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    Ok, I posted this message on the porch four times, but no workee. Will
    try this.


    We had a light rain most of yesterday. But the LA basin is so
    huge (177 communities w/ 12 million people) that it often has
    storms in one part and no rain at all other places.

    Gordon and I got new wiper blades for our old cars. Then we
    picked up groceries at Fresh and Easy. They are always
    giving out free samples there.

    One of the samples y-day was coffee. Gordon was behind
    me, but I didn't know it. When I turned the coffee went flying.
    Fortunately it was Dixie cup size. Anyway a store employee
    came over. She said exactly the right thing. "Oh, don't worry.
    That happens all the time." So the 3 of us mopped it up w/
    paper towels.

    The cats stay dry for the most part. The house on one side was
    vacant for ten years, so they could always use the covered

    And the house on the other side has been vacant for a year.
    It has an even bigger vacant porch. The house has 4 rooms
    plus a storage area that was later built on in back. The
    houses on this block were built between 1908 and 1910.

    Once the landlord is finished w/ various improvements, he plans
    to rent it out for $1800 a month!

    Jole, I think most of us were confusiated re: the new pages.
    I think we had pages a few years ago, before all the improving
    and updating.

    Yes, I think most of now fall into the square peg in the round
    hole category. But look at Bob Square Pants Sponge. He's
    rich and famous.

    And I agree. I'm sure you would do a great job of managing
    aid to Haiti. Was reading the "40 years ago" section of the
    hometown paper.

    A farmer died in the summer leaving a widow and kids. Two months later, 60 neighbors and 9 farm machines showed up to harvest his crops.

    Georgia, wet and freezing does not sound good. I hope things
    work out so you can retire in July. I retired in July 5 years ago.
    Every morning when I wake up now I think: I don't have to
    go to work. Yeah!!! Of course I couldn't even if ....

    Granni, here we are the same age. I seldom leave the house.
    You are running around dancing and singing. Way to go!

    I think it was Springwater who saw the pix of your grandchildren.
    Sounds like a wonderful family.

    Springwater, did you find a copy of The Tempest? I remember
    seeing a production of it when I was a teen on the Hallmark
    Hall of Fame. Richard Burton played Caliban.

    What did you think of the Blair Witch? I thought it was a lousy
    movie and its makers were unbelievably lucky. David Barry
    said the movie looked like it was filmed a/ camera mounted on
    the head of a seal.

    Julie, your mandarin orange cake sounds delicioso. You are
    a kitchen artist! I hope somebody got a picture of it.

    For my High School graduation, out minister's wife made me a
    cake w/ a frosting mortarboard on top. I was so impressed! Still have a photo of it.

    A big Dinah Shore smackaroo for everydobby: Carla, Elaine,
    Barry, et. al.