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    Hi Kids

    Here's a porch of a different sort. It runs all around the house. The house is a houseboat on Leech Lake in N. Minnesota. I lived on the shore of the lake for a year during my first job after college.

    Reminds me of the old riddle. What do you do with a sick boat?
    Answer: Take it to the Dock.


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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Good Morning Dear Friends...

    Rock..thanks for starting a new post!! Our family went house boating every summer for about 13 years on Lake Shasta..our kids and their friends loved it!

    Sorry, I haven't been posting this week. but typing with one hand is a bit difficult and takes forever and here's why...I did a "no no" earlier this week and my C.R.E.S.T disease let me know what a stupid thing I did!!..DH and I were bringing in groceries, and I guess I had one too many bags in my left hand that were too heavy for me to be lifting..anyway, the next day my arm and shoulder were screaming at me..the pain was unbelievable..it has taken all week for the pain to subside..boy, I will never do that again. DH said he didn't want me to do the grocery thing again as he will take care of that chore..

    We have had snow three days this week..the first two days, it didn't stick to the ground, but the third day, we got approximately 3 to 4 inches, and it did stick to the ground..the snow level dropped to about 1200 foot..that doesn't happen often. Monday, another storm is coming in and will bring more snow..Oh..Joy!! I don't mind the cold weather at all..just don't like the snow and ice..

    DH and I went to Placerville yesterday..it was a "must do" trip..had to renew our AAA Roadside Service..I also increased the towing mileage from 5 miles to 100 miles..and wouldn't ya know, there was a line in the AAA office..and of course, there were only two windows open..

    After taking care of our AAA business, we headed to the gas station next door to AAA..yep, couldn't stir them with a stick there either..every pump was being used!! Tried to use my credit card at the pump but it kept cancelling my transaction..so, I went inside to see the "little man" to find out why my transactions were cancelled..he didn't have a clue..he did run my card and it worked just fine..while DH was pumping gas, we heard some young fella yelling about his card not working either..told him to go inside...guess everyone is preparing for the next storm, and other folks getting ready to head for the mountains for a weekend of skiing.

    Last stop on our journey was to Walmart..another crowded store..thank goodness I had my shopping list with me cuz we got everything we needed in short order fashion and was able to get out of there quickly..well, in under an hour! I noticed while there, not too many folks looked happy..guess they didn't want to be there either..in the pharmacy department, some lady had a very young baby, approx. 9 months old, and he was not feeling well at all and let everyone know..poor little thing..he just cried and cried..the mother was frantic about disturbing people, however, it seemed like the people around her understood her delima and weren't upset.

    Duck..thanks for another beautiful porch (on the previous post)..are you working on a new quilt..anxious to see it. Wish I wasn't so computer challenged because your frig sounds like it is so much fun to use.

    OOOOHH..cherry pie..sounds wonderful..especially if it's still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it...HOWEVER..your's truly is paying the price and will have to skip the pie because I'm still working on taking off the millions of calories after eating two packages of Oreo cookies and half a bag of candy!!

    Wishing your father in law a Happy Birthday and a day filled with fun, lots of laughs, and love!

    Granni..busy as usual..love the picture of you and DH..the party sounds like it was a big success!! Been sending up prayers for DH that all is well with him..

    How was Hello Dolly?

    Mikie..so sorry you're not feeling well..I thought for sure after you had that little spurt of energy, you were truly on the mends..I haven't slept well this week either due to the pain in my shoulder and arm..and, as you know all too well, that means I've been drag'n all week.

    Glad you had a wonderful lunch with your friends..the steak sounds wonderful..what was the seasoning they used..was it the Lone Star Steak Rub?

    Wishing Nancy's daughter a speedy recovery..sending up prayers.

    I, too, will be glad when the Olympics end even though I have enjoyed most of the sports, but I feel it's just too long..looking forward to getting back to watching my regular shows. Can't believe the Russians have been caught doping AGAIN!!..how stupid is that!!

    Barry..did you get any snow this past week? I don't remember what part of CA you live, but the weather all over the state has been nuts!

    How are you feeling..are your fur babies still keeping you warm?

    Star..you, too, are one busy lady..when I get in a "mood" everyone knows to keep clear of mommy!! Thankfully, my "moods" are few and far between..

    The world needs more people like your sweet son..what a love he is!!

    Were you able to go to the festival?

    Rock..how is the "new" refurbished computer working?

    Glad kitty was ok..you may not think she's adopted you, but she knows where her bread is buttered!!

    Guess with all this cold weather, your tomatoes are no more..I am looking forward to growing some this year..what is your favorite variety?

    Julie...dear friend..take a deep breath...I know exactly how you feel when it comes to taking care of your dad and wanting the medical personnel to respect him and make him as comfortable as possible, especially when it comes to taking blood..I remember when my eldest daughter was about 5 and had to have blood drawn..the "wonky witch" that was doing the deed, was an absolute idiot..after the second try to hit a vein, I said "enough" and we left..

    Glad you and Den had a fun day with Amy and her family..

    Sun..Oh no..a cold..hope it doesn't hang around too long..I'm still not 100% over mine, neither is DH..it's been hanging on since the end of December!

    I remember when we had to have our pool and tiles blasted...no matter how careful they were in trying to keep the dust under control, it was still a mess..the dust drifted through the air and landed everywhere..I didn't dare go outside for fear of breathing that stuff, and our neighbors weren't too happy with the dust either..

    Spring..your neighbor's son's wedding sounds wonderful and so colorful, and a noisy brass band as well!! I love weddings, such a happy occasion..

    I was LOL and could just see the stray dogs on your garage roof looking down at your puppies, who were jumping in the air, laughing at them. Animals just amaze me..I was watching Animal Planet and they were showing kittens at a rescue sanctuary..there were all sorts of rescued animals, but the kittens befriended a baby skunk and a fawn..the fawn thought it was her job to take care of the new kittens..it was so cute, and the skunk was adorable and never sprayed..I guess that was because it was so young..then there was a pig and his best friend was a chicken who rode all around the property on the pig's back..priceless!!

    Another W&P..sorry about that..I do need to sign off..have been working on this post since about 7 a.m. this morning and I'm tired and ready for a morning nap..so slow with just using one hand..I sure hope I haven't missed anyone, and if I have, I truly apologize..

    Take care everyone..have a great weekend and stay warm!

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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    OOPS..posted this on the previous post..

    Spring..the picture of the young girl on the couch surrounded by her kitties is so sweet and cozy looking..the kittie on the couch looks so much like what our Jake looked like..sure miss him.

    Take care..
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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Good Grief, JB! You typed all that with one hand. That's at least the equivalent of 2 or 3 of
    the trials of Hercules.

    In response to your question about our refurbished computer, we don't have it yet. The
    day Gordon was going to pick it up was the day we had the terrible wind. So the trip
    was postponed. I wouldn't mind being refurbished myself. Maybe like the Wizard of Oz
    friends when they finally got to the Emerald city. Did you notice? Frank Morgan played
    three roles there in addition to the Wizard.

    We still have some tomatoes. Picked 8 this morning. I really need to water them, but I keep
    napping during the afternoon. Hope that arm and shoulder pain goes away. Or is it chronic?

    Mikie, "There is no normal," reminds me of Gertrude Stein who said, "There is no 'there'
    there." I think she was talking about Oakland. Tried to read one of her books once. It
    was complete gibberish.

    Duckie, your "slept long, but not too well" made me think of The Bard who said of
    Romeo and Juliet that they "loved not wisely, but too well." Last night I saw a
    documentary about another young couple who came to a bad end. Remember
    Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate. ("Caril" is the way she spelled it). The year I
    was graduated from High School the two teens went on a killing spree in Nebraska.
    Charles was executed, but Caril got out after a couple decades.

    Spring, were your dogs excited about the dogs on the roof because 1) they wanted to get
    up there too or 2) they wanted to chase the intruders away?

    Gordon went to the library. Got 4 books, all by the same author. She writes mysteries
    set in the Middle Ages. I got a couple books including the latest by John Grisham.
    It's called "The Rooster Bar" because it's about law students who should be studying
    to take the bar exam, and they work part time at a bar by that name.

    OK, the jury is dismissed and the court is now adjourned.
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  5. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    #warning# long post with lots of rambling.
    Skip if so desire :)

    Hi guys.
    Feeling pretty lousy today.
    Didnt make it to Church, which is a 20 minute drive away, which really Isnt far, but may aswell be hours away when my body is chucking a tandy.
    I hate relying on others.
    Dh and eldest Ds went in the early hrs ( after making such a racket), to go hunting.
    Apparently they almost walked right into a young deer.
    Im assuming both parties were unprepared for it.(fortunate for the deer, but not so for hunters).
    They also saw heaps of evidence of alot of deer- scrub marks and all that sort of thing.

    I got an informative msg on my phone 'still in bush' which i kinda figured, due to the absence.
    At around the time we shouldve been leaving...
    Gee I wish I could've taken myself, but then , I wish A lot of things.
    You all know what I mean.

    Anyway, had high hopes of the whole family, Dh, 3 Treasures and myself going to yesterday's festival .Together.
    Dh decided he just Had to get some work done at home, which meant he would hook eldest in aswell.
    Then other 2 Treasures went on their own.they were free to get in.
    Apparently Dh couldve got us in for free because of all the volunteering he did, but by about 1pm I realized my hopes were futile...so i drank some concrete, hardened up and went solo.( i really hate that saying, )
    So , this not-so-little princess sucked it up (hate that saying too) and packed my back pack with provisions and set off on my adventure.all beit Stubbornly. And alone.

    And who should I see?
    My youngest Ds. ( maybe there was some 'family time' to be had after all?
    Hmmm.one on one time.was fine with me.
    I am a firm believer in (usually, not today) in an 'attitude of gratitude' and trying to realise the Wonder in things.
    Turns out Dd had ditched him for a couple of friends at his happy place- 'The Reptile Petting Zoo'.

    He said he would really love to hold all the snakes again, but since he'd already had so many gos, didnt like his chances.
    I couldnt help but notice the little bit of dejection in his demeanor.
    (Which of course, no mother would accept).
    I said, ' but ahhh, that was without a photo-snapping, crazed mother...'
    So we toddled off and I got snap-happy, capturing that look of a blissful stupor while Ds got his heart's desire.Again and Again and Again. Snakes and baby croc.

    In retrospect, I wonder if he would've come to the circus with me, if he didnt hv some hope of actually being allowed to hv a pet snake? After all, he did work on me all the way to ," the only good snake, is a dead snake', which Dh gruffly announced, at home,putting an end to all the hopes and dreams...
    Later on, I tried to reassure Ds that before long he would be a grown up and could go for his life.
    At which he remarked rather sourly, ''I'm only half way there!' At which point I walked away.
    After all, if he thinks he has to wait 'till he's 26, then thats his problem. And hopefully not mine.

    The Circus wasnt a full fledged circus.no animals.
    It opened with a juggler in black and red.he wore long black socks- or tights mabe? And red suspender shorts.
    Well, kinda.
    Now ,this bloke was no ordinary juggler.he tossed those balls under his legs and over his shoulders, way up high and then way down low- ever increasing the number of balls to his performance.was great.
    The music was so loud and fast paced, through-out the first few acts, that I wouldnt hv been surprised if someone had a heart attack- or at least a panic attack.
    Fortunately, I am alive to tell the story.
    Then the little rug rats got all excited with giggles and whoops of laughter.
    Clowns and balloons and the facade of trying to deliver a whole, unpopped balloon, from one clown to the other.
    need I say more?
    Ahhh.what was next? Of course.how could I forget?
    The big- busted beauty and her lasso.and lassoos.
    While it was a great performance and the talent she displayed was not to be equalled-
    The mass exodus of young teenage boys, after her act, mid show, spoke volumes about what she displayed.
    Somehow I doubt these young fellars saw anything beyond boobs and glitter.
    Shame really.

    Admittedly, I nearly ho-hummed when the hoola hoops came out, but when the girl (young woman) got going, boy oh boy.every muscle in my body started to ache in sympathy.she had hoops on legs and ankles and hands and and and...
    And to top it all off, she decided to stand on one of those huge gym balls aswell!
    Fantastic! Def my pick for the day.
    There was also a girl that swung herself all over this elephant head- shaped bar, up in the air, with no safety net and a skinny bloke who spent way too much time with the diablo thingy- me/ whats it.

    Ds loved the clowns the most.funny that.
    Good old humour, no matter how brain-dead, wins again.

    The last act the clowns did was take fake pics with a fake, giant sized camera.
    He took a pic of the first bloke and pulled out a laminated pic of a really hairy man's face.
    Next pic of a little boy came out looking like a cute baby monkey, then of course a bloke got laughed at because his pic was of a heavily over-weight (no top on ) man.
    And of course, last, but not least, clown got his pic taken and out came a finely chiselled specimen of a man model, complete with 6 pack...the whole house was laughing.

    Well.gotta say, I'm plum tuckered out.
    And totally sick of the olympics too.
    And dare I say it?
    Roast potatoes.
    Soooo many spuds.
    And tomato sauce or relish?
    Been here for hours.
    Best make an appearance.

    Love to All
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  6. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Well, I definitely can't top Star's and Judy's novellas, so I'll just say that DFIL's bday party was lots of fun.

    Then we came home to realize that the furnace isn't running. Not fair!!! We just bought a new refrigerator!! Fortunately, the weather isn't cold. And I suspect it's something simple like a fuse.

    On that note, I think I'll go to bed. Good night all!

    p.s. Great idea for a porch, Rock!
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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's ca. 4AM here and cold. 41 degrees. I am all bundled up as my Mother used to say.
    Have the heater on. Just watched a forensic show. A detective invented a new ballistic
    test. I thought that was pretty impressive. He wasn't a scientist like Abby on NCIS.

    Duckie, did you ever see those old furnaces that took up half the basement? Had ducts running
    all over the place. The one we had installed a few years ago is smaller than a fridge. Glad
    you liked the houseboat. The next time we're both in Minnesota we'll have to take a
    houseboat ride.

    Star, what is chucking a tandy? I looked up some slang. "Chuck" might meaning "taking"
    as in doing something like taking a sick day when one isn't really sick. "Tandy" seems to
    be a drink: beer mixed with lemonade. But the context of your post suggests your body
    is feeling out of sorts.

    I would love to go to a zoo where one could socialize with the reptiles. Gordon and I
    went to a cat show at the Santa Monica Auditorium decades ago. One could have one's
    picture taken with a 12 foot boa draped around the neck. I figured about the time I
    put that thing on there will be some commotion (a dog; a robbery; an earthquake) so
    I decided it was too risky.

    The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium BTW was built the year I was graduated from HS.
    It has seen everything form Rock concerts to the Oscar Awards.

    Got an e mail from my Park Ranger brother in Oregon. He was at some concert. During
    the intermission he saw a toddler wearing a Minnesota Tee shirt saying, "I am a Golden
    Gopher". I think all the Uof M teams are Golden Gophers.

    Well, hope everydobby is good as possible.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I'm on the hated Surface so lots of swearing will ensue. I was trying to use the keyboard. I just switched to tapping on glass. I used the old computer to post a PM to a friend and it's too hot to use now. I am brain dead from exhaustion and am just sleepwalking through life. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. We have people who live on houseboats here at the marina. It's a romantic idea but don't think I'd like it full time. Hurricanes are hard on them. I like novels set in the Middle Ages. Know why it was called the Dark Ages? It was knight time.

    Judy, sorry about your arm and shoulder. I hope it's better. My AAA renews automatically. Otherwise, I'd do it online or by phone. I got the recipe for the Lone Star steak rub online. Be careful using your credit card at the gas station. Hackers are putting their own scanners on the gas tanks and stealing people's info. I buy gas gift cards at discount at Publix and use them.

    I switched to the old computer which has cooled down. I'm already stressed out trying to use the Surface. I am definitely computer challenged. I haven't even read the big Sunday newspaper. Joe called and was chatty.

    Star, I hope you are recovering from your ordeal. I can't handle clowns. They can be so disturbing that I have to flee. I avoid reptiles because they often carry salmonella. I have wipes in the car in case I encounter a turtle in the road which I have to pick up and relocate. They are usually slimy. AACCKK!! I draped snakes around my neck in my yute. Feel better.

    Duckie, so glad your DFIL's BD was so nice. Sorry about the heat not working. Hope it's something simple (and inexpensive). Last year my A/C quit during our hottest weather. Turns out a mud dobber had built a nest inside the unit. It burned out a solenoid to the tune of $250 to repair it. Oh well, that's cheap in the overall scheme of dealing with A/C.

    Spring, that pic you posted on the last Porch is soooo sweet. Reminds me of Mary Engelbreit paintings. I'm laughing again at your dogs' antics. They must keep you entertained all the time.


    OK, Kiddies, I gotta go. Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi ta Hi, Ho ta Ho

    Mikie, Love the Pun. It's so obvious once you hear it. Dark ages: knight time. And yet I've never
    seen it before. Certainly never though of it. The only Dark ages pun I know is this old one: Who thought up the idea of King Arthur's Round Table? Answer: Sir Cumference.

    I wish you and Sir Vester could have a long nap; then you wake up feeling just as peppy as SV.

    Hugs to Sun, Barry, Duckie, Granni, Julie, Linda, and Mrs Calabash.

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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Rock, thank you for the new porch. The houseboat looks like fun...wonder if I could handle it...got "seasick" during a dinner cruise down the Potomac River, lol! Spent the whole evening in the head while Den was left to entertain his parents who had come all the way from Iowa to Virginia to see us :D

    Anyway...sorry I can't stay...hoping to finish upstairs enough today so I can get started on boxes, etc. that I have brought downstairs. Den is anxious for me to get tax papers together and get that job done.

    Here's a little thing for our punsters, compliments of Lindsey...

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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopped in and got rid of a spammer. I'm using the old computer as much as I can until it gets too hot to handle. Perhaps I can get it repaired. It took all morning to get up, read the paper and do the puzzles. SV bit me on the arm when we got up so I'm giving him the silent treatment. He's lying in the box that his toy came in. I don't know what gets into him but I don't appreciate being bitten. Right after he did it, I grabbed him by the nape of the neck like a mama cat would and used my finger nails to take little nips at his tummy. It doesn't hurt but is the closest thing I can do to resemble biting without actually biting him. There is no pain involved, just humiliation. I'll give in later and pet him. He approached me once but I told him no and used the word bite. He knows what that means. It's been a long time since he has given in to his evil instincts.

    I just grilled one of the bacon wrapped fillets from Omaha Steaks. Soooo good. Never had a steak so tender. I fixed some mashed potatoes and had some canned corn. I'm just not up to going to the store today. So much to do in here but no NRG, as usual. I did some laundry yesterday and ran the dishwasher this morning. Target has the Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent pods on sale. If I buy it, I can wash a load for 20 cents instead of 39, almost half price.

    Julie, loving the Scottish puns. Thank you very much. Tell Lindsay I enjoyed them and they raised my spirits. Good luck with the tax stuff. Glad I don't have to worry about that. Being retired and living in poverty simplifies life. How's your Dad doing?

    Rock, love your pun too. Very apropos for the one I posted. It's not my own creation. I've been telling that one since I was a kid. Heard it on TV from some silly comedian. I'm tired and wish I could take a nap but, if I did, I'd likely not sleep tonight. Still reading the so-so book. It's good enough that I'm not looking to be put out of my misery but it's not great. I watched a pretty good Amazon Prime movie yesterday. Can't remember the name of it because my brain is mush. It was a psychic murder mystery with Anthony Hopkins.

    OK, Kids, one more crossword puzzle left in the paper before I recycle it. Gonna go do it. Hope all y'all are having a great weekend. TV returns to normal with all new shows this week. Woo Hoo!!! We have this heat until later in the week and weekend. Can't wait to get back to 'normal.'

    Love, Mikie
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Was the movie, Solace? So you liked it......maybe I should order from the library. That steak sounds good. I RARELY eat beef....I cluck.......but I bought a large cook book at the library by Lynne Rossetti Kasper, called The Splendid Table, recipes of Northern Italy. I've listened to her on the radio so I thought...$3 might be a bargain. The book must weigh 5 lbs. My eye went to ragu and all the versions of it, so I went out and bought beef. All the hand chopping of celery, carrots and onions into VERY small pieces! Anyway.....I didn't follow exactly.....it was OK....like she said it's not a pasta sauce we're used to with lots of tomato.

    Rock: Very ingenious, putting up a houseboat. OK.....now after reading what Judy wrote I'm not looking into what it entails to rent, comforts (like microwaves) and the sleeping conditions, etc. I hate to say this but I just don't know if I can travel anymore on a plane. Stenosis is rearing up.

    Barry: I DON'T like SNAKES...or lizards either, although the tiny lizards are really cute I have to say. When I was doing all that gardening last monday I pulled out very large aeonium plants and I was looking at it, debating where I should replant or what and OMG.....a large snake lizard was looking back at me hiding inside it. Well I did scream and toss it down, it scurried away. Probably just as scared of me. And as I was working I found 3 separate lizards skins, maybe from him as he grew.

    I guess my cousin in Ohio can be called a Twitcher. She was out here years ago and I took her around to open fields, suddenly she would scream.....stop the car and then bolt out on a run. She explained that it's like collecting something only you tick off what you've seen, and yes, she has traveled to see certain birds or do counting. Duck: She lives in Kinsman, Ohio. Do you know where that is? Apparently she has a large pond with lots of open fields around her and Amish people, who ask her to drive them someplace, like Julie.

    Black sands beach in california???? I'm going to research that. I've been up to the redwoods years ago when we had a 20' trailer.....Henry Cowell Redwoods. Loved it and would really like to go back and see more.

    Star: Funny writing as ever!!!! So your DS is known as the snake whisperer at his school? The go to guy when there's an animal lurking about. What was the name of the Australian guy who became quite an animal person on TV? By the way, eons ago, when we lived at our other home and I was much younger, a circus came to town and they were "offering" bags of elephant poop. Seriously I really debated about getting some. Was I crazy then? I've used rabbit droppings and chicken droppings along with cow manure but all those are "aged".

    Spring: So your neighbor dogs are able to get on top of the garage and tease your dogs! Naughty but funny.

    Judy: OK.....what is C R E S T? I've run it thru the brain but can't figure it out. So youve still got the CRUD? I thought I was doing better, thinking it was just a bad cold, but it's like I'm trying to cough up a fur ball. I called my cleaning lady who was to come tomorrow and cancelled. I don't want to spread this if I'm still contagious.

    Julie: Cute puns from Lindsey. How are you doing with the boxing up of stuff?

    Granni: Hope all goes well with your DHs test, this week?

    Duck: Glad the party was fun. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the cherry pie. Does your DS like to bake or cook or what? How long will he be in this program and then what? Do they help find a restaurant for the graduates?

    I hope I haven't missed anyone. I'm really really tired from this crud. I've been up since 4 a.m. But can't sleep, so I defrosted some lentil soup (thanks for reminding me to make some Barry) and a small glass of red wine, hopefully that will do the trick. My nose has dried up and never ran a fever but this "fur ball cough" and the fatigue is getting to me.
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  13. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good evening everyone!

    Well, the good news is that the furnace was just a blown fuse. The bad news is that the fuse blew because the thermostat is bad. Oh, well...kind of got a long standing wish on that one as well. I've been wanting a new, nicer thermostat for several years now.

    I went out to my DM's house today. We hauled away the dead trumpet vine (we cut it off at the base last spring; my DM hoped the trellis would keep it up for a while, but the wind storm last week took it down). Then we moved a bird feeder stand that my father built years ago from the back yard to where the trumpet vine was.

    On the way back from that, I stopped at the fabric store and got the fabric for my nephew's quilt. I sent my SIL pictures of it and got an enthusiastic approval.

    Barry - truth be told, I'm not a true twitcher. I do enjoy 'ticking' birds off my life list, but I don't go out of my way to do it. I did try really hard to see a sandhill crane when I was in Florida a year ago. I didn't see one, but I did see a Florida scrub jay.

    Sun - Kinsman, Ohio is on the opposite corner of the state from me (I'm in the southwest corner, it's in the northeast). There are lots of Amish people in the central through northeast part of the state, but not really many in my area. As to my DS, he has to do some co-ops (internships) as part of his schooling. They also have a restaurant that's run by the school, and the kitchen is staffed by students from the Midwest Culinary Institute. I think the Australian naturalist you're thinking of was Steve Irwin, a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter.

    Mikie - where did King Arthur take Guinivere? To a knight club! Do you know Sir Cumference was also the roundest knight at King Arthur's table? He acquired his girth from eating too much pi.

    Star - As for critters, I'm not squeamish. The only things that bug me (pun intended!!) are things with more than 8 legs.

    Julie - Any news on your DF?

    My remaining goal tonight (aside from finishing the last load of laundry) is to mop the floor in the bunker. It's long overdue, and truth be told, pretty nasty. I let it go when the cats were sick and barfing on it every 30 minutes (just wiping up the worst of it). Now that they're not sick anymore it's time for a proper scrubbing!!!
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Up early and feeling fairly well rested. I have to get in the shower and do my hair. Then, I absolutely have to go to the store. Yesterday, I decided to do a pedicure. I got a dark wine colored nail polish and love it. I usually wear a bright red or pink. It looked so nice that I did my finger nails too. It's been ages since I had anything but clear polish on them. That's the extent of the excitement here.

    Barry, as always, so good to see you here on the Porch. You certainly live in a beautiful and interesting place. I am not afraid of snakes and lizards but I don't want to handle them and get salmonella. I love watching the little lizards here. For a while, one would jump on the stair railing when I went downstairs. He would do his 'push ups' and blow out the little sac on his neck. He would look right at me, no fear. I would stop and talk to him and he seemed to enjoy it. They are really cute. Clowns, on the other hand, I find really creepy. Yikes! We are not alone. There are a lot of people who fear and despise them.

    Sun, I also describe the cough as hocking up a fur ball. I hope you get over it. It took forever for me and I'm still exhausted from it. That was a good bargain for the cookbook. DSIL in TX collects them. He and DD are such good cooks and fix healthy food. DGS eats everything and I'm glad for that. Hate to have kids who are picky eaters. My kids always ate everything too. Yes, the movie was Solace. It's not the best movie ever but I liked the premise of it. It's better than a lot of the stuff offered on Netflix and Amazon. Some of their offerings are good but a lot of them stink. I'm starting to wonder whether they really will bring back one more season of House of Cards, minus Kevin Spacey.

    Duckie, I think there are thermostats you can control from your phone. I don't even program the one I have but I could. I'm home all the time so it doesn't make sense. Here, we have ours slaved to our humidistats when we go away. It's more important to control the humidity than the temp. A condo in Joe's bldg. sat empty and no one set the humidistat. It now has a mold problem and is costing a fortune to attempt to clean it up. Love the puns. Thanks! Especially love the Pi pun. I'm not good at math but loved geometry and was good at it. I think Pi is one of the best things ever. There is even a national Pi Day and it's Wednesday, March 14. I'd be a geek if I weren't so right brained. I celebrate by having a piece of pie.

    OK, Kids, gonna get going before Old Betsy overheats. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to your week.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    G'day all.

    Just thinking about how most of you are still recovering or getting over the 'crud'.
    My Aunty recently got back from a 10 day cruise.it was meant to be a birthday surprise from her DH,
    Unfortunately for a couple of reasons, touted as 'the cruise from hell'.
    A Current Affair, did a story on the cruise and apparently 26 members of a Lebanese family all started arguing and then fighting heatedly over many days.The show claims many , many cruisers spent a great deal of time self imprisoned in their cabin rooms, as a means to stay safe...eventually they (the perps), were dumped a shore, but I guess the damage was already done.
    The reason my Aunty described the cruise as hellish though, was because she was cabin bound due to a nasty version of 'Aussie crud'...huh.or so we thought.complete with high temps and aching joints, but after following up, when home, it turns out she has
    Bronchi-ec-ta-sis. Yes.quite a mouth full! Just how serious it is, stil remains to be seen, but apparently is another one of thoses diseases often attributed to passive smoking. Opa (grand father) ,was an 80 a day smoker.

    Rock, a tandy is slang for tantrum.
    a shandy on the other hand, is the beer and lemonade concoction.
    Sorry to confuse you.i often refer to my body's inability to follow directions or when it responds poorly, slowly or painfully, as it eigther, chucking a tandy or behaving treacherously. I'm sure you can relate.

    DS has really grown attached to his 3 baby guinea pigs.this should at least keep his mind off pet snakes for a while.
    I hope.

    Mikie, as far as clowns go, I think when I was little, my parents were watching something on the tv and I took a peak on a toilet trip.( shoulda been sleeping). Theres a vague recollection of evil carnival clowns accompanied with creepy music, but even then I dont think I was too worried until many years later, I saw IT.
    Not the remake (which I wont be watching), but the original.yes, i know. It was the spider who was s'posed to be the Real monster (ever so anti climatic), but it was the clown that made it to my list of monsters etc.
    Apparently in the newer version of It, the clown has filed down teeth, so that they are in shark like points.oooh.
    Goodness.that wasnt very wise of me! I hv to go to bed soon!

    Barry, you kept snakes? DS was buttering me up for a pygmi python, but he was really after a bigger type of python.
    The carpet snake did seem to be a little more eye catching and not at all as rough as I expected, but truthfully, Id prefer a couple of lizards any day. I do worry about the cooler temps here in the Winter, than where we used to live, so a heating mat would be a must, Id say.at least.

    Duck, not sure if I should congratulate you or offer my commiserations...
    Will you be able to keep warm?

    Sun, Duck is right.Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter.Risky business and unfortunately paid the price in the end.
    Sting ray got him while he was filming a doco.Actually, his daughter has just got engaged, I think.
    Now elephant poo would be awesome to try! Never heard of it for sale before!
    Funny about the lizard frightening you.Im not too switched on when it comes to spotting the dif between a legless lizard or snake and with sooo many dangerous ones around, Id rather not take any chances.

    Julie, all the best with the boxes!

    Hello Granni, Spring, Judy and all Porchies.

    Take care
    Catch yas later.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    Here I am with my Nitrile gloves on. These things are pretty sturdy. Only seven thousandths
    of an inch thick, and they've lasted all week. I have a lifetime supple. There are 250 in the box.

    Star, that's a shame that your aunt's cruise was sabotaged by a buncha thugs. I saw the video
    on the news. I dunno which is worse on a cruise: trouble makers or tummy troubles. In either case, I wouldn't wanna go on one.

    Ooops! Gotta go help Gordon. Rains predicted. I need to find the plastic sheets that we use to
    protect the orchids. Best guess is that they are in the garage.

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got home from Publix and had lunch. BOGO on watermelon chunks so I ate some. Mmmm! Very ripe and sweet. Got my credit card bill and it had a late fee. I have to call them. When I paid it, the bank said it would arrive on the 14th. It didn't get there until the 20th. I'll ask whether they can waive the fee. I've never been late before.

    Star, that was, indeed, a cruise from hell. I hope the thugs were arrested and are in jail. Viruses spread like wildfire on cruise ships. I've never been on one and am not sure I ever will. Don't feel as though I've missed much. A lot of them leave from the Port of Miami just a couple of hours from here. Still not tempted. I'm sure that, if nothing goes wrong, it's a lovely thing to do. I actually liked clowns as a child so don't know what makes me hate them now. Sorry that show scared you so.

    Rock, hope the orchids are OK. The Naples orchid show is on or was on, can't remember which. It would take more than that to get me off my exhaustion bed. Hope you'll be back soon.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: I called the credit card company and the supervisor got us both into a three-way call with my bank. The bank assured the supervisor that the payment was made early. The credit card company is investigating and will credit my account and remove the late fee and interest while they figure out what happened. Everyone was very nice and professional. I just hope they get it figured out. I hate stuff like this especially when I'm not on top of my game. My allergies are acting up need to go take a tablet. Publix has a coupon for the OTC allergy med so I'll pick up a couple of boxes. It doesn't take long to go through them. Hope all y'all are having a lovely evening.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Back again. Mission accomplished. You probably won't be surprised to learn that I was no
    help whatsoever. Took me a while to even understand what he was talking about. What kind
    of sheets? Panels of hard plastic? Flexible plastic? Turns out he meant the flexible sheets
    that he cut off a long, thick roll of translucent plastic that we used to cover the orchids during last winter's heavy rains.

    OK. Step number one was to find a flashlight. I got one that looks like a gun. If you hold the
    trigger down the light stays on. Or you can push a button to keep the light on. Only I couldn't
    get it to work. So Gordon said, "Take the new flashlight." So I did. It's longer than regular flashlight, is colored yellow like some tool a road crew might use, has too many buttons and whistles. I couldn't get it to turn on. And then I couldn't get it to turn off. And then I got the key ring, but I didn't know which keys to use. I think you can see I'm not much good around the house, unlike people like Mikie, Sun, Duckie, Julie, etc.

    Anyhoo I got the two locks on the garage door open. Gordon was right behind me. Soon as
    the door opened he said, "Oh here they are. Thanks for the help!" The sheets were neatly folded, lying on top of the box where we put them last Spring. I kinda felt like I'd been in a Laurel and Hardy movie.

    Star, thanks for the slang info. I always like to expend my vocabulary, but with a shrinking
    brain it's kindofa futile effort. I wonder if Jessica Tandy was aware of this. She was British,
    after all. I saw her live in plays about four times; in LA and Minnespolis.

    Mikie, your "dark wine" nail polish reminds me of Homer's "wine-dark sea" which has puzzled
    scholars for than three millenium. What the heck did he mean? No sea is that color. I love
    Pi jokes. There are so many they just seem to go on forever. Here's one: What is Isaac Newton's favorite dessert? Answer: Apple Pi.

    Sun, Yes, Duckie and Star are right. Steve Irwin. The bravest man ever. Imagine petting a
    wild Komodo dragon. On the other hand, he was apparently addicted to taking chances. I
    expected some wild animal would be startled by some off camera noise and administer a
    fatal bite. Who would have thought a sting ray would be the killer?

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: Bronchiectisis is what I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago. I'm on the steroid inhaler, lowest dose of Breo, and it's really made a difference in my lung function. Her lung specialist will know the best thing for dealing with this. I wish her much success.

    I heard about the large family on the cruise that created HAVOC......awful. I was once on a cruise and an old guy created a big scene around the pool.....his caregiver had tossed our towels off the lounges they wanted. I'm not one to back down when I'm in the right and someone is being rotten to me. So the entire cruise my DSIL thought it was funny to crack jokes about this nasty man.

    Rock: I think it's nitrile gloves that I must have.....use them for painting or inside another pair of gardening gloves, even in the kitchen when having to deal with beets that stain. Wow....you must have bought a huge box of them.

    Yes, I heard that rain is coming by tonight. Poor neighbors next door. Their entire roof is covered with a heavy tarp but with the last wind it's barely doing it's job. They are waiting for the time when a new roof can be put on, so I guess in the mean time it will be a lot of pots scattered around the inside of the house to catch the water.

    I'm off to run some errand and looking forward to a nap already!!!!
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dearest Porchies,

    Just a quick post before fixing diner and off to choral practice. This week will be SO busy. Plus we have a funeral tomorrow I will be helping to sing at. Than coming home and get ready to sing at one of the facilities with our small group. They are having a luncheon afterwards but it will probably be a major rush for me since I am singing in the afternoon with our small group. The wife of one of the K of C had been ill with cancer I believe and had been fighting with it for some time. DH will go tonight to the visitation and Rosary and I will be at practice and will go sing tomorrow with the Resurrection Choir. I belong but have not sang with them in some time. They have had so many lately.

    Thinking of everydobby but not sure this week when I can catch my breath and actually write a decent post. Just had time to scan the posts today. Wed. is our ladies luncheon and I am helping DD who is now head of assigning the Greeters each month.

    JULIE - Hope your dad is doing better. DH goes for his cystoscopy on Friday.

    Hugz and love to awl,
    Granni :)
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