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    Hi there awl,

    Not much tie to post now. Almost tie for beddy bye. Please check the last volume for posts and pictures of Julie and some her family at Keira's graduation as well as Sunflower girl, Mikie, Rock, Jam and others. Sorry I cannot think right now. Night all :)!!!

    Love to everyone,
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    The cat who owns me, Lexie, is all hunkered down. She hates storms. These are the only times I don't insist that she get out of my way. I figure if she's scared and has found a spot where she feels safer, she has the right to stay there for the duration.
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Seems I'm in a mode of just missing out on posting on the last thread and having to post on the new one. I'm so sorry, everbody, but I cannot remember what everyone said on the last one. I'll do my best.

    Rock, La Chatte, Ponette, didn't seem to mind mon accent but she was clearly missing her parents. I planned on going back down in the early afternoon before they returned but my hip had other ideas. I remember shopping at Ralph's when my kids lived in LA. I put Simon's food out when I got up at 4:00 and he came by for his breakfast.

    Granni, glad that surgery is over with. I'll bet the next one won't seem as stressful, eyedrops and all.

    Jam, the thyroid made from goats was all we had in the old days. It actually worked better than Synthroid for many people. I'm glad the peptide injections got rid of my need to supplement with it. One less pill to have to take. The prednisone isn't going to be long term. I don't like it but this level of inflammation isn't good for the body at all. Before the med, I could barely walk.

    Laura, I never saw lightening bugs (we didn't have them in CO nor here in FL) until I visited my kids in Atlanta. They are magical. They emit different kinds of blinking, or not blinking. Researchers believe it is messaging to other lightening bugs about mating. Wow! No guy ever lit up for me :).

    Sunflower Girl, I was thinking the same thing. Do they have to do a hip replacement if there is a tiny hairline fx? Three tendons hold the hip in place and I suppose it could also be tendonitis.

    OK, I'm going back to the last thread to see what, or whom, I missed. Be back in a minute.

    I still worry I missed someone. In any case, I really appreciate all the kindness y'all have shown me over this hip fiasco. It is better. On Tues., I could barely bear weight on the leg. I'm still limping a bit but it's much better. I even limped along and ran my vacuum and floor cleaner on the tile. It's so nice to have it clean. I think it's better to be active as long as it doesn't make things worse. I've also rested a lot. Every now and then, if I torque the hip just right (or wrong :mad:) the stab of pain takes my breath away. Each day, I take one fewer pills until day six. I hope by my appt. on the 6th, this has resolved.

    The prep workers have finished sanding our railings and I need to find out when they will be painting. We won't be able to touch the railings. Barb can't make it up or down without holding on. Now, I don't think I can either. I'm going to call the painters to find out which day to stay in. I will be going to the store today as I'm out of food.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Love, Mikie
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    hello peoples

    this here girl is melting in 93 degree heat..pouf!

    cant go out..

    scorching sun

    Hope Mikie got to see the doc

    Granni - you will be so relieved when both eyes of DH hv been taken care of

    does seem so time and energy consuming but necessary

    julie - tks for the pic..Amy takes after you and lindsey after Den is it? a little

    not completely...you all seem so happy..what a pretty girl Keira has got to be!

    Ninkindidy- your cat seems to be like my Tinku dog, she is sassy but come

    thunder, she is cowering, feel sorry for her, no one should be afraid

    Rock - ive always believed in global warming..and rising temperatures,

    if i could i would live in Canada during summer and San Francisco

    during winter.

    laura E - wouldve loved to sit up and wait for the sunrise...i hope you

    get better soon

    Jam - hi and is it getting too hot where you are? hope there is remission

    of yr pain somewhat...there is always hope...im trying positive affirmations

    to stay sane in this heat...i wouldnt mind a freak storm coming bringing

    lovely rain about now..93 F is waay too hot...

    Sun - so happy to hear positive report of DH....i think its common to experience

    depression of some sort during treatment..it is such a taxing time, emotionally,

    physically. theres a book by Louis Hays 'Modern Day Miracles' which cites

    examples of cancer cures by positive affirmations...mayby you could try to

    get him to read those?

    ah, Mikie has posted...yes, high 80 s is definitely uncomfortable!! im hoping

    modern science will invent a bubble in which we can move around and control

    temps...paradise regained..

    right now, i am spaced out, mind and body, not feeling, not hungry, dont

    want to watch telly, my books seem dreary...i feel like im an amoeba,

    i am just breathing and moving in slow motion...i guess amoeba is one

    up in that it doesnt know to wish for something else...

    i did watch a couple of funny videos in utube...funny dogandcat videos,

    they never fail to amuse, spoke to daughter...she is doing some training

    to drum up funds for the Democratic Party in America, and is finding

    out its not a cakewalk...one lafy who she phoned told, her, 'if i get ONE

    more call from u people, i will turn Republican.." luckily, daughter found

    that more 'hilarious' than daunting, " and laughed while telling me..

    however, i dont think she will do this for long, its just to fill in time..

    she volunteers at a refugee repatriation centre...

    well, take care, all you peeps, as one MIA member Pippi would say

    God bless
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    Hi, Springwater,

    We must have been posting at he same time. We've been into he high 80's but will be heading into the 90's by Memorial Day. I hope this heat doesn't get you down. I would love to be able to get out of here for a couple of months during the summer. It just stays sooooo hot for sooooo long. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Good thing I have no news to report 'cause I don't gots no energy to post it with.

    Laura, I remember lightning bugs. They were part of every summer night when I was a
    kid. Sometimes we would catch them and make a lantern by putting them in a mason
    jar. You couldn't keep them long though or their light would go out permanently. Folks,
    if you haven't seen lightning bugs, you can find them on Youtube. The first video that
    popped up was from Mankato, MN.

    I remember a visit to Minnesota when my boy was nine. I was glad to see the lightning
    bugs were still there. And the crayfish still lived in creeks. You have to grab them
    from behind so as to avoid the pinchers. He crept up on a rabbit that
    was sitting on the lawn. I think he was more excited about that than about seeing the
    tigers at the LA Zoo.

    We visited my High School. The class photos from bygone decades were still hanging in the
    hall. I showed him our Class of '58. (44 kids) He kept looking at the photo and looking at
    me. I was 40. Finally he said he a puzzled tone, "Is that really you?" My mom's pic
    was there too: Class of '34.

    Sunflower, I think you said DH was depressed. My mind is getting worse all the time.
    Can't remember stuff I just read. At any rate, I don't know if any kind of treatment is appropriate since the depression is not the disease but a reaction to a crisis. Is your
    vertigo a current or past problem? I remember when I was a teen I sometimes got dizzy
    when I stood up. But that was a passing phase.

    Mikie, I hope your hip quits acting up. If you and Barb hold on to each other while
    negotiating the stairs, do you think that would help or hinder? I saw a funny T
    shirt on the net I was gonna pass along, but can't find it. I dunno why I bother to
    write stuff down anymore.

    Springwater, here's an old riddle to fit your present mood. What do you get when you cross
    a snake, a rabbit and an amoeba?
    Answer: An adder that can also multiply and divide. BTW, I have an Amoeba T shirt.
    Amoeba is the name of a huge music store here in Hollywood. I got the shirt about
    20 years ago. They handed them out at their grand opening. It is pretty threadbare now.
    Well, so am I.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I'm so sorry you had to put up with that arrogant, rude doc. Our hormones all have to work together for us to function well. Before I took the thyroid, I had heart palpitations. I also have them if I don't take my estrogen and progesterone. Now, I don't need the thyroid but I need the HRT. Thank God for my docs who don't mind my taking HRT, even after 25 yrs. as long as I get my mammograms. Considering how you feel, all that you do for your family is that much more impressive!

    Rock, unfortunately, our stairs are only really wide enough for one person. If we were to try to go in twos, it would likely increase the chance of having to grab the rail. Barb assures me that if she goes up and down slowly enough, she can do it without hanging on. I talked to the painter and he said he'll put plenty of signs up while the paint is wet. Today is the primer and first coat. Tomorrow is the finish coat and the most vulnerable time for the paint. My Mom told me a similar joke when I was a kid and didn't know that a snake was an adder. Mom did crossword puzzles and had a wonderful command of the English language. My ex graduated in '59 so you guys are about the same age. I graduated in '62. My kids got a kick out of looking through our yearbooks. Funny thing is that the short hairdo I had in HS is about the same as the way I have it cut now. Everything old is new again.

    Per my belief that just lying or sitting isn't healthy, I've cleaned the bathrooms today. Now, I'm resting my hip. Tomorrow, I'm going to dust. Then, everything will be clean except for the lanai, where I'm storing the plants until the paint is dry. It'll take about a week for the paint to be 80 percent dry. In a month, it'll be completely dry. So, for the next week, the lanai will continue to look like a greenhouse. Fortunately, the other plants are being sprinkled in an area of the yard. I can't reconnect the flower boxes until the paint is 100 percent dry.

    I'm watching a movie, "Dragonfly," with Kevin Costner. Can't tell yet whether it's worth watching but I need to rest my sorry butt so will watch it. Talk to y'all tomorrow. Have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: I would think that if the NP got the doc to look at it, and it turned out a small fracture they would call you BEFORE the 6th. Just go slow and don't do any unnecessary bending at the hip/waist region. Do you have an ice pack that you could "strap on" around the hip area to numb it?

    Spring: ewwwwwww......humidity. Hey, it's no wonder you're feeling like an anoeba. I think humidity is the absolute worse thing to go thru. Hoping for some cool breezes to cool you. And I think we all go thru a stagnant period of time where we just want to veg and do nothing. Thanks for that recommendation of the book. I'm going to the library site right now and hope they have it. I've tried to make him understand that so much of our problems stem from the negative thoughts swirling around in our brain.

    Rock: I DO remember about 30 years ago I went on an evening hike with a hiking group to Eaton Canyon, which is near Pasadena. We all followed the leader in the moonlight and I noticed some little jumping lights in the bushes. Asked someone what they were.....said they were a type of fire fly but they didn't fly. I'll have to do a search on them. Of course it also must have been the right vegetation in those mountain bushes that got them there.

    Well, last week we were sweltering and now it's cold, expecting possible rain this weekend. A friend of one of my sons is coming to stay here for a couple of nights to attend a wedding. He's easy.....just give him the key to the front door, chat a bit, maybe some beer in the frig and snacks. Which reminds me I have to buy some bagels or english muffins and cream cheese. He used to live here so when he's in the area to visit he always knows he can stay here.

    Mikie: we were both posting at the same time. I figured we were the same age.....I also graduated in 62. Hard to believe I'll turn 70 in dec.

    My DD got more lab reports back yesterday and as I suspected she has adrenal fatigue. Of course she's now also taking armour. I'm very interested in what the doc will give her to help with the AF. Julie: I know you said you deal with it.......what do you take or is it a case of just getting as much rest as possible and NO stress which seems impossible for most of us. She also was prescribed 600 mg. of gabapentin 3 times a day a few years ago and now the tests come back that she's got too much in her system. No surprise there......I told her that seems like a huige amount to take so the doc wants to start weaning her off.

    I've been checking out Doris Day's TV programs on DVD......really enjoying them. I just don't remember it from the 70s, but very entertaining and refreshing. She's 92 now and has been living up in Carmel forever.
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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    Have had a busy day already with an early Eye doc. appt. to check and make sure all was well. So far so good even though he will need tie to get the optimum effects of the new lens. When he first woke up he said the eye was blurry and I said that is OK you will need time for it to get better. Surprising enough a little while after I gave him the drops it seemed to have cleared up. Last night he was trying to stay up to watch a TV program but kept falling asleep. I am sure it was the rest of the anesthesia left overs plus having to get up at 4 a.m. the day of for surgery.

    Great - I just lost a long paragraph !! I am so mad !! Not going to rewrite everything though.

    Mikie - Hope your hip pain is gone by the time you have to see the doc. Glad you are at least getting some relief from that awful pain. I can just picture you and Barb holding to each other trying to maneuver the stairs without the use of banister or railings. In the old days we called them banisters :)!!! God idea to find out when they will be painting them so you can stay IN . NO MORE ACCIDENTS PLEASE :)!!!!!

    DH needs the puter

    Gotta rn for now.
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    Mikie - I have a hairline fracture in my pelvis. Wasn't aware of it until it showed up on an x-ray for a back issue. I have no idea when it happened, which isn't unusual. To be safe, I've the the DEXA scan for bone densitiy, and it showed no osteoporosis. It's such a relief to have something right with my body for a change! Are you getting PT for your hip? I can't remember how the whole thing started for you, but in the last year I've had several extremely painful bouts with sciatica, both sides, and PT has helped by strengthening the supportive structures.

    Lydia1 - I was scanning posts and something you said jumped out at me - that you had had to pretty much stopped socializing in order to care for family. I really, truly understand .
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sunflower Girl, the doc actually looked at the x-rays while I was there; I just didn't see him. His PA did everything with me. I can't believe I'm actually turning 70; I bet you feel the same way. Even though we missed being official "Baby Boomers" by two years, I remember our teachers always calling us that. My first daughter missed being a BB by two years. So we were born on opposite ends of the spectrum. We are all part of the huge bulge in the demographics which drove almost everything for decades. We thought we'd never get old. Everyone probably feels that way but it seems we BB have had more stress on maintaining our youth (or yute, as Rock says).

    Jam, when I was just a little girl, my best friend's mom had to take thyroid and it was made from ground up goat glands. Perhaps they used both goats and pigs or perhaps they switched from goats to pigs. To me, it actually doesn't matter.

    Granni, if Barb and I tried to help each other up the stairs, it would likely be more dangerous than going it alone :) I need to go to the store but am afraid of carrying my bags. Any time I add weight, it hurts my hip. This is further proof of how much weight affects our joints. It's not easy for me to try to continue losing now that I can't do my aerobics. I think I may only be able to hold the line until I'm up and active again. Glad DH's eyesight is clearing up. That ought to make him feel better. As I type, I try to highlight and copy my work so that if something happens, I can bring it back up. The website does save some of our work but it's possible to lose the latest paragraph.

    Ninkinindy, ooh, a pelvis fracture. Was it extremely pinful? I've heard they are. It was while doing physical therapy exercises/stretches for the sciatica that I injured my hip. The PT for both is the same so am continuing with the stretches. They do help both. Also, I have a back brace which I wear when I'm doing anything which involves my back. It helps too.

    Julie, I'm glad you made it to the chiro; it should help you in a day or so. These days, if I want to play in the dirt with my plants, all I have to do is go out on my lanai. My UFO pepper plant is soooo tall; yesterday, I used those little orchid clamps to clamp the plant to bamboo dowels in order to hold it up. There appear to be little tiny balls where the tiny white blooms had been. I'm hoping these are the early peppers. It will be interesting to see how they flatten out to look like flying saucers. It's a heckova big plant for such tiny peppers but they are so unique that I had to try to grow some. Don't know what I'll do with the plant once the crop is in. Do pepper plants put out more than one crop? I'm sure you are worried about GPA when he goes back home. I pray he will be OK.

    Have decided to dust today and my condo will be clean. It's bad enough to have this hip thing going on but sitting in a dirty condo is just depressing. It's so nice to have it clean. I love the new beachy look to the living room with my new turquoise/white geometric area rug and beachy things on the shelf behind my sofa. It lifts my spirits. It's just lighter. I can turn on my Himalayan pink salt lamp and relax. Aaaah, all those neg. ions!

    Hope everyone has a lovely day. I'm going to go take an Epsom Salt soak and get ready to go to the store early, before the painters get started. I have to move my car out from under the carport and will part in the shady spot today in our guest parking lot in front of the pool. Gotta go check Simon's bowls too. Hope he comes to eat and the masking tape and paper don't scare him off. That would make him a scardy cat! TADA! I'll be here all week and in the Catskills this summer.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's going on 3:30 AM here, Mikie. See you are still our earliest bird. Simon a scardy cat.
    Ha Ha. I was expecting you to say the amoeba riddle I posted gave you a splitting

    Started a new thriller yesterday. Written by a husband-wife team who have produced a
    lotta books. I couldn't read it though. For the first 7 chapters that kept introducing new
    characters in different countries and situations. Too much for my Pooh sized brain.
    BTW, they use the pseudonym Jan Coffey.

    I don't like names that are also objects. It distracts me. Like some of the names celebs
    inflict on their kids beginning decades ago with Moon Unit and Dweezil. Since then
    we've had many others including Bear Blu, Tu (surname "Morrow"), Peaches, Blanket,
    Banjo, etc. Everything about celebs, well, most of them, is "Look At Me"! Feel
    sorry for the kids.

    Oh yeah, watch out for those bamboo stakes. One of the guys who works at an orchid
    nursery we go to had a serious eye injure. The stake was painted dark green. He didn't
    notice it. When picked up the pot to examine the plant he jabbed himself in the eye.
    He doesn't work there anymore. Don't know how permanent the injury was.

    Sunflower, never heard of fireflies that don't fly. I looked up bioluminescence on
    Wikipedia. Says it is a cold light produced by living creatures. Mostly appears in
    the depths of the ocean. I was surprised to read that it shows up with some fungi.
    Reminds me of the old joke. A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says,
    "We don't serve your kind here." Mushroom says, "Why not? I'm a fun guy."

    Well, the weekend is coming. When I was working I was so glad when the weekend
    arrived. Now, of course, it means nothing. Got an e mail from an old bridge partner.
    He lives in Atlanta now. Is coming for a visit next month. Taking the train across
    country. Says he always wanted to do that. Maybe he'll have adventures like
    those old movies from the 30s. The 20th Century and the Orient Express.

    Springwater, I've been to San Francisco several times. But only for short visits. The
    place is famous for its fog, although I never noticed any. But some folks claim the
    place has only 3 seasons. Winter, summer and fog. It and the surrounding Bay
    area are also well known for expensive housing. So is Los Angeles, but it can't be
    too expensive. After all, we live here. 'Course Gordon paid off the mortgage on this
    place in 1988.

    Hugs to everydobby.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning to everyone,

    Got up early this a.m. to give DH his drops before he went to Sam's to pick up some stuff. I actually made contact with the eye this time. Found a new technique but he has to be lying just right for it to not roll out of his eyes,Then tried to go back to bed. Couldn't sleep so I am here for a bit before DH gets some. I will have to get dressed before it gets hot and put on my long garb so I hopefully do not get attacked by the poisonous plants again. Oh what fun, even if it isn't for two long to do. It will be I the mid to hi 80's I am sure. As much as I can't take that kind of heat the cold is worse - at least for me.

    Mikie - Did you say you were gong this summer to the Catskills or were you kidding? I have never been there but have heard it is lovely and I am sure much cooler than FL or TX :)!! Glad your hips seems to be doing better, at least not so harsh and stabbing like pain. Try not to do to much so it flares up again.

    Julie - Hope that chiro helped you after driving 3 hours to get there.. I don't think I could do that unless he took away all the pain I have completely, even for a short time. As you know not to happy about driving that far by myself. Also DH can drive me crazy sometimes as he is such an extra cautious driver. I am to but he is worse and has to keep telling me if I did something wrong. However, we did make it home from the surgery center without many problems :)!!!

    Nink ( Hope you don't mind the shortening or nickname)- Sorry to hear about the pelvis fx. I understand they can be very painful. I know a few people who had them. Hope you doing OK today . I forget if it was you or LauraE who had and sensitivity issues ( or both of you). I believe someone was spraying in your area and got you really feeling bad. Hope that is over with for you.

    LauraE - I hope you are doing OK. Haven't seen you around to much lately. I think I may have seen you on the Home bound/Bedbound board but didn't have the chance to go and read..

    Gotta get off for now and get dressed.

    Love to al inc. Dar, Sun, Diane, Spring Water and everyone else I have forgotten to add,

    Rock - Gad to see you here bright and early. I know how it is when you cannot sleep any more no mater how hard you try,
  14. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Granni - It is a hairline fracture; I wasn't even aware of it. Now a broken hip, I hear that that's a whole lotta pain. Don't you just hate it when you do something for your over-all well-bing and you wind up getting kicked in the teeth? I know what you mean about exercises overlapping. Do you have access to water aerobics? I know it is possible to work up a sweat during that. I'm just starting water arthritis. - "Nink" is fine. It kind of feels "friendlier>" An acquaintance referred to herself as a "Dink" meaning Dual income, no kids. I adjusted it to "Nink" - no income, no kids. The in indy part isn't too difficult to figure out.:p

    Laura E and I were talking about chemical sensitivities. I got poinsened at Home Depot earlier this week. Went in to get keys copied and some soil and baby herbs to grow. I had been in there for about 7 minutes when I got a terrifiic headache, nausea, dizzy, etc. I go out right away and felt dreadful for the rest of the day. The only thing I could think of to do was drink a lot of water. That evening my entire left leg and foot were completely numb, which was scary. The outer side of that leg is totally numb anyway due to sciatica, and I've adapted to that. (Kinda - I walk similar to Festus - is that called a hitch?). I slept that night and it was gone by the morning. Fibro does the strangest things!

    Reminder to all - you can make almost any page/website font larger by pressing Control +.

    Jam - Please repeat your suggestions for supplement anti-inflammatory . (the most important first) Like you, NSAIDs gave me an ulcer. Also, when I was a member on proheath many many years ago, the board moved like lightening. Has it slowed down because of all the different forums? I haven't gone to any one of them other than chit chat and the general fibro/CFS forum.

    Rockgor - I love to read. I'll look into Jan Coffey. If it's in my local library. We've got a really good system here in Indy, and they process interlibrary loan also. "Simon a scaredy cat" funny.Lydia - could you fill me in a little about your family situation? I can't figure out who everyone is.

    Bye to all for tonight.
  15. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Just swatted my first mosquito of the season. Drat!
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    yesterday it clouded over and a leeeetle less hot...

    today too its cloudy, goody.

    the power is on for longer too

    Rock - it took me one day to 'get' your amoeba crossed with snake, rabbit

    joke and then i chortled into my Darjeeling tea...heheheheheheh

    what a clever, clever, joke. high five!!

    i did my meditation after a lo o o ng time

    things are looking up for my friend the healer, she was going thru a rough

    time, prior...financially and health wise, but she gave me some bit more

    upbeat news...also her sonny boy who is 18, did the Pranic Healing course

    and the center people are so taken up by him, they are falling over each

    other to sponsor him for all the courses offered!! theres lotsa them

    like pychotherapy n colour healing, crystal, arahatic yoga..oh lots..and

    its nothing less t han 100 us dollars for each..so my friend could certai

    use the ..what a lucky boy tho...

    ive also 'come into some money' LOL!! like us$ 1000.00 which is for

    my personal expenditure...so that solves MY problem of how to attend

    the latest course the centre is offering..some time in near future...

    i also offered to buy a dozen sandalwood soaps from friend so she would

    hv mo ey to put down as instalment for the same course...i hv tmany

    dependents tho sibs n other obligations to just give her the amt..but i am

    gonna also get ME some stuff, shoes, clothes, books and pamper myself..

    maybe there is something to the Positive Affirmations stuff...i had also

    been affirming for our nearby river to get cleaned up, it was basically

    a floating garbage dump, and now, not just our nearby river but most

    of the rivers are rid of garbage...major cleaning going on...what were the

    odds of THAT happening in a country where even drinking water isnt

    available? the govt sends tap water twice a week for two hours!!! thats

    thefinancial condition..our own water, (after 12 years of no govt water coming

    thru our own pipes,) managed to get a new line a month back and water

    comes sporadically, i had it tested at a lab and its undrinkable unless we treat

    it for excess ammonia, iron etc ...so im boiling what we need for drinking and

    filtering, i just thank god we dont hv to buy water like some of our friends hv

    to do in peak shortagemonths..

    those daily warm water bathtubs soaks we took in america seem like a dream..

    god bless
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, the splitting headache remark is just as funny as the joke. Your wit and humor keep me smiling. Don't remember whether I ever told you the joke about not anthropomorphizing, or giving human attributes to, objects: They don't like it! Another TADA! I think one of the worst names celebs give their offspring is, Apple, given by Gwenneth Paltrow to her child. Couldn't she have just gone with Johathan or McIntosh? Thanks for the tip on those bamboo stakes. I'll be keeping an eye out for them. Ooh, ooh! Really bad taste joke. Sorry! I'm surprised that our plants around the side of our bldg. are doing so well. I can put all of them back 'cept the flower boxes as soon as the paint is dry. I have to wait 30 days until the paint is cured to affix the flower box hangers.

    Jam, I looked up thyroid and it does appear that it is made from pigs. I was really a small kid (no pun intended) but I specifically remember my friend's Mom talking about these goats which were raised to be used to make the thyroid hormone. That was a looooong time ago. Back then, it wasn't unusual for older people to have goiters. The articles also mentioned that some goats have goiters. People living in landlocked areas were more prone than those along the coasts because, back then, it was difficult to get fresh fish inland. People didn't eat it and got too little iodine. Mom was from NE and eventually developed a small goiter and had to have it removed. She had to take thyroid hormone from then on but did fine. I can make my own T3 so Synthroid worked for me. My doc said being hypothyroid is an autoimmune condition. That's why the shots fixed it for me. When it started to work, I had to stop the Synthroid because I was having tachycardia. Like I said, one less pill is a good thing.

    Nink, (love that name :), we have to be really careful about mosquitos down here. West Nile disease is growing as are several other mosquito-carried diseases. I spray myself if I'm out in the early morning or evening. I have a plastic gizmo which looks just like a small toy tennis racquet. It has a button to turn it on and it becomes a bug zapper. I got it at Wally World. It's so much easier to swat them with it and, CRACK!, they are toast, literally. I've seen some HUGE mosquitos on my walls this last month. The county should be spraying for them just as soon as the monsoon season arrives. In the Everglades, swarms of mosquitos can literally turn the sky black.

    Granni, glad you refined your eye drop technique. I was just kidding about the Catskills. Back in the 50's, people would go to resorts in the Catskills to get out of the city heat. There were usually some headliner comedians who performed. They told corny jokes, rated G. Many were over the hill performers or performers who never made it big. A few were trying to hone their skills on the way up. I refer to them as, Shecky after Shecky Green. Wish I could get outta here for several months. It's getting humid here and if I want to do anything, I have to do it in the mornings. I'm going to try getting over to the pool to see how much I can do with this achy, but, hopefully, not breaky, hip.

    Springwater, you know all too well about the heat and humidity. I feel guilty complaining as I know you also have to contend with water and electrical problems. Our river, the Caloosahatchie (named after the Caloosa Indians, who originally lived here) is polluted with fertilizer runoff from all the sugar cane farms upriver. Polluted water is released from Lake Okeechobee when it threatens to breech its dirt dikes and is sent down our river, picking up more pollutants on the way. This empties into the Gulf of Mexico as brown, icky water. Finally, congress, and our governor, senators and reps are getting money to divert this water south into the Everglades (I wonder what problems this dirty water will cause to our Everglades) or into holding reservoirs. It is suspected by researchers that this enriched water is what causes, or exacerbates our Red Tide, which kills fish and attacks the respiratory and nervous systems in humans. A bunch of rotting dead fish piled up along the beaches isn't good for tourism, our number one industry. FL is a paradise but not without its problems. I'm really glad for your windfall and hope you enjoy getting some much deserved things for yourself.

    Speaking of which, don't remember whether I mentioned that I had bought a beautiful woven goldtone bracelet with faux diamonds strewn among the golden threads from HSN. I also ordered the matching hoop earrings. When the earrings came, one had a bent post so I returned them with directions to replace them. Well, instead, they just credited my acct. I had to call to get them replaced. When the new ones came, there were no backs on them. I e-mailed them and they are crediting me with $8 for new backs. These are heavy hoops so they need the backs with the large plastic discs to keep them from making my ears look like a Bassett's. If I can't find these backs, I'll have to send this pair back for another replacement. HSN said they can't understand how this could happen, considering their high QA stds. Huh? If they were that high, I wouldn't have received a broken pair and another pair without backs.

    I did make it to the store yesterday but it was painful walking on the injured side. So, when I got home, I put the groceries away and rested the remainder of the day. The dusting can wait til today if I feel better and, so far, so good. Today is the final coat of paint on our railings and bannister on the balcony and stairs. We will have to either stay inside for five hours or be reaaaaaly careful using the stairs. Thank God, Barb decided not to even try. Per my usual shopping, I had a $10 coupon for spending $50 on groceries, a competitor coupon which Publix recognizes. I also had one for $1.50 for buying $10 worth of produce and another one for $1 for buying three bags of cat treats. The cat treats were on BOGO so I got four bags for the price of two and another dollar off. Simon will continue to eat like a king. He was here this morning looking his usual handsome self.

    Our neighbor had to have their dog put to sleep a week or so ago. He was an old dog they had had for a long time. She had to wait until 10:00 to meet her husband at the vet's to have it done. I took a pic of her holding Toby and it came out sooooo good. Bless his little heart; as sick as he was, and blind, his eyes looked bright and he looked wonderful. I got a sympathy card from Barb and me and put some photos I had taken in with it, including a glossy 8x10. Yesterday, Kim brought Barb and me each a loaf of banana bread she had baked. That was so sweet. I put mine in the freezer as I'm not eating pastries. I do make exceptions for breads now and then so will save it, hopefully, to share with friends.

    I am no longer letting my kids know when I am sick or have an injury unless it's critical. My daughter in Atlanta freaked out over my series of injuries this last year. I'm sure she thinks being almost 70 is really old. These are injuries which could have happened to anyone and weren't caused by my being in my dotage. She told her Dad and he is even more freaked out. There is a reason I haven't told him anything. As it is, he's just champing at the bit to come down here to see me. I don't want to give him even the flimsiest excuse. I explained to her that the doc's PA, who examined me physically, said I am in good shape and strong. I work hard to remain independent. I'm glad my kids love me but this one needs to stop catastrophizing.

    So, another "W&P" post. Y'all know I'm better when I can produce these. I hope everyone else is doing just fine. Have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oops, Julie,

    Your post wasn't up when I posted. Sorry to have missed you. I'm glad you explained your family as I never really had a grasp on who is who. All I know is that you have lots of family nearby, which I think is wonderful. I also think it's wonderful that you do so much for everyone. I wish I could see my kids more often but we are close emotionally. I need to get into my Epsom Salt bath so I can do some stretches. It helps to warm up in the bath first. I kinda think pepper plants are only good for one crop. If I get peppers, I'll have to save some seeds.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to awl,
    Well it looks like we will be having a rather quiet weekend other than this evening we are going to dinner at the home of one of DH's investment group members. The people are so nice and I have a feeling that they might be trying to start a dinner group that will rotate homes for each event. We will see. DH has been talking up us getting together more an perhaps having a dinner group of sorts. Monday we will be home by ourselves as everyone else was busy or lived to far away. That is OK but I m sure I will probably end up doing some weeding like I did this morning. I didn't do much for a variety of reasons, also started late and it was already getting quite warm in my long sleeves and jeans to keep from getting attached by poisonous plants :)!!

    Mikie - Your weather sounds rather similar to ours here in TX. It is already in the 80's and getting close to 90's now in the afternoons especially. Depends if the sun is out in full force or not yet. We also have mosquitos, esp after the rains. They are not necessarily big ones all the time but they bite non the less. I guess you might get more of the tropical bugs. just started to see a few. I imagine where you are and closer to the water or coast line . How close are you to any water - besides the pool?? We live in a community that has a lake but we do not live that close to it as we do not have a boat or car to as much fun as they can bed, at times. The Gulf of Mexico I am guessing is at least 100 miles away from us. Hope your hip is feeling or doing better today.

    Julie - I see you are as busy as ever. Glad the Grandpas are doing well or should I ay GGrandpas. Gee, you surely did get excited about al the manure Den got for you :)!! Of course you have a lot more area that many of u to plant. W don't have to much sun in any particular area for very long. So lots of things are hard to plant or that will hopefully grow here. We have loads of bushes, trees and greenery. God luck in al your planting. I do not think I would want any of that Juleeantea or whatever you called it :) LOL Also most of our plants don't need to be growing they need to be cut down or back.

    DH is doing pretty well despite a setback of sorts . I sneezed in bed while watching TV last night and startled DH as he was not watching me or paying attention. I guess he jerked his head and then the eye started hurting and then was saying the eye was blurry. It got better this morning after I put the drops in again and some time went by. He is trying to talk himself out of having the other one done. W need to talk to the doc on Thursday to ask him how bad the other eye was. I know without proper correction and removal of cataract in his right eye he wouldn't have passed his drivers test. So we will see !! I am also guessing if he wants to get the same lens in the future it will also cost a lot more, too. He is such a baby sometimes when it comes to medical stuff :)! He may alo be thinking of $$$.

    Hi to SW, Nink, Rock, Jam, Diane and all our many MIA's.

    May pop in later.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, you've been busy playing in the dirt. Geez, it makes me tired just to read all about it. Glad you saved the snakes; they are so beneficial. We have big black snakes around here and people don't like them but they eat rodents. None of us has ever had a mouse. Our little geckos eat a lot of mosquitos and they are fun to watch. They do "push ups" and blow out their little red bags under their throats (I used to know the name of that bag but have forgotten). I love wisterias. I hope yours are beautiful.

    Granni, Fort Myers is right on the Caloosahatchie River. I live a little south of town only a little way to where the river widens out into the delta to the Gulf Coast. It's just a quick hop over the bridge to our beach, which is a sandbar which runs along the coast. It takes about 9 mins. by car to drive to the beach unless there is traffic. It must be about 4 miles. As nice as living at the beach sounds, the reality is that during the winter, it's very difficult to get back on the island once you leave and there isn't much there in the way of shopping. Also, the tourists get drunk and loud and party all night. There are beautiful high rise condos but living there can be a nightmare. I love the feel of the saltwater breezes but have to be content to get them in the summer when I go to the beach, which I rarely do anymore. Sand is hot and, as I've mentioned before, the Gulf is a sewer. There have been some people made sick with some kind of bacteria from the water. There are sting rays and urchins and people step on them and get stung. All that said, it can still be fun to go there now and then but I don't get into the water anymore. Back a few years ago, I did wade out and several dolphins came up to play with me and another woman. They were like dogs. That was fun! Beaches on the Atlantic side are much, much better but I prefer living on this side. As far as our weather, it'll be in the 90's from now til Halloween with rain pretty much every afternoon. By about Aug., I've had enough. Still, I just stay inside or go to the pool until cooler weather. I love living down here but wish I could live like a Snowbird and get outta here a couple of months in the summer. My kids are going to be living in the Dallas area as soon as they sell their Atlanta house.

    Jam, I did see about that shooting on TV. I just don't understand it.

    I got up about 4:00 and put Simon's food out for him. He ate a lot but I didn't see him. Our stairs and balcony are still masked off. The painter is going to come to touch up a couple of places so don't know whether he'll remove the masking or not. I went down to move my car back under the car port yesterday and made it down and back up without touching anything.

    I took my last steroid pill this morning. I feel kinda depressed today. Wonder whether it's the med. I should get into the shower and trim my hair but have no gumption. I can always put it off til tomorrow and just have a nice Epsom Salt soak instead. That actually sounds good to me. Once the masking is gone, I want to use my floor cleaner and clean under where Barb and I have our chairs. The Balcony floor is dirty under there.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Y'all have a good Memorial Day Weekend!

    Love, Mikie

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