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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from dinner at the Hotel Biltmore with my Minnesota brother and his
    wife. Gordon was there too whi
    ch was appropriate as we ate at a cafe inside the hotel that served Asian food. Happy to report the relatives look happy and healthy. Caught up on the
    family news.

    My brother has turned into a wonderful raconteur. My sister in law was cheery and super
    friendly. She recently retired from teaching. I tried to pay for dinner, but my brother
    grabbed the tab. You know cops, even retired ones, have super fast reflexes.

    Be sure to read the last couple posts from Granni and Sun if you haven't already.

    Sun, thanks for the address for the classic movie info. The first page was about the actress
    Jane Frazee who was from Minnesota. I first encountered her only a few months ago in a
    couple Roy Rogers Movies. A nice personality and singing voice. Might have been a big star
    if she had worked for a different studio than Republic.

    Was looking for a porch decorated with balloons. Found one with a canine bonus.


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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Although I worked to 6 years in downtown LA I sure couldn't find my way around there now.
    For one thing my brain no longer workee. For another there are so many new buildings and
    buildings that have been modified and buildings that have been torn down. Yikes!

    Sun, I hope the doc can get those pesky cramps to go away.
    Granni, it is hard to remember to drink lots of water. I keep forgetting too. Sun's suggestion
    to set out a pitcher of water sounds good.

    Mikie, do you remember the cartoon character Henry? Don't think he had a last name. He
    was a kid, bald, and often up to some mischief like taking a cooling pie from a window sill.
    The cartoonist was Carl Anderson. You don't put pies on your window sills, do you?

    Julie, don't know if the tomatoes like dry soil or wet, but I guess wet since I've read they need
    lots of water. Picked several today. There are lots of green ones on the vine as
    well as yellow blossoms.

    You guys see that Forest Lake, Minn. was in the news today? A blizzard hit on prom night.
    The local fire dept. opened the station so the parents could snap pics of the kids there. This
    story made no sense to me. In the first place proms are held in May when a snow storm is
    highly unlikely.

    And when I was in school you could get a professional picture of you and your date on the stage.
    The dance was in the adjacent gym. My sister in law, however, explained to me that most
    pics now are taken by the parents, and the families visit the nicest gardens in town, take pics of the kids sitting in swings or on the lawn, etc. So now I know. Fortuitous she was here, huh?

    Well, gettin' on to bedtime. Night.
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Slept well but woke feeling hot. Probably hormones and not a fever. SV was very good this morning. I dropped a fat blueberry while fixing my breakfast and he chased it all over the place. Silly kitty! We got quite a bit of rain last evening but it was in and out again. Radar on TV weather showed lots of lightning strikes in the storm but all I heard was one small rumble of thunder. There was a tornado watch inland but I didn't hear of any materializing.

    Granni, after I had my kidney stones blasted and had the stent in the ureter, my pee was red with blood. I'm so glad the nurse told me it would be like that or I would have freaked out. As it was, it almost made me sick to see it. DH absolutely has to drink water. I can slug down eight ounces at a time. Many people are dehydrated and it's bad on overall health too. Still keeping you in my prayers.

    Sun, you are in my prayers too. Have you tried taking some colloidal silver orally? It helps clear up infections. Thanks for the link. It looks very interesting. Like Rock, I love the old movies. Are you able to do any painting? Seems as though that is what really helps you cope. Thanks again.

    Rock, I'm so glad you had such a nice dinner with your bro and his wife. It's always fun to catch up. I even like getting caught up when my ex calls. I've known him and his brothers since high school. I do remember Little Henry. My older DD has a small doll of him which she was never without. If I put a pie on the windowsill, a little lizard might decide to make his home in it. At the very least, ants would be lined up to cart pieces of it away. We don't have much in the way of insects in our bldg. but the ants will march in formation to get any food left lying out. The prom in question may have been the junior prom. Ours was always held before the senior prom. I still have the pics of me and my date at the proms.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Saw the interview with Comey last night. I still think he's a schmuck. Now, he's a schmuck peddling books.

    Hope all y'all have a great start to the week. Do a search on the Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles to see how beautiful it is.

    Love, Mikie

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  4. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone.

    Well, morning, anyway. I didn't sleep well, and woke with a bit of a migraine. DH goes to the sleep doctor tomorrow. I hope they give him a prescription for a new machine right away...I'm not sleeping well using his old one. He's actually seeing the nurse practitioner, because he couldn't have gotten in with the doctor until May 21st.

    If you missed me this weekend it's because I was...you know where. In the bunker, quilting.

    Star - To answer your question, it depends on the size and the complexity of the quilt. A small, simple wall hanging may take 6-10 hours. The quilt I'm working on took 10 hours to piece one 10" block. (Yes, I'm crazy.) But not all the blocks in this quilt take 10 hours. Some of them only take 45 minutes or so.

    Spring - I didn't have a garage sale, I think that was Star. The dog stealing the big bone made me think of the tufted titmouse that comes to my feeder. He grabs a great big peanut and flies away with it.

    Granni - I hope all goes well at the doctor today.

    Mikie - Glad you got some rain. We got more over the weekend. It was odd...we had fire warnings. Although the ground was saturated a few inches below the surface, the wind had dried the surface out so much that we were in danger of having fires. But now we're more saturated; we got another 1.5" of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

    Barry - Sorry your tulips aren't doing well, but it sounds like you have lots of other pretty-s to look at.

    Julie - we're having a last blast of chilly/cold weather today and tonight. By Friday, it looks like we're getting back to more spring-like temps.

    Gotta go do some work now. Hugz to all!


    p.s. here's a picture of the block that took 10 hours to piece. My "points" don't match up as well as I'd like. _20180414_231812.JPG
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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sitting here waiting for the plumber. I had no water and went out front to see water at the main valve pouring out like a fire hydrant. I called mgmt. to tell them I had an emergency. The shut-off valves were rusted shut and I couldn't turn the water off. I got down and lifted the meter cover in the ground but couldn't find a shut-off valve down under the water. Mgmt. called the county utilities and our plumber. That was 45 minutes ago. I thought about the fire dept. and called them. They came out but didn't have the tool for the kind of shut-off valve under the water. They used some other kind of tool and got it shut off. Thank God! Firemen are the best! Nancy's son is a fireman in NYC.

    So, I'm just sitting here waiting for the plumber to show. Guess I could do some things around the condo but I figured I've have to show them where the leak is because the water has already dried up out in the street. I'm out on the lanai and it's actually cool out. I've had a bad premonition for about a week that something like this was imminent. I think the landscaper ran into it with the lawnmower but I didn't see it. The pipes are so old and rusty that I don't imagine it took much to cause them to come apart. So, we will have another high water bill and a huge plumbing bill. Again, thank God because we have the money to fix it.

    I knocked on the door of the woman who drinks and she didn't come to the door. Her friend, the other woman who drinks, is in rehab but can probably only be held for 72 hours. She was wandering the street saying she wanted to kill herself. Someone called the cops. I feel so bad for these people but about all I can do is pray. The woman in our bldg. will likely lose her condo at some point. She is simply incapable of taking care of herself.

    Duckie, that quilt square is beautiful. When it's finished, it will be the piece de resistance. You do beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing the pic with us. I don't have the patience nor dexterity to do fine work like that. We have brush fires in the rainy summertime when one would swear nothing could burn. Old dead brush can dry out easily and catch fire. Keep us updated about the quilt.

    OK, gonna mosey on. I hope the plumbers get here soon.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I saw most of the interview with Comey last night. I think he's totally trustworthy. I really pray that good things come out of this book and him standing up to the "president". In my opinion "he's" beaten down everyone who dares oppose him. I kinda like what happened during the French Revolution, well except the guillotine. The top 1% of the world rule and that's not right.

    By the way, I had decided to give to my one son, his inheritance a few years ago and bought a cheap house in Portland that will be his when I die.....all taken care of in a trust. It's really for my benefit too because every month I worried if he was going to be homeless. But soooo many homeless people everywhere. I'm especially concerned for women and their children and that's why I donate every month to a homeless shelter in LosAngeles.
    I only need so much $ to live on every month and I feel it's my duty to share with others.

    Rock: That's a gorgeous hotel. I'm sure your DB & SIL are loving it. So happy that the visit went good. I know you had been overwhelmed with them coming.

    Mikie: I hope by now the leak/gusher has been repaired. Years ago at our other house we came home from church to find the house flooded.....so we called the fire dept and they came and sucked up all the water which ran down the hallway from a bathroom.

    Duck: Beautiful quilt! Is that a wallhanging?
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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good news, on DH. He went to the doc this morning and we had to wait so long since he wa the only one in the office of 5 or 6 docs. All the rest were in surgery, So he was really busy. He came in and talked to DH and said they would remove the catheter which the nurse did, so much easier that putting it in. He had just gotten the results of the biopsy which was pretty good. Yes, it was bladder cancer which is very slow growing and it had not spread anywhere. It was going more out than in if that makes any sense. There was no treatment, just come back again every 2-3 months for awhile to check and then probably make it longer and longer if none found. What a relief. Now all he has to do is pee o his own. He is such a worrier and so hope all that goes well. We should know soon after pushing fluids.

    DUCKIE - What a lovely square it is so very beautiful. You are so talented and have such a great eye for color and design, I only know what looks good.

    Have to get off and do a few things and go see DD to show her the results from the doc/lab.

    Can't stay on very long right now. If DH pee's OK and all is well we make go to the casino overnight. We will go to the closer one, not so far away, La. Need to check it out haven;t been there in some time since the expanded it and also now have a hotel. We both have been anxious to get outta Dodge as they say for a bit.

    MIKIE - I tend to agree with you on Comey and that is all I will say about that lest we start a war on the PORCH. Do not want that. I would like to not even listen to most of it but DH keeps putting it on to check the news. I can do without most of it .

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  8. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Sun - that is just one unfinished 10" block of the "State of the Union" quilt that I designed (and posted) a few weeks ago. I've so far done 6 states. That one is Oklahoma. (There's no rhyme or reason to the names.)

    Granni - I'm glad it's good news for the DH. I steer as far as I can away from politics. It generates so much over-inflated animosity (religious discussions do too, sometimes) that it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    Mikie - hope the water situation is sorted.

    Gotta go pick up my DS from the bus stop. Just now realized I'm late for that. He won't be happy with me - it's chilly today. We actually had flo snurries earlier.

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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Just woke up. Gordon is doing decorative needle pointing. Has been spending a lot of time doing same the last couple days. He has the TV on; watching but mostly listening to the Japanese channel (it's in English) or a nature program or QVC. Yesterday as I walked
    through the living room QVC's huge pitchman was pointing out the colors of the merchandise. "We have them in stainless steel, green, bronze and red....Oh, no, it isn't red. It's cinnamon.
    But he was right the first time. Cinnamon as we all know is not red; it's brown. And this
    item (an outdoor grill) was red.

    I think he keeps repeating the colors over and over (no matter what he's peddling) because
    he can't think of anything to say. Gordon, however, says he's very smart and successful.
    Owns cooking shows or something.

    Well, what a kawinkydink. Gordon just stuck his head in to tell me we have a gardening
    project waiting when I am through posting. We have lots of geranium and calandrina
    in bloom. One of the roses he just bought already has a bud. You can see that the flower
    peeking out is a bright yellow. (Did I post that previously or just think about posting it?)

    At our Asian dinner last night my brother's desert (some of sort quasi ice cream made with
    rice called Mochi) was served with a white and purple flower on the plate. I asked
    Gordon what it was. He said it was from a dendrobium orchid. He was right. Pic below.
    Should you be curious about mochi, you can read about it on Wikipedia. Even find recipes
    for it.

    upload_2018-4-16_11-15-51.jpeg upload_2018-4-16_11-30-13.jpeg

    Barry, the restaurant in the hotel was very quiet when we entered. We were the only guests.
    The room gradually filled up; got pretty loud by the time we left. Why is Richard going to
    France? I would have loved to discuss the movies with him when I was in my right mind.
    Now the conversation would be more like a lecture from him and little or nothing from me.

    Right now BTW the way I am reading the autobiography of Milton Berle. It is considerably more thoughtful and analytical than his noisy persona. Remember when he was on one of
    those long Lucy programs. No body could wear high heels and walk on them sideways like Uncle Miltie. Milt was TV's first superstar.

    OK, am back after gardening duties. Nothing onerous. Just sweeping up old tomato and long bean vines.

    Gonna take a nap. Am in need of a cold drink and therapeutic reading.

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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    Woke this morning to the sound of a snowplow...yep..we're in the middle of April and it's still snowing..got about 2 to 3 inches of snow early this morning..fortunately, it's melting quickly.

    Spoke to my eldest daughter, Lisa, this morning and she told me that she is going to plant some kind of fruit tree in the memory of their beloved cat, Riley, who died this year at the age of 17 years old. She told me that my 4 year old granddaughter told her that she thinks Riley will be coming back as a baby kitty, and she also wanted to know when was Riley going to come out of his box...Riley was cremated and they have the box that his remains are in for burial. Oh..the innocence of little ones..it's so precious..and made me chuckle a bit.

    We hope to get our truck back from the repair shop sometime this week..they found a problem with the starter relay..not the electrical. Not having transportation has not been an enjoyable experience. Not sure what this is going to cost..bet it's not going to be cheap.

    Star..I think everyone who has children experiences the same thing with a messy room..Vicki was the worst..I got so tired of telling her to pick up her wet towel from the floor after taking a shower..so one day, I threw her soaking wet towel onto her bed making sure it landed on her pillow and sheets..when bedtime came, she was shocked when she discovered her bedding was wet and had to change everything..after doing this a couple of times, she finally got the message. .she's 4o years old and still has to be reminded at times to pick her stuff up! I read you have a huge forest fire going on..hopefully, it isn't close to you..we had a huge fire in 2014, burned for weeks and weeks..close to 100,000 acres went up in flames. Sorry you are in a flare..hope you feel better soon,

    Spring..loved the video of the puppy trying to make a fast escape from the store with his prized bone..he certainly looked like he was on a special mission. Sounds like everyone was having a great time celebrating Nepalese New Year. The mushroom pizza sounds wonderful..I love pizza!

    Sun..I can't believe your doctor didn't want to see you sooner..so sorry you're having horrible cramps..if it is a UTI, have you tried drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry pills? When I had a UTI a few months ago, I started drinking the juice and taking the pills and they really helped me..I must tell you, I hate pure cranberry juice, so I drank the juice mixed with another fruit juice..yes, there is alot of sugar in those drinks, but at that moment, I didn't care, I just wanted to work and it did..along with an antibiotic and an occasional aspirin, when needed.

    Mikie..so glad you are feeling better..I know getting a good night's sleep helps. I, too, agree with Spring on your sweet custom of leaving little treats on the window sill..I remember when I was young, leaving May flower baskets hanging from the door knob of neighbors. I loved gathering all sorts of spring flowers..these customs seem to be going by the wayside..so sad. I no longer have a dishwasher, which is fine because it's only the two of us now, but I remember when there was five of us, stuffing my dishwasher with as many dishes and utensils as possible..the last thing that went into the dishwasher was the sponge..it got washed every night. Love the movie My Cousin Vinny..it was on TV a couple of days ago..Oh Great!! a broken pipe or, hopefully, something simple like a broken sprinkler head..so sorry to hear about the ladies in your hood who have a drinking problem..so sad. Beautiful picture of the Biltmore Hotel..

    Rock..I'm so jealous that you are still picking tomatoes off your vines..I don't think tomatoes would last that long up here because of the cold weather, but, I'm going to plant a couple of vines in a few weeks and see how it goes. Glad you and your Minn. brother, sister in law, Gordon and you had a fun time at dinner..great picture of the doggie with the balloons.

    Granni..praying for good results for DH..when DH had prostate problems, I put several bottles of water on the counter for him to drink..he also has had prostate problems..several operations, no cancer, thank goodness, and yes, he had to have catheters..they were an annoyance, but a blessing at the same time..they truly keep the blood clots from creating blockage problems. Take care and let us know how things are going..just saw you new post..good news!!!

    Julie..I can't remember when your cataract operation is scheduled, I think it's soon, I know you will have a fabulous outcome. I think the main reason you must take it easy afterwards it because the doctor doesn't want any kind of pressure put on your eye..i.e, bending over or lifting something heavy. Is Lindsey's trip to California still a go? How are you feeling? I know you've been in a lot of pain..praying you start to feel better soon. How is Den feeling..has he recovered from having a couple of teeth pulled?

    Barry..glad you were able to stop in..it's always good to hear from you..as well as everyone on the board..but sorry to hear you are still under the weather. How big is your garden? I am going to try and start some veggies pretty soon. However, they will have to be planted in containers as I don't have a yard to speak of. There are so many things I want to plant. How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Your furbabies have a wonderful home and are very well taken care of and loved by you and Richard..

    GB..good to see you..hope you continue to stop by and let us know how you're doing.

    Duckie..you certainly have been busy..good for you..not to mention it is non stop for you at work!! Has your downstairs dried out completely yet? No mold, I hope. I have run out of words to describe how beautiful your quilts are..Did your husband's appointment with the sleep doctor have a good outcome? How's your migraine..gone I hope?! Take care.

    Yep..still snowing and the snowplows are still going up and down the road!..at this pace, we will be getting more than 3 or 4 inches..more like 6 inches or more..Oh Joy!!

    I apologize if I have missed anyone...

    Keeping everyone in my prayers..Take care..

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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Good news on your DH. Yes....get outta dodge! I hope you win a big jackpot and come home with $ to blow.

    Rock: I remember first seeing those dendrobian orchids when I was first in Las Vegas....they were garnishes for everything. I went out the hallway picking up the flowers off the roomservice carts! LOL. And I can't even get mine to produce a flower.

    My gardener hasn't shown up today, that probably means he's still losing work concerning his DD. I hope everything is OK for them.
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm having a drink after a very stressful day. Where to start? When the plumber hadn't shown up by 2:00 p.m., I called the plumbing co. directly. They had no record that the mgmt. co. had called. The call should have been made around 10:30 this morning. Plumber who came out told me that happens a lot. Come to find out, that pipe had been hit hard and it had to be the guy on the riding lawnmower. I'm going to turn in a claim for them to pay for today's repairs and any extra water costs. The plumbers and the county utility guys said the only way the damage would have happened is from the pipe's being hit. I went running downstairs right after the water stopped in the bldg. Three gardeners were standing around looking at the leak. When I asked what happened, they all shrugged their shoulders and said they didn't know. Plumber gave me the plastic pipe section where it broke from being hit. Also, the paint on the pipe was scraped. I took pics of that. The plumbers will be back out to replace the whole backflow valve unit because it is old and needs to be replaced. This is the second time the mgmt. co. has screwed up with water leaks. I think the big board is looking to replace them.

    Just to be clear, I think Comey is a schmuck because he should never have grandstanded and given that press conference where he made statements about the Clinton emails. Then, he did it again when they reopened the case. The FBI never does that. The DOJ is the one to make the statement whether there is enough evidence to bring charges. There wasn't and it should have been left at that, a statement and nothing more. He really screwed the pooch. I have no doubt that he is honest but I think he has a hero complex and thinks he has to go overboard in making himself look good. My feelings about him are not partisan. Both sides are angry with him. He just plain messed up and has now written a book which will likely make him rich.

    Barry, I will likely have to make a Costco run for coffee. Unfortunately, it's not on sale. Fortunately, the Kirkland brand is good and it is cheap. I wish I could remember things like Richard does. I see someone and know I've seen him or her in other productions but can't remember what it was. Drives me nuts. We have been through times when the postings on the Porch were thin. People get busy or are in flares and cannot post. It'll pick up again. Lots of posts this afternoon.

    Sun, God bless you for sharing with people who are less fortunate. So many people think that the poor are lazy but we here all know that life can hand you some crippling things. I was at the top of my career and earning power when I got sick. I wanted to work because I was making such good money but I couldn't. So many of my clients in insurance had had things like that happen to them. Yes, there will always be scammers who are lazy but there are lots of folks who haven't had any advantages and had bad luck despite trying to climb out of poverty. The biggest thing I see people doing which keeps them in poverty is having children they can't afford. We have to take care of them and develop programs which will give them the opportunity to be self-sufficient. Again, God bless you for your generosity.

    Granni, sooo relieved that DH is OK. I pray he can pee. I hope you can get away. You need it after all you've been through this year. It's so wonderful when married people stay together and retire. It's a time to enjoy your leisure together. With my lousy marriage, I'm better off alone but I'm happy for those of y'all who have that wonderful best friend and spouse with whom you can enjoy this time of life.

    Duckie, I guess I didn't realize you already had ten states done. You work fast; those designs look so time consuming.

    Judy, more snow? I think Nancy is sick of it. It was the most beautiful day here today. It was in the mid-70's with a nice cool breeze. I tried my best to enjoy it while trying to get our plumbing problems fixed. I sat outside for a while and opened the doors and my kitchen window to let the breeze blow through. When I was a kid, my friends and I always made May baskets for each other and the neighbors in the hood. I have a design which is woven with no seams to make heart shaped baskets. My friend who left the little Cutie citrus on my windowsill stopped her car in the middle of the street and came to give me a hug when she saw the flood out front. I truly am blessed with friends. Hope your snow melts away along with your troubles.

    Rock, I can't believe how grand and how beautiful that Biltmore Hotel is. I'm glad they didn't tear it down. I found the dendrobium orchards the easiest to grow. They seem to be able to tolerate more light. The one I gave Barb bloomed over and over. Hope your chores didn't wear you out.

    I've been swearing like a sailor at the computer. Every time I type fast, it wipes out whole sentences. I just hate that. I try to slow down but am soon speeding along. My beloved old computer never had that problem. I had better go before I end up in hell. I hope all y'all are having a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie


    This is basically what the backflow valve assembly looks like. Gardner ran the lawn mower into the vertical pipe, breaking the pvc pipe it hooked into underground.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. One would think I nap all day. One would be correct.

    Mikie, it would be a perfect world if we didn't have so many faulty people in it. The staff that
    didn't call the plumber sounds like the 911 people who couldn't save the boy trapped in the car.
    I looked up PVC just to refresh my memory. I was thinking it stood for Pulsating Vacuum
    Cleaner, but actually, according to one site, it means Pretty Vicious Cat.

    Could also be the most popular instruments in the orchestra: Piano, Violin, Cowbell.

    It amazes me that many sites that will tell you what initials stand for don't know the meaning
    of acronym. PVC is not an acronym because it is not used as word. NATO and AWOL
    are acronyms.

    Yes, the Biltmore ceiling is amazing. Only 24 hours ago our little group was admiring it.

    Sun, I don't remember seeing any orchids at all when I lived in Las Vegas (1968). Of
    course there have been a few changes in the intervening half century. Didn't see many
    plants in gardens except cacti and roses. Don't think I ever saw a grass lawn.

    That is so kind of you to donate to help the homeless. And to provide a home for your
    son. I hope the doc can help when you see her Wed. I agree with JB. She should
    have seen you earlier.

    JB, Glad to see someone posting about May baskets. In our village we gave them to
    friends every Spring, but when I grew up I found other people from other places generally didn't know what I was talking about.

    I think just about everyone loves pizza. It was new to our part of the country when I was
    a teen. We used to make our own with help from Chef Boyardee (" in Italian it's Boiardi.")
    Of course with hamburger and Valveta cheese it wasn't too authentic, but we kids
    liked it.

    Duckie, great quilt design. Looks like it was influenced by the Kaleidoscope movement
    which was very popular sometime after the impressionism movement if I remember my
    Art History 101 course correctly. Did you do this block "sooner" than the others since
    it was Oklahoma?

    The flo snurries should all be gone in a week or so. My sister in law told me last night that
    grandchild Max walks in the melted snow flowing down the street and clears any ice or
    snow outta the way. He thinks he's doing a good deed 'cause grampa told him it would
    help the water reach the Mississippi. Max is about 6.

    Julie, surgery still scheduled for Wed.? Do you have a paperback picked out to take?
    When I had my surgery Kaiser told all the patients (about a dozen) to come at 9 AM.
    I had to lie on a gurney for three hours till they got to me. Was so glad to have something
    to look at besides the hospital ceiling.

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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Actually you're very lucky you CAN nap. I lay down and wish I could sleep longer than 30 min. Tops. FM and CFS are debateable whether they're the same thing only different symptoms. I walk around soooo tired and yet keeps pushing, looking forward to when I can go to bed and maybe, maybe sleep 5 hrs.

    I think those dendrobian orchids are greenhouse grown specifically for decoration on plates.

    Judy: I HAVE been drinking non sugar cranberry juice for the last 2 days, almost finished with a quart bottle. Actually I like the tart taste to it....comes from drinking dry red wine. LOL. I went a whole day without that "funny pain". I understand why the doc couldn't see me......she's the cancer specialist and I guess she figured to make me wait until she saw me on wed. For a scope. And I'm actually glad she didn't automatically prescribe an antibiotic like most docs. I did tell her I have been using some CBD oil and I take oregano oil too for bacteria.

    Julie: Is it this week? From what I've heard it's amazing how you can immediately see the difference. My aunt told me she couldn't believe that her couch was bright! She hadn't been seeing the colors. I saw my opthamologist a couple of weeks ago....said there cataracts were just starting and no change from last year. That's good, don't need anymore worries.
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...making myself scarce, as I usually do when the political comments start floating around. Won't get started now as I would probably get myself banned, lol!

    Yes, cataract surgery is Wednesday. I almost forgot to start the ABX drops today. I remember Granni talking about all the drops that DH needed...wasn't it you, Granni...and he had cataract surgery also? I'm hoping it goes as well as most people have indicated...however, my little brother is still having problems from his surgery from over a year ago. And his other eye is getting worse, too, so he may be in a mess. I think, though, that part of his problem is they are having problems regulating his blood sugar...

    Thanks for thinking of me...I'll try to check in as soon as I can afterwards. Plan to take it easy for a few days afterwards while I have an "excuse". Take care, everyone...spring has got to be just around the corner :)
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    I actually woke and got up before SV. First time for that. Toward morning, he sleeps on his perch on the back of the loveseat in the front bedroom. Then, he comes in to wake me up. He lay here next to me on the sofa because he was in dire need of some mama love. Every time I stopped petting him, he asked for more. When I got up to turn on the fan, he cried and I had to tell him it was OK. He knows what that means. Sitting here stroking his silky fur also helps me. It's very calming.

    I had a drink last evening after the stressful day I had, dealing with the water leak and incompetence. Fortunately, the plumbers were very competent and helpful. I have to put together a letter stating the case for the landscaping co. to pay the bill. I hate dealing with this kind of stuff.

    Rock, journalist stds. state that you spell out the words making up the acronym and, after that, you use just the initials. It drives me nuts that our newspaper writers don't always do that. Sometimes I run into an acronym with which I'm not familiar and for which the whole words were not spelled out. At least, I told y'all what FPOC stands for.

    Sun, I'm glad you got a break from the pain. I can't help but think that's a good sign. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Keep us updated on how you're doing.

    Julie, I am keeping you in my prayers for successful eye surgery. Just be sure to follow the directions to the letter afterward. Just sent up a little prayer for your bro too. It can be tricky when blood sugar control is involved. Doc thinks I'll die before I need my cataracts removed. They are small and don't change. That's good news but the bad news is that my eyesight keeps getting worser and worser. Pretty soon, I'll be wearing Coke bottle glasses. We will all be thinking of you; please let us know you are OK when you're able.

    I got some cleaning done yesterday, more like tidying up. I couldn't do laundry with the water shut off so will do it today. Tomorrow, I'm meeting Claudia and Rose at the pool to work out. Don't know whether to get my hair cut short or not. I'm not gonna decide until I'm sure.

    Hope everydooby has a nice day, free from pain and stress.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good (late) morning to all!

    I took a sleeping pill last night and went to bed early. Feeling much more chipper today. I'm sitting here eating my (splurge Chinese) lunch from my favorite Chinese restaurant. I go there often enough that when I walk in, they grab my bag off the shelf and hand it to me.

    Last week, I came home to find one of the two bird feeders I hung up for Cat-TV on the ground. I didn't know why until I witnessed a squirrel climb my window screen and leap to the remaining feeder. I re-hung the feeders with heavier hooks, and removed the window screen lest the squirrels tear it up. A few minutes later, I heard "thunk-screeee" as a squirrel tried to climb the non-existent screen. I wish that I had witnessed it rather than just heard it, but I got a good giggle out of it never-the-less.

    Julie - I hope your eye surgery goes well. My DM will be having hers done soon. Since she lives alone, I'd be interested to know from all of you with experience with said surgery what kind of assistance I might expect her to need in the days following surgery... My DS will likely be off school when it happens, so he can probably stay with her and help out.

    JB - DH had his appointment with the sleep doctor this morning (well, actually the nurse practitioner) and he now has a rental unit (YAY - I get my machine back!!). He was rather vague about next steps, but he was in the car, so he didn't want to spend a lot of time on the phone. The basement is dry now. I was worried about this last rain causing more water intrusion, but it didn't. I got the carpet cleaned well enough when it first happened that we didn't get any mold or mildew, fortunately. We've also learned a trick to leave the lights on as that deters mold and mildew growth. I hope your latest snow doesn't stick around long. We actually had some heavy snow showers yesterday, but it all melted as it hit the ground.

    Mikie - If I said I had 10 states done it was a typo - I have only 6 done. But I do have all the edges and corners done. I hope you have good luck with getting the landscaping company to pay for the damage and added water bill.

    Rock - Haha!! No, I picked a random more-complicated block after having done 3 relatively easy ones (Hawaii, Delaware and Colorado, for the record). Then I did another challenging one (South Carolina), and another easy one (Alabama). I'm now about half-way through Indiana (relatively easy). I have Minnesota and Arkansas queued up. But I may not get to work on it much this week as it is going to be busy prepping for my concert Sunday.

    Sun - I hope it is good news for you tomorrow. What a "pain" - both literally and figuratively.

    Barry - Warm, sunny hugz to you, my friend.

    Well, it's now early afternoon and my lunch time is over, so it's back to the grind. Hugz to all!


    p.s. the climate control in our office has gone bats again and it is 80 degrees in here. It got up to 83 one day last week, and I put in a maintenance request. We were comfortable the rest of the week. Yesterday and today it's bad again.:(:(:(:(
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Duckie,

    Colorado is too laid back to have a complicated square. Actually, they all look quite challenging to me.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Fellow Porchers

    I just got up and Gordon just left to do errands. In other words: "What sort of a day was it?
    A day like all days. Filled with those events that altered and illuminate our times. And you
    were there." Walter Cronkite.

    Well, my relatives are flying back to Minnesota from San Diego today. I'll have to send
    them a welcome home e mail. And thank brother who paid for the dinner Sunday. I
    meant to when I wrote previously but forgot. Which I do all the time here. But I can always edit my post or post it next time. We are so lucky to have the PH Board. I would have
    zero social life without it.

    Mikie, that's right. You told us what FPOC stood for. In looking around the net I also found
    it on a list of government abbreviations: Federal Program of Confusiation. I believe that
    would be most of their programs.

    Remember more primitive times when many folks actually wore Coke bottle bottoms
    because they were said to filter out harmful rays of the sun? I bet if Beyonce or Lady
    Gaga or the Kardashians wore them today, millions of their fans would follow suit.

    You know what? I think I'll go send that e mail to MN right now before I forget.

    Back soon
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Yes it was me talking about the eye drops when DH had to get them AFTER CATARACT SURGERY. Let us know when you can when it is over. Will you give yourself the drops or DEN? Guessing you esp since Den is so busy he many not be around all the time. I know it will go well will be thinking about you tomorrow .

    MIKIE - How funny of SV crying for you not to leave him and keep on petting him. Sounds like he is one happy spoiled kitty cat right about now LOL . He knows when he's got it good, for sure.

    ROCK - How nice of your brother to pay for the dinner. Nice of you to thank him. What did you have to eat, something soft like noddles etc?? I love Chinese or oriental foods. I know Gordon was in his glory.

    JUDY - Hope the Dr appt went well today for DH and he gets a new CPAP machine

    DUCKIE - Those squares are so gorgeous. It will be something else when it is all done.

    SUN- Glad your pain is a bit better . Hope it continues and keeps on getting better (less and less) for you.

    I won't be back tomorrow a we will be gone to win a lot of money LOL ;)

    Gotta run for now. Have to think about what I am going to throw in the suitcase for one day.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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