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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, I'm glad you got the lead out. I always wondered how that expression, "Hot off the press," came about. You are a wonder of info. When I was a kid, either the Scouts or our classroom had a tour of the local newspaper. Our town was about 25,000 people then plus the students at CU. Our paper was really a good one. We also toured our local dairy and all got ice cream. Now that was a treat! When we had school parties or my kids had a birthday, I would go to the dairy and buy those little cups of ice cream with a wooden spoon for 5 cents each. The sold them cheaply as a goodwill gesture for the community. My very favorite were the ice cream rolls from Dolly Madison which had a design in the center in a different color/flavor. Each slice had the design. Wish those Dolly Madison stores were still around. Remember when there were little stores in neighborhoods called, creameries? I must be getting old. My mind is drifting more and more to the past but I love remembering those things which no longer exist. I'm doing a little memoir for my DGS so he knows how things used to be. What kind of juicer do you use. I had one but gave it away because there was so much waste and no fibre in the juice. I want to get one of those bullet types which grind up everything. I think Costco sells them.

    Julie, I'm laughing thinking of you mowing and hanging on for dear life. That doesn't sound like the kind of ride my friend described. ;) Loved your pun. I literally have a pain in the butt. I am convinced that it is my back and I'll have to address that. The pain is right where pockets on jeans are located but only on the right side. Thanks for your good wishes that my pain goes away. Guess I'll have to put a prayer in our box. I've put one in for everyone but me. That prayer box has been amazing. Perhaps when we pray if we just do some little ritual to show our faith, it adds oooomph to the prayers. I don't know but I'm stickin' with a good thing.

    Granni, last night when Barb came out, there were hundreds more dead ants on the Balcony. She swept them up. I came out this morning and there were hundreds more. That wasp spray really did the trick. When the exterminator comes out on the 19th, he'll spray something in the light fixture to hunt down any survivors. We had coffee out there and it was amazing. Our air here is sooooo fresh when there is no humidity. That should end this weekend when we get rain. It was quiet and still and the birds were singing to us. Those mockingbirds are amazing with all their sounds. We had gulls and hawks catching the thermals and riding them in circles. Other gulls were flying in formation back and forth. They go from the park across the street to the river to the beach. We call it going to work and back. Besides the mockingbirds, we had a redheaded woodpecker and a bright red cardinal. Our little squirrel was out eating whatever nuts fell off the palm trees when they were trimmed. One of his favorite places to sit is in the hibiscus tree I trimmed. The trunk is all gnarly but the top is coming out beautifully. Next fall, it will produce tons of double hot pink blooms.

    A neighbor stopped by with her little rescue dog. He is sooooo sweet. God bless people who take those animals. Her daughter works for a rescue farm up in Michigan and they rescue all kinds of animals, including horses. I was supposed to take care of her cat, Bob the Heart Throb, when she goes up in July but her friend upstairs can't go so she will take care of him. I'm disappointed. I need a therapy cat but don't want to get another pet.

    I decided I had to go to the pool come hell or high water. Well, the water wasn't high and it wasn't hell. I was able to run and do jumping jacks to keep my heart rate at the target level for more than 20 mins. My behind didn't hurt too badly when I was doing it but when I came home, it was throbbing. So, into the hot shower and on with the tens unit. It's OK now. PBS had all kinds of health programs on the other day. I missed the first 30 mins. of the one on healthy hearts but the rest was really good. A lot of it is common sense and stuff I already knew, but I learned a lot too. Strangely, the doc said that as we age, our cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar usually go up but he said that being fat around the middle is a more accurate predictor of stroke or heart attack. Well, I'm off the comfort food and now back to aerobics so I hope I'll get back on track.

    I saw several friends/neighbors at the pool. There is a woman who lives across the street who takes care of her two young GSs's. She has anger issues and yells at the kids a lot. She had one of the little boys at the pool. A couple in their 30's, I would guess, came in. She sat on the edge and he came up and gave her a kiss. It was a proper good kiss of a young person in love but nothing smarmy. She was adjusting the top to her bikini and he reached out to help her--again, nothing smarmy. Mrs. Anger Issues went ballistic, telling them to go home to their bedroom and grabbed the poor bewildered GS and hauled him home. I told the couple not to worry about it. Well, the woman came back and asked me if I had my friend's phone number who is the president of our board. I lied and said, "No!" Then I called my friend and told her she owes me. Actually that is supposed to be handled by the mgmt. co. My poor friend gets calls like this night and day. Another friend at the pool said she was going to put up a sign reading, "Orgy Hours between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m." Ya gotta laugh but, on the other hand, I think her issues are a form of mental illness. Those poor kids.

    That was the excitement for the day. Frankly, I'm a No Drama Mamma and I can do without the hysterics. I guess every neighborhood has a few kooks. I'm not doing anything else today. I have to give my butt a chance to recover. :) I hope everyone else has a nice peaceful day without pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    We were posting at the same time; I was writing "W&P." I'm not lifting anything. The doc said not to use heat the first couple of days but I can use it now. It works well in conjunction with rubbing BenGay in first. After my workout in the pool, I let the hot water from the shower run on my sore spot a bit. Wish I had a jet tub or hot tub with jets. We had one when we had our house and it was woooooonderful!

    Have a good one! And, Everyone, please stop to remember our vets in WWII on this D Day Anniversary. I was one month away from being born.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - I forgot to mention the part about rubbing in a topical rub, such as Ben Gay before the heating pad. That usually does help a lot too. For some reason cod doesn't do much for me unless I hit myself someplace and I am afraid that it is going to swell on me.

    I think you have me beat with the W and P most of the tie although I have been known to write some long and quite lengthly posts. Glad a lot of those awful ants are gone. Sounds like they didn't like that spray whatever it was.

    There are always people around that go ballistic about little things like your Mrs. Angry Issues. That poor GS of hers. That is a shame although some young people don't use good judgment out in public in regards to the opposite sex but it sounded quite innocent to me. Of course we ( us older people) were brought up a lot different than these people today with everything showing and advertising sex all over the place.

    Oh, speaking of older people on D Day I was about to turn 4 that Oct. So I do not remember much about it either. DH was probably turning 7 so not sure how much more he remembered. The news was not on 24/7 like today and not sure when he got a TV.. They were pretty new then.

    Julie - Does Grandpa speak at all of D Day and his experiences? How old is Grandpa? Yes, I imagine that there were many young people were very scared that day when they went off on that very import mission. God bless them all, that did and didn't make it through the experience. Try and rest and have a nice weekend. Is it next weekend or this weekend, that will be the combo Reunion and Father's Day gathering?

    Everyone try and stay well and have as little pain as possible this weekend..

    Granni :)
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    Hi everyone...Amy got here a few minutes ago, but is taking a little "power nap" :)

    Granni, yes, Gpa has talked quite a bit to me today about D-Day. He was in the Signal Corp and his company landed several days after June 6, but there was still a lot going on.

    He also talked about how he had gotten drafted a couple years after high school...he had taught school for a couple years and as soon as that school year was completed, he had to report for duty.

    I am very proud to know (and be related) to several service members...war is an awful thing, but I can't imagine where we would be without the brave folks who answered when duty called.

    He will be 93 in November.

    Just had a minute, but wanted to say "Hi". Pretty hot out there today; am going to set up the kids' swimming pool...Lorraine wants Aunt Amy to swim with her :p
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    Julie - Hope Amy and Lorraine enjoy the pool. It is pretty HOT out here today, hi 80's I think. Maybe it is even hotter !!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and that is great that Amy is there to help you wit things. Grandpa looks pretty good, if you ask me for almost 93. Gad he is getting such great care from you and all. Have a fantastic weekend !

    Love to you and all,
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    Mikie - thanks for remembering me even though I posted at the very end of #714. I'm in a condo. The rules here are very strict - no dogs running lose, and the only cats outside are a few ferals. They are TNR (trap, neuter,release) so they won't be reproducing. Some people feed them, but everyone's okay with that. They're cheeky little buggies if you disturb them.
    This is a small and wonderful community, only 150 units. Very convenient location.For the most part, everyone "plays well."
    There is a limit of the units that can be rented out - we don't want it to become a haven for university students. Outside of units have to be (name of community) brown or beige or white. Someone painted her door a burgundy. Very nice, but stuck out like a sore thumb. It got painted. I do well with rules; it would drive some people nuts.

    There are a lot of people with dogs; they are always on leashes and, theoretically their owners "clean up" after them. Other residents do not hesitate to "remind" them if they forget, and usually have an extra bag to share.

    She's a very good neighbor; the high pitched yap just annoys me. She has rheumatoid arthritis so we understand pain. I'm just grouchy. Wish that was on biggest problem!

    I'm just reading posts and trying to catch up with everyone. It just occurred to me that I should start making notes!
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, I think I'm the worst "W&Per" on here but my fingers just get away from me. I figure if people don't want to read it all, they can skip some, or all, of it. Coming here is the highlight of my day. The reason I had to use only cold for two days is because it was inflammation causing all my pain. Heat would only have increased the inflammation, in theory. Doc said alternating would be good. That cold felt really good the first day. The young couple's kiss lasted just a tad longer than what I was brought up to think was OK but it certainly didn't rise to the level of outrage Mrs. Angry was yelling about. When he was helping her with her top, his hands never strayed into the chest area. Mrs. Angry is hated in her own courtyard and in her daughter's courtyard, where she often goes to babysit the boys. They use both areas. All the time she is outside, she is yelling about what a horrible place this is and how nobody likes children. We like the little boys, who are sweet; it her we don't like. Despite her personality problems, she doesn't cause any real trouble so we just let her go. Those poor little boys, though, are being harmed by being in her presence. I feel sorry for them. You were very young on D Day. I got a lot of my info on WWII from all the movies made after the war. I think the more current "Saving Private Ryan" was the bloodiest, and likely most realistic, portrayal of the taking of the beach.

    Nink, our condo village has 167 units, some townhouse types and some condo bldgs. Our doors all open to the outside, no interior halls. There are only 8 units in my bldg. and that's just right. This neighborhood is 20 years old but the condos look just like the new ones being built. The location is perfect, close to the beach and airport. Shopping has moved more out toward the new areas, though. We still have stores near us but the bigger malls and outlet mall are a bit down the coast. I don't have the NRG for those places and most everything I need is close by. We are not supposed to feed feral cats because we have raccoons and possums and food outside draws them to our bldgs. Simon, the cat I feed, knows when my kitchen light goes on, he can expect his breakfast bowl and water to come out. He eats and leaves and I bring in the bowls before some other critter can come by. A couple of times, I fell back asleep on the sofa watching the news only to interrupt our resident possum scarfing down Simon's food after he had left. I chased the possum down the balcony hissing at him to scare him away. He hasn't been back. Most of our dog owners pick up after their dogs because if they don't and anyone sees them, mgmt. gets on their case and can fine them. Dogs must be under 20 pounds. One lady has a fat poodle but she is on a diet, the dog, not the lady. :D Our condos can only be rented out on a yearly lease or for three continuous months, usually seasonal winter months. Anything less and the neighborhood can be considered a resort and it makes it really difficult for anyone to get a mortgage. Most of our units sell for cash as Baby Boomers retire and sell their houses up North. This is a really nice place to live. The challenge will be to keep it that way. I think we can. Most of us retirees plan on living here for the duration.

    Julie, GPA looks great for 93. My Mom died at 92 but still looked great too. I hope I got some of those genes. It's gonna be hot here too and I could just go next door to our pool but I feel like staying inside in the A/C. I need to go to Bealls and Costco but that'll have to wait for another day. I got the lazy bug today.

    I have no residual pain nor exhaustion from my workout at the pool. The most surprising part to me was the ability to work up to my target heart rate and keep it up. That means that I need to increase the duration. It's so boring that adding another 5 mins. doesn't appeal to me. Still, when I think of all I've learned about heart disease recently (it runs in our family, the side I take after) I think it's well worth the effort. The beauty of working out in the pool is that it doesn't impact my joints and keeps me cool out in the FL sun. It's much warmer this morning and humid so I don't think I'll have coffee outside. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do that. I will do my PT stretches to keep my bod limber and tomorrow or Mon., I'll hit the pool. Another thing I could do is water aerobics five times a week instead of three. AACK!!! There are no easy choices for a couch potato like me. :(

    Love you all,

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    Good morning, everyone! Our "work weekend" may consist of only indoor chores, since it is to rain today. I never got the pool set up (couldn't mow where I wanted to set it up yesterday in the neighbors' yard, cause when I checked, the neighbor kids were all sleeping :)) Don't want to wake up napping kiddos, lol!

    Wanted to say "Hi" to Nink...sorry I didn't get your post moved over, then when I went to do it, Mikie had taken care of it. I can imagine there would need to be good rules in place in you guys' living situations...yes, too easy for the place to get run over with spring break kids or vacationers. I guess Sheba wouldn't be allowed, since St. Bernards weigh a lot more than 20 pounds :p

    Sorry I can't stay on here long...I got up before anyone else (at 7:00) and went outside to tend to flowers, feed the cats, etc...then Den got up, then Gpa and now Amy.

    Den and I celebrate 39 years of marriage today...he said we could maybe go out to eat, but I think we might wait till we can actually have a relaxing "date" and not have to rush back. We sealed it with a "proper" kiss, lol!

    Hope you all have a good enough weekend...Amy and I are going to get as much done as we can...but expecting quite a storm in a few hours.
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    Julie: thanks for sharing the pic. of Gpa.....he looks great, as everyone has said. I guess it's this week for the "big unveiling" of his wrists. I hope it's good news. I know he's anxious to get home to his life at his place.....just wish sis wasn't there to run the show. Did I understand it correctly that HE wants to do the mowing once he's home?

    And mikie......about the mower! LOL I know it's Julie's disneyland ride, full chills but NO spills.

    And mikie: I bought one of those Icy Hot tens units. First night, after reading all the warnings and deciding it's NOT for my neck, I put it on my painful hand (thumb). Within 10 secs. my index finger and thumb were jumping and twitching so I turned it down. I have to say it did help with the pain. A lot of my pain comes from my shoulder areas, so I'm wondering if that would be safe to use it there? Last night I put it on a painful area in my calf and wore it for 30 min. The problem with FM is I hurt all over!

    Is the colonoscopy this week? I've never had one but with all the troubles that stemmed from DH not getting one I've decided I need to bite the bullet and just do it.

    Spring: I looked up that spice you use with the okra......never heard of it but apparently it's similiar to garlic so I'll substitute that. I use cumin or fresh cilantro a lot, and toss in tumeric with many stir fry dishes, garlic and onions in everything....sometimes mustard seeds (fun to see them pop and jump). A lady years ago told me she always keeps a jar of finely chopped garlic, onions, fresh cilantro in olive oil to add to her mexican dishes, but I've found it's useful for any type cooking and a time saver.

    And all of you......I didn't realize it was 70th anniversary for Dday until yesterday.....hearing all the personal stories from those involved. I'm like Mikie......had to learn about it from movies. I don't think we ever studied it in school.

    Well, I interviewed a new cleaning lady at a more reasonable rate and had to call my other one on the phone and left a message. I hate having to do that but this past wed. I KNEW she was breezing thru the work so she could get to her new large cleaning job. $40 an hr. is just not acceptable for just so so work. This new one charges $25 and said it would probably take about 4 hrs. to do our house. And I like her very much.....felt like I knew her forever

    Julie: I just read your post.....a big congratulations on your anniversary. You two seem so very content with each other. I wish you many more happy years.
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    Just got back from a crawfish boil outside for some K of C that worked on the fish frys during Lent.. The food was great but it was pretty hot (90 or so) even under the tarp or whatever you call it wit a fan blowing. Came home after a couple of hours. It was fn though but a bit warm. Don't think we could have stood it if not covered,

    Julie - A very Happy Anniversary to you and Den !! I think you should go celebrate when things have settled down a bit to have a proper dinner/celebration. Not much time to post but wanted to pop in anyway. Think DH will be calling me to watch that possible triple crown horse race. Is your big weekend next weekend for the reunion/Father's Day that Amy is helping you with?

    Sun - Glad you have found a much nicer and reasonable cleaning lady. I agree with you.

    When is school we had HISTORY (American and World), & GEOGRAPHY. It seems like they teach little or none of this anymore - very SAD !!!!

    Hi to everydobby inc. Nink, Mikie, Rock, Spring Water , Jam, Diane, and everyone I cannot remember - duh.!!!

    Love to all,
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    Hi everyone! Granni, yes, our big family reunion/Father's Day dinner is next Sunday. It is to the point where I am just going to pretend that I got things done and focus on food, fellowship and fun :)

    My cousins from Texas were very excited about the possibility of a bonfire/wiener roast for supper. I'm guessing there aren't very many chances to have outdoor fires in Texas...they are in Central Texas (Temple.) When I talked to my brother's wife (the one who has lung cancer...they live in North Texas, I guess you would call it...just below Texarkana.) Anyway, she said that much of Texas is usually in a burn ban, so bonfires and such are not allowed.

    This morning, Amy cleaned on my kitchen...then after a late lunch (Lindsey sent Lorraine over so she (Lindsey and twins) could take a nap...we all fell asleep too! I slept a couple hours on the living room floor, Amy on the couch, Lorraine in a recliner, Gpa in his lift chair and Den upstairs on the bed. What a lazy day...but that's how the rain made us feel, I guess...and we all must have needed the rest.

    David had to drive a bunch of other students a couple hours away...they were taking their "hands on" part of the EMT state boards. He got word to Lindsey that he passed, and would be home later this evening...had to wait on all the others to finish.

    I have supper in the oven. Amy ran to town for different parts for her van...her daddy has been working on it all day (replaced water pump and brake pads, etc.) but the auto supply shop sent Amy with some wrong parts, so back she went for the right ones. :(

    Guess we are getting close to the end of this volume...maybe I should go start a new one?
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    I'm gonna go start up #716...give me a minute, then please post over there :)
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    Lydia 1 - we have a size limit for dogs too; a few ppl go over it but as long as they don't create a problem, no one minds. Now that I'm thining about it, one of my closer neighbors has 2 collies. But she takes good care of them, exercises them regularly, and they're very laid back, so no one objects.

    I've known a few cats that would exceed the 20 lb limit.:)

    Mikie - sounds like we have very similar rules. Here, the problem is students like med school and law . I wish i had the problem of beach bunnies, though!