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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, we are open for business. May be monkey business, but that's fine. I am keeping this short as 2 or 3 other people may be opening a new volume simultaneously.

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the porch. Here's the story. In the days when there was no Chit Chat board, people would put "OT" for off topic on a non-medical post.

    Thus people who wanted to focus on meds, symptoms, etc. could skip over those posts. OT signaled a joke, a repot on a pet, etc.

    So it's a virtual porch. I picture it as being in the countryside, near a lake, w/ lots of rockers and a glider (swing) and plenty of little tables to hold drinks and snacks.

    All the snacks are zero calorie, of course.

    When we have the energy we post a longish post and when we don't, we don't. As they used to say when I was a kid about garden produce, "You eat what you can, and what you can't, you can."

    So now you know.

    Happy birthday, Ali, or as we used to say in the Old Country: Gratulerer Med Dagen.

    Bekah, good to hear from you. Stop by whenever you can.

    Big wave to everydobby.

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Where is "here"?

    Fill out your profile. Then we will all get to know you better. See upper right hand corner.

    You can read other profiles by clicking on the name of the poster.

    Ha det bra.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    means "Have it good" in Norwegian. I am from the old country (Minnesota) where people eat lefse, krumkaka and lutefisk. They also dance the polka say things like "Uff-duh!" and "Yeah, you betcha".

    Yes, MrDad is the life of the party and the Elsa Maxwell of the porch. Alas he is currently besieged w/ computer problems and a cold. (But does a cold last two weeks? I am beginning to suspect he's up to something.)

    Gordon is going to an orchid meeting tonight and taking an orchid that is found in trees. (But this time it's in a pot.) I predict he will come home w/ a ribbon of some color and more orchids. You know how collectors are: crazy. (That includes me.)

    If you check out the east end of the porch you will some of Gordon's epidendrums. They are the easiest orchids to grow and bloom almost continually.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    still no status change on my elbow, it is getting better though.

    off school till tuesday. yippee for president day.

    i just got a new plasma lcd tv "37 it is nice. my son, cody purchased himself and i just could not be out done by a 17 year old. he used his own money and mine is paid off....jodie doesn't like debt.

    well i need to run to post office for i have neglected going and there should be some more money in there for me. child support/spousal....

    i like to use that to buy me new things.

    the bf i believe has decided to fight his condition. from what i understand he has a nasty bacterial infection, pnemonia that needs surgery. he has another dr he is seeing i think on tuesday to see what can be done.

    hi to each and everyone of you.

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    tickets for next saturday. can't wait he has always been a favorite of mine.

    he has a song out there called, "jodie girl"

  7. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Hey you all. I've taken a long break from this site, but I just can't resist the Porch and my buddies any longer. I have been lurking, but not contributing.

    I see my blankie and chair are still tidy and I really appreciate that. Of course, I'm in the lodge looking out on the porch and the frozen pond. It sure has been below norm temps here in Ky since the last of Jan. Usually by the middle of Feb., we're experiencing a taste of spring. This year winter wants to hang on. I do have have daffodils and tulips that are showing their little green tops, so when the weather gets warmer, the daffodils will bloom soon. I have snow crocus' also, but they haven't bloomed yet and ususally they do so in early Feb.

    Really can't complain too much, most of the nasty stuff has stayed just to the north of us and we've just had very cold days, little snow.

    I'm doing ok, usual aches and pains, but I'm fairing pretty well. The view from my kitchen window is the creek and it's so beautiful when it freezes and you have a small stream that runs in the middle of all the ice.

    Marta, how are you and your cat doing? Sophie isn't it?

    Rock, hope you're doing good, you sound like it.

    Linda, I've missed you. Still working hard I guess.

    Jodie, you're still having fun, I hope, how are you healing up from surgery on that arm? right?

    Granni - miss you and Mr. Dad also. I've noticed that Ali? is a regular here. Hi!

    Miss you all and just thought I'd let you know I had'nt dropped off the face of the earth after all.

    Anybody I didn't mention and I know there are a few, howdy!

    TTFN (that's Tigger speak, for ta ta for now)
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hi Rafiki: Welcome! The Sister Mary George is different
    than Sister Mary Gregory. "Sister George" is one of the
    "mutiple personalities" that Rock has recently assigned
    to me. It's just another "cross" I have to bare!

    Sister Mary Gregory is our mentor and source of guidance.
    I would never pretend to be on the same par!

    Linda: SF was only 68degrees warmer than Buffalo! Had to
    put on a Pendleton Shirt today to ward off the chill!!!
    Sorry, I was thinking that Wednes. was Ash Wednes. I'll
    have to tell the Parish Priest he is a week ahead of time
    These seminaries don't teach these young guys anything
    anymore! My Irish-Amer. Catholic Mother would check our
    foreheads for the Ash as we came in the house! I'd just
    dip my thumb in the ashtray of my '57 Chevy as I pulled
    in the driveway and do it myself!!! She never caught-on.

    Rock: We have lots of Magnolia trees here and they have
    beautiful blossoms that from afar resemble Orchids! They
    bloom for months and are an added delight to the City

    Foggyfroggy: Do they still make Pendleton shirts up there?
    All us High School Guys in the '60's had to have a few of
    them as well as McGregor Jackets!

    Ali: Glad ya got out for Din-Din as I'm sure the Girls
    think it's special fun! 25 years old? Hey, I could blow
    out those many candles. I Do hope your back is better.

    Charlotte: Good to see you back after a slight absence.
    Hope all is well!

    Marilyn: Hope Hubby is comfortable and isn't being over
    demanding! At least HE,unlike me, has someone he can
    moan out loud to and get a response, hopefully. It's
    no fun being injurer or sick when alone! He's lucky to
    have ya!

    Jodie: Glad your BF is gonna seek some med attention!
    You've had alot to handle! Must get together sometime
    for lunch here in S.F. sometime when you are down. Think
    I will be going to Mill Valley for Dinner tomorrow night
    and see my friends and their 'Lil Guys! Do try an relax
    this weekend Jodie!

    Well. I'd better close this down b-4 I lose it!!

    "TAlk" later, "K"?
    JOE aka JoeJoe aka MRDAD aka Sister Mary George
  9. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Pendleton woolen mills is indeedy still in operation. Darn expensive stuff too. I would love one of their blankets though, before they go the way of all small businesses in America. In reference to your earlier comment on the weather, yes I have decided to officially quit bitching and complaining about rain. The very idea of 12 feet of snow makes me a little ashamed of my sniveling! Glad you're feeling better.

    Rock, my father in law used to have a big greenhouse attached to his house that was just crammed with orchids of all shapes and sizes. He even had some varieties named, one after his late wife. They are such magical plants. I saw a wonderful documentary about them a few months ago on PBS and the wonderful thing about this disease is that if it comes on again I will remember so little that I can be just as amazed and fascinated all over again!
    His parents were from Minnesota also - his father came from Norway as a young boy and his grandmothers family was Norwegian and Swedish. A number of years ago Roger and I saw a bumper sticker that said 'You can tell a Norwegian, but you can't tell 'em much'. Pretty much describes his dad!

    Big Hi to Marta, Carlanl and sees! Good to see you guys.
    More big hi's to Annie, Linda, Jodie, Granny,and a very big Happy Birthday to Ali!

    Welcome to Raftiki - is that like Raffi? Or perhaps Raffish? Anyhoo, here's a chair with your name on the pillow so pull up to the fire and enjoy the company.

    Later gators
    Le Frog (anyone seen Flushed Away?)
  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thank you, Linda, for tidying up. Sorry to hear about your butt but the concerts should perk it back up again. I've been thinking of you with all that snow!

    I missed the end of the last volume again. I'm going to quit telling myself I'll go back and read because it's not happenin.

    Rafiki, welcome to the Porch/Lodge. Rocky filled you in on the particulars. A good friend of mine also used to talk about sitting on the veranda. You remind me of her.

    Rocky, I hope Gordon brought home many ribbons or at least one for each orchid he took. I thought orchids were hard to grow but maybe it's because cats eat 'em.

    Jody, glad to hear that elbow is finally getting better.

    Charlotte, I was just talking to you on another thread. It's good to see you here again. So you have little green tops?? We have snow. Sophie is still trying very hard although she's bored, bored, bored.

    Happy Birthday to Aligrace!

    Joe's back! Good to see you again, Joe. I laughed out loud at your ashtray trick. SMG will gitcha for that!

    Foggy, I used to want a greenhouse. Your dad's sounds wonderful. What great memories, huh?

    That's it for me for now. Thanks to Lin for the coffee and the donuts. I've spoken to Jerome about a chair and blanket for Rafiki. Better make that two blankets.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Are we all ready for the big Weekend? Didn't wake up 'til

    10 a.m. It's good that I don't have any responsibilities

    to other than myself! I don't know how you wonderful

    Mothers are able to do it other than just out of love!

    I have the greatest respect for you all.

    Marta: You doing "well"? How is the Mural comin' along

    at the Shelter? Mick Romney was by your way I understand.

    Following in his Father's footsteps? Have you heard any-

    thing from Honora? I Hope she is doing well. You and

    Sophie stay warm, "K"?

    Rafiki: I think you are gonna get along just great here

    on the Porch! You'll catch on to everything in pretty

    short order. My 'puter problems most likely have more to

    do with dial-up "service" than anything else. But I do

    need to change Servers. I have an iMac console that I

    do find easy to use. Also have an "Old" laptop! I think

    she's comin' down to see me on her B'Day next month to

    Get her "present".

    Linda: Sent ya a short Email and will be awaiting that

    Joke, "K"? Had to make it short due to connection pro-

    blems! I'll Email ya re: the iron-overload thingy.

    Rock: Just heard that it's gonna get to almost 80 degrees

    in L.A. I'll bet George Hamilton will be by this After-

    noon to use your swimmin' pool again! Hope HE brings the

    "refreshment" this time!

    "See" ya awl later, "K"?
    MRDAD aka Sister Mary George

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  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    maybe mel's drive in, i don't know if they have any 2'fers though.

    i go for another dr elbow appt today. it appears to be getting better. she will take measurements and i pray i don't have to have anymore stuffing in the elbow. although the stuffing has not been nearly as bad as it was. i don't have to change it out anymore, but it came out early again. so i just cut my seaweed, (alginate material), and place it over the incicsion.

    ali sorry if i forgot your b-day...can't remember if i thru one out there for your...so if i didn't happy belated b-day.

    thanks for everyone caring about me it is nice to have such a nice and understanding outlet to go to when i need it.

    cody is cooking up v-day dinner for his gf...right now...
    making prego spaghetti and throwing in the costco meatballs...

    he picked out some cabbage for the salad. he thought it was the same as lettuce. he still has some learning to do i see. boxed mashed potatoes. oh my.

    but atleast i here him chopping away in the kitchen right now.

    talk to you all later

    aka jodie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wow, this porch has gone from sleeping to up and at um, if you know what I mean.

    How nice to see some new faces and some old ones too that we haven't seen in awhile.

    A BIG welcome - to Rafiki. Glad you came to visit with us for awhile I think you will like it here. It is nice and relaxing here most of the time. Occasionally there is venting and problems going on as in everyone's lives, some more serious than others. However, this is usually a pretty good escape from it all. Also, I think there is usually lots of good advise given and lots of people that really care about each other.

    Jeannette - Hi there and hope all is well with you today.

    Welcome back to Carla-nl, Sees and Froggy ! Hope you aren't feeling to bad and glad that you have missed alot of the big snows (Sees). Glad to see you all.

    Jodie - Glad that some things seem to be looking up a bit for you, your arm, buying yourself some goodies and Eric looking into getting another opinion (or at least one). Have fun with those tickets.

    Linda - I hope you haven't frozen like a popsicle. I can't even take what we have been getting her in TX lately. It was subfreezing this morning. Not sure what it is now - maybe high 40's or so.

    Hi also to Marta, haven't seen you in a little while or else I whizzed right by you (-: !! Sorry !! To much going on right now... How is Miss Sophie ???

    DH John is doing pretty well today afater his surgery and hasn't taken any pain meds again so I guess he is allowed to have some wine tonight !

    Mrdad - It looks like you are getting ready for another busy weekend. Hope your weather behaves itself. It usually does in your neck of the woods.

    Greetings Rock, I see you have been giving Rafiki a tour of the porch and some of it "inhabitants (-: !! Thanks, you are a busy one.

    Ali - Hope you had a nice birthday dinner. I know when you have young ones there usually aren't alot of choices and of course youe weather has been less than helpful. Any more snow by you, or just COLD !!! Anytime you get to go out and not have to cook is great for me. When I was younger and had little ones we hardly ever weet out to eat unless we got a sitter. Now they have all kinds of place geared for kids but of course you have to have $ to do that alot.

    Well everyone, I had better sign off for now. Try and stay warm and happy. May see yousome this weekend but the beginning of the week will be busy - I go my endo and then DH goes for his post surgical checkup and fri (if he doesn't change his mind) he will have s tooth pulled out in the front. SDounds like fun, doesn't it.

    Lots of warm hugs to ALL,

    Granni (Marilyn)

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I just had to come back to the Porch tonight and see how everyone is doing. Dinner is in the oven, Sophie, the cat is playing with a toy that's making her drool all over the floor, she has dandruff and she lights up everytime I touch her. Darn dry weather.

    Let's see:

    Rafiki, I'm happy to see you here. Are you male or female?

    Joe, yes, Romney was in MI. My mother LOVED his father, George, but I suspect it was because he was so handsome. Our friend is doing relatively fine and she'd thank you for asking. In fact, she called today and we talked about you, Rocky, and how the Porch has changed from what she would recall.

    Jodie, What a great kid you have in Cody. An athlete AND a cook. Says good things about his mother.

    Marilyn, good to hear your DH is doing so well. That must be a relief to you. The painting at the shelter is done unless I get cloud-happy and do a bit more tomorrow morning. I'll take pictures. You can see Miss Minnie in my profile now. She was the tiniest creation I did, lying on my belly on the floor.

    Linda, thanks for rescuing my chair and telling Jerome to keep his mitts off of it. I may leave for awhile but like Ahnold, I'llllll be back.

    Hugs all around the porch,


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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lots of visitors to the porch today. Well, that's fine. As someone must have said about Liz Taylor at one time or another, "The more they marry her".

    Yes, Gordon came home w/ a blue ribbon and another orchid that he bought. One time he came home w/a green ribbon. I asked, "What's that?"

    "Oh, I dunno. Honorable Mention or something." I later found out it was the horticultural award; even better than a blue ribbon. As Dorothy Parker once observed, you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think.

    Orchids are not hard to grow. You don't need a greenhouse if you grow ones that like the climate where you live. Minnesota's state flower is an orchid.

    By the way, here's what you can tell a Norwegian: an Ole and Lena joke.

    Marta, that's a wonderful mouse. I believe your technique is wrong tho. All the best artists paint while lying on their back.

    MrDad, what are you smoking? You have delusions. George Hamilton; swimming pool? Is George still alive? I read he was very active in the stock market a few years ago. Wanted to corner the market on suntan lotion. A notion hard to grasp.

    What was that church you went to? Our Lady of the Impalas w/ drive in services? That's where Robert Schuller got his start, you know. He turned an old drive in movie into a church w/ cars instead of pews.

    Linda, you ever hear "on the warpath"? Same as "on the fritz".
    Yes, I'm Irish-German too. The Germans and the Norwegians are supposed to be very stubborn. I'm both. Gordon reminds me every now and then.

    Charlotte, welcome back. Good to see you. Jodi, tell Cody: when life hands you a cabbage, make slaw.

    Ali, sounds like you had a nice b-day. I remember on my 24th b-day some old lady said to me, "Well, you're getting up there." I thought she was crazy. Here I am, a mere 42 years later. Somehow I turned into an old man.

    Sounds like the patient is doing well, Marilyn. He lucky to have a built-in nurse.

    Have never owned a smoking jacket, Rafiki, altho I just read a biography of Noel Coward. Yesterday I found a denim jacket in the closet, still in it's original wrapper. It's kawinkeedinks like this that make me a believer.

    NB: Just asked Gordon. He says he bought the jacket last fall so as to be prepared for winter. I see.

    Well, what w/ the computer being on the fritz and various other setback, it has taken me 50 some minutes to churn out this little message. I can only hope it has brought enlightenment or like a mint to all my fellow porchers.

    Virtual hugs and waves to all.


  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes. George is very much alive. I know you are too busy
    to be bothered wiff a T.V., but George has done very well
    lately making commercials for Potato Chips while sitting
    by the Pool getting "toasty", like the Chips.

    I remember that he got a draft deferment as the sole sup-
    port of his mother during that So East Asia Acton! Also
    I believe, the sole surviving son thing! Weather was a
    bit to inclimate in Canada I suppose, very few pools up
    there! He is as useless as Warren Beatty as far as I'm
    concerned. Bonnie and Clyde was the last movie that made
    any $$$ that Beatty was in. How do you keep getting work
    with that negative record? Hasn't been in anything for
    awile now.

    What kind of "Puter do you have? Is it very old? Maybe
    you could find a newer used one that would serve you bet-
    ter? You enjoy it much for correspondence, games and info
    and it is ashame that you don't have one that is more
    functional. Is Gordan makin' those lemon bars again?
    Tell him they were great and I can still taste them!

    Oh Jodie!! When we meet for lunch, there are some good
    restaurants in the Embarcadero Center Building much better
    than Mel's. (Promise not to embarass you by producing a
    2-Fer coupon. They don't take'em there anyhow! I'm buyin
    OK? I will be looking forward to it.

    "TalK" to all later, "K"?
    JOE aka Mrdad aka Joejoe aka Sister Mary George
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ..... and lemmee into the Lodge! Brrrrrrrrr.

    Rocky, I didn't know they gave green ribbons for flowers and/or orchids but I'm glad Gordon got one - and glad he got the blue one this time too. Most blue ribbons I've seen were on the cans in the hands of an old boyfriend.

    Ahhhh, technique. That must be why I'm not getting the ceiling painted. I'm headed there this morning to tidy up.

    Darkwaters, now I understand the meaning of your name. Very ........ scary although you don't appear to be.

    A note for Rafiki: could there be two of you, you ask? Of course not, my friend. The world would happily implode.

    Hugs allll around the Porch and the Lodge where it's MUCH warmer.

  18. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Yesterday my husband and I went the E.R. @ 5 am. He had chest pain. He's 48 and had a stent put in about 5 years ago. He also has a hiatal hernia. To make a long story short, it wasn't his heart. He has to follow up with cardiologist this coming week, just to be on the safe side.
    So I give thanks to the Lord. He thinks he will opt for surgery for the hiatal hernia. It's just to painful for him and he's sick of being sick.

    It's 34 degrees here and snow flurries. I feel like I have it made, compared to you "northern" folks.

    My 20 yr old cat thinks the toilet bowl is his private pond. Eeewwww! He refuses to drink his water that I have for him in a bowl by his cat food. What's up with that? For now, I have to make sure the bathroom door is shut, at all times.

    Marta, in reference to the other post, yes I go on dates. Dates with my husband are must do's. We realize how precious our time is for each other and at least twice a month, we go out. He refuses to go with me, if I wear sweats. Can't say as I blame him. So I dress up in nice slacks and tops that show a little cleavage and wear the jewelry he gives me for special occassions and put on the make-up, fix up the hair. It makes me and him feel good.

    I'm learning that I need to try a little harder to get out and enjoy myself, so I go to lunch dates with my sister and/or my Mom. It's fun and I get a free lunch.

    My son put new tires on my car because he loves me, but I only got to have it the month of Jan. His "old" truck broke down and now my husband drives my car to work. The son drives his "new" truck. Bottom line, I don't have transportation until they work on the truck. And they are in the garage now, and that's nice because I have the peace and quiet to say hi to you all.

    Can't respond individually to everyone, as this is long enough and I don't want to bore you all. I hope everybody stays warm and healthy. Wishing all her the best.


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