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    Good morning,

    I just wanted to say HI to everybody, and thank you all for your very kind words to me. Yes, I do feel like I'm making progress, baby steps, but they are steps FORWARD. :)

    I had a rough night and didn't get much sleep. I couldn't settle down.

    Because ... ROSIE had to go to the vet, almost as soon as Kevin got home from work last evening! She would put little or no weight on her right front leg, and "yow'd" if we tried to "examine" her leg/paw for injuries. We called, and the vet said better safe than sorry, come in right away. Xray was taken, no visible fractures. She was given 3 days of anti-inflammatories (PILLS!!!!). She may limp around for a few days post-pills, but she should be just fine after that, if it is a soft tissue/ligament sprain. Oh dear, I hope so!

    So, dear friends, think of me tonight. First we have to catch Beety, for her two syringes of meds (pain med and ABX). Then we have to catch Rosie, and try to get a pill down her throat! That should be fun. NOT! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Since most meds are available in liquid form, I'm rusty with dosing with pills. And cats are tricky with pills. You think they swallowed, then -- boom -- the pill comes out of their mouths like rockets! LOL My first cat Punkin was the all-time champion pill spitter! LOL

    Then Kevin tells me this morning that his computer is "starting to crash" -- it will just shut down at random. Not good. Kevin gets called to work at all hours of the evening at home. I'll see the office door closed, lights on, at 1:00 a.m. I think "not again." If only he could get paid for his overtime! And I don't want him driving 90-minute round trip travel time, plus work time, at 1:00 a.m. So Kevin is now the proud owner of a new HP Desktop. $500, on sale.

    Anyways, I wish this "dark cloud" of unexpected expenses would just leave. We're into the thousands, for the vet expenses. Last night alone it cost $300 to get Rosie examined and treated. Like Mikie said earlier in one of these threads, vet costs are more expensive than human costs sometimes.

    Just wanted to let y'all know what's going on here. I'm exhausted (but no panic or anxiety attacks). Just gonna get through it day by day.

    Julie, I loved the pics you posted. And Sun, I loved your pics too.

    I gotta go start some chores. I have no ooomph. It left. Darn ooomph. Come back, come back! LOL

    Y'all take care. I've read your posts, and I keep y'all in my heart and prayers.

    Love and hugs,

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    JULIE - So I lied, I am back. I just had to pop in when I saw your post and you were talking about rocking the babies. I would love to see a pc of your rocking the twins and then Lorraine trying to help but falling asleep herself.

    I wrote the upper sentence yesterday when my stupid machine locked up and it was late. I rebooted and DH said it was time to go to bed, not that we slept we just watched some TV ( sort of) while reading or other things.

    Thanks so much for more cute pics JULIE of the preschool class and all. When my kids went to Mothers Day Out or son at preschool one year of course thee were no computers or videos, or many pics. However preschool is a great thing for moms and children. It is a big help for the kids to get used to sitting still, listening to the teacher and following orders or direction, coloring and maybe some numbers and letters.. For parents it is a wonderful break :)!!

    I also know quite a few people whose children were HOMESCHOOLING their children . All the kids are so smart and have been doing very well. Not everyone can do this but if you have the right support it can be done and quite well.from what I have seen and heard. It is great if you can hook up with others in the area who want to do the same thing and have a specialty in at least one area.

    Spring, Sun and Dar - You are right about this website and forum being full of wonderful , caring, and people with lots of smarts as they say.

    Dar - I hope Darci can get an insulin pump. I know how scary those gran mal seizures are and our son started them out of the blue at about age 17 or 18 he was at the age where he was getting ready to go to collage. Luckily he had it at home. Called the EMP at first. He was fine afterwards but we had to go to a neurologist to get him dxed and medicated. Tell a young man getting ready to go to college away from you supervision, that he needs to take these meds EVERY DAY probably forever, is not a good thing. He probably figured he didn't need to take them all the time and he did have some seizures I am sure at school. I think it did something to his memory, I think, but he does OK and is doing really well working with computers. Not sure anyone else even noticed any changes.

    Diane - I know what you mean about Kevin working with computers. Our son and sil work with computers daily and they have so many gadgets in their offices. Good luck with all the pill pushing and meds giving. You are doing so well with all the stresses of vet. and computer bills, etc. You just do what you have to do day by do. That is what most of us do anyway,

    Mikie - So sorry you are hurting so badly. I hope it gets better soon. Hope it isn't a bad flare. Oh, I am pretty sure there are no other problems after my fall. I am trying to put some more ice on a few areas. I am getting a nice black and blue color on my upper left arm area. I can't see the back me or under my arm around the shoulder area. I can move things but it is painful . So cute to hear you, SW, and Julie talk about your animals.

    Almost time for lunch but I won't go on and on right now.

    Might check back here later. Might try and put some more ice on after lunch. It is hard to do while typing :)!!! Have to go lie in bed and do it or should I say sit up in bed.

    TTYAL. Have a wonderful weekend or day. Not sure when I will be back.

    Granni :)!!
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    Hi, Kids, just woke from a deep nap. Geez, I only take those every now and then, usually when I've taken Zzquil the night before. Don't like to have to nap but boy, oh boy, do I feel better.

    Sun, thanks for all the info on WC. I think what scares me is trying to control the runniness and deepness of color with a medium which is not as controllable as the acrylics. All the WC's I've seen around here are parrots, palm trees, etc. They are amazing. We have an Alliance For The Arts here and they have open houses where the artists do demos and they have classes. I've been too tired/busy to do something new but have thought about it. I'll look into the paper. Thank you. I am so sorry you are in pain. I am sending up a prayer for you.

    Diane, as these cats get older, I worry that I might have a big vet bill. Here you are with two of them. That's another reason I pray for their recovery. Seems several of us here are going through money leaks right now. I hope you are feeling better too. It's hard to face chores when you're tired.

    Granni, hope your black and blue, not to mention your pain, go away. I also hope there isn't an injury under those bruises. Keep us updated. I agree with Rock that the first thing the kids should do is fix that step.

    After I posted, I remembered I had left Simon's bowl out. I'm not supposed to be feeding him. Leaving food out, in theory, attracts wildlife. Actually, the powers that be would consider him wildlife. I usually put his bowl out by 5:00 and he's lurking around, waiting to see my kitchen light go on. Sometimes, he's sleeping on my doormat or in my chair. He eats and I get the bowl in by 5:30 and no one but the two of us are any the wiser. All my friends know I feed him but no one cares. It was light out when I remembered to go bring the bowl in. Saw two friends, Nancy 1 and Nancy 2. They have the same name, are besties, and live above and below one another. It was Nancy 2 I had taken to the doc and Nancy 1 who ended up taking her to the ER later that night with sciatica. It was so good to see her walking her dog. As soon as he heard my voice, he came flying up the stairs and just about pulled her off her feet. We all got a good laugh at that. I had to give him his ration of love for the day and sent him back down the steps.

    After I came in, I was just good for nuttin'. I hadn't planned on a nap; I just fell asleep watching TV. I started to defrost some pork chops but put them in the fridge as I'm not up to cooking. I'll cook them tomorrow. I can't believe it's only 2:30. I would have thought I had slept til evening. I hear thunder but it comes every day but brings no rain with it. Tweety is bored and being awful. I put her out on the lanai but she raised such a ruckus out there that I let her back in. It was Steve Martin who said they ought to make little kitty manacles to control them. All is quiet now and that usually isn't good either. I had better go check.

    Love to everyone,
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    Hi Kids

    Here's the latest farm news. HaHa! I used to hear the farm news over the radio
    more than half a century ago.
    "Wheat is down; hog bellies are up." Gordon went to the Armenian store. We've
    been buying 5 pound bags of carrots for juicing at $2.79. The price is now down to
    $1. On the other hand, the price of cucumbers has doubled. But one still gets two
    big fat ones for a buck. So on the juice we made this morning we saved 79 cents.
    As Benjamin Franklin may have said (there appears to be some uncertainty), "A
    penny saved is a penny earned."

    I doubt he really said that. There is a substantial difference between earnings and
    savings and Old Ben was pretty smart. I'm sure he was aware of same. Lucy
    Riccardo, however, wasn't. She seemed to think if you bought a dress that
    was marked down $2oo, somehow you had $200 in your pocket.

    There are several similar quotes that don't make much sense. "We have nothing
    to fear but fear itself." Roosevelt was either drunk or heavily into denial when
    he said that. People had to fear loss of jobs, income, and homes just for starters.

    In other culinary news, Gordon made a batch of tea cakes (cupcakes) to take
    to his orchid club meeting. They are delicious. He puts a brown butter glaze on
    top. Anyhoo, the cupcakes were very popular. And so was the box he brought
    them in. Three people asked if he was taking it home, and if not, could they
    have it.

    The box is a plastic hexagon (like the bees make) with a removable divider so you
    can carry two pies or whatever at a time. Purchased from QVC. It is not a throw
    away paper container from a fast food store!

    Springwater, in response to your question, yes, it is hot here (in the 80s). Doesn't
    bother me, but drives Gordon bonkers. We have about ten fans in the house. He
    likes to have them all running all the time. Doesn't matter if anyone is in the room
    or even on that floor or in the house.

    I am also OK in terms of my recent fall. Too bad it didn't knock some of the other
    problems outta my system: diabetes, depression, insomnia, prostate cancer, clogged
    carotid arteries, and things too fierce to mention.

    Granni, how is that tooth? Is it bothering you? Hope the house sale and move all
    work out for DD and family.

    Springwater, I hear that Ms Winfrey's network is planning a new program. It
    will be call "The Chopra Oprah Soapah Opera." BTW, do you know why those
    programs were called soap operas? It's because most of the sponsors in the
    days of radio were peddling soap. In the early days of radio many of the
    sponsors controlled the content of the program. Fred Allen was a big star.
    The sponsors drove him crazy. Always wanted changes in the program.

    Mikie, just read a Maeve Binchy book that had a fortune teller in it. I don't
    believe in them. My magic 8 ball told me they are not reliable. My brother
    the forest ranger does though. He has a telephone pyschic on the East coast that
    he talks to. Pays for a long (i.e. lengthy) long distance call plus her fee. She
    always give him important information like, "There will be a significant change
    coming soon." Anyhoo, he's happy with the arrangement so I suppose that's
    all that required.

    I wonder if those toxic toads in your neighborhood are the same ones that were
    in the news some years back. People were said to be licking them to get high.
    Dave Barry had a scene with such in one of his novels.

    Well, I'd like to address you all personally, but even though I'm willing, my back
    isn't. Gotta go lie down. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Kids

    Well, Land O Goshen! Three people posted while I was typing away. I read
    the correct term is now "keyboarding" rather than typing. I think you might
    get funny looks if you said that.

    Gordon just brought me a plate of zucchini he fried, oops! I mean "sauteed".
    I can't tell you the current price on zucchini. I'll have to do research before
    my next post.
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    HI Rock et al,

    Glad to see you. Seems like I missed seeing you for a bit. Can you believe that DH was outside this morning trying to spray for termites around the house and must of hit a hornets nest. Anyway he got stung 4x and once was on his eyelid. He has been putting ice on it and some antihistamine cream. Afraid to get the cream to close to the eye though. It says DO NOT GET IN EYES. So I didn't put any more on the eye lid. He seems to be doing well. Oh I gave him some generic oral Benadryl also. It seems to be getting better but the eye lid is puffy and reddish. Will keep reminding him to put more ice on it.

    Mikie - I guess you are doing better after your nap. You surely sound better. You must have needed it.

    Nothing really new here. I should be putting more ice or heating pad on my bruised body :)!I really need to make more pain for myself - good grief ):!!

    Bye for now. See you all later on.

    Granni :)!!
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    Hi Porchies!

    Julie, Just loved the "kiddie" pictures! Such beautiful children. Thank you for your well-wishes for my children.

    Mikie, Glad you slept well and felt great upon waking. That's always a nice surprise isn't it? When one wakes feeling sort of refreshed? Kind of a rarity for us. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

    Granni, Thanks for the concern. I sure hope you didn't really damage yourself. Please keep a close eye on that pain level. Mikie's right about the possibility of damage under those bruises. Thank you for your caring thoughts for my kids and me. You really do have a grasp of what it's like to watch a child seize and feel helpless. You're a peach. Feel better soon.

    Spring, your life never ceases to amaze me. You have lived such a different existence from my own. I find your posts so fascinating. The only exception, I think, might have been loneliness. My brother & sister were 7 and 11 years older than I. So I sort of grew up like an only child in many ways. A very quiet, shy, and somewhat fearful and nervous child. Thank you for your insights and your caring prayers. They do help.

    Hi Sun, I know what you mean about finding this site.

    I had finally found good doctors who don't ignore or chalk my condition up to being "nutzoid". Doctors who listen and have been on board with my homeopathic outlook. But the isolation, ( I know this sounds odd in that I work and am around people all day), but I'm there for them--not the other way round.

    I have to be a whole other person at work with a permanent smile pasted on my face daily and ease their lives. I cannot discuss my own difficulties with them and do not share much with co-workers that isn't so obvious to the eye now and then that I'm asked. Then I minimize my difficulties and always assure everyone that I'm okay.

    People, including family, are not able to understand what you go through and how your body affects every aspect of your daily life and the limits it sets upon you.........I found not only solace and friendship, but a wealth of information here. Much of that information has changed some things for the better for me.

    Knowledge of supplements that help. Knowledge of how other people cope. I have learned much here from all of those who post. I am so grateful. Very grateful to all.

    Diane, Glad to hear you're making progress! Good luck with Beety and Rosie. I know how those unexpected expenses can add up. But, we love our little companions. Somehow, they make our lives better just by being there. They are a comfort. Hope you get some much needed relief and rest soon. I will pray your computer stops acting wonky. :eek: It's always a pleasure to see you posting.

    Hi Rock, Yay for the .79 cent savings. At this juncture, any savings is good savings! Gordon's tea cakes sound yummy! I think Roosevelt may have been on pain killers! Those same fears run rampant in our present day society and the same still applies. There is much to fear. Like losing a home, job, and, even a life.

    I'm very glad to hear your back didn't suffer more than it did from your recent "horizontal bop". You've got enough medical woes on your plate to make a full meal with! As for keyboarding, well, I've never been able to quite wrap my head around that term either. I spent 4 years in "typing" class in high school and went through beginning, intermediate, and advanced "typing" in college. I know keyboarding is the proper term, but hey.......I'm a generation and a half beyond these kids who use the term as if it's the only word for it these days! :rolleyes:

    Hope your back feels better soon. It's always a joy to read your posts.

    Hugz to all,