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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Join the Hoedown. You can pitch horseshoes out back ah the barn. Dancing
    inside and eats on the front porch.

    Here's an historic call from 6-3-11.

    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Bow to your corner, bow to your gal.
    All to the center. Wave at your pal.

    Chicken in the skillet. Taters in the pan.
    Allemande left with your old right hand.

    Gals to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put and don't go far.

    Down on your heels, and up on your toes.
    Ladies circle; away she goes!

    Clap your hands; bend and bow.
    Comin' to the endin' right about now.

    Do-see-do as light as foam.
    Now swing your gal and all go home.

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  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I slept off and on yesterday. Went to bed early and got up and slept another hour. What a life!

    Rock, thanks for getting us up out of our chairs to do see do. Glad you and Miss Kitty are such good company for one another. My ex had a Corvette when we were dating. We got one when we were married. We still had it when I got pregnant with my older daughter. The church I attended was across the street from a frat house. I parked the Vette and all the frat boys out front were hottin' and hollerin' at me with cat calls. Then, I opened the door and clumsily got out with my huge belly. They all fell silent. It was soooo funny. We had several more Vettes over the years but we had to trade the first one in for a bigger car to suit our new family. We had a lot of nice cars so I don't mind driving my 16 year old Highlander. I still love it. Hope it lasts me the rest of my driving days. SV sends his best to Miss Kitty.

    Star, that the level of bullying goes on which you described is an outrage. Even worse is that the teacher is doing nothing about it. We have a big anti-bullying campaign going on here but I know it's still a huge problem. In DGS's school the kids who bully others learned it from their parents who bully other parents. It's unbelievable. DGS has friends and he's large for his age but other kids have tried to bully him. Football is so huge in TX that parents will hold their sons back a year so that they are bigger when they are old enough to play. Those ones are the bullies. I just hope when he moves to CO, he won't be bullied. I know it's often the new kids who bear the brunt. Have you spoken to the principal or whomever is in charge of the teacher? Have you talked to the teacher? Often these kids, their parents and the teachers do nothing because it's easier or because they, themselves, are under pressure from the bullies. That's how it goes on and nothing changes. At this point, I'd think you have nothing to lose by talking with them.

    Young men here who turn violent were often bullied in school. Of course, that isn't the whole reason they commit violent acts but bullying is often a factor. Strangely, the parents who bully others and are urging their own kids to bully others are 'very religious.' They are rearing monsters who will go on to be bullies as adults or get into trouble when the world won't tolerate their behavior. These parents aren't doing their kids any favors. My girls were bullied by an older girl in the neighborhood. It was awful and caused so much stress. One parent seemed happy to have her little girl join in with the older one to bully others. Bullies often work themselves up to high positions but, in the end, it usually comes back on them. I don't have any answers and it breaks my heart that your DS is being bullied. I can pray for you and I will.

    Don't have much to tell because there isn't much going on here. Grace and Dennis left early this morning to return to WV. I texted her yesterday and said I'd pray for a safe trip home for them. I haven't been visiting with her much at all lately because I've just been inside too exhausted to do anything. I have to take my garbage down and get my mail today. I could use some groceries but don't know what to buy because, when I'm like this, my appetite is off. My brain isn't working well either. In my case, I'm doing a Doh! See, Doh!

    Love, Mikie
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Kitty and I are the only ones home. Gordon is being seen by Dr. On. Reminds me of the
    operetta episode on I Love Lucy. Fred sang a song about being the innkeeper at the Inn on
    the River Out. Yet another frolic by William Frawley.

    Mikie, I hope your state of Doh soon morphs to a state of able to Do again. The simplest
    things are now difficult for me. I was gonna write a note to Gordon to get a few things
    at the store on his way home from the Doc. I couldn't remember how to spell margarine.
    An "E" at the end or not. But couldn't remember to look it up so the note never got
    written at all. Also want some more cat treats and a third thing, but can't remember
    what it is. Constant state of confusion.

    Well, Kids, I know you're all doing the best you can. The constant state of brain fog
    and lethargy gets old and annoying after a few decades or so, don't it?!

    Came across a several nifty puns last night such as, "I can't do much math, but I
    can do sum of it." Here's the URL. https://www.punsville.com/funny/

    See ya later

    In closing here's another: An alligator can grow up to 15 feet, but most have only four.
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I managed to get the garbage down to the dumpster. They must not have made a pickup yesterday and the bin was full. I managed to open the side door and cram my bag in. Truck just came. My recycle bag had to be left next to the recycle bins because they were overflowing. A lot of Snowbirds left this week and probably filled things to capacity and beyond. My credit card bill had all the reversals of late payment and interest fees they promised to remove. The payment I made by phone was posted. Now, I just have to call to make sure the second lost payment I made online is found. As I mentioned earlier, I'm only going to pay them by phone. The rest of my bills seem to get paid fine online but there is something wrong with this one. This is the sum of my accomplishments today. I just about fell when I got dizzy. Whine, whine, whine.

    Rock, why not eat butter? It's healthier and easier to spell. We used to call it oleo. Most of it is full of trans fats. Same with the Crisco we used to bake with. Down here in God's Waiting Room, the paper has long lists of people who die. Most are in their 80's and 90's so all that bad stuff must not have been too bad for us. Of course, lots of those folks were probably on statins. Like your jokes. One reminds me of what I like to say. There are three kinds of people...those who understand math and those who don't.

    Barry, glad your test were normal. New cars are like our phones and computers--full of all kinds of things most people probably never use. Still, they are tech wonders. I wish I knew how to use more of the things. I'm sure I'd get a lot more out of my tech gadgets. I'm not against getting rid of 'assault' weapons but I don't think it's realistic. First, they have to get a lot more specific on what constitutes assault weapons. If it's just that they are semi-automatic, a lot of hand guns, like my 45, will be illegal. The clip for it only holds eight rounds. It wouldn't be practical for a mass shooting and really doesn't pose the threat that the rifles with huge clips and bump stocks do. Cleaning up the background check loopholes and inefficiencies would go a long way to keeping any weapons out of the hands of people with mental issues. Most of the shooters have been mentally ill. Getting rid of high-capacity clips would limit the number of people who can be shot in a short time. Anything, like bump stocks, which turn semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic ones should be illegal.

    I don't think we can completely stop shootings and I don't think it's possible to get rid of all guns. So, I think we should first do the things which most people agree on and go from there. In a perfect world, we would have no use for weapons nor for war. I pray I never have to draw my gun on someone. I don't go out much and my permit to carry has expired so I doubt I ever will, thank God. I am so inspired by those kids who have started this movement and I respect what they are trying to do and how they are going about it. I want them to succeed. I'd give up my guns if it meant no more people being killed by guns but I'm not the problem. I'd like to get rid of the problems. I'm not ready for 80 degree weather either but it'll only get worse here until next year.

    I hope all y'all have a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Just a fly by visit.
    I hv a dr apt shortly and then Dd wants me to deliver the easter cake she made,
    To school. I sure hope i dont damage it in some way during transit.

    Late yesterday I got a call from the principal.
    I really was beginning to think it was gonna get swept under the carpet.
    I told him what I told you guys and threw in a bit extra that Ive heard about.
    I told him he's been dealing with bullying of so.me sort , pretty much since we moved here, mid last yr.
    When the word 'homeschool' came up, something shifted in his voice.Interesting.

    Thanks for all your support.
    Ive decided I dont care if Im classed as 'over protective'. Its my job.
    And its Not on.

    Yes, theres a lot of anti bullying all over Australia, but its obviously still out there.

    Eldest son needed help in math
    I told him I wish I could, but I hv fibro my algebra.

    (Would only say that to our Treasures coz sooo many still think it's not real or treat it like a joke).

    I Look really evil today.
    My eyes are all blood shot from a new eyeliner I wore.
    Must be allergic to it.

    Hate going to the dr!
    Dò you guys hv to wait forever? Like we usually do here?

    And then the school.
    Oh yay.

    Take care guys.
    Catch yas later
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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Found two ripe tomatoes this morning. Too bad all foods aren't as easy to prepare. (You
    don't even need to pare them.)

    Mikie, I prefer margarine because it's cheaper and easier to spread. I've read articles that
    say butter is better and vice versa. Yes, I remember when margarine was also called oleo.
    It was illegal to sell in Minnesota (a dairy state) when I was a kid. My Dad traveled in Iowa
    so he used to buy a carton of a dozen packages at a time and bring them home. My mother wasn't too happy to see her refrigerator space shrinking.

    I guess it was legal to sell in MN if the margarine was white. I remember packages with a capsule of orange dye. We kids thought it was fun to squeeze the package until the mar-
    garine was sorta yellow. As I recall the result was rather uneven distribution of the color.

    For no known reason I thought of an old joke/pun last night. "Granni, get off the stove.
    You're too old to ride the range." Modern kids wouldn't have any idea why that was
    (mildly) funny.

    Remember the song Ragtime Cowboy Joe? It goes way back to the time of the Titanic,
    but it was also popular when I was a kid.

    AACCKK! Machine is acting up again. Will cut this short.

    Barry, Gordon got books you might like from the library today. Here are the names
    of the authors:

    Sharon Kay Pennman
    Pat McIntosh
    Bernard Knight

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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: I've been reading your posts.....I can't tell you how I commiserate with you on troubles with treasures at school. I don't think you're being protective....you KNOW your child and how they react to troubles. So the principal called.....and what did this person OFFER? Anything? I don't think you've said how old he is, or maybe I missed it. A sensitive age probably. I've gone through agony with my DGS...turns 15 in a few weeks....sigh. It's very hard for your DS, having moved at a hard age to try to start over again with making friends. When we moved to this house my oldest was in Jr. Hi and younger were around 10 and 11. The oldest did good, but the two younger ones had trouble.....even harder for a girl to make new friends when all the rest of the kids basically grew up together and she was the quiet outsider. So very hard on kids and parents.

    Sorry, I'm under the weather. I've got a call into my doctor for a referral to my gyno. Somethings going on again.....don't think it's bladder related though, I hope not. I see the cancer doc in 3 weeks for another check.

    I found a health food store close by that sold CBD oil (cannabis)....$71 with tax.......so far it's not working. Nothing is getting rid of the pain.
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Star - I can't believe there are such kids in school who can be so cruel. I think you can make a shield of white light around your son before goes to school to shield him from bullying. You put white light around him and ask the angels to protect him till he gets back home. If you search the net you might find a site.

    My son was bullied a lot when he was in grade 1. And in grade 4. By a teacher, then. no less. One of his classmates mom phoned me, because her son told her, his best friend at the time. DS didn't say anything. He made all the kids stand in line and slap my DS because he didn't do his HW. 28 students. This in a school having non corporal punishment rules. My DH and I ran so fast to the principals office and demanded an explanation. The incident was so bizarre.They had a meeting with all the senior teachers, vice principal. The principal was the owner of the school. I screamed my lungs out there. They suspended the teacher. Now I think the teacher was having some issues and so was my son. Something off. I understand now. I didn't then. This place is weird. People resort to all sorts of otherworldly stuff. Which then manifests into undesirable behavior.

    Good thing is son never became bitter. He used to say "actually, they're nice, it was just that they got angry at that time and did what they did. Which means it wasn't ongoing. But spur of the moment. It's harder to forgive if you're targeted for a long time.

    Barry - nice to see you. I do hope this bout of low energy that's hit you lifts soon. I too wonder how and why on earth would anyone except the military and guards be allowed assault weapons. How many innocent students and shoppers, moviegoers do they want dead before doing something?
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  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Oh what I'd give to wake up feeling rested. I wake with clenched teeth, sore mouth and tinnitus. My allergies are horrible. I had a few days of getting good sleep a couple of weeks ago and got all kinds of things done. Joe came over yesterday afternoon to check on me because my phone was going directly to voice mail. My buddies were texting and I was wanting to go to sleep so I had put my phone in airplane mode and forgot to take it out. It's nice to know there is someone around in case something were to happen. I thanked him for checking.

    Star, no way are you over reacting. Bullying is a huge problem. In fact, aggressive behavior in general seems to be getting out of hand. I still see people with manners and people who treat others civilly but I also see nastiness and anger. These people are adults who are setting a horrible example for their children. I hope and pray you can find some help. No child should have to go to school where he is injured and humiliated. It not only hurts but it is so damaging to one's spirit. This is the last thing you need too. I hope your DH helps. Men traditionally think kids need to toughen up and slug it out but that doesn't solve the problem. Kids need to know that adults have their backs. They are not equipped to handle bullying on their own. Prayers going up for all of you.

    Rock, I buy spreadable butter mixed with cannola oil. I checked it out and it's a healthy fat from the plant family. Publix has BOGO's on them and I stock up. Publix was named the Number One super market in the Southern Living magazine rating. Alas, even Publix has slipped when it comes to customer service. Love the ridin' the range pun. I'd like to ride the range but I'm all stoved up. I can't even horse around. Glad you're able to harvest the crops and care for
    the livestock.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I just sent up a prayer that all is OK. You have been through so much. Can you get in to see a doc to find out what is wrong? I hope so. Once pain gets ahold, it's more difficult to get rid of it.

    Spring, the NRA has convinced some people that the govt. is coming for their guns which makes them buy more for when they 'have to defend themselves.' These are not the smartest people. They live in private compounds in remote areas. They organize themselves as militias. Many are white skinheads and have Nazi flags all over the place. They claim that our federal govt. is illegal and they refuse to live by laws. They are a scary bunch. Some of this has spread to kids in colleges and people in urban areas. They came out in force last year at the Univ. of Virginia where a zealot ran his car into a crowd, killing a young woman. Again, these people are scary. This has spawned an opposing group that is just as scary. Seems so many here have divided up the country into us and them and they think everything is a fight and only one side can win.

    I'm off to read the real paper. I'm swearing at the computer so much that I'm probably bound for hell. It's unusually squirrely this morning. Hope everydooby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We'll see if the computer is in a good mood this morning. I kinda suspect both the computer
    and I are on our last legs. That expression doesn't really make much sense. The vast majority
    of us only get one pair of legs. Started the day off right communing with the kitty and the tomato patch. Picked two this morning.

    Mikie, you can swear at the computer with impunity since it doesn't know what you are
    saying. Remember in the early days of computers they had languages? Had a friend
    who was studying Fortran. And talked about computer gates which are either open or
    closed. Wouldn't that apply to all gates? Well, not Bill. But maybe Daryl. He was the
    LA Police Chief for a dozen years or so.

    I will have to look for the butter canola product. I kinda think I might ah tried it several
    years ago, but my mind is hazy about almost every thing nowadays. I hope you'll be able
    to horse around again soon. Maybe you could start small. Next time you're at Publix
    take your goods to the check out counter and pony up.

    Spring, sounds like you son was very mature for a six year old. I see you having nice
    weather now. 60s and 70s. Pretty much the same as here. Saw a nature show the
    other night. It said the tallest mountain on Earth is not Everest. It's a mountain that's
    underwater. I'd hate to climb a mountain while wearing swim fins.

    Sun, that's really a shame that the cannabis oil didn't help your pain. I hope you can
    find something that will work. Does the pain fade away when you are engrossed in
    your painting?

    Watched 20 minutes of a dumb movie last night. I got it from the library because it
    was described by Wikipedia or one of those places as a hilarious comedy. It was more
    like something written by children who wanted to play Dress Up. The director was
    Leonard Nimoy. Sad to say his direction was not spot on. I suppose one could say it
    was Spock on.

    Gordon is off to Walmart, and I am off to bed to warm up and read.

    Ha det bra
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm in a full on flare and in a lot of pain. I'm up and trying to do things around here but not too much. I've taken ibuprophen and hope it stops the FMS pain. There is none other like it and impossible to mistake for something else. My illnesses are just a rainbow of symptoms.

    Joe just called to tell me that the closer on the screen door at the other end of the bldg. quit working so he told the woman living there to call mgmt. to have the handy man come out and fix it. I told him if it's just the closer, it's insanely easy to replace. He doesn't want the people to think he's gonna fix everything. His bldg. has had some financial problems along the way and, if it were me, I'd be looking to save money. Neither of us is right or wrong; it's just different points of view in how repairs should be handled. He said if it were the door at his end of the bldg., he would do it himself. Doh! Now, he has different points of view for each end of his bldg. I can't follow his logic and have given up trying to.

    Rock, I get Land 'O Lakes butter in the tub. That is the one Publix seems to have on sale the most so I just get it. They had Irish butter on sale this week so I picked up a couple to fill in. BOGOs are cheaper but I don't want to buy a lifetime supply of butter. I don't worry that the computer will understand my cursing but I do worry about my wretched soul. There are apps which type what you say into the microphone; however, every time I use the microphone for anything, it usually doesn't understand me. Siri is almost useless because of that. The remote for the cable always asks me to repeat it. Poor listening skills! Now, they seem to call programming, coding. DGS was learning it in school. I had to do a wee bit in a class in college but my program didn't work. Doh!!!

    I say skip the cannabis oil and go right for the cannabis. What could be better than making some Alice B. Toklas brownies. Two great things--chocolate and weed. I should have stayed in CO. This is God, Guns and Glory Country down here and I doubt they will ever legalize it for anything except those who are dying. Medical MJ is legal here but those in power do everything they can to make it extremely difficult to get legally.

    Gonna go see what I want to eat, if anything. Maybe an orange. I have a load of laundry in the machine. Hope all y'all are doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie:. I'm feeling for you!!!! Flares are no fun, and we wonder how did it come about this time, right?

    Rock: Count me in as a butter user. And if I want to spread it on bread of the like I just pop it into the microwave for about 10 seconds.

    OK....maybe I shouldn't say something yet, but.......at 3 a.m. This morning I took another dose (10 drops) of the cannabis oil in water and went back to bed with heating pads. When I woke almost 4 hrs. Later I could tell the pain was gone......and still is....that's about 11 hrs. I hope it still works......turns out I didn't SHAKE the bottle before the drops so probably just got the carrier oil. I'll give update when needed.

    Update. Just took another dose. By the way, CBD (cannabis) oil is legal everywhere and can be shipped. It has no THC or whatever it is in it......that's what makes you high.
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - sorry you and Mikie both are in flares. This modern world has come up with many solutions and technological advances but they still can’t help some age old problems like fibro. Blast! Mikie I feel like swearing but I can’t on this computer.

    I’m glad the oil helped you get relief.

    Rock - a mountain underwater? A high high mountain? I’ve heard of Atlantis, a drowned civilization that existed before us, but I didn’t know about a mountain! How deep is the ocean? Must be pitch black in there.

    I love toast and butter but control myself on the butter. My friend got diagnosed with high cholesterol even though she is so thin. We get homemade unsalted butter in the markets here but they taste bitter sometimes.
    Always use the commercial packed ones.

    Yesterday I met my healer friends. Actually the group. I don’t hv friends as such because I can’t get out for their daily meetings and programs.

    Had lunch there. One of them was saying for some reason people with fertility and pregnancy issues come to her. One patient had the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck and the baby was very underweight. She did 7 healings and then when they did the caesarean, the doctors found the baby had gained unbelievable amount of weight AND the umbilical-cord was no longer wrapped around the neck. The doctor who was kept informed of the alternative healing also has joined the pranic healing program. So flabbergasted was he.

    Lots of such stories. I admire those who pursued the courses and became high level healers. But my issues were mine. I couldn’t have done it. I remember I had met a young girl who I helped shop for something in the Tibetan market. She was a novice with some serious self esteem issues like being overweight and I suppose finding a suitable husband since she was from conservative Indian family.

    She turned out to be one of the best products turned out by the school..she met her husband a fellow pranic healer, moved to an Indian town after marriage and has started three healing centers. Best example was herself. Fit, glowing, poised. Supremely confident. In seven years. There is the other side. Healers themselves falling by the wayside, giving into greed, sabotaging others. The darkness is everywhere trying to dim the light and overwhelm the world.

    It stormed last night. I enjoyed it hugely. And today is cold. Freaky, unpredictable weather. I will have to dig out a sweater all over again.

    Judy B...Keeping you and yours in my prayers

    Barry, Dmc, Granni, Mikie and others hi.

    Julie - you must be with your treasures.

    Star - hope things are getting sorted out with your treasure and the issue at school. Hope the others are doing good.

    God bless
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...as you all know, it is so hard to function while in a flare. I'm doing the best I can to get ready to go to Tennessee, but...

    We were going to leave in the morning (Thursday) but my dad's nurse called this afternoon to tell me that Dad was running a fever. And coughing. So, Dr. has ordered a chest xray for in the morning. And...Lindsey's family has come down with a cough, sore throat, etc., etc.

    If Dad has pneumonia and ends up in the hospital, Clinton will go with Amy (didn't want her to travel that far with just her and the girls.) They will leave on Friday and come back Monday. If Dr. thinks Dad is ok and chest xray is negative, I will go on down with Amy and the girls. But I suggested we also wait till Friday to go (to see if Lindsey and all are feeling better and to give me a chance to see Dad tomorrow, regardless of where he is...and finish getting food prepped, etc.) The girls are so anxious to go, but I won't be able to take care of anyone or play with the kids if I'm a mess myself...so we'll just do what we can.

    I'm sure Dad has been extra run down. He's had a new roommate since over a week ago. This man is 94 and they didn't know what was wrong, but he had fallen and was in the hospital...then they sent him to the nursing home. Yesterday morning, the doctor gave him 24 hours to live...as of this evening, he is still hanging on. But the family has been with him night and day, lights on, people talking, etc. They've had Dad sitting out in the common area more than usual and I'm sure he's just getting worn out from all the hustle and bustle...inside his room and out.

    The staff are doing their best to take care of everyone. The nursing home has a regular hospice room, but it is occupied right now. And they considered having Dad sleep in a different room, but are afraid he will get even more confused...so it's just a tough situation. His roommate's family are very kind, though, and try to help Dad if he needs something, etc. I wish they could have more privacy, but they don't seem to be upset. I just remember being with Den's dad and so glad for a private room with very few people going in and out.

    So, anyway...just waiting to see what the xray shows tomorrow. So sorry for everyone who's suffering right now...pain and fatigue and the whole nine yards. Star, I am so sad for your son, but I think you are doing the right thing to complain to the school. Not overprotective at all...hang in there.

    I'd better get to bed and get some rest. Could be spending the next several night in the hospital, but I am praying not. Take care, everyone!
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    I am coughing so either the Red Tide is worse and blowing ashore along with my regular allergies or I'm getting sick with something again. I think it's the former but another strain of the flu is hitting people. It never ends. This sucks. It's like the movie, Groundhog Day, with every day a replay of the last--pain and fatigue. Whine, whine, whine!

    Sun, my friend, Nancy, likes the CBD oil. She had a botched back surgery and got an infection. She is in constant pain. She says the oil allows her to control the pain and take fewer pain meds. I'll have to give it a try. Seems you, Julie and I are all in flares right now. I hope we all feel better.

    Julie, I just sent up a prayer for your Dad. I hope he will be OK. I also hope you can go and that no one is sick.

    Spring, there are amazing accounts of healing by 'alternative' methods. I believe there is a lot more to healing that the 'regular' treatments and meds. Unfortunately, greed often grabs hold of those who could bring light into the world and they turn to the dark side. When I went SCUBA diving in Mexico, we swam through little cave-like rock formations. When we shot out of the last one, there was a 2,000 foot drop off and were all just hanging there suspended in the water. It's very dark once you get down to 80 feet. The best diving is at about 35 feet but the lower you go, the bigger the fish.

    Duckie, and all our other MIAs, I hope y'all are OK.

    I need to go to the store but don't know whether to go today or tomorrow. My appetite is off. I'll just play it by ear and go when the spirit moves me. I just hope it moves me to do something. If I don't, the inertness will make me sick. I hope and pray everydooby gets to feeling well cause this is a busy time for a lot of us.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Got up early...to either get things ready for Amy and crew to take down or to take down with them. Since Lindsey and her family are not doing so well either, I wanted to have a lot of things pre-cooked or at least prepped. For example, yesterday I roasted two whole chickens and ten pounds of chicken hindquarters...then deboned it all and packaged it in meal sized bags and froze. I've found if I do a lot of things ahead of time (whether they are coming here or we are visiting them) it is more relaxing and I get more time out of the kitchen to just "enjoy". I'm also going to make up some little pizza kits, putting the dry ingredients in bags and taking the other stuff...then the kiddos can make their own pizzas. They love helping in the kitchen, so the easier and stress-free I can make the experience (for all of us, lol) the better.

    Anyway...Mikie, I am so sorry this flare/Red Tide/new illness/whatever virus is continuing to plague you :( I applaud you (and everyone) for still trying to function and do what you can. Prayers for you, dear lady.

    Can't stay on here...just wanted to pop in and say "Hi". Amy said if none of us end up going down (if Lindsey's family is just not up to having company)...Amy and the girls will just come here. Clinton isn't really up to much of anything, but would go on the trip if necessary...he's had a flare up of hives and has been pretty miserable. Not sure if it's related to his diabetes or what.

    Lindsey also had a big stressor this week. One of her online friends was murdered by her own husband (in front of her mom.) It hit Lindsey and other friends in their online group very hard. This couple had six kids...I can't even imagine. So much evil...but so much kindness and love, too.

    Take care, everyone...I'll try to get back when I can.

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a minute or two. I'm watching an old 50's movie, The Great American Pastime. It's not very good but takes me back to when I was growing up. It's a bit like Leave It To Beaver but not as good. I'm loving seeing the fashions from that period and the way the homes were decorated. It's also fascinating to see what passed for the latest in kitchens. The refrigerators were so small. Next up is Take Me Out To The Ballpark with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Esther Williams. I wonder whether it's the one Rock referenced where they were so mean to EW because she couldn't dance. Good grief! I wonder whether they could do syncronized swimming.

    One big surprise with the movie I'm watching is that there are black kids playing on the little league team. This was 1955 when some of the worst civil rights problems were occuring in our country, mostly in the South, but seeing black kids in middle class roles was almost unheard of. I just watched a three-part documentary on the civil rights movement. Think I mentioned it. It's even worse watching it now than it was on TV back then.

    Julie, I'm pulling for you and praying for you. Thank you for your sweet kind good wishes. I've been down this road before and I just have to have faith that all is as it's supposed to be. I'll get better (or not). Sounds as though you have this all down to a science. I hope you can go and spend a lot of time with your family. I really miss mine. One of my professors was murdered by her husband in the parking lot at college. It's so traumatic for everyone. Turns out that professor's sister is my neighbor. We talked about the murder. It was a great comfort for her to know how beloved her sister was by all the colleagues and students. Good luck with everything.

    Barry, I think you were also in a flare last time you posted. I hope you are feeling better.

    I had a small glass of wine for medicinal purposes only and I'm hoping it will relax me. I've been checking into the CBD oil. I need to find out more about it. Why don't those old fogeys just go ahead and legalize the weed. It's about time!

    Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Just popping in for a minutes to see what was going on on my beloved Porch.

    First of all good news on the suit. I do not know the details yet but did get an email from the lawyers office saying that it was settled at mediation. That is all I know. Yay, I do not have to go to court in July. That is one BIG monkey off all of our backs for sure. More later when I I find out the details. I am guessing they gave him close to 100,000 who knows maybe more.


    JULIE - Sorry you are still in a flare and Lindsey and kids are not feeling that well either. Hope your Dad's chest is clear and you all get to feeling better so you can each enjoy each other. What a worry . Why does so many things happen at once at the wrong time ?? Yes, I know the kiddos and Lindsey would miss seeing you but at least Amy and girls could come. I don't know how you can do all the cooking and prepping for food on your trip if you go. WOW, a food prep marathon. I couldn't do that sweetie !!

    What a horrible thing to have someone murdered by a family member in front of her mom yet. This guys has got to be really ill in his head for sure and or just EVIL who knows. That is just horrible. Of course Lindsey is upset about that.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still in a flare form the RT and or whatever else is going on with your body. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Ii have to go get ready to eat dinner soon early to get ready to go with DH to church. I will sing in the choir with all the choirs and DH will be with the K of C , doing their thing. This will be late but saturday will be MUCH later. Busy week for sure and not going to sing tomorrow. I know also my throat will need a rest. Rest dear one and feel better soon.

    SUN - Hope your pain is a little less so you can enjoy your holiday. Will you be having company or going somewhere to see your family?. I still have the same yucky pain as well as this itchy burning stuff in my body esp legs and feet, along with weird rash. Sometimes you see it well and other times not it seems like underlying.. Just what I need with everything else. Will have to decide whether to try an allergist , dermatologist or another rheumy that concentrates on autoimmune stuff. However, now I worry about DH and his surgery on the 12th.

    Thinking of everydobby and all our many MIA's or just out for the day or so doing other things. Hopefully everyone else is feeling halfway decent-and can have a blessed Easter . SW, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE, STAR, et al.

    Granni :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the library. We got two bags full. 7 books and 4 DVDs. I slept till
    11:30 AM today. Woke up and found a note from Gordon. With my blurry eyes (as
    Barry says) I couldn't read it very well, but it said something about Wallmart. Returning
    a lantern? He showed up pretty soon. Turned out he was returning "an item". No trouble
    even though he no longer had the receipt.

    Granni, your litigation is over! Hooray! You know the mediators' joke? "At the end
    both sides were unhappy so it must have been a good resolution." Both sides distrust
    juries because they often vote based on their emotions rather than the evidence. "I
    didn't believe him. He had shifty eyes."

    Mikie, The DVDs I got were three oldies and one new. Hopefull I'll like at least two and at
    least 3 will play. Never saw the Great American Pastime (baseball?). Yes, the baseball
    picture is the one I recently saw (for the first time). Gene does a great Irish dance.

    I read many years ago that basketball is now more popular than baseball. Kawinkydinkaly
    Gordon said this morning, "Better get ready to leave for Dodger Stadium." I said, "what?!"
    He said, "It's opening day." I said, "No one could care less than I." He just smiled.

    Actually I have been to two games there. My last law firm went once. Took a lot of clients.
    I bought a farmer's straw hat to shade my delicate Nordic skin. Still have the hat. It's only
    been worn once. Only hat I have that wasn't knit by Gordon.

    Julie, you should get an award as Best Grandma. Pizza kits sound like a great idea. Does
    Clinton know what is causing his hives? I read allergies are usually the cause. Is there any
    treatment other than ointment? I wonder if diaper cream would help.

    Spring, Mt Everest is still the tallest mountain if one is measuring from sea level to the top.
    But the underwater mountain near Hawaii named Mauna Kea is about four and a half thousand
    feet higher when measure from base to top.

    Duckie, are you swamped with work? Hope you're not having a flare.

    Have to Go. Gordoni needs the machine.

  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    So...Dad's xray was normal, and apparently his roommate did pass away sometime during the night. The morning nurse said she could only tell me that "nobody is in the room with my dad, anymore."

    I guess we will go ahead and leave in the morning...Keira wants to leave at 4:00 am, lol! I'm just playing it by ear...hope to leave my house before 5:00, and be at Amy's by 7:00. Then it's another 8 hour drive on to Lindsey's.

    Granni...so glad you don't have to worry about that anymore. Woo hoo!

    Rock, I'm not sure if Clinton's doctor knows what causes the hives, but prescribes prednisone when they get very bad. But that raises his blood sugar, so it's not a good situation.

    Sorry I can't stay and visit...just wanted to check in. We'll be back late Monday night. Take care, everyone!
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