until tomorrow. It's soooo humid, even with the A/C on, that it's hard to dry off after a bath. Humidity makes my hair an ugly nest.

    Julie, yes, SV was quite a sight. It's hard to run with one's legs crossed. Believe me, I know. You are doing a great job painting the floors. Wow! They look nice. Your bedroom looks very calm and comforting. I always had a light one and decided to paint mine a medium blue. It's calm in a different way. I think whether we go light or darker, having a place which encourages rest is what we need. I know whatcha mean about the pillows. I have a bunch of them and still cannot find one which is just right. I'm tempted to try My Pillow. Enjoy unpacking your 'new' clothes.

    Rock, Amazon always puts a short excerpt from the books I'm considering so I can get an idea of what's inside. Also, readers can rate the books. Usually ones with four or more stars are pretty good. They are presented in categories so I'm not in danger of the dreaded romance novels or fantasy books. I like contemporary reading and thriller/spy novels. I've had a few stinkers but not many. The bargain books are good ones, many of which are parts of series or books which have been around a while. Some are classic books which have stood the test of time. Each month, I can get a free book which is just being published. For me, Amazon Prime has been a bargain. When there is nothing on TV, I turn to Amazon or Netflix. Do you have On Demand with your TV service? If so, you can watch the shows you want any time you want. Check it out. I can even press a button and tell mine what to show me. Best part--it doesn't talk back! The sore spot on top of my head is a symptom of the chronic virus when it reactivates. Hope you can find something interesting to read and watch. If all else fails, you can turn to Solitaire on the computer. I have other games on my Kindle, like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, etc.

    Sun, I'm so sorry about DD. Sounds as though she's in the anger step of grieving. It would probably help her to get some grief therapy or attend a group session for those who have lost loved ones. Joe goes to a group and has found it very helpful. Yes, DD may be most angry at herself but is externalizing and taking it out on you. I hope she gets some help. You are right; it's not about you. She is the one who has to help herself. I'll add her to my prayers too. I already keep you in them. I am lactose intolerant so don't do dairy unless I take an enzyme pill. I use Lactaid milk. I eliminated gluten from my diet for quite a long time but it didn't seem to make a difference so I quit. I have to eat the Bran Buds for my colon so can't really do it. Everything I'm experiencing is due to the virus. Don't know why it's taken me so long to recognize it. Denial, I guess. Hope things improve for you.

    OK, Kids, I'm gonna find something to eat. It's hard when I don't feel up to snuff. Hope all y'all enjoy your day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. sunflowergirl

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    Thanks Mikie: It never dawned on me that she's still in the anger phase of grieving. She saw a counselor for about 6 mos, but obviously she still needs help. One of the big problems is that she never had much of a relationship with her father, so not only is she grieving his loss but also that he was never there for her. She keeps a pic. Of both of them in her vanity area, soooooo everyday she looks at this pic. And starts crying again. I told her she needs to put it away, said she wouldn't. Oh well. In the meantime I'm going thru all of this &^%$#@ again. I've started walking as much as I can, listening to Bryan Adams. His beat and songs really get me moving!

    Arc Angel....love it. I don't get any help from the lactose pills, even tried to take double dose, and I LOVE cheese. That's been a hard one to give up. I use lactose free cream in my coffee, but I'm trying to drink it more black. There's only one store I can buy it and sometimes they don't have any. And I won't use coffee mate or something like that because there's bad stuff in it. And THANKS for your the extra prayers for her too. I've searched my conscience and don't think I'm holding onto any anger toward what she's said to me. I've turned all that over to God, he can deal with her conscience.

    I got something interesting yesterday from a very excellent artist on "continual contour drawing". Her name is Brenda Swenson if you're interested. I have never gotten the hang of it but watching her short little lesson on youtube made it much easier. The thing is NOT to lift your pen from your paper.....hard. So I drew up a little vase with some flowers last night.....maybe I'll get around to painting it today. I've also got some oil painting that's calling out to me.

    And my cleaning lady was over yesterday, told me she purchased a special massaging wand thing.....called. Purewave. I did a search on youtube and watched videos on it. She has a ton of pain everywhere, but she said after a couple of days she was amazed at how it's help her pain and her DH who has had many spine surgeries. Interesting.
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  13. Granniluvsu

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    JULIE - I too love those colors and have some of the same in my room. However, I do have more pastels. What kind of a blow up mattress that you have? The ones we have and used have not been that comfy but you said it made of foam or something, is that correct? What are they called. At least you don't have to get a stool to get up on it like you do some, so much taller than we all used to use in earlier days. Are they expensive ?? Those also look great for guest bedrooms. Yes, those floors look nice painted.

    Went to sing our Patriotic program today at a farther away Sr, residence. They love us there and are so responsive. One gal was making sure or trying to get others to stand when we sang some of them esp God Bless American and those they love. I too get to feeling weepy when others are singing some of them. Some also stood when we sang the different songs of each service. We tell them to wave their hands if they can''t stand. Many sang with us too. It was so fun to do so. I am sorry I will miss the one net week when I will be gone to the Palo Duro Canyon for a week and will miss our net performance. They do enjoy us too and are very responsive. However, one of our gals is gone on a trip and another gal who also sings soprano was having heart problems and will not be singing at least for while. Plus there are some of the usual things that pop up and sicknesses for us. After singing most of us went out to eat for lunch. It was nice to chat together afterwards.

    SUN - Let us know about that gadget that is supposed to help pain and if it works and how expensive it is when you can.

    MIKIE - You are so right about my DCD. She is not even sure if we are her parents and her siblings are hers She is a a real mess, I am sorry to say. Just got another email from her and another address with a room for which I am thankful. However, when they get not authorization and proof that she was a vet, etc. she will probably be out of the program again.

    Sorry but I need to go and finish up with dinner. Pasta with spaghetti sauce and all kinds of veggies in the sauce. Then I threw in a couple of frozen turkey meatballs mostly for DH :)!!

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: As I said in my post it's called purewave. It is a hand held massager. She paid $110 free shipping but I also saw it for $90 free shipping. There are reviews on youtube for it. One of them are these PT guys, I've watched their videos before for various stretches for sciatic, etc. They went thru what it all comes with and how to use it.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - Thanks for the info. I will check on it and maybe one of these days I will get it. Getting ready to go on a trip to Palo Duro Canyon in or around Amarillo next week, and waiting for my SS to come in. I hate it when it is a week later than usual in the month ):!! Sounds interesting and promising. Thanks for mentioning it. Will go take a peak at it right now while I think about it and am on the computer. I do have some cash but need to save that for other things. Go to the hair dresser tomorrow.

    Hugz to you and awl,
    Granni :)
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: It sounded good to me until I watched the video....apparently it is more of a pouncing action on the muscles and I don't think I could take that on my neck/shoulders.

    Mikie: I was watching Richard Attenborough's program on Birds of Paradise and Clair took off for the TV to catch a flying bird! I had to yell at her and chase her away from the Tv. I was afraid she would knock the TV off it's stand. It's one of those flat screens. Happened twice. I had no idea she watched TV. I'll have to be selective from now on.

    I was doing a search for multiple chemical sensitivies for someone and came across this most interesting list of symptoms.

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm on my AV and it's helping; the sore spot on top of my head is almost gone. I can't believe I missed the symptoms of my Whatever Virus' reactivating. Doh!!! Before the sore spot appeared on top of my head, my lymph nodes were swollen and I had strange pains inside my head. One was a shooting pain in the roof of my mouth. Good grief! I've had this for ages. I must have been in a stupor. Yesterday, I took some Ducolax to help clean out my system. It's gentle but gets the job done. Of course, when there is enough die off of the virus, my own body will purge itself. My chest feels tight so am not doing anything too demanding. I've rubbed menthol on it. I just hope it doesn't go into a cough.

    It's been raining straight for more than two days. Our little retention pond is almost full. It's supposed to rain all day today too. I may wait to wash my hair until tomorrow. I will likely rest all day today so I can get better. I have enough to eat so I don't absolutely have to go to the store until then. I'm off my feedbag anyway so it doesn't really matter.

    Sun, grieving is a strange thing. We don't just go from one phase on to the next. We can go back and forth. If something else has happened in your DD's life, it may have sent her back to the anger state even if she had been making progress. Sometimes, it's more difficult to grieve someone we weren't close to, especially if we wish we had been closer. My DSIL had a tough time grieving the loss of his biological father who abandoned him. I cried for my own biological father when Mom told me he had died. He abandoned us. I know your DH didn't abandon your DD but, obviously, she is struggling with not having had the relationship with him she wanted or wished she had. If she were partly responsible for its not being close, it may be even harder for her. It's good you've turned it over to God. You've done what you can.

    In art class in HS, we did that drawing exercise. Most of us didn't like it. What it did, however, was get us to see our drawings more connected and flowing. I won't use the fake coffee cream either. Fortunately, if I have to use a bit of milk or cream, it doesn't seem to bother me. I can eat cheese and yogurt. Even with the Lactaid pills, ice cream doubles me over with stomach cramps. I'm laughing thinking about Clair's running at the TV. Of course, it wouldn't be funny if she knocked it over. SV has crouched in attack mode on the bed when he watches TV but, so far, he hasn't tried to attack the animals on the screen. My TV is in an armoire and I think he realizes that there is no room for him to attack it. Hang in there and I'll keep up the prayers.

    Granni, how wonderful that you were able to bring your patriotic music to those folks. I like the idea that y'all recognized all the branches of service. The sight of our flag and the music stirs me to tears too. I think right now, at the Anniversary of Normandy, it really brings to mind the loss of lives in WWII. There soon won't be any of the Greatest Generation left. It must be exciting getting ready to go on your trip. I hope you have a good time. I can only imagine how hard it is with your DD. When people are physically ill, we can understand why they can't do things. When they are mentally ill, it is hard to understand why they behave as they do and believe the things they believe. I know it isn't much comfort to understand that they can't help it. Sometimes, the things they do and say are very hurtful. There are support groups for families of those with mental illness and DD's kids might get some help from that. In any case, you know I'm praying for all of you.

    Today I have a real newspaper to read. I think I enjoy Wednesdays and Sundays more because I get to actually hold the paper in my hands. On the other hand, it's easier to read it online and there is no paper to recycle. Guess I have the best of both worlds with this subscription. Newspapers have gotten expensive. The millennials read all their books and papers online. I wonder what will become of the big city newspapers. With all the politics news right now, subscriptions have increased but I don't think it's sustainable in the long run. Rachel Maddow has the number one cable news show and she's been out sick for more than a week. She sounds as though she's had a really bad cold, possibly pneumonia. Regardless of how one feels about her politics, she has some of the most interesting topics and guests on TV. Also, she seems to get the breaking stories before everyone else. She has a huge and talented research dept. I'm glad she's well and back to work. Colds seem to be going around again and I hope I don't catch one in my run down condition.

    I also hope all y'all are well. Everydobby is in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Good Morning. Happy Wednesday. Do you think Wednesday's child is really full of woe?
    And how did that get started? Can't find any reason on line except for the old nursery rhyme.
    I suspect it's because Wednesday and Woe both start with the same letter.

    Gordon made carrot juice. Nice of him. Especially since he doesn't drink any. Now he's
    busy watching some show broadcast from Japan. He says China and Japan were both
    ruled by tradition. Now they are both places of vast changes and innovation.

    Mikie, happy to hear you are improving. Be careful with that menthol. You don't
    wanna pick up a bottle of meth by mistake. Remember those Faces of Meth? The videos
    are still on Youtube. They also have videos devoted just to celebs who ruined their
    faces and their careers.

    The black and white cat took a swipe at me today. For the last few weeks she seems to have
    had a personality change. When I put down her food she winds around my legs. I
    am tempted to try and pet her, but recalling her past behavior, I don't. Today when I
    put her water dish down she made a half-hearted attempt to claw me. She is a dangerous
    woman like Bonnie Parker, Lucrezia Borgia or Ma Barker.

    Yup, we have On Demand. It makes for an awkward sentence though. "Last night
    I watched a program on On Demand. Am also reading a great book. It's one I read when
    it was new about 15 years ago.

    Sun, Gordon and I love David Attenborough who whispered his way to fame. Read his
    autobiography a few years ago. He started with the BBC when it was new and became
    the head of programing. He has been awarded various titles by the Queen and is reportedly
    a multi millionaire.

    I wonder if they make cat seats to restrain cats who watch tv.

    Granni, never heard of Palo Duro Canyon before. Looked on the net. I read it's the second
    largest canyon in America. I wonder what's first. Palo Duro means 'hard wood' according
    to Wikipedia. The pic at the bottom shows a rock formation that looks like a building.
    There's a State Park named Palo Duro. When the Chief Ranger tells the workers what to
    do, I expect they sometimes say, "Well, I would, but that's just too hard."

    Gotta go. Gordon needs the machine.

    Hugs, All

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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I feel a little guilty being on the computer, but wanted to check in and say "Hi". And I figured I could sit down a few minutes to each breakfast/lunch before I get on the mower. :p

    I've been puttering around in the house, putting a few more things away. The doorknob upstairs from our old bedroom to the storage area above the shop quit working, and I couldn't get to some of my things. So I had to get the 10ft. step ladder, climb up and over the fence at the loft...that darn doorknob is coming off...as soon as I remember to take a screwdriver up with me.

    Sun, thank you for clarifying a little. I agree with Mikie and others...grief is such a personal, and sometimes strange thing. As you well know, I'm sure...doesn't seem like three years since your hubby died :( I pray that your DD will eventually agree to some counseling.

    I wish we lived closer to each other, too. I would love your imput on color, decorating in general...I have some king size pillow shams, but can't find the pillows I wanted to use with them. Thinking they are in the downstairs guest room, buried under something...hope I find them.

    Rock, those silly cats...once in awhile Peace Sign, Patches or Mama Kitty will get a little aggressive...one is spayed, but I wonder if the other two have hormonal things going on? Smart of you to not give this little stinker a chance to do damage.

    Mikie, I'm glad you have figured out what's wrong so you could start on the AV and get back on the mend.

    Granni, so nice that you can bring your music to the nursing homes, etc. And what a great idea to assure the residents that it's okay not to stand, but rather to wave their hands...then they still feel respectful and like they are participating.

    The mattress isn't actually "blow up"...it's just squished foam and when you take the wrapper off, it "unsquishes."

    Springwater, what a cute pic of the little dog. When I was little, I used to dress up our little poodle and terrier. I remember seeing a picture in my parents' things...

    Thinking of everyone else...trying to type fast and making lots of typos.

    Today is our 42nd anniversary. Nothing planned for this evening, but we may go out for supper tomorrow night. One of my dad's male nurses, who is from Togo, Africa and still goes there to do mission work...has a ministry that is doing "tip night" at our favorite pizza buffet. They also have the best chicken and other regular buffet foods. Tip night is when the restaurant owner lets groups come in and wait tables, etc...then they get to keep the tips. And if you put your receipt in a bucket, the group gets 10% of the bill.

    I'll leave a picture of my kitchen. The island is actually two workbenches, placed back to back. Until this morning, it was piled high with tools, materials, etc. Den made my cup rack out of leftover boards, bolts and water line...part of our "use what we have" plan. I have been planning a red, white and blue kitchen for years...ended up being primary colors, plus green...my goal was for it to be a very happy place. And the island to be a place for grandkids or others to sit and talk to me (or help, or learn) while I cook, etc.

    Den also made the upper cabinet...will do the doors later. He will build a cabinet for the empty space in the corner to display dishes, mostly my grandmother's china. We hung the picture above the cup rack before all the pieces were ready...so now have to lower the picture, lol! (It's one of the jigsaw puzzles I had Den do over the winter of 2015-2016 when he was recovering from that heart/thyroid stuff.)



  20. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    LOVE your kitchen, Julie!! It definitely looks like a 'happy place'. I, too like bright colours. Neat idea for the island, too. I hardly ever post, but check in quite a bit.
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