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    Good Monday evening! Long day, but the chiro was able to help both me and Lindsey. She had to stop for groceries on the way home, so I picked up Chinese for me and Den for supper.

    David took the day off to watch the kids, and it seems as though they got along fine. Some of the groceries were cupcake-baking supplies, so he could do some baking...yes, he is a man of many talents.

    Springwater, I have been wondering where you've been! I am so sorry your brother doesn't seem to be doing well. I'm waiting to hear from my brother again in a couple weeks...in regards to what treatment may be available for my sis-in-law.

    Hi to Granni, Mikie, Rock and everyone...I am pretty tired and plan to just take it easy the rest of the evening.

    Saw a post from Carla on facebook...she is having lots of problems yet, from her car accident. It has affected her memory and just "thinking" in general...

    I will check in tomorrow when I have more energy...
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    How crazy Julie. I just popped into FB and saw your post to Carla. I didn't even know that she had had the accident. That is how out of it I have been lately. Probably apt to get worst I suspect with the holidays upon us. I really need to go and study my music for the Contata at church in Dec. but wanted to pop in here first. I am so sorry to her that she had the accident and is going through so much afterwards. She surely didn't need any extra problems.

    Good grief, I can't believe your SIL not going to invite you to grandpa's birthday gathering but then again I guess I do. Not going to say much more about it but some people are just like that. It is all about them. Glad the chiro was able to help you and Lindsey. To bad he si so far away from you both.

    Spring Water - Sorry to hear about your brother not feeling very well with all his problems. Hope that will change for the better soon. We have missed you on here, not that I have been on the Porch or boards that much lately myself. It is only going to get worse with all the singing we all have to do. Our director or leader of our small group has been recovering from two knee replacements, not at the exact same time but this last few months. We meet for the first time tomorrow to practice and we do a lot of singing in December. Thinking now of TEACHER who must be busy now with all her school holiday programs. Hope she is doing well. Miss hearing from her it has been some time.

    Our church choir is also getting ready for the Christmas Contata and performance. It is a big deal and our director is so talented and is quite a perfectionist. I really need to go practice :)!!! That will be on the 20th so will have some more time to practice. Now have to get used to the stuff from last year to go around to the Nursing homes and other facilities in the area. Good thing in a way I will not be singing for the chorale society which I could sing at due to a conflict. So, in away I get a break but the music would have been fun - oh well. Have to go turn it in.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi all!

    Rock, I realized I never answered your question. The Augustana Flute Choir is from Augustana College here in Rock Island, IL. Re: Piano.............Now the administrator thinks a dietary guy who plays by "ear" will be able to find us a suitable instrument. Oy! We have the opportunity to by the Bookkeeper's keyboard and stand for $150 which has buttons that do all sorts of things like drum rythem, etc......... But the Administrator knows all! I suggested we check the local papers and find someone who is selling a house and needs to divest themselves of one. Or check local music stores for a suitable used piano. But what do I know?

    I must have been more exhausted than I realized. Friday night I slept from around 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m.. Saturday morning. (14 hours). Then played cards Saturday night until 10:30. Went to bed, got up around 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning,(11 1/2 hours), ate half a bowl of cream of wheat, then fell asleep around 11:00 a.m.. Didn't wake until 7:30 p.m. Sunday night, (8 1/2 hours)! Darci brought me soup and crackers, then I fell back to sleep around 8:30 and woke at 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning, (8 1/2 hours). And not one sleeping pill was involved here! I never sleep like that! Not without a sleep aid. And even with a sleep aid, never more than 7 hours, maybe 8 tops in an evening with the odd 3-8 times a night pain or bladder wake ups. Between Friday night, and Monday morning, I slept a total of 42 1/2 hours. No wake ups at all. Oy!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the house. Apparently my mortgage company has really screwed up my info on my credit. So now I have to call them and raise cain! Dawn says she will do everything in her power to help me get it straightened out and says refinancing and selling my home shouldn't be a big problem. Barb says she wants me to have her house so much she doesn't care how long it takes. Even offered to find me an attorney to send my mortgage company a nasty letter. They have all my account numbers wrong, had it as being discharged in a bankruptcy which it never was, and are not showing any of the payments I've been making on both accounts since 2003!!!!! So, they will be the recipients of a scathing phone call first thing tomorrow morning! And boy am I in just the right mood! :mad: I'm still tired. Yawned all day today.

    On that note, I'm off to beddy bye again.
    Love to all! :)
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    Hi Kids

    We went to a library today. Got a biography of Sweden's greatest opera soprano:
    Birgit Nilsson. She grew up on a farm in Sweden. Sang a lot at the Met in the 1960s.
    I saw her in 1967 as Aida.

    She was invited to the White House twice. L.B. Johnson invited her, but she was in
    Europe giving concerts so that didn't work out. Nixon asked her, but wouldn't allow
    her accompanist to eat dinner with the other guests, so she turned that one down.

    Also got some country western including Patsy Cline live. Gordon got a CD of Carousel
    music. After the library trip he went to China Town. Came back with a daikon raddish and
    a cuttlefish. Gonna make some Asian soup. I am generously letting him have it all.

    Julie, how much apple butter did you make? I finally tasted some. My brother in MN sent
    me a box of sweet stuff including apple butter from a place called McGregor, MN.
    Never heard of McGregor, MN before. Looked it up on the net. It's pretty small. (400 pop.)
    I guess the original settler was Scottish, but I didn't see anything to that effect. They did have
    some guys in a parade wearing kilts though. That's a clue, huh? And they had great pics starting in 1905 right up to the present. I never saw a log cabin church before. And this
    little town had a Sears. Only it was a cafe, not a dept. store. Ha Ha!

    Anyhoo, I am sorry to report the apple butter was wretched. Even though "apple" was the first
    ingreediment listed, the stuff had no apple taste at all. Just sugar and cinnamon. What a

    Dar, that was some sleep marathon you had. Reminds me of Wagner's heroine Brunhilde that
    Birgit Nilsson often sang. Wagner's Ring cycle had 4 operas. Brunhilde gets put to sleep at
    the end of one opera and sleeps until Act 3 of the next one. All the while protected by a
    ring of fire. (The props do not include an electric blanket.)

    Good luck with getting the credit data straightened out. It seems to me almost everyone is
    incompetent today. And doesn't care either. Uff-da!

    Granni, what cantata is your choir going to sing? Do you ever do Bach cantatas? He
    wrote hundreds. Most of them were written to be performed during a church service so
    aren't very long. You could do two of them at one concert. Sort of Bach to Bach.

    Gotta go. Been whacking away at the keyboard for over an hour. Hugs everydobby.

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    Just popping in to say a quick "hi"....will be home all day, so hope to get some things caught up...nothing exciting, just dishes and laundry, etc. Will watch the twins sometime late afternoon or evening, so Lindsey can go with Lorraine to preschool parent/teacher conference.

    Rock, I didn't end up making any apple butter at all. Had found a crockpot recipe that I wanted to try, but got so tied up with the applesauce and dried apple rings...never got around to the apple butter. Would have been nice if you could taste some apple in the jar your brother sent...

    Bach to Bach cantatas, lol! My coffee-spitting belly laugh for the day :D

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    A quick HI to everydobby.

    Need to go and at least lie on my Denneroll for 20 minutes or so. Not sure I will get to anything else as I have our first singing group practice since our leader had her second knee replacement. In a couple of weeks we will start our marathon of singing all over the area, not to far away but far enough for me. We go to different Senior facilities, nursing homes, assistant livings, and will even sing some this December to our ladies luncheon which we haven't done for years.

    Have been rushing around, making lists, doing washes, and DH is putting on new brushed nickel knobs to go on our kitchen cabinets to match the faucets, sinks, etc. Also got handles for the doors and others were for the drawers. Looking good so far. The others were in such bad shape, not to new for sure.

    Rock - How did I miss the Bach to Bach contatas quip :)?? Very good !!!! The Contatas are newer ones. One is a Gloria and the other is Sing For Joy and I don't remember the composers. Would have to look them up. More later on that, if I remember.

    Dar, Mikie, Julie and all the rest of you - Hope you are all feeling as good as can be expected or should I say better than that :)?? Have been bad with my exercises . I just fit a few in during the day as I go along, if I remember. I am just getting tired of thinking everything that will be going on this holiday season. Just to remember to remind myself to pace, but how do I do that :)??.

    Yay, my font came out bigger !!! I have just started to experiment. Most of the time I leave it the way it is.

    Love to awl,
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    Springwater, sorry about your brother and all the mess with the elections going on.

    Julie, thanks for the news on Carla, even if it isn't good news. We wonder and worry about our MIA. Hope your celebration with GPA is a good one.

    Dar, glad you got some sleep. You musta really needed it.

    Rock, I love Patsy Cline. I have several of her CD's. I am not a big fan of apple butter but love William Sonoma's pumpkin butter with pecans. I wait til after Thanksgiving when they put it on sale at half price.

    Called the doc and said I can't continue taking the ABX. I'm vomiting and having severe diarrhea. Nurse called to tell me to stop taking it and just wait to see what happens. I see him in Jan. and am keeping my fingers crossed that the UTI doesn't come back.

    After condo mtg. Barb and I stopped at Lowe's and I got my fridge water/ice filter and a new pad for my Balcony chair. I wanted to use my $10 coupon before it expires. We stopped to pick up ink cartridges for my printer and hopped on over to Home Depot where I got the last of the plants for the other end of the bldg. We stopped at a little café, The Pizza Pub. They have lunch specials for $5. I had linguini and sausage.

    When we got home, Julie was home so we went over to see the cats. Tweety looked so surprised and a bit confused. Both of them loved getting some attention from their old Auntie Mikie. I swear they are both getting bigger from living inside. Julie's place looks like mine did when I had the cats--toys and sleeping pads all over the place. I'm so happy she is giving them such a loving home.

    I've been getting used to my new TracFone but am flummoxed when I try to launch the browser. It keeps asking for my Cisco password. Well, I have no Cisco password and it is impossible to e-mail or talk to anyone in person at TF. I have loved getting my phone service so cheap but the lack of customer service sucks. I understand I can call HSN, where I got the phone and they may be able to help. I hope so. I want to get the phone up and working so I can learn how to use Windows 8. BTW, the kid at the computer store got the Windows phone and he loves it.

    I didn't take my ABX last night and already feel better. I think it was really making me sick. I slept all day yesterday. Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Haven't been on much lately....but just kinda got caught up with reading what everyone was up to...been busy getting everything ready for winter up here on my ridge....just living quietly with the dogs....pretty much keep to myself for the most part, except to go to work, and the usual boring errands.

    Sorry I can't reply to each of you, but that would take forever....Mikie--I hear you about the TracFone non-existent customer service....I had a TF for years, and just last year switched to Verizon, only because they cut me a pretty good deal on the phone/mobile hotspot package I have....that's my only 2 options for hi-speed up here....Dish (no way in 'L'), or the Verizon mobile hotspot...I only get so much bandwidth a month, but I very rarely go over, and it's fast as heck so I'm not complaining....

    Just wanted to pop in to say 'hey'....was just thinking back over the past year, and how many changes there have been in my life....just blows my mind...but kinda amused that I've gotten more 'projects' done over the past year by myself...with very minimal help....than got done in the last 5 years of being married...interesting, to say the least...

    Anyhow...didn't mean to blather on so much, but that's what happens when I sit in front of a keyboard...character flaw, I guess....That, and I've been having some computer issues....so I ripped my computer apart, replaced some parts, and cleaned up some others, and think I'm good to go now...

    Later, y'all... >^.^<
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    Mikie - So glad you are feeling better since not taking your abx. Nice also that you got to see your babies (meow) - those kitties. I know they were happy to see you too besides you seeing them. Just wanted to pop in to see if I was missing something with any of you dear Porchies.

    Julie - Hope you get to have a nice dinner or lunch with your dad. I missed all of that as they lived many states away from me for about 30 years or so.

    Paulac7 - Hi there , it does sound like you are doing pretty good with your computer. I couldn't even try and take anything apart on my computer. God knows what it would be like then and I surely doubt that I could put it back to gether again :)! A techie I am NOT. My DS is and works in and on computers and knows a lot about security. I usually call him when I have problems but he doesn't live to close and he is SO very busy with work and all. Glad you popped in and sounds like you are doing well.

    Hi also to SW, so glad you could pop in for a bit. Sorry it is taking so long for you to get your new sink. What a bummer ):!!

    Diane- I have been missing you . I guess you have been some of the game threads. I am lucky to make the Porch. Hope you are doing well and feeling OK.

    Gotta run for now and try and do some practicing for my Christmas church performance. I have been so bad about that, as well as other things, like exercising.:oops:

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Tuesday evening...only have a minute, but just wanted to say Hi to Paulac...glad things are going well for you.

    Mikie, glad you feel better after stopping the ABX...hope you do okay until you get to see the doc again.

    Granni, you are in full swing with music rehearsals...lots of fun, I'm sure and I know people must appreciate it.

    I ended up watching all three kids while Lindsey and David went to Lorraine's parent/teacher conference. They had gotten Lorraine ready to go, but she was crying that she wanted to just stay home with Grandma.

    I had a tator tot casserole made and just put it in Lindsey's oven, so supper was ready when they got back. I stayed and helped Lindsey with baths, then Lorraine just got very desperate and crying to go home with me and have a "sleepover." So, I packed up her pillow and blanket, nebulizer, etc. and she is here now, watching a Dora video. I guess we will sleep on a mattress on the living room floor...and hope she doesn't get much worse.

    So....this may change our plans with Gpa for tomorrow (a day before his birthday)...might just wait till I know it's "safe" and he won't be around anybody who is sick.

    Gotta go and rockabye...
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    I see we are getting to the end so I will go on over and start a new volume...