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    This reminds me of my beloved CO. I used to hike the high country and it looked just like this.

    Hi, Kids,

    Time already for a new Porch. I'm feeling lazy but decided not to put it off. I'm soooo much better but not champing at the bit to do anything around here. I did clean both toilets. This time of year, they will grow mold just from the humidity inside, even with the A/C on. If I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I don't flush until I get up so I don't disturb the people downstairs. I clean that toilet even more often. I clean them and then put bleach in them. I have some of those tablets to put in the tank and I need to do that too. I'm not wanting to lift the lids off the commodes right now with my weak wrist and not feeling well. It would be just like me to drop one of them and crack it. I like those bleach tablets for the tanks.

    I think the tree trimmers are done. I can now see the pool from my middle room. Everything always looks soooo much brighter after all those fronds are cut down. SV hasn't been thrilled with all the noise disturbing his nap time out on the lanai. I'm so glad I got that new food for him. It's supposed to be healthier. It comes from a chilled case and I have to keep it in the fridge here. I have to let it warm up before I give it to him. He eats it all.

    Julie, glad you got some sleep. Sounds as though you're having a busy day today. Lots of errands. Dust during construction can be a real problem for allergies. It's not good for electronics either. Now that I found the drapery rod, brackets and drapes, I have to remove more of the old hardware, fill the screw holes and paint the wall. That will mean sanding. Even a wee bit of sanding causes soooo much dust. It's next to my TV armoire and I'll be making sure the doors are shut tight. Even these little things are getting to be too much for me. I never thought I'd get like this back when I was wearing my tool belt, framing and finishing drywall. Ah, old age. Well, I'm glad I did things when I was younger and when I could. Sounds like things will be a poppin' at Grandma's house soon. I know how much you enjoy your family. Don't know what we'll be doing. It depends on DGS's x-ray on the 20th. He's in and out of our pool several times a day when he's here. Poor kid. BTW, I always thought laundry is for the birds!

    Rock, one of the clues for one of my crosswords puzzles was one of those taking up several across lines--a quip. It was, "What do you get when you cross a rabbit with an amoeba and a snake? An adder which can multiply and divide. I think I got that right. I tend not to remember crossword answers unless they occur repeatedly. My new puzzle book has some difficult ones. At least, I'm exercising my pea brain. I'm not exercising much else these days. Good grief, what good is a computer search if you don't have the author's name? I sometimes hear of books I want to look into but don't have the author's name. If you ever need to, you can go to Amazon and do a search with the author or title and it will show you everything they have. Then, when you check on the library's computer, you'll have the author's name. I actually rubbed out a small scratch on my glasses before with glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth with a nap. If it doesn't work, I'll give up and take a nap.

    Guess I'll try working on the scratches on my glasses. Seems it's bothering me more as the day goes on. Another irritation of old age--going blind. And, I think all that stuff about wisdom with age is a bunch of baloney. Whine, whine, whine!

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    TFOU! Thanks For Opening Up. I am doing fewer and fewer crosswords these last several
    months. Not a decision I made. It just happened. Spending more time watching TV, I guess.
    Nice to read about an adder that can multiply and divide. More than most High School
    kids can do according to various test results. But not really my problem.

    You are braver than I. I wouldn't climb anything to mess with curtains these days. My
    sense of balance is pretty much gone. Sometimes I'm just standing and suddenly
    start to tip over. Saw the chiro this morning. He used that high power tens unit on my
    neck. This is the third time. First time it ever produced an effect that I noticed.
    Felt much better. Could turn my head and the aches went away. The device is only
    the size of a graham cracker. Maybe I need one that's full body size.

    Gordon's brother has both pink eye and ringworm. Wikipedia says ringworm has nothing
    to do with worms. I looked both problems up on the net. Apparently Gordon and I are
    reasonably safe. It's not transmitted by a toilet seat. Also read both go away in a week or
    two. Pink eye's formal name BTW is conjunctivitis.

    Great pic you posted. Reminds me of the Paramount Logo. I looked it up to see if it was a
    specific mountain. The general opinion seems to be that the guy who designed it grew
    up near Ogden, Utah, so it's probably his recollection of what he saw in his yute.
    Also of interest (or maybe not) the Paramount logo once contained two dozen stars. Over
    the years two have disappeared. Well, over the decades a lot of Hollywood starts
    have done the same.

    Hugs, All


    OK, I got rid of the pyramids, but both pictures vanished. So now I posted another
    image and again an extra one showed up. Two for the price of one and twice as
    much trouble. OY!
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    Mikie - hiking is one of the things I've always wanted to do but never got around to doing it. That place you went is beautiful! I now wonder if I could hike for long. Irony that people from Europe and America pay thousands of $ to come here and hike, trek and I have yet to inspite of loving it.

    Wish we had tree trimmers here. My bougains are again getting out of hand.

    Rock - I thought conjunctivitis was very infectious. Gordon's brother is still staying with you?

    Yesterday was full moon. It felt like it. So i upped the white lighting around my right side of abdomen. A friend called and told me otherwise I had quite forgotten about Full Moon. I was able to nip out and go and pray. And then I treated myself to a window shopping session. Oh, the papers had said yesterday was the day monsoons would officially start and the monsoons waited till I had made my chicken salad and dressed and trotted down the road quite a distance, and then it made its grand entrance!

    What a gully washer!! Woohoo. ! I was carrying my umbrella but my legs with the clothes on it were soaked thru n thru..however, I felt strangely elated. Wading thru the water. I suddenly remembered how my legs used to hurt continuously and I was tired all the time when younger and here I was at 56 walking in a torrential downpour and enjoying it.

    Abig bus loaded with passengers had got stuck in the mud all its wheels one side sunk down into mud almost half way ...what a headache. The passengers weren't alighting..they were waiting it out poor things.

    I lit lamps and there were so many people praying. Circling the stupa. Saying their mantras for all sentient beings to be liberated from suffering. Lots of beggars. A group of youth had a big poster of children in a remote part of the country and asked me to contribute to establish a health post. They had come with a band to perform and raise money but the rain had prevented them. I donated $10 and thanked the universe there were still those with a vision and initiative to start something philanthropic. Maybe there is hope for this country after all.

    After my prayer I took a cab downtown and browsed a favourite clothing store. Didn't buy then moved onto a book store. There were discounts so I got three lovely cook books with beautiful laminated pictures of Indian dishes and curries for only $15.00 and almost skipped away with delight from there!

    I decided I indulged enough for one day and resisted the temptation to eat out. Returned.
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    Hi Springwater

    I guess it's the start of the monsoon season. Does it really rain everyday? I asked my
    brother who lived in Portland, Oregon. Seems like it rained every day whenever I
    visited him. (The showers tended to be mild and brief.) He said, "Well, even if i doesn't
    rain it still feels pretty much the same.) He does have a large and productive garden.
    Biggest beets I've ever seen. And as Lucy said about Vitameatavegamin, "So tasty too."

    I've never done much hiking. Not even when I was a Boy Scout. Have you heard the
    old joke about two guys who went camping and forgot the matches. They tried to start
    a fire by rubbing sticks together, but it didn't work.

    "We must have the wrong kind of sticks," said Bud. Why don't you go back and get some
    matches, and I'll set up the tent and get the camp organized." "No," said Huck.
    "You'll eat most of the food and drink the beer."

    "Nah, don't worry about that. Just go." So the Huck started off. After putting up the
    tent Bud waited and waited. After a full day had gone by he was pretty hunger and
    got out some fruit and sandwiches.

    "Ah-Ha!" yelled Bud popping up from behind a bolder. I knew you'd eat the food."


    Medical bulletin. Gordon just reported he heard from his brother. He doesn't have
    ringworm. He has shingles.

    I had shingles about 60 years ago. I've have posted that anecdote a couple times here.
    Should anyone be yearning to hear it, I will oblige. It is strictly optional.

    For some weird electronic gremlin reason, when I posted the Paramount loge above,
    a photo of Egypt's pyramids came along for the ride. I am deleting same One
    good thing about visiting the desert that we learned in 5th grade. You don't need to
    worry about starving to death on account of the sand which is there.
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    Hahahaha. I was wondering if you posted the pyramid because the shapes are similar. As a kawin kydink..I watched a nat geo programme which said pyramids points emit an electric magnetic field scientists are yet tounderstand the use of.

    Yes,it rains hard every day of the monsoons. Yippee! What a relief from the hot sun.

    Why wouldnt we starve to death in a desert?

    God bless
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    Because of the sandwich is there. (sand which; a pun in English. I read it's Saiṇḍavica
    in Napali.)

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    I popped in for a few minutes to read and have to report on my very small case of shingles of a few weeks ago. I found two very painful eruptions on my waist, one with a large head of water on it. In the back of my mind I thought, uh oh...shingles so did a search. I had read that if you put on clear nail polish on each eruption it will help dry them immediately. So that's what I did. I kept an eye on them and decided if there was another one I would go to urgent care. The pain from them lasted about 4 days, about the time the two slowly disappeared. Yes....I'm 99% positive it was shingles. I read that some people only get a few, others can get 100s of them.


    I'll be back later.
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  8. Starlight74

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    Sorry it's been a while.
    Life has been super hectic and my body is clawing it's way out of another crash.
    I hope everyone's doing ok.
    Looks like I hv a ton of reading to do, to catch up.
    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers regardless.
    Am typing in a hurry,so will send my love
    Will Catch up on you guys and then write again.

    Till then,
    Take care,
    catch yas later....
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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Ones,

    Another decent night's sleep so am feeling slightly improved. It's better than feeling lousy. Not much to report so will go directly to responding to all y'alls' posts.

    Rock, I've forgotten your anecdote about the shingles so I'd like to see it again. I had a client who got the shingles on his head and neck and they wouldn't go away. All he could do is sit in his recliner and not move so as not to increase the pain. They were also on his body. Barb had them but hers went away. There have been times when I could swear I start to get them on one side but they go away pretty fast. Because I have autoimmune illnesses, it could be that my immune system nips them in the bud. I had pinkeye once and it was very painful. Doc said to wash my hands a lot because it's so contagious. Yikes! I hope you and Gordon don't get it.

    Spring, I had forgotten about the full moon too. I usually feel better when the moon is full. Yesterday, I didn't. Our rainy/hurricane season starts June 1 each year and runs to Nov. 1. We are likely to get some rain every day now but not the three-day deluge we got earlier in the week. I like it that I no longer have to water plants outside. How nice to find three cookbooks for such a good price. It's so sweet of you to donate for those children. Stores here often ask people to donate $1 for charities like The March of Dimes. It is easy to give $1 but, when so many do it, it really adds up. Some people don't like being asked but I always give thanks for the opportunity to make the world a bit better even in my own small way, knowing that it will be significant when it's all put together. I also pray for those good souls who work so hard and give so much for their brothers and sisters on Earth. Even young children are coming up with creative ways to help. Deepak Chopra says that when you have nothing to give or the opportunity doesn't present itself, give people your smile and/or a silent prayer. I like that too.

    Sun, I'm glad those shingles went away. From everything I've heard and read, they can be extremely painful. Thanks for the heads up about the clear nail polish. I wonder whether colored nail polish would work. That way, I could have cheerful pink or red spots on my side. Hope you can stop back in. Do you have any new projects you're doing? Have you been to your art class? I hope you're doing well.

    Star, how nice to see you here. I'm just sorry it's been such a hectic time for you. I think it must always be hectic for anyone with children and illness. I hope you come out of your crash. I can't seem to claw my way out of this one but I am a bit better. When we crash, we are so vulnerable to other things and it can become a downward spiral. Take good care of yourself, Dear One.

    Diane, if you're reading on the Porch, I hope you see this and know I keep you, Kevin and the Girls in my thoughts and prayers. Feel free to e-mail me anytime you would like.

    To all our MIA's--y'all are family and I love you and keep you in my prayers.

    Hope everydobby is having a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Not much new here but need to get off already. I need to finish packing and then going to DD's nearby for a BBQ. Tomorrow is finish packing after church. Hope DD who is moving to Austin is not upset that we are not coming to the lunch given by the other g parents who live very close by them and probably will be moving to the Hill country area too sometimes soon. She gotten upset at time when we were unable to go to things that we did not feel convenient or whatever at that time. So far she has not said anything. It is their last day in Houston and will be moving on Monday and we will be on our trip. Have to finish packing , do my hair and all that tomorrow.

    Will try and check the Porch again tomorrow sometimes. Going to DD's this afternoon and not sure when we will get back.

    Thinking of everydobby. My head is swimming with all the stuff left to do.

    Gotta check a few more things on line and then fix lunch although I am not particularly hungry since DH wanted eggs today. We usually have them once a week. Did another short wash to have a few extra things clean and lots of underwear. You ladies know what I mean plus especially when you have my problem with leaking urine ):!! YIKES Need to clean off my bed and floor that is full of stuff right now. You would think we would be going for a month and not a week...

    MIKIE - Gadd you are doing a little better.

    STAR - Nice to see you but didn't have a chance to read everyones posts. Hope you get to feeling much better soon. I had my problems starting when I still had kids home to but one was a teen and going through problems then too which did not help and a fil living with us starting alz. Stress is not good for you or any of us and I still have it. Hang in there sweetie and with those little ones you have still at home it is particularly hard I know.

    Love to awl also ROCK, SUN, BARRY, JULIE et al,
    Granni :)
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    Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    How strange--I just got the error message when I tried to log in and was going to just go when I decided to come to the Porch anyway to read posts. I decided to post a test post and, Voila!, it posted. So, if y'all get the error message, try just coming to the Porch and posting as usual. I got more than eight hours of sleep last night and I feel better for it. Still not running marathons but I'll take what I can get. It rained off and on, mostly on, all day yesterday. The big tree with the pink blossoms outside Joe's condo is covered in blooms. Sooooo pretty! I went out to get the paper and it was like a sauna out there. The temps have been in the high 80's and that helps. Seems when it's in the nineties that it feels sooooo hot.

    Yesterday, DD from CO sent a pic to me and other DD of them at the Belmont races in NY. DSIL grew up in NY on Long Island. I think he still keeps up with HS buddies there. I was in NYC in the spring and it was beautiful. In my next life, I want to come back so rich I can have a home in the city and be soooo thin the doc wants me to gain weight. I'm in a New York state of mind, as the song goes. SV is in an ornery kitty state of mind. He keeps pounding on the glass sliders to go out and then runs away when I open the door. So now, he can pound all he wants and I won't open the door for him. By the time he's begged and whined for a while, he'll go out. He doesn't much care for playing with his toys. It's much more fun to play his evil psychological games with me.

    Granni, it's too bad you will miss DD's celebration but I'll bet y'all have fun on the trip. You can visit them in Austin later. I hope the move goes smoothly. I have to drink soooo much water and I know what you mean about leaking. The president keeps yelling about people being leakers. I wonder whether he's talking about me. I hope rain doesn't spoil your trip. Everything here is saturated and the canals and retention ponds are full. Weather people are warning us that this rain brings all kinds of critters out. Evidently, this includes coral snakes, alligators and poisonous toads. Yikes! Turtles may be on the move looking for new homes too. They try to cross roads and move so sloooowly that they tie up traffic. I keep hand sanitizer in the car for the times when I have to get out to help them across. Their shells are often pretty slimy. When I'm out driving after big storms, there are always big birds lined up along the sides of the roads. Flooded runoff areas alongside the roads make for banquets for birds. Just sent up a prayer to keep y'all safe on your trip.

    The big real paper is here so I'll go read it and do the puzzles if I can. I've really struggled with some of the puzzles in the new book I got. Even if I can't complete them, it gives the gray matter a workout. When I've felt as lousy as I have lately, I have a really difficult time staying on top of things, like remembering to take my meds. The last month or so is a blur.

    Hope everydobby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie, et al,

    Peaking in before we go to church and then finish up with the last minute packing. Have been having some tummy problem s the last few days and hope this carry o into the trip tomorrow and this coming week. Had a nice BBQ at DD's house. Sorry off to the bathroom and then to church.

    Love you all,'Granni :)
  13. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I didn't get the error message this time. Don't know why I gave up so easily before when I got that message. Who knew it didn't stop one from posting. Doh!!! SV is out on the lanai snoozing in a chair. It hasn't rained this morning but it's gray and dreary out. I read about removing scratches from glasses and tried rubbing them out with toothpaste. It helped a bit. The worst is when I'm working online or reading on my Kindle. Otherwise, the scratches don't bother me much. I'll try rubbing them again with the toothpaste to see whether I can get them a bit clearer. I don't think I'll get new lenses. Everything is falling apart, including me, so why not my specs. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, I hope your tummy stops bothering you. That's not something you want while traveling in a car, or any other time or place. I've read about cruises where almost everyone on board is sick with the stomach flu. Yikes! Glad you enjoyed the BBQ. Now, just enjoy the trip!

    Hope all our Dear Porchies haven't been put off by the error message. I hope everydobby is just enjoying the weekend too much to be on the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

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    His Kids

    Just came in from helping Gordon unkink a hose. Although it was advertised as non-
    kinking, it was like wrestling with a giant slinky. If the manufacturer was honest he
    woulda named the durn thing after Kinky Friedman.

    OK, here's a report on primitive medicine as practiced back in the dim if not dark
    ages. Sixty years or so ago. I was a skinny teenager with some mysterious sores that
    sorta wound around my side. So I walked to Dr. Wagner's office (2 blocks), was examined,
    and informed I had something I had never heard of: shingles. "Fix ya up in no time,"
    the good doctor said. He took out the biggest syringe I had ever seen and extracted
    a lot of blood from my arm. Then he injected the same blood into my butt. "That's it," he said.

    I was cured. The sores quickly healed and (like Jack) "didn't come back no more, no more."
    The good doctor's fee was 2-3 bucks. I had enough money from my job as a cave guide to
    pay him myself and felt quite grown up as I walked home. On the other hand, I also
    wondered if the whole thing had been a medical joke. If so, clearly I was the butt.

    Mikie, I didn't run into any error message getting here, but the magic spot in the little
    space that says "Log In" is getting harder and harder to hit. Sometimes takes 5-6 tries.
    Are your glass working OK after your first aid efforts?

    My cheap glasses are still working fine after several years. Except one pair viciously
    turned on me and attacked the bridge of my nose. Turned out they had some sort of plastic
    covering there. It came loose and scratched me. Gordon diagnosed the problem and
    operated (with a tweezer) to correct the malady. (And it no longer lingers on.)

    Granni, are you already en route on your trip? Hope all goes well. Gordon and I used
    to take trips. Some business, some for fun, and some a combination. Most of the souvenirs
    I bought were magnets for the fridge. Still have the one from the Alamo there and some
    from Norwegian festivals that say "UFFDA" in bright red letters. Maybe if you hurry,
    you can help your DD who is moving by lugging furniture. A great way to exercise...
    if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Sun, I never knew that clear nail polish had medicinal value. Gordon's brother has
    shingles now. His boss told him to take his sick days. The doctor told him he should
    be well after ten days. Glad to hear you didn't have to wait so long.

    OK, I'm back. Had to go watch an episode of Mama's Family. One of those
    channels that shows old sitcoms like Alice, Roseanne, One Day At A Time, has
    marathons on weekends. Six episodes in a row. My limit is 3.

    Springwater, nice to hear the curry recipes, etc. made you want to skip for joy.
    That's the way I feel about spicy foods. I always skip them.

    Paulac, good to hear from you. How are things in Pennsylvania? Are you anywhere
    near the corner with the pawnshop in Pittsburgh? Big hit for the Four Lads when I
    was a kid. Guy Mitchell too.

    Hugs, Folks

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear ROCK, et al,

    No we have not left yet. Have been busy all day after coming back from church. Had to get on here a bit and now time for making supper.

    We will leave in the morning and will meet one of the other couple in Fairfield where they have a neat place to eat. Then on to Witchita Falls. Forget where we are stopping and then will drive even longer tomorrow. Crazy people who might want to do the whole drive in one day - not us. Forget the number of miles but it might be 600+ or more. Google says 568.9 miles depending on route I guess and other factors. Young people with no medical problems could probably do it but not us. I know we all will be stiff as boards getting out even with lots of breaks.

    Got to go and start think about fixing or preparing dinner. Have t use up some of the stuff in the refrig like the brussel sprouts and cook some salmon and rice.

    OMG ROCK I remember Mamas family. Boy was that an old show. That is who I can tell that we are close to the same ago. That is when TV's were fairly new I think. I need to go wash my hair too after dinner so I know I won't get back here at all till I probaby get back net weekend unless by some miracle I will be all ready to go early tomorrow.

    LOve you AWL,
    Granni :)
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good evening! I'm typing in the dark cause I'm not sure if the monitor screen will keep Den awake or not...we only have bed sheets across the doorways until he gets the doors made.

    Catching up a little bit...Sun, I'm so glad you were able to take care of the shingles...I will try to remember that if I ever have a problem.

    Rock, interesting about how your doc took care of your outbreak. I wonder what the science was behind that...glad it worked, though.

    Granni, hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Mikie...so glad you've been getting some rain. Does the weather make SV act up?

    Star...hope you can check in again once you've recovered a bit more.

    Diane...missing you and hope you are all okay.

    Spring...thinking of you also. I know you've always got something going on. I love cookbooks...especially ones with lots of big colorful pictures.

    Barry, hope Richard is feeling better and you aren't sick too.

    Linda...I'm thinking the wedding has happened?

    Big news...we now have a working toilet in the new house, lol! It was quite a jaunt, especially in the middle of the night...

    I have this coming week to do "normal" things...clean, make a menu and buy groceries, put building things away and just forget about working on the house for a few days.

    We did get the living room furniture sort of in place...who knows if I will feel the need to rearrange or not, lol! I need to put away the final workbench (made of a sheet of plywood and sawhorses) and most of the clutter will be out of the way.

    Here's a couple pics of the living room. We kept Gpa's lift chair close by, for my dad to use when he comes out. He painted the deer picture that is above a gun cabinet that he turned into a china cabinet...I haven't decided what I will display in there yet.

    The sort of empty corner (where Oreo's love seat is sitting) is where the woodstove will go, so I'm not putting anything else there.

    I want to put ledges on the wood stained wall, to display framed pictures. I like the idea of being able to rearrange without leaving nail holes, etc. I saw them on Pinterest...might be awhile before my carpenter can get to things like that. And we have lots of trim to put up, etc., etc...will be working for awhile yet, but that's okay.

    It is so much brighter in here now, than it was in the shop. I have five matching windows on that south wall, another window on the wall (behind the TV) two in the living room...plus the upper level, bedroom and bathroom.

    I'd better get to bed...chiro tomorrow, then Den and I both have dentist appts. on Wednesday. Need to mow again Tuesday. And somehow get ready for a trip to Tennessee and bring company back with me...



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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm feeling blessed today. Last evening, there was a severe thunderstorm north of us and there was a funnel cloud. Fortunately, it didn't touch down and no one was hurt as a result of the strong winds. It's the same area of devastation where Hurricane Charley came through in 2004. The neighborhood is really nice, situated in an inlet up near the Peace River. I had clients who lived there. I hope we get back to the afternoon rainstorms and get away from these potentially destructive storms, including hurricanes. Of course, I'm delighted to have the rain; we need it. Our idiot lawmakers are considering injecting polluted water coming from Lake O deep into the ground to keep it from flowing down our river and polluting it and the estuary and shoreline. Where deep well injection has been tried in other states, there have been earthquakes in areas which never had them before. Dow Chemical tried that back in the late 60's outside Denver and it caused a pretty big earthquake all along the Front Range of the Rockies. It shook our house in Boulder. We also risk polluting our aquifers here. This is all an effort to keep the tourist dollars rolling in. The polluted water on our beaches last year caused people to leave early or cancel their trips here altogether. Health, safety and quality of life loses to the almighty dollar every time. :mad::mad::mad:

    I talked with Nancy yesterday. Her DD is just finishing her radiation therapy for her breast cancer. The radiation burned her quite badly. I've been praying for her. Nancy's new GS is thriving but has a problem with digestion and it causes upset tummy and diarrhea. His Mom is nursing him and she has to be on a strict diet to avoid foods which might get into the breast milk and irritate the poor little guy's stomach. Other than that, he's growing and doing well. They had planned a family reunion in Miami but cancelled because of the risk of Zika; they plan on another baby. Suggested new cuts to the federal budget may adversely affect the search for a Zika cure and prevention efforts. In the long run, Zika will cost us more than these %$#*&@% cuts would save. Penny wise and pound foolish! Most of our problems can be traced back to the 'Quick Fix Mentality.' No long-term planning and it always comes back to bite us in the #$$. OK, promise to get off my soapbox now. Thanks for letting me vent. It's helpful to get it out.

    Rock, we got one of those shrinky, dinky, doesn't-get-kinky hoses. It's OK for general watering but manufacturer won't guarantee it if one puts a nozzle on it which puts pressure on the hose itself. Verily, it doesn't kink. It shrivels up faster than I do in a hot tub when it's turned off. We don't have much use for a hose but we do need one now and then. The guy who pressure washes our sidewalks has his own water in his tank truck. Only one I've ever seen who brings his own water. Impressive! Wow! That story about your shingles is amazing. The only thing that comes to mind is that injecting your own blood might have nudged your immune system into waking up and stomping out the virus. I once had a staph infection in my underarm areas. Doc thought I got ahold of some contaminated deodorant and used it after shaving. He scraped some pus :confused: from the outbreak and sent it in to have a serum made from it. He injected it and it woke up my immune system. The infection went away but it took a loooong time. In Russia, they make phages, using a similar idea. It is in lieu of antibiotics and skips the risk of resistant strains associated with ABX. Those old docs knew what they were doing but there's no money in it like there is with all the 'new and improved' drugs which are pushed on us. Oh, oh, here I go again... Sorry. My glasses are only slightly better. I have to decide whether it's worth it to replace the lenses. Probably not. Hope you aren't getting too kinky.

    Granni, six hundred miles is about how far it is from here to Atlanta. I used to drive it in a day but I wouldn't do it now. I used to drive faster than I'm comfortable with these days. Actually, these days, I seldom leave my Zip Code--sad! Oh well, I now remember how my MIL used to feel about driving. She just didn't want to do it. I am glad I went out on the highway when I was looking for Comcast last week. It felt strange driving that fast again but I soon settled into it. I even found my exit. All this as the Whatever Virus was taking over my body. I think you are wise to take it easy and stop for some good food along the way. When Richard and I were taking our road trip through the Carolinas, we stopped at a Golden Corral along the way. It was one where they trained new franchisees and they had everything on the buffet. It was soooo good. We ate like pigs and hated to leave and get on the road again. Oink! Oink! Wasn't Mama's Family a spinoff of the Carol Burnett Show back in the 70's? The ME Channel shows reruns of it along with a lot of shows from that era. I Remember Mama was on in the 50's in B&W when TV was fairly new to most of us. Uncle Dickie played Nels when it was still on the radio but not when it moved to TV. I hope you can get some good pix to share with us. Still praying y'all have a safe trip and a good time.

    Julie, you guys have made amazing progress. So, Oreo has her own loveseat? SV has one too. It has an aqua colored softie-waftie throw on it with little white paw prints. DD likes to cover up with it when she visits. SV doesn't mind because he runs and hides under my bed when DGS is here. He's not used to being around kids and they scare him. He hasn't been sleeping on top of the loveseat in a long time (SV, not DGS :)). He rotates snoozing areas from now and then. He still uses it for a scratching post once in a while and I can't break him of it. He seems to like the smell of the repellant spray. I don't know whether it's the weather that makes SV change moods or not. It could just be regular kitty stuff. He's been in a very loving mood lately. When he's like that, I give him extra love to try to encourage good behavior. Just loving on him makes me feel better too. Don't know whether it encourages good behavior in me or not. Hard to tell when I'm too tired to get into any kind of trouble. I like your crisp white walls and the area rug is beautiful. It matches the furniture. Blue is my favorite color. The walls in the main living areas of my condo are crisp white and it helps it be a cheery place. It's light and feels energetic. My blue bedroom, on the other hand, is more peaceful and helps me rest. It's tempting to hole up in there with my Kindle and the TV. Glad to know you are taking a few 'normal' days. You need it and you deserve it! Just don't overdo it.

    It's gray and dreary out but the sun is doing its best to poke through the clouds. There is at least a 50 percent chance of rain every day now. I feel 50 percent better so that's about right. I'm feeling the first signs of purging so the AV must be working. Hope everydobby has a great week.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! Thanks for the kind words on our house...as you can see, we have such a long ways to go yet, but when I think of where we were, it's pretty amazing. We worked in here over the winter without much heat...but it was worth it to be this far along now. We had dreamed of getting some new furniture...the blue Lazy Boy is what the girls and I got Den for Father's Day over 20 years ago, I found the couch at a second hand store a couple years ago, the green recliner was Den's dad's, the lift chair was also Gpa's....but we want to stay within budget and I think we will need to save up a bit first. I want to refinish the gun/china cabinet, but things like that can wait till we are not so pressed for time. I have my grandma's real china cabinet, but it doesn't really fit anywhere in here (too wide) so have promised it to Amy whenever she finds room in her house.

    I'll take down the pics later since they are so big...that's the only way I know how to get them on here.

    I'm a little nervous to be taking off to Tennessee again, especially since we had the tire blowout last trip. But Den bought a new tire, and the others are still fairly new. And he will go over the van to make sure it is ready to roll. Liora called me last night to tell me about their new bikes...hers and Isaiah's birthdays are the 21st, but it will be so hectic that day (David's last marathon) then we will head back to Iowa the next day...so Mom and Dad wisely gave them their presents early. Can't believe they will be five, Lorraine will be seven and Josiah will be three! And Keira ten in October, Miley seven next February.

    Oops, I'm rambling...and I really should be in the shower. No word yet from the hearing (that sis has filed any complaints with the court)...I am praying that we can just go, Den and sis can sign papers, I will be released as executor...and we can all go on with our lives. If feels so strange to feel happiness again...I think I mentioned a few days ago that I'm coming out of a very dark spell. Not severe depression...but just so worn out and sad Mostly sad from being worn out, I think...but the things sis said to me, and the names she called me...that's enough to make anyone wonder if there's something to it.

    I can only imagine how it must be for battered wives, abused children, etc....how they start to believe they really are terrible and worthless. I think it was worse because I considered sis to be the big sister I never had, and I looked up to how she always dealt with the unfairness of the world with such grace and a positive attitude. And to find out that she brought on most, if not all, of her "misfortune" and was so mean to her own children (and later, her dad)...and then started in on me...that's a lot to take, especially when one is chronically sick and just plain exhausted.

    Oh, sorry...I guess I'm getting things off my chest this morning, too.

    Better get going.
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  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks.
    Barely up to posting; I caught the Dutch Crud from Richard. This is the first cold I can remember since I got M.E...., and truly horrible. I feel like I'm past the worst now. Please.

    We have a new doggie. We went up a couple of days ago to the no-kill shelter and adopted him, after we had been thoroughly vetted by the staff. His name is Lennox, but we call him Lenny. He is just about a year old, a basset-beagle cross, supposedly. He is black and white all over, and the white is dappled with black spots, but the black parts of him are pure black. He is very attractive, been neutered and chipped. Has to have his sutures out in about a week. 23 lbs. weight. He has already claimed the couch as his favourite resting area, likes to stare at the tv when on, gets along very well with Sylvie -- thank heavens. He sleeps on the bed with us too...:rolleyes: So sweet natured. As I sit here typing on the laptop on the couch, Lenny is sleeping on my lap....a tight squeeze, but he doesn't mind. ;)

    STAR, so good to hear from you! I am sorry for the stress you have been under, and hope you are feeling better soon.

    Granni, I hope your tummy problems don't interfere with your trip! Wishing you the very best, God bless you.

    Rock, your ordeal with the hose had me laughing. What fun! By the way, I pity your palate.:rolleyes: I love spicy foods, but then I was raised around them, and became a "foody" during college, and tried every cuisine I could.

    Dear Julie, I like the look of your new room. Why would you want to replace the furniture, it looks so cozy?

    Mikie, hope you are feeling a big tad better. I know, oxymoron. What kind of lens do you have in your specs, plastic or glass? I always get glass because I am obsessive about clear vision. When I tried plastic -- eeeek. Never again. I am quite OCD about cleaning my glasses, since I always wear them, ever since I was 7.

    Well, I am wrung out, but just wanted to say hi to everybody. Missing you Diane.
    I have to leave now because Lenny is washing my face.....

    A quote from the New Testament : "You cannot serve both God and mammon". Maybe our govt. should think this way.....:mad::mad::mad:! If they are able to think, that is. :eek:

    Love to All,
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Pottery in Thimi

    Mikie - thanks for the cheery bouquet.

    Isn't it wonderful to get a rainbreak? As long as there's nowhere pressing to go. I hope your DGD recovers soon. Little ones seem to break bones or get fractures all the time. I remember when we had to rush our eighr yr old son of that time to hospital because his sis got him in the stomach with her dad's golf stick. No harm done though.

    Barry - relief to see yr post. Careful about that cold. Some are really nasty. So happy you got a new addition to yr family. What a lucky dog to live in such a beautiful place.

    Granni - have a good trip. Are you going to the hill country or where is it?it

    Rock - that hose looks sinister..all coiled up and ready to strike. Lugging hoses are a job. They're so heavy and recalcitrant. Getting knotted and squished and needing unravelling. It is not a favourite job for me. Even though I like watering plants. And seeing them brighten up immediately.

    Sun - how are things with you? Are there a lot of churches near where you live? DD stayed next door to one in America. A tiny lil one. But there were some very beautiful bigger ones dotted all over the town. Used to wonder why a small town needed so many expensive structures. Old style beautiful stone ones with flowers planted outside. Oh so beautiful.

    Diane - keeping you and Kevin in my prayers. I know things got a bit rough. What with the accident and computer troubles .

    Julie - it's so wonderful to see your labour of love and knowing you guys are moving in. There is nothing better than being able to live in a house exactly how you want it. I know you know who has dampened the experience of setting up house with her negativity. Try and do some relaxing exercises before bed. Get it all out. I hated when I had to.listen go MIL. Her hate and determination to make life a living hell. Your SIL is of same cut of cloth. I hope there will be no.place for them in any future world. That they get absorbed into the light. And don't come back.

    Star - relief to see you too. Keeping you in prayers too. I hope the kiddos are fine. Both feathered and furry ones as well.

    We are being kept busy cutting grass. Picked the last of the plums. They are so very delicious!!

    Every morning there's a group of people who play badminton for exercise. It's one of the favourite exercise regimes here. Besides morning walks. I feel happy knowing people are taking care of their health. Mountain biking is another new fad now. The youth seem to be taking to it. The areas outside the valley are very interesting places. Pottery. Paper making factories.

    I was going thru my new books. Ive got in some herbs i needed. Cant wait to use them.Want to make something from there. With summer everyone's appetite seems to be flagging. Any ideas what I should cook? Like cold cuts. I really want to try Julie's devilled eggs. I'm guessing I should.look for something with.mushrooms and cheese. We make.lentils and chicken most daily and it's sitting heavy now that it's so hot.

    God bless
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