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    Come on in...

    Although the décor is modern..it still gives off an old worldish charm..so I thought you could lay down on the sofa..and relax some..
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    I don't know how to close the last thread..

    Rock - the dimsuns are what we call dumplings..we fill ours with chicken..buffaloe for the men and mushroom for myself. spring onions garlic ginger, fat, being the chosen spices and only onions for mushrooms.

    Hope you enjoyed..my mouth was watering when I saw the picture.

    Will bbl after some chores

    God bless
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    Hi Spring...I absolutely was not paying attention to how many posts there were...thank you for catching it. Love the pic...looks very relaxing.

    Rock, those "whatyamacallits" look yummy (sorry, too lazy to go back and see what they are actually called.)

    I just popped in for a minute...waiting to put the last layer on the jello salad. Got "off schedule" because Den wanted to run to town this evening for house supplies. At the store, we ran into one of our oldest friends (but we haven't seen him in quite awhile) and his girlfriend (who we had never met.)

    Our daughters used to call him Superman, but his real name is Terry. His girlfriend kept saying she knew me from somewhere, but I have no idea where that would be...they are just a few years older than we are. We socialized with Terry and his ex-wife years ago. It was nice to get caught up...we girls chatted in the bathroom sink aisle and the guys went over to the electric aisle...Terry is building a house too, and Den had lots of electric tips and advice.

    Anyway, we finally had to just say goodbye, with a promise to "get together soon". So, now I am just finishing up the jello salad at close to 1:00 am, lol!

    Heading out mid-morning for Den's aunt's family dinner...about a two hour drive. So, I'll just say hi to everyone...
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Sooooo good to be home. I had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly as clockwork but there's no place like home, as Dorothy said in Oz. I was so concerned about whether my stent would show in the scan. I needn't have. Leaving, there was a bomb-sniffing dog at the entrance to TSA security. When several of us got down to the scanner, they just told us to go through the TSA pre-check line where we only had to go through a metal detector and we didn't have to remove our shoes. Woo Hoo! When I came back, DD printed out my boarding pass. Somehow, it had "TSA pre-check" printed next to my name so they sent me through the pre-check line again. Everything went like that and it was sooooo nice not to have any hassles. They closed our pre-check lines at our airport so I didn't spend the $85 to get certified. They opened it for Thanksgiving but, if they close it again, it's not worth it. Also, I don't travel much anymore.

    DSIL's parents cooked a ham dinner Wed. night with all kinds of side dishes. On Thanksgiving, they served lunch with more ham and a whole slew of new side dishes. She makes an orange sauce for the ham which is delicious. We had turkey dinner Thanksgiving evening at DD's and it was outstanding. DGS set the table with the napkins folded in an oragami-like flower design. I took pics but haven't downloaded them from my phone. We had a big loving family celebration together. It's how family holidays should be. I never met my DSIL's DB's wife and it was so nice to finally meet her. She reminds me of my other DD. They brought their big white dog, Bella. She was so mellow and sweet. Since my kids' dog, Nigel, had to be put to sleep recently, it was good to have another dog around. We all miss Nigel, though.

    I didn't have to do anything so I bought a couple of bottles of nice wine. After dinner, we watched the football game and cheered Dallas to its victory. It was a pretty good game. Then, we watched Tommy Boy and howled at the stupid humor. My kids will be off to CO for skiing over the MLK holiday. Then, in Mar., they are planning to visit Cuba. Flights are cheap so it's a good time to go; however, we don't know how long this easing of restrictions will apply. As it is, one has to fit into a type of visitor to go. I hope travel continues. Fidel Castro has died but his brother is president and will likely continue the same policies. They do allow some capitalist investments so things are slowly opening up. I'm glad the kids can travel like they do. It's really wonderful for DGS. The kids are very thrifty otherwise so that helps them to be able to travel as they do. A lot of their flying is non rev and all they have to pay is the taxes on the tickets.

    I was feeling a bit shaky when I left so asked to board the plane early. By the time I flew home, I was feeling soooo much better. I have an appt. to have the stent removed on Wed. I hope it can come out then. I have to get an x-ray on Tues. so the doc can see whether there are still some large frags in the kidney. Kid's house has very tall ceilings which means lots of stair steps to go upstairs. They have a beautiful entry with a curving staircase. I really got my exercise going up and down and I think it helped in my recovery. There is neighborhood after neighborhood with big brick homes. They all have the same shingles so it's like a sea of houses. DSIL's parents found a ranch-style home which is smaller, just right for a retired couple.

    Spring, thanks for opening a new Porch and for the lovely pic. It looks like what they call all-season rooms or sun rooms in the South. Some are rooms built from enclosing patios or lanais. Often, like in your pic, the former outside brick walls are left. The new enclosure walls are mostly glass. I have eaten buffalo and it was good. Do you have them there or is it imported? It's a very lean meat and sposda be healthy. Have you had a chance to replace your spices yet? I hope so.

    Rock, I had thanked you in my last post for the beautiful Thanksgiving card but I lost that post. Family was most impressed with it. Some of them had never seen animated cards before. DD, her SIL and I had a chance to just sit around and have a lovely women's chat. I'm so thankful for such a nice family. Yes, those dumplings do look like translucent ghost dentures. Kinda creepy but I'll bet they taste good. What's in Chinese sausage? Pork? I hope you and Gordon had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Julie, I saw a woman in the airport in Dallas that looked soooo much like you but she didn't have your sweet smile. Of course, there is often nothing to smile about when traveling. That's great that you got to sit with your Dad at his regular table. It may be better that you didn't travel and, I hope, got some rest. I'll bet the GK's do enjoy seeing their cousins. I always did when I was a kid. I was an only child so playing with my cousins was a real treat. Poor DGS is also an only so he spends holidays with adults. He has a lot of friends he hangs out with too. How goes the construction?

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Spring Water. I like the pic you posted.
    All those browns suggest this might be a room in a men's club or a sports
    lodge. Can't tell if the chandelier is made with artificial antlers or branches.

    Julie, in response to your question, the dim sum are called dumplings and
    the dumplings are called dim sum. Or to put it another way, the terms are
    interchangeable. Gordon and I went to a dim sum restaurant several years ago.
    All they served was dim sum. It's like eating appetizers. The servers push little
    carts around. The diners point to what they want. Most of the servers don't
    speak English so it's useless to ask what stuff is. Some of it looks like soggy
    clumps of spinach. It was interesting, but once was enough.

    On the other hand, we used to go to Gordon's favorite restaurant in China town
    (Hop Li) and get delicious meals. Then the waiter comes and packs up all
    the leftovers in little fish cartons for you to take home. (The kind of cartoons
    the dime stores used decades ago to put the gold fish in.) Hope you have a
    nice family get together with Den's Aunt.

    Mikie, Glad to see you back. Happy to hear you had a wonderful trip. How
    does that precheck business at the airport work anyhoo? You get scanned

    I used to get catalogs for expensive foods to send my relatives. I remember
    some sold buffalo, and it was expensive. Just looked at a web site. Bones
    are $2 a pound. (In case you want to make broth.) Burger patties are $13
    a pound. Tenderloin: $35. Rib eye: $21. As you said, it's much lower in
    fat, and lower in cholesterol. Higher in vitamin B12. I wouldn't want
    to eat it though. Leave the buffalo alone, I say. Besides, I'd be
    afraid of developing a hump.

    Star has a long post on the previous board. I don't want to try and move
    it. Afraid it might get lost. Maybe somebody with a more reliable
    machine can do it.

    Cold here this morning. Have 4 layers on top. Will put my gloves back
    on as soon as I finish typing. I have fingerless gloves that Gordon knit, but
    they sometimes hit stray keys so I don't wear them when "keyboarding".
    Or, for that matter, when skateboarding.

    I ever tell you about the time I was on a skateboard? For about ten seconds.
    My son, age 10, was showing me the board he bought all by himself with the
    cash I gave him. He wanted me to stand on it to get the feel. So I did. He
    gave me a helpful push, and I immediately crashed or wiped out or whatever
    terminology applies. He was afraid he had hurt me. I assured him I was fine.
    Nowadays I'd probably have to be put in traction.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Good morning, everyone! Good to see Mikie made it back, safe and sound, after an wonderful trip.

    I'll refrain from giving my opinion about Trump, Obama or travel to Cuba (or the naked statue of our President-elect)...good idea to keep politics off the boards, true?

    I just saw Rock's post so will say "Hi" in advance, then go read it :)

    I need to shower and get ready to go, but saw that Star had posted on the old board (I closed it after Spring started this one, but we didn't warn others not to post over there, so...) Anyway, here is Star's post...and I will check in when we get back.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their festivities.
    Are gifts given at Thanksgiving also?
    Or is it all about the Turkey, the Indians, Pilgrims and these days,Family?
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was all commercialised though.
    It seems there must be a buck made out of everything these days...I'm sure they had Christmas decorations out just after Easter...

    Rock, it is interesting the way in which our Treasures react to various photos and pics also. Not unlike your son, I expect.
    I liked your pics, but I had to laugh at your description of the dumplings. Mini sets of false teeth? Ha ha ha.
    Yes. My MIL makes some unusual dumpling concoctions.
    One thing she loves to eat, which leaves me scratching my head a bit, is the rice soup. It's basically the water in which the rice is cooked... As long as she's happy I guess. When she goes to Melbourne, she stocks up on all her goodies in China Town.

    DH Drew wierd eyebrows and facial expressions on the two dogs.
    Treasures thought that punishment ingenious.
    It is very difficult trying to take them seriously (Dogs) looking like that.
    Glad he didn't draw on me.

    I dug up my recipe for Christmas muffins.
    Although I started out feeling rubbish this morning, I decided to measure out some of the ingredients to get a head start.
    I guess it was a little ambitious of me, after all, as I managed to measure out 4 times the amount! Instead of the two I was aiming for.
    So I reassigned myself to a slow slog and got them done.
    Yay. Except that I'm Early! Way Early!!
    As opposed to better late than never. Nope.

    The little cockatiel is at home here. He leans forward to get his neck scratched and if for some reason you stop, he'll gently remind ya with a soft nip, to encourage you to keep going with the neck rub/scratch. Cute little fellar.

    Julie, I'm sorry you couldn't make the trip, but you did exceptionally well with the last one.
    How do you make your 12 layer jello? I'm assuming you can't just pour the boiling liquid on top of a set layer.
    I reckon my lot would love it. I often set tinned fruit in jelly and it's so easy, but they love that too.

    I should be in bed, but I know my legs will keep me awake. They're aching pretty full on.
    Rat Race, the movie is on. It's so silly, but I can't help but smile at the beginning of it.

    Youngest son has his primary school graduation dinner on Monday. (We never had that when I was young).
    Anyway, I have to pick some suitable pants for him and figure out what I'm going to wear aswell I guess. It's about an hour away.

    DH is off to the cemetery tomorrow for a small gathering of family. It would've been his G pas birthday tomorrow.
    After a 'few words' they'll have lunch at the club he used to go to.
    Our Treasures and I won't be going. I just think it'd be too stressful.
    DH will want them to be on their best behaviour and they'll be bored out of their brains, trying to be good.
    I'm not even sure if I'll be able to 'sit' for that long.
    I'm sure they'll all do just fine without us.

    Went online for some Christmas shopping.
    I've bought a few different day-to-day calendars. Some of them look rather humorous. There was even one for 'Brits'.

    Oh well. Will see if I can get to Church and give out some of these muffins. I've dressed 'em up nice and pretty.
    Individual in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon and all that. Took some time, but I'm pleased with them.
    Hopefully they taste as good as my little tribe thinks...

    Best be saying good night now.
    Sweet dreams.
    Thinking of you all -Sun , Spring , Julie ,Barry , Granni , Mikie , Rock , Dianne , Elaine and Linda

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Hi, Kids,

    Not doing much but sitting around. My stomach is a bit upset this morning. Whine, whine, whine! Sir Vester was glad to see me but couldn't resist biting me yesterday when I tried to pet him. Guess he had to let me know he didn't like my leaving him. Neighbor from downstairs came up to see him every day. It'll be in the low-80's this week with nice morning 60's. I just wish we'd get rain but that's not likely to happen until summer.

    Rock, if you have a passport, you can agree to a background check and pay $85 to get a TSA Pre-Check certification card which allows you to keep your shoes on and only do the metal detector instead of being scanned. For the reasons I mentioned, I don't think it's worthwhile for me. Pre-Check travelers, and those with First Class tickets, can get in their own lines which are supposed to be faster. In Dallas, I got through faster than those in the priority lines. I love Chinese restaurants but don't know whether it's true Chinese food or what has become palatable for the masses. We got some Mexican food on the way home from the airport and it wasn't good. I was shocked because there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in the area. I ordered the chimichanga and it was just a flat heated tortilla instead of being deep fried as described on the menu. Chimis are supposed to be fried until they are crispy. I'm not drinking now so didn't even have a Margarita to soothe me. Waaaa!

    Julie, guess I missed your post about a family get together. Thanks for pasting Star's post.

    Star, I hope you are feeling better. That is ambitious, making those muffins. Thanksgiving is probably different for different people. For me, it's about family but I am often here alone on Thanksgiving. It's also about the food; my kids are excellent cooks so everything was delicious. For some people, it's about Christmas shopping. Some of the stores here are open on TG and some open on Fri. Fri. is called, Black Friday, because it's the time of the year when stores go from being in the red to being in the black, financially speaking. I'd rather die than go out on Black Fri. If I did go out in the crowds, I might die. It's a madhouse. BIG sales. Mon. is the big day to shop online for good deals. I left money for DGS with my DD. None of us needs anything so we don't give gifts anymore. We usually just make a donation to a charity. I'm hoping I can finish giving away things I no longer need, NRG permitting. Did DH actually draw on the doggies themselves? How funny!

    Barry, I see you've been able to read some posts. I hope you are doing better. Is Shorty still on the mend? How about Slinky? What did y'all have for TG? Keep us up to date when you can.

    OK, gonna go. Hope everydobby has a great day. Even though I don't get into Christmas like I used to, I still enjoy the decorations and music. DD's neighbor put in one of those moving laser light displays. She woke up thinking her bedroom was full of fireflies. Too funny!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Gang. A short post.

    Dim-sum: Please, Please make some for me, Spring and Gordon. I love them! Haven't had them for several years. I like all Chinese food, and have a big collection of regional Chinese cookbooks. I used to cook in "the old days" a lot. I love the cuisine of Hunan.

    Rock, the buffalo they eat in Nepal is not our American buffalo (bison) but water-buffalo; different critters.

    Mikie, I'm so glad you had a good family visit. Aren't you worn out? I'm so glad that your kids are planning some nice holidays. I've always wanted to go to Cuba to see the wildlife, especially in the central highlands. Hope they are able to make it!

    Shorty is doing alright, though he will be on his meds for life. Slinky has had a relapse, and is continuing with her abx, and appetite stimulant. I am worried about her....

    Our T-day was very nice. We had a big roasting chicken, yams, stuffing (southern style with cornbread/bread and sausage meat.) Richard also made some cranberry sauce - excellent. We had some other things, but I remember most the strange wine ($45!) that was "gifted" to Richard by a friend at his 50th high school reunion. The wine was golden coloured, I don't remember the name --chrysos or something. Strong! This T-day was our 47th anniversary.

    Star, funny story about your DH putting expressions on the dogs faces. Were they looks of remorse? Glad to hear about your cockatiel -- sounds like a winner. What kind of dogs do you have anyway? When we moved to this undeveloped property 40 some yrs. ago, we lived in a small caravan with our four dogs, three cats, and a parrot. Took us a few yrs. to get power; we were off the grid for quite a while.... But all in all, it has worked out fairly well-- though we stopped using the door keys, and now they are gone! Haven't locked up the house in over 30 years.....

    Love to All,

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    View attachment 1083

    Welcome back Mikie..

    So good to hear of your trip and it went all good. Your folks sound nice. We had a Bollywood movie shot in Cuba and it looked very interesting...the whole architecture and all, no skyscrapers, old historical buildings, the sea...the laughing people...lovely place. I envy your DGkids.

    Star - your DH sounds like a scream!! Loved reading yr post. The doggies must hv looked so funny. I've never attempted muffins. My old battered little 22 year old oven has cooked us some nice roast chicken but not many cakes or biscuits. I hope yr aching legs improve.

    Rock - aargh, a fall from a skateboard can't be good. Thank goodness you were young and muscular then. I've fallen while learning how to bicycle and when I was learning to roller skate (both on someone's else's bicycle and skates) and I found falling while skating the most painful.

    Barry is right, our buffalo is not very good meat. It is tougher than chicken, much tougher and hence less expensive. I used to love buff meat dim sum tho, in years past, buff dim sum with red chilli garlic onion tomato chutney was the best. My go to meal after a tired few hours of outside errands. There is not a restaurant here which does not serve dim sum. And the street vendors sell a spicier version with meat from entrails, which taste as good but are maybe not as healthy.

    Barry - your life out there sounds like our fairy tale...a caravan with just dogs, birds, cats for company and now you don't even have to lock your door!!! I'm scratching my head. We just heard a friend lives in an apartment went for a holiday asking the guard to watch out for their apartment only to find their apt ransacked, expensive clothes, laptop, electronics all gone.

    I mean, I've had my daily essentials like umbrellas, shoes, shopping bags stolen by in house help!

    Julie - why did your girls call the friend of old times Superman? Did he look like Chris Reeves or was he muscular. Can't be he wore his underpants over tights. I hope you hv a nice time at Dens aunts.

    the day before I got to go out on a rare outing out of the valley...someone stayed home for us while we went out...drove to this botanical garden which is natural with a stream running and all, and then had our meal at a little restaurant...it's a hill area so the restaurant had cabins built on different terraced levels of the hillside. Rather rustic, but they had some interesting trees....I forgot to ask what kind they were. We had chips chilli, it's French fries curried in tomato and chilli onion gravy and the nepalese standard meal called thali...rice, lentil soup, veg curry, a meat item for the men and fresh minot and green chilli chutney. With yoghurt as desert. It was rustic but so wholesome and delish esp the homemade yoghurt.

    And yesterday we had to go to DH organised Golf tourament after party. DH was allowed to call his acquaintances so there was our whole jing bang of cousins. His uncle, BIL, uncles married DDs and their families so I was good for company. I had bought a new dressy sweater for the occasion to go with my reddish wine coloured brocade bakhu and olive blouse but couldn't find matching reddish shoes to go with the outfit. I've learnt over the years you don't buy shoes in a hurry, so I just wore my old pair which I've worn umpteen times before, luckily the crowd didn't hv too many ladies who I normally bump into. The men don't care. The snooty ladies look you up n down.

    Granni, Linda, Diane and our MIAs a shout out yo you alls

    God bless
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    image.jpg Nepalese thali

    I'm not getting the pic to post in the right place so here
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's soooo good to wake up at home with the somewhat miffed Sir Vester. He's a bit skitzo--missing me and loving me but compelled to take nips at me for leaving him so long. I haven't done much since returning. The newspapers are HUGE and I'm wading through them. Morning temps are pretty cool but it gets to about 80 by the middle of the afternoon.

    I have a dilemma--my fridge is getting older. It makes some strange noises and the ice maker no longer crushes ice. Lowe's has one just like it in stainless for only $699. I think I paid $1200 for this one more than ten years ago. If I use my Lowe's credit card, I save another five percent. I don't know whether to buy it or wait and take a chance of paying more and having to buy it in a hurry if this one quits. Or, this one could go on for many years. Wish I had a crystal ball. After using DD's French door fridge, I've decided I don't want one. Most people who have them like them and maybe I'd get used to one but I think I like the side by side better. As long as it has a water/ice dispenser in the door, I'm happy. Love the cold filtered fridge water. I'll stop and look at the new one and decide.

    Barry, so glad you were able to stop in. Happy Anniversary! I'm asking St. Francis to watch over Shorty and Slinky. I hope she improves. I'm not as worn out from the trip as I had thought. This stent isn't as uncomfortable as the last one and I don't feel as sick. Travel to Cuba is still restricted unless one fits into one of the approved categories. The flights are cheap but it's expensive to go on a tour which is approved. If I know my kids, they'll figure out a way to do it. I'd love to go too. So, was the wine good? I hope so at $45 a bottle. I bought Texas red wine and it was good. DD's FIL loves his red wine. How is the weather there now? Our is beautiful here. Take care, my friend.

    Spring, thanks for the sweet welcome home. I'm so glad to be back even though I had a wonderful time in TX. That food looks yummy! I need to go to the store and don't know what to get. DD had some bacon without nitrates or nitrites, can't ever remember which one it is. It is soooo good. It's too bad about all the theft there. We have it here too but mostly from cars and unlocked homes. So far, though, we haven't had it here in our little hood (knocking on wood). We have a lot of shootings in the central area of town and they are spreading out to the streets in the suburbs. Speaking of shoes--I wore my silver flats I bought a couple of years ago. For some reason, shoes don't last down here unless they are the rubbery flip flops. I noticed the silver flaking off of them. By the time I left, they were half and half silver and black. I left them at DD's to throw out. It took forever for me to find them and now I'll have to look to replace them.

    Granni, haven't seen you here much and I hope it's because you are spending time with your family.

    Sun, I hope you are able to spend time with yours too.

    Diane, I hope you, Kevin, Rosie, Beety and Faithy are doing well.

    Star, do the doggies still have their new expressions on their faces? That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

    Rock, I'm enjoying the new word games on the other board.

    Linda, hope you can stop in.

    OK, Kids, gonna go read the paper and then jump into the shower so I can go to the store. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day. My apologies if I've missed anyone; I send my love to all our Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Y'all.

    Spring, your rustic excursion and meal sound very nice! I'm glad you enjoyed it! My excursions, infrequent thought hey may be, are from the woods to the town six miles away -- a very small town. I don't eat out any more very much, but Richard buys home-made tamales from the Saturday van-vendor when he can. I enjoy them a lot; the cook is from Oaxaca and is very good.

    Mikie, glad you are feeling well. Thank you for the anniversary kind wishes. And, by the way, the expensive bottle of wine was very good, different and strong! I won't be buying it though, not at that price. Richard was also given another bottle of wine, red, that is priced at $35. Saving that. As you say, Mikie, wine, wine, wine!

    I am seeing the local eye doc. tomorrow, so have to prepare. Blurry vision at times, three kinds of floaters, and worsening vision in right eye. Probably cataract. And then this doc is retiring from his practice, so eye will have to get another I doctor in another town. Boo hoo!

    Richard is making split-pea soup with carrots right now. Will be ready for lunch; his soups are really good, and definitely thicker than Star's MIL's rice water soup! :D

    The weather here is dreary and grey today. Some sun in the near future. Flocks of migrating robins chattering as they fly by, high overhead. Red-headed sapsucker woodpecker in apple tree. It won't reach 6o degrees today'. Winter soon, winter wrens singing.

    Must start to start to prepare...
    Love to All,
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  14. Granniluvsu

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    Not sure what is going on with this PORCH right now. It shrunk and looks a lot different to me. Just got on to try and read some of the posts. I did my usual skimming and fast reading. Not sure how much I retained though :)!! Went to church today, ate lunch and thought I would check in. Family has gone home and left this morning. I know my DD#2 is busy cleaning up as well as her DH. Don't know what happened in the post above but somehow Barry's post got in my slot. Weird. Anyway all is well here. Just have to much to start doing. I did take a few Christmas things out and put them where the pumpkins used to be. Still have to find the very small table top tree. Maybe it is in the garage as so far I haven't found it upstairs in any closed. Some of the stuff is under the bed upstairs.

    MIKIE - Glad you had a nice trip and could really enjoy it. I know there is no place like home too even though visiting loved ones is wonderful. Yesterday I was busy and then in the afternoon (late) went over to DD;s to visit and then went off to eat dinner at a local Mexican a restaurant. I even had Margarita :)!! Hope your refrig doesn't go out on you. I know what you mean. None of them are cheap any more with all the gadgets they have for water, ice, etc. Our is not to new either..Are you going to get stainless or something else in color?? Hard to find something else esp off white like we have now.

    BARRY - Sorry about your blurry vision. Hope the doc can take care of it quickly without to much problem. Sorry you will have to change docs. The cataract procedure is really not bad at all, DH had both done a few weeks apart. The worst part is having to take so many eye drops. Richards split pea soup sounds good. I need to start making that now that it is getting chilly again. I need to start making more nice HOT soup. I have gotten awfully chilly lately,

    SPRING WATER - That picture looks yummy. I would love to taste your food. Those dumpling you often speak about I know must be delicious.

    JULIE - Good idea to keep ones opinions about politics to oneself on board like this. We all do want to stay friends, don't we?? Personally we should stay friends no matter how we feel about politics and some other things too . However, some people just cannot help themselves go off the deep end on some topics, not just politics. I do remember some problems we had on here before about other things and it caused problems and she got removed off the board. Very sad . That is when I will just turn off :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby even if I didn't get to post to awl. The stuff I need to do is getting longer and am supposed to help DH . So who knows when I will get me stuff done.

    Will have leftover stuffed peppers tonight, DH is upset because no steak tonight. I said sorry but we need to eat it before it goes bad. Tomorrow we will have leftover turkey and ham fro DD's We made the ham and they the turkey plus lots of other stuff.

    Hi also to ROCK, STAR, JULIE, DIANE, ELAINE, LINDA and all our MIA's.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Despite doing pretty well otherwise, my kidney has been painful today. I took my shower and went to Publix. Haven't had the NRG to do much else.

    Barry, I'm laughing about the wine, wine, wine. Glad that expensive bottle was good. Sorry about your eyes. I had thought my cataract had grown but it was just my eyesight getting worse. At least with cataracts, they can be operated on. I hope the doc can help you. I've had a floater for years and it doesn't go away. Doc said not to worry about it. It's OK until it floats right into my line of vision. Wow! It really is cool there. I should get out in the sun but am not up to it. The tamale and pea soup sound good. Enjoy!

    Granni, sounds like you had some family time too. I'm not supposed to drink or I would have had a Margarita at the restaurant. I did have just a nip of the red wine with dinner both nights. My appliances and cabinets are white. If I get a new fridge, I'll get stainless. DD's MIL replaced hers with a stainless one and it looks fine with the other white appliances. I'll go to Lowe's tomorrow. If I hadn't needed to go to the store, I would have gone today. I still just don't have the NRG to run to several places in one day. Target had the Professional Kitchen Aid mixers for $200 instead of the almost $500. That's such a good buy but I can't justify it. I don't bake or cook enough anymore. Don't overdo it trying to get too much done.

    OK, just thought I'd stop in. I'm gonna go lie down and read or nap. Think I'd feel half-way decent if the kidney would stop hurting. Glad I took my Kindle on the trip. I read and played solitaire on the way home. Helped to pass the time. It took three hours going and only two coming home. Must have been strong winds aloft on the return. Hope all y'all have a nice Sunday evening.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Just a quick Hello! (Can you hear the echo?) o o o...
    Technology is amazing these days.
    Aside from being able to chat with you guys- all over the world,
    I just did my first Medicare claim online-using an app.
    We also watched a movie recently where a few young fellas who were really gluey with tech ripped off a ton of people and businesses...such a different world today.

    Mikie- Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish. I was hoping this time round would be smoother sailing. Funny how our pets don't speak necessarily, but certainly let us know, loud and clear what's going on with them.
    It's still really hard to take the dogs seriously. Looks of surprise frozen on the Jack Tussell's face and a very serious set of eyebrows on the whippet, who would never reflect that temperament...
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Barry, DH makes a great split pea soup. Sometimes he'll add barley and its sooo yum, but I have to ration myself on it ' cause my stomach doesn't always agree with my choices...

    Julie,thanks for transferring my post...

    Guys, got more to say, but Aive gotta get ready for DS graduation dinner. Really tired so bought some diet coke to get caffeinated.
    Best put my grown up ,Serious clothes on and whack on some plaster...

    My best to you all
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ok, Star, whack on the plaster.
    Atta Girl; a little faster.

    First the eyes and then the lips.
    Not too fast. We don't want slips.

    What sorta gown you plan to wear-a?
    One that goes with a tiara?

    (So give us a report on the big event.)

    I'm sure you were a beauteous Belle.
    I bet DS said, "Mom looked swell!"

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. Sir Vester got me up early; he seems to be in a better mood now. Yesterday when I got ready to go to the store, he was definitely anxious. He was a happy little fellow when I got home. He always loves to check out the grocery bags when I get home. Think I'll run to Lowe's today to check out that fridge. I hate these kinds of decisions.

    Star, I'm laughing about the doggies' new expressions. Can you take a pic? I'm also laughing about putting on the plaster. My ex used to call it putty. I hope your DS's dinner was nice. A big milestone for him. I loved it when my kids were little but have enjoyed every step along the way, including the ones they take as adults now. They just get better 'n better.

    Rock, love the little ditty. I'll bet Star looked really pretty. Hope you're doing well today. Good grief, it's a little before 3:00 a.m. there. Guess you can't sleep. I was awake a little after 4:00 myself but I fell asleep early last evening. Dreampt I joined the military and was cutting my nails short before leaving for boot camp. Don't know where that one came from. Old neighbor from CO was also in the dream. Hope you can catch a nap today.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Just got back from Lowe's. I bought a new fridge but not the one I set out to buy. I upgraded just a wee bit but it's still the side-by-side in stainless. This one has gray on the side instead of black. I think it will blend in better with the white appliances and cabinets I have. It doesn't sit next to any other appliances. The water and ice dispenser in the door are also nicer than the one I have. I drink water all day and love the filtered water from the fridge. Think I mentioned I don't like the French door ones; I got a chance to use DD's while I was there. Some people really love them. I think the freezer drawer is better than side by side but I'm not in and out of the freezer that much.

    Joe called and he also got a new fridge. His was older than mine; his new one won't be delivered til next month. He had to special order beige to go with his other appliances and his cabinets. His condo is about ten years older than mine. I got an extended warrantee for five years. It was only $139 and Lowe's has their own appliance guys if anything goes wrong. No need to deal with the manufacturer. Also, with the warrantee, I'll get my filters rebated 50 percent. The filters need to be changed a couple of times a year and are $50. Over five years, the rebates will mean about $250 saved so the warrantee pays for itself more than three times. Woo Hoo! Also, the Lowe's warrantee covers everything, not just manufacturer defects and it's fix or replace.

    I hate to spend $$$ but figure it's better to buy now when they are having great sales than wait til this one buys the farm and I have to get a new one and pay more. It'll be nice to get crushed ice again. This old one won't do it anymore.

    OK, really gonna run. Again, hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    Mikie, I'm glad Sir Vester is getting over being "deserted". Hope you find the perfect fridge that suits your needs. If we ever need to get a new one (which could happen anytime since ours is over 25 years old, lol) Den wants to get a "side by side" or whatever they are called...with the freezer in the bottom. I will want a big, open one like we have now, with the freezer on the top. Hope your pain level is better today.

    Rock, what a cute poem for Star!

    Star, how nice to have a graduation dinner for your DS. I am sure you looked magnificent. Yes, it is pretty cool to be able to visit with everyone from all parts of the globe.

    Granni, are you getting rested up after all your Thanksgiving celebrating? Your poor DH...will he get his steak sometime this week?

    Barry, I love soups...any time of year :) Sorry your eye doctor is leaving. Our primary care doc is closing his practice and will just travel to different ERs. Leaves us in a lurch, for sure. This is the only doc Den has been to, took care of him through his heart/thyroid/parathyroid crisis last year. And was getting my vitamin d levels straightened out. He was also Gpa's doc...I have to admit I am glad I don't have to find a different doc for him.

    Spring, I'm glad you got to get out and about. The food you describe sounds so good! Yes, I think our friend must have looked like Christopher Reeves back then...he sure got a kick out of being called Superman, lol!

    Diane and Sun...thinking of you guys and missing you on the porch. Hope things are okay. I also hope I haven't missed anybody...I get on here and my mind goes blank.

    Speaking of MIA...I will need to be off the computer this week, and probably the next. Trying to get the house ready for Lindsey, four kids and their puppy (10 days) then add in two more kids, Amy and Clinton, and an elderly dog (whenever they are able to come) then of course, David, when he gets a chance to get up here. I'm going to move some of this extra furniture, etc. over to the new house to make room for everyone to "breathe."

    I will meet the Tennessee kids Saturday, somewhere south of St. Louis. Will bring Lindsey and kids back in their van, and David will drive my car back home. Then he'll have it to drive up, probably the following Thursday night or Friday...whenever he can start his vacation. They'll be here until the 12th, then have to go back for the police chief's Christmas party.

    So...I hear the washer just quit. Gonna fill the clotheslines today, even though it's supposed to rain this afternoon...can finish them up in the dryer. It is 50 degrees now, should only get up to 52. But, November in Iowa...we'll take it, lol!

    Take care, everyone! Hope today is kind to you all.

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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Gotta go fix lunch. It has been a busy morning . Went to the store and finally stopped at the blind place to get a new one for our kitchen window. It has been rusted on the bottom and looks really ugly. I have been asking for years but somehow there was never the money. The money isn't to plentiful right now esp due to the accident plus for me Christmas is on the way and I am Santa !! We have an appt for the blind guy in an hour or so so I need to finished with lunch.

    Will miss you JULIE when you are gone but you need a break not that it will be a break but you will see your dear ones.

    STAR - Where is your DS graduating from - elementary school. or what? Please let us know all about it. Congrats to him.

    MIKIE - Congrats on the new refrig. Is it all stainless? It was confusing when I was reading your post - fuzzy brain. You said grey but I guess stainless is grey isn't it ???

    Maybe I will get back later in the afternoon..

    Love you all,'
    Granni :)
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