PORCH #980 IS NOW CLOSED (6/27/17)

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's time already for a new Porch. I apologize if this porch pic has been posted before. This computer really is on its way out and I'm having a heckova time typing and doing much of anything. Can't wait for my new computer to arrive. SV is wild this morning. He's streaking around and going behind the vertical blinds and running, making them clatter loudly. I slept well. So far, the side effects of the citrate supp are not so bad I can't tolerate them but I think it builds up over time. What a pain!

    Granni, hope you can come back to visit.

    Julie, I hope you can stop back too. I'm glad you are having so much fun with the kids.

    Sun, it's really none of my business but I'm relieved you are not offering your garage to that neighbor's kid. Our lives are difficult enough without stress like that. You are a kind, good-hearted person and wanted to help. I sent up a prayer for him.

    I'm not going to stay because it's so hard to type and I really have nothing much to say. Yes, there's a first time for everything. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Porchies,

    I cannot believe that it i actually morning and not evening :)!! Have a a fairly quiet morning today in between some chores but had to come check on you all.

    MIKIE - Thanks again for starting up a new PORCH volume. Good job as always and great pictures of that beautiful porch.......... Wouldn't you love to sit and chat on this lovely porch?? I know you are waiting for your new computer to arrive. I would be excited too. I was when I was waiting for by tablet which seems like I wa waiting forever just hoping to get to order one since having problems with my dumb OLD I PAD. I finally ordered one when I saw a good buy after winning some extra $ at the casino that time months ago. Otherwise I still wouldn't have one. I love mine and it does everything the Ipad did and a lot cheaper. Just curious how much was the computer you got from HSN? If you don't want to tell me that would be fine too, just curious . Always looking for a good sale on a good product.

    This afternoon our small group will do ur patriotic program one last time this year.

    SUN - I agree with MIKIE. I don;t think you need any more aggravation and worry which is what you might have if you let this neighbor rent out your garage. You have enough on your plate right now sweetie.

    Thinking of everyone and will try and get back after. I need to at least start a wash among other things. DH is off soon to his meeting. So far my tummy has been behaving. Tried my shake this morning without my greens powder in it. I will add it tomorrow if my tummy does well. So far, so good.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Today is Jello day. I don't cook anymore. Just heat stuff up in the microwave. Even
    when I did cook, Gordon was not interested in eating anything I fixed. It was all too
    bland or Mid West for him. But he did ask me to make Jello a couple days ago.

    He said his family never had Jello when he was growing up. But he likes the kind my
    Mom made with whipped cream. So I said, "Okee Dokee. Pick up some Jello and some
    whipping cream." And he said we already had a package of Jello and some frozen
    whipped topping from Kroger. So I told him that substitute stuff was no good, but I'd make it anyway.

    So I did, and he said it was OK, but I didn't whip it enough because the white goop wasn't
    evenly distributed. I said, 'You want even; you buy the real whipping cream."
    Nevertheless, he wanted more so last night I made Lime Jello with the goop.
    That artificial topping is well named because it floats to the top. Julie makes 7 layer
    Jello. I make 2 layer Jello. But it's not bad. It also has more flavor 'cause
    I only used 3 cups of water instead of 4.

    Granni, sorry to hear about your shoe malfunction. Now instead of singing Heart and Soul, you can sing Heel and Sole. An old, down-to-Earth tune. Sour dough bread sounds good. Haven't had any for many years. I don't buy bread. Can't chew the crusts or eat toast. Gordon brought home some sour dough bagels not too long ago.

    Mikie, thanks for opening up. I was gonna do it last night, but couldn't get on. I don't know the source of the problem, but it seems weird to me that when I want to log in on the board, my e mail address pops up. But then I still can't sign in and, even more ridiculous, I am sometimes asked to provide my name, e mail address, etc. Great Balls Of Goofinesss!

    Never heard of a Cassia tree. Is it named after Cassiopeia? I found some pics, but all
    had yellow flowers except for one pink one. Tried to read about the tree on Wikipedia,
    but presently if I ask the computer to locate pictures, it will do so. But then all
    further requests bring up pictures even tho they are not requested. There is no limit
    apparently to the ways a compute can be frustrating. Hope your new one is as good as
    it sounds. You are always finding great buys. If you ever have to work again, you'd
    be a super shopper advisor.

    Sun, glad to hear the new gardener is looking good. It's nice of you to want to help the
    neighbor, but I think you're right. Too likely the hoarder would turn into a horror

    Gonna go inspect today's tomahto crop. Yesterday I harvested and ate nine.

    Hugs to Spring, Barry, Diane, Star, Linda and GB

    Cassia tree below
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    Hi, Kids,

    Woo Hoo! I got my new front door lock set installed. It looks beautiful and works great. Top dead bolt lock, which is keyed, went right in. Probably five minutes total removing the old one and installing the new one. Bottom one with the big door handle/latch was a bit more complicated and took slightly longer. Now, I have to go to Lowe's tomorrow to make extra keys for friends/neighbors. The buddy text system with DOF is going well. I'll pick up his key when I take mine to him. While at Lowe's, I need to pick up a saw, or a blade for my hack saw, so I can cut off that big bolt/rivet on the sofa bed. I also have to pick up some new bolts to put it back on once I can get the broken piece out from under the sofa part. Talk about complicated. If I can get this done, I'll have completed two big jobs in here this week. Once I get my computer, and get it up and running, I think it'll be smoother sailing unless something else goes wrong. I've adjusted my typing on this old computer but it's still not easy.

    I was so weak when I finished installing the new lock set that I ran down to Burger King and got their new mushroom/Swiss burger with bacon. OMG! Sooooo delish! It's huge! It would be a good burger to share. I seldom eat fast food but, when I have to have some protein fast, I like BK. My neighbor came home the other day with a burger and said she had a heart attack in a bag. I'm tired so think I'll do some small jobs around here so I'm up to dealing with Lowe's and the sofa bed tomorrow morning.

    Granni, I think this porch pic is my second favorite behind the one Spring posted a while back. I loved it so much that I purposely reposted it later. Yes, I miss the days of my yute when we sat out on big porches in our swings, sipping iced drinks. If only we could all meet up and sit on a beautiful porch like this one. I'm glad you like your tablet. Good for you! I thought I'd love the Surface because the lightweight keyboard snaps off and it becomes a tablet. I'm hoping that, when I upgrade to Windows 10 on it, I'll like it better. The new computer has the latest version of Window's 10. Microsoft has no current plans for a new Windows operating system because people love Windows 10. It can be updated and improved over time.

    The computer I bought retails for $965 (no one pays retail). HSN normally sells it for $650. It was a Today's Special Value for just under $500. For less than $500 at Best Buy, all I could get is a stripped down model with a smaller screen and small keyboard. My new one has a 15 1/2 " HD touch screen and a full size keyboard with the number pad on the right. It also has a DVD player which plays Blue Ray DVDs and can be plugged into the TV. None of the stripped down computers have DVD players. Finally, the new computer has lots more memory and is much faster than the cheap ones. HSN adds a bunch of software to the special deals and offers the computers in lots of colors. I don't really care so much about colors but, as long as it's free, I'll take metallic teal. It wasn't easy deciding on the color. Once I get it synced to my Wi-Fi and get the printer driver installed, I'll be all set. My kids think I should get an Apple computer so it would be compatible with my new phone DSIL will be sending me. Apple computers are so much more expensive than the others so will stick with Microsoft. Glad you had a nice quiet morning. Mine are almost all quiet, the silver lining of living alone.

    Geez, my computer just popped in and out and I lost my response to Granni that came after the last PH draft save. GRRRR!!! :mad::mad::mad:

    Rock, my Mom was originally from NE so we had lots of delicious, but bland, meals with all kinds of Jello salads, many with whipped cream. She made one with sour cream too. Seems there were limitless variations on a theme with Jello. It wasn't until much later that I developed a palate for spicy food. I suffered from IBS for years before I had to be on Doxycyclin for 2 1/2 years. Makes me wonder whether IBS is caused by some kind of chronic latent infection. The cassia tree is a cousin to the cinnamon tree. Thanks for posting the pic. The tree by Joe has smaller blossoms but that may be because it's a fairly young tree. Bees and butterflies love cassia trees. I have a little pitcher into which I pour heavy whipping cream. It has a carbon dioxide cartridge built in and all I have to do is press the handle and, Voila!, out comes whipped cream. It's like buying the whipped cream in those cans which squirt it out. Magic! When you try to log in, it may get confused with someone registering instead of logging in. That would 'splain why it asks for all that info. Look to make sure it's set up to log in and not register a new member. Just after you type in 'Rock,' there are two little circles, one for registering as a new member and one for logging in. Be sure the second on is checked. Then type in your password. Good luck.

    It's sooooo dark out and thundering so think I'll log off. I'm losing patience with this keyboard. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    A quick fly by...the kids finally got on the road around 11:00. They wanted to leave at 8:00 so they could meet some friends around St. Louis for lunch. But it was crazy around here (you would just have to experience it to understand, lol!) then as David went to move their van closer to the house to load...he discovered a low tire. He backed up to Den's shop and found a screw in the tire...we could hear the air hissing out.

    Luckily, Den has a full service shop and David has worked in it before so could repair the tire fairly easily. Only three hours later than they wanted to leave, but I think they are used to adapting...

    Gotta go...Keira stayed here, but Amy had to get back to go to work. Clinton was here earlier and had to get back Sunday. I'm taking Keira home for her ballgame tonight...gotta shower and get ready.

    Everyone take care...will check in again when I can.
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    Heya Everyone!


    Thought to share a rather pretty pic I came upon on my virtual travels.

    I will check in later... some odds and ends need to be done... a carpenter is on his way..will return later.

    Mikie - again, a lovely Porch. Don't we all just love porches?

    Granni - hope the stomach continues to behave. I had I B S once. But then those days I was going thru lots of stress. And I wasn't eating healthy either. I used to get gas as soon as I ate chicken but yet used to continue. Turning veg has improved my digestion but I still don't eat great quantities of beans or something which needs lots of chewing.

    Julie - you are again busy with the kids visiting. So nice to hv Keira stay back like old times.

    Rock- the paprika I used was powder. It's reddish in colour. I use it in mushroom curry too. A favourite spice.

    Barry - hasRichard returned from SF?

    Sun- my garden is a jungle just now. Rain. rain. rain. It is a never ending job pruning. Good luck with your garden. I'm sorry about the son of yr neighbour. Hope something works out.

    God bless
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    Hi friends! Just back from taking Keira home to her game (two hour drive from us) she got a great hit tonight, and also got to score. Then I brought her back to her other grandparents' house (30 minutes from us) so she could be with her dad and his family to attend her great-great-grandma's funeral tomorrow...Grandma Ruby turned 100 about six months ago.

    Lindsey and David should be home by now...got such a late start, will be a very tired bunch tomorrow.

    I have a hair appt. in the morning, then will work on getting my house back in order. Then Den and I will resume the finishing up of the new part...may take months yet.

    Will check in again when I can...just wanted to report that I am alive and well, although exhausted beyond words. A good kind, though...
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I hope y'all are well today. I feel pretty well despite being almost completely back up to the full dose of the citrate supp. I hope I can tolerate it. I still have some muscle rigidity in my jaw and neck and some tinnitus. I slept really well last night and SV was a very good kitty. It took forever for my computer to boot up but it's still hobbling along. I hope it continues to work until I get the new one up and running. The keys are barely working at times.

    The new healthcare bill has been delayed for lack of support in the Senate. The party will likely strong arm senators or make back room deals with them over the Fourth of July recess and eventually get it passed. I hope not because many will lose coverage or be priced out of the market. This means those people will be treated in emergency rooms, making care and insurance even more expensive for all of us. The present ACA coverage cannot be sustained in its current form but could be amended without repealing it. As I said before, we need to start from ground zero with input from both sides of the aisle. We also don't need huge tax cuts for the wealthiest bundled into healthcare bills. Something has to give before we are in a worse situation with healthcare and insurance. I pray for a good resolution for everyone.

    Julie, I'm so glad the kids got that tire fixed before it went flat on the road. I ran over a screw left by workers on our carport and my tired went flat on the road. Thank God for AAA. It was a brand new tire. I got it fixed and it's good as new. I bet you are exhausted. You work too hard under normal circumstances let alone with a house full of family. BTW, I read about new robot lawn mowers. A lot of people with acreage are getting them because they are no more expensive than big riding mowers. They can mow in rain or sun and mow more often so it isn't such a big job all at once. You just bury a wire around the perimeter of the area to be mowed and the little robot mows inside the perimeter. It is safe around kids and pets. When my DD lived in Atlanta, a neighbor down the road had one. We'd drive by and it would be mowing the yard. Reminds me of Roomba. I thought of you when I read it. Don't work too hard, Kiddo.

    Spring, what a gorgeous pic you posted. Loooove it! Think I mentioned that my friend throughout school years lived in a big brick mansion on the hill by our elementary school. There were ivy vines covering the back of the house. One year, slews of birds built nests in the ivy and the chirping was deafening. They made a mess pooping all over. I still love the look of ivy though. I hope you can come back to stay longer on the Porch.

    Gonna read the real paper. Then, I have to make a run to Lowe's and hope I can find a blade or saw which will cut through that bolt/rivet on the sofa bed. I also need to stop at Publix for bread and chamomile tea. I forget to get them when I was there the other day. Doh!!! As my Mom used to say, I'd forget my head if it weren't attached. Mom was right! Hope all y'all have a great day. You are all in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. rockgor

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    Hi Gang

    I think of you guys like the gang in that old song Heart of My Heart. Remember that one
    from the 50s? Big Hit. Several versions on Youtube. I like the one with Johnny Desmond,
    Alan Dale and Don Cornell. It's a treat by a trio.

    I was up most of the night as usual. Then when I woke up around 6 AM I thought it
    was PM so when Gordon was talking about what we might do today I thought he was
    talking about etc. Confusion! Thy name is me.

    Mikie, good for you. Getting your lock installed. I have trouble installing a hot dog in
    a bun. Do you have to buy a tool to deal with that bolt? Can't you just borrow a lightsaber?
    A burger with Swiss cheese and bacon sounds devoon. I haven't had a hamburger for decades.

    Julie, I hope great-great grandma's funeral goes well. When I was a kid I noticed that
    when someone died and age was mentioned, people seemed impressed if that person
    had lived a long time. So I decided I would live a long time too. No one had explained
    to me that their are numerous factors involved such as chance. I never went to a funeral until I was in my late 20s.

    I hope you can get some rest today.

    Springwater, as Mikie observed, another great picture. The ivy looks like ivy, but I don't
    know what the red flowers are. Do you know the song The Halls of Ivy? It was written as
    the theme song for an old radio show, and it became very popular at graduation ceremonies.

    Have you ever used some of your paprika to make Hungarian goulash? It was a popular
    dish when I was a yute, but I never ate it as it contained noodles. Now, of course, I've
    become more cosmopolitan and will eat one noodle dish: lasagna.

    Well, we have tentative plans to go to one or two libraries today and possibly visit
    Jim and his dogs in Pasadena. His new puppy is named Tucker, same as our cocker
    when I was a kid.

    Adios Amigos

    upload_2017-6-28_7-42-0.jpeg upload_2017-6-28_8-0-25.jpeg
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  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I think I spake too soon. I feel so jittery and am guessing it's related to the citrate. I had that before. So, I'm not up to going to Lowe's. I don't think I should be driving. The bolt in the sofa bed can wait. I hope I don't have to spend a lot on a tool or blade but it would cost $800 to buy even a cheap sofa bed so it's worth it if I can fix it. Times like these are the only times I wish I were married to a man who is handy. I'm off my feedbag too today and settled on a root beer float after, of course, taking a Lactaid tablet. No sense adding an upset tummy to my woes.

    Rock, that puppy is sooooo cute I can't stand it. Wish I had a light sabre to cut that bolt. It would be easier. Also, I could get rid of my guns and keep the sabre for protection. We could get a new organization, National Sabre Assn. (NSA) to lobby congress for our rights and buy politicians. Oh wait, there's already an NSA. Heart of My Heart, I love that Melody... I really love those old songs from the 50's. Standin' On The Corner, watchin' all the girls go by... Yes, that burger was soooo good. I can't believe I ate the whole thing. The bacon was cooked just right to go on a burger. The mushrooms were juicy and plump and the Swiss was melted to perfection. I was only 12 when so many people in my life died. I know now that I was suffering from shock and depression but, back then, no one got grief therapy for kids. Seems that all Mom and I did was go to funerals. As I've mentioned many times, I have no desire to live to a very old age but it's not my decision to make so guess I'll just go along for the ride.

    I just realized that the keyboard is working well. My cable box is also working like a charm. I talked to a very nice woman at Comcast who helped me reboot it yesterday. She said, once we got it up and running, that it was working perfectly. They can actually do diagnostics on their equipment remotely. Maybe it's working because I've been making plans to return it to Comcast and swap it out for a new one. Perhaps that's why the computer is working. The new one is on its way. I'll be crushing the hard drive on this one and leaving the carcass at Best Buy to be recycled and disposed of properly. I have an old video tape player I think I'll get rid of even though it still works. The one I have in the living room plays both the video tapes and DVDs. I even have an old TV I need to haul out of here. It's heavy so I'll need help to get rid of it. One thing at a time.

    Well, Kids, think I'll read my new book set in the WWII Era. I haven't read enough yet to know whether I'm gonna like it. I recently sent two to the cloud because they were horrible. Wish we could send horrible people to the cloud. ;) Now that would be progress.

    Hope all y'all are having a grand day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: Cute dog picture. I love those cockers, but their big problem are their ears and the constant ear infections and smelly ears. We had a springer spaniel with the droopy ears....ugh.....the smell would be overpowering. In the summer I used to use a little clothespin to hold her ears up so they could air out.

    Mikie: You need to call your doctor and talk to him about your problem. How about hiring a handyman like I do?

    Julie: Great great grandmother? I'm with Mikie, don't want to live that long. My mom made it to almost 99, just two months short and she would ask why she had to keep living. My dad died at 56, so at 72 I've outlived him.

    Had a bad night....again.....so not much sleep. Had my consultation appt. for the colonoscopy today. What an inefficient office! I waited an hr plus, then the girl who does the weighing and blood pressure took me to the room.....(I complained about the wait) then I waited at least another 20 min. Until the PA came in. This young "twerp"......I wanted to ask if she really was a PA......went over all the things I answered on the information sheet....typed it in then gave instructions on the prep. (Wonder how much she gets paid for basically doing little to nothing) Then was taken back to the front desk where the earliest time was picked.....in October where I was again given Prep instructions. Came home and found a message from CVS that the prep stuff had already been ordered. I called, and cancelled it.....said I would get it filled come october. Told her no sense buying it now, I might be dead by then. Obviously I was more than annoyed at this office. I'm thinking that being a doctor who only does colonoscopies would be a very lucrative business! All they do is look up the VERY clean inside with a little camera and remove polyps if seen. They do no surgery. If needed you go to another doctor. I had to wait over 10 weeks to even get this consultation, then another 3 months to have the procedure.

    Yesterday was another very annoying inefficient day. I had ordered some new business cards last week, to be picked up yesterday after noon. The email address was misspelled, so had to wait another 2 hours. Went to pick them up and found they had left off "artist" now. I complained again.....he reprinted another batch....in 5 min! I will never order from them again.

    Here's something interesting about a pack of wolves in British Columbia.

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    Good evening, everyone! We've been having some thunderstorms...was in a tornado watch until 10:00 pm...it's almost 11:30 now. I got my hair done this morning, grabbed a sandwich in town for lunch, came home and slept from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, lol!

    Tomorrow morning I will go to the attorney's office to finish up some paperwork, then Friday to our local courthouse to transfer the farms and take care of some other business...sign us up for homestead exemption, get things recorded at the recorder's office, get a new insurance policy on our farm, etc. Not a bad thing to get taken care of on my birthday, lol! I'll be 59...seems so young yet, but a lot older than I used to be. Kind of like the "teenage years" of being a senior citizen o_O

    Sun...how ridiculous for you to be treated that way. Seems unreal to have to wait so long for both appts...but I am used to small town, I guess. And maybe because I was referred by my gyno to the surgeon for the colonoscopy...but my consult was within a few days and the procedure a week or two after that.

    I guess I should say that there are pros and cons to living in a smaller populated area...especially when dealing with medical issues. Anyway, I'm so sorry you have had to wait for so long to get this taken care of.

    And the business card situation...oh my goodness...more aggravation you do not need.

    Wow, I've never heard of sea wolves...very interesting.

    Rock, yes, I'm known in my family as the jello queen, lol! Good of you to keep Gordon supplied.

    Mikie, so now your computer is behaving nicely? I hope it keeps performing well until your new one gets here. I'm sorry that it seems the citrate is causing problems again...wish there was something else you could take to prevent those stones. My hairdresser goes in tomorrow for surgery to blast some in her right kidney...had the left one done a few weeks ago. Her doctor believes hers are caused by pregnancy hormones. She said she should be okay now...just had her final pregnancy about a year ago (twin girls). She has three other kids, so...

    Spring, what a neat picture with the ivy on the building. Speaking of gardens...I didn't even bother this year. Bought a few small plants and put them in hanging baskets for our porch roof. And have four planters out on the cement patio. Other than getting a few house plants, I don't have anything in bloom right how....always next year, I guess.

    Granni, hope you are feeling better with your stomach/intestinal ills. Nothing worse than having to be gone from home, but suffering from those problems.

    Our electricity just went off for a few minutes...not even really storming right now. It came back on, but I know Den isn't sleeping well tonight...he's not on call, but will have to go in if there is a big problem in town.

    I am headed to bed...hope everyone is doing pretty well.

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It appears as though it could rain, all gray and cloudy, but it's not supposed to until after noon. I feel better this morning so will jump into the shower and get to Lowe's and Publix. I looked on You Tube and there seems to be a couple of ways to cut through that bolt/rivet. There is supposed to be a blade for the hack saw. One can also buy a disk for the drill which will cut through it. I'd rather use my hack saw so there aren't small bits of steel being thrown off at high speed. I will wear my safety glasses in either case. I just rested yesterday and it seems to have helped a lot. I have cut down a bit on the citrate and, I believe, there may be a lower dose which I can tolerate. It's just a matter of trial and error. Ha! Ha! I typed "trail and error." I'm going down a slippery slope/path.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you are going through such a rough patch right now. My gastero's office was better than that but he's not on my plan now so have to find another doc. My PCP is such an ass that he won't provide any suggestions. I have to find one on my own and have him ask for the referral from my PCP for insurance. My PCP always badmouths all the specialists. I have a feeling that he doesn't get along with them. His know-it-all demeanor probably turns them off. I think he is jealous of the money they make compared to what a general practitioner gets these days. He's always complaining. It may be justified but I think he's mostly just a jerk. If it weren't for the injections, I'd find another PCP. My urologist is very good technically but he often seems zoned out. He was no help about the reaction I had to the magnesium citrate other than to prescribe the $138-a-month Rx for the potassium citrate. That's when I bought the supps which are much less expensive. If I find I can't tolerate it at all, I'll call him. We are often on our own with these docs. It's only after I've done everything I can that I turn to them.

    I don't want to pay a handyman for things I can do myself. We are not supposed to hire workers here unless they are licensed and insured. It's so hard to find someone who knows what he's doing and cares about his work. We had one living in the community but he's only so so. FL is known for rip-off handymen and construction workers. We have to really be careful. For something I can't do, I go through our mgmt. co. because they vet the workers and their companies. I hire the plumbers and electricians they recommend for our bldg. and it's always worked out well. I hope things settle down for you. The last thing any of us needs is hassles on a daily basis.


    , I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. The national news just showed big funnel clouds quite a ways south of you. Tornado warnings were a way of life for my Mom when she lived in NE. She was never directly in the path of one. We had some in CO southeast of Denver. I remember once looking out my office window and seeing a small funnel cloud just west of my neighborhood. I jumped in my car and went home. Oldest DD was in the basement with the dogs. She had just baked some chocolate chip cookies so we sat down there until the storm had passed and ate cookies. One of our favorite memories. I wish there were something else I could take to prevent stones too. I'll just keep working at it until I get it the best I can. I don't think I'll have to discontinue the supps altogether, at least, I hope not because I think this is all I have left to prevent stone formation. I hope your hairdresser has an easier time with the lithotripsy than I did. My stones were huge, more than 13mm. A pearl/bead in a necklace is 5mm. Yikes! :eek: Yes, there are pros and cons to living in rural versus urban areas. At this point in my life, I need to be near medical facilities especially since I live alone. Residing here in God's Waiting Room means there are lots of them for all us old people. Hope all goes well with the last legal details so you can finally put this nightmare behind you.

    I'm off to order an Amazon gift card for DGS for his birthday. It almost got by me while I've been distracted and reacting to the citrate supp. New grand nephew-in-law is due any day now. I hear his Mommy is HUGE. I hope all goes well. She and her DH, my DSIL's brother, are the best people. I hope we will see them at Thanksgiving. The baby will be four months old. Can't wait! Hope all y'all have a very good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to two libraries yesterday. Then Gordon dropped me off at home and did more
    errands. The cat came meowing as soon as she saw me so I made her some kibble soup
    with chicken broth. For the last week or so she has been allowing me to pet her. I
    dunno how long I've been feeding her. Five years or so. Anyhoo she twines around my
    legs and I give her tentative strokes on her back. I feel sure she'd rip my hand off if I tried
    to pick her up. Well, maybe in another five years.

    Happy Birthday Julie! I think it was that mournful comic Stephen Wright who said,
    "When the candle factory burned down, the whole town turned out. We sang Happy
    Birthday while we watched."

    Are you sure you're 59? Seems to me you should be much older 'cause you're so wise,
    and much younger 'cause you're so energetic.

    Mikie, "Trail and error," huh? Remember the comic strip Mark Trail? It was around when
    I was a kid. Maybe it still is. I can't tell from looking on line. Mark was an environmentalist
    who punched out villains.

    Finding people who care about their work seems pretty nigh to impossible nowadays. I
    just read a book of short stories by the British author Dick Francis. There are 13 stories,
    and the page numbers in the table of contents are wrong for at least eight of them. (I
    have too many important things to do to bother with checking them all. Ha ha!)

    Hope DGS gets some stuff he wants for his birthday.

    Sun, I see you too are dealing with people incompetent and indifferent. People in my family
    live a long time, but I have no desire to do so either. Thanks for the reference to the
    story about the wolves. That is amazing. Back in the 40s there was Warner Bros. movie
    titled The Sea Wolf. Starred Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino. Remember the long
    Lucy show when Ida went camping with Ricky and Lucy. She was beautiful and charming.
    I don't know why she wasn't a bigger star, but luck in essential in the world of show biz.
    The best thing about the movie was probably the score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

    Think it's time for me to lie down and read some of my new library books. One of them
    turned out to be one I read about two weeks ago. I mistakenly put it on hold again. I get
    so confusiated these days that it would be funny if it weren't so annoying. Rodent Bane!



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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday, Julie. Ah.....being 59 again seems like a dream. Enjoy your day and do something special to remember it. A 4 hour nap sounds like heaven. The most I can sleep is 30 min.

    Mikie: Sounds like you're finding the right dose of magnesium. I pray you continue to improve. That sounds like a huge job on your sofa bed. But you seem to know what to do. Any lifting involved?

    Rock: You've got one spoiled kitty there! But it's good to have someone/something around that loves you and depends on you. And about the jello.....I may be the only person on this earth who doesn't like it. Don't like the feel of it in my mouth, and too sweet for my taste. My mom made it all the time, I guess that generation did. I made it once when first married....must have done something wrong because it wouldn't set up. Is it still made from cow hooves? Didn't know that until my son went vegetarian and I was going to make something to set up and he said NO....wouldn't eat it. By the way, he and my DIL stayed vegetarian UNTIL they took a trip to Peru and the only things not meat was potatoes and yams, so they had to eat meat. After that they dropped the strict vegetarian way.

    OK....I looked it up. Here's jello:


    I've driving to the medical clinic this morning to pick up copies of the radiologist report and the actual ultrasounds in case this doctor wants to look at them. It's much cooler this morning, thank goodness. I cleaned another closet yesterday. I think that was the last one. It was small, the hall closet, but I have a stack of things for the thrift store. My dining table is still covered with things I need to list on Etsy though, but as of this point I know whats in every closet in this house and there are a lot in 6 bedrooms. So I can pat myself on the back. I may tackle the spice cabinets in the kitchen and toss out old one or ones I don't use. I'm on a roll and hate to stop.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Home at last, home at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm home at last. It's sooooo hot out I thought I'd die before I got back from Lowe's and Publix. A really sweet man about my age helped me find a blade for the hack saw. We couldn't find any specifically designed to cut through really thick steel so I got one to try. If that won't work, I'll have to find the disk for the drill. Dremmel tools will also work. I'm determined because it's expensive to get a new sofa bed and this fix looks like it'll be easy once I get the bolt/rivet sawn off (famous last words). I unplugged this computer when I left. It gets soooo hot. It's hot not and took a loooooong time to boot up. It keeps freezing up and not loading websites. I have to keep hitting Ctl, Alt, Del to make it work. Can't wait for its replacement but this has been a really good work horse computer for a long time.

    Publix had diced watermelon on BOGO so I got two little tubs of it. Sooooo good. I also got some fried chicken tenders and their baked spicy potato wedges. SV was waiting for me to get his little treats when I got home. He's been going in and out all morning. He likes it outside when it's warm but he has to keep coming to drink water and cool off. I picked up some of the natural gourmet food, the one with chicken and pumpkin. Yesterday, I watched some funny kitty videos on You Tube. Some are hilarious. I also watched a movie called, Ladies in Lavender, starring Maggie Smith and Judy Dench. It was filmed on the coast of Cornwall in England. Beautiful, rugged country. No violence, no car chases and no explosions. Just a nice old fashioned drama with beautiful scenery. I started watching The Tunnel. Only problem is that the French part is captioned and I have a difficult time understand the actors with English accents when they slur their words or speak very quietly. I can barely understand Prince William and Kate on TV. I can't believe The Tunnel is a PBS program. Sex and nudity!

    Rock, good work with the kitty. You must be a kitty whisperer. It's amazing that she trusts you enough to let you touch her. I do the same things with books. Sometimes, I enjoy them a second time. I get DGS Amazon gift cards so he can buy what he wants; they sell most anything. I'd rather send cash but can't trust USPS. If the gift card doesn't arrive, it's on Amazon. Evidently, he's still interested in magic especially now that he can't do much that's physically demanding. There is a magic store near him but he can buy magic supplies at Amazon too. I loved Ida Lupino and Howard Duff; they made a very handsome couple. He was her third husband. Her nickname was Little Scout. She looked a lot like the teenager a few doors down who babysat me when I was little. She had a certain something and I also wondered why she wasn't a bigger star. Hope you enjoy the books you haven't read yet.

    Sun, the job on the sofa bed isn't really a big job once the bolt/rivet is cut. No heavy lifting involved. I just can't see buying a new one when the fix is so easy (again, famous last words). You're a lot like me; I bet if it were your sofa, you'd do the same thing. Six bedrooms? Good grief! That's a lot to keep clean. It's nice to have the room, though. I admire you for cleaning things out. After the sofa bed, I hope to continue to clean things out here too. I just don't have nearly as much as you. The magnesium citrate was the one I can't take. I'm trying to adjust the potassium citrate now so I can continue it to prevent more stones. Thanks for your prayers; I keep you in mine. I love Jello but it's got too much sugar in it and the sugarless is made with Neutrasweet so I don't buy it. I do eat it when I'm prepping for my colonoscopies. I hope you get everything done without overdoing it.

    I'm outta here before this computer goes up in flames.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    I'm still alive but feeling very bad ---PEM --- possibly. Seeing doc. tomorrow. Have lost most of. my hearing in one ear. Orthostatic intolerance up the kazoo.

    I am enjoying our cool down -- the 80's -- but am just exhausted.

    Spring, the Lama Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche --born in in 1951. He is now in seclusion, no longer doing mirror divination, and dying from terminal bowel cancer. This is the one I met when he was in California.

    Sun, I am glad you were able to find a suitable gardener. 6 bedrooms? What a manse. You could open a guest house, or home for the homeless! Do you like living alone? I wouldn't....


    Mikie, I hope you don't get stoned again.

    Just read a small study that suggests THC in mj prevents or halts progression of Alz. Are you listening Rock? :cool:

    My brain is fried. Richard is back but I am going through PEM and fatigue from this horrid Dutch crud he brought back from Europe --- probably caught it on the plane. This is the first cold I have had in decades! Before, my over-active autoimmune system stoppe3d them cold. Ha!

    Sorry not to say more, but Love and Blessings to All, even if you voted for the Twitter King. :confused:

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE. I HOPE i GOT YOU IN TIME. Sorry no time to really pot but wanted to wish you a special day and a blessed one at that. Glad things are getting themselves settle even if little by little on the estate and hope it is done for good.

    More later tomorrow hopefully even though it will be a busy one, at least the morning. We were gone all day today and will get back to you later with that. It was fun day today even if a lot of it was in the car.

    Love you all and sorry that you are feeling so badly BARRY. Hope you feel better real soon :)!! MIKIE, feel better too after you cool off. Thinking of you too SUN and awl. Almost lost this post but glad I found it again even though a short one.

    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Hacker has tampered with my computer again. It's saying the picture is too large to.post.
    It's not. It's just usual sized. I guess some.people hv too much time on their hands. Lol!


    Rock - how sweet the cat is losing its distrust. I've seen wild cat kittens, oof, they are fierce!! Yes..I've come across Gregorian chants ...it says they keep negative energy at bay because they vibrate to a higher.level...and energy which vibrates to low frequencies dislike the waves. I believe it to be so.

    Mikie - so nice your DGS has a hobby.of magic. Really interesting. I remember the trick you.posted. smart lil.lad.

    btw, I downloaded Solfeggio tunes the 936 mhrtz...it makes me sleep like a log! And no wonder, it is the frequency attuned to the Divine. I'm always excited when I discover a natural life uplifter. It's heartening that when there's negative stuff out there, there's a positive antidote. I love sage but we don't get it easily. Juniper and pine etc are much more widely used. They are effective but sage is I think like the don of air purifiers.

    Sun- seems you are a very determined lady. Six bedrooms! That's a lot to keep in order.!

    Barry - I don't know if it's the same lama. I've never met him. There's many lamas who go by the name of Dawa. Which means Monday. If the Lama your friend knows is the one who does mirror divination, then he is very skilled I hear. Not a quack by any.means. someone I know was told by him that his family was under a generational curse begun some generations back by one particular member and then a healer in India told him the same persons name and that there was a curse. It's just amazing, the inner world. The Bible too speaks of generational curses. However, there is no curse, white light and redemptive action cannot reverse.

    Talking of ear..I get tinnitus sometimes. But I use my own healing stuff, here, they say it's due to weakness.

    I don't know if I.mentioned or not I met up with DHs cousins. They invited the immediate family, first cousins I mean to dinner. DHs cousin sis ..her son who studies in a British school here, went to Singapore with the school team to participate in sports and won some.medals. so it was a celebration.

    Uh.oh..the trash collectors hv come..will be back.

    OK back. I got another pic posted for Julie.

    I was talking about the celebration. We all think it's a bit too much because Aunt invited her SIL who owns a hotel and she wants to show off so we were expected to give some money to both kids in envelopes. I think she will die just trying to keep up with her Joneses and drag us with her. Lordy. We were just going to give a cake but ended up paying for cake as well as more money for envelopes so - 45$. Because I gave some money to.my BIL who understandably only brought one gift envelope for the son who won medals. That's a lot of.money for here to spend on one occasion. And the irony is the.kids who got the money, their parents can buy us out many times over. Pah! If it was some worthy cause, it's something else.

    It's not just this one occasion. We hv to go to so.many, other people's occasions , so it adds up.

    The one good thing was I just went and slathered my grey hairs with the tube of colour I had bought but kept putting off. This aunt would hv died of heart failure if i turned up in front of her SIL with lots of grey hair so I acted in desperation. I'd been keeping.putting it off because of other things taking priority...I was even beginning to get used to the idea of walking around with the top of my hair speckled with grey strands and then boom! the summons came.

    Anyway, that's over with. And im.in the peace and quiet.of.my.own home. Relieved. I got such a craving for some snacks..it's called bhujia and made in India, many kinds are there so I made sure I ate a healthy lunch and yoghurt and then I sat down and tucked into a small packet of it watching Nature's Weirdest Events on TV. Really strange stuff but they usually explain it in scientific language. Like foamy sea on the beach in Australia...hundreds of birds all dead in a area with wound marks on them, a huge block of hail the size of a slab of meat falling out of sky and hitting man.on the head (he kept the hail as souvenir in his fridge) ...oh all sorts of things.


    I have to go restock .my ingreediments cupboard but it.looks like rain. I don't mind when I don't hv to carry anything. But I will hv my hands full.

    God bless

    P.s. Rock - cardamoms are an expensive spice used in desserts ..tea..meat curries..etc because of their distinct flavour. It's like a mini coconut..jute like skin but malleable and the round hard seeds inside give off the flavour. There isn't too much I like about where I live but the food and the availability of every kind of cuisine is one thing I appreciate.
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the birthday wishes...is it weird that tomorrow I just want to stay home and clean house? There are a lot of things I can't find...just threw stuff here and there to get ready for company. Will need to dig through boxes, etc.

    I ended up being gone all day today...met with the attorney's paralegal and she instructed me on exactly what I was to do, and in what order, at the courthouse. I took time to order her some flowers...went for a quick lunch while they were being fixed up, then delivered them back to her office myself. By that time she had another form for me to take and sign (was just going to mail it, but this enabled me to get everything done.)

    Yes, Gpa's estate is closed and I don't have to do another thing that involves sis...farms have been transferred, I filed for homestead and military (for Dennis) exemptions on our taxes, picked up an insurance quote. So glad to have this all over with...the best birthday present ever.

    I am beat...on top of the already exhausted state...so am heading to bed. Thinking of everyone...anyone heard from Star? I hope she's okay.
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