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    So much to do today so can't stay long. Have to finish wrapping DGS;s shoes to send them back to him at school that he left here. That is also just the start and small group singing practice this afternoon. If I get the pkg wrapping I can send it off today. That s what DH wants to do . Later today and tomorrow we are supposed to have quite a period of rain. Glad I have no where to go tomorrow when it is supposed to rain quite a bit.

    ROCK , JULIE and MIKIE - Thank you for your sweet remarks about DH and I. I say we have good genes in that respect. My parents esp my mom looked great for her age. That jacket I was wearing also made me look like I was a dolled up as they say. I did so for the occasion but I usually look as you said ROCK, like a bun or maybe not quite that bad. I always have jeans, sweat, or shorts if the weather is warm enough. I don;t dress up that often even for church in comparison to the way we used to have to dress up, hats gloves dresses and the whole nine yards.

    DUCKIE - Sorry you lost your refrig and all that was in.it Been there and done that quite a few times esp during hurricanes and stuff like that. Also lost our stand up freezer with all the food when it died about a year or so ago I think. Trying to do without it. It is hard when you want to buy big stuff like DH wants to at SAMS. Hope you like your new refrig and hope you didn't have to pay a fortune. I know they are not that cheap or plain anymore. Hard to find a white or off white one any more if that is what you want. That is what we had last time but gave way to the stainless steel. Most of them are stainless I think now with all kinds of gadgets on them that are great but more to go wrong with them.

    SUN, BARRY, SW - Hope all is well with you and you are feeling OK.

    DH is off to his meeting and I had better go get dressed and get something worthwhile done,

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Granni: Great pic. Of the two of you. Yes, I do love the lacy jacket, a very party look you chose.

    Duck: I never heard of a tablet on the frig so had to look it up. Wow...so you can watch TV while cooking? Cool!

    Mikie: I see you've been out shopping! That means you're feeling like your old self.

    Rock: Was it cold enough last night????? When I woke at 7:30 I checked online.....it was 37 degrees heading to a gigantic high of 60.

    OK, I've been hearing all about Fergie's rendition of the national anthem.....she got not applause but laughter and she's apologized today, so had to do a search on youtube for it. Just think......"happy birthday Mr. President" by Marilyn Monroe.

    I did my one mile plus this morning, wearing two jackets. I was up at 3 a.m. And couldn't sleep anymore so made a cup of sleepy time tea and read until I started yawning. OMG.....couldn't believe I slept an extra 2 1/2 hrs. Unheard of for me. I have a friend who drinks a cup of it every night before going to bed, said it works for her.

    I tried digging a hole in front to move a cactus that's gotten too big. Bad move, discovered a huge boulder. So yesterday my gardener took the holiday. I just couldn't leave it the way it was, so put the dirt back and will just move a few other things out in front and rearrange a little.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping for a minute while I check my emails. I didn't get much done today but I did one big job. I removed and washed the cushion covers on the slipcover sofa. They look so nice. Of course, a slipcover sofa always looks like an unmade bed.

    Rock, sorry to hear the heater is malfunctioning. Love the words for the new CRAP. Very apt. My new Amazon Fire device is only covering half the TV screen and it is HUGE. I unplug the HDMI from the port and plug it back in and all is well. I think it's more the TV than the Fire device. Always some kind of aggravation.

    Granni, good genes indeed. It's so hard to find things to wear when we go out. I look like a reject from the homeless shelter most of the time around here. Looking forward to going out on Thursday.

    Sun, laughing about the big hole. The ground here is awful. There are only a few inches of soil over hard packed sand. Throw in some rocks and the leftover cement the builder left and it's neigh impossible to do holes to plant things.

    Gotta get going. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good evening. Crazy day at work, and now I can't stay long b/c we're cleaning out the remainder of the stuff from the old fridge.

    Mikie - We have hard clay here. Can be a real 'treat' to dig in it.

    Sun - we got up to a blistering (for February) 78!!!!

    Rock - Sorry your heat is on the fritz. Wish I could send you some of our warm.

    Granni - that was indeed a nice picture of the two of you. I like the jacket. I also rarely dress up anymore. Work is business casual, and I usually wear pants, because I never know when I'll end up out on the production floor for some reason.

    Better get back upstairs before the men think I ducked out on them. TTYL. Hugs to everybody!
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    Hi guys.

    Sorry to hear GB is unwell for such a long time, but then a few of you Porchies suffered for quite a while, with it hanging on or coming back...
    Pray you are fighting fit soon.

    Yes, I too am glad to hear about you getting back into the swing of things, Mikie.
    Even if things get a bit frustrating, with the help.
    Panthers? Really?

    New fandangled fridges.
    Wardrobes that choose our out fits.
    What ever next?

    Julie, Im glad you and Den are making some more progress and how exciting it must be to see all the plans and dreams coming together.alot of hard work too by the sounds of it.hopefully Den will be able to switch off while you guys are away.

    Rock, funny joke about Treasures wanting to get in and help clean up.

    Granni, wow.you certainly do scrub up well, dont ya? I agree, the lace is def a keeper.helps to bring the rest of the out fit up.its always good to hv items like that on hand.not sure Ive ever had turmey bacon before.

    Duck, cleaning out spoilt food doesnt exactly sound as fun as quilt making.(although to me, both would be equally as torturous, as I hv no skills in that dpt.) At least you can look forward to playing with your new fridge when it arrives.

    Spring, dh has been hooked into volunteering for the setting up of a festival here.
    I doubt there'll be any colourful saris and singing etc...oops.getting mixed up with Bollywood.
    There will be various 'knock off' bands. Apparently a band that sings Robbie Williams and the kthers I dont recognise...Im thinking 'Lily on the drum' may be, well, exactly that.a super skinny, slip of a girl dancing/balancing on a drum.they had something like that at the Highland games, where we used to live...oh dear.that probably means bag pipes too...anyway, its been on 25yrs and i dont really know what to expect, but come Saturday and all will be revealed!

    Barry, did I mention ?the high light of the latest camping adventure, for me, was watching and filming two little possums eat my left over strawberries and capsicum scraps.this was in the early hrs of the morning.
    Was great.they were only an arm's length away from me. This was after being half scared to death by 2 cheeky little wallabies.i reckon they did it on purpose and got a really big laugh out of it.

    Did I mention that Avon is shutting up shop here in Australia and New Zealand?
    Cant compete with online selling apparently.
    I must admit I like the idea of being able to peruse at my leisure and then order from a hold in the hand booklet.esp when im feeling such rubbish.that way I can sort out gifts etc with very little stress.

    Sun, you must hv your head screwed on well, being able to navigate around selling online.
    If you slept longer, maybe your body needed it.
    I really enjoyed reading about your son and his feline adventures.
    Saw a pic the other day of an adorable kitten.it was captioned 'hello kitty' and kitten's response- 'hello soon-to-be slave'.

    Weather's all askew.raining again and body is in an uproar over it.

    Take care all
    Catch yas later
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  6. dmcduck

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    Hello again...Kitchen looks like a bomb went off. DS is promising to help put it to rights after tomorrow.

    Star - no, spoiled food is not fun, and boy are my feet telling me about it. And thank heavens it's warm and we can open all the windows to air the house out!!!
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    Heya all

    Granni - what a great pic! You both musta been heck a va good-looking couple in your youth. You still look so good. Not at all like the age you say you are. Your grandkids must be so proud when you go to attend their school things. You all seemed go have a grand time, all of you. Lol! Must have been noisy. Nice noisy.

    I used to be proud of me mum when she wasn't drinking or depressed and dressed up well. My friends used to say your parents are so nice looking.

    Star - I hope the festival goes off crackingly well. A fusion band? Love those. We have those in Bollywood too. Fusion dances. Classical Indian mixed with Western jazz, hip hop.

    Mikie - your sofa must look so inviting! I love teal. I had a teal party blouse with embroidery stitched some years back, unfortunately, I tried to get a stain off with water which was a no no. There is a water mark now. And not quite usable.

    When I hear of you wrestling sacks of mulch around and supervising the condos outside, I feel old and weary. You do so much when your health allows you. I did hoist a sack of rice up five long flights of stairs. Could've waited for DD or son but the doggies were trying to pee on it.

    Rock - I love that room you posted.It's airy, it's playful, it's cozy and a happy happy room. And the greenery view from the window! How lucky whoever lives there. It's actually cold enough to put on an electric heater in LA? DH had someone put in a newfangled (for us) heating device which used electricity in sons bathroom and after three days, the overload caused a fuse and the house was partly in darkness. The electrician fixed it so we can still use the contraption when there is govt electric supply. But should the lights go off, some appliances are without power.

    Sun - love hearing about your garden. I have to pull out some overgrown aloe Vera plants crowding a narrow pathway. Our former Man Friday claims they cured his years old burning sensation in his chest on one side. He took some when he built his own house and apparently keeps up the ritual of chomping on a piece every morning.

    Dmc - aargh! The smell! After the big earthquake here, our flat which had been let out to a Korean had to be evacuated. The whole apartment block. He had some fermented pickle in his fridge with other meats and stuff. They didn't let anyone in for a month and when we went to retrieve the fridge, ohhhhhhh! Obviously the power was also not on. We still can't get rid of the smell!

    A tablet on the fridge would be so cool. I would put in some music and dance while chopping onions and stirring the pot. Maybe also do a jig with the broom.

    Julie - thanks so much for posting Grannis pic. Den works so hard I guess it's okay for him not to be taking an interest inside the kitchen. As long as he knows enough to make a simple something should you be out on an errand. How exciting for Clinton with his room project. I love those. Should I be having the energy of course.
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    Hi Kids

    Just got outta the bath. I was reading a book by Paatricia Cornwell. She's written a whole bunch of books about Dr. Kay Scarpetta the Medical Examiner. She used nutril gloves too. Not to type with, but while performing autopsies. (Actually I got outta the bath and started this post several hours ago, but then Gordon needed the machine, and I fell asleep.)

    Mike, I am reading Fire and Fury. I though it might be boring, but turns out the author is a
    colorful writer. Interesting and entertaining so far. Glad to hear you whipped those slip
    covers into shape. I don't think I've ever lived in a house with slipcovers.

    Spring, yup it can get cold in LA. But nothing like cold in the northern states. Right now it's
    42; ten degrees above freezing. Will be 20 degrees warmer tomorrow. Glad to hear you prevented the dogs from peeing on the rice. Pet owners must always watch their P's and Q's.

    Duckie, thanks for the warm wishes. The faulty heater is just a minor inconvience. It works
    when set on medium instead of low. But "medium" is too hot; have to keep jumping up to turn it on or off.

    Do you live in a Clay County? There are at least 7 of them in the country including the one
    in Missouri. It is the old farm of Jesse and Frank James. When my Dad was born in 1909
    Frank was still alive. He would give you a guided tour for fifty cents. Price mighta gone
    up since then.

    Starlight, I don't know what's next, but you can be pretty sure the Japanese are busy doing
    something innovative with toilets. Gordon watches the Japanese channel every day. They
    are constantly improving this and refining that. On Youtube you can seem some Japanese toilets that look like miniature bathtubs. They also have some that will spray and then dry you.
    Land O Goshen!

    Sun, I never heard of Fergie before. Was wondering if it was that English Dutchess. Anyhoo
    I found her on Youtube. Sounded like a cat; looked like she might be under the effect of something. Poor taste, maybe.

    Granni, how did the small group practice go? Are the singers all folks you know? Much
    rain? And speaking of rain...

    and skaters which have been on the news a lot lately, you can see Champion Kurt Browning's
    rendition of Singing In The Rain here:

    On the same page they have Judy doing the song. I believe she was 18 then.

    OK, going to check the fridge and then go back to bed.

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  9. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    I'm late coming to the Porch today. I slept in and read the actual newspaper first. Neighbor brought over some Evolve kitty food with chicken, rice and all kinds of things one would never expect cats to eat. Supposed to be nutritious for them. Neither her cat nor her daughter's cat would eat it. I put a bit of it in SV's bowl and he scarfed it down. I put some of his regular dry food in his bowl and he cried until I put some of the new stuff in with it. Guess that's another high priced gourmet food I'll be buying him. Oh well, he's worth it. He is still playing with his new track ball toy and I'm glad for that.

    Duckie, it's exciting that you're getting a new fridge and one which will be so helpful and fun. Amazon has an Alexa Show which is a bit like the 'tablets' on the fronts of the fridges. It takes voice commands, shows recipe videos, works with smart plugs to turn things on and off and plays music. If you have cameras in and outside of the home, you can see what the cameras are recording. I can't even really justify getting one except that I need a way to turn off one lamp before I break my neck trying to get to it. If I get one, I'll probably wait until Black Friday when they go on sale. Can't wait to hear how you like the new fridge.

    Spring, I laughed out loud at your trying to haul those big heavy bags up the stairs while the dogs were trying to pee on them. The picture in my mind is hilarious. My sofa is white but I have teal and white throw pillows on it and a teal and white area rug in front of it. I like white sofas because all I have to do is change the color of the area rug and pillows and I've essentially redecorated.

    Computer is getting quite hot. I'll have to post and come back.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I meant to come back to finish posting because the computer got too hot to allow me to respond to everyone. I decided to get into the shower and decided to go to Publix to drop off my prescriptions. I was going to get some Chinese take out but the place had gone out of business. Rats! I got some seafood salad at publix and it was good. I came home to see the kids from the high school shooting speaking at the FL State Capitol. They are amazing kids. It is heartbreaking to listen to their experiences but it is also heartening to see them take their fear and anger and use it to make changes. Y'all know how I loves me my guns but y'all also know I think the NRA is evil. I believe than any politician who accepts money from them will be pariahs in the future. I don't want anyone taking away my guns but no one is trying to do that. All people want is that the mentally ill don't have guns, that background checks are followed with no loopholes and that large-capacity clips and bump stocks are illegal. God bless these kids.

    Star, yes, we do have panthers. They are not the black ones; they are brown and kinda resemble female lions. They need a lot of hunting area and are always being hit by cars when they try to cross the highways. We also have black bears and they are constantly breaking into people's garbage. One even stood up on her hind legs and banged on the glass sliding doors like SV does when he wants to come in. Grace downstairs cowers in fear in her condo because there was a little possum outside the front door. She threw some moth balls out there to try to repel him. She also lives in fear of the snakes we have. I feel sorry for anyone living like that. Obviously, I'm not wanting to run into a bear or any other dangerous critter but am not afraid of possums. It's wonderful that you live among such diverse and exotic critters there.

    Rock, are you hanging out your shingle so you can do autopsies? I also think the Fire and Fury author is a good writer. I found it very interesting but really didn't learn much that was new because the book was reviewed so much on TV. I do think it put the spotlight on Bannon but he kinda brought that on himself by shooting off his mouth to someone writing a book. I love figure skating but am not fond of the Olympic coverage. They pick and choose what we get to see. I love national and world competitions better. I did see the amazing robots the Koreans have developed. I don't understand why we are always behind the Asians in technology. I think only autonomous cars and electric cars are the exception. I want robots to clean my condo. Roomba is a good start but doesn't do enough. In a perfect world, IMHO, we wouldn't have to lift a finger to do anything unless we wanted to.

    Because I try to hurry when I post, there are mistakes that don't get corrected. Hope there aren't too many. I meant to post 'nigh' above but posted 'neigh' like a horse. Whoa! How did that happen.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    SURFACE - WIN_20180221_145831.JPG

    This is the first time I've tried to upload a photo on the Surface notebook. It's SV sitting in the box his new toy was shipped in.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    Nice pic of SV. He looks alert; possibly startled with his fur raised. He certainly did a good
    job of conveying his feelings about the new cat food.

    Don't fret about "nigh". I read it as nigh; never noticed the error. As you know the brain corrects what we read which is why proofreading is so difficult. Some examples here:

    BTW the last word in the lyrics for TAPS is "nigh".

    I wouldn't go near an autopsy unless, of course, it were mine. I don't do anything bloodier
    than putting a band-aid on. I feel sure I was not Clara Barton in an earlier life.

    I see someone is posting...Aha, it's Barry the Brit. In response to your question, Gordon
    drinks coffee and bottled water. Now and then tea.

    With regard to with too many gadgets, do you remember a Gary Larson cartoon on the
    subject? A caveman is buying a new club. The seller holds up the latest model which has
    bumps and points on the end. The prospective buyer says, "Nah, too many bells and whistles."

    Gordon is back from running errands. He brought me three Valentines. Big heart shaped
    boxes of candy. I'm the only one in the house who eats candy. I guess I'm obligated to
    eat it all myself. Sigh.

    Yours till the banana peels.

    Gordon just walked by. I said, "I just posted about your Valentine gift." He said, "That's
    not a gift. You're paying for them." Oh well, it was still a nice thought.:eek:
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  13. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not staying long. I'm so tired that I'm about to hit the hay.

    Barry, it's always so good to see you've stopped by the Porch. Good grief. Dogs peeing on bags and passing gas up close and personal... makes SV look downright refined. How are you feeling? I know it's been a bit rough for you lately. I was sick for so long that I'm fighting depression now. I hope you are doing better.

    Rock, SV's fur always looks like that. He is very bushy except his feet. He does have very bright, alert eyes. I'm glad he likes the new food because it's sposda be healthy. How sweet of Gordon to bring you Valentine candy. Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. Enjoy the chocolate.

    OK, I'm off to beddy bye. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening..

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: OMG.....Sir Vester is sooooo handsome! This is a really good picture of him. Take some more pics. For some reason I can take pics on my ipad and post them right away on Etsy but NOT on PH. So when I do take some pics. For here they have to be taken with my camera, then downloaded into the computer, then shrunk then sent to PH. When you're talking to PH ask them WHY?

    Rock: I was wondering why Gordon was buying valentine candy, a week after the big day! HA HA.....so you bought it, but still nice of him to think of you. Back in the days when I did eat candy I would love to hit the market the next day and root thru the markdown carts for goodies.

    Barry: I've got an old stuffed toy......it's a fat man, wearing dark wool pants with a yellow stripe down each leg like maybe he's a policeman and big brown felt shoes. He's got a painted on face with a mustache. I've been searching for the ID of it and I'm wondering if this could be an english toy. Does it sound familiar?

    I'm laughing at Mikie's comment about Spring's dog trying to pee on a big bag of rice and Lenny lettin go! Boy Dogs, I'm sure, all of them! I guess I'll appreciate Clair a little more, she's very prissy.

    Spring: 5 floors????? Eeegads, I would hate to have to take a hike up to the top every day. I used to want a 2 story house sooooo much, now I'm so grateful that I have a one story. Yesterday while out on a walk I saw an older woman walking down her short driveway to meet someone in front......she was walking very carefully, then I realized their was quite a slope to her driveway. One false move and she would be flying down it.

    Star: How are the kids liking school this year? I believe one was having troubles adjusting?

    My pool tile is getting "sand blasted" tomorrow. We have very hard water out here and the tile is looking awful with calcium deposits all above the water line. Apparently they drop the water line about 6" then blast with a diamond sand, then vacuum it all up with their equiptment, then seal it up. Have to wait until the next day to add water back up again.
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    Look for porch #1042!!