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    Morning All.

    Duckie, hope your inclement weather is short lived.
    Drizzle and rain are clearly a pain. Rain and Drizzle can make your plans fizzle.

    Hope the second concert went well. Homemade soup warms the tummy and the heart. I finished off the last of Gordon's current batch a few hours ago.

    Mikie, thanks for the Dolly P. joke which I had not heard before. I should try harder to
    keep up and rise to the occasion. Reminds me, I should watch Steel Magnolias again.
    That movie had a perfect cast. Also very nice music by a French composer. Georges Delerue. Especially the music during the final scene.

    Going back to bed. Hugs
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    Its raining and windy here.
    Yesterday it was really hot and windy and an expected total fire ban.
    Unfortunately there are a couple of blazes that started as a result about 200 ks away.
    Im confident the rain will assist in putting them out.

    Rock, nice read up on the benefits of sitting on the Porch. I do enjoy a good soup too.

    Sun, I sure hope the pain has gone and you feel much better now.it does seem like you do hurt yourself with all the pulling, pushing, manoeuvring and so on, that is accompanied with your landscaping.please take care.
    How wonderful for you to hv so much going on with the feathered friends in your garden! What a pleasure it must be.

    Duck, my condolences for all appliances.may they rip.
    Nephew once fell on an open dishwasher and got forked.Im told it was a terrible ordeal.
    Always made an effort to stack ours safely after hearing about that.
    Hope you get the rest you need.

    Mikie, glad to hear you are sleeping well.
    My sleeping has always been a massive problem.can never seem to fully sleep.always feel aware of my surroundings and such, like keeping one eye/ear? Open.
    unless i get a head start with sleeping tablets. Its a nightmare of a subject.
    Mostly I run on empty, drinking diet coke and coffee, neither of which Im proud to admit to, but I havent found another way to keep up, even as a shadow.not a great example for our Treasures.

    School parent -teacher interviews are coming up again and I am dreading it.
    The mental and physical drain this causes....anyway, this is where DD kinda gets a pay off.
    She works hard, so I need to make an effort and try to fill her 'love tank' up with praise...this takes skill too.
    As she had a bit of a melt down the other day. Broke my heart to see her so.

    This past weekend everyone pitched in with putting the tin sheeting up on the shed walls, dispite the wind
    and Dh and Dd built a little laser light/ perspex shelter over the bbq. Its great.
    I had hoped this work meant we'd be able to get away for a few days over the school holidays, which are coming up again, but alas, it seems Dh thinks we can get even more done, with his time off.
    I am very disappointed.
    It wont be long before they , Treasures, are all working and trying to schedule time together, a distant memory.
    He thinks I am a drama queen.Im sure.
    But Id sure like to get away for a bit. This time without Mil and her partner.
    Sorry bout the whinging.I should be very grateful and thankful for what we hv, compared to soooo many others in the world.

    Guinea pigs are growing up nicely and it puts a smile on the dial whenever I look out the kitchen window and see them munching on all the silverbeet we feed them.better them than us! Pretty sick of it now a days!

    A big hello to all Porchie friends- Spring, Julie, Barry, Granni, Judy and everyone else who stops by.
    Sweet dreams from down under.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Hi guys! Yep, we've been to Tennessee and back...went down Wednesday and came back yesterday (Saturday.) David was gone when we left...had a 50K and 50 mile somewhere in the Smokey mountains...but we got to see him the first couple of days.

    Seems as though the house fared well while we were gone...no heat on, except the boiler, set at 65. Didn't want to use all our propane with the boiler trying to keep up, but didn't want the water pipes to freeze, either. Next year we hope to have a gas furnace that will handle everything.

    I didn't post too much just in case sis happens to have found this website...we don't want to invite trouble. We've also had a string of break-ins around the county recently, so Den took many precautions for while we were gone.

    Anyway, we had a great time and were able to stock up the kids' groceries, etc...with "care packages" of staples, snacks, meat, etc. And bought lots and lots of fresh fruit when we got there...had a blast with all four kiddos helping me make fruit salad for supper one night, lol!

    Thursday, Lindsey and I and David's mom (Grandma Gail), Lorraine and Liora had a "girls' day"...went to lunch at Cracker Barrel, then shopping at Hobby Lobby...while David and Grandpa stayed home with the boys. Then Friday, Grandma Gail and I took the kids to a park (and had a picnic) while Lindsey and her daddy went to Home Depot, Harbor Freight and other exciting places to get supplies they needed for some of her daddy "Honey-do" projects. (David worked Thursday night, then headed out for his race...well, rest time beforehand.)

    It was exhausting both days, and Grandpa and I both had to rest when we got a chance...but at least we made it down and the kids were so excited. I'll go back with Amy on the 29th...we'll come back home the day after Easter.

    My dad is doing okay...will see him and pick up Oreo from the vet tomorrow. Tried to skim the posts, and will be back when I can. Take care, everyone!
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    Hi Kids

    It's LA Marathon time again. The streets will be clogged all day. It is impossible to get anywhere if you can't walk there. Some decades back one of my friends was on his way home from work. The cops prohibited all vehicles from crossing the route of the marathon. He had to wait a couple hours till the race was over.

    I think some of those marathoners are crazy or actually robots. Saw a cluster of running women wearing a top like a bra and shorts on TV this morning. It's 46 degrees out there! I'm inside and I'm wearing a jacket and gloves and a stocking cap (the Mr. Gordoni brand) plus the usual garments.

    I learned something new today. There is an owner of the LA Marthon. A guy who once owned
    the L A Dodgers. I thought the marathon was like the beach or the interstate. Not ownable.

    Julie, glad to hear you had a great time on your trip. Fruit salad always sounds good. Bet it's
    extra delicious with all the little helpers assembling it. David must be some runner if he can
    go up and down mountains. I have trouble going up and down our 19 steps.

    OK, Kids, hope wherever you are the weather is not too fierce, and you can travel at
    your own pace.

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    Rock - loved the article on benefits of a porch. Very interestng. I never thought to enumerate all the good things but, yes, evidently there are very many uses of a porch.
    Top of my list would be to take in fresh air,2) have a cuppa tea and read, 3) look at my flowers, 4) cut my vegetables, shell peas, less tedious than being inside.
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  7. Mikie

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    Good Sunday Afternoon, Kids,

    I'm running late today. I got up late, read the paper and watched the Sunday News shows. Joe called and wanted to come over and visit on the Balcony. Our Balcony serves the same purpose as the Porch here. It is prime locations for people watching too. Unfortunately, I no longer know most of the folks walking by. I've done no work today and probably won't. I did get a pot roast started in the Instant Pot. I tried browning it first on the Saute function and it browned beautifully. DD said hers does too. Cooks Illustrated didn't think the Saute function worked well but said it was satisfactory on High. Good grief. On High, it's like a hot frying pan. I continue to be amazed by my DW, my Chromebook and the pot. In a world where a lot of things don't work, I am thrilled with things which do.

    It's back up into the 80's in the afternoons again but will cool down later in the week. We have a good chance of rain on Tues. and we really need it. I need to go out and harvest some herbs and make Pesto Sauce. It keeps well in the fridge. The herbs are taking over.

    Rock, thanks for getting us started again. I'll read about the Porch in a bit. One gets really warmed up running so I'm not surprised the runners were wearing scanty outfits. I loved Steel Magnolias. Any movie that makes me laugh and cry is a good movie. I watched a really strange movie called, Miss Meadows, on Prime. It was just a distraction from my aches and pains and the eventual exhaustion from cleaning. Nothing on TV with the college basketball. It's only one one or two channels but the others all show reruns. I've been reading more of the book but nonfiction can't keep my attention for very long. The authors are on all the shows promoting the book and I'm always at about the point they are discussing. I've been bookmarking the more important parts which I think will come out in the investigation. Electronic bookmarking is wonderful. BTW, if you jump in bed when it starts to drizzle, it can make your sex life sizzle.

    Star, I'm sorry you don't sleep well. I also have to push some caffeine to keep going (or get going). I believe the yodeling is helping but I also realized that I've been having a gin 'n tonic before bed to relax. Tonic water contains quinine and that is supposed to help with FMS. Probably six of one and half a dozen of the other. In any case, I'm glad to be able to do some things around here. My grown Treasures may come down in a week or so with DGS for Spring Break. I don't worry about having the place spotless but don't want it to be a sty either. I hope you can get away. Family time is so important and the kids are grown and gone in the blink of an eye. The older my kids get, the more I miss them. Or, perhaps it's the older I get. The whole theme of aging is missing things.

    Julie, so glad you and Den got to go. I'm sure it was thrilling for the kids too. I used to hike ten miles in a day in CO but it was up and down very steep trails. When I went to the gym, I'd put the treadmill at a steep angle and run to help me be able to do it. Heck now, I'd probably be doing well to walk level. I'll bet Oreo missed you. Does she get to play with the other doggies? My little grand dog used to hang out with a goat when the kids kenneled him at a farm. He learned to butt things with his head. He and the goat terrorized the rest of the animals so he was banned. BTW, he was a tiny terrier (or tiny terror).

    Spring, come back when you can sty.

    Barry, where are you? The Porch isn't the same without you.

    Sun, go slow with the work. I love reorganizing and doing more than just cleaning but I can get carried away and overdo it. I have big piles of things to be donated.

    Duckie, I hope the second performance went well. I still don't know how you do it all but am mighty impressed and it's fun to live vicariously through your activities. Just saw on TV that doing handiwork helps keep the brain from getting dementia. It doesn't even have to be a big deal. Anything that engages our brains and hands seems to help. Maybe I can sit here and think about my hands. :rolleyes:

    OK, I'm off to read a PM and by then, the pot roast should be done and ready for the veggies. Hope all y'all are having a dandy weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  8. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Last performance in 5 minutes! Yesterday's went fantastic. I hope today is as good!
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  9. rockgor

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    Hi Folks

    Was visiting Youtube. Listened to some singers with beautiful voices: Bing Crosby, Pat
    Boone, and Jane Powell.

    Gordon is downstairs cooking. He's doing something with a Napa cabbage. With his other
    hand he's making more soup. I checked the route of the marathon that goes by us (one
    block away). This morning there were only a few joggers, but there were street barriers/saw
    horses in place. Didn't see any cops. A fellow was walking toward me carrying a camera on a
    long tripod. Some folks will be staggering to the finish line after it's dark. Maybe there will
    be a remake of "Dark Victory".

    Duckie, hope today's concert was also fantastic. The would be two in a row; like the Broadway
    show. The Fantastics. From whence commeth the song "Try To Remember." I saw it at the
    Pasadena Playhouse about 40 years ago. The female lead was played by a co-workers wife.
    The Fantastics is the longest running Broadway show. Something like 40 years.

    Barry, In response to your question, I am reading an autobiography of Jane Powell. Also
    a Little Lulu comic book. (Gordon calls her "Little Goo Goo".) Just gave up on a mystery by
    a new author. Gordon is still going through the Alys Clare books plus any cookbook that
    catches his eye.

    When I was a kid we used to have woodpeckers visit the backyard now and then. They always
    sat on the clothesline poles. In addition to the standard woodpecker we sometimes got a flicker
    or a Downy woodpecker. The male Downy has a red patch on the back of his head which makes
    him easy to identify. The flicker has a red patch on the throat, and is the state bird of Alabama.
    Go Crimson Tide!

    Mikie, I guess you won't need to worry about contracting malaria if you keep taking those gin
    and tonics. Of course that's only if one of the ingredients is quinine. Thanks for the
    spicy verse. Short but potent. " The whole theme of
    aging is missing things." A very nice summary. Glad to know you have three appliances that give satisfaction. So much doesn't these days.

    Spring, yes, in the olden days, when I was young, it was common for women to sit on the
    porch and share some chore. Like shelling peas, or snapping beans, or cleaning jars for
    canning. Families were bigger. There was usually someone to help the wife. A maiden aunt,
    a grandma, a neighbor.


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  10. springwater

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    Hello again.

    I had to attend some chore which popped up, then I fell asleep.

    Rock - thank you for opening up. I loved the greenery outside the Porch depicted in the link. Vast stretch of green. We don't have marathons where they close roads. I don't think. But I know they organize those. Mostly for a cause. And initiated by business houses like banks. My BIL used to take part and my DH, once were in one together. Of course DH could drop out at any point. BIL more my DDs age than DH could complete it. He was working in a bank those days. It was one of the sponsors.

    Mikie - you are making me more inclined to get an instapot. They're not here right now. But I'm sure they will. The Chinese will make sure of it. And then the Indians.

    Love the idea of yodeling. I think you must be good in singing? I've always loved singing but bashful that neighbours can hear. My music teacher in fourth grade thought I had a nice voice , used to give me an A. But that was decades ago. I do a jig or two when I'm in the mood. I love dance too. All forms. Sometimes I feel like crying if I hear particularly beautiful music. My mum used to love singing. She was not bashful to sing in front of guests. I found my paintbrushes I bought and the blank sheet drawing book but the paints have disappeared. Will turn up.

    Julie - nice time you had. Cracker Barrell is a jaunty name for a restaurant. Sounds like one where you can laugh your head off and no one will shush you. My kinda eating place. Glad to hear your DF is doing well.

    Star - you came in while I was editing. I gave you a virtual hug when our virtual paths crossed. Being so close.:D My DD sometimes comes up after an exercise session wearing her little spandex tank top. I ask her to put something on. I guess it's our age. All the neighbours can see in. Why give them something to talk about.

    Clash of ideas is why I restrain myself a lot when buying anything for the house. DH likes flashy, bright colors, I like pastel. I try to meet us both halfway. Im very happy with the stuff I have which I chose. There are some pretty knick knacks we got as presents. I kept them. We lost a lot of crystal during the big earthquake but none I really rue. Like Mikie, I think less is more is the way to go. The practical way.

    Yes. Can be tricky around growing kids. Once my DS plucked my fingers offa his arm I had put out to guide him across a street. I had forgotten he was an 8th grader and taller than me. Not my naughty little munchkin. Said "mum, I'm no longer a little kid". But I was still a mum. Heh heh. I hope your DDs issues with intake of food improve and go away. I think life is hard for today's kids. Compared to our simpler times.

    Sun - I hope you're feeling better. I couldnt see any picture in the link you gave.

    DMC- good luck with the performances and fabric project.!

    Barry - nice to see you. I'm amazed at how the authors can write about the mediavel times like they were there. Are they channeling some spirit who lived in those times or are they recalling past lives subconsciously? I have no patience for research. Hats off to these authors. St. Patrick's interests me. All those nature sprites in green. I hope your energy returns soon.

    Day before yesterday I was busy because I had to go to a family thing. B day lunch of DHs cousin sisters nephew.
    He is 12 I think. Left the present giving to DD. She got him a mug printed with Ferrari logo. He loves cars.

    I made cauliflower fritters. Spicy Indian kind. To take. There were only us cousins. And of course DHs aunt. Uncle came in for lunch and then left the revelling to us ladies. My DS had to work so couldn't make it. The nephews aunt had made tray of continental snacks. Served after lunch around tea time. She poured wine for all and orange juice for me and daughter and then put on some tinkling music telling us to pretend we were in a French restaurant.

    One of cousins wanted to take a video and told us not to look into the camera but go on nibbling on the cheese n stuff. The nephews mum ruined all the shots by breaking down into helpless giggles every time the camera turned in her direction setting us all off. Oh dear!

    We laughed so much the four hours I was there. I had to come back sooner. They were having dinner too. DHs cousin, b day boys mum showed me how to download interesting apps. There's one which is called Picture This. It is an app for plant lovers. You send a photo of a flower and it identifies the species for you. So cool. We tried it on the chrysanthemum and and orange vine which was in the vase there. She showed me an app she uses to calm down breathing. Said it really helped when she had a fight with her brother in laws wife.
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  11. Starlight74

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    You go Duck!!

    Julie glad you had a blast and get on with GMa Gail.makes things easier Im sure.
    I can imagine you passing out on the floor surrounded by little Treasures.I reckon that'd make for a good kodac moment (photo moment).

    Barry, my fil juices 2 leaves of silver beet/ chard every day.I imagine he must add to it though.
    Weather here is all over the place.one day its hot and sticky and the next its cd and blustery.
    Usually i start the day wearing warm clothing and find I hv to change to cooler clothing at around noon.
    Yes.running on empty with no nrg is awful. I hate it. As Im sure we all do :-(

    Mikie, sorry to hear the aches and pains and exhaustion is still at a high.is the virus settling down at all?
    Mil and her sister are in the process of sorting out their mum's house , as it is time for her to move to a home.
    Im glad to hear she actually likes it there.the community of it.she was starting to get really isolated at her house.
    Anyway, her 2 girls hv very dif ideas about styling and selling the hse.dramas and a lot of blow ups, I hear.
    Id say a lot of it is stuff they've both harboured for many yrs.
    Before I get too old, I would ideally like to sort it out for my Treasures and pass on valuables and memories.
    Sometimes I worry about the level of my forgetfulness.
    I would love a pet goat.

    Sun, looks like we will go another winter without a bath.i dudnt realise how beneficial just soaking in a hot tub is.a sauna on the other hand, i find stifling and suffocating. But what ever works hey? Hope you are feeling better.

    Granni, must be nice going to Dd's for tea sometimes. At least you hv one near by.
    When does Dh go to hosp? Sorry i forget.

    Judy, hows the anemia with dd going?
    I worry about my dd.she has become Very focused on what food goes in her body.I am praying that she sees the truth and finds joy again.its scarey when you think about how so many hv eating disorders.

    Spring, yes I agree.the fresh air on a porch.
    mind you, when we went to the city for my op on my legs, it wasnt very fresh.

    Rock, you are very fortunate to hv brand named clothes.I hear Gordoni is a jack of all trades :)
    As for the bra-like tops the women wear for sports, I was so over heated when having to paint a while back, during the summer, that I wore one of those.that is until my eldest son said he didnt like seeing his Mum walk around in her bra...Mortified! Aside from that comment totally grossing me out, I realised our Treasures were getting older and even though people out there are wearing less and less, Mum is under a completely different set of rules...and our Treasures swim in shorts and uv top.

    I must go.
    I had the bright idea of pulling out all the linen and putting them in piles all over the kitchen table and lounge room chairs- well, everywhere, actually....ugh! And now I dont hv the energy to finish the job!
    Why do i do this all the time?

    Best be off.love to all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Slept well again last night. I didn't have a drink but am planning to make a trip to Publix where I'll get more tonic water. Publix has their own house brand of tonic, water and soda. Quinine is now only available with an Rx to treat malaria but some drink tonic water with quinine for muscle cramps and pain. I don't know if that's what has been helping me feel better or whether the gin 'n tonic is helping me sleep better. I know it relaxes me and helps to stop the clenching of my jaws.

    Some people are very sensitive to even tiny amounts of quinine and have severe allergic reactions like skin rash and tinnitus. I have so little tonic water in one drink that I don't think it's harmful. While looking this up, I discovered that people put bars of soap under the bottom sheets of their beds to help with muscle cramps and pain. Researchers believe the oils in the scents in soap may be the helping agent. Some have described holding bars of soap to stop arthritis pain in their hands. I'm going to try that. Any scented soap seems to work. Who knew?

    My pot roast that I cooked in the Instant Pot was delicious. I decided to freeze half of the raw roast to use later so I don't have so much left over. As it is, the half of the roast will provide three meals for me. That means that each meal costs about $2 for meat and veggies. Not bad! The meat is so tender that I may pull it, put BBQ sauce on it and have a nice BBQ sandwich. I could throw some V8 juice in with everything and make stew. I like Bloody Mary drinks and think I'll grab some vodka at Publix when I'm there. One drink a day seems to work well for me to help me relax and sleep better. I could take Klonopin or Skelaxin but I think a drink is better. I didn't have a drink last night but still slept better so don't need one every day.

    Barry, I'm so glad you dropped in on the Porch. We have cute little woodpeckers here. We had one once that tried to peck at the metal light pole. It went on and on. I think all that hammering of his head on the metal might have rendered him brain damaged. I love the little mockingbirds with their varied songs. Sometimes, it's almost like yodeling. I'm hopeless at identifying most birds, especially our wading birds. There are so many here. I wouldn't know a tit if I saw one. Your Andouille sausage soup sounds soooo good. When I put the meat in the freezer, I found a bag of cooked broccoli. I'll get it out and make some soup. I got a clear glass lid for the Instant Pot so it can be used as a slow cooker. I can use the saute function to cook the celery and onions before using the slow cooker to finish the soup. All in one pot! Hope you, and all of us, get and keep some energy so you can enjoy life in your little slice of paradise there.

    Rock, I didn't know horses ran in marathons. Or, perhaps they were just horsing around. My DSIL is like Gordoni; he loves his cookbooks. I have given him some of mine and ones I got from my Mom. I loved looking through them when I was little if they had beautiful pictures of food. I wasn't trying to be profound but I realized that we stop being able to do things as we age. It often happens slowly so that, all of a sudden, we realize we don't do them or can't do them anymore. We miss people too. They die or move away and we may not make new friends. As family members die, the are just gone. Each generation has a sole survivor. Mom was the one of her generation. I have no desire to live to be that old. As I've often said here, I will go gentle into that good night.

    Spring, it's nice to have such an extended family. I would not be up to going to all those functions but family is great. No, I'm a lousy singer. I sang in the choir in school be that was years ago. One has to keep in practice. Yodeling, on the other hand only requires that you can "break" or "crack" your voice. I do sing a bit of my little yodeling song but not enough to show what a bad singer I am. I took dance lessons growing up and loved it until I discovered roller skating at the local rink. We competed in events similar to the ice skating competition that is so popular on TV. I used to do a little dance around the condo as I was cleaning but realize that these last two years have left me without the energy to do anything extra. SV likes it when I do a little jig. I got my Instant Pot from Amazon. Do they ship there?

    Star, glad you MIL's Mom likes the new living quarters. My Dear Old Friend really likes his new assisted-living situation. They have a movie theater, a cafeteria with good food and all kinds of activities. He has a living area with a small fridge to keep snacks and a bedroom that is separate. I think it's like being on a cruise ship--no reason to spend all the time in one's suite. Sounds as though there is plenty to do with lots of other people. I am trying to get my girls to take some of my things and I've given some to my DGS. I have two sets of beautiful colored glasses and each girl will get one. In the meantime, I'm donating as much as I can, stuff they wouldn't want. The older I get, the less stuff I want. I like things like the Instant Pot which eliminates the need for several other pans which I'll donate. Thanks for your kind words. I am actually feeling better and have been cleaning around the condo. It feels so good to be able to do it. Are you cleaning out your linen closet? I'm clearing out some old linens too.

    I'm anxious to get into the tub and make my run to Publix. Hope I have enough energy to finish some of the cleaning around here. I really need to dig into some of the paperwork which has piled up. I hope everydooby has a wonderful start to a new week.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    Yesterday's concert was just as good (maybe better) than Saturday. A few more performances, and we'd be perfect! :p Sadly, it's over. As much as I said I'd be happy to be done with this piece, I'm now a little sad it's over. It was a great experience, and the folks from the Dayton Philharmonic (chorus and orchestra alike) were all so friendly, gracious and accommodating.

    On a different note - I'm 20 today!!!! Well, sort of. 20 years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. As you can tell, I'm still here to talk about it. My DS, at 19 years and 9 months old gets to claim to be a 20-year survivor as well. Not many folks can claim to have survived cancer from before they were born.

    The new heat pump goes in tomorrow morning. Then in the afternoon, the electrician comes. I hope we'll have all working appliances by tomorrow night.

    Mikie - we made the turkey soup in the Instant Pot. Was very good.

    Star - hmmm...fabric project. About that. I told myself I was supposed to reduce the number of outstanding projects I had. Instead, I took home another kid's komfort kit, took on a commission for my nephew's quilt and signed up for 2 block-of-the-month classes. And I haven't finished anything. Of course, in my defense, I've been just a wee bit busy the last several weeks.

    Sun - hope you're feeling better after straining yourself.

    Barry - We have downy, hairy, piliated, red-headed, red-bellied woodpeckers, and yellow-bellied sapsuckers.

    Would love to stay and chat more, but work is calling. It seems I am popular today. Hugz to all!
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to post but just popped in before DH got home. He is now home, just got here.

    MIKIE- Just saw your post. Do you have a special recipe for your pot roast or did you make up your own. I have some meat I would like to use up soon. Did you cook the veggies in with the meat. That is wh seemed to cause of of my problems the first time. Glad it came out well for you.

    DUCKIE - What a wonderful anniversary for you and your DD. MY DD #2 is also a Ca survivero. i think close to 4 yrs I think. It was breast Ca. Glad also your program went well too. We have our choral practice tonight with so much to do. The program isss the 6th of April, so not to much time left..

    Gotta run.

    Love, Granni
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring:. Mmmmm....cauliflower fritters sound wonderful! I keep thinking I'm going to get some takeout from that Nepalese cafe when I go to that town, but it's expensive and I wouldn't know what I should order. Sounds like you girls had a super fun time at the "french cafe" eating and drinking wine. How lucky you are to have such a fun family.

    Star: I admit when I was thinner I had worn some of those exercise bras when it was really hot. Well, maybe I did cheat a little by throwing on a coverup shirt when around public. But for the younger, thinner crowd they are popular around town and definitely at the beach. Maybe if I looked like Jane Fonda I would wear them to but I'm sporting a large tire now....I'm trying to cut the carbs and do some sit-ups. How old now is your DD? My DGD just turned 10, and I'm enjoying her again.....in the past I didn't like her behavior and attitude but she seems to be out of it now. Of course, I and her parents know what's just around the corner. My DGS is turning 15 in a few weeks and has his moments. Like doesn't want to go to church or participate in youth group pizza activities. My SIL is a smallish man.....think chubby Banty rooster......successful in business and opinionated so they clash.

    Duck: A big congratulations to both you and your son. You did good! It's so easy to overextend with things you love doing, and I can understand about the quilts. I'm trying to unload things I collected over the years but.....I can't resist buying something at a thrift store when I see a bargain. They occasionally show up, but all thrift stores have gotten wise (they also use the internet). And I've noticed that Goodwill have raised their prices.

    Mikie: I'm happy to read the gin and tonic is helping you sleep better. I drink wine for dinner and sometimes it relaxes me. I also take that different type of magnesium, Magtein, and it does help along with the 300 gabapentin. I don't take it regularly though since I think the body can get used to it as with anything, then it doesn't work the same. I just ordered a new Magtein from a different company, which had a higher percentage, so I'll see how it works for me.

    By the way, I learned that Laurel (Acesnanna) died on Friday in her sleep. Apparently she hadn't posted on FB in a few weeks, so no one knows what she died from or if she had been sick with something. She was diabetic and had developed some heart problems. I thought you might be interested to know since she was a moderator on this board for a long time years ago.

    Rock: Glad to read the marathon is over. Years ago my DH and I were going to something down in that area, forgot about the marathon and found ourselves in the midst of it. What a nightmare, so we just parked the car and visited a closeby Greek Orthodox Church to admire all the decorations, until we could drive out of there.

    Julie: Glad to read you enjoyed your time with the family. I also get along really good with my SIL's parents....makes things easier when you're sharing little ones.

    Barry: I looked up your favorite author at the library system. Darn, all they have are books to hold and no books on CD to listen to. Have you ever read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I think you would really enjoy it. I took a peak in the hanging container and no indications the bushtit have chosen it to live in. I love their excited chatter....you can always find where they are, they're very vocal. By the way, it's an old stained glass lamp that I hung upside down and put a large plant in, so there's lots of room for them, along with the old leaves that have collected.

    The pectoral muscles have stopped hurting.....think I'll ever learn my lessons of what NOT to do? Probably not. I've been feeling so tired still from the bug, but my DD called yesterday morning and asked did I want to come over for lunch, she had made bean soup with ham hocks. So I went there for a couple of hours and brought a sketching pad, ink pen and a water filling pen for my DGD. Still hoping I can stir up artistic talent. When I was leaving I had asked about their two good chairs in the garage......I ended up having my SIL load them in the van and dropped them off at Goodwill. They were just going to toss them in the trash!!! Throwing away good things is just not in me.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got up feeling OK but, after my bath, I felt nauseated. It started washing over me in waves and now, I feel hot and have a headache. It kinda feels as though some Herxing is going on. I took something for the nausea and drank a bit of Diet Coke and ate a few soda crackers. That seems to have settled my stomach (knocking on wood). The dishwasher is running and so is the washing machine. I turned the mattress and am washing the bedding, including the quilt on top. This will be the extent of working today.

    Duckie, I'm glad your experience with the Symphony was so positive. That kind of thing might be on a bucket list but it's kind of a rare opportunity so many might not think of it. In any case, it's a big deal and I'm so glad for you. Congratulations on surviving the cancer. That's an even bigger deal. I'm glad your turkey soup was no turkey. I'd be hard pressed to part with my pot.

    Granni, I got a cookbook for my Instant Pot and the recipe was in it. I only use it for the timing needed, though. I cut my meat up into serving size pieces. I used the saute function on high to brown the pieces. Then, I added the water and cooked it on manual high pressure for 40 mins. After the pressure was reduced, I put in the pieces of potato and carrot and cooked it on high pressure for 10 mins. You can't put the veggies in from the beginning or they turn to mush. I kind of know how to use the pot because I had a stove top pressure cooker but the IP is more efficient and doesn't take quite as long to cook things. The rice function is automatic. You just put in the rice and water and it comes out perfect. Who says there are no more miracles.

    Sun, I'm so sorry to hear about Laurie. I remember when her significant other, Gary, died. Her Mom was still alive then. I would imagine she has passed by now. Laurie had a lot of health problems and was always taking care of others. She had a big heart. I really appreciate your letting me know. I'm glad your muscles are better. I woke with shoulder pain in the one they didn't operate on. I should go to You Tube to refresh my memory regarding the physical therapy exercises for shoulders. I can remember some of them. Wish I could take magnesium but, whatever caused the neurological symptoms makes me leery of taking supplements. I've had the same reaction with several supps now. I do have some things in capsules I can take so it's not a total loss. Ken Follett is such a good writer. I love his books.

    Wish I knew why these new laptops seem to skip all over the place. Other than that, I love this one. At least, it works, a real plus in a computer. My hands hurt so I'm going to go try the soap theory. It would be great if it works for me. Hope everydooby is having a great day.

    Love, Mikied
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I can't take baths anymore for that very reason....I get lightheaded and feel awful. The headache would come because the heat has caused blood vessels to expand.

    I had to go to PO this morning to mail something to Australia. 7 oz. and it cost over $40.....thankfully the buyer pays shipping. Then I hit the library, starbucks and finally Lowes where I got a 50lb bag of sand to put where there's a slow leak in my garden. My gardener said he could maybe fix or look at the sprinkler connection to change the washer to stop the leak but after 3 weeks of waiting, I'm thinking he doesn't want to do it. It's not a big problem and if I called my handyman that would be minimum $50 for his labor, so a $3.15 bad of sand is easier way to go.

    So now......since I've got this bag of sand I'm going to do a little "craft". I made these cement leaves years ago. You mound sand in a flat container, then lay a heavily veined large leaf on top, cover that with plastic wrap and spread on some quick set cement. When the cement is thoroughly dried you remove it peeling away the plastic wrap and voila.....a cement leaf. Now.....what will I do with this leaf? I don't know right now but the sand and leaf is calling out to me. I saw this years ago demonstrated on a Martha Stewart episode. By the way, is she still on?

    There is a GREAT article from wellness resources called CFS, peeling the onion. I can't post the link here because they sell supplements but those interested might want to do a search for it. I even read that my BAD neck/shoulder posture could be contributing!!!! Another reason to sit up straight.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon is visiting the library, etc. I am left at home with his brother Lump Lump. It's cold
    here. The weather page alleges it's 74. Feel like 59 to me. Good thing I have my Nutrile
    gloves. Same pair I've been posting with for a week or so. I think I'm cold because my body
    no longer puts out the necessary BTUs. BTUs, BTW stand for British Thermal Units. I
    believe President Trump is going to change the BTUs To ATUs. That will stand for "Always Talk United States".

    Sun, those concrete leaves sound fascinating. Maybe you can make jewelry with them. Earrings, perhaps. If you made a concrete leaf from a Palm frond it would probably weigh more than Hulk Hogan.

    Yes, Marthla (that's what Gordon calls her after the Lucy skit "Slowly I turn") is on industriously
    cooking. Everyday, it seems like. He thinks she is a super chef. Not to be confused with the
    Super Chief which is a train that used to schlep movie stars from Chicago to Hollywood,
    and vice versa.

    Mikie, I'm glad to hear that your Diet Coke remedy did the trick. Whenever we kids had a
    stomach ache Mom gave us 7up. I believe it was highly endorsed by the 7up Home Remedy medical committee.

    Some years back I read about a bar of soap being used to stop leg cramps. Any old brand
    was said to work. Even folks who didn't believe in it got relief. Maybe 7up will start making soap too.

    You must be in pretty good shape if you can turn the mattress single-handedly. Or do you
    use both hands?

    Granni, I'm sure your concert will be a big success. In the event anything should go wrong,
    you can always say, "Well, it really wasn't meant to be a concert. It was more of an April
    Fools' joke.

    Duckie, you're busier than the ladies at the church supper when the dishwasher broke.
    How come Cincinnati has so many woodpeckers? One of the big hits the year I was born
    was The Woodpecker Song. It's an OK novelty tune, but I wooden wanna hear it too often.

    OK, have run outta steam, and am thus outta here. Hugs

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm really annoyed! My washer isn't working correctly.....so I called the repairman who will be out again tomorrow. He said he would replace the switch.....and no extra service charge. I said he had told me $4 for it..he said..no....it's more like $40! So I traced down the part place where he would have bought it and find that he charged me $47 for the hose and they sell for $26.40. So now I have the price of the switch of $29.80 instead of $40. So........when he comes tomorrow I have to nicely (&^%$#@) let him know up front I KNOW the price of the switch and why did he charge me $20 extra on the hose. I HATE BEING GOUGED.
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  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Awww Sun! How frustrating!
    Hope it all gets sorted out quickly nd smoothly.
    When you mentioned the chairs getting loadex up for good will, I thought you were going to say, you would take them home and jazz them up a little.as restorations seem to be a gift of yours.
    Dont get so many cuddles from my Treasures anymore and as teenagers, they look more miserable.sad to say.
    Would love to know what I can do to help them...I miss them.

    Julie, nearly lawn mowing season?
    Hows the fire pit looking? I used to love going to a Church bonfire when o e of the local farmers had all their tree trimmings and limbs piled up and ready to go.
    Glad the home stayed in good order while away.

    Mikie, that rkast sounds delicious! Also sounds like you know your way round the instapot too.
    Hope the dizzy spells ease off.if my bath is too hot, that'll happen to me too and I hv to lay down till i get it together again.

    Duck, so was Ds born? Or were you still carrying him when you went through the cancer ordeal?
    My cousin has just been diagnosed with stage 2 and will require a hyster.hopefully it is contained to that area only.sbe has 3 little Treasures and I imagine its scary stuff.

    Granni, all that rushing around!

    Rock, I dont think too many wood wanna bear the wood pecker song, for too long.
    I hv vague memories of the Woody Woodpecker show...
    Stay warm.

    Spring, yes.lots of interesting family fun over your way!

    Barry, I think Ive left it a bit late with getting my hands on some good flowering bulbs.They need to be tough enough to push through chip-mulch.any ideas? Climate here during Winter is Wet! So worry about losing them too.maybe more pots...hmmmm.
    Many lost homes in the recent fires...Im so grateful we haven't gone through that.

    Judy, hope alls picking up at your place.

    Sorry guys, Im rushing.
    its teacher parent interviews and Ive gotta get going.

    Take ca re all
    Catch yas later
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