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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Took me ten minutes to close the last one and open this one. Gonna turn this old thing
    off for a while. In the meantime, have at it. o_O

    Took hours to fix the typo in the number of this post. During those hours I was asleep.
    The crankier the computer gets, the crankier I get. This is not a healthy relationship.
    Anyhoo, I think it's OK now.


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  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Just stopping in to say hi but will have to come back later. I'm still too sleepy to post.

    Rock, thanks for opening up a new Porch for us.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member


    Since Rock is Grumpy and Mikie is Sleepy, I'll be Happy and post a porch picture. :p

    Didn't get finished with the block I was working on last night...it's one of the more challenging ones.

    We're supposed to get up to near 80 today, then thunderstorms are due tomorrow.

    I'll be back later with more to say, but I have a meeting coming up.
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  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! Rock, thanks for the new porch...and Happy May Day to everyone! I need to borrow Elaine's giant travel machine so I can bring May baskets to you all :)

    I think spring has sprung...64 degrees at 7:00, on the way up to 85. Amy's birthday is Friday (my baby will be 33 years old!!!) and they are going camping at their favorite local spot. We're going to go hang out with them on Saturday (Den said I could go if I get my "work" done, lolololol!) He knows better than to try to keep me from our kiddos, haha! He also knows we will probably NEVER get our work all done, so of course, was joking...:rolleyes::D

    I told Den last night that as exhausted as I am each night from doing yardwork that I'm going to have to cut back from two hours to one...I'm not kidding...I only worked about that long yesterday, by the time I got the kitchen cleaned up and spent quite awhile on the phone with our cell phone carrier (we put Keira on our plan and working on getting the lowest price possible, but still have enough data for a preteen :p.)

    I assume I'll get "conditioned in" eventually. Wouldn't seem like riding a lawnmower should be so fatigue-causing, but it is hard on my back and neck...and picking up branches is good exercise, but I kept having to stop and catch my breath (Sun, I'm having my pulmonary test on Friday.)

    I want to get over to our Amish nursery sometime this week. I always fill a big flowerpot for Amy and this weekend would be a great time to get it to her. And take the girls their tomato plants...Miley likes the little grape/cherry ones (I found one called "Juliette", lol!) while Keira likes the regular sized Roma.

    I hope everyone is having a good enough week so far. I would really love to just go back to bed right now, but I'll just see if another cup of coffee helps. Sunday, I did listen to my body...was going to go see my dad before picking up Keira in town, but got so exhausted after fixing breakfast and taking a shower, I had to lie down and rest for about a half hour.

    I'll leave a pic of my dad, Amy and the girls when we went to see him Sunday evening...they were facing west, so had the sun in their eyes :oops: Oh, Duckie (I mean "Happy") I see you've posted, so I am editting this to say "Hi"! I guess I could easily be "Sneezy" with all this pollen and other allergens flying around...

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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got some more sleep. Went out and fed and petted Miss Puss. The sky is gray, and the wind
    is blowing. Showers and 61 degrees are predicted. Gordon planted some new tomato plants
    a couple weeks ago. One seems to be thriving. Has yellow flowers already.

    Duckie, thanks for posting a porch pic. It's only in the last couple years we've been doing that.
    This shows that the porch, now 14 years old, is thriving with new people and new ideas. And
    here's a kawinkydink. I opened a new package of boxer shorts this morning and found a pair
    with thin gray and white stripes. Just like the porch in the pic. When I was a kid we had a
    wicker chair much like the one in the corner. Over the years it was painted various colors.
    I think the last time I saw it the color was dark blue. But it had also been white and then green.

    Julie, another nice family pic. I think the sun is sinking in the SW. It all looks so homey and Mid-West. Last time I there was about 20 years ago. No more visits or traveling for me. Keira
    must have good jaw muscles if she can chew those thick-walled Roma tomatoes. Seems like the
    Italian chefs on TV always use them when making pasta.

    Mikie, hope you had a nice nap. Maybe one with flying over Colorado. I bet SV would
    enjoy a flight in an old fashioned open cockpit. Maybe Gordon could knit him a
    flying helmet.

    Hugs Everydobby.
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - your DF looks happy. How nice you could spend some time with him and Amy and all also. Seems like a nice sunny day and I can see a beautiful white blossom tree.

    DMC - thanks for the porch pic. I love the cushion colors. Lovely.

    Rock - we used to have a yellow wicker table in our bedroom cum living room when I was a child. I remember a day when me and my elder brother were around five and seven and we were spick and span and sitting at that table sipping milk. It was a sunny day and our parents were milling around. One of the rare all is well memories I have of childhood.

    Barry - they seem to have strikes often in France. Beginning from the French Revolution storming of the Bastille. Hope Richards trip is not adversely affected. I wish we had Anna Hummingbirds here. The chicks which got displaced by our cutting down the tree they had a nest in were perched in another tree. Luckily they seem to have become big enough to fly.

    Yesterday was Lord Buddhas day of birth. We all visited the monasteries here but on our own. I went to the so called Monkey temple in the morning. My DD went when I came back. DH went to the Stupa on his way back from golf and DS went to the same place after completing some work.

    It was going to rain which made the temps cool, perfect for walking up and down the steep steps. Lit butter lamps. Lots of people. Lots of monkeys and stray dogs. The EQ devastated the restaurants around the area but the vendors were out in full force selling touristy things.

    There was this astrologer dressed in monks robes sitting underneath a tree and reading palms. His little board said 'Astrologer, medicine healer, meditation, therapist. Eh, what?
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Here's a lovely May Day basket for all our Porchies. It's nicer than the ones we used to make when I was a yute.

    I feel more as though I'm Dopey but Sleepy also fits the bill. I went to the store and came home and put my groceries away. I went to take a Lactaid pill and took another allergy pill because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. I just woke up from a deep nap. Doh!!!

    I started to watch Dancing With The Stars last night but athletes are my least favorite 'stars.' I wanted to see Tanya Harding. I recorded the show so will fast forward to her when I watch it. I think they should have politicians on. I'm trying to picture them stepping and twirling in their finery to some hot music.

    Saw an article which stated research is turning up EBV as a possible cause of all kinds of immune and autoimmune illnesses, including CFIDS/ME.

    Duckie, thanks for the new Porch. I love blue in all its many shades. I have some stemware that matches the blue glass vase.

    Julie, nice pic of your Dad, Amy and the girls. I'm glad you are pacing yourself. Sounds as though you are in for some nice weather.

    Rock, I love the little Roma tomatoes. They seem to have more flavor. I'm laughing when I picture SV in his little knitted cap and goggles flying along in an antique open cockpit plane. If I had Sun's talent, I'd paint a pic of it. I got him a little cup of Rachel Ray's Nutrish cat food and he seemed to like it. He licks off the sauce and leaves the rest. Such a spoiled kitty.

    Spring, do y'all have monkeys in the wild there? I saw a show on Panama and they went to Monkey Island. Little monkeys came out to the boat and got treats. They are soooo cute. Do you have any festivities on Buddha's Birthday? Family feasts? Festivals? Buddha was humble, like Jesus, but look what we do on Christmas. Oy!

    I'm doing nothing because I'm exhausted and everything I touch is turning to crap. It's one of those days. Whine, whine, whine! Hope everydooby else is doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Nice porch! Makes me think there's a beach close by, or maybe I'm wishing that for myself. And trays are so popular to use anywhere. I have one in the kitchen that I use for fruit to ripen, and....I think it's becoming a catch all, one on a coffee table in FR, and another one on an antique tea cart that I pull out from under a counter in FR. That becomes my place to eat in front of the TV.

    Spring: I was wondering that about Buddha's BD also. You always seem to have some festival going on in your country. My DS and DIL went to Bali when they were first married and encountered lots of rude/mean monkeys everywhere. They're cute but they kinda scare me.

    Rock: Does Miss Kitty have a special place to sleep outside? You really spoil her. Too bad she won't come into the house.

    Julie: Good luck with the breathing test. I hope you get some definitive answers. What is it with little kids, my DGDs included, that they have to keep sticking out their tongue. I just can't get good pictures of my two little ones.

    I'm a mess with pain the last couple of days. My elbow still is screaming if I touch it, and I turned wrong a few days ago while lifting a pot outside and messed up my hip. Yes, Mikie: I used the tens all day yesterday cranked up to the highest. Can't use it on my elbow because the tiniest touch at the end sends tingles thru my arm......a scary feeling. I have to get to the store and I think when I get home I'm going to soak my feet in Epsom salts. And I may have overdone last week with that tiny bit of energy and have now used it all up. Why do we do this???????

    I talked to my DS today.....today he turned 43. He lives in LA area and said it's raining there. We've only gotten dreariness here. So I'm sure Rock must have gotten some rain.
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon just left to see his Chinatown Chiropractor Dr. Chau. I think it's pronounced Chow.
    He went out this morning to do some errands. Reported that the rain we got was meager.
    Hardly dampened the sidewalk.

    Sun, I hope the Epsom Salts is helpful. Over the years many posters have said an Epsom salts
    bath is soothing, relaxing, etc. I have never found they had any effect on me. Just made the
    water gritty.

    I saw some monkeys on youtube a few years back. I think they were in India. Very wude and
    mischievous. Sometimes snatching items from tourists or grabbing food.

    No, the silly cat has no special place to sleep. The boxes, towels, tarp, I have put out are
    generally ignored. I fixed her a place on the covered porch, but even when it's raining,
    if I put her there, she hops right off. But she somehow stay dry when it rains.

    Mikie, a beautiful basket. Yes, blue is my favorite color too. I have Nordic eyes: pale blue.
    Gordon tells me now and again that they turned gray decades ago. My mother told me
    that there are more shades of blue than any other color. (So far as I know scientists have not
    endorsed this view.) I suspect blue probably shows up in song lyrics more than other colors.
    "Blue, blue, my world is blue. Blue is my world when I'm without you."

    Springwater, "Astrologer, medicine healer, meditation, therapist." Reminds me the small
    village 5 miles S of our slightly less small village. It was a stop for the Greyhound Bus. And
    a cafe. And a gas station. And a garage. And sold various items and trinkets. Far as I
    know it was the only business in town.

    Ah ha. Gordon just got back. He said it's not raining.

    Hugs, All
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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.

    Spring, Was thinking along the same lines as Rock, in regards to the astrologist etc etc
    Over here we would call that 'a jack of all trades', (maybe its a US/ world wide expression?)
    Gotta make a living I s'pose.

    Sun, I also remember all I've heard about the mean, thieving monkeys from Bali.
    My mil went last yr and was terrified by them.
    When we get those rare moments of max energy and min pain we tend to go for it , come what may,
    Because we figure it'll be worth it...the feeling of achievement and satisfaction are such a huge pull...and then we pay...
    I too struggle with what seems like on going head aches due to my neck and shoulders.such a nuisance.I wish i knew what i did to it that caused all the neck mess in the first place.
    .praying you feel better soon.

    Rock, our Puss is a bit like yours I think, in the area of managing to stay dry even though she snubs Every carefully designed bed/spot...yesterday she was curled up, asleep in a big bucket laying on its side.
    What can I say? She loves to slum it...i agree with you about gritty water when using epsom salts, but am still likely to usdd epsom salts- just in case it IS actually doing something.even a miniscule something.

    Mikie, Im interested to know if Sv gets fleas...we hv tried 3 different kinds and they're not cheap and not very effective eigther! Rest and recovery sounds like a good idea...after all, you hv had a lot on your plate lately.hope you are feeling better soon.

    Duck, you said your Ds has finished for the term.how long does one of his terms go for?
    And after this break does he go back or something else?
    Quilting is big in this little community here too.Its a pity Im useless at it.(my fingers hurt just thinking about it!) As it'd be nice to see creations.

    Granni, the main reason I type on my phone is because if I was to use Dh lap top, he would suddenly hv a reason (life or death of course) , to hv to use it...I sometimes hv to chuckle when I read stuff like that...i guess you will be back sweeling leaves and outdoor work again, soon enough too.

    Julie, the work you do is nothing short of a miracle.the amt of mowing, when its not snowing...
    Great family pic! Everyone seemed to be haply and your Df has his usual, I see.(milkshake).
    Apart from God, nothing more important than family, so I reckon your priorities are spot on.
    I hope you hv a great time catching up with your birthday girl

    Barry, yesterday I copped a lecture on how to use a wheelbarrow, so I promptly emptied it (dispite the pain, both physical and mental, gritting my teeth and biting my tongue)...I hv determined to put a wheelbarrow on my shopping list with the timber I need to build a raised bed. In order to make it unattractive to others, i think pink or purple will do quite nicely.
    I still hv to figure out where and how to put a mini hot house for in between seasons. Im a little annoyed that my gorgeous pumpkin vine is flourishing too late.

    Judy, do you still hv the cat you were talking about? Jake is it? Yes, it is amazing how we take our vehicles for granted.sure feel it when its out of action.last night Dh had to pull some of his work ute apart as it was jammed in park.Hes pretty good with cars (not the electronics of course) and unfortunately in this case it isnt a relatively easy fix.looks like it needs a new gear box...
    And life's adventure continues...

    Or should I say
    'And these are the days of our lives'.

    Best get to work.
    I can hear the washing machine swearing at me.(beeping coz its done)
    Though Im glad to hv one.

    Tame care All
    Catch yas later
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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: Definitely a pink wheelbarrow!!!!! LOL. Thanks for the prayers, well we all need them and at times more than usual.

    Try this arm/shoulder exercise I discovered. Sit up straight, shoulders back. Put your hands on your shoulders, take a deep slow breath as you fill your lungs and pull your arms back (trying to squeeze your shoulders) and hold for a few counts, then exhale by bringing your elbows to meet in front of you. Repeat. I've found that when you bring your elbows to the front to touch it deeply stretches your shoulder muscles that are hard to get to. You can do these anywhere, standing, or even sitting cross legged, whatever is comfortable for you. You can also move your elbows in big circles, keeping hands on your shoulders.

    And when you turn your head to one side and hold it, you can feel your neck muscles stretch.....feels so good. Repeat on other side. Then when you look down as you are turned to the side you feel an even better stretch to the neck muscles. You can also look up for a few counts.....however I can't do that without getting dizzy and messing up my neck.....so go easy and THINK what you're feeling as you do them.

    I hope this helps with pain.
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...thanks for the kind words regarding my dad, etc. You truly are the best friends I have right now...you and my kids and hubby. I totally overdid it today, but hoping a good nights' sleep will make me "right as rain" by morning.

    I decided to go to the greenhouse this morning. That way, if it rained, I would have my bedding plants here and could just "switch gears." Picked out a bunch of flowers and the girls' tomato plants, got them home and into the shop, then hopped on the mower. Felt a few sprinkles, but just kept going...I think I am okay for the rest of this week, as far as mowing.

    Just ready to start repotting plants when Den got home from work, so caught up with him before he took his after work nap. It was so windy outside, I was glad I was working inside the shop. Den woke up, so I heated up some leftovers for his supper, then finished my project...got everything replanted and watered, came in and showered and fixed myself a sandwich and heated up some veggies. We had time for one Netflix show...tonight it was "Ice Pilots" about men and women who fly cargo and passenger planes all over the Artic. I am now ready to crash...think I will try some of Sun's neck/shoulder exercises...my body is screaming at me, lol!

    Star, my favorite color is purple, but I think a PINK wheelbarrow will make a louder statement, lol!

    Will check in tomorrow...nite!
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  13. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    They are great!
    Thank you Sun!

    Sweet dreams Julie.

    Im off to look for some rope to tiectimber to the roof rack.
    Would hate to hv it slide through someone elses wind screen.

    Take care all.
    Catch yas
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Rock - these are our monkeys in the wild. They inhabit temples. I clicked this alpha as I was climbing the steps and he cooperated by not moving.

    Star - yes, I had taken uncooked rice grains to offer at the shrines, and a little monkey pulled on it. She was however, I think a little girl and rather timid. Let go immediately and ran off. The bigger species are scary. I've seen one belligerently approach a girl, swat an ice cream from her hand and saunter away. In fact one of these rogues was perched on a tree licking an ice cream he had just stolen.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Nice night's sleep and that is always a plus when starting the day. Didn't get much done yesterday 'cept go to the store and come home to stow the groceries. SV liked the Nutrish food I got for him. It's more like a thick soup and I'm hoping he will eat it all instead of just licking the sauce off of it. He does the strangest things. He likes to sleep on his back. Yesterday, he was sleeping on his back next to the glass of the sliding door. He did four sit ups just like a human would do. He wasn't trying to get up. He could have just rolled on his side to do that. After the sit ups, he went kinda wild and squirelly, twisting around with a funny look on his face. Never a dull moment with him around.

    Ilona's ex DIL will be arriving today with her girl friends for a girls only getaway. I turned on the water and plugged in the hot water heater. I also turned on the fridge/ice maker and set the A/C for her. Her toilets are fine. I think it's only the units with the water turned on that got dirt in the flush valve assemblies in the toilets. Plumber will be here on Mon. to replace mine and the one in another unit. Then, I hope the water issue will be behind us. Good grief!

    Sun, I love trays too. I have a woven wicker one on the coffee table in the living room. There is one like it on the leather like ottoman in the front bedroom. Tweety hooked her claws in it and left a couple of little holes. The tray provides good cover for them and looks nice. Best part is that I can stow paperwork in it. It doesn't matter that you can't put the TENS unit on your elbow. All it takes is to put it between the pain and the spine to have the electricity interrupt the pain signals. I hope it's feeling better. In PT, they had me sit up straight and turn my head to the side gently. When I had turned it as much as I thought it would go, they had me try to turn it just a wee bit more. That final stretch is what loosens it up. One has to be very gentle and careful when involving the neck. Hope your pain is better.

    Rock, I saw someone on TV saying that blue eyes will eventually be gone in the world. Too many people with brown eyes producing children and interracial marriages where the brown eye gene will be dominant. It will take a long time but it's kinda sad to think about. Both blue and brown eyes are beautiful. SV has a little pet bed and he uses it all the time but he also likes to tuck himself into little nooks and crannies. He will sleep on anything I put on the floor. Anything new is very exciting for him. I put a pretty little throw rug on the lanai tile next to the sliders so he would have a soft spot out there. When I went to Mexico to SCUBA dive, we went out with the dive master every day on his boat to dive the reefs. At lunchtime, we would head to his hut on the beach in the jungle. His family had a pet monkey that lived outside. We were told not to get too close to it because it was mean and might pee on us. I saw it sitting in the tree watching us but didn't get close.

    Star, when SV and Tweety lived outside, they got fleas. The vet gave them something. Tweety didn't tolerate the med the first day. It was one which was applied to the skin on the back of the neck. There are flea collars too. Some work and some don't. The ones which work are more expensive. A vet should be able to advise. Because SV lives upstairs, doesn't go out except on the screened lanai and has no interactions with other animals, I don't have to worry about fleas. Animals that go out down here have to be treated to avoid fleas and tics. Saw on the news that illnesses from fleas and tics is waaay up. We have mosquitos here that carry West Nile and Zika viruses. Dengue fever is spread in other parts of the world. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I take it easy when I'm worn out. I wish you could do the same but I know how it is with a family, always someone needing something. You amaze me with all you do for yours.

    Julie, I'm glad you got so much done with the plants and mowing. I just hope you didn't overdo it. I can still remember the first few warm spring days in CO when the lure of flowers took me to the garden center to buy plants. I can still remember how it felt and smelled. It's not like that down here in the jungle. I always loved Mothers Day because it was in the spring. I've loved spring and flowers ever since I was a little kid. Barb's favorite color is purple too. She has a purple leather sofa in the living room of the condo. How do y'all get your TV? Do you have a dish? How do you get your internet? For years, it never occurred to me to figure out how people living in rural areas got electricity. Then my ex went to work for a G&T and I read, The Farmer Gets A Hand, all about the TVA and rural electric assns. Take it easy and get your rest.

    I'm off to read the real Wednesday newspaper. I hope Publix has Puff tissues on sale because my supply is dwindling with all these allergies. I'm spending a fortune on tissues and allergy pills. Hope all y'all have a wonderful, allergy and pain free day.

    Love, Mikie

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Spring,

    We must have been posting at the same time. That monkey looks as though he is elevating his legs after a busy day. Funny! I have no desire to get close to monkeys but I do enjoy watching them. Thanks for posting.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    I never made it back to post yesterday. The rest of my day at work was busy, and when I got home, I got lost somewhere between New Hampshire (finished) and Maryland (half done)!

    Today is grocery shopping day after work. The chance of rain and thunderstorms for today has significantly diminished, but it's going to be cloudy.

    Apparently a poltergeist was in our office overnight...One coworker's sweater (Niki's) was on another's chair (Steve's), my water cup was on Niki's desk and another coworker's mouse mat (Craig's) was just gone.

    Rock - Kind of funny that it was warmer here yesterday (80) than in SoCal. Feral cats are good at finding places to sleep. Hope you're feeling less grumpy today.

    Star - DS and I leave for vacation on the 22nd. Well, we leave for my conference on the 22nd of May. (Hey, that's just 3 weeks from today!!) The conference is the 23rd and 24th. Vacation officially starts the 25th of May. College terms are 15 weeks here in the US. He could have gone to school over the summer, but opted not to. He'll start back at the end of August. I'm not sure what classes he'll be taking yet as registration for his "major" (Culinary Arts) doesn't start until sometime in June.

    Sun - I figured I'd better explain about my nickname, as it could easily be misconstrued. So sorry to hear about your pain. It is so true that when we feel good we tend to over do things. I'm hoping that I continue to feel good through my vacation. I do think my little exercise bike is helping lots in that regard. I've also been sleeping better lately. I'm not sure if that's because of the bike or because I've started taking Flexeril at bedtime again.

    Mikie - I'm glad that the honeysuckle hunt didn't cause a flare as well. The way my arm felt on Saturday evening, I was sure I had triggered the tendinitis in that arm again...but by Sunday, I felt fine. I've also read that red-heads are slowly disappearing. My DH has brown eyes, and my DD does as well, but my DS inherited my hazel eyes.

    Julie - I'm glad you caught my reference to the Seven Dwarves. (Mikie did too!) Great pic of the Treasures with your DF. Happy b-day to Amy!

    Spring - Those monkeys are Macaques. They are one of the most widely spread and most adaptable monkeys on the planet. But their adaptability brings them into conflict with people. There is a guy in one city (in India, I think, but can't remember) who goes around dressed like a giant macaque. He has scared most of the macaques out of the city. I also saw an incredible video of a macaque that effectively "performed CPR" on a fellow macaque that had gotten electrocuted. Amazingly, the electrocuted macaque lived. Here's the video - fair warning, it's pretty long:

    Barry - the columbine are about ready to bloom here, which means that the Ruby-throated hummingbirds will soon be back. Time to get my feeders out. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only ones we normally get around here.

    Judy - it seems to me that you asked me a question or made a comment, but I'll be darned if I can remember what it was or find it. Hope you are doing well.

    GAH - my browser just crashed. Thank heavens for the autosave feature or I would have lost my entire post. As it is, I only lost the last half of the sentence I was typing for Judy.

    On that note, I probably better go before something else goes squirrelly. Hugz to all!

  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Let myself sleep in a few extra hours (it's after 9:00 am here) and I think it did the trick. Oreo woke me at 3:30 because it was thundering and raining, but I just kept petting her as she stood at the side of the bed and she eventually calmed down. Then my youngest brother texted me at 6:15...I texted him back, then fell back to sleep again. No yardwork planned for today, so I can concentrate on getting the inside of the house looking a little better.

    I went out to check on my flowers this morning as I hadn't put all the pots "in place" yet...they are just sitting by a big bush in front of the house...I need to get more chain for the hanging baskets when I go to town on Friday. Thankfully, none of them had blown over in the storm and they (and the grass and freshly planted cornfield) look so fresh and "revived"...I had watered everything when I repotted, but we haven't had rain for awhile.

    Decided to count the plants, just to see how crazy I had actually gotten...26 were from single pots (Geraniums...red for me, pink for Amy. Calibrachoa...yellow and purple. Something called Thunbergia...a vine with beautiful yellow flowers. A German ivy, an airplane/spider plant, two cherry tomato plants...one for me and one for Miley. Keira's roma tomato plant.

    And 24 were in six packs and four packs...Marigolds (yellow) and Alyssum (white). Normally, I wouldn't even try to remember the names of what I planted (let alone how to spell them) but I saved the little tags so I could report to Rock, Barry and Gordon ;)

    Duckie, I watched the video of the monkeys (fast-forwarded a few times, but caught most of the important parts, I think.) The rescuer seemed to instinctively know what to do, huh? Even though it looked like he/she was just throwing the hurt one around. I must have a warped sense of humor...what came to my mind was a memory of when I was on a ladder, vacuuming inside the fake ceiling beam in our bedroom in the old farmhouse. The beam was open at the top and Den had put little lights inside. I apparently was holding on to the beam to brace myself and accidentally touched the wrong wire...I fell off the ladder, the girls came running.

    Den was in town, but they called him and he made the 10 minute trip in about five. When I came to (or when I thought it was that I came to) Den said he had been sitting on the bed with me and we had been talking for two hours, lol! I didn't remember doing that at all.

    The funny part (you have to understand Den's sense of humor...and it gets worse when he's scared or worried or feels "helpless") was that he said he had been wondering what to do with me if he'd had to take me to the ER. He had hurt his back and couldn't lift me, so said he would have had to just "thrown me down the stairs" to get me outside to the car! I did go to the doctor the next day...no adverse affects, although probably a slight concussion.

    Anyway, I'm glad that monkey seemed to be ok...he did look a little groggy, though. What an ordeal...

    Duckie, I'm glad you and DS get to go on a vacation...well deserved, for both of you!

    Spring, thank you for the pic of the monkeys at the temple...that would be so scary to me, having them just wandering around...especially if they're rather ornery.

    Sun, Happy Birthday to your DS. Yes, these silly kids (and some adults, too) can't take a regular picture for anything, lol! Usually, if we are doing a bunch of pics, we'll do one or two "silly" ones, but Miley seems to be stuck in that mode most of the time. What I really think are "silly" are the "Duck Lips" pictures that people (usually young girls) like to put on facebook. Like they think it looks sexy or something :rolleyes:

    Sorry about your elbow...maybe you bumped it but don't remember when or how? Den hurt his elbow and it was painful and swollen...but he couldn't pinpoint what had happened. It is gradually gettting better, but still pretty sore.

    Mikie, I'm glad the water situation is getting under control. How nice of you to get things ready for the girls who are coming for R & R. Our internet comes through our phone company...just recently got "high speed" when they ran new lines. So we get Netflix on the computer and have Chromecast to "throw" it up to the TV. Actually have the Chromecast plug-in on a couple of different TVs so we can watch from upstairs (we would go up there when Gpa lived with us and we had given him our downstairs bedroom.) We didn't think he would care for some of the movies, etc. we watched, so we'd just go up and watch it from bed and he would go to his room and watch the late news when it came on.

    Some people have satellite for internet, TV, etc...but we have never wanted that extra expense. My parents had Direct TV satellite when we moved them to our farm...mostly just watched cooking shows, even though Mom hardly ever cooked, lol!

    Den's folks would talk about how exciting it was when the Rural Electric came through. Ours (where Den worked for 29 years) was established in 1939. People in town had electricity, but "country folk" lived much like today's Amish...using gas, kerosene, candles, etc., etc....and "rising and retiring" with the sun, lol!

    Star, your words to me are so kind. I want you to know that I think you are pretty amazing. As Mikie said...it is harder to manage these darn diseases when we have kiddos still at home, etc. All the extra things for school, appointments, and just the extra work that comes with more people around. I would love to garden, but I know that would be too much for me right now...there is still so much "cleaning up" we need to do. All the years of neglecting the farm (even if it was because we were taking care of family members) has really taken a toll. And, a lot of things Den "let go" was (I believe) his way to "spite" his mom, even after she died in 2007.

    I'm praying that you get the things you need to fix your raised bed and greenhouse. Even if you can't find a pink or purple wheelbarrow, just grab some spray paint, lol!

    Oh dear, I see I have been on here almost an hour...and haven't even gotten to visit with everyone yet. Please forgive me...Granni, Judy, Barry, Rock, anyone else.

    Rock, I can't remember if I've asked about Dar...do you hear from her anymore?

    Granni, what about S-Elaine? Missing some of our "gone, but not forgotten" porchies. I see Lilaclover (Joan) and Goatwoman on facebook, on occasion.

    I'd better get busy...take care, everyone!
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck; A poltergeist? Or a busy cleaning crew! By the way, what type of Exercycle did you buy? I looked online and there's a lot to pick from. That might be good for me. Years ago we had a regular stationary bike but you know what usually happens to them......a handy place to drape clothes so we got rid of it. Does your DS have a favorite area of cooking....like pastries, stir fry, seafood?

    Julie: I hope after that incident of falling has taught you some lessons on what not to do? I have a lot of canned lighting in my kitchen and I hate it when one of them burn out. What I have to do is open my big garage door, take out the car, bring in my tall wooden ladder that I can still carry, leave the kitchen door open so in case I fall I can call out and someone walking on the street can hear. Thankfully we didn't get rid of this wood ladder when we bought an extra tall extension one......that I can't even move. No way would I try to get on one of those kitchen ladders that are only about 3'.

    My DGD, almost 4, was over a few weeks ago and I was showing her my drawing of her cousin. I said I would like to draw one of her BUT she had to sit still and smile....no funny faces so I could take some pictures. But first she said she had to run get her princess crown I have here for the girls!

    WOW.....a lot of plants you bought!

    And I know exactly what my elbow met to cause all of this pain. A tall heavy metal kitchen chair. Yesterday I fought back and had some heavy duty foam that I taped around both finials, and then covered it with black socks. OK....not very decorative but it might remind me to be careful around the chair.

    I'm running late, so will be back later.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Didn't have any energy last night. When I woke up I didn't watch TV or put out food for
    the kitty. Just stayed in bed and read. I have a strange new ailment. Was sitting at the
    computer yesterday and got a sharp pain in my leg. Just below the knee extending downward
    for about a foot. Lasted ten minutes or so. Hobbled to the bedroom and took a nap. When I
    woke up it was gone. Has not returned. Never heard of such a thing before.

    Reminds me of another problem that came and went in my teens. Every month or two I
    would get a sharp pain in the back of my neck. Felt like I'd been stabbed with a cattle prod. Never developed into anything and the pains went away when I got a couple years older.
    Too bad our current problems don't go away as we age.

    Duckie, that was an amazing video. I guess CPR stands for Clever Primate Rescue.

    Well, good grief. Gordon wanted wanted the computer to check on traffic. That was hours
    ago. I've been on the board even though I've been absent from the computer for hours.

    Oops! Just got interrupted again. Gordon is going out to do more errands as soon as Joe
    from the orchid club shows up. I guess they're trading plants or something.

    I think it's time for my nap. Will try again later to actually complete a post.

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