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    Everyone please go back and read the posts from MIkie, Jam Myself and others. Need to go fix dinner.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Granni

    Thanks for starting the new thread. I was trying to do it myself, but the electronic gremlins
    wouldn't cooperate. I had to sign in three times before it would take.

    AND, the last few times I started a new thread I had to search and search to find the "Open
    New Thread" button. Too much like running an obstacle course.

    Speaking of running, just got back from running errands. Have to go water the garden. Will
    post later if I can summon up enough you-know-what. Also plan to make some more carrot
    juice. Got apples, cucumber and cabbage to add to it. (The cabbage is an experiment.)

    Viva la experiment!

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    Please also check out Ninks post on the en of 714.

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    posting so this thread gets bumped up...

    yesterday was something fearful hot...ventured out in evening at 7:30..bought some
    fried tofu in gravy for myself, and fried buffaloe tongue for the men..anyways,
    these days i dont get that hungry...due to the heat...

    Sun - i just fry the okra slices in soyabean oil till brown, then take them out and fry
    some asafoetida, cumin seeds a pinch of turmeric powder, salt and put in okra
    till they absorb the spices, maybe two mins.

    Mikie - i feel for you, kinda crazy why the body acts up when it does, crazier when
    the mind does that for no apparent reason..sending healing thoughts...

    Julie - i miss the days when i lived with my family, parents sibs...all the little
    family things one did, but then there were things like alcoholism, fighting ...
    so i was glad to get away from that, at least.

    love yr patio, lovely space for kids to play in and around..lorraines imperious
    'hug' was a riot...

    Granni - hope you a re not getting any storms, saw the one in Nebraska, hail
    shattering windshields, gulp! saw the dust storm in beijung and tehran too,
    and delhi, india...s ky darkening all of a sudden....just as Nature can be
    beautiful, she can be terrifying.

    Rock - glad you could pop in, if just for a bit, i wonder if you counted,
    how many books you and Gordon finish reading in a year? must fill a
    small library

    ive tried to give away some of my old books but its a wrench even if it
    is taking up space i dont hv

    Ninkindy - glad you could pop in

    Jam - i was thinking, about yr bridge acquaintance, went inher sleep, did
    she? not a bad way to go...considering my parents and brother had long
    illnesses before they passed...i myself learnt not to take my vitamin B
    and folic acid together, it felt like i had pins and needles inside of me for
    a few seconds, and scared me. i space them out, now, if i remember at all
    to take the supps, ie, i hvnt come to think of it.

    My chinese friend, (we hv cautiously patched up, seems like) coz she
    wrote 'thank you for being such a good friend' on my birthday card
    and is talking okay...she wanted banana leaves to make some chinese
    dish made of rice and lentils a nd wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed
    ....i looked out the window and my banana tree of many years was
    gone, it had been doing poorly, so she asked me if i could procure it
    elsewhere, and i was able to find somebody who had a banana tree..
    my SILs sister..so friend had her staff drive over, pick SILs sis up,
    and take her to her house where said tree was...i was like, all that
    trouble for some dish she wants to make...but then friends son is
    visiting and he loves the dish, it seems and my friend has always been
    over energetic. what can i say. i envy thee, friend.

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Just fed the B&W cat. We went to the library today. I was trying to read a book by a new
    author, but kept getting the characters confusiated. Part of the trouble is my failing mind,
    but it is also true that some authors just write w/ greater clarity than others.

    I also got Maeve Binchy's last book. It's a collection of short stories she wrote over a
    long period of time. I don't care much for short stories. Ya just get started, and they're
    over. But her's are better than most. Modern short stores are hopeless. Too me they
    are not even stories. Just pointless writing with no structure.

    Great picture of Gpa, Julie. Yes, it does look like he's pushing that huge load. I didn't
    know you could buy insulation in sheets. I remember when I was a kid some folks on
    our street had their houses insulated. Most of the houses had been built at the beginning
    of the 20th century. I think the process consisted of blowing pink foam into the
    attic. My understanding of how it all worked has not improved in the intervening decades.

    Springwater, Have not seen the word "asafoetida" for decades. I used to see it in
    old books where it was used for medicinal purposes. Had no idea people could eat it.
    Wikipedia has an informative article on same.

    As for books, Gordon and I bring home 10-12 books every other week, but don't read
    them all. More and more I discover that I've already read the book. And some I
    just don't find appealing. Used to have book cases full of my own books, but got rid of
    them all a couple moves ago. Simplify, simplify.

    Mikie, I have a question about the chat feature. Don't know if you can answer it or not.
    Anyhoo, it appears to me that some people are on the chat list for hours at a time. I am
    wondering if they just leave the computer set on chat and come back later to read what
    other people have posted. They don't respond when I send them a message.

    Today there were 3 of us listed on the chat roster. One didn't respond. The other was
    someone I wanted to trade addresses with, but I wanted it to be confidential like we
    used to be able to do on the old board. So, my question is, if I typed in my address, would
    it still be there hours later available to whomever?

    Hope you aches and pains are ebbing. You've sure had a lot on your salver lately.

    Today's wisdom from bumper stickers: I Have Plenty of Self Control...
    Because I Never Use Any of It!

    Hugs everydobby
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    Nink's last post:

    • [​IMG]
      I was awakened at 5:00 this morning by several HUGE thunder booms. They rattled my windows. I thought we were having an earthquake. I live in a small earthquake fault line; there have only been a couple of very small quakes in the last 30 years, but you never know.. After that it rained in sheets for several hours. When I want to complain about the weather, I always bring my self back to "Is it good for the farmers?" Having been born in a farming area and having several cousins whose livelihood has been farming for generations, I have unusual criteria for a city girl.

      Moving on: my downstairs neighbor got a little pup a couple of months ago. She has an older dog who is very well-behaved, so I thought she raised her well. I've now come to the conclusion that that dog is well-behaved because she's older, not because she was well-trained. This new pup, who is now about 5 months old, doesn't know how to walk on a leash, and yips constantly when she outside. When she first got the pup, when the pup barked she would pick her up and hold her close and baby her. She clearly has no idea how to train a dog. I "look forward"
      to having this dog living below me for many years to come. At least she's quiet when she's inside.
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    Mikie Moderator

    OK, I don't know how to move a post from one thread to another without its being under my own avatar but I think Nink was posting about the same time as the last thread was shutting down and I didn't want anyone to miss her post.

    Rock, my dear friend, I am so chat challenged. I suggest you send an e-mail to TechSupport@ProHealth.com and, perhaps they can help. Sorry I can't help but chat and I just don't mix. I think you can send a private e-mail to another member by clicking on their avatar. Then, they can answer you in a private e-mail too.

    Granni, I was laughing when I saw the title of this Porch. I figured out what happened and fixed it. Thanks for starting us up again. I do the same thing when I type; I type one similar word when I mean to use another. Oy!

    Jam, I'm not saying it was your assumption; it appears it was this lady's friends' assumption. In any case, they may be right but an assumption is just that and one from nonmedical friends, with no scientific reason to link the Zquil, isn't scientifically credible. Many OTC and Rx meds have side effects. If even one person in trials has a side effect, it must now be listed. I'm not saying Zquil has no effect on the heart; I'm saying that to me, it's an acceptable risk I'm willing to take. I do appreciate your concern. A big mistake that people make is assigning cause and effect where none may be, due to two events in coincidence. There may be a relationship but cause and effect needs a LOT more scientific study than an assumption. That kind of logic wouldn't pass a college 101 test. This isn't directed at you but at this woman's friends who made the assumption. Again, your concerns are appreciated.

    Just lost this entire post, the screen went blank and when I clicked on 715, here it was. So, I continue...

    Julie, tell GPA I said, "Wow! What a man!"

    Springwater, thanks for the healing thoughts. My mind refuses to perform if I'm sick, tired or in pain, so pretty much of the time. :( I'm going to look for some turmeric capsules; it's supposed to help reduce inflammation. I got an article in my e-mail from PH about all the inflammation in FMS. I know when my doc did my CRP, my inflammation was high and that was a couple of years ago just before I started my peptide injections. I should ask him to request it on my next labs. I'll wait until my hip is healed. Right now, the inflammation would likely be off the charts. That was nice of you to get the banana leaves. We have some huge banana plants down here. People plant them next to the bldgs. without realizing how big they get. One of my clients gave me some of his little bananas and I didn't care for the texture--mushy. AACK! :eek:

    Nink, if this lady lives downstairs, does it mean you live in a condo or apt.? If so, is there a way to anonymously complain to mgmt.? In my hood, mgmt. would send a letter. We only allow one dog, under 20 lbs., per unit. In fact, we only allow one pet per unit but many have multiple cats who live inside and no one cares. I love cats and dogs but have decided a pet is just one more stressor in my life that I don't need. I know they give unconditional love and people who have them are healthier but they are work and are expensive if they get sick. I took care of neighbor's cat downstairs while my hip was painful and even that was more than I wanted to do. She is a sweet cat who was rescued from a very bad situation and I love her but just can't see myself with another one. My old cat died six months after I moved down here and I decided then that my pet days were over. I remember when my Mom got to that point and I didn't understand how anyone could live without a cat or dog. I get more like my Mom every day. I look down and these aren't my hands; they are my Mom's.

    Am not in pain so far. It's going to be a nice dry morning so will likely have coffee out on the Balcony. Think I'll have an Epsom Salt soak before I get dressed. I have to go to Target to pick up my Rx. I got a coupon from Bealls for $10 off any $10 or more purchase. Well, heck, I can, at least, buy some K-cups for only a couple of dollars. I will take my garbage down to the dumpster and pick up my mail. I'll also do some stretches and try to get back into working out later. Also need to get off the comfort food. No problem there, I've had my fill while I've been down and out with the hip.

    Sending my best wishes for a great, pain-free day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning EVERDOBBY :)!!!!

    Mikie - Thanks for the help out on trying to get this new thread started correctly with my misspelling. Glad you are feeling better so far today. TRY an take it easy so that pain doesn't come back. like it was when it was so bad. You are right about assumptions. Many times there are probably more than reason that can cause something to happen unless lots of specifics are KNOWN. However we all takes our chances with meds and other things. Don't feel bad about forgetting what other have said on their posts. If I don't take notes I do forget A LOT.

    Jam - Thanks for your tips on things to try and keep us healthy. We need all the help you and everyone else can share.

    Spring Water - Thanks so much for moving Nink's post over to this volume. I noticed it last night and rushed to star the new thread so as to hopefully keep others fro posting there on the old volume. How nice of you to help getting your friends banana leaves for her special dish for her son.

    Nink - Don't feel badly about posting on the wrong Porch volume . Lots of us have done that. We usually just go on to the next volume about 30 or so posts per Porch thread. Hope you are feeling OK today and got enough sleep after being woken up so early with the storm.

    Julie - What a cute pic of grandpa "pushing" all that insulation around the store. It really does look like he is pushing it himself. Hope everyone at your house and Lindsay's are feeling much better. Cute pics of those little ones playing in the mud. They always love that unless they are like Liora who doesn't want to get dirty. Those twins surly are getting big. How old are they now. Are they thinking about potty training yet. Seems to me that maybe it was Isaiah who sometime ago went in the potty and got everyone excited :)!! It is so wonderful when they learn to be a big boy or girl and throw away the diapers. Although Linds will not have to get rid of them for awhile with the new baby coming in August. Hope she is feeling better with less contractions.

    Rock - So glad that you still love to read and write to - like here on the Porch We surely would miss you if you were not here to lighten our spirits. Great for your mind to no matter how confusiated you and we can get some times . I just love the new words you make up :)!!

    DH is at a breakfast and will be home in about an hour. I need to get a few things done before he get home. Then I need to go to Wally World to go shopping a bit.

    I forget who asked but we haven't had any storms since a week or so ago which may be out rain for the month ):! I now ere has been very bad storms elsewhere. Now it is officially Hurricane season ):!! Now we have to be very watchful and try and be ready with some supplies, etc..

    Need to go for now.

    Love to awl, inc. those not mentioned and all our man MIA's as well,
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    Hi, Granni, my pleasure. I thought if it was your thread, you could edit the title but I'm not sure because the screen I see has more on it. Honestly, I think the pain I have now is related to my back. After my colonoscopy, I'll call for an appt. with their back guy. I went to Lowe's today before going to Target to get my Rx's. I didn't even get through the store before I was having pain. It's actually in the buttox area just where a pocket would be on a pair of jeans. I did my stretches today but I've been in pain all afternoon. This sucks! :mad: I'm no worse off than others here; I'm just a whiner.

    I tried to bring Nink's post over but still don't know how to do it clean; it always comes under my avatar. I'm not that computer savvy. I figured, though, that the important thing is to make sure everyone got the chance to read it.

    Jam, it's fine for us to agree to disagree and I respect that you want to use different things in your regimen. I hope and pray they work fine for you.

    At Lowe's, I found an electric hedge trimmer for only $35. Our gardeners are sooooo far behind that our sheflera (I probably misspelled that; it's also known as arbicola) is waaaaay too big. Ours is verigated and lovely but if not kept trimmed, grow out of control. These are the same plants sold in colder areas as house plants. Down here, they grow like they are on steroids. I have hopes that I'll be up to doing a bit of trimming when this pain is better.

    I had to stop at Target for my Rx's and am glad I did because the expensive Cat Walk hair products I use were almost on a BOGO in multi packs. I got four bottles of root lift and four of hair spray. It was a big outlay at one time but I probably have at least a year's supply and will save money in the long run. The last time I bought this I got it on one of their coupon deals and saved a bundle. It's funny because I use the cheapest Suave shampoo and conditioner and love it. Savings all round!

    We have carpenter ants all trying to get inside through the hole in the wall where Barb's light fixture is on the outside. I killed them with wasp spray which left an icky film on everything. From what I understand, though, if not killed, they can go to the attic and eat the wood. :eek: The pest woman at Lowe's told me to call our fumigator so I did. Haven't heard back from him yet. He's due in two weeks but I may have him come earlier and do whatever needs doing. I called our mgr. and she said other condo neighborhoods have had them and they were successfully treated by exterminators.

    I sat out on the Balcony with Barb this morning before I got going. I wanted to get to Costco and Bealls but not with my back throbbing with every step. I came home, put the tens unit on and did my stretches. I've also been just resting in between loads of laundry. Also got the dishwasher run but haven't unloaded it yet. I usually like to unload it in the morning just before breakfast. I'm hungry and want to eat and am motivated to put the dishes away.

    Well, before I write "W&P," I had better get going. Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Don't use those hedge clippers yet. Hope your pain goes away son. Try not to lift anything to heavy either. Might aggravate it. Just got home from WM.. Have to go give DH his drops. Almost forgot.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Early Morning, Porchies.

    Granni, I am convinced, now that the hip pain is under control, that my main issue is my back. Will have to call and make an appt. with their back doc. I don't want to do it until after my colonoscopy on the 18th. I have all my prep stuff. Glad I didn't send in my $30 for a prep kit. The Miralax was $9, because I had a $1 coupon, and I already had some Ducolax. That prep center they use is really raking in the $$$s. I called them and they did send the prep directions to me in an e-mail. They said to empty the whole bottle of Miralax into the Gatorade. Well, there are more than one size of Miralax. Pity the poor soul who buys the largest one. AACK!!! :eek: I had to call back to get the correct size. I've got some banana popsicles, white grape juice, Smart Water, chicken broth, Jello and 7Up. That ought to get me through prep day. The procedure is early--I have to be there at 6:30 a.m. Bless, Barb; she is taking me and picking me up. I try to look on the bright side and think of this as a nice cleanse. The little hedge trimmer is electric so no heavy lithium ion batteries to life nor to have go dead in the middle of a job. We have a GFI outlet outside and I have loooooong grounded exterior extension cords. I'm anxious to just give it a quick try so may put on my brace and just level one of the hedges. Our gardeners should have to give us a rebate for all their work I do.

    Julie, yes, move slowly except when you need the porcelain facility. :( Nothing like a stomach bug to put a spring in one's step. Glad you got some rest and are getting some help. When I lived in CO, I had a neighbor who had moved there from NJ where she lived on acreage. She had a riding mower called, the Big Boy. According to her, it vibrated in such a way as to be better than a man. She said her neighbors were always wondering why she was constantly mowing. :D Now, I'm not saying this is your motivation but I thought you'd get a kick out of her story.

    I have nothing planned today. I do want to try the pool, though. Even just walking slowly against the water resistance is a bit of a workout. I can't continue eating comfort foods (there are no more of them left and it's staying that way) and being inert. I still want to get to Bealls and Costco but doubt I'll do it today unless I am feeling a LOT better. All this pain I've had is exhausting. I was in pain last night and just looked at my Oxy and decided not to take it. I'm pretty sure that taking it just causes my body to make even more pain. It's OK for a day or two but I don't want to take it regularly.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The great cabbage juicing experiment was not a huge success. The machine coped with the
    core, but the leaves proved to be a problem. Probably similar to trying to punch your way
    out of a paper bag. If the bag gives with the punch, you can't make any progress.

    Nevertheless we did make a half gallon of juice. Cost is about $4. That's pretty cheap
    considering that most markets charge 3 bucks for a pint of carrot juice.

    Mikie, got here one minute after you posted. "Hot off the press." I don't know if
    newspapers are still printed with a process that generates heat or not. But once they did. When I was a kid my neighbor let me rummage around in her barn. I found a paper bag with a pound or two of lead in it. She said I could keep it. I sold it to our local newspaper for about 2 bucks. A kid could buy a lot with that back in the 40s. What did they do with the lead? Used it in their linotype machine to print the news. It came out once a week and was only 2
    pieces of paper, but it was folded to make 6 pages.

    Saw a hot dog stand on a humor site. The sign read: The Best Wurst. Good luck with your test.

    Granni and Julie, you see that article on State Fairs in the computer news? When I was a kid
    it was said that Minnesota had the biggest state fair. The current list has Texas, Iowa and
    MN at the top. I was astounded by the difference between the huge complex of permanent
    buldings and the tiny county fair with its tents and stock pens and rides (about 3).

    Julie, here's an old riddle. What's the difference between a power motor and a bagpipe?
    A: You can tune a mower.

    Granni, what do you mean "making up words"? I just can't imaginize what you are
    thinking of.

    Jam, did you hear about the duplicate player who went to see the doc. He was
    asked the standard question. "Do you get much exercise?" "Well", said the bridge player,
    "Only when I play East-West".

    Springwater, we used to have a banana tree, but Gordon chopped it down last year.
    As you probably know, they are not suitable for planting near a building. We rented
    a duplex with a banana tree at one corner. The landlord had to have the tree removed.
    The roots were attacking the foundation. BTW, saw a picture of a banana in a
    market. It had a label that said, "Banana; Portable." Probably a joke, huh?

    Bis spater
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl,

    Julie - Hope your tummy issues have subsided. That is certainly not a lot of fun. Glad you will have some fun with your combination reunion Father's day celebration. I think that is what you had said. How nice that Amy is coming to help out. Whoops gotta run. DH just came in and needs the puter.

    Mikie - Hope your pain has subside some and you get rid of those awful ants.

    Back later guys.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie, et al,

    I think that you were posting the same time as I was . Wow, it sounds like Isaiah and Lorraine are going to be the terrible twosome LOL !!! I am glad that at least Liora wants to try and stay clean. I imagine on the farm it would be rather hard to stay clean especially if dong any kind of farm work. Just playing outside would keep them dirty most times. Glad your young ones are busy outside and not just stuck to their gadgets as many are nowadays. I know growing up we were always outside playing one thing or anther. I like Lorraine's idea of making the puddle bigger with her boot. Of course your young ones are sort of young for gadgets but I have seen some now geared for young ones to learn.

    Just got back from working out some (not my idea) and then off to Sams for some grocery shopping. Then putting stuff away and lunch. I just remembered that I and better go and give DH some more drops before we both forget. We also stopped at the pharmacy to pick up refills on his drops. We have some left but it is hard to know how much is in the bottles. Get those things are expensive. Have gotten a lot better I giving but sometimes it all doesn't go in the eye and lost some in the very beginning too..

    Mikie - Please try not to overdue as it sounds like your pain will just come back again, at least not now. Lifting heavy things may not be helpful to. Hope you can get some rest with all this pain. Have you tried a heating pad. That usually helps me some. It may not go away immediately but after a few days of sitting on it or putting it on your back it might help the grabbing pain.

    Thinking of so many of you- Sun, Dar, Rock, Nink, Diane and awl !
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad that I didn't lose the last post. It froze on me and I had to reboot.

    Nothing new here. Have a great weekend

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, I'm glad you got the lead out. I always wondered how that expression, "Hot off the press," came about. You are a wonder of info. When I was a kid, either the Scouts or our classroom had a tour of the local newspaper. Our town was about 25,000 people then plus the students at CU. Our paper was really a good one. We also toured our local dairy and all got ice cream. Now that was a treat! When we had school parties or my kids had a birthday, I would go to the dairy and buy those little cups of ice cream with a wooden spoon for 5 cents each. The sold them cheaply as a goodwill gesture for the community. My very favorite were the ice cream rolls from Dolly Madison which had a design in the center in a different color/flavor. Each slice had the design. Wish those Dolly Madison stores were still around. Remember when there were little stores in neighborhoods called, creameries? I must be getting old. My mind is drifting more and more to the past but I love remembering those things which no longer exist. I'm doing a little memoir for my DGS so he knows how things used to be. What kind of juicer do you use. I had one but gave it away because there was so much waste and no fibre in the juice. I want to get one of those bullet types which grind up everything. I think Costco sells them.

    Julie, I'm laughing thinking of you mowing and hanging on for dear life. That doesn't sound like the kind of ride my friend described. ;) Loved your pun. I literally have a pain in the butt. I am convinced that it is my back and I'll have to address that. The pain is right where pockets on jeans are located but only on the right side. Thanks for your good wishes that my pain goes away. Guess I'll have to put a prayer in our box. I've put one in for everyone but me. That prayer box has been amazing. Perhaps when we pray if we just do some little ritual to show our faith, it adds oooomph to the prayers. I don't know but I'm stickin' with a good thing.

    Granni, last night when Barb came out, there were hundreds more dead ants on the Balcony. She swept them up. I came out this morning and there were hundreds more. That wasp spray really did the trick. When the exterminator comes out on the 19th, he'll spray something in the light fixture to hunt down any survivors. We had coffee out there and it was amazing. Our air here is sooooo fresh when there is no humidity. That should end this weekend when we get rain. It was quiet and still and the birds were singing to us. Those mockingbirds are amazing with all their sounds. We had gulls and hawks catching the thermals and riding them in circles. Other gulls were flying in formation back and forth. They go from the park across the street to the river to the beach. We call it going to work and back. Besides the mockingbirds, we had a redheaded woodpecker and a bright red cardinal. Our little squirrel was out eating whatever nuts fell off the palm trees when they were trimmed. One of his favorite places to sit is in the hibiscus tree I trimmed. The trunk is all gnarly but the top is coming out beautifully. Next fall, it will produce tons of double hot pink blooms.

    A neighbor stopped by with her little rescue dog. He is sooooo sweet. God bless people who take those animals. Her daughter works for a rescue farm up in Michigan and they rescue all kinds of animals, including horses. I was supposed to take care of her cat, Bob the Heart Throb, when she goes up in July but her friend upstairs can't go so she will take care of him. I'm disappointed. I need a therapy cat but don't want to get another pet.

    I decided I had to go to the pool come hell or high water. Well, the water wasn't high and it wasn't hell. I was able to run and do jumping jacks to keep my heart rate at the target level for more than 20 mins. My behind didn't hurt too badly when I was doing it but when I came home, it was throbbing. So, into the hot shower and on with the tens unit. It's OK now. PBS had all kinds of health programs on the other day. I missed the first 30 mins. of the one on healthy hearts but the rest was really good. A lot of it is common sense and stuff I already knew, but I learned a lot too. Strangely, the doc said that as we age, our cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar usually go up but he said that being fat around the middle is a more accurate predictor of stroke or heart attack. Well, I'm off the comfort food and now back to aerobics so I hope I'll get back on track.

    I saw several friends/neighbors at the pool. There is a woman who lives across the street who takes care of her two young GSs's. She has anger issues and yells at the kids a lot. She had one of the little boys at the pool. A couple in their 30's, I would guess, came in. She sat on the edge and he came up and gave her a kiss. It was a proper good kiss of a young person in love but nothing smarmy. She was adjusting the top to her bikini and he reached out to help her--again, nothing smarmy. Mrs. Anger Issues went ballistic, telling them to go home to their bedroom and grabbed the poor bewildered GS and hauled him home. I told the couple not to worry about it. Well, the woman came back and asked me if I had my friend's phone number who is the president of our board. I lied and said, "No!" Then I called my friend and told her she owes me. Actually that is supposed to be handled by the mgmt. co. My poor friend gets calls like this night and day. Another friend at the pool said she was going to put up a sign reading, "Orgy Hours between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m." Ya gotta laugh but, on the other hand, I think her issues are a form of mental illness. Those poor kids.

    That was the excitement for the day. Frankly, I'm a No Drama Mamma and I can do without the hysterics. I guess every neighborhood has a few kooks. I'm not doing anything else today. I have to give my butt a chance to recover. :) I hope everyone else has a nice peaceful day without pain.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    We were posting at the same time; I was writing "W&P." I'm not lifting anything. The doc said not to use heat the first couple of days but I can use it now. It works well in conjunction with rubbing BenGay in first. After my workout in the pool, I let the hot water from the shower run on my sore spot a bit. Wish I had a jet tub or hot tub with jets. We had one when we had our house and it was woooooonderful!

    Have a good one! And, Everyone, please stop to remember our vets in WWII on this D Day Anniversary. I was one month away from being born.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I forgot to mention the part about rubbing in a topical rub, such as Ben Gay before the heating pad. That usually does help a lot too. For some reason cod doesn't do much for me unless I hit myself someplace and I am afraid that it is going to swell on me.

    I think you have me beat with the W and P most of the tie although I have been known to write some long and quite lengthly posts. Glad a lot of those awful ants are gone. Sounds like they didn't like that spray whatever it was.

    There are always people around that go ballistic about little things like your Mrs. Angry Issues. That poor GS of hers. That is a shame although some young people don't use good judgment out in public in regards to the opposite sex but it sounded quite innocent to me. Of course we ( us older people) were brought up a lot different than these people today with everything showing and advertising sex all over the place.

    Oh, speaking of older people on D Day I was about to turn 4 that Oct. So I do not remember much about it either. DH was probably turning 7 so not sure how much more he remembered. The news was not on 24/7 like today and not sure when he got a TV.. They were pretty new then.

    Julie - Does Grandpa speak at all of D Day and his experiences? How old is Grandpa? Yes, I imagine that there were many young people were very scared that day when they went off on that very import mission. God bless them all, that did and didn't make it through the experience. Try and rest and have a nice weekend. Is it next weekend or this weekend, that will be the combo Reunion and Father's Day gathering?

    Everyone try and stay well and have as little pain as possible this weekend..

    Granni :)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope Amy and Lorraine enjoy the pool. It is pretty HOT out here today, hi 80's I think. Maybe it is even hotter !!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and that is great that Amy is there to help you wit things. Grandpa looks pretty good, if you ask me for almost 93. Gad he is getting such great care from you and all. Have a fantastic weekend !

    Love to you and all,
  20. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Mikie - thanks for remembering me even though I posted at the very end of #714. I'm in a condo. The rules here are very strict - no dogs running lose, and the only cats outside are a few ferals. They are TNR (trap, neuter,release) so they won't be reproducing. Some people feed them, but everyone's okay with that. They're cheeky little buggies if you disturb them.
    This is a small and wonderful community, only 150 units. Very convenient location.For the most part, everyone "plays well."
    There is a limit of the units that can be rented out - we don't want it to become a haven for university students. Outside of units have to be (name of community) brown or beige or white. Someone painted her door a burgundy. Very nice, but stuck out like a sore thumb. It got painted. I do well with rules; it would drive some people nuts.

    There are a lot of people with dogs; they are always on leashes and, theoretically their owners "clean up" after them. Other residents do not hesitate to "remind" them if they forget, and usually have an extra bag to share.

    She's a very good neighbor; the high pitched yap just annoys me. She has rheumatoid arthritis so we understand pain. I'm just grouchy. Wish that was on biggest problem!

    I'm just reading posts and trying to catch up with everyone. It just occurred to me that I should start making notes!