porch # 981 is now CLOSED...(7/1/17)

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    Somewhere restful to relax, regroup..rejuvenate...step in, you good folks! 02-55-04-da51573827790956aa8cdb21dfb158e6.jpg

    God bless
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    It's very late. I will come back later. Had a tiring day. Took friend and her family to lunch.

    God bless
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another beautiful day in paradise. It rained last evening just a tad. We've had so much rain in June that wildlife is having a difficult time finding dry spots inland. Water there is two feet above normal. DD emailed me that DGS got his gift card in the mail yesterday. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to get everything scheduled for them to surprise DSIL in San Antonio. I hope they have a good time. She has had some physical problems lately and the doc found her hormones out of whack. She is low on testosterone and is taking it. She and DSIL are doing a lot of the work redecorating their house. She was outside cutting tile with her water saw and a friend came over. Her friends are teasing her about getting more guy like. We've always been handy women so that's nothing new. I told her when she felt the need to scratch herself and spit on the sidewalk, it was time to stop the testosterone.

    I have been feeling overwhelmed, jittery and exhausted myself. I told DD that I think it's more related to our physical problems than mental or emotional. It doesn't help when things keep going wrong. If my computer makes it safely to me and works right, I'll consider this a time when things are going well. Now, if I can just get my citrate supps settled... Last evening, I started watching the new season of Bloodline. As with the other series, I can't remember all that happened last season. It's another of those shows where the actors mumble and speak in low tones so I have to turn up the volume. I know this is a sign of old age hearing loss but I also know younger folks who have the same problem. What ever happened to speaking one's lines clearly? Directors used to come down hard on actors who spoke in low tones or whispered their lines.

    Spring, another lovely porch pic. Thanks for starrting us up again. I love wicker furniture, potted plants and used brick floors and walkways. Just looking at this pic makes me feel peaceful. I just looked out at the swimming pool. The water is like glass and very serene. I thought that I'd like my life to be still and peaceful like that. A little voice inside said, "Yeah, but it's when the water is moving that life is more interesting." Well, that is true. I had a mental pic of waters dancing over rocks in a little stream. It always amazes me when I hear these little gems of wisdom inside my head. So, I take peace and comfort where I can find it and live to navigate the moving waters. In my old age, I've learned to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

    Rock, I got interested in science in junior high school but didn't take much science later in school because of the math. I learned all about the Earth's daily rotation to provide our 'sunsets and sunrises' and revolution around the sun to produce our seasons. Most people don't realize that Earth is closer to the sun in the wintertime than in summer. It's the tilt of the Earth's axis which produces changes in season. Just a useless little bit of nerd trivia. This Old House is redoing a Spanish Revival home in the Silver Lake area of LA. They are building a huge addition and redoing the old part of the home which was built in the '30's. They usually do old homes in New England so this is an interesting departure. They even showed how the red tiles are made for the roof. The view in the back is beautiful, including the Hollywood sign on the hill. Think I mentioned a few years back that a couple bought Fred Astaire's old home and redid it. They stayed true to the original style and furnishings and it was beautiful. Are people redoing homes in your area? If I won the LOTTO... Actually, I don't lust after riches but restoring a beautiful old home sounds like a good use of money.

    Granni, I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry about the legal issues with the accident. DD hit a kid's car in high school. She crested a hill and the sun blinded her. His car had already been in an accident and she hit him again. He and his parents claimed the accident killed any chance for a basketball career. He was the least athletic kid anyone had ever seen and stood no chance to doing any kind of sports. It was laughable. It's not unusual for people to see accidents like a pot of gold they stumbled upon. They almost always settle with the insurance companies. Your insurance company has so many resources to fight it and they will fight it for you. Even if they settle for more than you think they should, it's all part of why you pay for insurance. Unless there is horrible physical damage, and the ones being sued have very deep pockets, it just isn't worth the time for them to drag it through court. I don't know about the laws in TX but in FL, they can't take your home, your car or your retirement. That's why OJ Simpson moved here. DSIL in CO grew up in NY and he used to swim at Rockaway. He's a really strong ex-Marine and great swimmer. He has saved a lot of people who go out and can't swim back. Again, Dear One, try not to worry and give it over to the Lord.

    Sun, your sidewalk sounds soooo pretty. Are the bricks like the ones in Spring's porch pic? On Fixer Upper, they often use those bricks and do a herringbone design on the paths. They also do herringbone patterns with hardwood flooring inside. I need to go downstairs to rearrange our outdoor pots and clean out the beds alongside our bldg. but it's just too hot and humid out. I probably won't get to it until fall. As it is, I need to clean the lanai and am dreading it because of the heat. SV's hair is all over the little throw rug. He didn't pee out there when he was locked out. Bless his little kitty heart. I'll bet the outside of your home is as lovely as the inside.

    Gonna go wade through the Sunday paper. I hope everydobby is enjoy the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Spring. Another nice pic. I think it has two subjects:
    1) a porch 2) serenity. But imagine the same porch in a horror movie. The director and
    the lighting man with some help from the composer could make it all dark and eerie.
    I hope you are feeling more energetic when you return.

    Sun, did you finish your brick path? Reminds me of the old riddle. What keeps the bricks
    together? Obviously it's the mortar. It's also the mortar that keeps them apart. I read the
    mortar used to build China's great wall contained rice water. Still seems to be working.

    BTW Kids. On Youtube you can see how David Copperfield walked through the Great Wall.

    Mikie, I guess people are redoing old homes in our neighborhood. Lots of realtor activity.
    We get at least one inquiry a month asking if Gordon wants to sell the house. (He doesn't.)
    Realtors send us postcards, phone and knock on the door. Looks like it's a tough business
    to be in.

    You are absolutely correct about the Sun and the Earth. I remember Mr Randall, our
    9th grade science teacher illustrating same with a flashlight and the blackboard. "At
    this angle the same amount of sunlight is spread over a wider area. Therefore, the
    weather is colder." He was one of several fine teachers I've had along with even more duds.

    I hope your new faucets are continuing to provide good service. As Marilyn Monroe
    allegedly told some reporters, "I am a girl of many faucets." (Of course it may be
    entirely fictitious as are many celeb quotes.)

    Gordon picked two dozen tomatoes yesterday. My role is the project is to eat them.

    Hope everydobby has a good day
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    Good Sunday morning, everyone! Spring, thanks so much for opening a new porch...what a lovely, peaceful picture. How nice of you to take your friend and family out to eat...that, in itself, can be exhausting...even the fun stuff...

    Rock, you have a very important job in eating all those tomatoes...I keep forgetting to ask the girls if they are getting any off of the plants I took them. Keira loves Roma and Miley prefers the cherry size, so I took both.

    Mikie, I hope it works out for DD and DGS to surprise DSIL...won't that be fun for all of them!? I'm sorry for the physical symptoms both you and your DD are having. I get those too...oftentimes find my blood sugar too low when that happens, but not always. These darn illnesses have so many parts to them...very aggravating.

    Granni, I'm sure it is very worrisome for you, waiting on the insurance company to get things settled. No, I don't think you would have to sell your house...easier said than done, but try not to worry.

    Sun, I agree...I'm not sure I could share any part of my home with anyone other than my kids. Den's mom tried to fix the old farmhouse so she could rent out the upstairs if necessary...while we were living there!!!!! I hope I never again have to live in a house owned by someone else like my MIL.

    Lynn, I've been thinking of you and hoping you are okay....as you recover from your DD's wedding.

    Diane, thinking of you and Kevin also...come by when you can.

    Star, I'm worried about you. Hope you are just busy and trying to get resettled.

    Barry, are you feeling any better? Hope Sylvie and Lenny are still getting along okay.

    Gotta go paint a board for Den...so he can hang his urinal on the wall, lol! Yes, we have urinals in two bathrooms...just how we roll :rolleyes: Didn't get the new bathroom finished before company came...only a toilet. That bathroom is next on the priority list...

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    Hi to y'all,

    I'm having a problem reading the posts. For the most part, I can read Rock, Barry and Julie. All the other posts appear smaller than newspaper print. ANYONE KNOW A QUICK FIX FOR THIS PROBLEM?

    Right now I have to copy a post into email or notepad, highlight the text and then enlarge the text. Then I get tired and just quit. Even with my reading glasses, I still need a magnifying glass to read most of the posts here. So, that's my whine for the day! LOL

    Anyways, thinking about y'all. Have a good weekend and a good 4th of July holiday. I'll be back when I figure out this glitch.

    Luv and hugs,

    PS: We're all doing fine. The cats aren't happy with the neighborhood fireworks (they started last night). They'll be much happier post-4th! :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I just uploaded my phone pix so I could share the one of DGS and DSIL sitting in the cockpit before the plane took off. Evidently, DD and DGS surprised DSIL on the flight. I hope they have a good time. I had a hard time finding the pic but here it is. Kinda dark. I also need a new phone. I was surprised to get the pic texted to me this morning.


    Rock, what a plum job you have. There are now animations of Earth's revolving around the sun. The axis angle stays the same but the Northern Hemisphere gets more direct sunlight in the summer which is another way of saying what you just said. Strange that magnetic north is different than true north. Runways are aligned with magnetic lines. Because the Earth's magnetic field changes, runways sometimes have to be renumbered. Again, these nerdy things fascinate me. I can't believe how much homes have appreciated. Unfortunately, condos here have not kept up with the increases. I'm stuck and priced out of the house market. Good thing I'm happy here. Sounds as though you and Gordon are happy there. CA is a nice place to live.

    Julie, I think urinals are very smart and practical. Not for me but great for the guys. Are guys better at hitting the mark with urinals than with toilets? Yes, these illnesses cause all kinds of strange symptoms and sensitivities to things. DD has been diagnosed with Lyme and FMS. I am convinced that, although there appears to be a familial factor, the environment plays a huge role and that may account for the rise in people with these illnesses. At this point in my life, I can't imagine sharing my home with anyone either, even a husband. Hope you are finally getting some rest.

    Diane, how nice to see you here. Glad y'all are doing well. I think Rock and Julie enlarge the text in their posts. I'll enlarge mine to see if that helps you. Up in the bands on the screens of computers, there is usually something to click which will allow you to enlarge the text/images on your screen. I keep mine at 150 percent. It helps these poor old eyes which no longer see well. Hope you can come back soon.

    OK, Kiddies, that's about it from here. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Back Again. Howdy All.

    Mikie, PEM stands for post exertional malaise, a defining characteristic of M.E. Julie, you were right on target....

    Sun, we got a new Suburu something or other hatchback. It seems okay, but the control panels are so (with me ) counter-intuitive that I'm glad I no longer drive! And why does it need a compass, and a touchpad for aps, Pandora, etc. etc. Distracting. MY favourite auto was an Alfa-Romeo convertible, back in the days I lived in Santa Barbara area. At one time I had a '59 Buick Electra. A huge car --- I carried a pig in it once..... don't ask! I am not a car person.

    Rock, the quips that Gordon tells you always make me smile.

    Julie, I still feel wiped out. My head is fuzzy, my eyes are very blurry, and I am dizzy. So, so tired.

    Saw the new doc. on Friday. I was most impressed. He knew more about the ailments I have then I do! He had gone over my files thoroughly before seeing me, and had discussed me with my nurse practioner . Quick and friendly. I asked "do you believe in Myaligic Myeloencephalitis"? and his reply was "most definitely" , which impressed me. I've had so many docs dismiss it as a "waste basket diagnosis". Maybe with me it is,. but my basket is overflowing. Other problem -- lost the hearing in my right ear and am being referred to an audiologist...... Also have to see my new eye-doctor because my vision is in decline. Whine, whine, wine (only 2 cups of red a night.)

    Diane, good to see you posting. I increase the size of my text to 4 and in Bold.

    Richard home from the store. Lenny and Sylvie are the best of friends. Gotta go now ---- lunch is yoghurt with fresh grapes and cherries. Yum!

    Love and Blessings to All,
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    Hello again, dear friends! I painted Den's board, then got involved in cleaning on the kitchen, bedroom, guest room...all at the same time, lol! It sort of feels like we took a few steps backwards on the house...not complaining, it was so great to have all the kids here...but just have to take time to get things back in order so we can go forth with the construction work.

    Mikie, what a great pic of your guys! How exciting for all of them.

    Diane, I'm sorry some of the posts are too small for you to read. Yep, I have to enlarge mine so I can see what I'm typing :p

    It's hot out today (in the 80's) but the sun can't decide if it wants to be out or not...gloomy one minute and bright out the next. I have enough to do inside to keep me busy, but really need to get outdoors this coming week.

    Last evening, Den and I got around and went out for supper. We used the gift card to our favorite pizza/buffet place that Amy and family had got us for our anniversary a few weeks ago. We have a new Hobby Lobby in the town where my dad lives...the kids got a gift card to that store for my birthday...I plan to go tomorrow when I go check on my dad.

    Not much else going on. This morning I was so happy to catch Mama Kitty playing with her three remaining kittens. One had gotten killed when she brought them to the garage with the rest of the cats, so she moved them to an old building that has a hole in the roof...she scales up the side of the building and goes in and out that hole. I very carefully and quietly opened the door and stood there for a few minutes before saying anything. Of course, the kittens scattered, but Mama was very happy to eat the food I had brought.

    We don't have any plans for the 4th...might have gone to Amy's town to watch fireworks with them, but would get home too late and Den has to work the next day. I'd better get back to work...just taking a late lunch break at 2:30. We got up late this morning...Den ate lunch a little bit ago and is taking his afternoon siesta. I usually wait till I get more sleepy before I lie down...or just skip it altogether.

    Take care, everyone!

    Editting to share a pic of me and Den and our grands...Lorraine, Liora, Keira, Isaiah, Josiah and Miley

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    Mikie and Julie: Two great family pics. Thanks to both of you for sharing. Mikie...your DGS looks like a natural sitting in the cockpit .....super that they could share their flight with SIL. Who by the way is also a looker.

    Julie: Lucky you having all those little ones around you. Well, what can I say about a urinal? I guess if that's what Den wanted....makes things easier, I guess.

    Barry: I'm going to look up that medical term. And what is this doctor going to do to help? I'm with you on the car gadgets. Don't ant any of them. I have a 10 year old Honda Pilot which I LOVE, and plan to keep it forever. Big enough to carry furniture but it handles really good and it's comfortable to sit in.

    Spring: LOVE that pic. It's what I've always imagined for a novel I started writing years ago. I think I'll print it off and maybe I can inspired to write again. How nice to treat some friends to a dinner. You're a very nice person.

    Rock; No, haven't finished the brick path yet. Worked on it again this morning. I can only do about a 3'sq. Area. I've been digging up the old bricks and redoing them, so lots of work. By the way, the pattern is: Higgildy piggildy! LOL
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  11. lydia1

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    Maybe I should clarify? The bathrooms have urinals and regular toilets in them, lol! It's amazing how much cleaner the toilets have been since the guys use the urinals...the little boys have a step ladder they use to get high enough as our urinals are probably higher than "normal"...Den is 6 ft and his dad was tall also. Made life much easier for me...

    Anyway...I've been finding things to use temporarily (shelves, etc.) until Den has time to get closet shelves and other cabinets made. My biggest goal is to find storage space for all the stuff we are keeping...and give each item the location where it makes the most sense and will be the most useful.

    Crashing now...I can sleep through saws, hammers, just about anything.
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  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    *****HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! *****


    So good to come here early on a Mon. morning to see that some of our Dear Porchies have visited. I slept in a bit late, fending off SV's efforts to rouse me. He's much less obnoxious now and goes back to sleep if I tell him to. Just checked the tracking of my new computer and it should arrive UPS on Wed. So glad it isn't coming USPS. I paid a couple of bills online. I always worry I'll become forgetful and miss paying something. My poor pea brain isn't doing so well these days. For that matter, neither is my poor old bod. Whine, whine, whine! We've been getting our usual late afternoon/evening rain storms but they haven't dumped that much rain on us. We're in good condition because of all the rain we got in June.

    So far, this old computer is hanging on and working fairly well but it's getting very hot. Even my cable box is working like it should. Knocking on wood for all this. I've always enlarged my computer screen to 150 percent and never thought to enlarge my posts because they look fine to me. I'll be enlarging them from now on and selecting a dark black (is that redundant?) text color.

    Barry, seems the older we get, the more things start to go wrong or decline. Loss of hearing runs in our family and I've noticed mine is getting worse. Pilots of small planes now wear headsets but, back when I was flying, not many did. I'm sure that didn't help matters. My vision got awful recently and I had to get new glasses. Good grief! I feel as though I'm falling apart. I hope your docs can help you with these problems. I'm soooo glad you found a good doc who believes in ME/CFIDS and knows a lot about it. Did he offer any help with the dizziness and exhaustion? That's the problem; even good docs who understand our illnesses usually don't have anything to help us. New cars are like new computers and new phones. They come equipped with so much stuff. If you don't want to use it all, just ignore it. You'll get used to it in time. I know that, even if you don't drive, new confusing stuff can be a distraction. I've had quite a few convertibles in my day and I loved them all. Now, in my dotage, I love my big old crossover SUV. It'll soon be 15 years old. Feel better, my friend.

    Julie, I'm laughing. Sometimes, I clean several rooms at once, a little here and a little there. Depending on the state of things, it sometimes makes sense to do it like that. As much as I complain about my ex, he did one thing which I loved--he sat to pee at home. He said that when he stood, no matter how carefully he aimed, it splashed out of the bowl and he didn't like having pee on the floor. The men's bathroom at the pool stinks but the women's doesn't. It used to be the same at work. I think the urinals make perfect sense with all those boys using them. SV is fascinated with the toilet and likes to watch it flush. I've seen cats trained to use toilets, rabbits too. I'm happy if he just uses his box. I love Hobby Lobby. I haven't been out there in ages. The Sunday paper always has a coupon for 40 percent off a regularly priced item. So many things are always on sale that I seldom have used coupons. It's the only store I've seen where you can buy lollipops with Bible verses on the wrappers. That is another great pic of your beautiful family. Thanks for posting it. Funny thing--Miley looks like you. She also has a sweet smile.

    Sun, thanks for your kind words about 'the boys.' I kinda like them too. DGS is often in planes and I'm sure he has been in the cockpits before. He's been in small planes from an early age. He plans to get his pilots license. This particular cockpit is in a 737. I like the idea of higgildy piggildy . Do you have a black hen who lays eggs for gentlemen? On HGTV, they often get computer printouts for various patterns for laying out bricks. One looks random but there is a pattern. I can no longer kneel for any period of time. It can make for difficulties when I'm working on things. I'm with you--I plan on driving the Highlander for the duration. It just broke 40,000 miles even though it's 15 years old. It got a lot of highway miles in the beginning but now, I'm like all the other old ladies and barely leave my zip code. Sad. Send a pic when you get the brickwork done. You are one creative and capable woman!

    I gotta get in the shower. For some reason yesterday, I started to sweat profusely and I stink! Good thing I'm changing the bed today. Think I'll do another course of the AVs. Can't hurt and there may still be some viruses causing problems for me. As always, lots to do around here and I hope I feel up to doing something--anything.

    Love, Mikie
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    Busy day and hope to get back later To the store and then maybe weeding outside but so hot. Did some PORCH reading though and DH is hopping to get started to the store and I need to go with him. ugh ! Love you all,
    Granni :)
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I slept a little later than I had planned (shut off my 7:00 am alarm and waited till the 8:00 one, lol!) But when I did get up, I hit the ground running...

    ...if you count giving Oreo her breakfast, starting some laundry (so I can hang it all out to dry while I'm in town today), roasting a hodge podge of old stuff from the freezers (old freezer burned meats that I found while cleaning out the freezers last night...will portion out for the dog and cats), rearranging boxes upstairs above the shop so Den can get to his plumbing dept. (the night before the kids left, Lindsey asked about going through some of Gpa's things...I had been waiting until estate closing to give anything of his away...we had stuff strewn all over, lol!)

    But, two hours later, I am ready for my first cup of coffee...wish my energy would last all day, but I usually crash sometime in the afternoon. Should have skipped a nap yesterday...took one too late, then couldn't get to sleep till around 2:00 am. So many projects swirling around in my head...have to get myself focused so I can at least finish one or two.

    Barry, I'm sorry you are feeling so punk...I hope the new doctor can help...any little bit would be progress. Glad Lenny and Sylvie are still buddies. It seems my cataracts are getting worse...feels like my glasses constantly need cleaning. The eye doc said that was normal...but the cataracts aren't "ripe" enough to get taken care of.

    Granni, be careful out there...weeding and all the other work you do outside.

    Mikie, glad SV let you sleep a little longer. Oreo never tries to get me up unless she just absolutely has to go potty...she almost always just waits till I get up, turn off the window A/C in our room, etc. She seems to know if I'm just going to the bathroom or actually getting up. I got an email from Hobby Lobby to print off a 40% off coupon...I'm looking forward to seeing what our new store has. There is one in Amy's town, but I am always rushed when I go there...get there too close to closing time.

    Sun, I'll bet your brick path will be beautiful! You be careful too...

    I'd better get off the computer...I think the washer has finished another load for me. I'm sure the "good old days" were more simply in a way, but I really do like my modern appliances.

    Hope everyone has a good enough day.

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    YES JULIE, I do agree with you on our modern appliances. Can you imagine how the people lived way back when. ?? We are all so spoiled in many ways. Washing your clothes and maybe yourself too in the lake or creek if anything was nearby. The clothesline was and also still a great invention although I no longer have one. I might still have one if it was allowed where I live. Don't think they want it hanging on the golf course :)!!!! I LOVE my drier and dont know what to do without it. Also years ago they wore such heavy and long sleeves and long dresses, etc etc. IN places where it is very hot like TX it must have been especially hard. I like Hobby Lobby too but it is in the next town and the traffic is not great. We actually live in between two towns but just hop on the HWY and you can get to one or the other pretty quick, However, I have gotten to hate traffic esp after the accident. DH is not to thrilled with it either. A 40% coupon sounds great to me. Busy now it seems paying for supplements and extra food is taking up what used to be my play money so to speak.

    Glad you had an extra hour or so sleep. You are such a busy gal with so many places to go and things to do. You got lots of land so lots of space for a very long clothes line :)!!! The driers are great though esp when the weather turns ugly, wet and or cold. My mom had one outside and downstairs in the basement in NY where I lived for years too. Hang in there with all your projects. You have come a long way and you will get to the finish line eventually !!

    Went to WM to pick up a few things we needed and then off to my health food store to get my Floradix iron and Goats Milk yogurt. It was already getting hot so DH decided to eliminate the working outside. That was a good thing.

    Going to DD's tomorrow for the 4th. Not sure what time they will want us over there, guessing late in the afternoon. We will bring some wine and shrimp. DSIL is smoking chickens. We are all going to eat 1/2 chicken. Hope they are not to large, at least for me although DH certainly won't mind it and he loves chicken.. I'm sure we will also have a veggie of some kind and maybe a salad.

    OMG, I went back and seems like I have missed so much and some great pics from JULIE, and MIKIE. Thanks for sharing both of you. GREAT PICS.

    DIANE- I enlarged my print and hope it is big enough. I was doing that all the time and then I was having some problems with the font, it wouldn't enlarge for me so I gave up.. Let me know and I will make even larger if needed. It seemed to work this time. Glad you are doing better and I can imagine all the fireworks getting all those furbabies upset. It should be over soon for them :)!!! Glad you came back to visit and hope to get back soon again. Missing you.

    SUN- Will the brick ground work be regular bricks or have more color in them or what? It sounds very interesting. Will someone be doing the work for you? I sure do hope so. Do you have a long driveway or area that you are going to do? or just a small area? Sorry that I missed where you were talking about it.

    BARRY - So sorry you are feeling bad and hope you get some more help from your doc. who at least seems to somewhat understand your and our conditions.

    Thinking of everydobby and ALL my dear Porchies !!!


    GRANNI :)

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping between wash loads. I'm washing all the bedding from the mattress pad up. SV always gets excited when I change the bed. He hops up on top and runs around. My old dog, Taffy, would do the same thing. I would wrestle with her until she couldn't stand it any longer and she would bail off the edge and run around in circles. I've loaded up some throw pillows to give to Goodwill. There is still tons of stuff to give away but I'll start with what is in the way. I got in the shower and it felt soooo good. I'm not going anywhere so didn't put on makeup. Yikes! Scary! I loooove all my appliances. I give thanks for them every day. If there were a patron saint for appliances, I'd ask him to watch over mine.

    I have QVC on while I work because they are having clothes on clearance. Thing is that, because I wear pretty basic things, I can find them at much cheaper prices locally. They have a plain tee shirt on sale for almost $19. Heck, I can buy three of them at Wally World and still have a few pennies left. The rest of the clothing has fringe or ruffles. AACCKK!!! Even on the models, the stuff doesn't look good. I don't look that great around the condo in my tees and Capri pants but, at least, I paid very little for what I have on. My Capri pants are from Gloria Vanderbilt and are nice but, again, I used coupons and got them on sale at Bealls--cheap!

    Yesterday, I watched
    Bridget Jones' Baby. I love the BJ movies. This one didn't disappoint. Several times, I laughed out loud. I was surprised at how different she looks since the last one. The British accents didn't keep me from being able to understand anyone. Some of the series I watch have all kinds of background noise going on and the actors simple do not speak their lines clearly or loudly enough.

    Julie, glad you got some extra Zzzzzzz's to try to make up for not sleeping during the night. I hate when that happens. When I sleep in, it means I stayed in bed until 5:00 instead of 4:00 or earlier. I'm at that age where six hours is adequate. I almost never take naps anymore. I do drop off early in the evenings and I sometimes get more than six hours. Dogs are so good about waiting to go out. I'm glad Oreo has worked out so well for you. SV knows when I get up during the night to pee that he can just lie in bed because I'm not up to stay. He does meow at me when I get back in bed and I give he a love pat on his little soft head. The longer he lives with me, the more he talks and his vocabulary has grown immensely. He's also gotten so much more affectionate. What would we do without them?

    Granni, it is hot in TX. I check the temps in Denver and Dallas to see what the weather is like for my kids. You can print out coupons from many stores if you go online. I'm always looking for things which are in the style of Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper but cheaper. Hmmmm, I'm starting to sound really cheap. Well, I am--kinda. Let's just say I'm a bit frugal. Why pay more for things when there are less expensive alternatives which look as good or better? Style doesn't depend on $$$ spent. That is never so obvious as when social wannabes appear in the society pages in designer clothes which are tooooo much. They don't realize they would look better if they constrained themselves. I get Vanity Fair and when I look at the designers' ads, I wonder who in her right mind would wear some of the clothes. Yikes! Well, I don't have to worry. No one but my pals here in the hood see me and they don't care. Don't get heat stroke. Hydrate!

    Rock, I was editing and adding while you were posting. I don't know whether kids today don't get history/civics in school or whether they don't bother learning anything. I know schools are under stress to teach as much STEM as they can. Evidently, many Millennials are interested in politics and are trying to be informed. I hope so because I also worry about the future of our country. Some of our politicians are not setting a good example for them. DGS was probably two years younger when I posted that video of him. He's recently had a growth spurt and I can see he's muscled up a bit. I'm sure he's glad to have the boot off of his foot. Mom sent all her old photos to my cousin who has done the family tree. She's the one who died a couple of years ago and I wonder what happened to all her family history material. I hope one of the other cousins was interested enough to cherish it all. I'm glad we dress so much more comfortably these days. I'd die down here in FL if I couldn't dress coolly.

    OK, Kids, the load in the dryer is about done. I'm outta here.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2017
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, nice fireworks display. I bet a lotta folks in this country don't know what we are
    celebrating. Just looked at a survey of teenagers reported by ABC. Fourteen percent
    thought America fought with France to achieve independence. Five % thought it was
    Canada. And over 30% didn't know Francis Scott Key authored the Star Spangled
    Banner. Some days I think the future looks bleak. Other days I think it looks grim.

    Great pic of SIL and GS. GS look so much older than he does in his magic vid on
    Youtube. I hope your computer arrives on time in good shape and works great.

    Diane, Good to hear from you. Mikie is right about adjusting font sizes. At least
    with my computer. Up in the dark blue band at the top of the screen in the left corner
    it says "View". If I click on that a drop down menu appears. I can click on Zoom and
    then click on zoom in or zoom out. Zoom in makes the print bigger. Good luck.

    Always good to hear from you. I know what you mean about the fireworks. They've
    been going off for a week and will continue for 3-4 days after the holiday. I can't imagine
    why people love noise. I would no more go to a noisy dance club, bar or concert than I
    would go bungee jumping. An RN recently told me bungee jumping can do permanent to
    the pelvis. Yikes!

    Julie, I remember watching an Italian cooking show. The Chef was Mary Ann Esposito.
    Gordon says now that she's gotten on in years her wig is made of wood. It never moves.
    Wood. A lotta hair spray. Com si, com sa. Anyhoo she always used Roma tomatoes for her
    sauces. I don't care for the Romas though. The walls are too thick; hard to chew.

    Another wonderful family picture. Well, it helps if you have a wonderful family. I was
    talking to my Minnesota brother last night. He said he had found a picture of Alma
    Harstad. Did I know who that was? No, I didn't. But later I looked in one of my genealogy books. Alma is my great Aunt. Today I got an email with a picture of Alma and our grandmother. Taken around 1910 I guess. The girls were born in the 1890s. Big hats with flowers. Long dresses that come down to the ankles. I'd post it here, but it won't copy.

    Barry, I'm sorry to hear that your basket is overflowing. It's supposed to be your cup
    that runneth over. (From the musical I Do! I Do!) Glad to know you like your new
    doctor. Are your cherries Bing? Gordon brought some home yesterday. Pretty good
    for modern fruit. Hope you start to feel better.

    Granni, don't stay out in the hot sun too long. Do you have a sun bonnet? I'm reading
    a book about the Wilder family. The gals frequently wore sun bonnets. A few old ladies
    still wore them when gardening back in the days of my yute.

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ROCK - Sorry , no sun bonnet. Once in a blue moon DH will want me to wear a hat but not often. Have no fear I have not been outside much today other than going to the store with DH. We were going to work outside but actually I thought we might do that first before going to the store. Then it got to warm. I never wore a sun bonnet. When young everything thought they should get sun tanned and now it is watch out for the sun . So now it is supposedly put on lots of sun screen which haven't been doing much unless I was in Tuscon and out and doing a lot of sightseeing in the very hot rays. I am not overly light and used to tan fairly well but now who knows. Hate to get out in the very hot sun for to long. Getting to OLD and not worried that much abut sun tanning any more.

    We had a set of books about the Wilder family years ago and my girls grew up watching Little House on The Prairie on TV. We all enjoyed it. Now it seems like so much of the TV is stupid and I would hate to have to watch most of it with my kids when they were growing up. That's enough of that and I could go on but I won't !!

    Hope everyone has a nice holiday whatever you do or don't do. Will probably listen to some of the concerts on TV and maybe some firework (after the concerts) . People around here can go to certain places to check on the fireworks on the lake but to hot and DH is to lazy to go driving around to look for fireworks. We didn't do much of that growing up either.

    Gotta run for now. Not going to do much cooking tonight. Frozen chicken legs and wings I think in a package but NOT hot stuff like the hot wings they sell all over. We will also have some salad and maybe a veggie. Really easy today. Tomorrow I go to DD's so no cooking there. I love those days.


    DIANE - I hope this font is better for you. Let me know. If not I will make it bigger. It is the next to largest one.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I hope this doesn't qualify as "political".....but just had to post this link. Seems Governor Christie closed a popular beach for the 4th. So a drone flew over and photographed his whole family with a beach to themselves. Let me see, I think I would add the caption....."let them eat cake". Think he's going to get many votes when it's re election time?


    Granni: It's a small meandering brick path around my garden....doing it myself. It's slow going but I'll be glad when I'm finished.

    Left early for my urologist appt. but flew there with an hr to spare. So I sat in the car then went in 30 min. Ahead of appt. then had to wait for the doctor. He seems very brusk, doesn't resemble the smiling face I saw on the internet. Oh well. Said I now have to wait for insurance to approve another procedure of looking inside bladder, then a possible visit to out patient hospital. Come medicare sign up again I'm going to get PPO instead of HMO.
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  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Have been wanting to call in, but been so flat out!

    Mother in law been and gone. She stayed the whole time with DH at new (old) house.
    A bit disappointed that they didn't even come to check out this place After all done up to sell (and spend time with Treasures, but I guess it's really always been about her son... I just wish she wouldn't get our Treasures hopes up...Oh well, true colours and all that.

    Other house is now habitable. (Remember we bought a dump in serious need of tlc. A fixer upper, I believe you call it over there in U.S.)
    Was really feeling the pressure. Anxieties trying to steal the joy from life and the fact that my body is at its worst right now-trying to push through and relying on God's strength to just get me out of bed in the morning. Never felt soooo tired and washed out in all my life...
    And yay! God came through and brought someone to buy! Woo hoo.
    I pretty much had a meltdown. Couldn't keep up with keeping the house in an uncluttered, enticing fashion.
    Really started to feel unappreciated and generally ripped off by family.

    Still waiting on test results from endoscopy & colonoscopy. (Boy o boy, preparing for that was a punishment)...
    Have one more appointment with my dr and then I hv to find a new one... So I'll start the interviews shortly. Just trying to find one who believes all this fatigue and pain isn't just a psychological figment of the imagination is not a challenge I'm looking forward to...
    DH is coming back for another ute and trailer load this arvo & I should be packing, but physically cannot DO anymore.
    I know he thinks he Gets it, but he doesn't, otherwise his expectations wouldn't be so rediculous.

    Am having trouble with trying to source the nec text books for Treasures to start at the new school and wow, the cost! $70 a book...

    Was too worn out and sick to get to Treasures' last day at school. I missed seeing them in various skits and the goodbye speech and all that. We were given a huge hamper from one of the teachers and a very touching card....

    Our 3 legged cat has been a beautiful gift from God.
    I was having a pity party for one, the other night and in hops Puss.
    She stuck her face right into mine and before I realised it, she'd licked my tears away and dryed my face with hers.
    After she got me laughing at her antics, she promptly curled up and went to sleep. Job done, I guess.
    Having a crap body takes its toll on the mind and emotions.

    I wish I could say ,"It'll be all over soon", what with selling the house and all, but the reality is, there's still soooo much to do.
    Aside from packing and moving and cleaning and finding a new dr pronto- there's the mammoth task of unpacking.
    I'm amazed at all the crap we fill our lives with. Stuff. Would love to turf the lot. Would be a lot less work...
    When Treasures grow up, I'll be able to purge. Hmmm , but then I'll probably be collecting masterpieces from Grand Treasures.
    Ah well. Such is life.

    I won two tickets to see the movie 'the shack', was really enjoyable and well done, I thought.

    I really miss you guys, but I'm sad to say, it's still a bit of a ways off before I can chill out and enjoy your company, again.
    In the mean time, you guys are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care
    Catch yas later...
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