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    C'mon in, Kids.
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    Hi Kids

    The above pic kinda looks familiar. Maybe it's been posted before. Or maybe I used to live there. Anyhoo it looks comfy and colorful.

    Gordon went to Super King this morning. Brought home some great macaroons. Big too.
    Only 70 cents @. I remember Mrs Fields used to sell her cookies at the mall for $1.50; and
    that was decades ago. Don't even know if she's still in business.

    Sun, never heard of coprosma flowers. Looked 'em up. Apparently native to New Zealand;
    a flowering shrub that comes in many colors. Another site said native to Hawaii. Well, I
    guess those too places are pretty close. The bushes coulda swum over. Thank you for your astute literary analysis. :rolleyes:

    Barry, Happy year of the Dog to you too. Anyone ever call you a sly old dog? I guess that could be a compliment or not depending on the context. How is everybody at your home? I looked up Cantonese for "home", but all I got was beef or shrimp Cantonese.

    Mikie, I hope your neighbor can fashion that boot disc or disc boot for you. Kinda sounds
    like a disease that affects both your back and your feet. Hope you have a nice luncheon too. Maybe you should take one of those canes that doubles as a seat that you sorta lean on while watching the races at Ascot. Saw one in a dept. store when I was a kid. It looked sorta uncomfortable to me.

    Duckie, how nice of you to make a quilt for your nephew. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a
    verse about a quilt in his book of poems for kids. "The Land of Counterpane" from the
    French for contre pointe.

    Julie, I hope your auger is not behaving like an ogre. I am happy to report our you know what is behaving beautifully. I don't want the darn thing to understand what I'm saying. Mightcause it to become ornery again.

    Hugs Everydobby.
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    Well, I went from a first-attempt at the practice exam score of 28% (not surprising) to a score of 96%. My brain is in overload. I think I'm taking the rest of the night off. We'll see how much of it sticks through the week. Sorry for no shout-outs, but I just gotta get off this computer before my head explodes.

  4. Starlight74

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    Well done Duck!

    Hello ...
    and goodbye to everyone here.
    Cant stay.
    Place looks like a bomb hit it!

    Hopefully your day ( all porchie friends) , is full of energy and no pain or brain fog.

    Take care
    Catch yas later!
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  5. Mikie

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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Slept about nine hours last night. I think it's cause I was really active yesterday. I got the mattress off the bed so I could wash the bed skirt. I leaned it up against the wall. It's a mattress which can be used on one of those mechanical frames to raise the head so it's pliable. I started to fold itself up and I couldn't put it back on the bed. It took me and two neighbors to do it. I had wrestled with it until I was exhausted before I asked for help. Then, Dennis came home with the last of the mulch and he stacked it up by the car port. I was afraid someone would fall over it so went down and moved the bags. Several neighbors helped and I was grateful for that. My arms are sore but not FMS sore. I feel as though I've been working out at the gym.

    Duckie, don't let your head explode. That's not good. I'm glad there are people who can do what you do; I couldn't. We had to write some code when I went back to college only they called it programming. My head almost exploded.

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again and for the lovely room in which to sit. Again, love the colors. My own sofa is white but I only have the teal throw pillows on it. Little boys at the end of the bldg. know I love blue. They brought me a pot holder/tea towel in aqua blue. The towel has a bunny on it and it says "Some Bunny Loves You.'' Again, I was soooo touched. They are soooo sweet.

    Star, I did read your last longer post and enjoyed reading about all the amazing critters where you live. Glad to see you back visiting the Porch.

    Sun, I like bushes with a red color in with the green and variegated green ones. Add the red mulch and it really is striking. I'm so glad we got the mulch. Glad you found some bushes you like.

    I am in the mood for something new to wear. Bealls has a sale and $10 coupon so I think I'll stop there. I also need to do some grocery shopping. No heavy lifting today. I'll get back to that tomorrow to finish off the mulch spreading in the stairwell atria.

    I'm so sorry to pop in and leave. I'll be fixing this computer mess before long. Hope all y'all have a great week.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    It is fierce outside. 50 degrees. Yikes. Gordon says it was supposed to be 39 last night, but
    that's hard to believe. About 5 years ago we had an unusually cold winter. Sometimes got
    down to 45 or so.

    Right now it's 50 degrees; going up to 59. The weather page won't tell me what the temp
    was last night. Anyhoo I am wearing lots of clothes including a jacket. I have my Nutril
    gloves on, and the electric heater is on.

    Mikie, how nice of the little boys (and their Mama) to bring you teal towels. You can drape
    them around the living room. How old are those kids anyway? Good luck finding something
    new to wear. Make sure it's sturdy. Did you see the news about the Olympic skaters who
    suffered from wardrobe malfunctions. I think one should get extra points for skating while
    holding one's blouse in place.

    Duckie, congrats on your progress with the exam. This illustrates that practice improves
    performance even if it doesn't result in perfection.

    Star, I suspect you are using hyperbole when you say the place looks like a bomb hit. More
    likely it only looks like half a bomb hit. No doubt your treasures will all be clamoring to
    help restore order.

    Things are quiet here at the ranch. The alterations in the house got postponed because the
    floor covering was no longer available. I guess we are waiting for delivery.

  7. lydia1

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    Good Monday morning and Happy Presidents' Day (or Family Day if you happen to live in Canada.) Den is still on vacation until a week from Wednesday, but had to run in this morning (double time...woo hoo!) to meet with the solar field guys (and we thought he was done with all that.) Well, they are going to backfill some areas that they didn't get done...and will have to bore under somewhere to add some more wires (their problem, not Den's...but Den has to mark where his wires are for sure, so they don't get hit.) The solar company had their jobs to do, and Den had his job...separate parts on the same project, kind of like when building a house, etc.

    I think Den is either having a hard time "shutting down" and leaving his responsibilities at work or his brain and body can't get together to relax...he's been so tired, but not sleeping well at night. It's like his body wants to "crash" and not run on adrenaline, but his brain says "not yet, there might still be some fires to put out or squirrels to chase that we haven't discovered yet" (borrowing Duckie's terms ;).) All I can say, is that by the time he retires, we'd better be set up so he can still do some of his hobbies and things he's had to put on the back burner...

    We are both sore today from hauling all the extra lumber off the loft (Den handed it down to me) and taking it to the garage (we previously had firewood in the garage, so no room to put the lumber.) Some of the pieces of lumber were twenty foot long 2 X 8's. It was all I could do to just get them from Den and lay them on the living room floor...then we both carried them out to the truck. Had two truck loads to take across the driveway to the garage...and some rain gutter supplies that we haven't used yet.

    I told Den "there's some of the lumber for the woodshed"...he's not too crazy about building anything else...the accessor comes around regularly to see what changes we've been making and will start taxing us as soon as they see it even getting started. But....we've got to start making things a little easier on ourselves, especially if we want to be able to burn wood for years to come.

    Anyway...congrats to Duckie for the huge improvement in your score. Glad there are "computer people" around, even though I'm not one of them :)

    Rock, so weird...when I got on it said you had posted "45 minutes ago"...I looked at our temps and we were also at 50. Expected high of 61, but with 100 percent rain. At least, at those temps we shouldn't have to worry about it freezing. Clinton is meeting Keira's dad today to get her back, so I don't have to go anywhere. Sorry the flooring got delayed...hope you can get back on track soon.

    Star, glad you let us know you were here. We've had several bombs go off in our house over the years...

    Mikie, my goodness! You got a lot done yesterday...glad you had a little help with the mulch and mattress.

    Hi to everyone I've missed...better not take time to go back to the last porch. Thinking of you all, though. If I can get some of my "junk" out of the way by the time Den gets back, we can maybe roll the carpet out upstairs. I am really looking forward to being able to use that space.

    Oh, Granni...hope you are recovering from your wild weekend. I'll go in and have lunch with my dad tomorrow for his birthday.
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  8. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Porchies,

    Not to much time to post right now. I have a wash in the washer and one in the drier and a few other things left around. DGS left his huge tennis shoes here and so have to send them to his school. We had a wonderful weekend although rather hectic. The day yesterday was beautiful by the lake. We went to church the night before and then to DD's for dinner . I brought some shrimp and salad to help out. They had pulled port beans cauliflower that was roasted, very delicious. DD from Austin brought a yummy cake with strawberries on top . It was so good. I really cheated on my diet between drinking and eating. Back to my normal diel today. We also watched some of the Olympics.

    Sunday we woke up all at different hours. DD and DSIL ate oatmeal and then took their usual walk when he is home. DD also wanted some scrambled eggs and turkey bacon after she came back. The boys woke up at different times and ate some eggs and bacon. I just had a little scrambled eggs and bacon. DH is going to try eating the good oatmeal again. Had it this morning. I cannot get into hot cereal but might try it again one of these years LOL Had they not been there we wouldn't have eaten that much breakfast since we were going to all meet for our special Grand Buffet Brunch that had a choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner, salads and soups and cheeses, seafood, desserts, waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, eggs benedict, prime rib. We treated all the family. In a way we got away easy since it was Sunday and most were leaving to back home to Houston, Austin, and Colorado right afterwards. A few just had mimosas. Wine and beer was on us but not sure if many had any. Had it been on Saturday instead of Sunday there would have been a lot more drinking but glad they were careful due to the drives home and to the airport. We were split into two tables and I couldn't tell. I had a bloody Mary and DH had a glass of wine. It was great that 21 people were there and we got a picture of everyone and some separate pictures of groups, like cousins, the parents and inlaws. Kids, and grandkids. I don't have all the pics yet but--

    JULIE- If you get a chance from all your chores and get onto FB there is apic my DD took of the minutes and invitation to all and half was DH and I. Don't wear yourself with all your work sweetie. I know you are all looking forwards to being able to finish all your spaces and just live comfortably without all the work. You are so lucky Den is so handy.

    Afterwards everyone left some came home that were staying at DD's and our son and his wife . We all chatten and chatted. Mostly the guys outside and ladies inside. Sound familiar.?? After DS and DDIL left we ordered pizza. After that we left and walked the two houses home. I am pooped today and DH wanted to take a along walk which we did so I am really pooped.

    MIKIE - Take it easy sweetie before you collapse. Hope you get a bargain.

    DUCKIE - Congrats on the great score. I techie I am not so I envy you and those who have that ability.

    HUGZ to SUN, ROCK, SW, BARRY, STAR and anyone else I missed.

    Gotta make copies of something for DH. Thinking of everyone.. Sorry I can't stay and talk to everyone individually .:)

    Love you all,
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Bealls and Burger King. I found a really cute knit top. The background is kinda smudgy blue and white with Paris buildings and the Eiffel Tower outlined in black. Will go with lots of Capri pants. So many of my tops are getting a bit limp. I wanted something that looks fresh and new for lunch on Thurs. with my gal pals. There will be seven of us. I found a silver necklace on sale for half off. It's just a slender rope of silver 18" long. I've needed one for ages. By the time I got things on sale and used the coupon, I got $77 worth for $37. Not too bad. It was pandemonium in the store. A store filled with women looking for bargains is a dangerous place to be. I've never seen it so busy.

    While I was in the store, Grace called to tell me that Dennis and David were going to spread the mulch in the stairwell atria. Of course, I'm glad for the help but David put it on way too thick. Not good for the roots of the shrubs. Dennis went to get the last 15 bags and he got the wrong kind. It's the same color as what we started with so it will be OK. This is why I try to do things myself. The place looks so much better with all the mulch.

    Rock, I think the boys are now ten, eight and two. Last one is from a different dad. Mother is single. She is a good mom and her mother lives across the street and takes care of them while their mom works. They are soooo well behaved and sweet. I love them. Makes me miss my own DGS. Hope it warms up for you. It's going to be near 90 degrees for the foreseeable future here. AACCKK!! BTW, SV loves his new toy. I heard loud rustling and there he was, pouncing up and down on the wrapping paper in the box in which the new toy was shipped. Like a kid.

    Julie, sounds as though Den is busy at work and you are both busy at home. I ache from all the hauling and planting I've been doing but I feel better than I have in ages. I'm so thankful to be able to do things again. It was getting downright depressing being sick for so long. Is there anything Den can do to help him ease out of the 'busy' mode? I know how awful it is not to be able to shut down.

    I see there is another post but I'm gonna post this before I check it out so I don't lose it.

    Love, Mikie

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    It was you posing. Sounds as though you have one heckova great weekend. The food sounds delicious. I'm glad the weather was nice too. Laughing at your DGS leaving his shoes. My DGS left his entire bag at the airport after clearing securing. When they got to Utah to ski, DSIL had to buy him all new clothes. DD had to drive to the airport in Dallas to get his bag. The worst part of this whole story is that DSIL called her to ask what size DGS wears! DOH!!! DGS is 12 and he doesn't know what size he wears? How about just looking at the tags in the clothes he was wearing. DD and I were marveling that people of the male persuasion manage to do anything. Sorry, no disrespect meant to our male Porchies.

    Hope you can recover from your wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...just stacked a bunch of firewood for Den as he was splitting. He's getting more big chunks inside with the skid loader, so I decided to pop on here.

    Granni, glad you had such a good time and so many came to celebrate with you. Do you want me to put any of your pics on here?

    Mikie, so nice of the boys to go ahead and do some of the work, but I understand how they don't always see our "vision" of how it should be done. Glad it looks good and you didn't have to do that hauling.

    I'd better get back to my project upstairs. Den wasn't gone very long...the "boring crew" drove all the way from Illinois, then decided it was too muddy to do the work. So they left their equipment, went back home and will try now on Wednesday. But Den and I are still going to Amy's on Wednesday (Mikie, that will help him unwind...helping Clinton with his project) so Den's employee will be able to take care of things.

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well Great Balls of Snow! Such a lot of posting since I was here last. Glad to see people are
    up to it and have good news to post.

    I just woke up from a long nap. Guess what? The furnace was on. The poor thing is hardly
    ever used. At night, when the appliances get together and talk about their day, the furnace never has a thing to say. Just sits in the corner and looks mournful.

    Mikie, glad to hear you found some good buys at Bealls. I understand the store plans to experiment with a new marketing scheme. It will modify several trucks to cruise the area and take the sales counters to the customers. Will be called Bealls on Wheels.

    That's great news that your are feeling better. Nice to see that SV can entertain himself.

    Julie, I guess it's not such a long trip from Illinois to Iowa since they are neighbors separated
    only by the Mississippi. There must be several bridges with one leg in one state and one
    in the other. What is the project Clinton is working on? Hope you have a great trip/visit.

    Granni, glad to hear you had a good time with the family. That Grand Buffet sounds
    delicious. I haven't had a mimosa for some decades. Don't think I've ever had eggs
    Benedict. I looked up the subject. One site says there are four version of its creation.
    Another site says two versions. There have been 15 Popes named Benedict; none
    of them were mentioned as the source of the name.

    Gordon just popped in. I think he said he was going to a Dickies store which is some
    sort of barbaque place that will deliver and do catering. I assume to be properly
    attired one should wear Dickies coveralls.

    Adios, Pards
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock...it feels and sounds sort of strange to not hear the pellet stove plinking pellets today...I guess it's warm enough it hasn't needed to come on. I would love to open some windows, but Den would freeze for sure :oops:

    Clinton's project is turning their attic into a master bedroom for him and Amy...then they will give Keira their bedroom and the girls can each have their own space.

    We just took a nap, too. Well, I didn't get to sleep, but could hear Den snoring quite a bit...I do feel rested, though, so maybe that's better than going sound to sleep and waking up feeling groggy.

    Granni, I don't see any pics on your facebook profile yet. Or did I misunderstand?

    Mikie, I didn't see your other post. So funny about guys...I think it's sometimes a matter of us all only having so many brain cells working at a time, and some things just don't take a front seat. Den doesn't like to have to decide what to eat or even how much to put on his plate, so I just cook and fix his plate for him. Of course, there are many things that he does automatically...and I know he's going to take care of them, so I don't give them any thought at all. Sometimes he does act like he doesn't know how to do things...so I just take care of it. But if I'm gone (like the 21 days I spent with his dad in the hospital) Den seems to manage pretty well. Guess I hope I could do the same if ever put in that situation...

    You and Sun amaze me at all the things you know how to do, and in spite of the pain, fatigue, etc...you accomplish a lot. So many gals on here are the same way. As we watch that show on living in Alaska, there's a gal who lives by herself in a camp. During the warmer months, she hosts people who come and go on hunting trips and she sells fuel to the pilots who take these people where they want to go. But during the winter, she is pretty much on her own except for when pilots bring her supplies, etc. Not a life I would care to live, but she doesn't really like to be around other people much...

    Anyway...better get busy. Judy, you've been on my mind...hope things are okay with you and yours.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I am sure there is at least one picture on there . 1/2 is DH and I and the other 1/2 of picture is the menu of the buffet. If you find it you can post it. I think there are others too but not under my profile I do not believe. MY DD from Austin posted it and others I think or her DH. I will check it out. There are all kids of pics on there that I think I have to see who posted them. Don't want to post her name on here. I trust most of you but one never knows who might be lurking. I will send you her name privately.

    Thanks ROCK, MIKIE et al for the good wishes and .

    More later when I check it out. I have not been on the computer very much since yesterday.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Here's one, Granni, that I see on someone's profile on your friends list...I think this is the one you were talking about. Yummy buffet, but I won't share that pic since it has your names on it. You and DH look great!

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Julie. Good job. Not sure I can move it from DD;s to my profile ad if so how to do it.

    Gotta run now and fix dinner before I go to chorale practice. I meant to study or try to study my German or mh Handel. NOT the Messiah !!

    Love you and all,, Granni :)
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Only have a couple of minutes to post before I have to run to choir practice.

    DS was home from school today for President's day. About half-way through the (crazy, busy, squirrel-chasing) day, he sent a text to me and my DH saying that he discovered that our refrigerator had died. We've lost just about everything in it. BOO!! So, some people get to replace appliances out of desire, I have to replace out of desperation. But I got my wish and we got one with the freezer drawer on the bottom and the dual doors on top. And, we went total geek and got one with a built-in tablet in the door. You can make a shopping list, pull up recipes, listen to the radio, and all kinds of things. Unfortunately, it won't come until Wednesday, so it looks like it will be take-away (British version, for Barry's sake) until then.

    Mikie - I'm glad you are feeling "good" tired after your outside work!

    Julie - it hit 75 here today, and is forecasted for just as warm tomorrow. We have the house open.

    Granni - What a fun filled weekend you had! Happy singing tonight!

    Sorry for no other shout-outs, but I have to leave.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from another nap. I don't do much except nap and read. Picked three tomatoes
    today. Fed the cat. That's about it.

    Julie, I can't figure out that "posted 45 min. ago" business either. Maybe it's because I wound
    my watch counter clockwise this morning.

    Granni, I think you've been fudging the truth about you and I being about the same age. It's
    obvious from your picture that you are 15-20 years younger than I. You look very elegant.
    I, on the other side of the fence, look like a bum.

    Mikie, I'm so glad to read of your improvement. I hope you're able to do your shopping with
    all your old zest.

    BTW, gals, if you want to have more insight into the workings of the male brain, one of
    the nation's most respected scientists has written just the book for you:

    Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys.

    Hugs, Kids
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Slept a bit later and came out and fell asleep on the sofa while watching the morning news. Lots to do around here today. So glad to be feeling better at last. Our dear friend, GB, is not doing too well because she's been sick with something for months. Hope she doesn't mind my sharing this with our Porchies; she posted on another forum. She could use some prayers to get well.

    Granni, what a great pic of you and DH. Yes, you do look elegant. I am so glad y'all had a wonderful time and ate great food.

    Julie, glad Den will have a chance to work off that excess energy helping Clinton with his project. If I were there, I'd help out too. Love construction. Funny to think people are running their heat. I've had the A/C on in the afternoons. I don't think we will have out usual nice spring weather. It's going directly into summer.

    Rock, even if the heater did speak up among the other appliances, they all think it is just full of hot air anyway. I've heard those conversations can get quite heated. Couldn't resist. My pun muscle isn't in good shape. I'll check out Dave Barry's book. I've already read Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus. It was quite enlightening. Neither sex is better and neither is right while the other is wrong. They are just different and think differently.

    Duckie, the last two fridges I had gave early signs of malfunctioning so that I could buy new ones on sale before their demise. I saved a bundle by not having to buy in a panic. I'm sorry you lost the food. We all did during the hurricane. I try not to keep mine too full during hurricane season. I've seen those smart fridges. One had a camera which lets you see what's inside. If, as Rock says, the appliances get together to talk at the end of the day, those new ones must have some pretty smart things to say. I hope you like it.

    This old computer is getting hot so will get going. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Morning has broken...Old Irish song.

    Mikie, to me your pun muscle seems to be all warmed up. And speaking of heat, the electric
    room warmer is apparently turning into a piece of CRAP like everything else manufactured
    today. Caution: Reliability Always Problematic. We only use it during the 3 coldest months.
    Now in its third year it won't work in first gear. In second gear it warms up the room fast so
    I guess we'll have to settle for that.

    Yes, GB has had a long winter. She reads the porch regularly. Usually posts on the Homebound
    Board. Is a whiz at thinking up and posting on our Games.

    Hope you all have ________. Insert whatever you like.

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