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    Wanted to open a new Porch before I go close the last one. OK, I'm back. I cannot view all your posts so will just try to remember what was posted I decided to fully close down my computer last night. It's a good thing I did. It wouldn't boot up and, when I finally got it to, it told me it needed to do a disc check on the hard drive. Back in the early days of computers, when all we had was a blinking cursor on a black screen, we had to know DOS to type in our commands. Every now and then, we would do a dskchk (if my DOS memory serves) and the computer would check all the files which run the computer. This check turned up some minor problems which were fixed by Windows. Just wish my keyboard would stop being so balky. It happens off and on and I don't know why.

    I'm still sick but better than yesterday. I have to shower and pick Barb up from the airport about 11:30 this morning. Still running a low temp so waited until I got some toast in my gullet before I took my supps. I put the cats back out on the lanai to enjoy the cool, 71 degrees, air while it was still dark. I let them in but Tweety acts up when I get on the computer. She is certain that the Universe revolves around her. She just came in from a time out on the lanai which is no fun by herself and after the sun comes up. While it's still dark, all the critters in the pond serenade us.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about Faithy's eye. I just can't believe all the health problems the kitties have had, they, and you, need a break. I also can't stand the salty taste in sports drinks but Smart Water, which contains electrolytes, just tastes like the best water you've ever had. It's not cheap but better than dehydration. If you don't get salt somewhere, drinking more and more water just exacerbates the dehydration.

    Granni, Barry, Rock and Julie, thanks for your good wishes regarding this virus. If I missed anyone, please forgive me. I'm still not up to par.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    No time to really post much right now.

    Julie - The lasagna and garlic bread and salad works out really well. I have done that many times.. How about ice cream sandwiches too, really eazy !!! also no plates needed. Send the kids outside to eat theirs if you are inside. Glad Den seems to be doing a little better too.

    Mike - Glad you are doing a little bit better. Every little bit helps. I have to get ready to leave now for a luncheon/art show. It will be interesting to see some of our local artists. Not sure if all live in our subdivision or not or next town. I know that SUN would love this.

    Gotta run for now. More later on.

  3. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    And thanks Mikie for opening the new porch!

    Mikie, I've taped a big note to my fridge -- SMART WATER!!!!! (Duh, I thought it was Vitamin Water.) I'm gonna ask Kevin to look for it at the store tonight, when he makes his usual Wednesday evening stop. YOU FEEL BETTER SOON, YA HEAR!!!! :) And the next time I go to the health food store, I might slip in some himalayan salt into the cart. Ya never know! :)

    Julie, I love your pictures. My phone is basically just a cell phone. I can take a pic, but I can't transfer it to the computer, I can only use it as background for my cell.

    I hope your allergies calm down ---- enough to enjoy your get-together! Sounds like fun! You got me smiling about Liora climbing like a monkey! LOL

    Barry, good to hear from you. To add to our pet list, I think that Sunflower has two kitties. And that Julie has kitties on the farm (the only one I can name is Red Mittens).

    You got me smiling about nicknames. Faithy's official nickname is -- drum roll please: Sweet Little Faithy Waithy Woo Woo. And then y'all say: "Woo Hoo!!!" :) Rosie can be "Rosarita Carmelita"; Tabeet can be "Ta-beetle-juice." LOL And on and on it goes. :D

    Speaking of computers, Kevin's new computer is not working well, in terms of being compatible with his office! Grrrrrrrrr. The new computer is Windows 8.1 (?). Well, I don't think you can find a Windows 7 out there anymore! Kevin's office has got to catch up with the new technology. Or give him a "fix" for this problem, to be compatible with their system.

    Faithy has pinkeye. Needs drops in the eye for 2 weeks. Apparently, Faithy was doing ok, when it was only one of her roommates going to the vet. And we're still dealing (for another week) with Beety's bronchitis, giving her meds. But when Rosie went to the vet, for her leg injury, Faithy Had Enough, And Stress Took Over. Hence the pinkeye.

    So now we have Beety one more week on her meds still. She goes in to the vet on Sep. 3 for another eval. Rosie's leg looks and acts ok. She's not favoring it. Apparently 3 days of anti-inflammatory meds can do wonders. And now we have Faithy with her PINKEYE eyedrops for 2 weeks.

    That's my report from here. Hello -- to everybody I did not mention.

    I'm cooking some wild rice (simmering on the stove), to have with beef broth. So I better go check my stove.

    Y'all take care. Know that my love, thoughts, and prayers are with you!

    Love, Diane
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    Diane: yowee zowee.....your vet bills must be getting over the top. Do you think the 3 of them talk among themselves and discuss their ailments and their trips to the vet? Having one kitty who is ailing is bad enough but now you've got all 3 to contend with. Actually, that's one of the reasons I decided not to get a dog......everytime I though about the expense it just didn't make sense to ask for trouble.

    Julie: That's good that you were able to make some organization out of the kids clothes chaos. I understand, sometimes I've gone to my DDs house to help with laundry......aii yi yi! I've told her she needs to TRAIN her family to sort their own clothes, putting them in the proper bin for washing, etc. Sometimes I've gone there and clean clothes will be dumped onto a sorting table, piles of them. I just don't understand why she just doesn't fold right away or TEACH her kids, ages 6 and 11, or her husband age 47 to HELP! And then she has to go around the house picking up dirty clothes here there and everywhere.

    And about your reunion, great idea on the lasagna and rest of the menu. You'll have a good time when you remember they've come to reacquaint with each other and not to inspect your menu or your house. And by the way, you house looks very comfortable and inviting.

    Granni: about the beekeepers outfit, or whatever you're dressing in, you do what you gotta do to protect from bugs. By the way, your energy amazes me! Keep it up and don't slow down.

    Rock: Here's a word that seems to be stuck with me.......blithering. I heard it in a book on CD. One of those english words, I don't think it's used in america though. But I kinda like it.

    Mikie: I can't believe it's been two months since Barb left and now she's coming back. I sure hope she's a changed woman, filled with peace and contentment. I'm really sorry you're still dragging around a bug. You've really had your shares of suffering. That's great you know computers. It's always on the back of mind......what would I do when..........?

    I took myself to a watercolor class yesterday that was just starting up again. I used to attend, learned a little from the instructor, but mainly just a place to chat with other artists. This time there were over 42 in the class with some no shows from his list of previously signed up, so it will always be big. It's very laid back and unstructured.....I like that.....but then I think I've gotten all I can from this instructor. He'll be 85 in a month and very set in his ways. Half the time he doesn't even hear a question! LOL

    Still having paperwork problems and lots of frustration. I'm sure my DH would have changed things ahead of time had he known how close he was to going to Heaven.
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    Good afternoon to all you dear ones ! Just got home from our ladies club luncheon and art show. It was a lot of fun and one of the ladies who has plenty of money and wanted to set the proper mood , paid for Mimosas to drink for everyone who wanted one. A very nice touch as we strolled around looking at the paintings. BTW, Mimosas are orange juice and champagne for anyone not familiar with the drink name.

    Sun - I know you would have enjoyed it. There are so many talented people in our area who are real artists. I know what I like but don't ask me to draw or paint anything. So sorry that you are sill having all those dumb paperwork problems. I hate all that stuff myself but I'm afraid that I will never escape any of it. .

    I have read all the posts but now trying to remember what everyone had to say- duh !!!!

    Diane - So sorry for all your kitties problems but geez all at once is not fun nor are the bills. Yes, you are such good kitty parents. Glad things are slowing down some for you but hope the bills stop immediately. You must feel like you are already in the vets office when you are dispensing meds and special foods to them all. I love the names and pet names for all your kitties.

    Julie - Hope all goes well with your gathering of family. Don't worry about mowing the grass and enjoy your guests. I am sure that is all they are thinking about and are fussing with all those babies ( bigger and tiny). That is what it is all about anyway. When little ones are around and big ones too, it is easy to whip out ice cream sandwiches to all instead of all that scooping.

    Sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope you can get a handle on them soon. I love all the names of your farm animals. I would probably have one if DH was so inclined but he is allergic some to cats and doesn't want to worry about a dog if we go away, not that we go away that much. Yes, and you really have to take good care of them and pay for their medical bills, at least up to a point.

    Darn it I hate it when I write part of a paragraph and half of it just disappears like one just did :mad:.GRRRR !!

    Joan - Still thinking of your, your DD and your family grieving over such a loss. May God less you all. Come back when you can dear lady.

    Hope all is well with everydobby. Thinking also of ROCK, DAR, SPRING WATER, WINDY and any others.

    Why does this stupid board kept wanting to submit when I am not done yet? I had better submit this before it all goes POOF !!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids, thanks again for all your kind good wishes. They must be working as I'm doing a bit better. Barb and I went to the Outback for our usual gin 'n tonic and a sirloin steak plus a sweet tater loaded. I wasn't feeling up to eating the whole thing so brought home half. Barb too. She seems a bit tired from traveling but glad to be home. She showed me a pic of Tucker, her Chow Chow granddog. OMG! He's soooooo cute. I love Chows and just want to dig my hands in his thick fur and love him. He's so gentle with the DGGD's. As I sit typing this, Tweety is passed out on top of the loveseat and Sylvester is beside me on the sofa. I'm not sure Auntie Julie let him get up on things. I know he was only allowed on the bottom of her bed. I let him cuddle with me and sleep wherever he wants but he always looks a bit guilty.

    Julie, it is allergy season all over the U.S., according to a pharmacist I talked to. If I were to try to go on a hayride, I'd probably end up in the ER with my asthma, even with my inhaler. Sounds like fun, though. When our kids were little, my ex bought an old mailbox from a govt. sale. He repainted it and put it in the laundry room. Our kids "mailed" their dirty clothes to be washed. My rule was that anything not turned right side out was sent back return mail!

    Granni, lunch and art sounds right down my alley. I really need to get to feeling better so I can get out more. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Diane, Smart Water is sold with all the regular water and not usually sports drinks. It is clear in a clear plastic bottle with dark blue printing. It's very expensive in the stores. I buy it at Costco and stock up when it's on sale. If you're gonna check on the sale, check out Dr. Mercola's website. Those bottles aren't little like spice bottles; they are big and it lasts a long time. Hope all y'all and the kitties are doing better.

    Sun, I am no longer tech savvy but I'm forever grateful that I had to learn so much about computers when I started out. It has saved me so many times or I would be at the computer store all the time. Wish you and I could have had lunch with Granni. Booze and art, a hard combination to beat!

    I bought that Zen Meditation two-CD pack but had to hook the speaker wires back up that Tweety tore out when she got inside my TV, stereo armoire. I have yet to play a CD to make sure I got it hooked back up right. This morning, both she and Sylvester tried to stuff themselves into a bookshelf. They knocked a ceramic tissue box over and it tumbled on the rug. I heard them and had to laugh at what scamps they are. I've come to accept that I am going to have to put up with a certain amount of chicanery with them around. Oh, my life used to be so simple but not nearly as much fun and filled with love.

    I had better get going. You guys are the best. All you sweet good wishes are soooooo healing. Thank you!

    Love, Mikie
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - What a cute pic of Lindsey and Isaiah. I knew it was Isaiah since he is the only boy and he surely looks all boy to me :)!!! Sorry to hear you feel so badly. Please try and rest and take care yourself so you can have that gathering this weekend.

    You surely sound puny, as they say !! Both Isaiah and Lindsey look pretty good in that picture, both smiling :)!! Hope it continues. That is nice that the babies or toddlers are learning some signing . That is very helpful until they learn to talk well. I know my daughter with the autistic grandson found that very helpful until her son decided he would learn how to talk. He is 10 years od now and has been talking everyone's ears off for years. I think he was 3 or 4, I forget now when he finally started. My son who is now almost 40, decided he didn't even want to think about talking till he was about 3. Just lazy and why should he with 4 older sisters to cater to him :)?!!!

    Hope Lindsey's remedies will help you to start feeling better. I know it is hard to turn everything else off and take care of yourself with so much going on at Lindsey's. Yes, Den might also be trying to get a bit of something too but dehydration, can be a big factor with him working a lot outside in the heat and all. Hope you all can settle down some and feel better so you can have your family celebration. Sounds like Liora has a sore throat. Poor baby, it is so hard for the little ones who really can't talk a lot yet, to express their problems with how they are feeling.

    I may try and take bath tonight instead of a shower. I haven't taken one in awhile but maybe it will help my achiness including my black and blue arm. My Rt foot is even hurting not sure why. Maybe I shouldn't be wearing those flip flops around they are not very sturdy. It is on the side of my rt. foot, very strange. My left shoulder where I fell although unless I lie down in the water the water doesn't go up that far.

    Bye for now. Hope this finds my dear Porchies feeling as well as can be expected. Julie, please get well soon !

    Granni :)!!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Wow, Julie. That is a beautiful picture. Looks like it was taken by a pro to use
    in some advertising campaign. Hope all you guys feel better soon.

    A mailbox in the laundry room! Reminds me of some children's book. "The Indian
    in the Cupboard", maybe. I bet that's a unique childhood memory, Mikie.

    Did you enjoy your mimosa, Granni? Only had one once. It was at a breakfast for
    folks who did business with the Century Plaza Hotel. A historic place built half a
    century ago on the former lot of 20th Century Fox. The building was distinctive;
    sort of a curved rectangle. A place where Presidents and celebs stayed. I read it
    was torn down a few years ago. Also read it's on the list of historic places. Don't
    know which is true.

    Those are some kitty names, Diane. If you give the cats name tags, they'll
    need to be the size of a cell phone. How did the wild rice soup turn out? We
    had wild rice growing in Minnesota, but only the Indians were allowed to
    harvest it. (Whenever the chefs use wild rice on the cooking shows they
    tell us it's not really rice. It's a kind of grass.)

    Sunflower, don't think I've seen or heard "blithering" for a coon's age. It's
    a word that often precedes idiot. When people are talking about, for example,
    politicians or celebs.

    Gordon is just leaving for the library. I haven't the pep to go this time. No
    big deal. We drop in 2 or 3 times a week.

    Just started a new novel. It's set in England during the 30s. The author's first
    name is "Rhys" which I thought was Welsh. Looked it up. Yes, it is Welsh and
    can be a first or last name. But it's a nom de plum. She's not Welsh and her real
    first name is Janet. Uff-da!

    Time to go lie down.
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Mikie - good to see your post and hear you were upto picking Barb up and hanging out with her.

    It always feels a little not quite right when youre out of sorts and there is no new post from you.
    I pray you and everyone else here keeps feeling better and better.

    The kitties sound like my doggies were when they were pups. There was a time when I didnt seem
    to hv a single thing or furniture which hadnt been chewed up...but the sheer joy of having a
    bounding bundle (s) of energy and cuteness seemed to make up for the inconveniences. hat was
    then. Now is now and i cannot afford to hv that going on, lol.

    Sun - your art instructor is 85! wow. I hv to keep reminding myself of him when i get to feeling
    my life is kind of now in backward gear or on a plateau...which i do..when stressors turn up
    from all sides. Its also the mindset. Here, once one reaches 50 its like retirement time and one
    automatically feels looking after grandkids helping in the kitchen and praying in the prayer
    room for most of the time is the norm. Well, i guess that is changing especially among the
    better off people. I hv seen some women entreprenuers here at the top of their game and still
    going strong after the age of 60..doing social work and what not. but that is like ..very very

    i wish you werent having to deal with quite so much paperwork...sigh. I hope all that headache
    is over soon. And you are free to get into the swing of things without any hassles. Moving forward,
    onward, enjoying.

    Dar - yes, my life here must seem very different. Its a different social structure. Lots of emphasis
    on family and social structure. Lots of rituals, lots of emphasis on religion, (buddhist, hindu,
    even christian). people seem to need to believe in a higher force, maybe because of the culture
    and also because life is kind of more difficult, unstable governnment, poverty, uncertainty,
    no strict law enforcement.

    I wish i had had a sister. Close to my age and temperament. I m not particularly close to my
    brothers. Well, close in the way siblings are close because of proximity but theyre not the kind
    i can have that intimate conversation or share hobbies with. Ive seen my friends siblings and
    my cousins too. Some very close relationships. Especially DHs cousin sisters. Theyre together
    whatever time they can be and help out and hang out a lot. i never got that.

    I hope you and both your children are doing well.

    Granni - its the first im hearing of mimosas as drinks. sounds lovely. what kind of paintings
    were there? You and DH seem to hv a very strong social life, the way all of you and your
    group make the time and effort to organise things and get together. Its wonderful.

    Is your shoulder better? and DHs eye?

    Rock - I like every time you describe your garden. A lush garden in LA! Im sure
    Gordon comes back walking on air every time he attends an orchid meeting and comes
    back with a new plant. That happens when i walk into a bookstore and come back
    with yet another new age therapy book. Doesnt matter i havent finished reading
    the last book i bought, just anticipating reading the new one gives me a high.

    My Chinese friend gave me an azalea plant in a little pot. i tried to tell her im not
    good with moody aristocratic plants who need nurturing, but she insisted, and im
    feeling apprehensive about her coming over one day and asking about it..ive had
    couple of them die on me previously.

    same thing happens with my recipe books. lots of books, i keep making a couple of
    the same recipes over and over, and then i hv to stop myself picking up another one
    if I happen on one in a bookstore. My brother has been hinting and hinting he wants
    one of my nepalese cookbooks for his daughter, i have been baulking. cant seem to
    part with it. i would rather go out buy another and give it, than the ones i have been
    using. I suppose ive started thinking of my books as family now, lol!

    Julie - lovely pic of Lindsey and Isiah...like someone said, picture postcard like.
    Both of them are so photogenic. You can tell Lindsey is one happy mommy.
    Stressors notwithstanding.

    Aargh. I hope you and all of those affected are over the bug soon. Its been a while
    since any of you were sick with that. At least Lindseys delivered and a routine has
    been established somewhat.

    Im sorry your family get together plans are going awry at this moment, but i suppose
    you have to put your health first. Another time? Another occasion?

    Diane - Wild rice. ive never heard of that. we have a couple of kinds here. maybe
    it could be one of them but we hv different names. my DH got some bags as
    gifts, from some people who grow them in their village..not the mainstream rice.
    He said these have something taken out of them which makes it good for people
    with high BP but i hv no idea wht it is. Theyre not tasty i can tell you that and no
    fragrance to speak of. But im trying to finish it off rather than it going bad. Since
    we always hve lentils and gravy curry its okay when we mix it in.

    I bet the fur babies love beef broth..if you let them hv it. I hope they all get better

    Yesterday was hectic. Got a call mid morning from DHs aunt. my DHs youngest
    cozin sis is leaving for America today and she wanted to let me know. Since her
    two elder sisters were likely stopping by, aunt thought if i came we could all sit
    down and hv some time together.

    i wasnt most pleased. Given my health and state of affairs lately. Dont like
    surprises. But i called my brother to stay here...had my bath and went out.
    Looked for a dress to send to my daughter, didnt browse, no time, bought
    a long slip dress i thought would suit her paid twice what i thought was
    worth the price because i didnt hv the time or energy to go somewhere else
    and made it to aunts. Unfortunately one married cousin didnt make it but
    the other did. Her littlest daughter has started attending playschool and
    entertained us by making her older brother act as compere, announce her
    and performing nursery rhymes. lol. Reminded me of my daughter when she
    was little.

    Well, all take care.

    God Bless
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies, hope everydobby is fine. I slept so well last night and didn't wake til 4:30. I think that's great until I realize that we are on EDT and it's only 3:30! Yikes!!! :eek: I'm trying to catch up on my Oprah/Chopra meditations so I did one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Perhaps the afternoon meditation helped me to sleep. Think I'll do two today. I want to go to Lowe's for the orchid event the woman told me about. I haven't seen anything advertised, though. I'm still struggling with my keypad on this computer. Keys are not responsive to touch. Very, very irritating :mad:

    Julie, it's so funny to see the little ones regress to babyhood when a new one enters the family. I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like what I had on Tues. I hope yours leaves as quickly.

    Granni, if you have Epsom Salts, you can soak in them and the magnesium in the salts takes away the soreness. I hope you are feeling better. I wear flip flops all the time and they aren't the most stable of shoes but, down here, they are the coolest. I even have a pair of black ones covered with crystals to wear to the symphony. I guess that's what you call it when a redneck dresses up. :)

    Rock, hope you enjoy the book. I left you some puns on the floor thread. I got to have a second childhood when my own kids came along. Now, I'm getting ready for my third! :) Only problem is now, I don't have the NRG to play like a kid anymore. Whine, whine, whine! :(

    Springwater, I also look forward to your posts. As different as the customs are where you live, I feel a soul sister connection between us. I think a lot of my personal spirituality aligns more with Eastern philosophies than with our traditional Western religions. I retain a lot of my religious views from my upbringing but I've opened up so much to other ways of thinking and beliving. This guided meditation has really changed how I am living in the world.

    Now, if only physical healing ensues (from my fingertips to God's ear). :rolleyes:

    Hope all y'all have a great day! :)

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Walked around the estate this morning. There's a naked lady in the squash patch. A
    volunteer. We didn't plant it. Wikipedia says the proper name is amaryllis belladonna.
    I can't find a picture that can be copied, but just think pink Easter Lilly, and you'll
    have a good idea of what it looks like. It's "naked" because the leaves fall off before
    it blooms.

    A veritable Warren Peace, Springwater. Glad you and your computer were up to it.
    Yes, I loved old bookstores. Full of treasures, sometimes hidden in dark, cluttered
    corners. These modern stores have no personality nor soul. And they charge way
    too much.

    We don't have any azalea plants. Wikipedia says they are related to rhododendrons.
    Both are poisonous. But almost all plants are poisonous to at least some insects. So
    only certain bugs eat certain plants. At least that's what a nature program said many
    years ago. Anyhoo, as you probably know, azaleas like lots of shade.

    Mikie, I saw your cornucopia of puns on the topic of floors, wood and trees. "Buy
    Gum!", I said. I surely do cotton to that thar post." Never heard of elegant flip
    flops before. Be perfect for tappin' time at the symphony. Reminds me, I used to
    usher for the Minneapolis Symphony in my yute. The tympani player belonged
    to our Mensa group. This illustrates that the old joke was inaccurate. To wit:

    Did you hear about the drummer who went to college?
    Me neither.

    Hugs to Granni and Sunflower and Dar and Diane and Julie and Barry and
    Joan all the ships at sea.
  12. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    Hi all

    I finally here------Last week was a heartbreaking and tiring week. (where did the larger font go?) I kept in touch with Dawn for just a few minutes at a time. On Thur. son Jeff and wife took me to the funeral home where I got my first words with Dawn. It was so difficult. Looking at my son-in-law didnt help in making me realize the tragedy. My grandson0-in-law drove from Ralleigh with the 3 sweet children so they were able to see Grandpa. Talkked to so many people, some I had known for years and others who just cam to me to visit.

    All of the family stayed at a hotel---Dawn had all she could handle. we all lhad helter-skelter breakfast together. Yhe funeral was at the church at 11:00 and it was one of the most beautiful service. Tbe pastor was so wonderful and told such beautiful stories about him,. HMy son spoke of all the fun times and serious our whole family had had OVER41 years, His daughter tried and did speak of the love she had foe her dad. The next

    Maid just came in!!!
  13. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    My grandson spioke of his love for his dad and that he was and will be forever his best friend. The other song a beautifu l song of blessings. Every one went to their own homes to head to my hometown for burial.

    They had purchased lots rioght next to ours so he is resting next to Harley. That comforts Dawn. MLy church served a wonderful lunch to ov er 100 friends and family. Then it was time to spend a few wotrds with so many friends.

    It was a grueling week and I still a exhausted. My swelling seems to expand from all the riding, standking, pushing the walkler over grass. Dawn calls each day and she is busy with loads of paperwork. Both her sons and their wives remained for the week and were so good for her tohave there.

    This is a messhy letter and I apoliogize. My poor fingers don' have much feeling and as I hunty and peck I missthe keys. And try8ng to correct this tiny type is impossible. I think that is a sign that I should close,

    Gentle Hugs to you all, ( get well. Mikie)

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - So sorry you are still feeling awful. If you need to cancel you just have to do so and everyone else can do what is needed. Sorry it probably will have to be cancelled AGAIN !!! I wish you a miraculous healing tonight and tomorrow and the weekend. but somehow I know that is always not how things happen. They all will understand even if they are disappointed of course. We all do what we CAN do at the time.

    Mikie - Glad you had a nice sleep last night and so are feeling a lot better. Speaking of Flip Flops they are EEALLY BIG here too. The one pair I have here is not that great and I know it has little support. They have all kinds of fancy ones here too and many ladies and girls wear them. If my foot stops hurting I would love to get another pair that is much better and feels good on besides looking cute.

    How much Epson Salts did you say you put in your tub? I think you told me once but I forgot. Is that just in your regular tub, not Jacuzzi? I can do the jets if they don't all of a sudden blow out. The tubs and machinery inside is not very new for sure. However with the Epson salts I might not do the jets anyway. Sounds like Barb was much better after her trip or just really tired.

    Joan - So glad to hear from you. I know it must have been just an awful week for everyone, including you. Don't feel badly about the misspelling and typing. Sometimes I have some of the same problems sometimes. Thanks for coming back and posting to us all.

    Went this morning and ordered a new shower enclosure. This one will be Nickel but not brushed nickel or it had to be ordered. I don't think it would be much difference especially since our towel hardware was a more shiny silver sort of. Our newer tub and faucets are the brushed nickel. Everything used to be all gold but that is sort of going out but still could be used in the master bath especially. On the bottom of our old enclosure the gold is all pealing if anyway. Of course DH didn't notice that.

    New closure glass is sort of misty looking and not clear glass with some little white dots in it I think. It is hard to explain plus the different ones were so close together.. I think there is also a very light sort of aqua hue to it if I remember correctly . Depending on the size you have and want replaced you can't pick everything there , even if you like it. MIKIE , we got it at Home Depot. The original date for installing I think was Sept 11th but came home and we will be going to see DGS football game so will see if I can get that changed.

    Hi also to Spring Water, Rock , Sun, Dar, Diane and anyone else I might have missed.

    Love to you ALL,
    Granni :)
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My computer is acting up again., I wanted to check the Porch before doing my hair project. It will be even harder with my sore shoulder and arm - ugh !!!

    Julie - What a lovely picture of that flower. I had never heard of it and not sure if I have seen it, maybe so and maybe not :)!!

    Oreo sounds so cute, guarding you like he has been doing. Keep resting dear one and hope you get better real soon. Talk about awful timing again - oh well, not much one can do.

    Off to do my hair !!!!:eek:

    Hope to see you all tomorrow.

    Granni :)
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan - nice to see your post and hear about the funeral..it seems to hv gone off wonderfully although
    you and Im sure your dear DIL are exhausted; I was so sad and touched at your dear grandson speaking
    so fondly..they must hv been close. God bless you all. It seems comforting that your dear DH and SIL
    are laid to rest near each other. Here, we cremate and then empty out the ashes into the cleanest or
    pure water source we can find. We chose a river about five hours by away by road coming down from
    mountains for my parents and brother.

    Julie - get well soon. Honestly, the bugs need to stay away from your family for a while. But then, with
    lil kids going to school and others having to go out I suppose its inevitable some bug or other will carried in.

    Its disappointing your uncle flew all the way down and this has happened.
    Wasnt that just sweet of Oreo keeping guard like that and keeping you company?

    Rock - I was thinking of another flower when you said easter lilies but then i saw the photo
    Julie kindly posted...and its different to what i thought. its a pretty flower to hv around. i love
    the colour in the photo, kind of violet. very soothing.

    Granni - i wonder why everyone is having computer problems..Sun, Mikie, Rock, you, Joan, me.
    My problem is getting me getting logged off PH by itself.

    Jam - ive not seen any post from you for a while and i hope youre fine.

    Mikie - ive listened to the Deepak Oprah meditations from half way down..and written down
    the mantras..im doing a connect with the higher soul meditation and dont seem to hv time
    to actually do D/O meditations properly but mean to..all of them seem so important some
    i connect to more than others...'finding out your life purpose' 'service' 'joy' etc...

    Im doing the higher soul thing because an old monk i visit told me that ultimately Im
    the one in charge through my higher soul and nothing no energy can harm me if i get
    in touch with that part of me...this is the same thing i read even in western therapies..
    that I and the Divine are one..funny how the core belief in Buddhism and the books/
    philosophies i read from authors, therapists from the west are same. Ive also read a
    lot of how once one is on the spiritual path the forces of negativity are going to target
    you and do all they can to bring you down. Ive seen this in our pranic healing center..
    so many very gifted healers are being inundated with bad luck, health and financial
    family problems etc..they have a term for this...karmic syndrome, or accelerated
    karmic sydrome. Its a challenge to stay on the course. However, the instructors all
    seem to be blessed with good fortune, in all aspects of their life. and we say these are
    the ones who hv paid up their dues in their past life and here only to reap the benefits
    of the good they do from now. I guess thats what inspires people to keep plugging away
    with their meditations and healing and service work.

    Yesterday was an 'off' day. Just laying around. Or dragging around. Had to force
    myself to go and make capsicum potato curry, lentils soup and rice and tortillas
    for the mens dinner. i went out and ate some junk food, samosas..theyre spiced
    potato fillings enclosed in flour covering and deep fried. not good for me but like
    i said yesterday was letting myself go day. Drank more tea than was good for me
    watched more tv than was good for me. slept more than what i should hv.

    Today whatever chemicals were acting up and making me heavy yesterday
    seems to hv sorted themselves out, and im feeling better. Upto cleaning cooking
    and whatever the day brings.

    You all have a good night and then a good day after that.

    Take care

    God Bless
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  17. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    HI My therapist may come in any time so I stop that/s why. Why won't the bigger type stay on???? This keyboard~~~~I do:(n't like it

    I look t the keys as I type but can't always hit right.......My right hand~that is the hand on the side that is swollen~has neuropothy and just doesn't always workright.

    Now I want to tell my versii9n of the "naked lady". Many. many years my aunt gave me a start of those lilies. She called them "Resurrection lilies" and that is what I always called them. I put them into my first flower bed 59 1/2 Years ago. I moved and divided them numerous times. But wben I no no longer had a flower bed, I looked forward to their coming up.......the very first sign of spring. JI had instructed all mowers to keep off. ;)

    My son and hus wife and t\her wandering son are coming to see me Tues. I sahy wandering as be just returned ferm India from a school project. He is the one who was I te Peace Corp in Mali and had to evacuate when the Rebels came to the north. I am so gad thar he now in the USA!!! And my great niece, her hubby and 2 children got home yesterday after a 3.stiont in Mulamar---That used to be Burma. Please family stay here in the USA.

    I can not correct this tiny type!!! I get the curser to where I think it will eliminate the letter and it takes the wrong one out. KI wish I had my opld Windows 7 back. I was always so good at things on that one.......Am I getting oLd or what?

    My son and family all plan to go to Mother-in-laws lake cottage for the weekend. AND the forcast is for rain all weekend. :(

    I must put you sweet friends out of your misery trying to read my tiny type an goofy words,

    Gen tle Hugs to all,

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in for a little bit. I was happy to see Julie, Joan and Spring. How nice JULIE is doing a bit better and her fever has broken. However, yes, she needs to take it easy as much as possible with everything happening around her. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET WORSE JULIE !!!! TRY AND TAKE IT EASY AT LEAST, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITH COMPANY AROUND. Glad you will have some company though and the children can meet each other.

    Joan - Thanks for posting. Your posting looked pretty good to me and I surely could understand it. So don't feel to badly about it. Depending on where I actually get into PH will determine how my keyboard will react. This is pretty good now. Other times letters will stick and will be missing and on and on. I know how you can make your print larger but then I remembered you are no on Windows 7 and you don't have a mouse, I think , so I am not much help after all.

    Spring Water - Love reading your lovely posts. You have such a lovely way with words, more so than many in this country. I probably need to try and take time to do some kind of meditating too but somehow never seem to have the time.

    I need to do some getting ready as we are going to a couples home to play Tripoli and have dinner. Didn't have to make anything this time. I asked but she said no so that was OK with me. We will bring some wine though. Need to change clothes though and put a little makeup on so I don't scare anyone :)!!!

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend and as pain free as possible. TTYAL !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, I'm sorry this virus is hanging on sooooo long. I hope and pray you feel better.

    Granni, have you tried Rocket Dog flip flops? They have a bit of an arch support built into the formed rubber. They are super casual but great for everyday. I have a beige pair of dressier flip flops with bronze metal and a bit turquoise colored stone on them. They can be worn every day of when dressing up a bit. You can put a cup of the Epson Salts in a full tub of hot water. It dissolves in the water. It can also be used as a laxative and to fertilize plants. I only use it to soak in. I think using Lowe's or HD to install things is good because the store stands behind all the work done by their contractors.

    Rock, naked lady, huh? Sounds very sexy for a plant. Glad you liked the puns. You know I'm a sap for puns. My IQ in the 6th grade was high enough to qualify me for Mensa but back then, no one I knew had ever heard of it, including me. Also, back then, membership was by referral from a member. When I was working, our marketing dept. artist wanted to sponsor me but I was still so busy with work, flying lessons (which were part of my job) and rearing two troubled teenagers that I thanked him but declined. I once saw a special on TV about Mensa. The surprising thing is that members aren't all ivory tower types. The group they focused on had a mailman and waitress. I fear that my illnesses have stolen some of my IQ points; most of us do lose some due to the neurological basis of what ails us. Perhaps being lucky is better than being smart.

    Joan, one silver lining of funerals and memorial services is that we see people we usually don't get to see. Talked to my neighbor, who just lost his brother. He's having a hard time but his silver lining is that, instead of his and his brothers' being the strong he-man silent types, they are all sharing feelings and talking with one another for support. He's past crying a lot but is feeling that raw hole in his spirit from his loss. He is going to get grief counseling. I pray for your healing.

    Springwater, this is one of those times when I posted and then realized that there were more posts on page two. Duh!!! The Oprah/Chopra meditations are also to strengthen our core, or higher self, so that these physical life diversions don't take us down. Funny thing is that, as soon as I start the mantras even with my eyes closed, I get a vivid color show. Each mantra has its own colors and patterns. I can't remember which one I was doing but the colors parted a little bit, like clouds, and I was able to see the white light. From the way it looked, and how I felt, I imagine it's the same light people go to when they cross over. I feel very blessed to have experienced it. When life is hard for me, I tell God that if it is paying off Karma that I am grateful to be able to do it here. If not, I fully accept the experience and hope to grow in spirit from it.

    I didn't come by yesterday cause I decided to plant the new arrangements in our big olla pots in the stairwell atria. It was soooooo hot 'n muggy that I got dehydrated and nauseated, seeing black spots. I came in and drank the rest of my Smart Water and took a shower. My clothes were drenched with sweat and I could hardly peel them off. If I had just planted the arrangements, I would have been OK but I had to transplant the bromiliads that had been in the pots into my new garden. Then, I had to respray the two big plants, one with white fly and one with aphids. I think the aphids are gone but I'm bringing the plant back up to my lanai so want to be sure--overkill. I also had to remove dead leaves from plants and fertilize some of them.

    Evidently, the new thing is to buy arrangements instead of buying individual plants and making one's own. The only thing is that, sometimes, the garden centers put low-light-loving plants in with ones which require lots of light. The ones I got have yellow/orange/rust crotons, orange bird of paradise plants, and brick red hibiscus. I put in some ivy which hangs over the pots but it may not be able to tolerate the bright light in the afternoons. I got the ivy for half price because one little section was dying but one watering and a rain storm and it's like new. Lowe's always has half-price plants but one has to be picky and get there right after they are marked down.

    I'm feeling a bit better again today but really overdid it yesterday. Lowe's is having a big native plant special event today from ten til two so may stop by. Supposedly, they will be bringing in a whole new load of orchids and, again supposedly, they will be on sale. I would also like to go over to HD's garden section as they have a lot more selection and are often, but not always, cheaper than Lowe's. Both the mandavilla plants are climbing the fishing line I strung. One is putting all its NRG into climbing and the other into blooming. When the climber gets to the top to our railing, I'll have to cut it off and that will likely make it bloom (finges crossed).

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    What a crazy day. Now DH has an upset stomach and had a headache. It sounds like he may have a bug.

    Julie - I hope that you haven't passed your bug to my DH? Great, we don't need that for this weekend, not that we were going to do much. We were going to go out for pizza at a new place with friends tonight but that has changed everything. He is presently vegging on the couch. Will have to get up and make some soup soon probably.

    I know that you are disappointed in your family gathering not being able to be at your house but that is what happened with some of these bugs, unpredictable and can come right back if you don't take care of yourself.. Did your fever come back?

    Mikie - Boy you surely have been busy with all that working outside in the plants. Don't wear yourself out too much either. Thanks for the tip on the flip flops and will see if I can find them any where. I refuse however, to pay a lot o f $ for skimpy little FF's . I have seems some really cute ones but then the price turns me way off :)!!

    Joan - How nice to see you again dear Joan. I know this week has been so hard on you and everyone. Will try and check back later to see if anyone else has posted. I need to go and check on DH , make him some soup , etc.

    Hugz to all my dear Porchies even if not ready mentioned.

    Granni :)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014

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