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    Hi, Kids,

    Just figured out we had more posts and had wrapped around to page two. I put an addendum at the end of my last post about trying to figure out what happened to the lost credit card payment. Not to worry. The card company verified with my bank that the payment was made early so they will credit the acct. and remove the late fee and interest charge. I'll rest easier when they let me know what happened. I hate stuff like this.

    Rock, sounds as though you have about as much trouble as I when trying to do things. It's like I always say...everything I touch turns to crap. Now I remember why I so seldom paint my fingernails. They are already chipping because I didn't have time to do the clear top coat. Too much trouble but they do look stunning if I do say so myself. I'll be glad when the weather here gets cooler starting at the end of the week. I'm not ready for summer yet. Glad you found the sheets. Thanks for the Pi joke, one that includes physics, a special treat.

    Granni, I don't know how you keep up the pace. I'm so tired my eyes are watering just from showering and shopping for groceries. I did clean up the master bath and wash the tile floor by hand. I had to take SV's little mat in front of his box outside to shake out the litter that falls off his paws when he exits the box. Without it, things would be a mess. He's out snoozing on the lanai in a chair. I don't think he's feeling up to snuff. He threw up the other night and hasn't really been himself since. He normally doesn't throw up. I love saying the Rosary and need to get back to it (among other things). Hope you enjoy the luncheon.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, the drama continues at Casa McDuck. The new thermostat won't play nice with our old router...which has been exhibiting symptoms of being ready to fail anyway. (It's 6 years old; normal lifespan for a router is 2-3 years.) So DH is on his way to exchange it. As a result, I'm typing this on my phone.

    I have to leave for choir soon, so my DS will be left to set up the new router when it comes. Despite the fact that DH is a computer programmer like me, he either pretends he doesn't know how to do this stuff out refuses to learn because he knows I'll do it. DS, on the other hand, it's more like me.

    N-e-way, it's time to go, so hugs to all. I'll post more after choir, assuming the router is up and working.

    Update: new router working, thermostat now plays with it!
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Woke up with heavy allergies--sneezing, headache, stuffiness, etc. AACCKK!!! I ran into an old friend at the mailbox yesterday. He went up North to see family and came home with pneumonia. Good grief! Is anyone healthy anymore? Told him I'd add him to my prayer list along with receptionist at the mgmt. co. who is so sick with the crud. My list grows longer and longer.

    I just finished reading the paper and there was an article on Red Tide. It's back with a vengeance. The growth is such that it can be seen from space. Dead fish are washing ashore. No wonder I have allergy symptoms. I just haven't noticed the usual breathing difficulty. The county tries to keep it quiet but Snowbirds and tourists notice dead fish piled up on the beaches. Rock, perhaps it was Red Tide which caused the 'Wine dark waters.'

    Saw the crawler on TV which said Bill Cosby's daughter died at age 44. His son was murdered some years back. It's tragic to lose children. Evidently this daughter was in need of a kidney transplant and had medical problems. This family is tragic.

    Duckie, what a pain. Comcast has increased the internet speed and suggested we all get new routers. I bought one from the recommended list but had difficulty installing it. It requires calling Comcast and working with them to get it running. I'll try again. I don't rent my routers because they are $10 a month, about what I pay for one over a year. So, if they last two or three years, I'm ahead of the game. Also, a lot of Comcast's equipment is junk. My friends have problems with their leased routers. I hope you get the new one installed and it all works out.

    I just ordered some Soverign Silver. It's soooo good for almost everything. My old bottle is almost done for. I took some nasal spray and acetaminophen with my coffee. The combination will help me feel better. I have a lot to do around here, as usual. It's not because I'm so clean; it's because I never feel up to doing much in the way of housework. I love a really clean home but, while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

    Hope everydooby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning! DS got the new router working without too much difficulty - once he plugged the correct cord into the uplink port. I should have marked them when I unplugged them...

    And as if that's not enough fun, we also had water come up into DH's office from all the rain. There is some severe flooding along the Ohio and the Great Miami Rivers. It is the worst since 1997. Flood stage for the Ohio River in Cincinnati is 52'; it got to over 60' on Sunday. It was sunny yesterday and will be again today, but unfortunately, we have rain back in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. That will not help the situation as the ground is still very saturated.

    They say trouble comes in threes...well, that makes four. I hope that means we're done and don't have two more on the way.

    Mikie - Our router is provided directly by Cincinnati Bell. Given that I got 5 or 6 years out of a router with an expected life of 2-3 years, I'm satisfied with that for quality. And, being tech savvy, setup isn't usually a problem for me. Sorry you are still suffering from the environmentally influenced crud.

    Granni - all the singing you do - how do you keep the music straight in your head?!?! We are pausing rehearsals of the Mozart Great Mass in c minor to concentrate on the Vaughn Williams Sea Symphony for the next 2 weeks.

    Things are getting busy at work...gotta go. Hugs to Rock, Sun, Spring, Julie, Judy, etc. Have a great day!
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    Good Tuesday morning! It's 46 degrees, headed up to 62...yay! I just stopped in to say Hi and see how everyone is doing...will be back to visit on Thursday when Den goes back to work. I've checked on my dad by phone and he seems to be doing okay.

    These past several days (will be 12 total) have given me a taste of what it will be like when Den retires...I think I'm going to enjoy it. By then, I hope we are finished with some of these more physical and time-consuming projects and can relax a little. I "paused" the upstairs project in order to start working on the boxes, etc. I dragged downstairs...stopping whenever Den needs me to hold a board, run the level, etc. He'll have the loft fence done today, so I can start using that area...just have to finish a short section of one of the walls (after I paint the siding) then we can get the bookshelf made up there (outside wall on the upper level that we waited to do until we had the loft to walk around on instead of trying to haul sheets of siding up the scaffold...) anyway, it will be safe for kids whenever they are here (and me...I feel a lot more "secure" knowing I don't have to watch my step while walking around up there.

    Thinking of everyone...need to fix breakfast.
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Here I am again with my nitrile gloves. Maybe I should have them trimmed with nutria fur.
    If my sister were here she would say, "Oh, fur goodness sake." Sometimes she says, "Oh, for dumb!" Expressions from the days of our yute. Also, "For crying out loud." "I never heard
    of such goings on."

    I slept most of the night, and while I was sleeping the rain was falling. "Good for the crops" as
    the farmers used to say. Maybe they still do.

    Julie, we are having similar weather. It's 43 here. Going up to only 56, but will be back to 61
    tomorrow. That's great that the loft fence will soon be done. Good to hear that your Dad is doing OK.

    Mikie, I believe you're right. That's what Homer was talking about: the Red Tide. You have
    unraveled a mystery that has baffled scholars for centuries. I wonder if Proctor and Gamble
    would be interested in a new product. They could change their orange packaging to red.
    "Buy the new Red Tide! If you have dead fish in your laundry, this new miracle product will
    get rid of them." I suppose the new detergent will cost more, but that's what happens when
    you go upscale.

    Duckie, how do you coax long life outta a router? You must be a microchip maven. How far
    is DH's office from the river? The Los Angeles river used to flood, but not anymore. It has a
    paved river bed over 50 miles long. The race near the end of GREASE takes place there. One
    can see the high concrete banks.

    Granni, have any of your singing groups made any recordings? Our college chorus made a
    recording every year. And back in the 1950s the Lutheran Church Choir (biggest and
    best in town) made a record. Is there a special hymn usually used at funerals? I think the
    Mormons use "Come, Come Ye Saints" a lot. There were rehearsing it the night before a
    funeral the one time I visited the Tabernacle. According to legend the words were written during the trek to Utah in the 1840s. Written with a gold pen. (I find that last bit difficult to believe.)

    Am reading two books by Miss Read. Miss Read is the author. Also a character in the books
    which are about village life in England. No drama. Just pleasant enjoyment. I've read them
    all 3 or 4 times over the decades.

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    Mikie - your stunning nails! :p I found that sweet. Ain't no nail polish gonna make my fingers look good any time soon. They're chipped in places I've bit them and my hands need the mother of all manicures to smoothen them out. I've neglected to put cream.

    I hope SV is feeling a little better. I think I remember seeing a docu where they saw this black or red mass in the ocean from space and on investigating it was Red Tide. Ugh! Does it occur in places other than the Atlantic shore I wonder?

    I once read Bill Cosby was the highest earning entertainer and saw one of his sitcoms. I used to think what a wonderful and fortunate man he is! Then came the news of his son dying in an accident and then his scandals and now this...!!

    Granni - sad about the lady who passed with cancer. But how busy you are. Happy you can pop in if just for a wee bit. My mum went to a convent here when she had just come to India from Tibet. She could say the rosary. Probably the first English she learnt.

    Dmc - flooding where you are? I haven't watched the news for a bit. Shiver shiver. Rain here would bring the temps down to uncomfortable cold again. How neat to be able to do the router and stuff yourself. I would fall down dizzy if I had to do all that. That part of my brain which needs to work for stuff like that stopped growing when I was ten, I think. I loved the sound of Casa McDuck.

    Julie - encouraging to hear your DF is doing stable. I and DH wouldn't be able to work for five mins together. Building things or anything. Prolly end up shouting at each other and either walking off in a huff. It's what happened when I tried to learn driving from him. Many many moons ago.

    Rock - as usual a witty post which made me chuckle. Our dogs were outraged that the two stranger dogs were standing on the roof of our garage. A place they can't get to. The youngest was trying to climb up the wall in his anxiety to get to the intruders. Today from the terrace I saw a big big hole in the sand mountain piled up by the construction workers. Evidently the two dogs have been playing in it. What fun.

    I have a Miss Read 3 in 1 book. Thrush green village. It's very simple story telling yet so very engaging. I turn to it when I feel my head is spinning with wrestling with this problem and that, and I need to go into a safe quiet space and feel the world is good to you.

    Star - my goodness! I feel I just sat through the circus with you all. That part about the clowns was so funny!! I'm not afraid of clowns. They made us laugh when I was a small kid at the few circuses I've been to. I guess those memories stayed.

    Sun - I hope you stayed warm if it rained there. Those poor neighbors with their tarpaulin roof. What bad timing. Like us when we slept outdoors due to earthquake and had to rush in because it rained at night.

    Judy - I'm sorry to hear your hand was acting up. Happy you could pop in in spite of. That programme about the animal shelter sounded really entertaining. A hen riding on a pigs back! When I'm feeling low and am outside at the supermarket, I look at others and wonder how they're feeling. And wonder how anyone can feel happy in such a depressing world. I do know by now not to go by appearances. the chirpiest people could be feeling the deepest lows in reality.

    Barry - reading your posts feels like I'm in a nature study class. We used to have those back in school in younger years. I loved them. Then the classes gave way to boring things like chemistry, physics as we got older. I remember our class teacher, a pretty young miss, used to take us for nature walks. I saw my first jacarandah tree on one of those walks. An old tree outside a building known as Clothing, because our uniforms were stitched there. An old spreading tree and quite profuse with violet blooms, even the ground covered with fallen petals. Snakes were pretty often sighted. They sometimes slithered across a path while we were on our way to school. Of course, sending us girls squealing, and laughing at the same time. Fearful and excited all at once. We had to cross bamboo groves so plenty of place for them to hide.

    Yesterday was the wedding reception of the neighbors son. Had a tough time finding the place, but got there in time to not miss dinner. I was feeling happy for the mother. Her husband died few years ago and they lost a huge amount of land and a house in a court case, to her late husbands cousins but she has dealt with it well.

    My Chinese friends sister rang to inform me my friend and her husband had gone on a vacation to Malaysia, Laos, etc. to celebrate their anniversary. She tried to call me but I was too busy to attend the phone. I don't know why, I have never had a desire to visit those places. Some years back, when DD had finished higher secondary and we were planning a vacation, the others wanted to visit Malaysia and I wanted to show the kids my birthplace. So we went to India to my hometown. Very nice trip. Anyways, my DD went to Vietnam with her friends consequently and my son went to Thailand on a college trip. So they weren't deprived.

    Another friend rang and I invited her to have an impromptu lunch. Made mushroom curry, spinach in butter, red lentils soup, potato curry and DD had got me fried mushroom from a Chinese restaurant the evening before, I had leftovers of. And rice. I mixed some chopped grapes, apples and oranges into cream and we had that as dessert.

    I'm glad I broke the monotony of housework. Getting into a rut for past few days. Was good to see a friend and talk.

    God bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Despite feeling lousy and having a sore back, I've been slowly doing a bit of deep cleaning in the kitchen. It needed cleaning and I just couldn't do it without cleaning out some cupboards and drawers. Over the years, I've hung onto things I no longer use or need. I don't have much storage in the kitchen so it's stupid to keep things I don't use. We used to take drinks and snacks over to the pool but haven't done that in ages. I'm getting rid of some plastic dishes and glasses.

    Duckie, I'm glad you got the router up and running but am sorry about the flooding. I hope you can get the water out of there. Nancy, my friend in MI, escaped the flooding near her but her furnace pump, which handles condensation, stopped working and it flooded an area of her home. Her ex husband came and fixed it for her (good for him). With Comcast, we can rent routers from them or provide our own. I've never had a problem installing one before. I'm thinking now that it was my computer which wasn't working like it should when I connected it directly to the router to test it. I'll use a different computer. Four troubles is waaay too much. Hope you have no more and things go well from here on in.

    Julie, glad you are making progress. Did your kids escape the severe weather in TN? I hope so. Building a home is so much hard work but so rewarding. Your posts take me back to the time we rearranged some walls in our house and built a big family room and deck on the back of the house. We also added another bathroom. Glad your Dad is doing OK.

    Granni, it must be kinda sad to be there for so many funerals; however, you are doing such a loving thing for the families by providing beautiful music. Hope you have some time to stop in.

    Spring, good grief! Now I'm laughing about your dog trying to climb the wall when the other dogs were on the roof. OMG, I can just visualize it and it makes me laugh. I was surprised at how nice the dark polish looked because my hands are old, wrinkled and have age spots all over them. I've loved nail polish since I was about twelve. I think it's from the Revlon ads in my Mom's magazines. The first color I noticed was Cherries In The Snow. They still make that color. You and your family have certainly traveled to exotic places. I'll never get there but, at least, I can see them on TV.

    Rock, glad I could solve the mystery of what Homer was writing about. Yes, there could be a Red Tide so people could wash their whites in it and be in the pink. They could make a High Tide for large loads. They could make a Neap Tide but I'm not sure why. I don't know about coaxing longer life out of a router but the old one seems to be working just fine regardless of Comcast's ominous warning about needing a new one. Perhaps things will get more snappy when I install the new one.

    Barry, I'm one of those people who can't tell my asp from a hole in the ground. Sorry you're not up to par either. I get sick of it too. So, I've decided to start in and do what I can and no more. It's gonna get worse in here before it gets better. Oh well...not the worse problem in the world. Assault weapon isn't really a type of weapon but the term is used to refer to the types of guns soldiers carry. They are usually semi-automatic weapons with magazine clips. My 45 hand gun is a semi-automatic. The magazine clip holds eight rounds and there can also be a round in the chamber. Each time the trigger is pulled, it fires a round. My 38 is a revolver. What makes the semi-automatic rifles so dangerous is that it is legal to buy clips which hold up to 30 rounds. Most of the shooters use large clips or take a bunch of smaller clips and reload. I can eject the clip and reload in less than a minute.

    The military have semi-automatic rifles which can fire three rounds with each pull of the trigger. The shooter in Las Vegas had a bump stock which effectively makes a semi-automatic rifle almost into a fully automatic weapon. What would help is to outlaw the bump stocks, which I think Congress will do. Large-capacity clips were outlawed in Clinton's presidency but the law had an expiration date and Congress refused to renew the ban. Large clips should also be outlawed; there is no good reason for them. Raising the age to be able to buy a gun from 18 to 21 should be done. Finally, the loopholes in the background checks should be closed. The NRA is against all these. They have convinced people that the government wants to confiscate their guns and any laws are a slippery slope to confiscation. This is completely false. Even gun owners like me want sensible laws to try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, those with violent personalities and people with mental problems. The NRA does not represent gun owners; they represent gun manufacturers.

    I wish we would find out why life here makes people want to take opioids or become mass killers. Something has changed in the soul of our country. I see a lot of problems but it gives me hope to see so many good people trying to change things and heal us. I pray every day that we do that.

    OK, I need to get off this hot old computer. I hope everydooby has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie

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    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good evening, everyone!

    Well, as the saying goes, it's an ill wind that blows no good. My new refrigerator has lots of cool features, including functioning water and ice dispenser which I've missed, and the nice freezer on bottom, french door top - which I've wanted. The new thermostat has cool features, including WiFi - which I've wanted for a long time - and auto-switching from heat to cool during season change. Actually - weird story about that. When we bought the house, I put in a nice thermostat with that feature. When the heat pump went bad and we got the new one, they took my expensive, almost new thermostat away and put in a cheaper one. I think they said mine wouldn't work with their system, but still...to give me one that didn't have the same features??? Anyway, back to the silver linings, I got a new router out of it, and biggest of all...the (very minor) flood (only about 1/2 an inch of water) has caused my DH and DS to get their butts in gear and FINALLY really start moving. Within a couple of weeks, I should have the bunker annex. Everything I put in there will either be on wheels or dunnage, as we've had this happen twice before when there has been excess rain.

    The down side is that I haven't sewn a stitch in more than a week. I'm starting to get twitchy!!

    Our weather continues to be warmer than normal for this time of year. It happened this way last year, and stuff started sprouting, then we had like 2 or 3 weeks of freezing weather. I had some of the oddest garden decorations because I covered my rose bushes with waste baskets to keep them from freezing!! I fear the same thing happening again. I noticed the maple tree outside my window at work has buds on it ready to pop out, and the bush outside my bunker window has green sprouts on it already. And of course, the daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and narcissus are up.

    The one thing that didn't get hit by the freezing cold was my cherry tree, and I picked 6 quarts of pie cherries. And I still left a lot on the tree for the birds. I hope I can get a good crop again this year. The pies I made last year were SOOOO good.

    Rock - I've added Miss Read to my audiobook library. I'll give it a listen! I also laugh to myself every time I picture you in your nitrile gloves. They were just beginning to be a thing when I left the emergency medical service. Before that it was latex.

    Barry - it is sad that many kids don't know a lot about the natural world. But it isn't all the school's fault. The parents can inspire this kind of interest just as well. I've inspired it in my kids (as my parents did me), and my younger brother is passing it on to his kids.

    Mikie - I'm with you there on the tired. Been helping DH and DS with the move as much as I can, and trying not to over do it. I know from experience that I can get wrapped up in doing things and not realize until the next day that I should have stopped sooner.

    Spring - although we don't live close to the Ohio River or particularly close to the Great Miami River, we had a lot of rain (more than 3-4" in places) on already heavily saturated ground. The water just had nowhere to go. That's what happened the last 2 times we got water in that room.

    Julie - I feel for you. I'm deep in the 'step by step' process of getting this move done. It feels like it will never be done, and everything is a mess while it is going on. Glad your DF is doing reasonably well. Hope he continues to improve.

    I'm going to go back to trying NOT to be overwhelmed by the disaster that is my house as this move takes place!! I hope everyone is having a great evening! Hugs to all!
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  10. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Hope all is well with everydooby. Not much going on here. Joe called and said lots of people in the hood are complaining about our mgmr., the one who failed to tell me that our irrigation man thought the leak we had could be from the county water line. That caused me to have to pay the plumber to come out on Sat. and I don't even know yet how big our water bill will be from the leak's increasing that Sat. We have people in here breaking the rules right and left and our mgr. is doing nothing about it. I doubt she will last long. Big problem down here with mgmt. co's. Like landscapers and other services, they do a decent job in the beginning and then slack off. She has been our mgr. for years but sold her part of the co. Now, it just seems she doesn't care. I think she may be retiring soon and just phones it in now. Hope we can find someone good.

    I am paying off my dishwasher on monthly payments with no interest at Lowe's. It will be paid off in Aug., just in time for me to begin thinking about getting the matching microwave and range during the Black Friday sales in the fall. How nice it will be to have all matching stainless appliances in the kitchen. Lowe's continued the sale prices. There is big competition here among the appliance stores. I hope there is no problem with the payment like there was with my credit card. I'm going to go into account mgmt. and delete the old payee and redo it. It's also time to change my password.

    Duckie, I'm so glad you like your new fridge. I've had a dispenser in the door of my fridge since the 80's. I love having filtered ice cubes and water coming directly out of the dispenser. It tastes so good. I also love the new dishwasher. It has gotten my old stainless flatware all shiny and looking new. It had gotten dull. I doubt your place looks any worse than mine. When I go into a whirlwind deep cleaning mode, or even a lame cleaning mode, everything is in a mess until it's all put back together. When I got my new A/C and air handler, I had to get a new thermostat too. This one is nice and programmable but not Wi-Fi enabled. It looks nice on the wall but the ugly old humidistat is next to it. Oh well, it's not that obvious. Least of my problems. I hope your problems have come to a stop. Enough is enough already! We had the warmest day yesterday since records have been kept. Fortunately, cooler weather is on the way for this weekend. I plan to do a bit more outside. It's too hot right now. When I lived in CO, we would have warm weather and then a freeze, ruining everything. It even snowed in June one year. I envy your having a cherry tree. It's my favorite fruit for pies and cobblers.

    Gonna go read the real paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Today was windy and wild with scattered rain.
    Complete opposite of yesterday.We had the air con on yest and today came very close to lighting the fire.
    Its the last day of Summer here.

    Sun, thanks for the heads up about the Bronchi whats it.
    Was really worried when I first started reading about it, but feel a little more at ease knowing it can be managed.

    Mikie, sorry to hear mgmt isnt doing her job and as a result causing all manner of havoc for the building.
    Hope your back is improving.

    Duck, Im sorry you are suffering from quilting withdrawals.

    Rock, you always make me laugh. Maybe you should be collecting royalties for putting everyone onto Miss Read.

    Barry, unfortunately education isnt what it once was.I believe the phrase is 'dumbing down'.
    My lot say that most of the lessons are spent with teachers trying to control a handful of rat bags.
    They are over it, but these trouble makers dont get removed or penalised and apparently a great deal of cheating/ copying goes on.

    Spring, so many celebrations! How do you do it?

    Granni, sing sing sing. Hope you guys arent stressed out and Dh health report is good.

    Julie, glad you liked the sneak peek of what retirement might look like.

    Jb, hows things? Was nice to read the long post.

    Next wk is our 17th wedding anniversary.
    I know its not a big deal for all you guys,

    A big hello to all.
    Tab has crashed a few times, so Id best post before I lose it all for good.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow..BaHumBug!! We got 12 inches of snow on Monday and we are suppose to get a lot more than that starting this coming Thursday, (tomorrow), and will continue snowing into the weekend. Like me, everyone will be going out to stock up on groceries today, so I'm preparing for the long lines at the store.

    Shoulder and arm are much better..thank goodness..

    Sorry this is so short but will return later..take care everyone..
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again, clippity clip. The clippity clip is from clipping a $10 coupon. Target had a deal on household cleaning supplies. The Cascade Platinum dishwashing pods are expensive. Even when on sale, it usually costs about 34 cents to do a load. With buying the large tub of pods and using the coupon, I'm only spending just a little more than 18 cents a load. It looks like a huge supply but it goes fast. I run the new DW more often than I used to with the old DW. I also got a Pyrex dish that fits into the Instant Pot. I needed another one. It's glass with a silicone lid with the center of the lid is made of glass. It can even go into the over with the lid on. So, I'm a happy camper. Y'all know how I loves me my sales, coupons and good deals.

    I stopped downstairs and gave my neighbor the flash drive. He has an Apple computer but said sometimes, it's possible to download things from Windows. Got my fingers crossed. It also occurred to me that Larry across the street is pretty computer savvy and he might be able to help if the guy downstairs isn't successful. I looked at laptops in Wal*Mart and found a Lenovo for a little more than $300. I'm tempted.

    Star, we are in the middle of our nice weather. I'll be glad to see the temps in the lower 80's instead of the high 80's toward the end of the week. I like it when the A/C isn't running all the time. Unfortunately, you are right about education. I wouldn't want to be a teacher for anything. I'm laughing about the term, rat bag. That aptly describes some of the kids. In Atlanta, they bussed kids in from the bad hoods. They were so disruptive. DGS has AD and that only made it more difficult for him. And yes, they do teach to the lowest common denominator, dumbing down. In a bad hood in NYC, one charter school is taking these kids and giving them a good education and hope for the future. It can be done but things have to change. My back is better. I've been wearing my back brace and that helps. Thanks for your kind good wishes. Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer.

    Judy, I'm glad your arm and shoulder are better. I see up in Boston, where my neighbor, Barb, lives, they are in for a fierce Nor'easter. Hope you survive the store. It's like that here before a hurricane. I keep canned food on hand and water too. Publix has huge generators in their stores but I still like to be prepared; I was a Girl Scout. As it is, our roadways are gridlocked with Snowbirds. Stop back in when you can.

    Barry, good news. Dick's Sporting Goods stores are no longer selling 'assault type' weapons. They will probably just sell shotguns and hunting rifles. Of course, criminals will continue to get their hands on the most dangerous guns but this is a very brave step for the store to take and symbolic that the NRA may be losing it's grip on our country. I'm not against people being able too buy semi-automatic rifles but I'm against selling them to 18 year olds. I'm also against the bump stocks and large-capacity clips.

    So much for cleaning, I had to stop and am icing my back. Walking through Wally World and Target did me in. My kitchen is a mess but I'm slowly making progress. Goodwill is going to score big when I get rid of this stuff. I think I'll have to quit for the day. Good thing I recorded some of last night's shows.

    I hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I just skimmed your posts and hope I got some of the info correct, at least. Went to our ladies luncheon and even won a pretty sweet smelling candle. It smells so nice and not an overly sweet smell. I really need to go and fold soe wash that I put in yesterday and then switch a load. Went to a birthday celebration for DH and some friends who have birthdays that same month and exchanged funny cards. We all had pasta which was quite tasty. It was a fine evening. Yesterday morning we went to church and I sang with the choir. Very sad for a much younger person than I.

    Sounds like you all have been pretty busy too. I am full from lunch but have to go soon to start fixing dinner. Maybe I can catch up some tomorrow on some of my housework. Friday we leave bright and early again for DH;s cystoscopy. Hope all goes well . They will do local anesthesia for him in the office which is good. He is supposed to work on the fish fry that afternoon if he is feeling OK.

    So much is happening or waiting to happen like in March. Nothing new on the suit and we should know something by March 19th. I'm sure it will be all at the last minute. I'll probably be in court before I find out anything or at the courthouse. They just want as much $ as possible. It is a shame that he is as sick as he is, which had nothing to do with the accident as I understand it.. Soon should also find out DH's problem with the bleeding. When it rains it pours.

    MIKIE - Hope your back feels better soon after icing it.

    JULIE - Glad you are getting things done you need for the new part of your home.

    Thinking of ROCK, STAR, DUCKIE, SW, BARRY, JUDY, et al. Gotta run for now.

    Hugs to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Been doing some reading on listeria, as theres a recall on rock melons (cantaloupe).
    Apparently they trace it back to a farm in NSW, which is not the state I live in, but these days you never know where products come from.imported and what not.
    Anyway 2 hv died and 10 are sick.
    I was readinv on the net that something similar happened in the US and soooo many farms laid to waste their good melons, due to the scare. Gosh something like that can ruin a business, even if at no fault of their own.

    Dh is home early.
    Best be off.

    Take care all.
    Catch yas later
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member