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    Porch light # 738

    Sorry....as u can see computer glitch

    Pls come here n make yourselves at home...come in from the rain..heat..wherever and just tuck into the buffet of sandwiches , cold drinks, and cupcakes (Sun's) :)

    Sun - lovely to see you and your beautiful GDs..n those cupcakes look so professional..you seem to hv done in a day what I would in a week..in my present state of energy ...I envy you

    Granni - will be good when your DD and family finally move in..exciting! Oh dear , I wish u hadn't fallen but thank goodness not much pain..it's still rani g here but I don't mind

    Julie - that was funny of Lorraine a big girl she is getting to be..
    You sound very chipper..that was nice to see..Oreo seems happy..Den must be so happy

    Diane - good to hear the update on Beety..I too look forward when all her procedures are over with and you and Kevin can relax

    Mikie ...my cousin from India is doing the same Deepak Chopra Oprah meditations..she was recommending I do it..says it calms her down...I'm too scattered just now to do it but I will try and at least listen to them as my coz suggested

    I'm doing some other things..visualisations n mantras pertaining to what I'm dealing with

    Joan ...I hope you are feeling a little recovered from the shock..my prayers to you and family...

    Rock...I hope you're doing okay..must be hot in la

    I nipped out for a bit went down to the temple and replenished my stock of incense. Scarves. Had tea n muffin in a lil outlet from where it could watch the pilgrims perambulating and feeding pigeons. Shopkeepers chatting idly. They sell curios. Paintings. Crystals. Incense. Prayer beads. It drizzled a little but I liked it. Lit lamps for souls of departed and then went home

    Felt rejuvenated all take care

    God bless
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    Hi, Porchies, I updated the titles of the Porches but it may not show up on your screens. I think it is a good idea to refresh the page each time we come here as it can take time for posts and changes to show up otherwise.

    Springwater, thanks for starting a new one for us. It was time. I think meditation, like prayer, is a personal thing, like our personal relationships with God. I am open to trying new things and am getting a lot out of the Oprah/Chopra meditations. They have done a lot to relieve any anxiety I've had recently due to lots of illness/injury/body problems and doctor bills, mostly doctor bills :) I'm also reading a book, "Whispers," written by a pastor on how God talks to us. I've always just tried to clear my mind in case God wants to say something. If my mind is quiet, I'm more likely to hear Him and I have heard Him. I've also heard Him in the middle of a store so, I guess, if He wants to tell me something, He'll find a way. Glad to hear your cousin is also getting the calming benefit. It's worth its weight in gold. Deepak has his own website where you can hear meditations for free all the time.

    Granni, here I am telling you how not to lose your posts and I lost a big chunk of mine! Irony on steroids! I'm so sorry you fell. I've had osteopenia in my left hip for years and the bone loss is slow. I can't take calcium. Does the strontium citrate have any calcium in it? I know that boron is another bone-healthy mineral. I use pink Himilayan salt which is rich in trace minerals. I get it on Dr. Mercola's site. I am due for full x-rays at the dentist and likely perio cleaning too. AACK!!! I've been brushing well and using my Water Pik with the perio tip. I also have a hard rubber thing I rub my gums with to help toughen them and bring more blood flow to them. More medical bills! Another AACK!!! I think that step should be fixed before someone else falls. Take care of your bones, my friend.

    Julie, from what my psychic told me, our beloved pets' spirits visit us. Maybe yours will to help Oreo and the kitties. When DGS was still in his highchair, he pointed to one spot on the floor and said, "Doggie." Then, he pointed to another spot and said, "Doggie." DD had just lost both her beloved chows. They say babies and young children can see these things. The chows would always sit on the floor near anyone eating, hoping for a dropped tidbit. I think vans are the best thing which ever happened for families. If I didn't have an SUV, I'd likely drive a van, one with flexible seating and storage.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you have a sore shoulder. If a shoulder is sore after doing something, it usually is from an inflamed tendon and/or muscle. Rest and ice is best in the beginning for a few days. Take anti-inflammatories if you can. You can take up to 800 mgs. of ibuprophen three times a day but it upset my stomach. I took the 800 with breakfast and then 400 once or twice during the day. After the first few days, you can apply heat if it helps. Also, rub-on products help a lot. I like Ben Gay. If you use one with NSAIDS in it, remember to include that in your total anti-inflammatory dose maximum. There are exercises on You Tube. The first few days, just lean on something, or lie on the bed, so the arm is hanging free. Just let the arm swing like a pendulum. You don't have to do much of this. If everything is doing well, check out the other gentle exercises. Don't do any by any of the big brute body builders. There are good ones from physical therapists and docs. They are easy and gentle. If the shoulder doesn't get better, see the doc. Good luck. BTW, your DGD is beautiful and so are her cupcakes. Little Martha Stewart indeed! I'm partial to redheads. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, Diane, I had so hoped poor little Beety would be well enough for her surgery. I'm glad she is keeping her weight up. I hope these ABX clear up this stubborn infection. Sylvester and Tweety were up at 3:30 and wanting in. I put them out on the lanai early so, I guess, they figure they should come in early. I give them a few treats and I put some milk out for them today. Both lapped it up. I have to use Lactaid so we all seem to be able to tolerate it. I try to give them lots of love when they come in. Both had their tummies scratched and seemed to love it. I have a little rubber ball I use for squeezing to keep my hands strong. It has little points on it and is excellent for myofacial release. I ran it down the cats' backs and they murmured little moans of ecstasy. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a beloved, spoiled kitty. Sending up a prayer for Beety.

    Barry, glad you are enjoying a new book. I often start a book and, if I don't get back to it, I have to start reading it all over again. I've been sick or injured so long that, by now, my memory is shot. Come back when you can to post more.

    Tues., I took a friend to the doc for her sciatica. She was so bad that she had to use a walker. She ended up in the ER where they had to give her a shot of Fentenyl (likely misspelling). Another good friend lives upstairs so she will watch out for her. Today, I take a friend in for the shot in her eye. She has wet macular degeneration. Talked to Barb and will pick her up from the airport next Tues. One of these days, I need to clean my condo.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I was gonna start a new thread yesterday, but the electronic gremlins wouldn't let me.
    I had to sign in to the board twice. But even then I couldn't find the magic spot where
    one can open a new thread.

    Granni, I had my own fall yesterday. Well, actually I was savagely attacked by an
    inanimate object. This is an old house (1926). Don't know when the kitchen lineolum
    was installed. Anyhoo there are metal strips in the kitchen doorways to hold it in
    place. And these strips are held in place by screws.

    Yesterday one of them caught one of my slippers that Gordon knitted and yanked
    me backwards. I fell on my sacro-you-know-what. Just lay on the floor for five
    minutes thinking two things: "Ouch!" and "With my bad back I'm now probably
    crippled for life." Howsomever, I took a nap, and when I woke up my back was fine.
    As Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh In, "Ungebeliegable!"

    BTW, if your DD buys that house, the entrance better be modified or there will be
    a potential lawsuit every time a guest comes over.

    Mikie, I don't know how you have the energy to post with all the other stuff you do.
    That's very sweet of you to take friends to the doc.

    Sunflower, nice pics. Your granddaughter is a cutey. Speaking of a potential Martha
    Stewart, I read a bio of an actress recently who ordered fancy French cupcakes from
    a caterer. The cupcakes were delicious but late, and the gal preparing them was
    not user friendly. Yes, it was M. S. before she became famous. Of course, like
    all show biz stories this has to be taken with a large dose of salt or salt substitute.
    (So Marthla, if you're reading this, don't sue me. HaHA!)

    Julie, sounds like you are getting more rest these days; not running around doing
    for others so much. I hope that's accurate. Just read another book where the
    author was a graduate of the U. of Iowa's writers workshop. The grads and faculty
    have won dozens of Pulitzer Prizes and sold lots of books.

    Diane, hope you and Kevin and the kitties are OK. I wonder if Beety and Tweety
    would hit it off.

    Joan, sorry to hear about your dear son in law. Just read a book on the art
    in cemeteries. The author says it helps to give comfort to the grieving and provide
    help in dealing with our mortality. He also says it is disappearing as old
    monuments are lost to age and weathering and sometimes vandalism. And more
    folks are being cremated rather than buried. And many modern cemeteries do
    not allow tombstones, statutes, etc.

    Gotta go, can't sit any longer.
    Hugs, Rock
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    Hi everybody!

    Granni, hope the new digs go well! And, yes, the Government took forever to get my refund straightened out, but I finally got it.

    Diane, Good luck to you and Beety.

    Mikie, thanks for the advice. I do have a prescription card that makes the meds easier to swallow. (Pardon the pun).

    Joan, my condolences re: your Son-in-law.

    Sun, Neat Pics. Your granddaughter is adorable!

    Rock, gotta watch those "seemingly" inanimate objects. The leg of my black Chinese carved wooden chest jumped right out and "bit" my big toe just a night ago. "Ouch"!

    Barry, Hi! Hope you're doing okay.

    Spring, haven't seen too many of your posts, hope you are well.

    Julie, thank you for the "uplifting". I needed that.

    Thank all of you.

    I am happy to say that within a few days of being back on all my supplements, I am much less tired, sleeping better, (without ambien!), and have a little more energy. The Chiro visits helped a lot. Am not optimum, but will be making visit to G.P. soon to see about changing thyroid med and some other things that really aren't helping but doing a fine job of messing up my teeth!

    My son, Chris, is doing exceedingly well. Since he first went to see my surgeon and I put him on his "special diet", he's lost 20 lbs. in 10 weeks. If he continues at this rate the doc says we may be able to skip the bariatric surgery and just have to do the hernia surgery.

    I will have to watch him closely. It'll take him roughly a year to take off the weight he needs to lose and the hernia could burst or strangulate at any time. He is doing marvelously well. The pain is the hardest thing.

    The muscle relaxers they gave him don't do a thing but make him sleepy. When I take him in in two weeks, I'm going to ask the surgeon for something for the pain for him. He needs it. Some days he is in so much pain you can just see it in his face. He doesn't complain, but it's there. If I ask, he does admit to it.

    My daughter, Darci, is not so great. 6 calls to the paramedics in a week and a half and two hospital stays. Her blood sugars are all over the road map again! 2 of the calls to the EMT's were made from my house when she went funky. Twice, Chad has come home to find her face down and out cold in bed a sweaty wet mess. We think during one of those episodes she had a seizure, (due to the bruises she had upon waking).

    I told her not to wait for her scheduled appt. with the endocrinologist. Call him and tell him what's been happening and DEMAND the glucose pump. He knows she needs it. Has admitted that if present treatment didn't work he'd have to consider it. Welllllllll!!!!!!! I think it's time before the diabetes kills her!!!

    Gotta go. My break is over at work. Love to all!

    Dar :)
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    Dar: that's great that your son is losing! But not that he's in so much pain. And your poor daughter. Such a WORRY to you, and the whole family. She definitely needs big time HELP. I'm going to add your family to my list of people to pray for. It just seems to get longer and longer and I realize I need to write these names down. My brain is in such overload!!!!!!

    I spent ANOTHER frustrating 45 min. on the phone today with the bank. My DH made a lot of payments online, but because he's now gone things were changed with the bank and when I tried to make a payment today it wouldn't accept the password. Talk about frustrating and wanting to cry. I had to call Verizon and ask for a paper bill from now on, as with all the rest of the utilities, etc.

    Two days ago my internet email address was going to be turned off (what! I need that!!!!) because the $5.95 a month wasn't paid. Well, that's because discover card shut his card down, thanks to being notified by SS that he died. This caused a chain reaction. So I spent about an hr. on the phone with them, trying to get it rectified. And for all of you out there who has a husband or someone else that does all the bills, etc. be sure to get a paper bill from now on from every place. My words of wisdom. And when I run low on checks I'm going to get my DD added to my checking account in case she needs to pay some bills. My mom added my name to everything she owned, and I was able to take over all her bills, etc. It made things so easy when she passed away. I thought everything was OK at our house but it's now been a month since he passed and there are still important things that need to be done. For one thing......I didn't order enough death certificates so had to do that on monday.
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    Dear Porchies,

    Just another short one since I need to go get ready for the dentist. I hope what I am feeling in a needed re filling of a tooth and not a cap. DH already needs a cap which means more $. At this rate I may never get my shower enclosure door ):!! It keeps on getting pushed back due to something else.

    Hope I can drive OK to the fall I took yesterday. It is much better but still painful when I move my arms a certain way. My hand hurts too since I also fell on it. I have been waiting and will take some Ibuprofen a little before I leave. DH is at a luncheon meeting today. He would have canceled if I had asked him oo but thought I would be OK
    for that distance.

    Sun - So sorry you are still having all these problems since your DH's passing. Just what you do not need, I know. Hope things get straightened out real soon.

    Dar - You surely do have your hands full don't you. So sorry to hear about your daughter Darci that must be awful scary. Our son has epilepsy and is on constant meds. I have seen his seizures and they can be very scary. Best thing is to make sure they do not hurt themselves or fall out of bed or bump their heads, etc. Our so hit his eye when he was up a college and couldn't wear his contacts for along time. Not sure if can wear them now. Glad your son Chris is doing much better.

    MIkie - I am lucky I think I didn't break anything and I am guessing that it may be due the Strontium Citrate I have been taking. Not sure that would be very easy to fix ( that small step up) but I is u to them. I will try and remember to look down every time I go in there. Hope you are doing much better. Forgive as I have been scanning everyone's posts very quickly today.

    Diane - Try and rest after all your chases and trying to go through this 3x a day to give Beety her meds. Yu both need a vacation :)!! Thinking of you all. Yes those kitties can find some pretty neat (for them) hiding places.

    Hugs to all inc also to Joan, Spring Water and Rock.

    Need to get off and starting ready to go to the dentist.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yay, I am back and glad that I didn't have to get a crown or anything. It was apparently some enamel that had worn or broke off.. The doctor said he could even it out some and so he did. It is s till there but not as ragged edges, I guess. My tongue goes right to the place. Got a good cleaning so that is done until sometime in Dec. DH goes tomorrow to start the workings for a crown. More bills - ):!! Just seems like everything comes at once and they were big items. OH, the driving there wasn't to bad but glad I didn't have to do a lot of turning with my left arm.. Used my rt. arm as much as possible.

    Julie - Just like someone else said, I hope that you are getting some much needed rest and time to do your own things. You have put so much of your own stuff off for the kids and mowing other peoples lawn. Glad you have cut back and at least doing what you need to do and some for the kids when needed. Hope you have even been ablae to take some naps :)!! even if they are power naps. I can't do those/ It is either crash or nothing :)!!!

    We are going to try and figure out what to have for dinner tonight - something easy and simple. So I need to go and try and figure out what it is.

    Gotta run for now. Thinking of you all especially those of you with special family problems and dealing with deaths happening at this time. Yay, I do not have to go anywhere tomorrow. Need to go soon to WM or maybe HEB for stuff I cannot get at Sam's.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)!!
  8. Darrae

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    Oh Sun! So sorry you're going through all this on top of everything else! Seems, sometimes, the world is just one big roll of "red tape". As if losing your loved one wasn't hard enough! I hope all this gets worked out without too much more stress and inconvenience to you. My heart goes out to you. Also, thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated and returned in kind. Prayer is a powerful thing.

    I think of you often. How your spirit has held up through all the illness and loss. You are a truly strong spirit. I wish you peace and tranquility soon.

    I hope they do something with Darci's diabetes soon. She managed to call me just as I was leaving work for help. Surprised I don't have a speeding ticket. She couldn't figure out how to dial 911 in the state she was in. She just saw my name on her phone and pushed dial. I called them. The police were there when I got there, but I actually arrived before the EMT's from 5 towns away. Talk about hauling rear!

    I just got home from the emergency room. She was stabilized before I left but they're keeping her for observation for a bit. Sometimes I so fear that she'll die before they do the one simple thing that would eliminate the need for all the suffering she endures. Give her the frackin' glucose pump! That's all she needs. A simple medical apparatus that would continuously monitor and keep her sugars where they need to be, whether up---or down. You'd think things would be simpler than this wouldn't you?

    She's had 10 years of this. Ten years! She's only 38. The endocrinologist has already stated he's considering the pump next. What's to consider?!!! If they could see her when she's on the floor fighting for her life while I watch to make sure she's still breathing, and doesn't aspirate, while awaiting the arrival of the EMT's , they wouldn't have to consider! If this was his, (or any of her prior doctor's), child..........she'd already have it!

    I guess it's true. Nobody ever said life was fair. If it were, we'd all be in great health right? But a little fairness would be nice. Particularly in your situation. A little understanding from people and financial entities, when you lose a loved one, should be the "norm", not the exception to their "policy".

    Sometimes it's hard to believe how our world behaves. Hope things ease up on you soon dear one.

    Granni, Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear about your fall! Oh my! Stiff City it's gonna be for a bit I'm afraid. It's like that old adage, "That's gonna leave a bruise"! You poor thing. Feel better! :)

    Rock, Glad to hear your back wasn't more damaged. That could have been much more "hairy" than it was! Though, I'm sure you are likely still feeling some after effects. Be careful pal. Those linoleum screws are familiar to me.

    Got one in the metal strip that runs along the carpet between the kitchen lino and the dining room carpet that gets ya in the foot every so often. Yet, you can get on your hands and knees and search for that insidious little screw and not be able to find it with your fingers so that, once located, ya could screw it down tight and eliminate the aggrevating little demon! My home is very old also. Narsty lil' buggers!

    As you may have noted, I'm posting a little more of late. Supplements the Chiro visits made a big difference. Though I am still fighting feeling tired and exhausted, my pain level is much better I'm glad to say.

    Feel good Rock and try to stay vertical when walking. Suddenly horizontal is never good!

    Hugz to all!
  9. Granniluvsu

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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    Will try and post quickly now so I can get outside to work a bit. DH left to get some work o his crown early this morning. BTW, I am not feeling to bad fro the fall but it hurts especially when I am moving my body or arm a certain way or try to reach with my left arm UP. I will take time but nothing broken so I am HAPPY.

    Julie - What a cute pic. of the babies sleeping in their makeshift beds. Do they sleep being so close together? D you rock a bye them all before putting them down? If so they might collapse from exhaustion :)!!

    I see you are busy again, and out and about. Will Lorraine start Kindergarten NEXT school year and do they have all day K next year. That will e a big one for Lorraine and Lindsey too :)!!! Then they will have just the twins and Josiah home all day. I remember those days and I was so happy to get mine in Mothers Day Out one day a week while the rest were at school. It gave me the time to do some shopping or other things. When one of the group was old enough for 1/2 day K I was SO ecstatic. However, a whole day would have been much better although the eldest DD was the one who came home from K and took a long nap. However, the next in line quit her nap early even when she needed it. They are SO different as you already know. 1/2 day preschool is great but it seems you just start something and it is time to go pick them up.

    Yes, I agree with you, I miss MIKIE and early posts. Hope she is doing OK and just busy.

    OH yes and we had hamster and I remember the time they escaped their cage somehow and we were on a safari hunt trying to catch them. They are cute though when you don't want a larger animal. I think one of them went behind the frig but we got it somehow. It was to long ago to remember.

    Joan - Especially thinking of you and your family today. I know your heart and thoughts will be wit your DSIL and daughter, and family.

    Dar - I hope they finally get that pump for Darci. It sounds like she really needs it. So sorry for all the things you have had to go through along with the way you have been feeling but glad you are doing better on your supps, FINALLY.

    Sun - Thinking of you too sweetie. It has been one thing after another with you after the passing of your DH.

    Diane - Still thinking of you and your family. Hope you, Kevin and Kitties are doing well this am and Beety isn't giving you to much trouble trying to hide from her medicine.

    Need to run dear ones and get into my "bee keeper outfit" to hit some of the weeds before it gets to HOT.

    Love to everydoby,
    Granni :) !!
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, everyone looks so peaceful. Can I come over and flop down on my comforter? I'll even bring my own pillow. You sound busier than ever and now, you have Oreo to look after. She'll get used to y'all soon but you are smart to keep her in the shop when you're gone. Tweety got bored, jumped up into my TV armoire and pulled the speaker wire to my CD player out. I know the cats are used to being outside and I can't compete with that but I try. My usual "Mom Style Advice"--take care of yourself. BTW, I was binge watching "The Last Ship" this morning because the season finale is Sun. and I've never had a chance to see it. Once the season finale shows, they get rid of the whole season on On Demand or they charge you to watch them. Sneaky Comcast!

    Dar, I'm so sorry for all your kids' problems. I'm glad you're doing better and getting your SS fixed, finally! I just heard on TV to never let them keep you in the hospital for observation; make them admit you with a diagnosis. The ins. co.'s can try to worm out of paying for observation. They may not but some do try. Sneaky insurance companies!

    Rock, so sorry for your fall. You said an inanimate object caused it. You do know that you should never practice anthropomorphism when speaking of inanimate objects, right? They don't like it. TADA!!! I'll be here all week, folks! Seriously, I'm so glad you're not hurt. Thanks for your kind words; we all take each other to the airport and our doc appts. Most of us have no family, except our Florida Family, living near us. Sometimes, we fight like families do but there is nothing we wouldn't do for one another.

    Granni, I'm glad you didn't need a cap or crown. Sorry that DH does. Yes, my bank acct. is short many coins due to my own recent medical bills and it ain't over yet. I may need the deep perio cleaning at my next appt. Even if I don't, my ins. no longer covers dental and I need the full mouth x-rays. Then, I have to see the eye doc. At least, I've already gotten new glasses and they work great!

    Sun, I'm so sorry for all the frustration dealing with all the financial changes which are inevitable following a death. Barb when through so much of the same that you are dealing with, especially with SS. I know frustration just from dealing with my mortgage co. at the bank. I've finally decided to just let them take extra principle payments when they draft the regular payments. If they don't screw it up, it will just be easier. We have more tools than ever in life these days and, yet, everything is more complex. There are still two weeks left on the Oprah/Chopra meditation schedule if it's something you think might help with the stress. It's really helped me. Good luck with everything.

    I hope I haven't missed anyone. I've been so busy this week that I'm taking it easy, at least, this morning. I have to clean out the cats' boxes so, who knows, once I start to move, I may not stop. It's been sooooo dry and hot that I have to water some plants outside as the twice weekly watering just isn't cutting it. I put up the fishing line from our Mandavillas (one pink at the other end and one deep red at our end). They are taking off like crazy. I wish I could let them crawl all over our railing but I can't as we just paid a small ransom to paint them. I'll just have to trim the vines when they get to the top of the fishing line. There is a beautiful deep pink Plumaria (also called, Frangi Pangi) blooming in the little garden just outside our pool hedge. My friend, Joan, calls them Frangi Panties!

    I don't know whether it's prayer, meditation, or the book I've been reading (or all three) but it seems as though people have softened or I've found a way to deal better. Everything is focused on love and knowing that we are all treasured children of God. The meditation helps me keep centered, knowing that everything is in God's hands. I probably should be posting this on the Worship Forum but I wanted my Online Family to know how much I'm being helped. Doesn't mean I think anyone else should do it but just wanted to mention it.

    Gotta go settle something in the hood. Have a great day, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody--

    Once again, a big thanks from Kevin and me for all your good wishes for Beety. Except for the one morning when she scared the both of us, Beety's been easy to catch for her twice daily meds. It's almost as if she realizes: I'll run, I'll run, I'll hide, but they WILL find me. So it's best if I give up early, after a little bit of a chase. LOL She's her normal self (I hope she doesn't break or lose another tooth while waiting for the surgery), running playing chasing Faithy and Rosie.

    I saw the psych doc this morning. He was pleased with me. Mostly because I smiled., a lot. LOL I did take a klonopin before I went to see him. But usually I'm very tense and scared in his office. Not today though. I told him about Beety's autoimmune disease, and Kevin's anxiety, etc. He listened, and commented that I'm handling it well.

    He's pleased that the 3 klon a day are working well, and will keep me on them. I also told him about going to see my PCP, and going to get new eyeglasses, as well as shoe shopping on that last outing. :) I don't see him again until 3 months. Yippee. I will see Braden (the counselor) once a month.

    Barry, I'm reading light fiction. Just best sellers. I gave up reading for a long time, because of the anxiety. Now with the klon, plus the reading glasses!, I'm getting back into it. I'm reading HOUNDED, by David Rosenfelt (An Andy Carpenter Mystery). Before that I read MR. MERCEDES, by Stephen King. I've also read four (or more?) books by Elin Hilderbrand. She writes "chick fic" or "chick lit", but her leading characters can be a little bit older, mid-50's (like me). Can't remember what else I've read!

    Can you recommend a few books or authors? I enjoy the "Maeve Binchy" style. I know she's not British (English? -- I never know the correct word), but those are the kinds of books I enjoy. Plus, mysteries, suspense, and the like.

    Granni -- How are you feeling?? I'm glad you got to/from your dentist appointment safely, after your fall! How's the house hunting going?

    Julie, Love the pics. I want to bring my blankie and take a nap with y'all. May I???? Oh, you got me hungry with your description of supper, with the turkey and sweet potatoes. Any leftovers?? :)

    Dar, Glad you're feeling better! My gosh, Darci has got to get stabilized! Good luck with that!

    Mikie, Rock, Spring, Sun, et al. -- Been reading your posts. But I've run out of steam right now to reply individually.

    I've got to see to my stove. I'm browning some ground beef. And I add in AMY's brand mac and cheese (gluten-free). So I have something akin to Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Mac -- gluten free. I am starting to feel better more and more and more, each day I'm gluten free. And guess what? I have NOT cheated! Yippee. :)

    Gotta go for now. I keep reading, and keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers. I'll be back, probably Sunday or Monday, to post more.

    Love and hugs,

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    So much for doing nothing! I had to settle a parking space disagreement and water those plants. I decided that I had better go to Lowe's for Seven for some aphids on two of my plants. I bought a new diverter cover when I had the fixtures replaced in my shower. The sets don't come with the covers. Well, the cover is stainless but it's made in China and they just use some other metal in the screws which had rusted. Sooooo, I had to buy a whole new cover and extra stainless screws. While there I found a beautiful philodendron which has new orange or red leaves which eventually turn glossy green. It's amazing looking. I sprayed the two sick ones and watered my new "Frangi Panty" :)

    Today's meditation was on attracting joy and laughter to me. In Lowe's, I ran into an older gentleman who works there. He has helped me so much over the years and he helped me find the stainless screws. I told him how much his help has meant to me and asked whether I could put his name into our prayer box so God will bless him. He was soooo touched that he covered my hand with his and said no one has ever done anything so nice for him. It wasn't a dirty old man gesture or salacious; he was genuinely touched. We talked a bit and, pretty soon, we were laughing out loud with uninhibited joy. I'm tellin ya, there is something to this meditation stuff.

    In the garden dept., the lady I have gotten to know saw the purple orchid I was buying and told me they are having a HUGE orchid event and they will be on sale big time. I left the orchid and will go to the event. I wanted an ivy type vine to hang over two of my pots. There was one with a very small dead area for half price so I scored big time on that. I sat it in the atrium under a big plant and there, next to me little Turtle sculpture, was a toxic spotted toad sitting as still as a statue himself. They usually don't like people around them and will freak out. The toxin is on their skin and can make you sick. They are not as poisonous as the ones in the Amazon where the natives rub their arrows on the toads to kill their enemies. A dog in the hood got ahold of one and the vet bill was $700! Yikes!!!

    Diane, I'm so glad Beety doesn't seem to be unduly suffering from her infection and teeth. I just feel so bad for all that all of you are going through. Glad the doc visit turned out well and you are feeling better. I'm still on my AV for the Whatever Herpes Virus I have but I'm feeling better. If it weren't soooooo hot here, I'd feel up to doing more. I still have to clean out the cats' boxes. They seem to use the one outside more than the one in here so I have to go out in the heat to clean it. They must go more at night. They like to poop in that one and pee in the one inside.

    They are soooo funny. They are like kids. Even though they are brother and sister, they are different as night and day. Sylvester is so blown away by being able to live inside where it's cool that he almost can't take all the love I give him. He has a deformed paw so he walks with a swagger but is very laid back. He's so handsome and has such a sweet face that I can't help but love him. He reminds me of a magician wearing a long black cape. I call him, Vestivo the Magnificent.

    Tweety is a smart, stubborn cat who is a short hair, in contrast to Sylvester's long hair. She is pure white with green eyes and is stunning looking (and knows it :) When they lived outside, he would hide out while she climbed trees and ran around, hanging out with the otters and possums. She thrives on my love too and gives me big love looks and murmurs. I call her Tweets McPhee because she reminds me of a tough dame in a B movie from the 40's. I also call her, Princess Pie. I know, I know--sickening, isn't it? Only cat lovers understand.

    Well, those nasty boxes aren't going to clean themselves so I had better go do it. I try to think of it as a treasure hunt.

    Love, Mikie

    Well, the treasure hunt is done so decided to come back. I struck gold! If only. LOL! While I was up and about, I decided to change out the diverter with the new screws. I cleaned all around the hole in the tub and the screw holes to get the rust out. I sprayed with WD 40 before screwing it back in. Once I got the cover off and cleaned it, I decided I don't need a new one, just new screws. So, that's $10 I can put back in my pocket. Now, I know how the diverters work under those covers. Can't wait to take a soak and not have to look at those rusty screw heads looking back at me like bloody eyes. OMG! I've been watching too much bloody gore on TV.

    OK, this time, I'm really going.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I'm soooo happy for you, that the klonopin and the two doctors are really helping you. I can almost hear the "breath" as you exhale! You've made such progress. And Beety will be just fine, so don't worry. Worry is nothing but a waste of our energy. It does NOTHING except rachet up the stress in us! When I look back over ALL I have set my mind to worrying about, and it did nothing except make me a basket case. I never thought I would be going thru all that I have, but I have a strong trust in God that he'll see me thru anything.

    Mikie: Don't you just love the people at Lowe's? I like them so much more than Home Depot. It's so darn confusing at HD. That was very sweet.......the friendly connection between you and your helper there. I've met some wonderful, helpful people there also. One man in particular used to be an electrician, said he just needed to be out and about with people since retiring. Told me he spent over one year in front of the TV and decided he needed a life.

    Julie: Love that pic. of all your sleeping babies. So precious. I don't think parents understand that, just as we get older and realize how quickly the years flew by, so here you are, lucky you, getting to see your little brood every day. Hope the preschool went good today for Lorraine.

    I took myself off to Senior Citizens art gathering today. Can't call it a class....just people gathering to paint together. But it's good for me to get out. I'm trying to work with water based oil paints.......a tad different than regular oil paints. I'm hoping to get back into location painting with a large group and I figure these would be easier for handling and transporting. Tuesday I hope I can feel good enough to go to the start up of a watercolor class I used to attend. It's a freeby class, paid for by the local college. It's very unstructured which makes it good for me. Tom Fong is the instructor in case anyone wants to do a search on his work. He's quite well known nationally, though his style is not quite what I care for, but I have learned some things from him in the past.......and like I said......I need to get around other people and remember I still have a life.

    Dar: You and your children have been on my mind so much. I hope Darcy is better.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Saw Diane's post and just had to pop in for a bit.

    Diane - So glad to read that all is going well , all things considered with Beety waiting for her surgery. Sounds like you are doing really great and I am so proud and happy for you. I knew you could do it. You know that you really are stronger than you think you are. Glad you don't have to completely wear yourself out trying to catch Beety for her meds. Yes, as SUN said, worrying is a waste of time and she is right but I know that sometimes it is hard to control it. The hamburger mac that you made with the gluten free macaroni sounded really interesting and healthy too. I love stuff like that and I am glad the gluten free macaroni and other stuff GF is helping you to feel better. Glad you are getting out some and feeling less anxious each time. WAY TO GO ,DIANE.

    BTW, in answer to your question our DD and family will be moving to a nice home on our block if all continues to go well. The inspections are all finished with no problems. They are supposed to go to closing Sept 23rd I think . They are not sure about the moving. If the house hasn't sold they just might come early to the new house. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEIR HOUSE TO SELL SOON, IN NC.

    Sun - How nice you are painting with a group. That sounds like fun especially if you love to paint and being around others should be fun. Yes, you do have a life sweetie and you still are YOUNG. Live it !!!!

    Dar- Yes, thinking of your DD and hope she gets the help she needs SOON> It has got to be a very big worry. You have so much on your plate.

    Mikie - Glad to hear from you and that all is well, more or less. Sounds like you have been busy again even if you didn't think you were going to be :)!!

    Julie - Yes I think I would like to come to your house and have a nap like those kiddos. They looked SOOO peaceful ,

    I had better get off and try and start getting ready for beddy bye. My left arm is getting black and blue from the fall, no surprise there since I black and blue so easily anyway, I am sure more will be coming.(Black and blues). Went shopping at WM today with DH , not my ide of fun but it was nice he could there today with my sore arm. I can reach upward with it only if I take my right arm and hold it and put it up there. (Good grief) !!

    See you all tomorrow sometime or I will try to.

    Love to everyone,'
    Granni :)
  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Thank you all most graciously for your support. I'm unhappy to say that while Darci was at the hospital last night, the seizure she had was a grand mal seizure as a result of her diabetic condition. The hospital staff didn't see any of that coming! Course, she has a peculiar type of diabetes. (Caused by Chemo Therapy killing off her pancreas). She can be as low as 16 and hold a perfectly cognizant conversation with the doctor. She's done it.

    At other times, I can tell when she's in the upper 30's that she's not right and quick action needs to happen. She gets so she can't even prick her own finger or get her own meter reading. We just never know with her. She gets no warning most of the time that she's in trouble. Her sugars just drop so fast. Often when they have no good reason to drop, as she ate what she should have all day and when she should. She really needs that glucose monitoring pump.

    She plans to call the endocrinologist on Monday. He works through the hospital she gets taken to, so is already "privy" to what's going on with her. I told her to DEMAND he act on this.

    The good news is that she is home today and is ok at the moment. She's okay insurance-wise. In that she is unable to work, she is on a State Medicaid card.

    Thank you all again for your support and well wishes. Hugz to all.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    Mikie - thanks for setting the porchlight heading straight..it feels right now. It seems all i can do
    to make sure my posts get uploaded..without a hitch..lol! i know a lot of you dealing with gremlins
    ..they sure must like the Prohealth forums and why not, we are a bunch of the nicer people on
    earth..if i do say so myself...its the truth! i am grateful i ever found this blessed site..thank you
    ProHealth and its founders and staff.

    You do sound so much better Mikie...i can tell from the longer posts...even if the same irritants
    are there, you are changing your response to them, or theyre being changed by posititivity and
    its showing..its so good of you to go and help all your neighbours with their appointments and

    I understand your growing attachment and appreciation of the kitties..first thing when i
    open my door in the morning, i see eight pairs of bright eyes looking at me and long tongues
    in wide smiley mouths and four furiously wagging tails...in fact, Keechu wags the whole of
    himself and he is quite plump so it looks funny, plump and furry...and then they go screaming and
    shouting down the stairs ahead of me like a bunch of grade IV boys and shoot out the main door
    soon as i open it and they embrace the new morning like that, every single day..what enthusiasm,
    i should be a dog..lol, or like you said, a loved petted kitty kat.

    Darrae - how have you managed so far! i never knew you were dealing with so much! i used
    to think you were a strong strong lady to work as hard as you did but my respect has gone up
    manifold now..you are taking care of your children with their health issues including your own!

    Bless you..and yours. It is good to know your son has lost so much weight, I pray for your daughter
    to overcome her medical issues. My DHs sisters daughter has diabetes wherein she injects herself
    six times a day. The poor little girl got ill when she was very little, five or six and the parents, (they
    are settled in Switzerland) had absolutely no idea what was going on when she would just sleep
    all the time and have terrible cranky bouts..luckily they are surrounded by family, three brothers
    and their wives all living nearby and one of them alerted them...and they had tests done and found
    out..it was quite terrible in the beginning, abs no sweets, only veggies, and certain fruit..in teeny bits
    carbs very tiny bits all measured out...imagine for a little girl..they didnt even visit us for several
    years because the meds arent available here, fortunately they in a few years developed a medicine\
    which was portable and, glory be, after that meds which allowed kid to eat whatever she liked, of
    course she was in her tweens by then and now no one could believe it, this girl has blossomed into
    such a beautiful girl, inside and out...the apple of her parents and everyones eyes. I look at her and
    think..miracles do happen. This girl looks so healthy and has boundless energy and doing wonderful
    in school. I remember the earlier years when we had gone out to eat and trying not
    to cry when i saw lil niece nibbling on a carrot and cucumber piece while the rest of us ate pizza.
    She does hv to inject herself six times a day but its got so we dont even notice..when theyre here
    during her vacation.

    MIL used to complain bitterly to her DH as to why he sent D to be married off to such a far off
    land, when they could hv got any number of suitable SILs here itself but had that happened and
    the kid was born here, she would no longer be alive. we dont hv any facilities of that sort, plus
    the medical bills everything taken care of by the swiss govt..here? forget it...we would hv had to
    sell houses land to just get the treatments.!!! for how long? One of the mysterious ways in which
    God works i guess.

    Sun - had there been a class nearby i think i might hv gone too, not that i can paint, but, you
    know, just to get out and mingle with likeminded people, and empty out whatevers inside
    me onto the canvas in the form of whatever comes out, blobs, splotches? whatever..lol!!!
    I appreciate paintings especially those awesome watercolours of countryside and
    mysteriously appealing stills of oils of still life, flowers, dishes, farmers resting under their
    haystacks..i think ive seen those in an encyclopaedia..(1800s probably) i dont know why,
    they beckon to me, and give me a kind of heartache..a nice one.

    I remember a painting book of my fathers, it had this painting of an absolutely ravishing
    girl, in the mold of those Barbara cartland heroines of yore, lol! small petite features
    big eyes, silky hair ...just upto the waist, but this picture was done identically by the
    artist in two different colours tones, one had a greenish blue over all tone, and the other
    violet...i couldnt decide which was more beautiful..the artist said she liked to paint a
    picture in two colour palletes just to see how they would turn out...

    i used spent much of my childhood alone, (three boisterous brothers) cooped in the house,
    leafing thru my grandfathers encyclopaedias. Since India was under british rule during
    his youth, the got in these huge volumes (twelve) with illustrations, from England with every
    subject under the sun. Another set was of all the countries in the world. Yep, those books
    my homeschooling indeed.

    Granni - you have been busy again...hope the arm heals completely soon..too many people
    on our lovely Porch falling or being 'savagely attacked' by inanimate objects as dear Rock
    put it. Hmm, you must post a pic of you in your bee keeper outfit...complete with your
    'weed terminator' weapon. lol

    Even Im getting excited at the day approaching when your DD moves in!! woo hoo!

    Julie - thank you for uploading that picture of the little ones, the photo speaks love,
    security, of being safe and happy and cozy...not a care in the world and being looked
    after by someone who loves you. what can i say. Your GDs are THE lucky ones to hv
    you in their lives.

    Good to get the update of your father...have a wonderful day with him at that
    upcoming event.

    Rock - once again i got my belly laugh of the day when i read of your misadventure
    with the linoleum clasp or whatever it was that savagely attacked you. I am so relieved
    to know no harm done tho. we canNOT hv our Rock taken down by anyone or anything.

    How are Gordons flowers doing. you could mistake my garden for a tropical jungle right
    now, not many flowers to speak of but such long long grass and greenery due to the
    rains. Humid too, to make it even authentic.Oh, and mosquitoes, in numbers large enough
    to be on par with the Amazon basin. sheesh!

    Diane - nice to see you well enough to come more often to the Porch..you must be
    trim with all that running around after Beety..and looking after your other fur babies.

    Like i said on the other porch the other day, running around after my doggies up n down
    the stairs is enough exercise...too much for me in fact. not sure im exercising the right
    muscles tho...just the legs, and those ache.

    I had a busy day of it yesterday....my brother came and i let him be here in the house, while
    i went visitied my chinese friends sister, gave her a packet of yeast sachets which my relatives
    gave me, she loves them..and then her elder sister, my friend came out of her office with her
    two kids and i had tea and then went with them to the shops near my MILs place, they wanted
    to shop for clothes and i went and visited with my MIL...had a chat..then i went and dropped
    in to my healer friend who was at her sisters shop nearby and i gave her two books i had bought
    for her...for her upcoming b day..she works with crystals and angel therapy and this book was
    about Angel medicine by Doreen Virtue, and a book Modern Day Miracles by Louise L Hay
    which has readers writing in to say how their lives were changed by affirmations, its very
    uplifting to keep the morale up when things get tough..and there seems to be no let up in
    day to day or life stressors..my healer friend is also going through a rough patch..her face
    lit up and i knew she was extremely happy with her gift..she treated me to a earl grey tea
    in a nearby restaurant, I had been having so much tea, chose early grey because its light
    and it wouldnt aggravate my intestinal issues..

    at home, i made son and me pancakes, and onion soup...we had mangoes in lieu of
    veggies which i was too tired to cook...the DH is out of country on a golf tournament
    trip with his club buddies...

    take care all

    God Bless
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  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    I'm with you on that one Spring. You just verbalized a very well deserved sentiment. This is the bulk of my socialization. This site, founders, staff and its contributors are the nicest people I've had the privilege to come to know. You, of course, being one of them. Mikie, Granni, Rock, Barry, Julie, Diane, Sun, all of the sweet people here are a God send. More than I can in my humble way find the words to describe. Finding this site was, as you so aptly put it, blessed.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dar - your post popped up after i was in middle of editing my post...

    the gremlins as usual were doing their best to make me lose my post, logging me out and
    all those nasty icky tricks of its nasty icky self..but i got the better of it. hahaha

    didnt hv to retype.

    everyone - i just kept on typing and its become a W&P post i know most of you dont hv
    the time or energy to go thru everything ..please just read whatever you like to...i just
    kept rambling on and probably have said stuff ive already said before so pls just skip
    whatever you dont feel like reading.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, thanks for the cute pics. Andy's teacher had a website where the parents could see pics and share them. I think that is so nice. I once had an idea for home schooling. Why not get a group of like-minded parents together and let them teach in their own area of expertise once a week. Of course, each parent would also teach other subjects based on the materials one gets for home schooling but having someone with experience in math, science, English, computers, etc. would really strengthen the program. Each parent would only have to host school one day a week and if the group is larger, one could help another. They would be free to go on more interesting field trips too. I think the biggest problem for home schooling is that kids miss the socialization that school provides. Home schooling in a smaller, more manageable group, would provide that.

    Sun, I also have some special people at HD. Their garden center is larger with more variety and, often, plants are less expensive, but not always. Several of the people in the garden center really know their stuff. I do not like HD for much of anything else, though. They don't even carry the most popular shop vacs. Still, if Lowe's doesn't have something, I'll check out HD. I always like to visit both garden centers. So glad you are getting back into painting. I've always wanted to try water colors but that takes talent beyond what I possess. Think I'll stick to my acrylic abstracts.

    Granni, bruising may not be the biggest problem. If the soreness and lack of range of motion keeps up, it might be a good idea to have the doc look at it. From all my own adventures of late, I find we can do a lot of damage inside. Usually it doesn't require surgery but knowing what has happened, and maybe some PT to help it heal, is good. Yes, yesterday brought a lot more activity than I had planned. Would have been happy just lying around in my jammies. Of course, I was happy to have gotten things I needed at Lowe's and got that diverter cover fixed. If enough things get out of repair, pretty soon, I'm not happy at home.

    Dar, I found this website 14 years ago and it has been a God send, especially our loving, generous members. I also credit Rich for turning his lemon (CFIDS/ME) into lemonade by creating this website with the forums and all kinds of products made with us in mind. ProHealth's donations to our cause is so generous too. All y'all are truly my Online Family and I love you all.

    Springwater, I see you feel the same way about our little family here as Dar and I do. I am smiling just thinking of those wagging tails. There is no mistaking a dog who is expecting something good. The animals have such joy and, since that is what we focus on in the meditations, I am learning from the cats too. One of my friends here has a little rescue dog and, every time I see him, he just wiggles all over.

    I hope I didn't miss anyone. I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't remember whether I took my clonazepam when my alarm went off at 10:00. Now and then, I just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. So, I decided to take one tablet instead of two and a swig of Zzquil. Wow, I slept til 5:00 and the cats didn't ask to come in until then. I feel great so guess I did forget to take my dose at 10:00.

    Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: there's all types of styles of watercolor painting/techniques. Do a search on yupo paper for Youtube and you might be surprised. I love/hate this paper but its actually very good for loose, juicy work. Yupo is a type of plastic paper, first designed for outdoor signs. Then WC painters discovered it. George James is the name most associated with using it. His work is more abstract and you can find some of his short videos. I bought two of his DVDs, hoping it might help me. Kevin Davidson is another yupo artist, but his is more of a traditional painting style. I bought one of his paintings earlier this year and even up close it's wonderful.

    I agree.....HD has a much larger garden dept. Lowe's is closer to me but sometimes when I'm in the area I'll stop at a HD to browse.

    Julie: Was someone taking those preschool photos or do they have an ongoing camera at the school? When we first moved to our home 30 years ago there was a large Mormon family across from us.....7 kids. She homeschooled and I was flabbergasted. I had never heard of that. Talk about well run teaching. She belonged to a small group of other mothers who homeschooled, where they would have field trips once a week, plus she took her kids on nature trips herself. Now it's so common place for homeschooling.......if a parent can do it and wants to!

    Dar: I think Mikie and I probably came at the same time to prohealth. I got NO help at all from doctors, and found this board. I learned so much from people about FM, and also made some long term friendships. Windy used to live nearby and we met up several times when she came to visit her family.

    Granni: give yourself about a week from your fall, and if you're still having pain or lack of range of motion, then you probably should get it checked out.

    Spring: I can just picture all those pairs of eyes following you! Nothing like an exuberant dog with a wagging tail to perk you up. It sounds like you had a very good day........I'm happy for you. We need to grab life whenever we can. We're just not like other people who seem to have energy to see them thru the day. It's like that "spoon theory" about using up your allotted spoons for the day. When you run out of spoons, then you have nothing.

    I've been suffering from pain all over, including ongoing headache, so I've been up and down all night. Had to break down and take a tramadol and now I'm drinking caffeinated coffee to boost the ibuprofen. Don't know if this is a bad flare or something else.......all I know is I HURT.
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