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    I'm having homemade soup for breakfast. Here's the recipe: chicken broth, corn chips,
    combine, heat.

    It combines four basic food groups: poultry,
    water, maize and junk food.

    Hi Granni, I can't spell Garaphelia either. Have to look it up every time. Feel sorry for the poor little kid who had learn to spell that.

    How is the new rotisserrie? Tried it yet? I wonder if Georgia could modify it to spin wool.

    Hey, Boomer! How ya doin'? Have you ever been to Mason City? I walked across the Meredith Wilson footbridge there about 40-some
    years ago.

    Springwater, I don't know how you manage with all those festivals and family gatherings. Even a healthy person would be worn out. BTW, what is butter tea?

    Carla, that was wonderful of you to rescue the puppies. Did you get a picture of them with the new camera? Is the camera electronic?

    Mickey, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful weekend. I called several hair salons here in LA
    and asked for assistance w/ your hair situation. Of course, they had various questions. Who is getting married, what does she look like, what does her dress look like, what color flowers, how are you related, will any of your hubby's old girlfriends be there, etc.

    (Well, we all know what the word "wedding" does to the female mind, don't we?)

    Of course, I couldn't really answer any of the questions due to a lack of, well, I guess we could call it information, so I just made up stuff.

    I talked to 14 hair dressers: 2 Cindys, 3 Yvonnes, 1 Mr. Juan, and 6 Carmens. After tabulating the results, the recommendations seems to be (I hope I got this right): wear it up on one side and down on the other.

    Elaine, you sound exhaustenized. Does sleep help? Even when I sleep I seldom wake up feeling refreshed.

    How's you neck, Deb. I got pain and stiffness in my neck last night while sitting at the computer.
    All gone this morning. But I'm all set. Gordon has two 25 pound bags of rice if I need them.

    Guess I'll go back to my Tim Allen book. For a comic, he sure talks a lot about
    physics. Even made a joke about the Heisenberg principle.

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    You had me laughting out loud and the receptionist says, what are you laughing at. I told her i was laughing at a friend from an email. You are hilarious. I don't think i want to be a laughing stock of the wedding wearing my hair up and down at the same time, so i think i will go with my original idea and wear it up during the wedding, since it will be warm anyway and then for the night time look wear it down.

    You are so funny. So Tim Allen is talking about certain physical quantities, like position and momentum, cannot both have precise values at the same time. The narrower the probability distribution for one, the wider it is for the other in his book. That is weird because that is not comical at all.

    Ha, are you surprised I knew what that means. Well, you know not all blondes are dumb. LOL

    Boy, I could use some of that rice for my back today, i must of slept wrong. After i got home last night, Russ was already asleep and Lindsay too, her allergies are really bad. I had to call her doctor to call in a prescription for cingular. I went shopping right after work so i didn't get home until 8:30 and didn't get to walk my baby. Boo Hoo, I gave him an extra treat. I finally hit the hay about 12:00, i wasn't tired until then, please i had the tv all to myself, so i got to watch lots of my taped shows.

    I actually don't feel tired today considering i only got 6 hours sleep, so that is good. Ashley should be home in about 2 hours, Jack is going to be so happy to see her and me too of course.

    Well, take care. Oh, by the way, why is this an addendum, were you unable to post on the porch????

    Do you want me to move this over there for you????

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    Yes, if you could move this to the porch, that would be peachy dandy. After spending
    a good ten minutes trying this and that, I finally got a reply button on this thread,
    but not on the porch.

    Now does that make any sense?

    Anyway I posted a day or two ago on the tech support board. A nice poster named
    Kina tried to help me. It's always the same. Someone tells me just go to ____
    and then click on ________. But I can never find the place I'm told to go to.
    And even if I get there, I can't find the magic spot to click.

    I'm very impressed that you know about Heisenberg's principle. The only reason I know
    is that I watched the PBS programs by James Burke. As he put it, "Now we know
    that we shall never know."

    Also I have no bias against blondes as I used to be one myself. In grade school
    my hair gradually turned brown. This happens to lots of those Scandinavian and
    German kids in Minnesota.

    Happened to my son too. He was a beautiful child w/ white blond hair and blue eyes.
    His hair gradually got darker and darker. By his late 20s, he was almost bald.

    Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know you are eager to see Ashley.

    Oh yes, the name of Tim Allen;s book is "I'm Not Really Here." He also talks
    about Schrodinger's cat. He says Schrodinger was just playing a quantum physics
    joke on his colleagues.

    Okee dokee

  4. gapsych

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    Does Time Alan talk about his coke addiction in his book? I am not talking about the drink, although I suppose you could add some coke to Coke.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't know if he does or not. I hadn't heard he had an addiction problem. What a

    Anyway, I'm only on p. 87. There is no table of contents or index, so I guess I
    won't know till I finish.

    I just read a horrifying autobiography by Jerry Stahl called "Permanent Midnight".
    Says he made $5,000 a week writing Alf, the tv show, but was spending even more on drugs. What strikes me as kinda bizarre is that when the book ends, he is still a
    hopeless addict. Not a word about how he got clean.

    Looking at the modern scene and the various celebs, it appears to me that fame
    and fortune are frequently very bad for the victims. They get arrested, take
    drugs, shove a fortune up their nose, fall in and outta rehab, have failed relationships,
    can't parent properly, go bankrupt and generally act like buffoons.

    Well, I guess most of us here are safe from the dangers of fame and fortune.