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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's time for a new Porch so I'll be right back. Gonna paste my last post here because I don't have much to tell and no one has been on the Porch since I posted it. Be sure to check out others' posts there. I have to get ready to go out to have my teeth cleaned. I have a sensitive spot on one of the little front lower teeth and I fear I may have a cavity. Then, I'm going to Lowe's to buy new LED bulbs for our outside lanterns and I'll stop at Publix for a few grocery basics. Kitty broth packets are on BOGO. Even then, they are more expensive than other gourmet kitty food but SV loves them so I'll stock up while they are on sale. We have the old squiggly compact fluorescent bulbs in our outdoor lanterns but I want to switch them for LEDs. A home burned down here because they had one of those bulbs in a closet. Evidently, being in humid conditions can make them catch fire. Yikes! Ours are outside where it humid almost all the time. I've noticed when they burn out, the bases are often scorched looking. Also, they contain mercury and are a health hazard if they break. The LEDs last a lot longer too.


    Hi, Kids,

    DD called and DGS's foot is about sixty percent healed. He can now swim but not push off the wall like they do when they race. He still has to wear his boot so DD doesn't know whether he could go to the beach and walk on the sand. She will talk to DSIL and check his schedule. They had originally planned to come down on the 19th. Good thing they didn't as it would have rained all the time. Instead, they went to New Orleans. DGS had never been there and loved it even more than he does NYC. He was able to walk around with his boot on for the fracture. They may come down here next week. I'm feeling better so, if I have a couple of days, I can whip this place into shape well enough for a visit.

    Granni, my other kids in CO own a house in Galveston and they love it. They made an apartment in the basement so they can visit. They rent out the main house. It is on the Historical Registry and survived the big hurricane in 1900. In some ways, Galveston has become a very mini New Orleans. They celebrate Carnival which the kids think is better because it's smaller. They aren't on the water but not far from the beach. Any of us living on the Gulf are vulnerable but those on the water are more so. What I'd hate is having to evacuate every time a storm is in the area. That's a real pain. Speaking of pain, I hope your tummy is better. Mine is but it's usually worse in the mornings. I'm getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow morning and I hope it won't be a problem. Yikes!

    It's cloudy out and I hear thunder rumbling so we may get more rain again today. I like it when it rains in the late afternoons so that the swimming pool clears out. We allow swimming til dark and it stays light out soooo late right now. It is Summer Solstice so the days will begin to get shorter. We only have four more months of this heat and threat of hurricanes. That will speed by before we know it. In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy being inside in the A/C. Our newspaper just did an article on how great it is to lie around in the A/C and binge on TV. It's not my first choice but, when I can't do anything else, I enjoy it.

    Hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for you know what, Mikie. Glad to hear DGS's foot is heeling up nicely. There are
    so many abbreviations around nowadays, I'm not sure what LED is. I had thought it
    stood for Let's Eat Donuts. I saw on Youtube that some woman was texting relatives
    to tell them: Grandma died last night, pretty much what the doctors predicted. We
    need to plan the funeral. LOL

    A daughter wrote back asking, "What do you mean LOL?" The response was, "Doesn't
    that mean Lots of Love?

    I got a memo at the office from the manager once. He said he was assigning a problem
    case to me 'cause he knew I could handle it. FYEO. I called him and asked, "What is
    this FYEO?" He said, "For your eyes only." I said, "OH. Here I though it meant 'Flip
    Your Eggs Over".

    Gordon just walked by He wants me to whip up some Jello with whipped cream. I
    said, "Sure. What flavor you want?" The response was, "Cabbage."

    I've never been to Mardi Gras, but I've seen lots of videos from same. I wonder if the
    balconies on those old building are ever inspected. They are jammed full of people, and
    look like an accident is imminent.

    Why do you have an octopus in your post? Or is it a sunstar? Sunstar and Mardi Gras beads


    ADDENDUM: Gordon just walked by going in the other direction. He said, "Holler
    when the computer's free." I asked, "Where will you be (meaning upstairs or
    downstairs). He said, "The gazebo."

    upload_2017-6-22_4-26-40.jpeg upload_2017-6-22_4-28-57.jpeg
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got home and had some of my breakfast bread even though it's past time for lunch. Publix has it on sale and I couldn't resist it. It's stuck all over my teeth I just got cleaned. I got to meet the new dentist and he is soooo nice. My old dentist looked long and hard for a good dentist to take over the practice. The old dentist was a grump so I'm glad to have this new guy. No cavities and my gums are healthy. All that brushing, flossing and water picking has paid off--literally. I don't have to spend money on fillings.

    I got SV his broth packets with gourmet fish. It costs the same as the new fresh gourmet food but goes only one fourth as far. He won't get the new stuff every day. I'll probably go again before the sale is off and, if I do, I'll pick up another 10 packets. They're on BOGO so I'm only paying for five. He just dragged himself in from the stifling lanai and only went a few feet before collapsing onto the carpet. They had body wash on BOGO so I got two bottles of it.

    At Lowe's, I got the LED bulbs for the lanterns. I also got a new lock for my front door. I got the one with the dead lock above and just a handle below it. The ones that are on there now can cause one to get accidently locked out and the lower lock can be opened with a credit card--useless! I got shiny brass again because it matches the kick plate on the bottom of the door. I also got new brass unit numbers for the door. These things aren't that expensive and help the condo to look more like the upscale homes. Barb's SIL put a new lock/handle on her door and it looks so nice.

    Rock, LED stands for, light emitting diode. That's what I just used to replace the ceiling pot lights in the kitchen. These are supposed to last 45 years. That sun does resemble an octopus. It also looks like ducks in a row on top, or ducks in a circle. I like the saying, get your ducks in a circle better. I'm LOLing about the joke about grandma. Reminds me of the old Bea Lillie joke about the lady who goes to the door and there is a guy from Western Union. She says, "Oh, a singing telegram!" The guy says, "No, Maam, just a regular telegram." She says, "Oh, I just love singing telegrams," not listening to the guy. This goes on a while and the guy is losing patience. Finally, he stomps his foot to get a beat and sings, "Dear Mrs. Perkins, your sister, Rose, is dead." It's funnier in person but you get the idea. Mmmm, cabbage Jello. Yum! I can't stand crowds and could never tolerate Mardi Gras in NO. Between that, the noise and the confusion, I'd go into Stage IV sensory overload. DGS had pralines and beignets in NO. No wonder he liked the place so much.

    All in all it was a good morning but I'm pooped. Seemed that today, everyone was in a good mood even though the stores were crowded. I'm glad to see the close-by Publix doing so well. It's very handy for me. I'm glad to have the new lock and hope it won't be difficult to replace the old one. I'll have to get new keys for my friends in the hood who keep them in case of whatever.

    Hope all y'all have a good one. Don't know whether I've posted this garden pic but thought it might cheer us all up a bit.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi All.
    I'm back to the board. Where is everybody?
    I had my carotid ultrasound and saw the doc. last Tuesday. 65 miles away. My eyes get so blurry when I am being driven that it is horrible. Anyways, the doc. said nothing had changed and to see him again in a year. Good news? Hell if I know, but I'm hoping so. Went into Costco while Richard bought some walnuts and cashews. I just went to the loo and entering the store was total sensory overload. Chaos is my brain. So many people, so many things -- strange machines (refrigerators maybe), giant tvs blaring away, children shrieking and running around. I took my pee and split asap. PEM major the last two days.

    I sold our old car and R took out loans to buy a new car, so am dealing with insurance issues, etc. The new car (Suburu) is being picked up 550 miles away at my stepbrother's, who is an auto dealer. R is on the Greyhound bus south, overnight stop at his brother's in the Bay area and then back on the bus for the final lap. He'll be driving the new car back then, with another rest stop at his brother's house again. A tiring trip for him, but I guess he'll be back on Sunday. I will wait here and rest and take care of Lenny and Silvie and myself. And water the garden.

    Speaking of the garden, most of the lilies are in bloom now, in all colours. Everything is in bloom. The foxgloves are 6' tall! Lots of weeds too. Lemon balm is trying to take over one spot,
    and some must be pulled. A like a sprig of lemon balm in my chamomile tea. Which I am drinking now.

    Silvie has been bringing us lots of presents, but this morning's gift was quite a shock: a huge woodrat lying dead over a half of another one. the other half eaten, I suppose.... Right on the path to the porch. She insists on spending her nights out, as have all our other cats in the past.

    Today is supposed to reach 102 degrees. EEEEEK! But down to 90 tomorrow, thank the dogs.

    I'm too depleted of nrg to do anything more right now. Just finished watering for this morning. Lenny is trying to play chewing the computer cord (bad) and gnawing on my hand (ouch!) so I've got to sign off now. Can't remember anyone's posts, but missing a lot of members. Are ya'll on vacation?

    Rock, I am frequently "under the weather". It is a phrase I have used for years. I think every Brit does. They certainly did on the English side of my family. I thought everyone used it. Oh well, I spell "color" "colour", etc. as you have probably noted.

    I gotta go take care of my SELF right now, and avoid the heat that's coming.
    Love and Blessings to All.
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    Barry: Rats......no change in the carotid artery. We're always searching for the "ah ha" moment that we can change something and feel better. Well, so you have a real hunter there in Sylvie. That's good, but not when you could step on partially eaten bodies lying on your doorstep. Your foxgloves are 6' tall?!!!!!! Amazing. I've always loved them. Even did a dyptich of them.....large, about 3 x 4'. My handyman was over monday and tuesday working all day, painting one of the BRs so I had him hang them in there. A little tricky getting the nails just right since they have to hang touching.

    It's cooler today, and this morning there was a slight cool breeze blowing so I think it's breaking. I haven't slept in about 4-5 nights, other than a few hours cobbled together. This morning I was out trying to run an errand to Lowe's and suddenly I felt AWFUL. Came home and took ibuprofen, coffee, ice on my head and neck, and have been trying to get some clean up done. I've come to the conclusion that Clair MUST sleep out of my bedroom for awhile, so I'm keeping the BR door closed NOW. She keeps walking over me in the middle of the night, waking me. Nasty critter. Then at midnight I felt a breathing presence next to me, turned on the light and found Savannah staring at me. I'm doggy sitting my SIls weimeraner. I let her out but she didn't want to go....I think the house was too hot for her. Then this morning I found her sleeping on the LR couch.....she jumped off quickly, having been caught.

    I've just eaten lunch and had a glass of red wine, hoping I can get a good nap.

    Hi to everyone. Diane, been thinking about you this week. How are you doing?
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. We were going to go to the library, but I was just too exhaustenized
    so I took a nap. Gordon went while I was asleep. Now I don't have to go. He brought home
    5 books that he checked out. Couldn't find any paperbacks for either of us.

    One of the books is by Ellen Degeneres. I've read several of her books. I don't watch her show,
    but I sometimes watch little clips on Youtube. They are usually very funny. Like the tweets
    with autocorrect failures. And the police reports from around the country. But these little
    clips are generally only a couple minutes long and every one is preceded by a 15 second ad.
    So I don't watch too many. One thing I recently noticed. She has the best smile. It's like a beacon.

    Haven't started reading her book yet, but I noticed that it has a Last Chapter followed by a
    Bonus Chapter which is followed by The Extra Special Bonus Chapter.

    Mikie, I think you did post that picture before. But it's just as cheerful and vibrant as ever.
    I guess vibrant might be redundant since physicists tell us everything in the universe is
    already vibrating.

    Sounds like you're already familiar with cabbage Jello. Well, you're always a-head of
    the rest of us. I heard that non-singing telegram bit a long time ago. Then forgot all about
    it. Nice to hear it again. Earlier today I found a site titled What's The Best Joke You Know?
    It has lot of jokes and many of them are indeed very funny.

    I hope a burglar tries to get in and is foiled by the new lock. That way you'll be extra
    happy that you bought it.

    Barry, Glad to hear that your ultrasound was not in vein. Am I correct that your
    first paragraph indicates you'll be making split pea soup?

    I looked up foxglove. They look like the plants Mom had in the garden. I think they
    were larkspur or delphinium. Maybe they are all the same. How handy to have
    relatives who can provide assistance with buying cars and what not.

    Here's a Subaru joke I heard years ago. I suspect the joke came from England.
    How do you double the value of your Subaru? Fill the tank with Petrol. I suppose
    that joke dates from the 90s. Isn't that when they first showed up on the inter-
    national market?

    Hugs Julie, Spring, Sun, Granni, Diane, Linda and GB

    Oh, Hi Sun. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble sleeping. Can't knit
    up the raveled sleeve of care if you can't sleep. Nice of you to take care of SIL's
    weimaraner. The doctor in our village had one. Nobody had every seen or even
    heard of such a thing before. Guess it was appropriate that the doctor's name
    was Wagner.

    Congrats on completing your triptych. I remember in our Introduction to Art
    class the Professor said, "The first thing to understand is that a triptych has
    nothing to do with a dipstick.

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    Have been thinking about JULIE and wondering if her final meeting with the lawyers, etc to discuss the settlement of the estate was tomorrow or last week. I am so out of it lately and so worried about poor JULIE. I think I am worried for her even if I an do nothing abut it or any of us either. Hope all goes well and she pops in to let us know things have gone well and no problems from SIS somehow I can't believe she won't try and pull something.

    ROCK = Glad Gordon got you some books even if they were not paperback. Hope you enjoy the books.

    SUN - Sorry those critters have been waking you up during the night and interrupting your nights sleep. At least you will be not doggie sitting for to much longer I am guessing.

    MIKIE - Glad you got some good deals on the broth packets for SV. He'll be spoiled when they run out :)!!

    We didn't get any of the storm, thank goodness and we went on our Dec group trips. Did a lot of looking but little buying but not to much to buy this time anyway, like big pieces of furniture and lighting and appliances as well as upgrading the bath and kitchen and stuff. Not sure that Houston even got to much will see more tonight on the news.

    Need to go and start fixing dinner, tacos with ground turkey meat and some frozen tamales, chicken I think.. Guessing my tummy's doing a little better. Had to be vigilant since we were out and about today. I took 1/2 Immoduum today.

    Gotta run for now. Almost dinner time. Thinking about all of you..Drop in DIANE too when yu can, , I have been thinking and worrying about you kiddo.

    Love to everydobby
    Granni :)
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    Heya all!

    Nice to come on and see some toasty fresh new posts. Everyone seemed to be having something going on so I was not expecting.

    Sun - that must be scary! Hearing breathing near yourself in the dark of the night. It woulda froze my blood.! My DH doesn't breathe. He snorts and snores and wheezes. It took me better part of 3 decades to get used to the noise. I've had those instances of feeling very sick all of a sudden when I'm outside. It mostly happens to me in supermarkets. I immediately start my healing visualization.

    Barry - lovely. Your garden. In all seasons. Always something beautiful pushing itself out to take its place in the sun and add to the beauty around. I know you're not always well enough to appreciate it but, what a gift! I find bunches of feathers all the time in our compound and always hope none of the dogs went a hunting. Our dogs only chase crows which they detest but we Hv been having stray cats or neighbors cardamom caterwauling in the night. I sometimes hear birds making a raucous noise in the dead of night and wonder whether cats are creeping upon their nests. Talking about autocorrect incorrections which Rock mentioned lately, autocorrect changed my cat word to cardamoms! And they call it autocorrect.....wow. Autocrackpot would be more apt.

    Granni - don't worry about Julie. Short of losing it and going berserk there is nothing Sis can do when Julie has right on her side. I think the meeting was today. She said Friday. I need to look up tamale. To me it's a word one of the So you think you can Dance judges used to scream. When a particularly fiesty dance was executed. She used to scream.' Girrrrlll, you on the hot tamale train!!!'

    Rock - what a strange beautiful creature. That starfish! It's beyond human imagination. I didn't
    much like that gigantic red strawberry plunked on top of a pole in the middle of town! Each to his own. But I much prefer the real little strawberries. So red and dimpled fruit ,such green stalks. So succulent and delicious. Mmmmm. In a kawinkydink the other day I was thinking if I could choose the people who would occupy my planet, Ellen would be.one of them. Because she gets a huge.kick.of sending people into horror houses and.laughing her guts out at their terror.And she loves dancing.

    Mikie - you immediately do so much as soon as you are able to. I would love a good good lock for our doors but we don't have them. We have Chinese made which a child could pick. sV lives like kings compared to so.many.people here. Gourmet fish. A springy toy. Someone to open the lanai for him. And a human who cares for him more than his own.mommy ever could.

    They say animals don't hv karma but what then, explains the suffering some strays go thru and the princely life accorded to some? Of course another school of thought says even.minerals progress thru a cycle. Evolving into higher level beings.

    Julie - you came in while I was editing. I hope lil Isaiah is better. Have you told all the little.ones that.moldy house is out of bounds? Good luck for the signing.

    Yesterday I was able to make a chicken dish from the new book. I really need to use up some spices which we don't use often. Peppercorns, paprika and the like.

    There's a wedding today but I'm giving it a miss. No feel like go go. I switched on the TV and all that is on seem to be reruns or horror.movies. Ellen DeG comes.on when.I'm busy with evening meal. I watch Colbert when the guest is entertaining. They are usually. Yesterday an Indian actor came.in. he was very funny. Indian born in West I would say. He said his wife was in a coma for eight days before they married. Didn't elaborate.
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    Hi guys...I'm so sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth. Spent all day Monday trying to clean and get things ready...didn't even go for groceries as planned. Left Tuesday morning for Tennessee...got there around 8:30 pm. David didn't end up doing his last marathon (as it was, he did two whole marathons and two halves...then skipped the fifth day entirely...smart, I think.)

    But...since we weren't going to be at the race sight all day, and Den was so worried something would happen to the vehicle or whatever and I wouldn't be back in time for the hearing at 10:00 on Friday (tomorrow)...we decided to just leave last night (Wednesday) and drive through the night. Got back here around 4:00 this morning...so I was in Tennessee less than 24 hours, lol!

    While Lorraine and I were in town this afternoon getting groceries, Isaiah disappeared. Lindsey found him in the old moldy house...he is in respiratory crisis now...she is treating him, but very stressful for her.

    Anyway, I just popped on a minute and saw Granni's concern. We haven't heard that sis has filed any official grievances...hoping to just go and sign papers, and be done with this whole mess.

    I will check in when I can tomorrow. Oh, and a nurse called from my dad's care center...he wanted to talk to me. He told me he was in the hospital (he's not) and he wondered what he was supposed to do. I explained that he was where everyone knows him and knows how to take care of him, so not too worry. I am planning to get him to the farm again on Sunday...I really hope he is up to it. But won't try if he is still confused.

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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Sooo nice to come to the Porch and find so many have been here to visit. I didn't get here yesterday afternoon. Soon after posting here, I felt awful--aches and pains and a horrible headache. I'm not sure what caused it but it could have been from having to sit with my mouth open for so long getting my teeth cleaned. Or, it could be from the gritty substance used to polish my teeth afterward. Or, it could be all the bacteria which was loosed in my mouth from the cleaning. We often don't know why we feel horrible but getting my teeth cleaned sometimes makes me feel a bit bad but usually nothing like that. I went to bed and slept, waking feeling even worse. I felt cold and had a hot soak in the tub after taking acetaminophen. I tried to watch TV in the evening but kept falling asleep. Thank God I feel better today. Not especially bright eyed and bushy tailed but better.

    Hygienist made my next appt. and it disappeared from her computer screen. I guess we're not the only ones who have things go poof and disappear. I still haven't taken my cable box out to get it swapped for a new one. No time right now to do it. I'll just keep booting it up when it refuses to work. All these years, Comcast has never had good cable boxes which don't quit working after about a year. I forgot to pick up my chamomile tea at Publix. I need to eat some fresh veggies so I may make another run there today. Obviously, I wasn't in my right mind when I was shopping yesterday. I haven't been in a right mind in years but some days are worse than others.

    Barry, so good to see you here and I'm glad things haven't gotten worse with the carotid. Acute sensory overload like that is horrible. Nothing draws old people to a store more than free food. Some of the Seniors here go to Costco for 'lunch' on Fridays just for the handouts. It's like catnip to kitties. They mill around the people handing out food and their eyes glaze over and they are totally unaware they are in the way. I try not to shop there on Fridays. It's not the kids down here who drive me nuts in Costco. I'm so glad you have your beautiful and cozy haven to return to when you don't feel well. There is no place like home and our critters to return to so we can curl up and heal. Subaru vehicles, according to Subaru ads, retain more of their value than any others. I know they are good cars. Feel better, my friend and come back soon.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you haven't been sleeping well. I wish I could close the door and keep SV out but he just digs up the carpet outside my door. My carpet is old enough and getting tattered around the edges and I don't want it to get worse. As long as I have SV, I won't be getting new carpet. I thought of you when I was leafing through a magazine at the dentist yesterday. The magazine was a very slick and upscale local mag. It featured a beautiful oil painting of bright yellow flowers with a purple/blue sky. Very stylized. It was a cool $2,950. I hope you get through the heat OK. We will be getting into the low 90's soon and it will be hot. Yesterday felt sweltering to me. We'll likely stay in the low 90's during the days til after Halloween. Used to be our nights never went over 74 but now, they are usually 76 or 77. Get some sleep, Dear One and feel better.

    Rock, good grief! I'm recycling old pix and old jokes. I'll try to come up with some new material. DOF and I tell each other old jokes we've heard before but they still make us laugh. My kids haven't heard them so they think they are funny. It's sad that a lot of jokes are lost to history. Bea Lillie used to be a guest on the late night shows and talk shows. She was funny as heck. The singing telegram joke has been a lifelong favorite. She could do the little old lady's voice perfectly. I like Ellen too but never enjoyed her stand up comedy when she was younger. It seemed tedious to listen to. She is gorgeous and does ads for Cover Girl cosmetics. She also has a line of clothing and household products. Like with so many celeb's products, they are a bit pricey. She does have great style. Hope you enjoy your books. I'm not particularly enjoying my current one.

    Granni, glad your tummy is better. Mine seems back to normal and I'm pretty sure it was all part of the purging from the AVs. I loooove tacos, well, tacos and most all Mexican food. I still have one last frozen Margarita left in the freezer and I'm holding onto it for a special occasion to have with Mexican food. I'm glad the storm didn't get to you. The winds picked up a lot since it caused all the rain we had. We had no rain yesterday and I liked that when I had so much running around to do but it was still and hot out. I'm like Goldilocks; I whine unless the weather is just right. Thank goodness SV doesn't get spoiled. He pretty much eats what I put in his bowls. He's gotten used to having a bit of gourmet wet food each day and he does come in to get me to give it to him but he happily eats his dry food too. I think I'll pick up another ten pouches of the broth for him when I go back to the store. I figure if he's happy, he'll be healthier and, hopefully, won't get sick. Hope you continue to feel better.

    Spring, my psychic told me that animals come here to play specific parts in our lives. I wish people could all understand animals' spiritual nature. If they did, they would likely stop abusing and neglecting them. I can't understand the suffering of animals and humans either. People who have had NDEs often come back and say that everything that happens, the good and the bad, has purpose and reason. We just can't see it in our mortal forms. So, I try to have faith but cruelty and suffering are hard to come to grips with. I think Tweety and Sylvester must have had a good Mommy when they were kittens. I just don't understand how anyone could throw them out as soon as they were weaned. I can't understand how anyone could have thrown the Mommy Kitty out that my friend, Nancy, took care of until her kittens were weaned. Then, she took them all to a loving shelter where they don't kill the animals. The new shelters have 'socializing rooms' where they all play together. They also have 'cottages' where a few live together. Nancy said the shelter is the size of a large warehouse. Ha, a cat house!

    I live in one of the safest hoods in the area but I do like having good locks. Everything down here in the jungle gets pitted and oxidized in time and I like keeping a nice front door area. It's good Feng Shui. The old locks are looking awful. I wish the frogs that sleep in the outdoor lanterns and poop on the balcony could understand Feng Shui. Fortunately, their poop is easy to sweep up. I think I'll clean the lantern fixtures when I change out the new bulbs this morning before it gets too hot. It appears as though it might rain; there is dark scud moving in. There isn't much on TV here either. Can you get Netflix or Amazon Prime there? It helps fill in the gaps left by summer rerun programming. Take care. So good to see you here.

    Julie, so sorry you had to cut the trip short but it does sound sensible to do that. I also sorry poor little Isaiah is suffering from exposure to the mold. That stuff is awful. I've mentioned here that my old master bath in CO made me sick with the black toxic mold. I think it's had a lasting effect on my health. Of course, it's just one of many things which affect me. I hope he gets better. I'll be thinking of you today and hope all goes well with the estate. I also hope your Dad is better and can come out for a visit. Be sure to let us know how it goes today. Prayers going up.

    I'm off to read the virtual paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Just watched a true crime documentary. One that was never solved. I wouldn't have
    watched if I had no known it would end with no conclusion. Here's another difference
    between real life and fiction. On shows like CSI and NCIS, DNA evidence is tested and
    results are determined in less than a minute. In the show I just watched, the crime
    took place in Las Vegas. It took over a year before the local police lab could get to that
    case and report the findings.

    Granni, your dinner plans sound excellent. Gordon used to buy homemade tamales.
    They were made in some suburb a few miles South of us and sold in a little shop. You
    couldn't buy them in a supermarket. They were very popular, but too spicy for me.

    I am enjoying the Ellen Degeneres book. Have also started a detective story. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Springwater, I was going to ask you if "cardamom" had a different meaning in Napal.
    The Norwegians like to put it in cookies and cakes. Gordon and I were going to buy
    some several years ago. I don't remember what the price was, but when we found out
    we put that idea on hold. Wait. Let me check. Yup, it's still holding. What was the
    word you intended?

    What?! You didn't appreciate the beauty of the world's largest strawberry? Well,
    here's the point. If you were a tiny village (pop. 1300) wouldn't you want something
    you could brag about. The only other possibility is the Franklin Hotel which opened in
    1903 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. My Dad often visited Strawberry
    Point when he was a traveling salesman. It is quite possible that he stayed there. See Pic.

    Are you sure about the Indian actor and the wife in a coma? Maybe he said she was
    in Tacoma, a city in Washington state. Pic below. The mountain in the background is
    Mt. Rainier. I remember flying to Washington a couple decades ago. The plane was
    about 3 miles above the ground. There was a layer of fluffy clouds. Poking through
    the layer was the peak of Mt. Rainier.

    Julie, you always have such a lot going on. I wonder if you have ancestors who were
    bus drivers. Or long haul truckers. My wife and I once drove from California to
    Minneapolis in 3 days. I guess you could say we were semi exhaustenized.

    Best of luck with the hearing tomorrow. Here's a somewhat relevant joke.

    A husband and wife were arguing. She: The the only reason you married me was
    because my grandfather left me a million dollars.
    He: Don't be silly. I don’t care who left it to you!

    Mikie, Sorry to hear you weren't in your right mind. How's the left mind? Yes, I read
    that Subarus retain their value. A mechanic in my 12 step group told me that's because
    the car usually has little sign of wear and tear. Which, of course, results from the fact that
    they seldom are in running order. (Note: This was probably a joke. No libel intended.)

    I know whchya mean about two trip in a row to Publix. I frequently take something like
    a bowl of soup upstairs to the computer room. Moments later I'm trudging downstairs
    because I forgot a spoon or some such. I wish I could find some of my missing mind. I
    wouldn't care which side it was. Time for me to sidle outta here.

    Hugs, All

    upload_2017-6-23_3-36-35.jpeg upload_2017-6-23_4-0-27.jpeg
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    GRRRR! :mad::mad::mad: Thought I'd install the new lock after cleaning the lanterns and putting in new light bulbs. I got the old one off and, when I tried to put the new one on, the little piece which goes through the door to turn the lock wouldn't fit. The old one was a Kwikset and the new one is a Schlage. Now, I either have to take this one back and buy a Kwikset or buy and install the new part in the door. I'm wondering whether the part which goes inside the door is the same size. This is maddening. This stuff should all be standardized. I'm going to go back to Lowe's and compare the parts which go inside the door. I like the style of this set and would like to keep it. What I can't figure out is why everything, and I mean everything, is sooooo difficult and fraught with problems. Lowe's has locks which you open with your smartphone. Well, what happens if you misplace the phone? Life is getting too complex. Either that or my skills are diminishing. It didn't help that SV looked out through the storm door and started whining to go out nonstop. He's out on the lanai. Looking outside got him all goosed up.

    Rock, if the DNA weren't processed STAT on those shows, I guess we'd have to tune in a year later to see who done it. As it is, NBC is now stretching the real crime shows on Dateline to two hours even though it could be told in one. NBC hasn't had as many top shows in the last years so I guess they are making do with what they have. My brain is about 60/40 right over left. That makes me fairly good at most things but an expert at none. Engineers are often very left brained and artists are often very right brained. All this talk of Mexican food makes me thing I'll polish off my Taquitos for lunch. I probably won't polish off the Margarita though. After the lock disaster, I'd like to but need whatever wits I have to try to do some cleaning now that I'm a tad better physically. I wonder what it's like to have both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Dare to dream!

    Spring, in the old days when soldiers returned from WWII and they had jobs, homes and automobiles, families discovered hitting the roads for vacations. Things like that giant strawberry cropped up (no pun intended) all over along highways in small towns to draw the tourists. There is a giant ball of string and all kinds of giant statues of people and animals, even dinosaurs. We still have one here north of Fort Myers. It's the Shell Factory. All kinds of tourist traps line the old roads in FL but not many of the ones from the 50's have survived. The Shell Factory is fun to go to because there are all kinds of shells for sale, cheaper than the newer shell shops in more touristy areas. When the Shell Factory was built, it was on a main road. They have all kinds of stuffed animals, including a mean-looking wild boar. He's fierce. They have added a petting zoo for kids, a café and a zip line. For a while, they had Dancing Waters, a series of fountains in a pond which were lit with water patterns and lights chancing to music. There is a bigger one in Vegas. They got rid of the fountains.

    There is still an old tourist attraction at Weeki Wachee Springs where they have an underwater seascape with a huge glass wall where you can watch girls dressed as mermaids swimming underwater. There are underwater air tubes they suck on. It's just like out of the movie, Where The Boys Are. This photo was taken for their calendar. The area where they swim has fake plants to hole the air hoses. Disney World and Universal have sooo many exciting attractions that people aren't impressed with these old odes to kitsch. Some, however, remember the old days and like to visit the old attractions. I'm amazed that the Shell Factory has survived.


    OK, Kids, once again, I'm outta here. Hope y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much to post now but am glad to hear from JULIE that she hadn't had the estate meeting yet and hadn't heard anything bad happening. So praying all will go well today. Sorry she had t cut the trip short but sometimes it is for the best. JULIE s o sorry to hear about little Isiah. Hope he gets well quicks. Poor little guy. Hoe he is not suffering to much but know Lindsey is working hard at it.

    Playing the games of trying not to treat the loose bowels so much I get constipated again. Have to be careful. It is so easy with me to go from one to the other although I haven't had the lose bowels for some time.

    I read the posts but need to come back later. Work awaits. Wash is awaiting me plus other chores.

    P.S. Hang in there MIKIE with your projects.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: OMG.....poor little kid now having troubles breathing. I'm sure he was told not to go there but the temptation was too strong. I hope he's better soon. I have breathing problems (bronchiectisis) and have two inhalers to use but part of it is the coughing. And the heat seems to make it worse.

    I'm sure all the legal stuff will soon be over and you can get on with your life.

    Mikie: That's why I stopped having my teeth cleaned.....BAD jaw pain afterwards that could last for a week or more. Then this new dentist I saw about 6 mos. ago has a cavitron (I think that's the word) and what a breeze....Thank goodness for continual technology. I slept a little better last night without Clair bothering me. I've found I feel rotten in the mornings and I can blame lack of good sleep for it. Hard to explain to people who don't have sleep problems.

    Spring: Sorry your DH snores. It's hard to get good sleep around that. My DH snored badly.....but OMG not nearly as bad as my dad did. He died at 56 from heart problems. Nothing was known at that time about sleep apnea but I'm positive he had it. That charactistic of snoring, then silence, then a gasping for breath. My oldest son says he has it. I've told him he needs to train his body to sleep on his side. Told him to put a stack of books next to his back and then he won't roll over onto his back in his sleep. I don't sleep on my back anymore...trained myself.....but I know that I snored on my back also.

    And what did you use the paprika in? I love the taste of it.

    Barry: I hope the new car works out great for you guys. By the way, does anyone like the confusion overload in those big stores. I won't ever ever go into a Target or Walmart at night. I hate the lights and looking back even as a teenager I hated being around those florescent lights. And actually I won't even go to a walmart anymore. Just hate the noise, crowding and feel of the store.

    My neighbor has listed her home and will have open house tomorrow afternoon. I'm praying for good neighbors!!!!! Please say a prayer for me too. Her son came over last week to unload his troubles. I felt so sorry for him. I know he was hoping I would rent a room to him, but can't be done. He's 53, a little slow, and has lived forever with his mom. Seemed like things were working totally against him and he has 2 weeks left to get out. So this morning I talked to her and apparently a neighbor around the corner from us will rent a room to him. This is GREAT for him.....his best friend was her son, who died over 35 years ago from cancer, this is almost like him moving in with a relative. I've prayed for him.......I feel like celebrating for him.

    I've been busy working my way thru antique linens....AGAIN. Had to iron a ton of them yesterday and now they're all neatly stacked, ready to list on Etsy.
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Didn't have to go to the hearing...the judge saw how ridiculous things were and just signed the orders that the attorney requested. Not officially closed yet...still waiting on a form that finalizes estate income taxes...but all is well.

    Heading out with Lindsey to take kids to doctor.
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  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody,

    I've tried to pop in and post several times, but either I couldn't log in, or something came up, etc etc etc.

    I don't know where to begin...to start writing. I'm afraid I'll miss something important. I'm back on my klonopin (3x a day), took a while to get stabilized (is that a word?). I'm making progress. I actually put on my robe yesterday, went out on the side porch, and gave our lawn mower guy 3 bottles of gatorade. Harold does a great job, and yesterday -- with the heat -- looked liked a dripping popsicle. I'm thinking: you can do it, Diane. You can do it. And I did. :)

    ROCK: I have a NEW BOOK BY MAEVE BINCHY, published by her husband Gordon Snell. It's called A FEW OF THE GIRLS (short stories). It might be copyright 2016, and it's new to me. There's also a book listed in the chronology called CHESTNUT STREET. I don't think I've read that one either. I'm gonna request Chestnut Street from the library.

    Do you and Gordon have any tomatoes left?? I got 2 tomatoes from the store last week. They are pretty much tasteless. Need salt, pepper, maybe a dab of mayo.

    JULIE, GOOD LUCK in Court today. And I hope and pray that Isaiah feels better soon. How scary for y'all.

    GRANNI, Sorry you are having tummy troubles. There's been a virus going on around here (mostly Kevin's office). A few people from his office had to go to the hospital for dehydration. Feel Better Soon.

    SPRING, you asked about our sinkhole. Here's a pic:


    The sinkhole is the BLACK AREA. The lighter black area is Kevin's shadow. :) The hole was about as large as a double kitchen sink. How deep? Kevin didn't want to get that close. We had the public authorities here, they said our property is safe. The hole is now repaired. By the way, we live in a "town", not out in the country. Although sometimes I think country living would be better! It gets loud here, when the neighbors decide to do construction work. :)

    BARRY, Don't know what to say about your test. Good luck for another year! (Is that appropriate??) Don't want to offend you. I hope you and Richard love your new car! Sylvie is quite the huntress. (I've only had indoor cats.) How old is Lenny? He sure is spunky! Oh, I wanted to mention what my psych doc said to me: Xanax is a very short-acting drug. Maybe you can find a doc to give you a longer-lasting benzo, like klonopin. Just a suggestion. I've suffered with PTSD/anxiety for so long ... my heart goes out to others.

    MIKIE, you always have so much going on, it's so difficult to keep up with you!!!!! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

    SUN, I've been thinking about you too. Kevin goes through the same thing with our cat Rosie. Faithy, too. OOOOOOOH, Kevin's sleeping, time to play! Please feel better SOON!!

    I know I've missed posting to some people. I've gotten worn out. I'll be back soon.

    Y'all take care!
    Love and hugs and prayers,

    Can y'all see this picture?

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So glad to hear from you. Glad you are back on the Klonopin and glad it is helping you to progress, even in baby steps That is GREAT !! The pic you tried to post I guess didn't come out At least I didn't see anything. You never now with me - duh !! Sorry for the sink hole. I am sure that is scary but not sure exactly where it was. You probably said but I probably have forgotten. Plus I have been on and off so sporatically. Thanks so much for posting. Worrying about you sweetie !!

    SUN - Hope yu get to sleep better soon without those kitty interruptions :)!!

    It is almost lunch time so time to go make it. Not much. Some left over taco meat for DH and me maybe some soup and crackers with hummus.

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: So good to see you posting. Yes, I can see the pic......by the way.....GREAT abstract! I've saved it for inspiration! LOL

    I totally understand what you're going thru. Years ago when the kids were young I had agoraphobia and didn't know what was wrong with me. That would have been in the late 70s. There was no talk about that anyplace, first time I ever read about those feeling was in a woman's magazine and then maybe on Oprah. I then read someplace that when you give in to those feelings, then "they" are in control. I forced myself for walks, and every day I would add a tiny bit. Forced myself to get in the car and get groceries. The trick is telling yourself YOU'RE in control, and putting your thinking on something else. When I worked and would get those driving to another store I serviced, I would write a novel in my head, imagining plots. Anything not to think about my feelings. I still get anxiety and have to fight it. I think one of the worst and best times was when I had to go into one of my stores at night and do a computer update. OMG......I could feel "IT" coming on and I had to stay out there in public where the computer was. I actually told "the feelings" to just come on.......that I was ready and I was in control. An hr. Later I can't tell you how euphoric I felt.....conquering them.

    I pray for you and everyone else here who suffers from anxiety.

    Granni: Mmmmmmm. Hummus! I love it. I need to make some to keep in the frig. And so inexpensive when you make your own.

    I didn't plan on gardening this morning........AFTER I took my shower..........but one thing led to another and I spent 1 1/2 hrs. Outside. I came in and cleaned up and now I have to deliver two framed and matted paintings to the little gallery near me.
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    So glad again to see so many Porchies here. I feel better today but my lymph nodes are really swollen. I just don't know what is wrong. Maybe if there is something, it showed up in my bloodwork. Doc's office will call me. I have to keep playing around with the citrate to make sure it's not that. I was getting discouraged as I cleaned in the spare room where DD sleeps when she comes down. It's so hard to clean when I don't feel well. Lots of injuries and swearing.

    I was taking a rest and Joe called. He told me to go out on the balcony. He had left flowers for me. That was sooooo sweet. It brightened my day. Then, I went in and the sofa bed opened out. I was afraid it was stuck closed. I need to find a way to saw through a bolt which doesn't unscrew. Then, I can take the piece, which is stuck under the sofa, and rebolt it back with a bolt I can buy. I can do that any time and it was a huge relief that I don't have to buy a new sofa bed. I'm feeling a bit better about everything.

    When I went out to get the flowers, SV made a run for it but he stopped at the top of the stairs. He seemed to be remembering the last time he went on the lam and ran right into a dog at the bottom. I grabbed his tail and he almost pulled me down the steps head first. He gets wanderlust when he looks out through the storm door like he did earlier. He's been all riled up ever since he made his daring dash. He's racing around in here like a streak.

    Granni, hope everything settles down in your tummy. I know what you mean about not over correcting loose bowels. I'd rather have the runs than be constipated.

    Sun, I sent up a prayer that you get a good neighbor. I hate it when anyone moves here. My hygienist uses some kind of machine but she picks a lot too. I have complicated teeth with lots of crowns and the base of those is where decay can start. Even with the good job I do of cleaning my teeth, she makes sure everything is really clean. The new dentist did his own exam too and checked all those areas. I had my mouth open a long time. Good luck with the paintings.

    Julie, I'm soooo glad you didn't have to go. One last thing and it's all tied up and over with. Thank God. Hope little Isaiah is doing better.

    Diane, so glad you are back on your Special K and doing better. It's always so good to see you here. I'm glad the hole is filled and everything is safe. Hope you can stop back soon.

    The A/C has been on all day. My guy said that's better than having it cycle off and on. So, other than a higher electric bill, it doesn't bother me when it runs. It's always nice 'n cool in here when it's on. Not much on TV these days but I usually fall asleep anyway. I watched Richard Gere in Arbitrage yesterday. It was a so-so movie about a rich guy in NYC who cheated on his wife, committed fraud in his company, and accidently killed his mistress. The tension was all about whether he could lie is way out of it all as time was getting short. The message is that there are people who think their money means they don't have to be decent people as long as they can lie and buy their way out of trouble. Kind of depressing.

    Hope everydobby has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Glad that you didn't have to go to the hearing and that is is more more less over and done with,. Wonder if you know who showed up ):!! Hope it won't take to long to get that paper with the info needed . Hope poor Isaiah is doing better, poor little one. What a worry when you little one is having problems breathing.

    MIKIE How sweet of Joe to get your flowers. I hope you get your project done SOON Glad the sofa bed was not completely stuck closed. Thanks for your good wishes on my tummy problems. Every time I think it is getting better something else happens - geez.

    I will be making an appointment to see the urologist on MOnday to have surgery similar to what I had last time although this time it may last longer, if I do :)!! I am leaking urine like crazy. Sometimes when I just stand up it comes out. Thank God for pads or I couldn't g anyway. More info later. See you tomorrow sometime, I hope.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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