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    Not getting reply button so pls paste this to porch if u can Tk u

    Again operating on inverter battery.
    So will hurry.

    The lights come on at 2am and go at 6am sometimes
    They must think we are vampires

    It's a cold grey rainy morning

    First rainof year,

    Yesterday I felt a bit sick after giving healing
    To my son the day before...Very miserable
    In fact, nauseous, drained. Wonder when
    Whoever is in charge up there will decide
    I've paid enough karmic debts to go a week
    Without falling ill.

    But I healed myself enough and did EFT so I could
    Attend meditation.

    Nothing much else achieved. Just tried to

    Our new year is around the corner and lots of
    Cleaning cooking to do.

    Granni - when do you leave? Try and post.

    Julie - hope the meds did the trick. Lice on
    Keira's lil head eliminated.

    God bless

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    On the Porch thread.

    Love, Mikie
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    Saw it

    God bless