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  1. jinlee

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    Yes, a lurker from the bushes saw the light flickering and has replaced the bulb!

    There is fresh strawberry shortcake and whipcream....organic strawberries!

    Prayers to all who are down in spirit or body.....


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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Jinlee, thanks for getting us started. I have
    been running around, so I need to pull up a rocker and rest.
    Strawberries w/ shortcake sounds great.

    I was taking a little nap when the landlord woke
    me. He was pounding right under my bed.

    Of course, he was in one room, and I was in
    another, but it was still very loud. Since I was
    awake I went to the library book sale and picked
    up a few paperbacks.

    Then I went to an interesting music store that
    has lots of memorabilia for sale. The big item
    at the moment is a guitar that allegedly belonged to Paul McCartney. For $18,000 you
    can take it home and strum along to whatever
    suits your fancy.

    I took guitar lessons once. Just couldn't manage all that hand-eye-brain coordination.
    If you want to play music, you have to have chords.

    Julie, save some deviled eggs for me. Remember that Mama's Family episode? She
    was saving her deviled eggs for the mayor because he appreciated them so much.

    When he showed up, he declined. Said he got
    some bad ones at the last shindig and they made him sick.

    I looked up "deviled" once. I think it meant "spicy". Well, can't look it up again. I'd lose my
    post. Might lose it anyway. haha!

    If you are making bars, you are a true daughter of the Middle Boarder. Of course, the main course would have to be a hot dish.

    Elaine, do you think you can make any money
    doing alterations? When I was a kid there were
    two gals in our village who did sewing for people. I know my mother only paid a dollar
    or two per item.

    Allowing for inflation that would be 10-20 dollars

    I wonder if we will ever hear from Victoria again.
    She moved to Mexico last year. Georgia, I
    went to Tijuana 40 years ago. Wouldn't do it

    Teacher, Fred Warring had a couple accordions
    in his band. I guess that have been replaced by
    keyboards. Did I already post that?

    Lordy, a mind that doesn't work is like two flat
    tires. Did the shop charge a flat fee for repairs?

    I'm working with old notes here, friends; don't know for sure what they mean.

    Have to come back after I get organized. (Hysterical laughter in the wings.)

  3. Granniluvsu

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    Jinlee - thanks for starating us up again and those wonderful strawberries (organic yet) with whipped cream. MMMM they are so good !

    Rock - Hi there. I see you have been very busy !!

    Julie - did you save some deviled eggs for Rock? If so you can send somehere to for me and DH and I enjoy them, DH really LOVES them but they are a pain to make.

    Pippi - Hope you are feeling a little better today. Hope to hear from you soon. Since I don't see you I figured I would wait for the bedtime story for another time. There is still some strawberries and whipped cream left over for you. I hope you like them! If not I will just throw you some cookies instead.

    Hope everydobby is well this evening. DH wsnts some company so I gotta go for now. Tomorrow I will be doing some wedding and yard work, my most unfavorite thing to do (because of my back mostly).

    Love to everydobby,

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has been such a busy morning already, weeding, trying to call the doc to gets some more antibiotics (since I am still congested although doing better), went to the bank and Sams for some stuff for this weekend and beyond.

    My friend just dropped by to give me the cough meds I gave to her, but she bought her own so she insisted I take it back. I think she is the one who gave me her bug I think and she feels bad, but what can you do. She still has it she says but did not get as bad as me.

    She also gave us a bunch of pics that they took while the grankkids were here playing at their house on the lake with 6 of their grandkids. They came out really good so I will have to send some to my daughter.

    Elaine - you are so lucky that you have a skill such as sewing,. . Did you learn from your mom or what? I can do the basics but don't push it :) !! Know what I mean ?? Wish you lived closer I would use you to do some of my pants and such. I can do hems and seams but it is more trouble to take out the machine or to find the needle and thread. I can also put on buttons <he he)> ! I used to save alot of that stuff for mom when she came to visit when the kids were young. Glad you are feeling a little better.

    Julie - I know what Den means about the blackberry seeds. I like the taste of the betters but can;t stand the seeds. My teeth are pretty close together and so they get stick and bug the you know what out of me. Hope you have a nice 4th holiday. Ours, will be pretty quiet I think.

    Pippi - Hope you are feeling better sweetie since we haven't heard from you in a short while. Drop in when you can.

    Joan - so glad to see you popping in more to the Porch and that you are doing more things with your lady friends..

    I probably should vacuum the house today. I have been putting it off so long. Then again maybe it will be tomorrow or saturday.

    Hope everydobby id doing well. Sorry not to mention you all. My head feels like it is in a fog.

    Love to all,


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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jin lee - thanks for the start up..shortcake sounds delicious.

    Its that time of the month for me and i have been inactive mostly today. No energy at all. I did manage to go out and buy bread, cucumber and some other necessary stuff and did enjoy walking in the cool breeze which felt like it was holding rain...

    my maternal cousins once removed or something came with two cards...invites to the one year death anniversary prayer function for my aunt that died last year..cant believe a year has gone by...its at this monastery on the hillside and the DH has said he will also come and my elder brother can come with us..the other invite was for him. Im relieved i dont have to take a taxii all the way there. On coming Tuesday. Gotta get my Tibetan kit ready..dunno where most of the clothes are.

    In evening my elder bro phoned to say niece phoned him to say middle bro is drinking again and her mom said to pls ask my husband to scold him. As if that would help! My DH said as much but we phoned anyway and talked to him. he has to go get his ct scan tomorrow morning and i am feeling very apprehensive. But at the same time detached. I have decided i am going to practise detachment because you cant hold people hands for them forever, whoever they may be, they are responsible for themselves in the end.

    Too tired to address everyone..but you are all in my thoughts

    God Bless

  6. lilaclover30

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    What k ind of shortcake do you use? I like the kiind I used to make from Bisquick. I mixed it up and put it in the oven just as we sat down to eatr our meal. Thyen for dessert, we had hot biscuit with strawberries between the layers. It was soooo goiod. I can't get home-grown berries anymore - they are so much better that store-bought.

    Deviled eggs sound so good too. What do you boddys out in your fillings" I like mustard, a little mayo, pickle relish, salt and pickle juice. Careful not to get too much juice in them. Some that I have eaten as so blah

    My D. usually makes egg salad for sandwiches while she is here. she really made them for her Dad but---------hope she remembers that I like it too.

    I'm glad your birthday worked out ok Julie When you are busy birthdays are sometimes over looked. Glad your was great.

    Elaine: I see thatI am not the only one who thinks J Smith is great!! he is a dream to take you and your medical issues all in 1 pkg. Many guys would haver just said goiod-bye. He is really special!!! Don't let him go!!

    And Elaine, how wonderful that you can do alterations. I begin sewing in my middle school yrs - sewed for my daughter and myself and loved it all Right now I can't sew as I can't see close up and I have to use a needle threader to get thread into the needle. I certainly would love to have you near. I have gone down 2 sizes and have things that are waaaay too big. I never did like to do hems in slacks. One legg needs to be much shorter gthan the other. DH at one time could down on the floor and turn up and pin the hems. I can't do thagt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am always home in the evening after supper. I take my shower,put on gown and robe and sit in chair with TV or mags. It really gets so lonely. When he was in NH, I know that he was there and I coulde call if I felt lonely. Now I just look at his picture and a few tears come 0 not often though. It's hard - I was talking on phone today for friend who lost DH 5 yrs. ago and she said that missing never goes away. That's enough of that!!!

    I talked to sister-in-law yesterday and said DH had come through surgery OK but gall bladder was difficult - it was full of stones. Was to be standing by now. Ugh!!! That makes me hurt as I have gone gthru that process, 4 times. The ft. of colon will have to be biopsied. Wish I could get up to see him. It is about 50 mi. from here and DH didn't think that was the end of the world----they do!!!!

    Pippi" Where are you sweetie? We would like to know what is going onwith you please???? We worry.

    I am so cold ---think I will have to stop and go put my jacket on! I wore my robe to bed last night and uit felt good. It has never beenh this cold at the beginning of July! Two dreary, cold, cloudy and gloomy days in a row are not what we want for summer. Of course, D just loves this weather. Hates heat!

    Well, everydooby, my mind is blank, it's time for afternoon snack andf I think I will just go and SIT.

    Healing for our gals with surgeries! we love you and pray for the best!!

    gentle Hugs,


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``I just re-read this and the errors, oh my!!! I can't even feel enough energy to go correct them...........
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  7. fibromickster

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    TGIF for me today, yippee. Hopefully they will close the office early today too but i won't count on it. I am usually the one that asks the big boss to close early, he always says yes, but this time if they want to get off early they can ask. I am tired of always being the one to ask. The other employees are scared of the boss, which i have no idea why, he is the greatest.

    Anyway, Spring looks like me and you are on the same cycle. I have been kind of down in the dumps lately too the last couple of days and now i know why. LOL

    Tomorrow we are helping Ashley move to her new house in Columbia so it will be a busy day, but i am excited to see her new place and help decorate, which i love to do. My family wants me to have a party this weekend for the 4th, but for the first time, i am saying NO, I think. I am just too tired and am just not in the mood to throw ANOTHER party. If they want to they can.

    Rock, thanks for the email, as you can see I am finally able to post. I don't know what was wrong. Did you hear about all the stuff people are willing to pay for Michael Jackson stuff on ebay. It is unbelievable. One album went for about 10,000 buckaroos. It is amazing how much stuff is worth when a star like him passes away. It almost reminds me of another Elvis.

    I actually feel sorry for him espcially what people put him through with the child abuse allegations. I have no doubt he would never of done something like that. It is amazing what people will do to try and get money from someone like M.J.

    Well my lovely friends, back to work, i will check in later.

    Love you all, Mickey
  8. jole

    jole Member

    Will say it early since I might not be back before then. We're going to my son's house that afternoon...was hoping to spend it with our kids w/little grandkids, but they aren't going to be able to make it. Our son's kids are older, so no fireworks fun with the little ones this year. But we will barbeque, and visit with DILs parents, sisters, etc. Then come home and go to bed.

    Mickey, I'm hoping you do say no to the party. Gee, you've done more than your share and it's time for someone else to step up to the plate for a change. Besides, maybe you'd like to do something by yourselves ... you do have rights too.

    Georgia, thanks for the warning! Those cousins of yours could cause some real havoc if we weren't ready for them.

    I hope you enjoy the needlepoint. I use to do it, but my concentration and eyesight aren't that good anymore. At least it gives you a break from your knitting. Glad to hear your classes are going well also.

    Joan, I'm sorry you still feel so lonely in the evenings. My mother was the same way after dad died. She had trouble sleeping, and hated getting up to read for fear her neighbors would see the lights on and come to check on her. We said, so what? But she was one to worry about what other people thought a lot, 'cause that's the way my dad was.

    She said the worst for her were the weekends, knowing everyone else was busy with family, 'cause she didn't feel she could even call anyone then. I called her every Sunday for that reason, but it doesn't take the place of an empty chair beside you. I do understand your loneliness, and wish I could spend time with you....

    As with everything, mom said it does get easier with time. As a matter of fact, she got to where she actually enjoyed her life very much...joined a Red Hat group and made lots of new friends. Do they have those groups there? They would go to a new place each month...resturant, museum, theatre, etc. so they had something to think about until the next time. They even once a year rented a small bus to take them miles away to see entertainment of some sort or the other...college performances, etc.

    Elaine, you definitely sound perkier! I love hearing you talk about you and your brother....you two sound very close. Also love hearing about JS, of course.

    Pippi, thinking of you, and hoping you can join us soon.

    Harvest is over....yea!! Our combine pooped out on us...and our daughter's hubby finished cutting wheat for us. Just happy to have it done. It was a good crop, so we're pleased. Hate to pay for the repairs though...lol...

    Forgot to tag on, so can't remember a lot. Just want to say hi and send hugs to everyone, and Jinlee, thanks for the startup. Hang around with us...you'll find a chair with your name on it..and you can just jump into the conversation anytime.

    Be back later...Love to all.....Jole

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Have been recaptured.

    It's 4:00 a.m. here in the horse-pistol. The doc wanted me back in the hospital, after only1 nite at home.

    I shoulda just stayed home.
    I mean heck! It's 4:00 in the mornin & I'm sittin here, wide awake!

    Anyhow... Things are kinda serious.

    I promise I'll tell y'all more about all of this, as soon as I can.

    Everyboddy have a great 4th O July weekend!
    Stay safe, & have fun!

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just needed to pop in for a bit to see what was going on . However, not much time topost as usual.

    Pippi- so sorry you are bafck in the horse pital. Hope you aren't feeling to badly sweetie.

    Elaine - I know you are resting and trying to get better after your surgery. Getting ready to do any sewing soon?? I can send some to you ?? Enjyo JS and the the holiday. NO sparlers and fireworks in the house now :) !! Hope you are feeking better.

    Julie - I am sure you are a busy bee as usual. Sorry you have to wait for all that on your mom .. I know that the wating and the wondering and waiting is one of the worst parts.. Hope all will go well with your mom. Have a wonderful weekend with the family.

    Georgia - glad you are going to have your mini fiesta next week. I would love to come if you were closer :) ! Have a wonderful weekend and party. I didn;t think it ever got to hot for you to knit !!

    Rock - Gordon cookiing anything yummy this weekend? He probably always cooks great so you don''t have to worry. If I don't cook we starve :) !!

    Happy 4th of July to us and the great U.S.A. Have a wonderful pain free weekend.

    Love and blessings,

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  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It's early saturday morning here (really friday night, just past midnight-ish).

    Everydobby keep the prayers comin!!!!!
    Come to think of it, prayers & cookies would be good! LOL

    It has been a long time since I've eaten, so I'm thinkin about food.
    Hey Rock! Are U & Gordon havin a BBQ for the holiday weekend? Do y'all have a special BBQ-type dish?

    Well, Peeps... Today was terrible beyond description. But things are some-better now.

    I'm glad I finally feel better enough to howdy at y'all!!!!

    I've only been able to prop myself up long enough to scan/skim your posts, so I missed some details.

    Granni: Storytime?

    Joan: My heart still goes out to you. I don't remember who suggested the Red Hat Ladies, but I think it's a GREAT idea!!!! I didn't know about them til i saw them in a local parade,& my fave cuz-girl explained who they are. Cuz-Girl wants to be a Pink Hat Lady as soon as she's old enuff. Serious! It's a sorta junior division of thr Red Hat Ladies. I guess the RH's wanna make sure incoming ladies are trained correctly. LOL Anyhow: Red Hat Ladies sounds cool!

    Georgia, Lilac, Springwater, Mickey, & EVERYDOBBY keep up the positive vibes 4 me!

    I'll try to write again soon as possible...

    Luv & Hugz 2 my Peeps!!!!!

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am taking a break from lite vacuuming with my cordless sweeper vac. it does OK but I didn't feel like fussing with the big one today. Still blowing my nose, some gunk still there with occasional cough. I have 4 more days of antibiotic. Hope that will get rid of it all.

    Pippi - sorry you are still in the horss pital. You have to stop getting thrown back in. Gee that is not fun esp on a holiday but if you need to be there I guess you have no choice ! Thinking abouta you and hope you aren't feeling to awful.

    Elaine - Time out from your walkie talkie, how funny ! I can just see you calling JS every few minutes just for fun. Maybe one day he will come and pour some water over your head or something :) !! Her may have to hide your walkie talkie if you get to bad :). Can you move slowly about the house or what. How much time do you spend in your bed? Can you do some of your hand sewing or pinning in bed or while your up ?. Or are you just waiting till you get all better ?

    Thanks for your newsy post. Glad to see that your attitude is back where it should be. No cat wheels now remember :) !! Doing anyathing at all for the 4th like watching some of the fireworks and music. That is about allwe are doing. We will be home and cooking babyback ribs on the grill. It is our first experiment with ribs on our new grill.

    Just want to say hi to everyboddy inc all those mentioned by Elaine - I am to tired to name everyone again.

    Love to all,

    Granni and have a wonderful day and weekend.
  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Well, it sure seems that way!

    The good news is: I'm home.
    The bad news is: I'm home...

    It's good cuz I'm sure glad 2 B outta there.
    It's bad cuz I'm not supposed to be outta there yet.

    I was supposed to stay thru Monday AT LEAST.
    Instead, the doc stuck his head in the room & told me I was being discharged. He found out Mom was already en route & got outta there fast, w/o answering my questions.
    Mom had him paged when she got there maybe 10 minutes later, but he wouldn't answer his page.
    The idiot stood there, looked me right in the eye, & said everything was "normal" now.

    He lied.

    As the nurse was discharging me, & trying to answer my Q's, she read from my chart & said my hemaglobin was "all over the place" (numbers going way up & way down, then way up again) the entire time I'd been in the hospital!
    The doc wasn't even gonna tell me about that!

    Standing there, lying to me & looking at me like I was nuts or something, with the evidence staring him right in the face!!!

    At least my nurses were doing their best to help me, & they understood my frustration. But Nurses have no power...

    Oh well... Nothin I can do about it...

    I'm fairly comfortable for now, & the family & neighbors are all checkin on me.

    I understand that my life doesn't matter to them, what I don't understand is why they're so anxious to keep the hospital beds empty, yet they spend big bucks advertising on tv, telling peeps to go to their hospital. Makes no sense.

    I know why docs ignore their own test results.
    They make up their mind ahead of time, & if a test result doesn't jibe with their preconceived ideas, they simply ignore the test.

    It's doctor-ego. They cannot be wrong about anything ever. If somebody has to die, that's just ok cuz they can pretend they weren't wrong.

    My family is still trying to fight for me. But they're helpless too, as long as the docs simply lie about simple things like my blood count...

    I'll be OK, tho! Y'all don't hafta worry about this MICK!
    Mom is turning to her friends who are very familiar with alternative therapies & such.
    I have more fight in me than ever before!

    (To anydobby who doesn't know: A "mick" was the derogatory slang term used against the Irish immigrants, back in the day. It was as insulting as the "n-word" is to black peeps. But the Irish co-opted the word & claimed it. After that, it could never be used as an insult, cuz it had been claimed as a source of pride.)

    Anyhow, my point is:
    I'm still sick, but I'm being watched over by many people here, & I'm SO peeved off that instead of losing heart & feeling like giving up, I'm mentally tougher than I was before!!!!

    I'll get thru this. I've been thru worse! ;P

    Thanks for all the love & support! You don't even know how much that means to me, &how much it helps me to keep fighting!

    For now, I'm just gonna settle in & take a nap.
    I never did get any rest in the horse-pistols! LOL!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you're home, at least you hopefully can get some rest, or more so than in the horse pistol. Wish I knew more of your problem so I could perhaps have something constructive to say. However, since I do not I will just say we love you and are hoping and praying for tahe best for you.

    Glad you have your family and others that are bing helpful to you. I also, as well as others are also doing as much as we can in the natural therapy line. It surely is worth a try. I know I use some to help me sleep as well as some other things.

    Go for it sweetie. Hope you can get a good rest tonight and wake up refreshed in body and pooriti tomorrow. I am so glad that you have as much spunk as you do. You, as well as many of us here need it just to survive on a daily basis.

    Having a quiet 4th and watching the Washington 4th production on our channel 8. Nice music and all. Hope I can sleep tonight. The antibiotic I am taking now plus napping yesterday may have helped me sleep less than usual last night. I was up watching the clock every few hours. Hope I do better tonight since I didn't take a nap today in hopes that I could s leep tonight.

    Nighty nity sweet Pippi - I left some cookies OK? Still waiting for you to tell me what story you would like. I am afraid that if I tell you wnat I am reading you would think it to corney.

    Elaine is getting better so maybe she can help you run over some docs or others in the horse pistol or whatever you think they need, to be whipped into shape


  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    on you having a new little baby chili pepper. Where did you get the seed, in Mexico? That is really interesting. Are you going to eat it when it grows up :) !!

    Pippi - Yes, I agree with Georgia ! If you tell us some of your story maybe some of us can be of help to you. No pressure my dear !

    Thniking of you !

    Hope all the Porchies have had a wonderful weekend. Try and stay COOL ! It is HOT hear. Ours was very quiet. Have to go to a Wake/and Rosary this evening. So have to see if DH wants to eat before we go. We already had our big dinner, lots of leftovers!


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  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    The neighborhood partied late into the night.
    I fell asleep watching the fireworks going off all over the city.

    It poured rain all day, but that didn't stop the peeps in my building from having their fun.
    We have a huge outdoor patio, seperated from the community room by a wall of glass. The neighbors grilled under umbrellas, then dashed indoors to eat & party & drink.
    That's what they were doing when Mom & I got in from the horse-pistol. We thought it was funny, cuz it was raining hammer handles! LOL!
    The guard at the lobby had a huge plate of all kindsa BBQ, & it looked pretty darn good!
    The rain stopped just before dark, & the colors of the fireworks seemed to flash even brighter against the mist & steam.

    I fell asleep thinking about that. The way peeps can celebrate - NEED to celebrate - no matter what's going on in the world.

    It's a good thing, IMO. It's one of the better parts of human nature.
    Peeps who can celebrate, have hope.

    There's more to life than mere survival. Although it does come down to that at times, we get thru those times cuz we know there's more to come.

    I'll be talking to each of my docs this week.
    Things are gonna change. It's a new game, with new rules.
    I'm in charge. If they don't like it, they're off the team. Plain & simple.

    I'll be coordinating alternative therapies, & the remaining docs will be informed of everything I try.

    My docs work for me, & they're gonna start acting like it.
    I have to find out (in advance, of course) how to be in the hospital, w/o being "treated" by staff docs. It's only gonna be docs who know me, from now on.

    I don't have the time or strength to fight against a health"care" beurocracy. Heck, I shouldn't have to!

    That's phase-1 of the new battle plan.
    I am SO ready to fight!!!

    I will tell my porch peeps what my medical condition is all about.
    Just give me a few days to get my plan in motion, & start regaining some strength.

    It's a long story, & I know I'll get timed-out, if I try to post it here.
    I'll write the whole thing on a free web-host-site, like tripod, & give y'all the site addy when it's done.
    But, that'll be a few days from now, cuz I need lots of rest.

    Hope everydobby is enjoying the holiday weekend!


    I know it seems like I've been completely wrapped up in myself lately. But I have been reading your posts. & following along. I just haven't been able to respond. I feel bad about that. But I'm back on the porch now! :)
    I'm not gonna get myself stuck in any more horse-pistols. I do much better here on the outside.[This Message was Edited on 07/05/2009]
  17. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I'm seeing talk of strawberries, and chilis..cookies..You can get hungry in here.
    Well, I have something to offer...cherries, so many cherries on this tree out back. It is such a waste to me to see them just sitting up there where I can't reach. Even with a ladder. Anyone good at climbing trees? :)
    I have gotten so many bags of cherries and given them away in the neighborhood. And of course, I've eaten quite a bit. I love them. No worms, this tree was sprayed.
    Now, apples! Apples are coming on. Need to thin them out so they will be a good size.
    Still waiting on my first egg from my chickens. Guessing it will be one of the Red Stars, or the Aricanna. Can't wait.
    Granni, hope you got some sleep! I went through that last week, then crashed on Sat. I got up, went out for a bit, came home and just slept most of the day away. Boy, did I feel better after that. Had a better day today.
    Take care all,
  18. jole

    jole Member

    to say hi to everyone. We had a nice time at our son's on the 4th. Were going to stay the night and come back yesterday, but the weather was not kind to me...so we came back late. Today I spent most of the day in bed, but am starting to perk again.

    My sister's birthday was yesterday...she was our little firecracker! Always finding some way to get into (and stay out of) trouble...with such a great sense of humor. Life was not kind to her, yet she still has that great spark of humor. She still cracks me up!!

    Pippi, will be watching for the website. Glad to hear you're back home, and wishing you well. You are very special to us, you know!

    Granni, sounds like you're feeling better finally. That must have been some really nasty bugs to get you down like that.

    Georgia, love your baby story! You had me wondering for a minute there....lol....

    Cynthia, I remember as kids my grandma's neighbor had a cherry tree, right across the fence from her yard. On Sundays when we'd go to visit, the boys would lean a ladder up against the tree and pick cherries and eat away...until they got caught! Unfortunately, they never shared with us girls...but they must have been good for them to chance the wrath of our dad!

    I'm not much of an apple eater, but I really enjoy most other fruit. One of the reasons I'd like living in a town...fresh fruits/veggies just don't last very long and we only shop once a month, plus my hubby is a meat and taters man. I could do without meat.

    Well, off to the shower. Sleep well everyone! Jole
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Not the best week so far…my energy levels went down plummeting. Ive had a good bath just now, put curd in my hair to take away the dryness .

    I seem to have mostly spent the days sitting watching some morbid tv programme or other, or just aimlessly surfing…cooking? I just made French toast for the son otherwise the help has been making our basic meal, rice, lentils, spinach,& once or twice meat curry .

    Cleaning was minimum which means theres a backlog of rooms to clean. I wish I had made a new Tibetan dress when I had the time, I just gave up after going once and not liking the materials there, and now for this function I have to go tomorrow I have these old ones which I have worn umpteen times. Not that I mind myself, but our community esp the ladies notice that sort of thing.

    I plan to go today and get some stuff done..i hope I will be able to get a good material for my dress then….

    I was thinking I really had better get up a different meal for the men…so yesterday I forced myself to go shopping and got macaroni, tomato paste, cheese, and mince meat so today I can make that. We haven’t had macaroni for eons now.

    Jole – I like hearing about your childhood memories, some might disagree but I do feel the older days were gentler, kinder. I know life was harder, I remember having to cook on a coal fire, lighting the fire every morn and eve, but still I treasure the old times.

    Cynthia – Ive never seen an apple on a tree…I would love to have one in my garden but the climate in this city is not too conducive to growing those.

    Pippi – the plate on the guard sounded yummy..i could just do with a nice steak and roast potato right now, it’s a lil chilly owing to rain.

    Granni – glad the worse of your cough seems to be over, it can be annoying. What exactly is a wake.

    Georgia – the thing which scares me most in dress making an knitting is pattern making. Its so complicated. Envy those with the aptitude for that.

    Linda – wow, nice to hear from you. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

    Elaine – still got your walkie talkie? About the fatigue, no I kind of don’t trust the docs here to respond to things like that. They are good with the normal illnesses, like typhoid, flu and stuff but mysterious disorders, there is no infrastructure here for them to address those.

    Rock – haven’t heard from you..did you go somewhere for 4th of July? Or did Gordon cook up something special?

    Hugs to all of you
    God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - Hi there girl. I somehow missed your post and had to go back and re read it. Congradulations on your anniversary. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. That is great ! Miss seeing you more around the Porch. How is that little lap dog Lucie :) !!

    Pippi- I love your attitude sweetie. Get to feeling better and send us a note (or should I say a book) on what has or hasnpt been ailing you. Ads I have said before and others to, there are lots of smart peeps on this board and on the Porch and would love to help you out if they, or could at least try.

    The Peeps in your apartments sounded like they were having a great time. Yes, you can have quite a time just watching them, if you could actually see them when they go back to their apartments. REST my dar and hope to hear from you soon. Yes, you are in charge of your health not anyone else !

    Springwater - Sounds like you have been busy. In answer to your question, a WAKE is I think an old word that is used when then person has died and is laid out int the funeral home. People come to visit and all. I think it is now called VISITATION instead of WAKE. However, I seem to keep remembering the old term. Personally, I do not know why it was originally called a WAKE. Maybe I could google it and see if they have anything on it.

    Sorry you had so little NRG the other day. Hope you are feeling better !!

    Jole - Hi there kiddo. My cough is alot better but when I blow my nose it is still there and also still have some loose cough, with one day left on antibitic. Ijust keep in trying to get rid of it - ycuk ! Hope a ll is well with you and the family. Sorry you pooped iuut from your trip but glad it was a nice one for you.. Glad you are feeling somewhat better now.

    Elaine - Hope you had a great 4th. I know you posted but I can't remember everything you said. I know you got put in time out for over use of your walkie talkie !! Hope you are feeling better and better. Hope you will find out the results of the test soon and that it will be a good result. I have one more day on my antibiotic and hope to get back to normal or whatever that is soon. Then I cana go back to sleeping experiment :) !!

    Georgia - Have you had your birthday party yet?? Better guard your pepper plant and make sure no one takes it yet ! Is it really VERY small right now?

    Julie - My you were a busy one as usual. Every time I read your posts I get tired just thinking of all you have done or are getting ready to do. However, you are a young kid - so go for it if you do not collapse first :) !!

    Joan - Hope you had a nice 4aaath and are feeling OK now. I know sometimes holidays are hard afaater you have lost a loved one. Keep on having as much fun as you can with your lady friends and your family when you can.

    Can't remember everydobby else right now. I had better close and go off to my line dancing for 1 hour, better than going to the weight room :) !! Then it is off to Wally World for a few groceries. Also hope to get home before it rains. They keep promising it and we need it SOOO bad. Hope we do get some today.

    Cynthia - glad you got to stop by. Hope all is well with you and had a nice holiday .
    Love to all your Porch Peeps (inc those I did not mention),


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