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    I'll post this and then come back in edit to add to it before someone else starts a new Porch.

    OK, I'm back in edit mode to add to my post. Only problem is that I can't see the last of the posts on 660. Why is the zero so small? Never noticed that before. When we get to 666, are we going to skip over it? Not that I'm superstitious or anything...

    Rock, hope the blues or blahs, or whatever has you in its grips, are gone. They get me every now and then, especially when NRG is flagging. Glad you found some music. It's amazing how they can now digitize old music to make it sound so good. I have digital music with my cable and the speakers on my TV are great. If I wanted to, I could hook up the TV audio to my stereo for even better sound but I'm too lazy to do it.

    Dar, I hope you are recovering from all that work for Veterans Day. I know everything means the world to our Vets. Heck, just acknowledging their service is more than we did for a long time. My last relative who was a Vet served in WWI. He died when I was just a kid. Mom said he was gassed and his health was never the same after he came home. He died young of a heart attack. It's heart attacks which kill everyone on that side of the family but usually not at such a young age. Good for you for all you give to others.

    Granni, I'm laughing at Rock's version of the chiro strapping you down to keep you from zipping in and out of the session. Glad you are able to do some of the things you enjoy. Ever since the landscaping project, I've been achy and tired. Guess it'll just take time to recover.

    Jam, my cable bill is getting too high too. I will soon have to start paying more for the faster internet I need. I may dump HBO. They have a million and one deals so when you threaten to drop something, they usually come up with a new plan to "save money." I also love the Science Channel and both History Channels. PBS also has some great shows. Even with all this, though, there are times when I don't feel well and just want to veg out to TV and there's nothing on. Oh, how spoiled we've become from the old days of 3 or 4 channels, one of them a local channel.

    Oh, boy, hope I didn't forget anyone on the last Porch. I'll go take a peek when I'm done here just to check. I can always edit again.

    Yesterday morning, I went out early to Lowe's to get a new filter for the water and ice on my fridge. Lowe's is always out of Frigidair filters. I have a $10 coupon if I spend $50 but it's up soon. I hope they get them in. Guy said this week. I went out into the garden section. We still need one more plant for the other side. I walked back to the distressed plant sale racks and found two dracaenas at half price. They are in perfect condition and even come in their own little ceramic pots for only $7.50 each. They are small so I have them out on my lanai. It needs some greenery out there. I also have my Christmas Cactus on my table. It's huge. It's good Feng Shui to have living plants around.

    I went to Bealls because they were having one of their $10 coupons off for only $25 spent. Well, I could use a pair of white jeans. We wear white all year round down here and in the winter, we sometimes even wear long pants. Of course, the jeans were on sale for $24.99. I ran into a woman buying tee shirts. They are cotton and polyester but feel sooooo soft, like a silk blend. They were originally $28 but on sale for $9.99. So, I got two. I spent more than $25 but saved a bundle so I'm happy. Long story short--I got $93 worth of merchandise for $37. They also threw in what they call Bealls Bucks. It's just like cash and can be spent on the designated day. It was only for $5 but there is no minimum to buy. They also gave me a 20 percent off coupon for two other days. Pretty soon, they'll be paying me to shop there.

    I had to go to the Target across town to find Wii games as the old Target was about out. I got a variety of games at buy two, get one free. I got $90 worth of games for $60. Many of the games aren't sold online so I had to go to the store. This means having to go to the post office to mail them. I'm not going to wrap them so DD can exchange anything he already has or anything she doesn't want him to have. This means I can get him something else he wants for Christmas. What excites him most is a card with five $1 bills in it. He keeps his stash and is very careful about what he buys. Wait til he learns about coupons!

    There is a Dollar Tree next to the new Target so I stopped there. I need toothpaste and got a couple of tubes. Everything really is only $1. I love that. I check things like the toothpaste, even though it's a name brand just to make sure it doesn't come from China or India. I like those little tablets with bleach and bluing for my toilets and they are two for $1. They cost a lot in the stores. Got some lotion and some Necco wafers. Don't usually see them but enjoy a treat from my childhood now and then.

    By then, I was pooped. I came home and slept. When I woke, I was in a lot of pain so I soaked in Epsom Salts and went back to bed. I wrapped myself up in my softest robe. I had a headache and got up with one too. It could signal the start of another Herx what with these ABX I'm on. It rained during the night so Simon wasn't out there. If it stops, he may come out of his lair to eat his breakfast. I'll leave it out for a while. I'm glad it rained. We are supposed to get more rain today or tomorrow. We need it as we are in our dry season now. The sprinklers will run tonight to get the stuff under the stairwells. Rain is good for all the new plantings. Everything looks so beautiful. I love to just walk around and enjoy it.

    Well, I've written "W&P" here so will close. It's early DST here so am wishing all y'all a very happy day all day long.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning all!

    Mikie, thanks for starting the new porch. Sorry bout my "whine fest" last night on the old porch. Just feeling overwhelmed. Good news is, the new supplement regimin is still holding. Otherwise I'd be crawling home at night. I have found, however, that when dealing with the new Administrator that not backing down seems to be working for me.

    Thank you for the kudos regarding my Vets. I believe their service to our country and selfless dedication of their very lives in pursuit of our freedoms and rights deserves our deepest thanks and respect. The new Vets don't get the ticker-tape parades and big welcome like our WWI and II vets received upon returning home.

    Now all they get is run-down Vet hospitals, no jobs, and minimal, if any, thanks. So very wrong. So very sad. Those boys deserve as much as any other Veteran. The guys that came in to do the catered luncheon were top-notch young men who love their country and respect the old Vets. They were a great testimony to the "brotherhood of service". What I did, I feel was nice, but in no way near enough given what many of them went through, including your family member. My own father too.

    Rock--hope the "blahs" depart soon.

    Granni--Glad to hear you're sticking with the exercise program with your chiro. I know it's a bummer, but kudos for hangin' in there! It's like I tell my residents, "Any movement is good movement". Being proactive about your health is a good thing. Stick with it. You're doing yourself a great service, hard as it may be.

    Jam--I gave up my cable 5 years ago. I got an antenna booster and I get 8 stations. I'm home so little that I don't see much t.v. anyhow. My favorites are Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and The Big Bang Theory. Downton Abbey is outstanding. The rest put me to sleep, which is the reason I watch them. LOL

    Hi Julie! We must have been posting at the same time. Thanks for trying to drag my last post over here. I've never quite figured out how to do that. Thank you.

    To all the other Porchies I may have missed or forgotten to mention, I pray you "feel good" today.
    Love N' hugz
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    Hi everydobby,

    I have hardly been on the computer all day and have so much stuff to do.. I have also been running around with DH to some stores for food and stuff we need and a few things for ourselves for Christmas :)!! We had to go to JCPenneys for regular men's pj's that you hardly see anywhere any more. I a lot of stores including. WM they just have the pants with the drawstring along with T shirt tops. He doesn't even wear undershirts anymore or T shirts. Like the polo type shirts with POCKET:)!! If they don't have one he won't buy.

    I am making a yummy shrimp dish tonight with Bruchetta or roasted red peppers (not the hot ones). I had some left over from the last time and it did not look very good so through it out and went to the store and had to do a grand search for it and got a few other things we will need for the Thanksgiving meal. We will just have 7 here, a very small group. However, we will by a large turnkey anyway as we love it. It will only be our son and wife, and one daughter and her husband and slightly autistic son.

    Julie- sorry you haven't been feeling to well and hope all goes well tomorrow going to Amy's for church and lunch with them and Susan. Hope you don't get any really bad weather coming up now. You certainly do not need any tornadoes, snow , etc. etc. Haven't done any exercises at all today and just the Denneroll thingy yesterday. Now starts the very busy season with practices for the cantata and our small group going to nursing homes and other similar facilities plus our ladies club in December. Busy selling or trying to sell tickets to the cantata before church.

    Need to get off here and do some other stuff , including doing some more work on my Christmas letter. Yes, my list has gotten smaller and smaller. I remember also when I used to write all my letters by hand and send to everyone, no copies, etc. That was before I got sick and before computers, for me anyway.

    Dar - Love that bear and glad you are back or came back for a visit after all your hard work at work. Glad your boss backed down after she spoke to you about ALL the time off you have been supposedly taking - ha ! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    I too have been decorating less and less and only put up our big tree if we will have company. If I can find a small one to put someplace I may do it, a fake one of course. I go from Fall to Christmas in one swoop and just put out a few Christmas decoration that I have upstairs and not under the eves, a pain to get to with the tree ornaments , etc, Maybe next year when our other daughter moves back to TX they will come here and we wil put up the big tree with the lights already on them. I used to have to do all the lights myself and that was a real pain and hard to get just right. Finally got smart and got a tree with the lights on. Now we hardly ever put it up - good grief !

    Hi also to Jam and Mike and everydobby else. Gotta run for now. Wish I could stay but have to much to do right now - ugh !

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    Hi Kids

    Spent most of the day sleeping. Ratbane! This keyboard is a nuisance. One has to hit
    the space bar with a hammer before it will function. I'd buy another but it would probably
    have some similar problem.

    Gordon made meatball soup. My part of the program was to eat a bowl of same. I am pleased
    to report I was able to complete my mission. He went to the library. Brought home more books. There is an endless supply. (James Burke reported 40 years ago that a thousand books are published every day.) No chance of running out of stuff to read.

    Mikie, you have put your finger on one of men's greatest shopping problems. Whether to buy
    a T shirt w/ a pocket or without. If you have a pocket, it spoils the line. But without a pocket
    what do you with your glasses, cigarettes, pens, and personal bric a brac? As our Mexican
    gardner says, "Un bolsillo en una camiseta es un nedessity." Funny, I always thought the
    Spanish word for "pocket" was po ket ah.

    Julie, would like to have seen Lorraine traipsing with her armful of leaves. I don't think I've
    heard anyone use "traipsing" for decades. Just looked up the origin. May have come from
    the French for tresspass. Well, lots of movement words start with "Tr". Travel, trek,
    troop, traverse, trudge, tromp, tread, trip, trombone, Oh No! Ignore that last one. Wrong note.

    Dar, what happened to the piano? Maybe you can find some performers who have a harmonium. (A small organ. You tube has some.) I used to travel with a circuit preacher, but we didn't have to carry a musical instrument with us. Even more convenient is an accordion or a harmonic. Where is the Augustana Flute Choir from? I think there is an Augustana in MN, but the search engine is not cooperating. I used to play the flute in High School. Very badly.

    Gotta go. Between my fingers, my brain, the keyboard and the net, this is all turning out to
    be very difficult. Reaching notes too low for a flute to hit. (Middle C is the bottom unless
    you get a bass flute. There are some super duper bass flutes on Youtube. Some bigger than
    the player.)

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    Lurking, as usual.:cool: I always enjoy everyone's newsy posts. Wish I had some of your "NRG"!!!

    But, Rock is about to ruin my computer...on occasion, I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard with his witticisms. And, finding a "good quality" t-shirt (pocket or not) is like pulling hen's teeth these days. The uniform of the day here is a long-sleeve t-shirt with jeans. And, the wind here can die down here any time it wants...this is day 3 of very high winds. Sigh...

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    So glad to see all the posts. Julie, I see you are still at it, doing so much for your family. Good for you! I hope you are feeling well. My system of shopping is that I buy on sale and never get in a bind where I have to buy something and have no choice but to pay full price, whether it's toilet paper or clothing. We really are hard on our tee shirts, Capris and flip flops down here cause that's about all we wear. So, I never miss a chance to keep fresh inventory coming in. There are the old ones we wear around our condos but then, if we want to go out, we don't want to wear the old, out-of-shape shirts and faded pants. We seldom ever dress up. Barb and I will be going to the theater in Feb. and I will wear actual tailored slacks, jacket and high heels. That's a rarity for me. Thurs. is her birthday so I'm taking her to the Outback for lunch.

    Dar, you weren't whining. Venting is good for the soul and this is the place to let it all out, where we all understand each other's issues. I've heard of a man for all seasons and I think you are a woman for all seasons. I admire the joy and cheer you bring to others. In my book, that's what it's all about.

    Mmmmm, Granni, a yummy shrinp dish. That sounds soooo good. I think my decorating will be limited to a couple of pine swags with white lights around the tops of the two armoires in my living/dining area. I have some teal, dark red, metallic brown, and gold balls with some gold glitter on them to hang on the swags. I'll likely put some kind of centerpiece on the table and, voila, done.

    Jam, I don't have a closet full of a lifetime of clothes. If I did, I wouldn't shop. I do like to have enough clothes so I'm not in a bind to do laundry when I'm not well. I also like to be appropriately dressed. Got that from my Mom. As my things wear out or I no longer want them, they go to Goodwill or another thrift store. I only have so much closet space in my little condo. I hope you find what you're looking for and on sale too. Yes, getting a good deal does give one a lift.

    Rock, I don't like pockets on my tees. I'm not into asymmetrical clothing looks. A pocket on one side of a woman's tee spoils it for me. Of course, I have pockets in my pants and I carry a purse so pocket storage is not a problem. I've seen little pockets on sleeves. Remember when men used to wear white tees and jeans and roll their cigarette packs up in the sleeves? Bad Boy look, like James Dean. Same era as when guys had knobs on their steering wheels to turn them. Some of them had pin up girls on them in various stages of being clothed or unclothed. I guess that and a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror was "the look."

    Windy, you and me both! Rocks wit can be real spit worthy. If y'all like his wit, I suggest you read the "Argyle Sweater" comic he recommended. It reminds me of the old comic, "The Far Side." I loved that one.

    Friday's foray into the world of coupons and sales just about did me in. I slept most of the day yesterday. I have fatigue and an achy bod and don't know why except that I overdid it on the landscaping project. I should have recouperated by now. This morning, I got up and trimmed my hair and showered. I went out on the Balcony for coffee with Barb. Several neighbors stopped by. I'm hoping I'll have enough NRG to clean the kitchen up. The tile floors really need the electric floor scrubber run on them. I love the way it leaves the tile all clean and shiny.

    "The Dark Knight Rises" is on TV. Don't know whether it's worth watching or not. Probably not. I should go get to cleaning before my NRG is completely gone. It doesn't take much to do me in these days. Hope everyone else has a painfree and NRgetic day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Porchies All!

    Julie--How observant you are! I didn't even notice the heart on my bear's foot. I had to go back and look :rolleyes:. Great catch!

    Granni--Glad you liked the bear too. I'm feeling okay generally. Just some tiredness. Resting today after I get off the porch. Me n' my bed have a date. :) I'm looking forward to getting downsized. I'm in the process of dealing with Dawn at the bank to get me out from under this big barn and into a perfect little house in Rock Island 6 blocks from my job.

    I know the home because it belongs to my 83 year old pal Barb. I've eaten dinner there and sloshed down a few glasses of wine here and there with her. She has downsized again and will give me every break she can. She wants me to have her house. She's the closest thing to a Mom I have and I am the closest thing to a daughter she has.

    This home is exactly what I'm looking for and suits all needs. Two car garage, 2 bedrooms, small bath, huge kitchen with center island, humongous living room with fireplace, enclosed front porch, small set of stairs down to laundry facilities, and a 3 season porch with perfect lighting for an art studio for my daughter and I. I can also put my drop-leaf table and chairs out there should we have dinner guests. Totally well maintained, blacktop behind garage and blacktop sidewalk from garage to back door. Small terrace (it's on a corner lot on a hill). Will have to hire my grandson to mow grass. No biggie.

    And, it's small enough to decorate a little. With the sale of my home, I should have plenty to put down on this one, hire movers, and have $ left in the bank. And, I will be able to keep my classic truck instead of having to sell her. Yay!!! Wish me luck.

    Rock--The piano is just old and the tuner says there's nothing more he can do to fix it. It's been used and abused since long before I came to work there.

    OOPS. got company.
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    Hi again all your lurkers and posters:)!!!

    Nice to read your posts from Rock, Windy, Dar, Mikie and Jam ! To pooped right now to post to everyone individually. Probably need to go and get the clothes out of the drier, otherwise they may be in there for a few more days :)!!

    I still like to shop, even just to get out and look but DH is not of that nature and to drag him along when I want to just look around is not fun. I have to laugh and sigh when I see other DH's following their DW of SO around the store, or just patiently sitting there while she shops/or looks. My DH is almost like most typical males who hate to shop unless it is for them and that doesn't last long. I used to shop quite often and just look and maybe have lunch out, even by myself if I could get a friend to go but now I don't have that much occasion to. Plus having one car is a bit of a problem too at times. Lack of real NRG is also in the mix of why I haven't been shopping lately by myself .

    I have to start some of that now with Christmas but thank goodness for gift cards :)! I have already gotten a few things I needed to buy, Need to get a few things before Thanksgiving so I can give #4 daughter her birthday and Christmas when they come for Thanksgiving. Whoops, I need to finish that Christmas letter too,

    So glad to hear from you, DAR finally. Your home sounds lovely from your description, too.

    Julie - I hope you aren't having any bad weather where you are. I have heard about it on line and TV too,, they even postponed a football game ( that doesn't happen to often).

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Julie et al,

    It sounds like a good Thanksgiving plan for you and the Grandpa's. To tell the truth, other than for seeing some of the kids I don't or won't miss the cooking if that will ever happen. Enjoy your "big girl" trip tomorrow. Hope you have fun and get some good results from the chiro. tomorrow. The way I feel I wouldn't drive 3 hours to go to a doctor or chiro unless someone brought me, not sure DH would bring me there either,

    Jam - I know what you mean and really don't go shopping just for me any more. If I go shopping it is for stuff we need and then maybe a side trip for something I may just want. For various reasons, I haven't really done the shopping that I used to enjoy any more or very much, it has been some time. I need to go to WM very soon to pick up some gift cards and a few other things besides some foo d I might need. Other than that, nothing thrilling. I came from a family without to much and so Mom and I did occasionally get out and enjoy doing some shopping and window shopping. Sometimes we got what we wanted or needed and other times not. I lived thousands of miles from my Mom for years so we didn't get to do that unless we lived in the same town. That is when my kids were young and before we moved away. A few times when she came to visit we went shopping together but it wasn't many times except for food and a few things needed. Now it is mostly in and out with DH :)!!

    Spring Water- Hope to hear again from you real soon. Did you ever get that sink in your kitchen :)!!! I surely do hope so.

    Hope to stop in again tomorrow.

    Good night Porchies !!

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    Hi Kids

    Spent much of the day napping. Just woke up from my second nap and went downstairs.
    Gordon said, "I just moved that bag over there and, guess what? I found another bag.
    Not knowing what he was talking about I said, "Oh?" He said, "And it was full too."
    So I said, "What are we talking about?" And he said, "Plastic bags."
    There. Now you have had a glimpse of life at our house. SOL

    Mikie, I don't have lots of clothes either. Never did. Now that I don't go to court, I have only one suit. It's black; suitable for funerals. Maybe mine. LOL I think cremation is the best idea, but Gordon thinks otherwise. I really don't care. And doubt that I will ever know.

    Yes, I remember cigarette packs tucked into T shirt sleeves. Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) did that
    in "Grease". My son was 7 when that movie came out. He commented on same.

    Every other week we saw "Grease" or "Star Wars" for a year. When he was a young adult he said, "I can't believe it's the 20th anniversary of "Grease". I said, "Yup, they go faster and faster. Like Greased Lightning."

    Granni, it's laundry day here too. I did the laundry for decades because I was working half time. Now, with my back having viciously turned on me (interesting mental picture, huh?), I
    can no longer do it, so Gordon is stuck with the job. Sometimes I hum "The Irish Washerwoman" as I walk by the laundry room. HaHa!

    Julie, did you know there are bass trombones as well as bass flutes? You can see them on
    Youtube. And there's an instrument I just found out about that is lower than a trombone.
    Weird lookin' to boot. Can one hear it on Youtube? Absolutely. It's called a cimbasso which looks like a joke, but isn't.

    Jam, I'm not much of a shopper either. The only shopping I ever enjoyed was looking through
    bins of used records. I thought it was like a treasure hunt. Never spent much money either.
    Los Angeles had 3 stores where you could buy used records for bargain prices: 50 cents each or 3 for a dollar. Over the decades I acquired thousands of them.

    Windy, I can't remember where you are. How fierce are the winds in your neck of the woods?
    Today it was 68 in Los Angeles with winds of 8 mph. Enough to make the neighbor's
    palm tree tops sway. There were numerous tornadoes in the news. If I moved back to the
    Mid West I'd be a bit fearful of them. Never even thought about them when I lived there.

    Dar, the house sounds wonderful. Hope all goes smoothly. W/ regard to pianos, I remember
    checking out a CD of piano music several years ago. The music was played on Antonin
    Dvorak's piano which was given to him by the Steinway people a century earlier.

    Just read a book about Liberace. He made lots of money and loved spending it. He owned
    14 grand pianos. Had them scattered about his 6 or 7 mansions in different cities. Various
    writers have said he was a great pianist, but an even better showman.

    Time for some homemade soup for din din. Hugs everybody.
  11. Granniluvsu

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    What kind of soup did Gordon make this time, Rock? You still eating meatball soup or is it something else> I just love all kinds of soups but hate the fuss. However, if I like eating I guess it is best to not stop cooking :)!!! You are lucky that Gordon is such a good cook and likes to do so. I often feel jealous that some friends of mine who husband's loved to cook and mine doesn't. Oh well, at least he doesn't mind grilling some Sundays, usually steaks and sometimes hamburgers. He never got fancy grilling. I usually marinate it first and season then he grills. The steak tonight tasted very good along with leftover mushrooms I had , plus salad and corn. Unfortunately, DH really like portion control as he thought the steak we shared could have been larger. They were so thick and he had most of it anyway.

    Does Gordon have any easy and yummy recipes? Did you used to cook too, when you had too:!!

    Almost time to get ready for nighty night. Hope your soup was yummy Rock. I'll bet it was. I can have soup almost anytime like my Mom. She was a wonderful cook and a great soup maker - everything from scratch of course. Hope to see you guys tomorrow. It will be a very busy day for me. May get on some in the afternoon if I can get the computer from DH while we both dodge the lady that helps me clean sometimes, mostly heavy stuff but she does also dust. I didn't think I could ever or would ever want a cleaning person to help. That was before the crud hit me with a bang. Have a very early chiro appt. I had hoped to go to line dancing but to much other stuff to do.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone,

    Julie, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I think we tend to forget that as we age, we don't bounce back so quickly as we did when we were young. Add in what ails us and it's amazing we can do what we manage to do. I had great hopes of doing some cleaning yesterday but just couldn't do it. Just trimming my hair, showering, putting on makeup and getting dressed was all I could handle. I did spend a good amt. of time on the Balcony talking with neighbors and that was nice. It was one of our friend's birthday. She stops with her little dog, Chewy. He's an adorable older rescue dog. I like the idea of the big family dinner before Christmas. It's not so much pressure all on one day.

    Dar, good luck with your house. It sounds perfect for you. I pray all goes well.

    Jam, I hear ya--it's amazing how our lives change due to our circumstances. Chronic pain really drags a person down. I really don't socialize much except for interacting with my neighbors. In a condo village, one knows most of the people. I am really a homebody and don't want to have to go out except for a meal now and then. The only other times I go out is for my Rx's, groceries or for clothing. BTW, I found those white jeans in my size in "short." I'm 5'4" but can't wear petites because my torso is normal. It's my arms and legs which are short. So, pants usually hang on the floor. To find a pair I can wear right off the rack is truly a find for me. I think that's the appeal of Capris. Wherever they hit is OK. Sweats are usually too hot down here but I love hanging out in my jammie bottoms and a tee shirt. I hope your pain gets better. It's a shame that your surgery left you like this.

    Granni, I had to laugh at your being like a man when it comes to shopping. I was buying my jeans and a couple was at the same table as I, looking at tee shirts. He was teasingly complaining. I said, "Stop complaining." Well, the three of us laughed. How much fun is it to laugh with strangers. She was the one who showed me the tees which feel like a silk blend on sale for $9.99, normally $28.99. I have to send the Wii games to DD to look them over before wrapping them for DGS. Since I got three for the price of two, I can buy him a little something else. None of the rest of us exchange gifts anymore. We donate to charities instead. I'm giving to the local Harry Chapin Food Bank. We've been really hard hit down here and there are a lot of hungry people. The thought of hungry children just tears me up.

    Rock, I don't have a large variety of clothes but do try to keep stocked up on those tees, Capris and flip flops. It takes one more concern off of me. I almost always have something to wear unless I've let the laundry basket get too full. That's the problem with having a large capacity W&D; I know I can wait and do big loads. I told my kids I want to be cremated. I have my Mom's ashes with me and when I go Home, they can do as they please with both Mom's and mine. Mom has a plot in NE next to her first husband and, I think, the kids are planning to have her ashes buried there. I told them to scatter mine wherever they want. No funeral, no frills, nada. I do think doing something, even if it's just saying a few words or offering a toast, is helpful to the survivors. These things can get dragged out too long and actually prevent healing.

    I finally got my new Tracfone activated yesterday (so, I guess it wasn't a total loss of a day). It was actually easy; I did it in one easy phone call. Now, though, I have to borrow Barb's landline to call so they can load my free minutes on the phone. For some reason, it wouldn't hook up to my Wi-Fi but it works on my guest Wi-Fi. It's not encrypted but I doubt anyone cares what I do online on the phone. I only really use my phone to make calls, not read my e-mails or do chores I usually do on my puter. I was delighted to find "Jungle Bells" as a ring tone. I'm getting in the spirit so chose it until after Christmas. The alarm went off right on time last night so I could take my meds and the tone is a nice one, not one which scares one awake. Now, I have the chore of transferring my contacts to the new phone. Oy!

    I love new technology when it works but I hate having to get used to a new electronic gadget. Once I get the phone done, I can learn Windows 8 so I can use my new Surface2. Even as my bod falls apart, I try to keep up with technology, even though I know it's a losing game. At least, we still have art, music and reading. I have a rich inner life and, perhaps, that's why I'm content to be a homebody. Well, that and the fact that I sewed my wild oats long ago :)

    Have a great and pain-free day, everybody.

    Love, Mikie
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everyone

    sorry for being MIA. swamped with work, my lady who helps clean has been down with
    flu for over a week now...and hv been going to monasteries etc in my free time

    elder brother wasnt looking too good when i saw him yesterday...very thin and he
    was feeling poorly today when i called..

    my sink is still to be made. the repairman called to say theyve found the sink i approved
    but i had to tell him to look for the granite first to match the counter since they will
    be breaking some of it...

    the transport has been a problem since elections are tomorrow and miscreants hv been
    putting bombs in buses, i had to shell out rs. 900 for a taxi trip to one of the monasteries
    while it actually costs like 200 .

    i will hv to walk to town tomorrow to our election booth. no transport will be allowed to ply.

    well, take care all

    god bless
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How crazy Julie. I just popped into FB and saw your post to Carla. I didn't even know that she had had the accident. That is how out of it I have been lately. Probably apt to get worst I suspect with the holidays upon us. I really need to go and study my music for the Contata at church in Dec. but wanted to pop in here first. I am so sorry to her that she had the accident and is going through so much afterwards. She surely didn't need any extra problems.

    Good grief, I can't believe your SIL not going to invite you to grandpa's birthday gathering but then again I guess I do. Not going to say much more about it but some people are just like that. It is all about them. Glad the chiro was able to help you and Lindsey. To bad he si so far away from you both.

    Spring Water - Sorry to hear about your brother not feeling very well with all his problems. Hope that will change for the better soon. We have missed you on here, not that I have been on the Porch or boards that much lately myself. It is only going to get worse with all the singing we all have to do. Our director or leader of our small group has been recovering from two knee replacements, not at the exact same time but this last few months. We meet for the first time tomorrow to practice and we do a lot of singing in December. Thinking now of TEACHER who must be busy now with all her school holiday programs. Hope she is doing well. Miss hearing from her it has been some time.

    Our church choir is also getting ready for the Christmas Contata and performance. It is a big deal and our director is so talented and is quite a perfectionist. I really need to go practice :)!!! That will be on the 20th so will have some more time to practice. Now have to get used to the stuff from last year to go around to the Nursing homes and other facilities in the area. Good thing in a way I will not be singing for the chorale society which I could sing at due to a conflict. So, in away I get a break but the music would have been fun - oh well. Have to go turn it in.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all!

    Rock, I realized I never answered your question. The Augustana Flute Choir is from Augustana College here in Rock Island, IL. Re: Piano.............Now the administrator thinks a dietary guy who plays by "ear" will be able to find us a suitable instrument. Oy! We have the opportunity to by the Bookkeeper's keyboard and stand for $150 which has buttons that do all sorts of things like drum rythem, etc......... But the Administrator knows all! I suggested we check the local papers and find someone who is selling a house and needs to divest themselves of one. Or check local music stores for a suitable used piano. But what do I know?

    I must have been more exhausted than I realized. Friday night I slept from around 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m.. Saturday morning. (14 hours). Then played cards Saturday night until 10:30. Went to bed, got up around 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning,(11 1/2 hours), ate half a bowl of cream of wheat, then fell asleep around 11:00 a.m.. Didn't wake until 7:30 p.m. Sunday night, (8 1/2 hours)! Darci brought me soup and crackers, then I fell back to sleep around 8:30 and woke at 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning, (8 1/2 hours). And not one sleeping pill was involved here! I never sleep like that! Not without a sleep aid. And even with a sleep aid, never more than 7 hours, maybe 8 tops in an evening with the odd 3-8 times a night pain or bladder wake ups. Between Friday night, and Monday morning, I slept a total of 42 1/2 hours. No wake ups at all. Oy!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the house. Apparently my mortgage company has really screwed up my info on my credit. So now I have to call them and raise cain! Dawn says she will do everything in her power to help me get it straightened out and says refinancing and selling my home shouldn't be a big problem. Barb says she wants me to have her house so much she doesn't care how long it takes. Even offered to find me an attorney to send my mortgage company a nasty letter. They have all my account numbers wrong, had it as being discharged in a bankruptcy which it never was, and are not showing any of the payments I've been making on both accounts since 2003!!!!! So, they will be the recipients of a scathing phone call first thing tomorrow morning! And boy am I in just the right mood! :mad: I'm still tired. Yawned all day today.

    On that note, I'm off to beddy bye again.
    Love to all! :)
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to a library today. Got a biography of Sweden's greatest opera soprano:
    Birgit Nilsson. She grew up on a farm in Sweden. Sang a lot at the Met in the 1960s.
    I saw her in 1967 as Aida.

    She was invited to the White House twice. L.B. Johnson invited her, but she was in
    Europe giving concerts so that didn't work out. Nixon asked her, but wouldn't allow
    her accompanist to eat dinner with the other guests, so she turned that one down.

    Also got some country western including Patsy Cline live. Gordon got a CD of Carousel
    music. After the library trip he went to China Town. Came back with a daikon raddish and
    a cuttlefish. Gonna make some Asian soup. I am generously letting him have it all.

    Julie, how much apple butter did you make? I finally tasted some. My brother in MN sent
    me a box of sweet stuff including apple butter from a place called McGregor, MN.
    Never heard of McGregor, MN before. Looked it up on the net. It's pretty small. (400 pop.)
    I guess the original settler was Scottish, but I didn't see anything to that effect. They did have
    some guys in a parade wearing kilts though. That's a clue, huh? And they had great pics starting in 1905 right up to the present. I never saw a log cabin church before. And this
    little town had a Sears. Only it was a cafe, not a dept. store. Ha Ha!

    Anyhoo, I am sorry to report the apple butter was wretched. Even though "apple" was the first
    ingreediment listed, the stuff had no apple taste at all. Just sugar and cinnamon. What a

    Dar, that was some sleep marathon you had. Reminds me of Wagner's heroine Brunhilde that
    Birgit Nilsson often sang. Wagner's Ring cycle had 4 operas. Brunhilde gets put to sleep at
    the end of one opera and sleeps until Act 3 of the next one. All the while protected by a
    ring of fire. (The props do not include an electric blanket.)

    Good luck with getting the credit data straightened out. It seems to me almost everyone is
    incompetent today. And doesn't care either. Uff-da!

    Granni, what cantata is your choir going to sing? Do you ever do Bach cantatas? He
    wrote hundreds. Most of them were written to be performed during a church service so
    aren't very long. You could do two of them at one concert. Sort of Bach to Bach.

    Gotta go. Been whacking away at the keyboard for over an hour. Hugs everydobby.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to everydobby.

    Need to go and at least lie on my Denneroll for 20 minutes or so. Not sure I will get to anything else as I have our first singing group practice since our leader had her second knee replacement. In a couple of weeks we will start our marathon of singing all over the area, not to far away but far enough for me. We go to different Senior facilities, nursing homes, assistant livings, and will even sing some this December to our ladies luncheon which we haven't done for years.

    Have been rushing around, making lists, doing washes, and DH is putting on new brushed nickel knobs to go on our kitchen cabinets to match the faucets, sinks, etc. Also got handles for the doors and others were for the drawers. Looking good so far. The others were in such bad shape, not to new for sure.

    Rock - How did I miss the Bach to Bach contatas quip :)?? Very good !!!! The Contatas are newer ones. One is a Gloria and the other is Sing For Joy and I don't remember the composers. Would have to look them up. More later on that, if I remember.

    Dar, Mikie, Julie and all the rest of you - Hope you are all feeling as good as can be expected or should I say better than that :)?? Have been bad with my exercises . I just fit a few in during the day as I go along, if I remember. I am just getting tired of thinking everything that will be going on this holiday season. Just to remember to remind myself to pace, but how do I do that :)??.

    Yay, my font came out bigger !!! I have just started to experiment. Most of the time I leave it the way it is.

    Love to awl,
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Springwater, sorry about your brother and all the mess with the elections going on.

    Julie, thanks for the news on Carla, even if it isn't good news. We wonder and worry about our MIA. Hope your celebration with GPA is a good one.

    Dar, glad you got some sleep. You musta really needed it.

    Rock, I love Patsy Cline. I have several of her CD's. I am not a big fan of apple butter but love William Sonoma's pumpkin butter with pecans. I wait til after Thanksgiving when they put it on sale at half price.

    Called the doc and said I can't continue taking the ABX. I'm vomiting and having severe diarrhea. Nurse called to tell me to stop taking it and just wait to see what happens. I see him in Jan. and am keeping my fingers crossed that the UTI doesn't come back.

    After condo mtg. Barb and I stopped at Lowe's and I got my fridge water/ice filter and a new pad for my Balcony chair. I wanted to use my $10 coupon before it expires. We stopped to pick up ink cartridges for my printer and hopped on over to Home Depot where I got the last of the plants for the other end of the bldg. We stopped at a little café, The Pizza Pub. They have lunch specials for $5. I had linguini and sausage.

    When we got home, Julie was home so we went over to see the cats. Tweety looked so surprised and a bit confused. Both of them loved getting some attention from their old Auntie Mikie. I swear they are both getting bigger from living inside. Julie's place looks like mine did when I had the cats--toys and sleeping pads all over the place. I'm so happy she is giving them such a loving home.

    I've been getting used to my new TracFone but am flummoxed when I try to launch the browser. It keeps asking for my Cisco password. Well, I have no Cisco password and it is impossible to e-mail or talk to anyone in person at TF. I have loved getting my phone service so cheap but the lack of customer service sucks. I understand I can call HSN, where I got the phone and they may be able to help. I hope so. I want to get the phone up and working so I can learn how to use Windows 8. BTW, the kid at the computer store got the Windows phone and he loves it.

    I didn't take my ABX last night and already feel better. I think it was really making me sick. I slept all day yesterday. Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  19. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    Haven't been on much lately....but just kinda got caught up with reading what everyone was up to...been busy getting everything ready for winter up here on my ridge....just living quietly with the dogs....pretty much keep to myself for the most part, except to go to work, and the usual boring errands.

    Sorry I can't reply to each of you, but that would take forever....Mikie--I hear you about the TracFone non-existent customer service....I had a TF for years, and just last year switched to Verizon, only because they cut me a pretty good deal on the phone/mobile hotspot package I have....that's my only 2 options for hi-speed up here....Dish (no way in 'L'), or the Verizon mobile hotspot...I only get so much bandwidth a month, but I very rarely go over, and it's fast as heck so I'm not complaining....

    Just wanted to pop in to say 'hey'....was just thinking back over the past year, and how many changes there have been in my life....just blows my mind...but kinda amused that I've gotten more 'projects' done over the past year by myself...with very minimal help....than got done in the last 5 years of being married...interesting, to say the least...

    Anyhow...didn't mean to blather on so much, but that's what happens when I sit in front of a keyboard...character flaw, I guess....That, and I've been having some computer issues....so I ripped my computer apart, replaced some parts, and cleaned up some others, and think I'm good to go now...

    Later, y'all... >^.^<
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - So glad you are feeling better since not taking your abx. Nice also that you got to see your babies (meow) - those kitties. I know they were happy to see you too besides you seeing them. Just wanted to pop in to see if I was missing something with any of you dear Porchies.

    Julie - Hope you get to have a nice dinner or lunch with your dad. I missed all of that as they lived many states away from me for about 30 years or so.

    Paulac7 - Hi there , it does sound like you are doing pretty good with your computer. I couldn't even try and take anything apart on my computer. God knows what it would be like then and I surely doubt that I could put it back to gether again :)! A techie I am NOT. My DS is and works in and on computers and knows a lot about security. I usually call him when I have problems but he doesn't live to close and he is SO very busy with work and all. Glad you popped in and sounds like you are doing well.

    Hi also to SW, so glad you could pop in for a bit. Sorry it is taking so long for you to get your new sink. What a bummer ):!!

    Diane- I have been missing you . I guess you have been some of the game threads. I am lucky to make the Porch. Hope you are doing well and feeling OK.

    Gotta run for now and try and do some practicing for my Christmas church performance. I have been so bad about that, as well as other things, like exercising.:oops:

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)