Porch Light Volume 190 is open

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hope no one got caught in the switch-Carla
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's ok, I just deleted my 190!
    Almost kinda' like my Dad comin' home years ago after a few
    drinks with the guys, closing the garage door with auto device
    while only halfway into the garage. We almost had TWO Ford Pintos Mr Nader! (Two Vol 190's)?? No Wey!! Rafiki hasn't
    brought back Vol 187 yet!

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  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    for the new volume...I knew it was acomin'.

    I didn't post any last week...hubby was home all week and daughter came home early from college, had the flu. Looks like everything and everybody here is back to normal. As normal as my dysfunctional bunch can be...

    Carla, can we have some more cinnamon buns???I need something so bad for me, and they were so good.Are you as tired of this crazy weather as I am???I seen the girls pic and it looks like they really had fun playing in the mud.

    Mr Dad...my Dad couldn't ever find the car after he got done drinking with his buddies.They liked that good ol mountain dew...

    Got caught up on the last volume... everyone sure has been busy and we have some new porchies here too. welcome to all.

    YC1...glad to see you finally made it to the porch.

    I have a few flowers sprouting up thru the cold ground, so I think I may survive til spring now...

    We should find out tomorrow what kind of baby we are getting...I am hoping for a girl, but son wants a boy. As long as it is healthy we don't really care. I am getting so excited...I guess the rest of you grannies can understand that.

    hope everyone is happy and healthy

  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I waited for a while after you posted in 189 and thought maybe you had got distracted looking for your binocks.

    I am just taking it easy today. I had planned on it yesterday but it didn't happen.

    I was only going to work in the mud a little while and ended up out there 3 hours and was covered in mud from head to toes and the girls too.

    If Jerome is about-could you please come help me or I am going to start selling tickets for mud wrestling matches.

    I have been trying to read the past volumes but retaining it is another thing.

    It has been a busy place lately with all our new visitors

    YC1 I hope you are feeling better and realize we are all "fogged in" sometimes and never mean to leave anyone out.

    A few of us are really going threw some tough things, more than usual, and our "welcome committee" has not been quite up to snuff. But visit often, we love to meet new people and like Marta said maybe tell us a little more about yourself.

    Marta glad you got rid of that bag of rocks in your neck, I did find a massage therapist that does a 30 minute massage for $25 if you are on SSDI. I am considering it for my T-spine area that is always buggin me, she thinks he could be MFP since it not entirely structural, all the bones in the right places,ect. Still trying to make lemonade but I don't think I will be writting books about it

    Jodie- sorry to hear about Cody's teeth, I had the same thing done in my 20's and looked like I had been beat up and a big squirrel/chipmonk. I know you have had a hard time but admire you for getting up and moving one foot in front of the other and keeping your school up.

    Georgia- glad too see you are still visiting and would love to see your quilts sometimes. Homemade stawberry bread, do you have a bread machine? Sounds like the mechanic is working out, I am very happy for you. They say those things happen when your not looking for them.

    Micky- you are a busy girl too, glad your daughter had a good time at the ball.

    Joan come out come out where ever you are-We are worried about you and DH

    Julie-what are you into today, have you been able to find the sidewalk yet? Love your quaint place in the forest. Now that is what I call roughen it, don't know about a outhouse in the middle of night tho. You are a brave woman.

    Victoria-glad you stopped by too

    Well my memory is fading quick and need to eat lunch- Hello to Rock, Granni, Linda, Pasara, Lacy, Darkwaters are you still around, Sweetie and everyone peepin in-just jump in anytime, the water is fine-Carla

  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I see we were posting at the same time. YES, YES , Yes I am so sick of this weather, it is suppose to snow this week and more rain.

    Yes, the girls did have fun yesterday, that is why I keep them on the leashes, especially with all this wet ground we have. But they needed to have a little fun and I was too tired to deal with them dealing with my own mess.

    So I waited for them to come in and tied them up to the front door and made them lay on the towels until I was ready, then brushed them down good first which got the biggest part of the mud off, then off to the sink, thank goodness I out that big double tub utility sink in, it has been a life saver-I make them walk up the step ladder and jump in, Missy needs a little "assistance" if you know what I mean,lol.I think she is part mule

    Mickey- I did see your baby all dressed up, so cute, Missy is white-white even her eyelashes- ok going to eat now-Carla
  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I think I did post something on 189 right when it closed. I also said I was taking my duaghter to see the Melissa Lambert concert, LOL, it is Miranda Lambert, I believe. Oh well, never could get names right.

    Georgia, didn't you make strawberry bread and banana bread. I think that was you. Well please please save me some. I will be hungry again around 3. I have never had stawberry bread before and it sounds delicious.

    MrDad, i see you son plays country music. Good for him. My daughter loves country music and got me started listening to it all the time a couple of years ago.

    CARLA - Yes, Jack is my Baby, I just love how he loves to see me when i get home no matter what. Dogs are so loyal like that. They are the best.

    Well I just got back from lunch. I had yummy egg salad sandwich, a banana and an apple. Back to work for me now. Talk at you later
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  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hmmmmm, I guess you can come. LOL No really, it is great here. There are about 10 Porchies that comment all the time. It is kind of a fun Post. We just chat with each other.

    Nothing different than other posts, although, we have parties, barbeques, Hot Chocolate Parties sitting by the fireplace, etc......

    Oh, and Georgia is making Strawberry and Banana Nut Bread, so I can ask her to save you some.

    Talk at you soon.
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    we try to keep upbeat if we can...and we also share how we feel about ourselves and what is going on w/our lives.

    how is the flower guy for you going?

    i took my midterm...i think i could've done better but time will see.

    now i must work on outline for my speech for wednesday and study my math for test on wed. as well.

    wonder if cody found something he can eat at school for food.

    overcast here today mr.dad. no georgie porgie hanging out at the pool today.

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So nice of you to drop in! Yes, of course you're more than

    welcome as the PORCH is always open and invites everyone to

    stop by whenever and as often as they can. No dues or long

    questionaires here! It's just a bunch of Friends sharing

    our lives, interests and friendship with one another. A

    very supportive and fun group of "Porchies".

    Hope you will come by often Elaine!

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  10. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am nominating my weather for the porch today!!! It is a breezy day, no humidity and in the low 80's.....I love the weather in San Antonio. I say that now ask me how much I like the dog days of summer.

    Elaine-everyone is welcome, so welcome. I haven't been here that long myself. You can see what is going on in previous volumes.

    Jodi-how is Cody feeling now? Hopefully all healed up. My daughter just had hers taken out, and she was miserable, the worst part about it was that she was by herself in Dallas (she goes to college there) she called me in the morning and said that she was getting all of them out at one time and she would call me later. Man oh man I was worried sick. The stubborn girl (don't know where she would get that from)lol didn't give me any notice so that I could help her.

    Fibromickster-I will be making banana bread for my son's school party tomorrow, I will send a loaf your way. Your baby looks so cute in purple, brings out his eyes.

    CK-When I saw the pic, all I saw was 2 cuties, I didn't even see the muddy paws. Duh!!!

    I have to clean up the back yard, there is a whole winter season of neglect back there.

    Hello to all that I didn't mention, Granni, Dad, Rock, YC1 I am sure I have missed a few.

    Toodles for now,
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope none of you are freezing to much. It has warmed up here almost iin the 80's I think today but it depends if the sun is out or not. After tomorrow it gets cooler or coler again but not as bab as some you guys and gals. BRRRR !!! Had a thrilling morning today driving to the Rheumys. Ok visit and and got my meds prescriptions renewed.

    YC1 - I finally got on the porch yesterday so look on the last volume 189 I think it is. So check it out please if you haven't already. Were you supposed to go to your rheumy's today? I know you said you had one coming up but forget when it was. Hope you get the meds or increase that will help you. Hope your sis and fil are doing beter. I kow she is out of the hospital but that he was still there. Please upodate me and us all. We are concerned aboaut you and your family !!

    Carla - thanks again for starting us all up again.

    Mrdad -Sorry, CK beat you to it this time

    Lacey - When is your grand baby due? Yes, just hope for a healthy one, no matter what sex is the most important thing. That is always so exciting.

    Great Scott, I wasn't even finished with my post and I pushed "Post Message". So now I am editing and adding.

    D____ it I just did it again. DH ame in to talk to me and needs the computer so I goofed again.

    CK and Mickey - sorry you still are havaing horrible weather. I am sure you are waiting for an end to it all.

    Lacey - G;lad you are OK. Hadn't talked to you in awhile. Hope everyone is finally well at your house.

    Elaine - OMG, how nice to see you here on the porch. Yep, no forms to fill our of fees to pay. Just show up when you want some fun and friendship. We even have blankies and rockers for all. Sometimes we have hot choc. and other times we have Hot toddies (-: !!! Yeah, parties too. So glad you came for a visit. Hope you'll stay (-: !

    Jodie - Glad you test are over and hope you did well Good luck to Cody too in whatever he is doing now.

    Bevy - Glad to see you here again.

    Can't remember anything else . Hi to Rock, Georgia and whoever else I forgot. Bye for now.

    Georgia - any extra strawberry bread ??? Sounds yummy !

    Hugs and blessings,


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  12. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    I have a big pot of chicken soup cooking, if anyone wants some.

    Carla, I don't have a bread machine, just use my hands or the mixer. I'm going to try my hand at yeast bread again. I made it all the time when I was married.

    Yes, Mr. M. just seems to have dropped in out of nowhere. I don't need a man, but it is nice having him around. I don't think I want to get married again, but don't think he would go for this idea. Being married can be such a hassle. I've been on my own for 22 years. He is taking care of the business that needs taking care of.

    Fibromickster, I have a loaf of strawberry bread for you--

    Hello to all--


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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Everydobby seems to be energetic and cheerful today, well, by our standards anyway. Gordon and I braved the rain yesterday and went to Vorman's bookstore in Pasadena.

    Here's a traveling tip for you. If you come to California, don't try and drive in Pasadena during the Rose Parade.

    And here's an encouraging message I found at the book store. It was on a magnet. The magnet cost $4, but the message was free:

    Barn burned down. Now I can see the moon.

    Isn't that great?!

    We came home and did some reading. Gordon was browsing thru a 1960s Better Homes and Garden cookbook he got at the library book sale.

    He kept up a running monologue. I was listening w/ one ear and doing a crossword w/ the other. And then I heard, "Chuckwagon Stew. Dice one chuckwagon."

    Couldn't ignore that.

    Just got back from the bonecracker and the 99 cent store. Stocked up on chicken broth (There's a pun there if you look for it). It's Huckle's favorite treat.

    Here's another 6 word message. I think it's time for my nap. Oops! Brain fog strikes again. Ok, amend to: Time for my nap, I think.

    All for now

  14. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Well, succeeded in trimming rosebushes but now am too pooped to do anything but sit and drink something cool and refreshing.

    Now I was confused when I got up today, blaming it on the Lyrica. But now am more confused.

    s-elaine posts says she has not been here on the Porch? I thought I saw you here all the time!!!!!It must be you have been on chitchat board but i'd a sworn I met you on the porch many times. Oh, well, I have sworn I met dorothy on the yellow brick road also! Welcome to the porch anyway and enjoy.

    And talking about pintos, the car not the horse, I have a restored one, my first car. I have a 73 black pinto in my garage. My hubby restored it inside and out, new motor, even made it from regular to a hatchback. Why? I have not a clue. He refuses to get rid of it. I am so afrad if Mr. Ralph N. discovers this, we will be in big trouble, not to mention the laughing stock of the nation. Can someone crochet me a big car cover?

    Well, I need to go now. Thanks for letting me rest on the swing. See everyone later. Have a nice evening.

    I have a really bad memory lately, worse than usual so that is why I don't mention each person by name. I would if I could remember all your names. I enjoy you all so don't be slighted if I don't mention you by name. It works for my kids and all, just a "hey you."

    Talk to you later...
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  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You are the best, homemade Chicken Soup and Strawberry Bread. I could just fly to Cow Town and have that dinner. Too bad I am not a millionaire like Rock otherwise I would definetly take you up on that.

    By the way, what part of Cow town???? We have lots of cows around here too.
  16. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    really goes at some speed.

    That was a nice positive note -

    'Barn burned down, now I can see the moon.'

    Brilliant way to think.

    Had a nice day myself, at my friend Mary's, she's got her house on the market and wanted me to see it at its best. Housing market is good over here so fingers crossed.

    Off to bed now.

    catch you all later.

  17. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    I live in the part of Cow Town with the spotted cows.

    Brown cows and goats live on the other side of town.

    What kind of cows do you have?


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The porch light thread is like many things in life. A little history helps.

    A couple years ago there was no chit chat board. So if you wanted to discuss something other than these darned diseases,
    you put O.T. (for off topic) in the title of your post.

    So a couple of us talked about days of yore when most American homes had front porches and people sat on them and socalized. Not only w/ each other but w/ the neighbors who would often take a stroll around the block after supper.

    When the chit chat board opened up, we moved over here but kept the name. Anybody can drop in. Good place to discuss the kids, recipes, tv, movies, jokes, etc.

    We also have refreshments; all totally non-caloric.

    Pull up a chair.

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  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, lets see, we have black cows, white cows and brown cows. I may have seen some spotted black and white cows and even some striped cows.

    We also have goats and horses down the street. LOL

    Rock, thanks for telling the story of how you guys started, I have been wanting to know that too.

    S-Elaine, i guess it is kind of like the virtual road trip except that this is a virtual Porch trip.

    Rock, my neighborhood actually does that still, we all sit out on the porch (when it is warm, IF IT EVER DOES GET WARM AGAIN), the neighbors come over and we walk. I walk a lot with Mary, she is an older lady that lives up the street. Her husband passed away a couple of years ago and she is so lovely. She reminds me of my Grandma (passed away about 7 years ago).

    Anyway, when i walk my dog at night (WHEN IT EVER GETS WARM AGAIN- LOL), I go up and visit with her. She is the other ladies on the block are all sitting in her drive way (same thing as a porch to her i guess).


  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I kind of got caught up earlier today but now I am behind again.

    thank yo Rock for being the welcome wagon for all of our new porchies like Elaine,Jinlee,YC1,Victoria,Micky,Bev and now my brain is gone.

    I didn't cheat this time and am winging it. I spent a few hours drawing a picture of Missy, the one I posted of her the other day with her looking up at me. I did it in pencil, could be better maybe by the 4th drawing,lol. You think I'm kidding but I'm not.

    Then I made movies with the girls. I can record about 20 minutes on my SD card for my camera so I have been recording our "training sessions" called tricks and treats.hehe.

    I will edit them down and post a few on youtube when I get time. It has been nice to be able to chill out for a few days.

    Linda-glad to see you back, and I enjoyed our talk as well, we are getting the storm that is heading your way so batten down the hatches. Have you tried cold on your shoulder? The massage therpist told me to ice my back and is reduces swelling and relieves the pressure.

    I am here all the time any time you need a ear, I did have a better day today, staying out of the ditch had a little to do with it. The couch has been my best freind.

    Then played with the girls, then we watched it on the computer and they perked up and when I did a fast forward with the sound on, the look on Twy's face was pricless, too bad I didn't have the camera on. I will have to do that one.

    I took my meds a while back so forgive me for not mentioning all tonight, where was I-I got distracted there for awhile the screen saver came on,lol. SO a good night to all-Carla

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